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Use the Amazon Alexa App to set up your Alexa-enabled devices, listen to music, create shopping lists, get news updates, and much more. When you enable Alexa hands-free you can talk to Alexa by simply saying "Alexa" when the app is on your screen. The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your voice, vocabulary, and personal preferences. DISCOVER MORE • Get more out of your Echo device through personalized feature recommendations from Alexa • Discover and enable recommended Alexa skills • Pick up where you left off directly from the home feed with lists, shopping, or recently played Music and Books MANAGE YOUR DEVICES • Set up your Alexa-enabled devices, control or check status of your compatible smart lights, locks and thermostats at home or on the go • Create routines to automate your smart home devices MUSIC & BOOKS • Connect to music services like Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. Choose a song or playlist and listen on your Alexa-enabled devices • Create speaker groups to play music across your compatible Echo devices for multi-room music ORGANIZE YOUR DAY • View and edit shopping and to-do lists on the go, get weather and news updates, manage timers and alarms, and more STAY CONNECTED • Use Drop In from your app to connect instantly with your compatible Echo devices, like a two-way intercom • Call or message supported Alexa-enabled devices, at no additional cost. By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use (, Privacy Notice (, and all of the terms found here (

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Amazon Alexa App Reviews (2,916,743)

Fabulous kit. Easy to set upJust as simple as plug and play! And beautiful kit too..Score: 5/5

Currently not workingUninstalled and restarted phone but all I get is sort something went wrong. Can’t use the app at all.Score: 1/5

Music etc.Music and questions answered easily and quickly among other things!.Score: 5/5

RadioI want to listen to radio programs, although Alexa says it’s playing BBC sounds there is no actual music and no explanation. When these an unusual problem there is no help available to deal, so where do I go next, she is connected I have checked that!.Score: 1/5

Sudden silenceAlexa will not work anymore..Score: 1/5

Best gadget everSaves buying cds for my duke box pay £3.99 a month get any song I want and no advertising at all 5 yrs still never fed up.Score: 5/5

Stopped workingAll the plugs and devices in my house stopped working.Score: 1/5

HARD TO LINKI have been trying to link my Alexa show to british radio station whilst in spain but cannot get it working 😩.Score: 3/5

Just epicLove it. All my music in one place. It’s just awesome.Score: 5/5

GoodI like this app because I can control my my echo dot.Score: 5/5

Keeps disconnecting from network. Needs pairing nearly every day.Annoying to have to keep reconnecting to the network..Score: 5/5

Not workingNo long works just comes up with “ something went wrong “ or “there was an issue connecting to our service. Please try again later”.Score: 1/5

Alexa app reviewThe Alexa app doesn’t help me and when Alexa tells me to go in to the app because of that Alexa isn’t working it doesn’t work not just that it isn’t very well organised.Score: 1/5

Alexa will not recognise my wifi passwordSo infuriating.Score: 1/5

Loss of signalHave to restart or reset device multiple times a week. No problem with other devices using WiFi.Score: 2/5

So glitchy it’s crazy!Groups regularly stop working. Alexa only gets about 60% of commands correct..Score: 1/5

TerribleLike I’m trying to make an account and it says my email is someone else’s like what why, so I don’t recommend this app..Score: 1/5

GlitchyDrops out Turns off Stops come with the unit - not great but what choice do you have ?!.Score: 3/5

AnnoyingI use the Amazon app mainly for lists and it doesn’t allow you to move things around in your lists and then at random takes you back to the Home Screen. Also, it sometimes hides your list and there is no way I have yet found to customise your Home Screen to have things where you need them..Score: 2/5

Lack of intuition- cannot cope with multiple devicesHow hard can it be to play music through multiple Alexa devices on the same floor ? Impossible it would seem . A Lack of logic and poor online and App guidance . In addition , the speakers and connectivity are inconsistent.Score: 1/5

Cutting outKeeps cutting out.Score: 1/5

Stopped items working againNot happy as every other update seem to stop something working Panasonic TV won’t turn off AGAIN when it did a day ago..Score: 1/5

Yeah manGreatest.Score: 5/5

A great spying deviceAI at its best.Score: 5/5

Total painWhen it works it’s great, when you have a power outage or the internet drops it can hours & hours & hours & hours to get it all to work again To be honest I’m not terribly impressed.Score: 1/5

