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GOAT is the global platform for the greatest products from the past, present and future. Shop sneakers, apparel and accessories from the world’s leading designers and discover exclusive drops, new releases and iconic archival styles. Now shipping to over 170 countries. SHOP GLOBAL BRANDS Explore over a million listings from streetwear and designer brands including Nike, Air Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Off-White, Comme des Garçons, Supreme, Gucci and more. SAVE WANTS, PLACE OFFERS Find the right product at the right price. Manage your most-wanted styles, get alerts and place offers. GET INSPIRED Shop street style looks, try on sneakers in AR and read GREATEST, our magazine featuring stories of emerging artists and industry veterans who pave the way in fashion, art, music, design, entrepreneurship and beyond. REST ASSURED All sellers, retailers and boutiques are vetted, and all products are verified by hand to ensure they are authentic and as described.

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Room for improvementThe app is nowhere near as intuitive or well designed as that of a rival whose name begins with ‘S’ and ends with ‘X’. I often have to tap UI elements two or three times before they work. Also, although I’ve set my local currency (GBP), it still shows USD in many places. Lastly - not related to the app directly - 2.9% PayPal withdrawal fee is obscene..Score: 3/5

This app is a con use Stock XTerrible experience here. Took an age to sell and receive cash out. All the while the price dropped elsewhere. I was also forced into a price discount because of an incredibly minor glue mark from manufacturing. Shoes were brand new and direct from Nike..Score: 1/5

Hidden FeesI and many other people have bought from goat and are heavily taxed on import fees which aren't made clear at all in FAQS or anywhere online but of course they find loopholes.Score: 5/5

Good appGood app for buyers and seller I’m a seller and the only complaint I have it the currency I can see differ currency what ever I want but when selling it’s only in dollars simple fix could make the world of differ.Score: 3/5

No option to withdraw the money on the original accountNo option to withdraw the money on the original account.Score: 1/5

Read :)Overall very good but watch out for import tax..Score: 4/5

We love GOAT🐐Fast seller processing process, payout is very fast as well. Love it. Hopefully they reduce seller fees to minimum 8%, as 9 is quite high. But I guess it’s worth it at the Ed of the day. Except for PayPal’s fees, don’t nobody wanna give them nothing 😂😂.Score: 5/5

Import taxIt makes the buyer pay for import tax when the seller should pay for customs at drop off?.Score: 1/5

Import feeIf u want a £85 import fee go ahead. UK.Score: 1/5

BEWARE HIDDEN FEES!If u live in the UK, please avoid using this app. They have expensive hidden fees! Learnt this the hard way! Spent£150 on top of the price of the shoes i have bought. This app shouldnt exist and should be taken down by Apple for consumer/buyer ripoff! AVOID AND DELETE ASAP!!!.Score: 1/5

Fake shoes and crazy fees.They sent me fake Jordan’s on the 1st of September. I messaged them on the 4th about this. It’s the 29th and all I’ve received is generic emails. The only reason they sent me another generic email is because I opened about 20 ticket requests out of anger at the same time. They don’t care at all I’m telling you. PLUS I live in the uk and the fees were crazy so don’t even bother honestly. Worst company ever. I hope they go bankrupt..Score: 1/5

Poor customer serviceI’ve around 100 of pairs with GOAT but their customer service is below bad. Automated responses with no empathy after not taking responsibility for damaging my property. Using StockX from now on..Score: 1/5

Careful they have worst return policy ever.😡.Score: 1/5

Payout is quickSelling sneakers here at GOAT is good they pay better and it only takes 1 day to authenticate the pair I sold.Score: 5/5

Great platform, quickest paymentShoes sold within 5 hours, shipped same day and received cash out within 24 hours!.Score: 5/5

What’s going on?When ever me or my friends try to open the app it just crashes, it loads the name on screen then black screens and goes off but on another topic I’m still waiting for my bid to come off as it says it’s in my orders but I’ve never bought it and the seller didn’t accept my bid so idk what’s going on.Score: 1/5

