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We are @moment and Pro Camera is the app we’ve always wanted. Manual controls, better video, long exposure and quick access to the settings we need. It gives us the features of a DSLR but in a fast, easy to use camera app. For Filmmakers - the features you need, not the ones you don’t. Color profiles, bitrates, dual-channel audio meters, real-time waveforms, and fast access to frame rates. For Photographers - easier than shooting on your DSLR. Shoot in RAW (even in BURST), split focus / exposure, and manually control everything (exposure, iso, shutter speed, white balance and focus). For Everyone Else - inspired by the pro’s we made the interface simple, fast, and easy to use. We provide getting started tips, video tutorials, and full time customer service to get you setup. We love hearing from you. If you have any features, ideas, or feedback please email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @moment. ## Premium Features + NEW Timelapse mode - capture stunning time-lapse videos. + Slow Shutter mode - long exposure shots with motion blur and light trails. ## Photography Features + Focus peaking - the green edges will help you dial in your focus. + Zebra stripes - We overlay stripes onto the over and underexposed areas in the viewfinder. + RAW and TIFF - Shoot photos in RAW format for better editing, or TIFF for high-quality printing. + Split Focus and Exposure - Take control of tricky lighting scenarios. + Full Manual - Control shutter speed, iso, exposure, focus, and white balance with easy to use sliders and double taps to reset. + Burst mode - Capture burst shots in RAW format. This is big as now you can capture action with burst but at the uncompressed quality pros want with RAW. + HEIF and HEVC - Seamless support for the latest Apple file formats across photos and videos. ## Filmmaker Features + Focus peaking - the yellow edge glow will help you find dial in the focus. + Zebra stripes - We overlay stripes onto the over and underexposed areas in the viewfinder. + Color Profiles - Select from default, flat, or log color profiles to get the most out of your files in post-processing. + Video Bitrates - Get precise control over video quality with standard, medium, and high bitrates to choose from. + RGB Histogram: Dial in your video color, balance, and exposure with a live RGB histogram. + Waveform monitor - Evaluate video brightness and exposure across your image in real time. + Audio meters - Get just the right sound levels with real-time, precise, dual-channel (when available) audio levels. + Live Histogram - Get your exposure right every time. + Video Stabilization - Make your videos buttery smooth. + Precise Video - Change your resolution and frame rate on screen, without digging into a settings menu. + Anamorphic - Use the Moment Anamorphic lens to shoot amazing, letterbox style photos and videos. ## Works With + Triple/Dual Lens Control - Manually control which side of the triple/dual lens you want to shoot with so you can use Moment lenses over either one. + Moment Lens - select which lens you are shooting with. + Moment Battery Case - Works with the DSLR-like shutter button on our photography cases for half-press and full-press capture. Take better photos, faster. + Apple Watch - Use your watch as a remote to shoot photos or record videos. + Siri Shortcuts - Quick access to capture a photo or start a video RAW and 3D shutter require an iPhone 6S or later (6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE)

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Jolting FootageTo get greater control over my camera, I bought Moment. The features are all really useful, although the actual quality isn’t great, especially in comparison to the standard camera app. I’ve found the standard inbuilt camera app is so much smoother. The main reason I need an app like moment is for white balance control, but it’s really not worth it if the overall footage feels likes it’s jerking all over the place. I may have to purchase the more expensive competitor apps, in hope of finding a smooth movement like the standard app offers..Score: 2/5

IPhone 8 not workingGuys I love your style and lenses but I am trying to record videos with this app and it simply crashes every single time I make an attempt. Please sort this problem out as I payed £ 5.99 for this app and the least I expect it it to be working smoothly!.Score: 2/5

FrustratingThis isn’t a poke at the app which looks incredible and I’m barely getting to grips with it but the link to the battery case just isn’t up to scratch. It took a while for the software to work with the new SE which makes sense but it’s never worked fully as it should. It crashes regularly and the “case” button isn’t usually there which negates the whole point of having a battery case and as a final frustration the snazzy capture button only turns the volume up and doesn’t take you to the app when using other apps or take a photo. Glitches perhaps but very frustrating and it renders it kinda pointless..Score: 3/5

Great app, but audio crashes.Been using the app now for a month or so, great features and lots to choose from but when I have been recording, audio records for about 10 seconds then just crashes, very annoying as you don’t know until you’ve finished recording..Score: 3/5

Money money moneySo I thought it would be one purchase once I bought the app, turns out there are many more things you got to buy it you want the full use out of this app. Pointless. Very angry..Score: 1/5

Yeah this app is legit.There’s a lot of apps out on the market claiming they can do all this stuff and I’ve been bitten by it. However, this is the first I’ve seen that can actually deliver on what it’s saying. Complete manual control guys. It’s great..Score: 5/5

🤩🤩🤩Best £5 I’ve ever spent.Score: 5/5

It crashes.....a lot. Mainly when trying to use video, but also in time lapses too. This is a pity as the general app is good and offers much more control than the standard camera app. But really, those crashes. Not good enough for a paid app. Please sort this over all else..Score: 2/5

Unreliable video on iPhone 7Having bought Moment last summer, it has failed to be reliable on iPhone 7, with frequent crashes - I have sadly switched back to the stock camera, for all video..Score: 3/5

Good image but keeps flashingGenerally speaking the app is good, great features and image quality, but the video keeps flashing when I film, no matter how I change the settings and which filter I use, I still get occasional flashes which make the footage unusable. Considering switching to FilmicPro..Score: 3/5