Dolly PI love Alexa. Love the podcasts and most especially how she starts my day.Score: 5/5

ImpressedImpressed with easy setup and linkage to other Music Apps . May get another Dot for Bedrooms..Score: 5/5

Robot voice on Alexa callsWhen on calls recently the voices have been laggy and sound like robots..Score: 2/5

BUGSLiterally just updated the app hoping that would fix whatever is going wrong with the app at the moment but no avail. Still “Unable to load page” errors asking me to check network but it fails on all Wi-fi networks I’ve tried and my cellular data - everything else requiring data works fine. Main home menu has “Whoops, something went wrong” been like this for days and days now.Score: 1/5

Echo AutoNot very good. Expensive piece of kit that is very temperamental. Has worked before but now keeps having trouble connecting to the network, despite being reset still doesn’t work..Score: 1/5

WFH CompanionSince purchasing Alexa, the journey has been a pleasure. Without an apparent friend to ask questions, or how the weather will be, or just ask for help. She has been a constant during these COVID times. I wouldn’t say COVID times are strange just a chance to prioritise the importanmeanings in life and to appreciate each other.❤️.Score: 5/5

Groups!!!I just can’t get groups to work!!!! It’s rubbish.....Score: 1/5

AwfulThis just gets worse, who develops this app? Shockingly bad..Score: 1/5

Not working againGreat when it works but don’t rely on it..Score: 1/5

FeedbackOnly feedback I have is if a smart device drops offnthe network, causing a routine to fail, all its actions seem to get removed. So when you reboot it, you have to program again. Also voice integration with Asda please! Except I guess they are competitors..Score: 4/5

Drop outs increasingI have had Alexas around my house for around a couple of years and the main one in my lounge keeps stopping without any reason, looking at the app tells me nothing. I generally enjoy music around the home for most of the day and now I find that am having to contually sort out a stoppage!!!.Score: 1/5

BrilliantWhat can I say just brilliant.Score: 5/5

Amazon Alexa appI have a echo dot with clock and it’s very nice to have especially the free amazon Alexa app. 😁😁😁😁.Score: 5/5

Latest update has broken this AppSince updating this morning I am unable to use the App as before. All I get on screen is “Oops something went wrong” try again later. Can’t access my account nor make any changes etc..Score: 1/5

PookeAlexa is total rubbish. Only works now and again, very annoying.Score: 2/5

Alexa is just ……I do like my echo devices in fact we have them all over the house but recently since the update I fact my Alexa app isn’t working and this is really getting on my nerves! So because of this instead of the 5* if should have I’m only giving it 1 🥺.Score: 1/5

BankUnable to update my bank details..Score: 2/5

Alexa is WonkyKeeps cutting out. Ready to bin her.Score: 1/5

Your coolYour cool.Score: 5/5

New echoInstructions could be better. Sound was coming from echo device and now coming from phone!.Score: 2/5

Thinks I’m in AustraliaThinks I’m in Australia... can’t get local radio etc.Score: 1/5

Blink camera bugApp is great, but if you have the mircrophone switched off in the blink app on any of your camera’s the alexa app switches live view off, which means you cant view your blink camera’s through echo show devices..Score: 2/5

Alexa keeps going quietWe had an Alexa gifted to us and we purchased a second. Since then any time we have anything playing in sync on both there are constant periods of one or both cutting out and logic locking so we have to reboot the damn things. Amazon say it’s our Wi-fi but we get 65-70 mgbit service so it’s not that. I reckon AI is still relatively in its infancy.A few months further on and nothing has changed. The selected radio station keeps fading and going completely offline after a couple of hours. Verdict: complete crap , sooner buy a decent digital radio..Score: 2/5

Piss poor radio at bestAbsolute crap, waste of time, Alexa is at best a piss poor radio..Score: 1/5

Usual dog shpiitt from silicone valleyDie.Score: 1/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Can’t get it to workfIt is too difficult to do a new setup.Score: 1/5

Crash on launch on iPhone 11Just crashes on launch with iPhone 11 running ios 14.6..Score: 1/5