Authentication processThis probably won’t be seen by anyone but it’s an amazing app. I sell on this platform quite frequently. My only downside is that the authentication process takes longer than I would’ve anticipate or like. Other than that, it’s great.Score: 4/5

Disgusting companyComplete lack of understanding and empathy, with zero effort to resolve the issue. On this app you are unable to see any information about your order like the the price, size, size unit, delivery date, delivery charge until you’ve paid. As soon as they have taken your money they don’t care about you..Score: 1/5

TerribleWhen you download the app all of your settings are defaulted to American settings which is ok until you buy a shoe and pay £30 shipping then a surprise fee of £100 for import tax because you shoe is coming from abroad. And returns are awful because when you item is in storage you can’t sell it I have been trying to sell one pair of shoes for 3 months and they have terrible customer service.Score: 1/5

Great app but one flaw.Dark mode please!!! Browsing kicks late at night I have to turn the brightness to minimum, but then I can’t see the colours of the shoes. Otherwise a fantastic app, much cleaner and more informative than many others..Score: 5/5

Very badIf your outside from the US and ordering international I recommend to not buy it as they charge you so much just for the delivery’s like cost me £50 then when it arrives in your country you have to pay the taxes for it to deliver and that costed me £55 very bad hate this app stupid please don’t buy anything from it your better of StockX..Score: 1/5

Import tax?Are you joking me , this is a joke of an app, charging me 52 quid for shipping from America to UK😒wasteman.Score: 1/5

To many percentage cutsNot happy you end up not making enough profits.Score: 1/5

Import Fees Shipping to the UKFirstly I’d like to say DO NOT BUY FROM THIS APP IF YOUR FROM THE UK!! the shipping that they charge is extraordinarily expensive coming up to £30 shipping and bare in mind I bought Jordan 4 Neon grey in Size Uk 10 for £150 used with shipping it was £180 I thought that was okay because I expected to pay less than £200 for it prior , So Goat send me an email when the parcel Arrived to the Nearest UPS OFFICE and it stated that I must pay an inn port fee of £56.06 I was fuming not only did they hide that expense in the FAQ’s but they didn’t say that I must pay an fee on top of it, and during me writing this review I’m seeing other people having to pay upwards to £100 for import fees , I will say this again DO NOT BUY FROM THIS APP IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK..Score: 1/5

GoatCustomer service does not respond to anything. been over 2 weeks since they said i would get a refund after they cancelled my order for no clear reason, shoes where for christmas for my kids which where £220.Score: 1/5

No reason to shop anywhere elseAbsolutely class. Verifies the legitimacy of the item before shipping it to you. Easy, simple and clean app to use. Recommend to anyone..Score: 5/5

Worst app I’ve ever used (NEVER BUY FROM HERE)Ordered a pair of shoes through goat, first of all the shoe sized changed from uk to us, I tried to cancel my order immediately and it would not let me saying it’s been confirmed already, I then emailed them and they were extremely unhelpful saying nothing could be done, it also didn’t say where the shoes are coming from and I was then billed £80 import tax that I was never told I would have to pay, NEVER buy from this company they add extensive costs and you will waste your money.Score: 1/5

Not worth it from the UKImport charges not included in total value with overpriced shipping total. Payout method is on available in PayPal with a 2.9% fee on top of the fees that already get deducted from selling. If you love being ripped off, use this app.Score: 1/5

UK User’s Read This.Positives: You get original authentic trainers. Negatives: Hidden fees everywhere. If you buy trainers you have to pay Fedex £100 import tax. Thats not included in Goats shipping fees, commission and sale price. My settings are UK and GBP but I'm still getting charged. If you sell you have to pay Goat and also Paypal..Score: 1/5