Great app - still a little buggyLove the app, the design, UX is all great. The freedom to have that much control over your phones camera is truly game changing. My only gripe is it’s still a bit buggy. It crashes constantly, especially when dealing with 4K or max quality outputs. I’ve lost a few time lapses because it crashed when trying to save it once I’ve stopped recording. It also crashes when trying to export it. I saw they put out an update recently, but doesn’t seem to have fixed the issues I am experiencing..Score: 4/5

Very buggy and unstable.This app could be awesome if it worked on my device properly. Setting up a Timelapse seems easy enough however app crashes as soon as you try and start one.Score: 2/5

Starting to Enjoy the AppI was having issues with this app when it added time lapse as a function, but I now realise that taking a time lapse uses up a lot, and I mean a lot, of memory. Having a 64 GB iPhone has never felt so restrictive, so I now create a time lapse then save it to camera roll straight away, then delete the original from the app. Way better than the function in the iPhone’s own camera, and the Hyperlapse app is no longer an option. All I need now is a better imagination..Score: 5/5

Nice features, but unreliableGood selection of features, but crashes quite often, even on the iPhone pro. There’s a few apps at this price point with these features - I’d probably try one of the others to be honest. Hopefully they’re more reliable.Score: 3/5

Not working with iPhone SE 2020I have bought and used this app flawlessly in the past with my iPhone 7. Just today I upgraded to an iPhone SE 2020 with a Moment Battery Case, to quickly find that the app currently is not compatible with this new iPhone/I cannot make use of the shutter button (and other features) on my battery case. Hoping this can be patched quickly enough so I can get shooting soon, thanks!.Score: 3/5

Won’t export to InstagramFor some reason once I’ve finished recording a time lapse video it will not directly export to Instagram Would get a five star review if this worked.Score: 3/5

PooorYou have to pay extra for all the other modes. Want a full refund.Score: 1/5

Asks for more money after payingYou have to pay extra for time lapse and pay again for slow shutter, which were the main features advertised in this paid app. I think you should have just been honest and asked for more upfront if you wanted more money..Score: 1/5

Excellent so far - apart from one bugFantastic app, love the features and control, however I am having the same issue as other reviewers on here with audio becoming out of sync with video when filming for longer than a few minutes. Please keep pushing the video side as it’s the main reason I use this app, and once this bug is ironed out, for me it will be flawless..Score: 4/5

PoorBought it for my iphone 11 specifically for the slow shutter feature , although its packed with tons of manual/ pro mode that gives you full control of your image, however many times when i was shooting in slow shutter speed it crashed on me & i get an error message saying ( failed to save file ).Score: 1/5

Still Needs WorkThe app is great - tons of pro features with support for their lenses. It offers DSLR-like features in the palm of your hands and makes it convenient for creatives to capture content on the go. Couple that with Moment lenses and you’ve pretty much got a powerhouse camera in your pocket. With that being said, the app does have plenty of bugs that needs fixing. Two recurring problems that I have noticed are: 1. Audio goes out of sync with video. This is especially annoying when you’re filming a long video only to realise the audio is not in sync with the video, and now you have to spend more time in post to fix it. 2. The app constantly crashes when I try to switch between photo to video mode, and vice versa. This really creates a disconnect between the user and the interface, and worst of all, you run the risk of not being able to capture something on time. It kind of defeats the purpose of it being called “Moment”. Don’t get me wrong - when the app works, it works great and having manual controls for video and photo gives the user a lot more creative control. I hope they address these issues in the next update and give us a more stable app. Love the work from the Moment team, and hope you guys continue to share more exciting things with us!.Score: 2/5

Absolute Rubbish!The app itself is horrible, nothing works as it is supposed to and the technical support is a joke! I’ve contacted them a few times regarding issues and bugs and they always were unprofessional and didn’t really fix anything. Not expensive but charging money for this piece of **** is cheeky!.Score: 1/5

TL mode crash on iPhone7TL mode especially with Motion Blur looks great but is unusable on iPhone7 due to crashing during capture and review. Hopefully this can be fixed..Score: 2/5

Best Camera AppThought I’d say that I’ve been using this app for a fair few months now and I have to say that it is the best app for manual controls over the camera. The picture is real beautiful in app and in post (iPhone User). I just saved some money so I’ve ordered the wide angle lens and case! Took me a while to save up but I am so happy to finally order it! Blair..Score: 5/5

UI crashesI'm unfortunately getting UI freezes on iPhone 12 Pro the require me to close the app and restart it to refresh it to normal state. The viewfinder remains responsive. It doesn't feel like a great app to rely on at this point..Score: 3/5

Not sure what you fixed but the app is no longer openingIt is crashing on every attempted launch.Score: 1/5

Waste of money, don’t buy for videoPurchased to have more manual controls over the iPhone video. You cannot control shutter speed AND exposure. EV and ISO setting values have no equivalence in reality (I.e. to a camera) and you have to pay extra for time lapse even though the feature is the first thing advertised on the App Store. If I could get my money back I would..Score: 1/5

Great app but what’s up with LOGAn amazing app! Truly love it and as a filmmaker I always want to shoot in LOG and then colour grade in post. So guys! What’s up with the log profile. Whilst filming 4K 24, the log profile jumps quite regularly from LOG to apple’s standard colour profile. Almost as if the App can’t handle applying the profile at such high resolution. I haven’t even tried it at 4K 60. Please update the app and fix this issue guys. I’m having to resort to using the native camera app which isn’t all that bad, just bugs me knowing that I’m not filming with all the tools at my disposal..Score: 4/5