:3 Much Luuves!Absolutely adore this new technology, for sure! Kind of cool 😎 where things are going in the world of today. The Alexa App, for Alexa Pods/Screens makes everything so much easier— and, much more connected to several existing ‘items’ + ‘apps’. Whether you are Amazon, Google or Apple Siri.. don’t miss-out on technology’s advancements. For those who are a little worried about ‘privacy’ concerns… nothing to hide! The new technology of the world is actually here to protect you, and; your privacy! Now, the Alexa app.. is an easier ‘get around’ than the pods/screens themselves. Making learning, adding Skills, and connecting items with Bluetooth tech. that much easier. Enjoy!.Score: 5/5

Not the smartestAt the beginning it was fun to order some commands. Then I was not impressed with the limitations of what Alexa can do. And then just became annoying. Only really use now to listen to music..Score: 2/5

It’s bad. I hate itCan’t tell Alexa to play a song next.Score: 1/5

New update glitchAwesome service even the free version. The ads are very short and not too often unlike YouTube. And the music playlists are pretty good, I like using them to find new songs. But I think ever since the new update, theres been a problem with the menu for pausing playing adjusting the volume etc. It’s now just a white bar. How do I fix this?? Update I guess they fixed the issue? Btw works great with Apple Music & I just noticed the reminders feature which is better than apples reminders app.Score: 4/5

OfflineSince the update 5 days ago it’s a useless app I’m not uninstalling and reinstalling and setting up again, I will throw out all the devices if that’s the case.Score: 1/5

Alexa Echo DotI am totally enthralled by my new Alexa!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.Score: 5/5

Alexa reveiwWell she is great but when my kids are talking and asking a question about a movie that they want to what he to see how many swears are in it she said I do not now that question.Score: 4/5

Feliz.Exelente.Score: 5/5

Not completely reliableSome applications (although acknowledged), don’t always actually work..Score: 3/5

Somewhat satisfiedAmazon started out great - then upped prices to listen to certain artists and then yoked prices if you wanted to listed on more than one device simultaneously..Score: 3/5

Doesn’t workThis app doesn’t work.. doesn’t load.. not all the functions work. is there a big bug? tried on 3 devices..Score: 1/5

Echo Studio and Echo SubI have to write this here because Amazon still thinks these two pieces are sustainable. These are the WORST speaker set I’ve ever dealt with. They continually disconnect at least once a week. And then you have to unregistered them and unplug them and reset them and hopefully they connect on your 3rd try or maybe the 10th try... PLEASE! IF I’VE EVER WARNED ANYONE ABOUT STAYING AWAY FROM SOMETHING, THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Worked fantastic...for a while...Alexa was awesome for several weeks. Now, though all other devices are wifi active and it still proves it’s internet connected, it refuses to connect to amazon music!.Score: 1/5

I called customer serviceJosh answered but he just couldn’t hear me ???.Score: 1/5

Alexa is sort of deaf and commands are not accurateAlexa devices in the home are hard of hearing and cannot obey simple commands like “play x from Spotify”. Will trade my alexas for some google homes in the future..Score: 1/5

Automation settingsTry to set up a rule to operate my smart plug to turn off at a certain time after sunset. But this option is not available..Score: 2/5

AlexaGreat app,easy use,.Score: 4/5


Can’t connect to Sirius xm. The app says it is done. She says it is not. Frustrating.Frustrated..Score: 1/5

CBC newsMy google nest plays CBC news no problem. Why doesn’t Alexa?.Score: 1/5

Tech help, outstanding service. 5 star plus.👌🏻😊I had problem with Alexa. I got fantastic help. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the agents name. If you can’t find out who she is, please give her my sincere thank you. Best. Kirsten Foster..Score: 5/5

Buggy on sonos productsUsing legacy sonos zp-100 system alexa echo used to control the system but does not work any longer no support on website and app provides no solution.Score: 1/5

She is Confused half the time , doesn’t hear meI have to repeat myself a lot, plus why can’t we change her voice ? Like they can in the US.Score: 3/5

Alexa doesn’t play local news radio when asked to playVery poor response when asked to play news radio. Say will play but doesn’t. So frustrating.Score: 2/5

Shopping ListLove this app. It’s the best!.Score: 5/5

GoodI’m goche.Score: 5/5

Needs Apple Watch SupportApp works well but needs Watch support so i don’t have to locate my phone to speak commands..Score: 4/5