Nike Roshe 2 Version 2Extremely happy with the Goat service 👍.Score: 5/5

Very good but hidden feesI had a good experience, ordered some yeezys from America and came in two days!. I ordered with the option of a badly damaged box but the box was near perfect , only a little hole and general scuffs. I was expecting weeks. The only bad thing is the hidden costs with customs. I had to pay an additional £122.22 on top of £390 already but overall worth it..Score: 4/5

They took 5 months to send my payoutDon’t use this service.Score: 1/5

TerribleThey charge you so much extra after you think you have already payed I’ve been emailed by Dhl making me give them £87 for them to be delivered to me. I never got told this would be the case but they won’t be delivered til I pay. Not happy. If I could give 0 star I would.Score: 1/5

A happy UK customer.Purchased Nike running shoes from GOAT. They arrived today, 100% authentic, zero import fees. Bought in USD (bank converts payment to GBP), paid $40 shipping fee as part of buying price, got UPS delivery updates when they left GOAT, after verification. From initial order to delivered took less than 10 days (inc. time to ship from seller to GOAT for verification). For reference; I’ve just bought some running shoes from Nike website, and it took 6 days for them to be delivered. All things considered in this pandemic era, under 10 days from GOAT is very respectable!.Score: 5/5

First and last time ordering from goatPaid £400+ for some sneaks 4 weeks ago and have had nothing but problems so far 🥰 seller failed to ship on time, couldn’t get a refund and now that they’re acc coming have to pay £140 for import tax without being told they were coming from outside of the EU 🤩 if u prioritise not being broke then stay well away 😌.Score: 1/5

Number one sneaker resale appBeing able to sell shoes in any condition and get super fast payouts and response. Makes them the number one for me..Score: 5/5

Don’t use GoatPurchased an Item from here and would not recommend using this app. Sole reason is because when you purchase an item you do not know where the item is coming from. As a result once you have paid for the item and Shipping you also incur massive fees for dues and taxes which can cost you 100s of pounds. This is on top of your purchase price of your order..Score: 1/5

Ridiculous feePaying to transfer my own money to PayPal is just bonkers !.Score: 1/5

Import feesIf you are outside of the EU -England included :(- I wouldnt recommend the app, import taxes aren’t shown until you’ve already payed for the item and could range from 50-100 pounds..Score: 2/5

GreatVery fast service.Score: 5/5

PricesSuch amazing prices on here compared to other shoe and clothing retailers and I really like the fact I can pay with Apple Pay because that means I know my money’s safe and I’m spending it properly..Score: 5/5

Terrible customer service, wasn’t able to cash outThe PayPal glitch has thankfully now been patched so I can actually cash out however 0 help from the non-existent customer service after over a month of being unable to withdraw funds from the app.Score: 1/5

ShockingTook 3 weeks for my shoes to arrive there Twitter agents are useless as are all there customer service agents after I threatened getting my solicitor involved the next day my shoes and payments arrived terrible company.Score: 1/5

0 customer serviceThey don’t even deserve one star. I’ve ordered a John geiger shoes from GOAT it was for $640. I’ve ordered size 11 and I received a size 10 in a size 11 box when I checked the shoes I immediately emailed them got a respond telling me they’ll check and let me know after 5 days and since then I’ve never received any email from them I’ve tried to email them 10 times and they just ignore my emails, don’t waste your money and time..Score: 1/5

App does not open since last updateSince the latest update, the app will not open now and the website has limited functionality..Score: 1/5

ReviewAmazing service quick and easy.Score: 5/5

IF YOURE FROM UK DO NOT BUY IM BEGGING YOUThis is disgusting , I’ve ordered jordan 4s for 220£ with additional shipping of 30£ , which at first I was weary but I bought it, shortly after 2 days I’ve received an email that my shoes have shipped then I also recieve ban email from dhl that I CANT RECIEVE MY SHOES UNLESS I PAY 76£!!! after paying 30£ to GOAT for shipping , which by the way they hide in the FAQ and other listings in the app , if from the UK it’s a complete scam , also you can’t get a refund the most they’ll do is offer petty store credit 2/4 of what you initially paid , this app is horrible if you’re from the UK I’m urging you now to use stock x and not bother. If I could give this app 0 stars and watch their scummy warehouses burn to the ground I’d pay 200£ to view its massacre.Score: 1/5