Time lapse keeps crashingWhen I want to export my timelapse the app keeps crashing. You also cannot export to photo library. Nor can you export in a format that an iPhone can watch.Score: 1/5

Great camera app but not optimisedThis camera app is great, lots of options you would expect for controlling your shots (photo or video) the attachments are also awesome! This app only falls short in its layout design, just got the new SE and the bottom portion of the screen is all squished, I can’t actually access any of the manual settings unfortunately. Still takes good photos in ‘auto’ mode however that wasn’t my reason for purchasing.Score: 3/5

No customer serviceSick of sending these people a message requesting a bit of hel . They just ignore the message . Avoid this company as they have no customer service or support.Score: 1/5

Great but...The app is really great, I am using it with the anamorphic lens from Moment too and that’s a nice combo. But there is one annoying thing. When shooting movies in log (not sure that’s a proper log. Looks like a LUT faking a log look) there are few frames glitching and looking like srgb colorspace. Hence why a suspect the log being a lut applied on the fly. It would be great to get some clarification about this. Thanks.Score: 5/5

Misleading.Bought this app for £6.99 after reading good reviews and wanting to take pictures with blurs and light trails only to find out you have to pay an extra £3.99 on top for this feature. It displays it on the app picture, not exactly great..Score: 2/5

Don't BotherI should have looked at the customer reviews by date! Yes this app is the the top 20 photo apps and yes, it you look at the stars there is a awsome ranking, but when you order the reviews by date you get a very diffrent picture. Using this app on an iPhone 12 Pro Max saw a significant drop in quality compared to using the bundled Camera app. I've asked for a refund, but - having looked at the comments - I doubt I'll get anything back..Score: 1/5

Worth the price just for manual focus alone!OK, so just tried this on the 12pro, and it’s a superb app! The standard autofocus on the apple camera app is far from great, having a real manual focus option, with edge highlights is a GAME CHANGER! It’s worth the asking price just for that one feature alone, and if you add in everything else it can do then it’s a brainer if you take a lot of photos. I’m hoping to pick up a few moment lenses later in the year when I can afford it as well, so this will only get even better when I do. Amazing work, and you’ve fixed the one thing lacking on iPhone I’ve been after for years (well let’s be honest, were also missing a macro mode, decent zoom, and decent megapixel sensor... but we’ll gloss over that for now 🤣). Thank you!!.Score: 5/5

Removal of key features.To me, the app is no longer useable. They’ve removed the ability to turn burst mode off, using the volume buttons now comes with a huge lag..Score: 1/5

IPhone XR/UK - no issue!!!!Please ignore the review below! There was a problem with a setting on my phone. Apologies!!!! Clicking on the app icon, it crashes, unfortunately now rendered useless. Very disappointing. Please review this version..Score: 4/5

Keeps crashingI want to use this bundle more as it has some fantastic features for iPhone video and photography but it regularly crashes during filming. This puts me off using it for filming..Score: 3/5

UnusableWhat should be a very nice app is ruined by not being able to export timelapse videos despite having 80gb of storage on my iphone. The export gets stuck, and the preview gets stuck. Also there have been a number of occasions where the app has crashed. Super disappointed..Score: 1/5

Presets not changing properlyPresets still aren’t changing over properly, and the widgets are completely black..Score: 3/5

Waste of moneyI just bought this and the light trails add-on and the app crashes whenever I try to take a picture of anything..Score: 1/5

Fantastic app but let down by one thingThis app is fantastic for manual control over photo and video. I’ve mainly been using it for video, to film cinematic clips of music directly into the iPhone. However, although I’m using a Zoom U-22 stereo interface directly into the phone, Moment’s app only allows me to record in mono! This is a huge let down when recording music video and presumably any other professional video. For me, this makes the app redundant. I’m giving 4 stars because I know not everyone will have the same needs as myself but unfortunately it means I’m going to have to find a new app that allows both manual controls and stereo audio..Score: 4/5

Fantastic control when it worksBrilliant app, rarely crashes but it does if you try and share videos or put it under too much strain. Would be a 5 star without crashing like this.Score: 3/5

Autofocus in rawEverything about this app is great apart from the autofocus in raw photo mode, when you tap to focus to take a photo the focus point of the image is not in focus at all but when you do the same in jpg the focus works great and focus point of image is sharp.Score: 3/5

Crashes constantly 😖Constantly crashes when in video mode. Don’t think the app can handle long videos that well. End up using native app which works far better even though moment has all the tools (unfortunately unusable). Hopefully another update fixes all these bugs!!.Score: 2/5

Good but big omissionsNeeds F slider !!!!! Needs aperture priority control as default Needs HUD of F, shutter and iso as overlay somewhere.Score: 3/5

Great results using your iPhone cameraI’m really enjoying this app. I’ve managed to get some impressive results using this with my iPhone SE (2020) in combination with Moment’s range of lenses. Altogether, a brilliant kit for someone who just wants to have some fun with digital photography without the burden and cost of all the DSLR kit..Score: 5/5

Bugs & Demo’sI’m sure this has some great potential but I’m finding the App buggy and the video’s selling/demonstrating this product or not abc or clear enough, too much waffle. 🤗 That said, I’ve been part of a young company and I’m routing for you..Score: 3/5