Echo DotAbsolutely love it 😍 works amazing.Score: 5/5

5 star ratingI like it........Score: 5/5

OkIl me manque juste de le mettre Bluetooth.Score: 4/5

MusicIt’s really annoying that when playing music in my echo devices, I can’t control the music through the Amazon music app if I started the music with a voice command. For example, in the Amazon Alexa app if I want to open the song that is currently playing on my echo, I have to control it from the Amazon Alexa app, but I prefer the functionality and control of the Amazon music app and would rather open the song in the Amazon music app that is also downloaded on my phone alongside this app.Score: 1/5

Should have kept google homeSeriously....Score: 1/5

When it works it’s great. Unfortunately seldom does.Everything you need to know is in the title..Score: 2/5

Alexa your AwesomeI just love having fun with my Alexa.Score: 5/5

Home NewsCannot get news from. my home country, Tried settings but not successful in changing Alexa giving me CNN news only. I live in Canada. However, she gives me weather from my home town..Score: 1/5

AlexaKeeps shutting down in me.Score: 3/5

GlitchyUnreliable app.Score: 1/5

Love itLove it. Easy set up connected to ring no problem. Added photos no problem.Score: 5/5

Interrupteur pieceIncapable d’allumer tout les interrupteurs et limiere lorsque on en allume un. Uniquement possible avec la voix.Score: 3/5

Sometimes good, sometimes HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Like anything else it is super convenient WHEN it works!!!! The only problem is that just when you get complacent and start thinking about possibly getting rid of old stereos and clock radios you sleep past your amazon alarm because it didn’t go off so you try to talk to it and the right lights show but it doesn’t answer and you can’t figure out what’s wrong with it!!!! Then you search the app and it doesn’t explain why the lights are flashing the way they are so you ignore it and get on with your day!!! Smart speakers are nice toys but completely unreliable!!!!! DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR STEREO AND ALARM CLOCKS BECAUSE YOU SURELY CANNOT DEPEND ON AMAZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 1/5

2 stars as most of my app is in ChineseI can’t access most things on my app as I have no idea what they say. Things appear in Chinese or some language I can’t understand. There’s no way to change it..Score: 2/5

Overall goodGoogle is better at answering questions but Alexa is best at home connectivity with devices.Score: 3/5

Ok uHi.Score: 5/5

ConnectionI’m connected/enabled with the Alexa app and fire tv even have her voice command enabled but it says my tv is not responsive so I’m a little confused why that’s a thing? Had a little troubles connecting my Xbox as well should be more clear with that you need to have “Digital assistants” enabled.Score: 3/5

Lolo36964Bonne app.Score: 4/5

Red lightWhy she is not responding and she get me a red light.Score: 1/5

It doesn’t workI have Apple Music in my phone, I download the Alexa app, but can’t sync, it has troubles! Why, who knows!.Score: 1/5

Not working since last updateMy app was working just fine until after midnight of the most recent update. No matter how many times I delete and reinstall nothing helps. Was on phone with Helpdesk not able to help me either. The whole thing freezes as soon as I make a selection and then can’t do anything. It was working so well before. Very frustrating!!!.Score: 1/5

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Echo dotMy Echo Dot works whenever it feels like it I guess!.Score: 1/5

My DogI feel so much better knowing I can talk to my Dog when I’m not at home. We both have separation anxiety. I love Alexa, I did have to rename her because my Daughters name is Alexa. But I’m very pleased! Thank you Kim Fernandez.Score: 5/5

Difficult to NavigateI have always found it hard to find and do anything in the app. To navigate within it, there are not a common style of text or artwork. There no flow to do anything without going to YouTube and watch a video on how do things in Alexa app. I would like to see a simpler website setup. I know it can be programmed in to do things that is more user friendly. I tend to be able to get into most apps and not have a multi year learning-curve just to setup simple tasks and options..Score: 2/5

Only problems since last 2 updatesThis app stop working since the last 2 updates. Says no internet. I have internet only app that does not work. Cannot access any setup at all, nor my account, settings, etc. what a joke !!!!!.Score: 1/5

Stopped workingAfter the update this morning the app no longer works. Whoops Something Went Wrong - try again. Can’t get to any routines or components I need to run my smart home. This is a BIG problem for me!.Score: 1/5

Forced to downloadAmazon forces you to download this in order to disable their Amazon Sidewalk “feature”..Score: 1/5