Not received yet...Ordered expensive sneakers. Paid £30 shipping ... does this sound familiar ... now told I have to pay another fee on delivery ...£62! How are they getting away with this. Stay away from this site. Not even sure from reading reviews that my trainers will arrive now! Will update what happens next.....Score: 1/5

Best Sneaker App I have used!GOAT is by far the most consistent app I have used so far. Customer service is great here and far more dependable than other competitors (cough, StockX).Score: 5/5

ShockedPayPal took 2% of my hard earned money dissa.Score: 1/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

First time sellerFirst time seller, excellent app and people behind the company. To those who want to sell their shoes this is the perfect app..Score: 5/5

Didn’t receiveI WISH I can give 0 stars because I order the Jordan’s for Christmas and still haven’t gotten them and suddenly my order tracking is gone too and I asked goat support and they keep telling me to be patient and now I just want my money back and they are not replying..Score: 1/5

Don’t want to return the moneyYou have to buy obliged, they send things with super expensive DHL. I bought because they did not refund my money..Score: 1/5

BEWARE & AVOIDShop here if you want to be slapped with $80 duty charges.Score: 1/5

ScamFirst time I heard of GOAT, I was really excited to buy the shoes I always wanted. I loved the Nike Zoom and i always heard from ads that GOAT had good service. It’s a lie. GOAT says that they look if the shoes are authentic...well not enough if you ask me. I spent 200$ plus duty fees for Nike Zoom and only after one time of running in the shoes, they were already broken. The designs were already wearing off and the sole of the shoe no longer support my heels. I contacted GOAT to get a refund. The best they could do was to give me a 115$ refund but I still needed to pay the shipping fees. Overall I’m very disappointed with GOAT customer services...they clearly don’t care about us sneakerheads..Score: 1/5

No refund?!Can sometimes take forever to ship and they DONT give you a refund.Score: 1/5

Beware scammerBad customer service, unresponsive seller. According to the selling rules, the seller has 3 business days (Mon-Sat) to ship the item to Goat for verification. Goat, however, bent the rules and gave the seller 4 business days. Nevertheless, the seller has not yet shipped the item. If the seller did not ship the item by the end of today, Goat would source the product from a different seller instead of refund immediately. My concern is that what if the next seller if like the current seller, unresponsive. I then wait for weeks while the interest accumulates on my credit card and I do not get what I purchase..Score: 1/5

Shoes on time!!The shoes arrived on time, it is a little bit expensive but you get what you paid for. I love the service . My daughter was very happy receiving her favourite shoes on Christmas Eve. Keep up with the good service.Score: 5/5

Poor serviceWorst customer service ever.Score: 1/5

Waste of money and timeWaste of time and money. I have to pay three times the real cost of shoes. Please avoid this app ..Score: 1/5

Incorrect SKUWe sent requests to correct an incorrect Converse SKU 169225F and received no response. StockX made the same mistake in the beginning but they could find and fix the issue..Score: 3/5

153$ border custom feeThe most outlandish scam ever. already paid 428$ for the shoes and they charge me a extra 153$ fee for “border customs”. i tried to refund but they would only give me 315$ back. complete scam DON’T BUT FROM GOAT ‼️‼️.Score: 1/5

It’s glitchingWint even open and i can’t see the shoes i just bought.Score: 3/5

DupeNice 🍃.Score: 5/5

Unfortunately this app is a huge waste of moneyPaid $400 for a pair of $180 shoes on this site because people overprice and import duties are unreal if you live in Canada. Also in the policy it says you have up to 24 hours to cancel an order and I didn’t even get 10 minutes “Because the seller already accepted your order” if your from Canada shop from StockX, they have import fees but they aren’t $100+ and shoes aren’t overpriced. One piece of advice to everybody ordering, check the shoes serial codes (S K U) to make sure your not being scammed on what your about to order. For anyone who chooses to give this app a chance, depending where you live, good luck!.Score: 1/5