Keeps taking photos once the app is open before I can decide on the picture or video preferencesWhen I open the app it immediately takes a picture with out any input from me.Score: 1/5

Great so far needs more workGood all round photography/video app. One of the best on iOS in this field. Also, UX is decent considering how many features are packed into it. Things that need fixing: 1. RAW exports on timelapse mode. Unless I’ve missed something I can’t export RAW files of my timelapses. Only TIFF/HIEF. Being able to tweak the individual RAW’s for a timelapse would be great. 2. Buggy and crashes in places mainly around export and when jumping in and out of the app after a photo/timelapse session in my experience. 3. In-depth Tutorials/ explainers on app features like bracketing, timelapse etc. The YouTube videos need a bit more substance to them. Since lockdown the content has gone a bit more down that route but needs to continue with more in depth tutorials..Score: 4/5

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Moment camera appThis app does crash every now and then . Other then that this app has been a great experience and a pleasure to use. Works great with moment anamorphic lens..Score: 5/5

Raw pictures don’t come out wellThe tiff format gives properly exposed pictures but the raw format leave picture way darker than what shows up in the viewfinder defeating the purpose of the app.Score: 1/5

Moment for VloggingI’ve recently started filming regular vlogs and I’ve pitted Filmic Pro vs the Moment camera app. Both apps are amazing tools and will get the job done. What I like about the moment app is it’s sleek and minimalist design while not compromising on functionality. What gives Moment a leg up (in my opinion) is the integration with shortcuts on the iPhone. The ability to have your presets available with a simple swipe to the left just helps my workflow and allows me to focus on capturing the ideas and moments (pun intended) fast rather than having to set everything up once the app is open. Well done Moment!.Score: 5/5

If your a film maker Moment is simply the best.I’ve tried almost all the pro apps and for ease of use and $ this is simply the best video and camera app out there. Lock off the light the focus on the fly, film in log or flat, adjust exposures! So quick and great quality. Never crashes, compared to others....we just shot a music video with 3RED Gemini’s all on tracks cranes and gimbles, I showed the director the clips I was getting he wants them for his reel! Great work Moment I really use this everyday!.Score: 5/5

Horrible appThe app does not work like they say it does. They should also include what the in app purchases are..Score: 1/5

Just what I needed!This app is perfect! It has all the manual settings I need for my macro lens! It made the difference of me keeping the lens and now I can get the shots I want to take! I highly recommend it!.Score: 5/5

Moment crushes everything they touch!This app is amazing. Best photography app out there by far. Gives you close to FULL control of the cameras on your phone. Excellent interface. The Moment gang is constantly working to improve the app, as well as adding features. Been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a company and Moment blows me away. Pro tip? Check out their retro camera app RTRO as well!.Score: 5/5

Update??Not AS intuitive as it was prior to the recent update. U have to double tap to use any feature now. When I think I’m in another function, I’m still in the previous function, making us take an extra unnecessary step before taking our photo. So annoying unfortunately. Please bring it back to the previous version so we don’t have to always double tap to make sure we’re in the right function we want to use!! (Still use it as my primary, but having to double back DOES make it pretty frustrating!) 📷📷.Score: 4/5

Stuck for iPhone 7Still stuck whenever i switch from video mode to photo mode. Im not sure what happen. I keep on auto update for this app to prevent it from happening but it still does..Score: 3/5

Please fixI accidentally bought this app and it is not what I wanted. I would like to have my money back please..Score: 2/5

Great app and lensesI bought the 58 mm zoom lens for my iPhone 8 Plus and love the manual controls for shutter speed and exposure. I’m getting awesome shots! Great snap and twist to put the lens on. Much superior to the other brand slide on lens I tried which cracked my glass screen protector..Score: 5/5

I really want to like this app, but...No matter what settings I try on my iPhone 11 Pro, I keep seeing the odd frame flash black/dark, and it just makes the footage unusable. I’ve tried 4K 24/30/60 using Log profile, and 100mb bit rate, and just keeps occurring. The app seems good though - much better for controls than the other option out there - and I really like setting the preset to the shortcut for quick access...but if it can’t shoot 4K in log without issue, then nothing else really matters. I’m going to hold onto this app for a while (since the price is nice and low) in hopes it gets fixed! EDIT: Looking closer at my footage, it appears in Log and Flat, the odd frame will only have default (not log or flat) profile applied, so it appears to “flash” in playback. Hoping this issue can be resolved! UPDATE: looks like the bit rate doesn’t help. I’ve tried in “medium” bit rate and problem still occurs. I’m back to using DJI app or Apple’s standard camera app (that at least captures extended dynamic range) until this issue is fixed for iPhone 11..Score: 1/5

It makes pictures betterAdd a moment lens and you are rocking. Worth the cost..Score: 5/5

Was so a shutter delay?What happened? An update miss? There seems to be a huge delay between when the physical shutter button is actuated and when the photo is actually taken. I rely on the physical shutter button quite a bit (using a shuttercase) when I need to shoot one handed and this delay tripped me up during a hike yesterday..Score: 3/5

Randomly starts shootingThe shutter button goes off on its own, especially whenever I try to adjust the FPS. There is also no aspect ratio settings. The most annoying is the shutter going off when I don’t want it to. Makes me not want to use the app because I keep having to delete all the random shots after..Score: 1/5