ErrorList not open.Score: 1/5

Has been betterIt has started to become very glitchy.Score: 2/5

You never know if it will keep playingI think the concept is awesome. I love having my gospel music playing all the time. Some days though for absolutely no reason it just turns off or it will turn off in the family room and keep Playing in our bedroom. Sometimes it will do this several times a day. Other days it will Play without any problem. I have no idea what causes this or how to stop it..Score: 4/5

BBB bbggtApple18head is your your birthday card yet happy Birthday birthday to your birthday.Score: 1/5

SERIOUS ISSUE. PLEASE FIX IT. Have to keep tapping screen on video calls ;(I use this app to call my family’s alexa device at my distant home. However, I have to keep tapping the screen cuz it turns off after some time even though I’m in the middle of the call. Doesn’t happen with Skype or other apps. SERIOUS ISSUE. PLEASE FIX IT!!.Score: 2/5

EarbudsThey’re awesome!.Score: 5/5

Error - Please try againSince the first June update, it doesn’t work. All I get is a “Error - Please try again” message when I run the app, even after uninstalling and rebooting the phone.Score: 1/5

Love my echo buuuuuuut….Very complicated to set stuff up..Score: 4/5

Not LoadingWhen I open my app, it says there is no internet connection. I can confirm my phone is properly connected to WiFi. I love the app when it is not acting like this. ~I rated 1 star so developers see faster. Will change review when fixed~.Score: 1/5

Setting up Echo!The set was quick and on point!.Score: 5/5

Update WorkaroundSince Amazon isn’t responding to the latest update problem, the only work around I was able to come up with is to completely uninstall and reinstall. Yes I know that really su***, but it does fix the problem. However you will have to set up all of your routines and devices again just like the first time..Score: 4/5

Half the features don’t work.It would be really great if everything I paid for, worked every time. I play various white noise sounds at night for my kids. They NEVER stay on. Yes they’re set to loop. They’ll play the amount of time they’re recorded, & cut out. I have to uninstall & reinstall the app to fix this. Another issue is, it seems like every time I leave my wifi area & load the app whether I'm back at home again or not, it always says “no internet connection”. I have to restart my phone to fix this. Im 🤏🏼close to getting rid of my Echos. I have been dealing with this for a year. It pains me to complain about stupid stuff like this, but it’s like cmon! Don’t have the feature if it doesn’t work..Score: 3/5

The worseAll my skills stopped working no matter what I’ve done, no matter how many times I reset it, I think I’m gonna go to google.Score: 1/5

Last update blew upMy last iPad update won’t let me log on with my IPad Pro App logon says error - please try again My iPhone 6 works fine.Score: 1/5

Sorry. That device is offlineAnd that’s the problem….Score: 2/5

Does not work on iPadCannot get skills to work.Score: 1/5

Back in businessJust recently posted about the app being down for almost a week now but the recent update fixed everything. We’re back online and running great again, thanks.Score: 5/5

Bug IssuesWhoops… something went wrong! Is all I get when trying to use the application on iOS 14.6. Literally cannot update or add routines, control smart devices, use lists, nothing. Nothing works. It’s useless and has been like this all week. Saying I’m offline but my internet is clearly up and running..Score: 1/5

MusicThey need to streamline this app. If it could actually do everything it’s supposed to it would be great. But half of its capabilities don’t work right 🙄. It would be nice if Spotify and multi room music worked together consistently..Score: 2/5 best hard working friend….Best helper I ever had…….Score: 5/5

Perfect.Thank you for placing Alexa on the iPhone..Score: 5/5

Help with EchoThe young lady that helped me with my echo was the greatest tech help I have had in a long time. She knew her job, wish I could get her all the time. Saved me some stress with my husband whose answer for everything is unplug or delete and start over. Excellent job.Score: 5/5

What happened to location routine!!What happened to location routine!!.Score: 3/5

App is ConfusingI’m not tech illiterate but your app is so confusing and confounding. I cannot delete old settings and update to my new environment. Pop-up directions say to do one thing/go here/go there, which I do…and it doesn’t DO what the pop-up direction says it’ll do..Score: 1/5

BrokenMy recently played music will not display anymore. It just blinks and displays message to ask Alexa to play something. Very used to work fine..Score: 2/5

Echo stopped working when I disabled Amazon SidewalkI recently disabled the Amazon Sidewalk feature from my Echo. Ever since then, it will no longer play music (the only feature I really use from it).Score: 1/5