Please fixAfter updating, I cant open the app anymore.Score: 1/5

Honestly an incredible appWould 100% recommend this app for anyone who wants some more control over they’re phones cameras. Though I’ve only encountered one issue, when I try save a light trail Live Photo as a video or “MOV”. The app crashes, every time. Honestly a minor issue, but would love to see it addressed! Keep up the amazing work Moment team! 💖🙏🏼 P.S Please hold another event, so I can come down and hang out with the moment team again :).Score: 4/5

Latest update crashes when you try to change shutter speedThis is usually my go to photography app but I just saw that it updated and it crashed on me 3 times in 2 minutes. It should probably go through the QA process before being released as this seems to be an extremely buggy update making the app unusable..Score: 2/5

Nice but crash a lot.App is nice. But crash every time after I stop to film. Every time. I’m on IPhone 11 Pro - iOs 14.3. Please fix this..Score: 2/5

Cool features - Some bugsIt has some great features, and has a few things I like. I’d give it 5 stars, but there’s too many glitches in the video recording on my iPhone 8, I have to work around those glitches..Score: 4/5

Always crashesThe quality isn’t even good..Score: 1/5

Damaged My PhoneI see a lot of good reviews and would love to be one of them but it damaged my phone. Within 5 minutes of use it overheated my phone. Video was only shot at 12 FPS not 24 and it used up 95% of my battery before my phone went into auto cool down mode. Now my video camera (the stock app) no longer works and my phone is malfunctioning. Not worth the 7 dollars if it damages the hardware. I was shooting in 4k, 24fps, log. Never had an issue like this with Adobe or the stock app and now I need to replace my phone by the looks of it and I’m very very far from home (I travel making videos and taking photos) so the cost of a new iPhone 6s here in Rio is almost double what it is in Canada. Very disappointed and would like some assistance on this so I can maybe improve the rating although I think I would be pretty afraid to install this app on a new device. The battery in this phone was brand new (replaced by Apple 1 month ago) and even though it’s a 6s I purchased it less than a year ago directly from Apple brand new. The only reason I had the battery swapped out was because I knew I was travelling and wanted to make sure I didn’t have any issues with battery life for as long as possible. Devs kindly contact me about some support on this I really would like to be someone giving a better review..Score: 1/5

Powerful but.....Really liking it with my Osmo mobile 3. However, there’s one major feature lacking. Tracking. The DJI app has this, and I wish I had this feature on this app. Otherwise so far so good! And for some reason the zoom TW buttons don’t work even though I set it to change focus. Fix please!!!.Score: 3/5

Not impressedOnly bought the app because this is the only way to access the controls for my battery case. Half the time the app doesn’t even recognize the battery. Absolutely a waste of money and my time. Developers need to make a separate and free app that pairs with the battery case..Score: 1/5

Does not work with external micsMoment App does not work with external mics with lightning connector. I’m using the Rode Videomic ME (lightning connector) I also tried the Apple earbuds with lightning connector in-line mic. I’m using the moment battery case which COVERS UP the phone’s onboard mic’s. You’d think that for a film making app made by a company of filmmakers who (I hope?) uses external mics because they’re already using external lenses but who’s 2020, anything goes. If this is not something the moment app supports, I’d like my money back. Also not mentioning I had to spend more money to get an app that will work with my moment anamorphic lens was not called for, not even a coupon to get the app that will work with the lens I purchased from you guys. Extremely disappointed..Score: 1/5

ClunkyGreat on hardware team but the software is not it - it can’t properly save files and not intuitive/: it also went on a rebranding rather then improving its flaws /:.Score: 1/5

My only camera appThis app makes professional settings simple. The share sheet seems to be buggy on iOS 13.1.Score: 5/5

DisappointedI was excited when I downloaded this app because this is the application that I was looking for. But when I tried it, only the Anamorphic Lens is working. The Wide, Tele, Macro & Superfish lenses are not working. I thought about purchasing the Moment Pro but I am not sure if the other 4 lenses would already work fine. I cannot purchase it without the guarantee of it working afterwards..Score: 1/5

Not workingSince IOS 14.5.1 update, the app does not even open. Not that great. Hope they can fix it sooner than later..Score: 1/5

Selfie mode on log won’t render in premiereAfter working for hours editing when I export through Premiere Pro the footage from selfie mode wont render video, only audio. Crap!.Score: 1/5

Wasted TimelapseGarbage app. Took a timelapse of a gorgeous sunset but can’t export it even though I have lots of space on my phone. Glitchy, poorly designed, and useless app.Score: 1/5

Love the appIt’s a really good app. The only thing I would say is when I use the slow motion it has a hard time getting stick to focus correctly. It’s seems like it doesn’t know what to focus on. But apart from that the is perfect.Score: 5/5

Works great with anamorphic lens👌.Score: 5/5

Epic app but!!This is one of the best camera app for ios!!! but after the latest update, whenever I switch to slow shutter mode, it crashes!!! Hope to get it fixed soon!.Score: 4/5

MomentSimply perfect.Score: 5/5

Pretty great but...It’s a pretty great app but on the iPhone 11 / new iOS I can’t seem to adjust the color profile or frame rate setting which one of the main reasons I wanted the app. I’m sure it’ll be updated but just wanted to give my feedback!.Score: 4/5

CraaaaaaaashhhhhWhat a disappointment. 8.49$ for this useless app. Keeps on crashing. I want my money back..Score: 1/5

Doesn't work on iPhone 12Reinstalled several times to get it to work for about five minutes. Screen is frozen and completely grey, UI operational but no feed from the lens. Another issue exists when you open on portrait or landscape it will do something similar. See my full review shortly..Score: 1/5

Slow Shutter mode doesn’t work well!Great app! But since the last version, the app crash all the time. Most of the time is crashing when i’m switching or taking a shot in slow shutter mode. Hope you can fix this, soon! I’m on iPhone 8 ios 12.3.1.Score: 2/5

Unfortunately this app is gimmickAs professional photographer I tested this app. Raw files are unusable. Controls are not easy and fast to adjust. Waist of money.Score: 1/5

Very good but not perfectIt is a very good app, I it had more options. It’s my favourite photography app. Also I would enjoy HDR and something similar to Live Photo’s on the camera app. It also takes a while to start up..Score: 4/5

App crashes constantly on iPhone XThe app crashes every time I use any of the advanced features like motion blur in timelapse mode. I’ve tried reinstalling with no improvement.Score: 1/5

IPhone 8 crashes with motion blur or slow shutterJust bought the app today and every time I’m using motion blur or slow shutter option the app crashes. Don’t waste your money on this app..Score: 1/5

Crashes immediatelyThe app looks nice and all, but it crashes as soon as it is launched (iOS 12, iPhone 8) during the transition from displaying the Moment logo to some image..Score: 1/5

Best manual camera app!Really like moment. My favourite feature is the WB slider..Score: 5/5

Slow focus, laggy shutter, app freezesDon’t buy this app. Title says it all. (1) When I tap to focus off-centre, the app does not change its focus despite the focus ring showing it should focus in that area. (2) When I press the shutter, many times the app does not take a photo until 2-5 seconds later. (3) When I change settings, the app just freezes. Basically unusable in its current state. I use an iPhone 11 Pro so I don’t think it’s my phone being slow..Score: 1/5

Piece of trashAfter recording on a 4k setting on my iphone 8, some video files are at 720p. Why? Thanks for wasting part of my day.Score: 1/5

Super awesomeNeeds DJI gimbal support and its lit fam..Score: 5/5

Update for iphone 11Moment it’s a good app but please update the app for iphone 11 🙌🏻.Score: 4/5

Fix this -> presets and resolution on front facing cameraI saved a few presets for front facing camera recording. On the iPhone XS, stock camera app still won’t support 4K. Moment actually enables 4K recording on the front facing camera, the problem is, I saved the preset to shoot in FHD. I have deleted and recreated the preset but it won’t stay FHD. Every time I use the preset to get to my shooting setting it sticks to 4K, I have to manually switch back to FHD, which defeats the whole purpose of having a preset..Score: 4/5

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Crashes constantlyI bought the app but it crashes every time I try to open it. I’ve reset my phone and re-downloaded the app but refuses to open.Score: 1/5

CrashesIt doesn’t even open anymore. I’m running the latest iOS and latest app version, but it doesn’t even get past the loading screen before closing itself. Absolutely worthless now despite the fact that I paid for it....Score: 1/5

In many ways so amazing, but with a HUGE Achilles healThis has all the features I've ever dreamed of. Seriously! It's truly amazing! But at least half the time when I press the shutter button NOTHING HAPPENS! WT*!? 🤦🏼‍♂️ If the app can't take a picture at the exact moment when I press the button, all the features count for nothing..Score: 1/5

Great appJust amazed at the amount of options that are included in the app. It’s my goto video application when I wanna make or shot videos. There seems to be a bug that hasn’t been fixed/addressed yet. The time lapse feature is broken on the ios14.3 software I’ve had the problem for sometime now and since then haven’t been using the app..I thought that this most recent update would’ve fixed but it didn’t.Score: 2/5

Preview image is different from actual imageMaybe a bug?.Score: 1/5

Crashes moment I open the appUpdate review back to 5 after its updated. using iphone 11 pro.Score: 1/5

No Dolby Vision HDRThey promote video creation with mobile phones then only seem to make videos about cameras for the last few months and their own camera app doesn’t even have Dolby vision hdr support.Score: 3/5

Garbage AppI got this app 1 week ago and it’s a complete disappointment. This is the last time I take a TikTok recommendation for an app. What a waste of $7 dollars..Score: 1/5

Great addition for the on the go street photographerMuch better than your camera’s native lens....Score: 5/5

DisgustingNever downloaded this plz, go eat with ur 6$.Score: 1/5

The paymentSo I recently downloaded this app because I had thought it would be pretty cool to use and compare to a standard iphone camera. When i downloaded it, it claimed to be free. Then 1 hour later I received an email from apple for a receipt of $6.99! And I don’t have a payment card on my device, so how it charged I don’t know. But am currently waiting for a refund. Oh, and When I downloaded it, I never even opened the app..Score: 1/5

Rather buggyI am new to this app and just started trying to learn and use it. It offers so much promising features but when I actually tried to start using it, I ran into issue after issue. My first real time lapse it never could export. I took about 2600 frames and when I try to export I tried every combination of formats other than raw and it would get somewhere between half and 3/4 the way and then stop. I never got an export. I then tried taking pictures with the camera with 3sec timer and for some reason it thinks I’m in bracketing mode even though I’m not. Every picture I tried to take it would take three at the same exposure and settings. I made sure bracketing was off but it still would do it so I tried turning bracketing on and then double tapping on the KT on the screen to make sure it was off there and now it takes nine photos three like before times three for the bracketing. I don’t have time to waste trying to figure out why this isn’t working. The app also keeps locking up on me. It gets to a point where I can’t get anything I touch on the screen to work and I have to quit out of the app to get it unfrozen when I come back in. This feels like a very buggy app and I don’t understand why it gets such rave reviews. I will raise my star rating when I get a release that’s usable..Score: 2/5