Last update June 2021 broke the alexa app to not functionalSince last update keep getting oops something went wrong on most of the apps menus. Can’t use communication, can’t add any skills, basically can’t change any settings or set any new automation. Please rollback or fix this immediately. You broke my alexa services..Score: 1/5

AlexaI love my Alexa she works really good and I would buy a more Thanks.Score: 5/5

Why did Alexa lose my nest and can’t find it again.Singed Very FRUSTRATED.Score: 1/5

No more drop in?Use the app to drop in on my kids’ dots rather than yelling up the stairs. For the last 2 weeks, the drop in feature won’t connect. Boo!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Doesn’t currently workApp has been good for a year, but since June 5th...the app hasn’t worked. Once opened, OOPS, SOMETHING WENT WRONG! Please fix this as many people support their whole home. Thanks in advance..Score: 1/5

Alexa app says it is offline and cannot connect*edit* on June 16th 2021. Reinstalling the app seemed to fix the Alexa app is offline issue I’ve been able to use a few select options on the app, but the main page never loads after the latest iOS update. I can drop in on my camera only through settings, since I can’t even load any of my devices. Please fix this issue Amazon.Score: 4/5

A great service butI love many of the features and the conveniences of Alexa but I find it very hard to use most times some of the capabilities are very hidden and things you think the application should do and won’t can be very frustrating so in short I would see the frustration of using Alexa is it a negative but for sure there’s joy when it works.Score: 4/5

Not working since last updateNot working.Score: 1/5

Broken versionThis version and the prior version I updated from is totally broken. I get oops something went wrong message on the main page. When I tried going to feedback page, getting again cannot load page error. You’d expect at least the feedback page to be more stable so we can report problems..Score: 1/5

Shouldn’t change something that doesn’t need fixing.I currently have an Alexa set up already. But I am unable to even open the app to access routines I’ve created. Every time I open it, it crashes. The app used to work just fine I don’t know what they did to it but it’s terrible..Score: 2/5

ONCE AGAIN THE UPDATE SCREWS US OUT OF MUSIC ABILITIESOnce again the latest update takes away my ability the forward, back up or peruse my previous songs played. You took away the little rectangle that gave me that ability. QUIT SCREWING WITH THAT PART OF THE APP!!! Other than the alarms, that’s the only other feature I actually USE and you keep screwing with it!!! Bad enough I don’t have the ability to chose which Apple Playlist I listen to, you’ve taken away my ability to chose which songs in the list I can delisted to..Score: 3/5

Bad updateStill having issues even after the new update on 6/16. Devices are unavailable thru the app and I receive the “ooops something went wrong”. Please fix..Score: 1/5

Easier SetupsFinding some of the processes of connecting devices difficult sometimes. Would help it were easier to connect my devices or if the directions were a little more strait forward..Score: 3/5

Stopped workingThe app stopped working a few weeks ago. I just updated it and it still don’t work. Keeps telling me whoops… something went wrong try again..Score: 1/5

Show not compatible?Neither of my echo show appear on this app and none of the directions address how to fix that.Score: 1/5

Latest update is terribleAlexa dot can still access all my devices, lights, etc. yet the app says all these devices are unresponsive. Also when I open up the app the Home Screen says I’m not connected to the internet and shows the big bear. Keep the older version of the app if you can! The new one is a hunk of junk!.Score: 1/5

Doesn’t Work Anymore?The app is useless now. I can’t get to my lists, alarms, or settings. All I ever get is a bear saying something is wrong. Wifi is fine, won’t work on cellular either..Score: 1/5

Fun, Enjoyable and InterestingA really great way to gather information, to learn, to be challenged and be entertained. We look forward to the question as part of our breakfast routine..Score: 5/5

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AwfulDisappointed.Score: 1/5

Not greatVery hard to get Alexa to connect to Apple.Score: 3/5

Like itI got the app and it was very nice 👍 it was very fun 🤩 and it so cool I love it.Score: 5/5

DisasterCannot change language on echo dot from Japanese. Tried changing delivery address to include N/A in apartment number. Absolute joke. Have return the Echo Dot for a refund?.Score: 1/5

Echo SpotAnnoying screen flicker. Alexa is not that smart. Interaction with SmartThings and Samsung TV is hit and miss. I rate this device as difficult to use..Score: 1/5