Not using this appHi I’m not using the moment app after downloading. But it’s taking money for it, May I know how to cancel the subscription?.Score: 2/5

Recording keeps turning off!I use the moment app on my iPhone and for some reason when I’m filming, the app decides to stop completely and shut off. This is very frustrating as a performer when I do good takes and the video just stops out of nowhere. Please fix this or am I doing something wrong?!! I really like this app otherwise. Film and photo settings are easy to adjust if only it would continue to film until I press stop..Score: 3/5

CrashesApp keeps crashing.Score: 1/5

Preset feature does not work on iPhone 12I have an iPhone 12 mini and the preset feature does not save resolution. If i swap between a 4k 24p preset and a 1080 120p preset, the resolution loads in at 1080 every time..Score: 2/5

Perspective correctPlease add this Feature auto perspective correct to the camera.Score: 5/5

Timelapse does not exportPaid feature that doesn’t work... I have tried exporting in 720 & 1080 and the export file gets randomly cropped. Further, exporting in 4k or larger generates an unusable file for iOS. I am not sure whether this file can be opened elsewhere however. Either way, this is very disappointing. I hope app devs can resolve this issue. Using iPhone 12 pro max..Score: 1/5

Thanks for fixingKeeps crashing when I want to share/export a video. Come on guys hurry up and fix it so I can give you guys 5 stars. Edit: thanks for fixing the issue yall, have a great rest of your day..Score: 5/5

Bluetooth Remote v1.0 & iPhone 12 Pro Max FailThis is an excellent app! Especially if you are using Moment’s exceptional line of premium lenses. FYI: The Bluetooth Remote v1.0 by Moment will NOT work with an iPhone 12 Pro Max. I can only assume this Bug will be fixed in later versions of the Moment App..Score: 4/5

Too many crashesAwesome features however the lag and constant crashes are annoying Update 3/30/21 Still crashing . Can’t take a photo because as soon as I tap on anything the app just crashes. Unusable at this point. Update 4/2/21 After uninstalling and reinstalling I have a working app again..Score: 4/5

My favorite photo / video app!I love everything about this app. Filmic Pro was my go to video app until I gave Moment’s app a chance. The only thing that would make this app perfect would be a WatchOS app to monitor my phone when shooting myself like Filmic..Score: 5/5

One of my favorite appsAs a photographer, you utilize everything at your fingertips! Including an IPhone, which is why I’ve always used one because you never know what or when after a photo shoot you may need to capture when you already packed up your gear. This app is amazing! I’ve had it for quite some time now and I’ve never missed a beat. I keep a short cut on my Lock Screen to it, I cannot tell you how many times it’s been used to catch those special shots after my gear was packed up from wedding to anniversaries and more. I’d recommend this app over any other including Adobe! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ten stars to the developers.Score: 5/5

They trick you to buy it in the addsAll settings are already on your IPhone , after you buy it the best settings are for sale. Disappointed with this app..Score: 1/5

Preset not workingSo I created some presets from slow mo to super slow mo. Changing res from 4k to 1080p and fps from 60 to 240fps for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. The preset does not work. It’s frustrating as I’ve been setting up so much only to find out that it doesn't work. I’ve been waiting for a fix. I will raise the rating to 5 once the issue is fixed. It’s really disappointing due to the fact the I ordered lenses from moment and filters so I have a lot of modes for different sets and I have to manually change everything everytime I change lenses and filters..Score: 3/5

Please add preset settings you can savePlease add presets or allow presets to be saved,such as presets that blur the background in a portrait or micro mode setting etc etc.Score: 4/5

Thought it would be better.Neat features when the app doesn’t crash, but unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend. Hopefully they will iron out the bugs..Score: 3/5

Simply amazingThe features needed to make adjustment all at your fingertips on a phone. Just absolutely phenomenal..Score: 5/5

A lot of bugsI had very high expectations with Moment camera app, the app have a lot of bugs and most of the times show me errors while trying to capture a photo. The app freezes a lot, when I press the shutter button it stay pressed for a long period even when I released. When trying to use the long exposure, gets very unresponsive. I used with my iPhone 11..Score: 1/5

ProblemsI have a moment lens that this app works well with however it creates files that I can’t batch delete and quickly fill up my iPhone. Twice I contacted support and still haven’t heard back. I downloaded the time lapse and it crashed every time so I’m disappointed..Score: 2/5

May need to cancel my lens orderApp constantly crashes—even when just trying to change to one of my iPhone 12 Pro Max’s other lenses. Judging by how long people have complained about crashes, I’m not sure I want to go ahead with my ~$500 gear order from Moment..Score: 1/5

App CrashApp constantly crashing upon opening on my 8+.Score: 1/5

Great app but it crashes all the timeI purchased the slow shutter speed and time lapse features on my Iphone 7, but I could never used them because whenever I switch to the features, it crashes. I really wanted to love this app, but the crashing made the experience terrible..Score: 3/5

Crash galore.Crashes anytime I go to slow shutter or time lapse.Score: 2/5

More resolutionPlease add more resolution option for video apps like 3k & 4k.Score: 1/5

How about older devices?Hey! Are you guys testing the app on older devices? It’s almost unusable on my iPhone 7 Plus...Score: 2/5