Most have free music Echo 5.I thin.Score: 5/5

AlexaAlexa is the best way you can do so much with Alexa.Score: 5/5

Amazon Alexa 4th GeneratioThe Alexa is really handy and useful and helps me a lot, like sets alarms, and reminds me of things, but it is very very difficult and annoying. It is so confusing to set up and get it to do simple requests like play my Spotify, idk why it is like this but it is and also may I add everything cost money..Score: 3/5

What Country?Have followed prompts but still unable to change my Country (Australia) for news & local events. Also can’t make phone calls, all of which were easy via Google Home. Quite disappointed. Geraldine Severino.Score: 2/5

Great except for Audible FamilyIt would be five stars if I could access my audible family accounts from the app as well as the web..Score: 4/5

Pathetic but you don’t careStupid machine plays few songs then stops . Wont buy again.Score: 1/5

This app is a shot show.This app is a detriment to the Alex experience. You can’t browse skills past the initial load. The UI is janky and you can’t go back after enabling a skill. The app crashes..Score: 2/5

Fix the appLiterally barely ever works, really laggy app definitely needs to be revamped.Score: 1/5

AlexiaFive Star.Score: 5/5

No Dark ModeSet the app to Dark Mode as the default if it’s available..Score: 1/5

New deviceWhat a mission to connect a new echo to my account.Score: 1/5

Clunky not intuitive.Quite painful to use..Score: 1/5

Adds in app? Really?One of the richest companies in the world which experienced record profits while the rest of the world struggled with COVID, isn't satisfied with the purchase price of my 12 Echo devices, and now needs to show me an ad for Whole Foods on my shopping list. Clean up the app and make it a really slick interface to go grocery shopping with, and maybe I'll add more items to my shopping list, and even consider buying some of them from Amazon because I feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation rather than a lingering feeling of penny-pinching exploitation..Score: 3/5

BuggyWhy is my Alexa App changing to Japanese when I try to link an account like Ring or Spotify? Poor.Score: 1/5

Alexa App needs workThe Alexa app is good but needs additional work to be just right. It’s nearly two weeks since Christmas but the Recently Played page still lists Christmas albums and I can find no way to purge them. Also, I have two Echo speakers and a sub woofer, all grouped together (paired). Whenever the Alexa app is opened, an error message says that the sub needs attention, but there’s no indicator of what to do. When in use, the speakers work and the error disappears, but the next time I open Alexa, there it is again. I have contacted Amazon three or four times about this, including telephone calls, but no action I can see has been taken. It seems I have been ignored.Score: 3/5

I rlly love itIt is fun to listen to Spotify and it is really intalgant ‘Intense and is starting to no me a lot.Score: 5/5

JLA year of trying to connect Amazon Alexa to my Premium Spotify service remains impossible! Very disappointed that I am forced to use my phone to choose new music and open it to play in the Living Room on my Portal..Score: 2/5

Can’t communicateTrying to communicate with Hue Bridge and won’t send reset email for lost password from Alexa App.Score: 1/5

Totally differentThe app i have is totally different from the pictures that are showing. I don’t even have the service icon.Score: 1/5

Not intuitive for elderly usersI’m trying to get DropIn for connecting with my aged mother who does not have a mobile phone and now it seems I can’t use DropIn. This device is not at all intuitive and very frustrating!.Score: 1/5

IOS app keeps shutting downVery handy app but I’ve noticed it randomly stops working while I’m using it..Score: 3/5

Easy to useEasy to set up and have been able to link my iPhone with no problems.Score: 5/5

Not availableMy Alexa app was set up by a tech and it keeps dropping g out not it’s not able to find things that it had been able to find I have a google home and I think I will put this on As I am sick of not being able to use this system.Score: 1/5

No Location option for routines in AustraliaI am very, very, disappointed that Amazon Alexa does not provide an option for location to trigger routines for Australian users. This information was very difficult to find on the web, and only after I wasted money buying the 4gen Echo. So disappointing. What’s the point? Considering returning the device and going for Samsung Smartthings..Score: 1/5

Don’t recommend amazonI iwn a few amazon devices however I don’t recommend them. They’re nowhere near as smart as google devices..Score: 2/5

What have you doneThe smart plugs now longer work and the video calls stop showing the videos after about 30 Secs.Score: 1/5