A couple of things...This app, in my tests, is decidedly inferior to Apple’s default camera; it’s images are noisier and, for lack of a better word, chunkier, i.e., there seem to be clumps of pixels that make the image look like it’s being viewed through textured glass. And, when I select a 3 second delay on the timer, the app always takes 3 pictures. Maybe this is just a bug? Second, the actual difference in image quality between jpegs (or HEICs) and the ProRaw images would be barely noticeable to most people and a lot of folks might very well prefer the snappier look of the jpegs or HEICs. And the thing one would most like to see with ProRaw would be a real improvement in highlight detail and in this regard ProRaw is a total disappointment. Put that together with the storage requirements for such large files, not to mention the editing time required with RAW, and I don’t imagine most people will find any of this to be of much use..Score: 2/5

The greatest 2-star review everOut the gate I want to say that I am a big Moment supporter and really like the content that their team produces around the use of their products. I actually just picked up their Gold Flare Anamorphic lens and it’s sooooo dope! I use an iPhone 11 Pro Max and have the latest iOS (14.4) installed. So here’s a list of some pain points of mine when using this app: 1. It crashes, a lot. Whether I am in airplane mode or not; or using my DJI Osmo 3 gimble...this app crashes during the some very in opportunistic moments (pun intended). I use to think that it had something to do with my iOS version but I spent the last couple weeks with the newest version and the crashes continue. 2. The exporting function/feature is clunky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Whether it’s a 500 or 1700 frame time lapse, it takes forever or just freezes. After waiting 20 minutes for a 500 frame time lapse to process, I just assume it’s not going to work. Am I wrong? 3. When I switch between portrait and landscape modes (often via the gimbal), some of the feature features fall out of the wireframe. 4. There are basically three photo/video apps that I use; Filmic Pro, DJI Mimo and Moment. Moment has been my 3rd option for many months. I really like Moment’s design and workflow the most out of the three but it just fails more than it delivers. I’ve actually been out shooting recently >>>I live in the PNW/Seattle so I’m always out shooting<<< and I find myself getting frustrated with this app often, outwardly blurting out a trendy “This app is so trash!” after it crashes in the middle of a time lapse. Sure, only the trees and rivers are listening; and I don’t really think it’s trash 🗑 but the mood is definitely there haha. That’s the long way of saying, this is a not a free app and there’s even additional in-app features that also have costs; yet this app behaves like free app with a bunch of annoying ads. There are a few other quirks & bugs but I’ve spent about as much time griping about an (any) app as I want to on a Saturday. I’m sure they’re hard at work trying to fix the bugs. I hope they do it soon before I uninstall this app for good. FYI - Every time this app kills my creative spirit I uninstall it for a few days but ultimately re-install it because it’s so purdy and again, I’m a fan. In closing, get ya sh*t together y’all, there’s content to create 🤓.Score: 2/5

Warning iPhone 12 Pro usersIt seems the new Lidar camera and the Dolby Vision 10bit HDR settings in iPhone 12 Pro Max are NOT utilized by the Moment app which is unfortunate. Only the native iOS app seems to have those features available. Hope the Moment app will include access to those features with a future update..Score: 3/5

Missing Dolby visionControls are ok but not having Dolby vision for the iPhone 12’s is a deal breaker.Score: 3/5

Light trails cost extra!Be forewarned if you’re getting this for the ligjt trail feature. I bought the app thinking it would have light trails but it’s actually an add-on. Other than that, I like manual control feeling with focus peaking. 3/5 for not informing people about the extra cost..Score: 3/5

I bought this app after watching the videos you guys made on YouTube.But why the microphone near the main lens never work when shooting a video?I am using a 11pro,is there a way to enble the microphone so that we can have better audio for vlogging?thank you..Score: 4/5

Moments horrible customer serviceThis app is not worth buying unless you have moment lenses ...unfortunately moment sent me an empty package and refuses to fulfill my order or refund me my order. Now I’m stuck with the useless app and not lenses.Score: 1/5

Decent camera with one issueI don’t have any of the external lenses, but the app itself is decent. However, the reason I don’t use it more often is that it doesn’t recall the image format settings when lenses are changed. On my 11 Pro Max I use RAW for the two lenses that support it and TIF for UW. But when switching to W or T from the UW lens the format stays at TIF. Most, if not all, of the other camera apps I use maintain settings for each lens. Fix that and this could be my main camera. The main one I was using can’t seem to fix errors in their new version that prevent me from using it..Score: 4/5

CrashCrashed as soon as I open..Score: 1/5

Not focusing with iphone 12 promacThis app is not achieving focus with the iphone 12 promax and moment case with moment lens..Score: 1/5

What? No HDR video???No HDR video? Really?.Score: 3/5

Disappointed out of the gate!!On iPhone 11 and crashing right out of the gate. Trying out video there’s a slight flickering of light on part of the frame. Why am I seeing a a slight grayish film line over the lens?.Score: 1/5

Useless. Can't Export Timelapse VideosUsing Iphone 12 Pro Max. I reached out to support last month. Still no fix a month later. I paid for the app, but it won't let me export my timelapse at all. Don't buy If you have the newer iPhones. Will edit this review once a fix is out. Otherwise, beware..Score: 1/5

Manual mode & stabilization?So, can you not set exposure, iso, shutter speed independently of each other? It seems like I can set 2 out of 3, but not all. Also, it seems the stabilization is disabled while using the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s main camera. Will Apple not let 3rd party use the stabilization in their apps?.Score: 3/5

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