BobAlexa won’t accept my wifi’s password.Score: 2/5

No support for sharing web linksI have an Echo Dot and was planning on upgrading that to the Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) however it does not do what I need. I want to be able to search the web on my iPhone, iPad or Mac and send links to the Echo Show. I don't want to be limited to the few skills that access the web or to typing in long URLs to Firefox. It would also be really good if you could send it a recipe and have it display the print version which just includes the ingredients and instructions..Score: 1/5

Don’t download thisDumb doesn’t understand and do what you want it to do.Score: 1/5

AlexaLove how she talks and is very knowledgeable robots help us.Score: 5/5

Not worth the moneyThe program img, AI, responses and most importantly the humour, is crappy.Score: 1/5

Won’t play spotifyStupid app. Clearly designed to push amazon music. Won’t play spotify by voice.Score: 1/5

Setup is a painI have set echo up for English Australian yet it keep showing Japanese test/menu..Score: 1/5

OmgWon’t let me play my playlist on Apple Music ffs.Score: 4/5

Region limited is a dragI like Alexa and my Echo View but it is ridiculous that I cannot use ‘skills’ because they are only for a different country. In this case AllRecipes which is only available to US devices. My echo was set for US but I am in Australia and want my local news headlines so changed device control to Australia. Now I can only get very limited Australia specific skills. So either I switch back and put up with US headlines and settings or get gimped on usefulness..Score: 2/5

OkEffective but with some frustrations..Score: 4/5

LocationPoor connectivity.Score: 1/5

ComplicatedTitle says it all, its overly complicated to keep all device settings and options maintained individually, it would be amazing to have blanket settings and options list that I can apply to all devices with out them having to be individually set up when I purchase a new one.Score: 1/5

Not always responsive.I had Alexa now for 4 months. During this time I have had to re-pair Alexa and other apps with devices 6 to 7 times. When connect to devices, sometimes works very well, but sometimes within minutes of giving an instruction working the first time, minutes later Alexa will say it doesn’t support the instruction e.g. dim light or increase brightness. I leave for awhile then repeat the instruction it works, Went away for over a month had to re-pair all device’s even though I never turn them off. Still along way to go before the software reaches a point where I give it 5 Stars Now12 months on and I think that a lot of the linking apps a just copied and a little tweak of the interface, Some of the skills are shocking and will not link or work. Amazon really doesn’t care, Alexa just gives a reply ‘ I don’t. Know that” even if 5 mins ago it was performed.They don’t look at any of it. They expect users to report and test for them. So you pay for the device and the privilege of being a glorified Beta tester. Welcomed by Alexa. You can expect every time apple, google,samsung, Telstra, Netgear upgrade their software and hardware you will have problems Good luck.Score: 2/5

AlexaSometimes is good but sometimes it’s hopeless, doesn’t always work and not enough space for reminders in saying that’s if it work.Score: 2/5

Useless in AustraliaEven though store said it works, Amazon’s website, apps etc says it works ... household doesn’t work in Australia. Only found out after 5 months of support calls eventually with Amazon saying Household won’t work in Australia. [contrary to all their marketing, websites, support info, error messages, all saying it DOES work] so now I’ve lost money and countless hours of time and tears to end up with an expensive doorstop..Score: 1/5

Not very intuitiveBasic and still doesn’t hook into WiFi seamlessly!.Score: 2/5

ExperienceHave had them for a while. Not as versatile as I was hoping. The reason I chose them is that they can (more out of luck if it works) lay Apple Music- bettering this would be amazing . It does control Dyson- a big reason for getting them, but I think they are a bit behind in their capabilities. I’m personally Not interested in sports scores or minute by minute news, so none of that scores points for me. Would I get them again- I’d do more homework to find a system that integrates Apple better..Score: 3/5

MessyThe layout is messy it needs to be cleaned up and made simple I also don’t like how I can not set my alarms for particular days needs allot of work as it’s confusing to navigate as it stands..Score: 3/5

Very averageThe Alexa system seems to be focused & designed to work best if you live in the USA..Score: 2/5

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Amazon Alexa app imageAmazon Alexa app imageAmazon Alexa app imageAmazon Alexa app imageAmazon Alexa app imageAmazon Alexa app imageAmazon Alexa app imageAmazon Alexa app image

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