They love taking your moneyHad to cancel one sale because I was on vacation and got dinged 20 points in my profile rating (you get 2 points per sale, so i have to make 10 sales just to get back to my original standing), no understanding from customer service and because of this goat has been taking an extra 5% of my sales since then, resulting in a loss of a couple hundred dollars on the sales I’ve made since then. Switching to stockx....Score: 1/5

Terrible customer serviceYour customer service is appealing I can’t even see what I’m writing because this seems to be broken.... No one will read it anyway. I’ll be sure to let everyone know never to order from you Cheers.Score: 1/5

Easy app to use and responsiveI will add another star once I receive my order and if the goods are what I expect..Score: 4/5

Shipping sucksI enjoy browsing the app and see some pretty good deals, but DHL charges SO MUCH for Canadian shipping. It went from $30 shipping to $180 because of “duty fees”. Definitely not worth it if you’re Canadian..Score: 2/5

Worst customer serviceHands down worst customer service of any site do yourself a favor and use stockx.Score: 1/5

Awesome but...I love the app but i have not been able to go into the app anymore. i’ve been keeping up with all the updates and it still doesn’t work :(.Score: 4/5

Terrible app to use if your in CanadaI got 70$ duty fees on my vlone shirt.Score: 2/5

It’s AlrightEverything works perfect except when i try looking at used shoes, it doesn’t show the pictures and it freezes. i always have to refresh app and go back and find the shoe again. Also too many hidden fees..Score: 2/5

A veritable cornucopia of wants!I just scroll and scroll and scroll....Score: 5/5

Crazy shipping feesI payed $30 in shipping to them and DHL requested another $30 when it was time to pick up the shipment. Absolutely disgusting service and i live in Canada not Antartica.Score: 1/5

Won’t open for some reasonGreat app, love it and i’ve been using it for a long time, but for some reason it won’t open anymore, please fix.Score: 4/5

Canada ShippingIf you are in Canada it does not show you the Duty Fees but it adds around $75 to your total, not worth it if you are from Canada😒.Score: 1/5

Reported Company to FTC- shady unethical business practicesTo any one who is not in the states this company is great at misleading its consumers into purchasing shoes without knowing the final costs to get it to your house on a $308 pair of shoes you get charged $105 more for duties and taxes almost half of the cost of the original price When you send them back they refuse to issue a refund stating that you bought them and it wasn’t them who purchased them based on their “policies” which they hide in fine print deep in their website They have highly deceptive business practices and highly mislead their consumers You wonder why i gave then 5 stars is because no one takes a moment to read the one star ratings so this is to make sure this is front and center I will never buy from them again and highly suggest you use other apps like STOCKX to find your shoes I will also be filing a complaint with the FTC because it is illegal to misrepresent a product n its true costs I am not the first person they have done this to as you can see if you read the one star reviews They hide behind fake policies that they just made up to try n hide from being held accountable.Score: 5/5

Do not use!I used this app to buy my son shoes for Christmas that were sold out here $120 so I got them off the app for $200 which I was y happy about. Now I get a email telling me I owe another $81 for duties. This was not explained to me before the purchase at all. Very pi$$ed off will not be using this site again.Score: 1/5

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU BUY FROM GOATI bought this pair of shoes for $700 everything was fine till’ a week passed and then they ask me to pay $237 for import/ delivery fees, I end up spending almost 1k, really disappointing tbh.Score: 1/5

Sum weirdThe app is awesome, the prices sometimes are lower than StockX but there’s one thing that’s weird, you have three options to buy and the last one is to buy a pair that is damaged or is been used, you have the chance to look at the pictures and see the conditions of the shoe, and when you look at the pictures the shoe looks fake, they call it damaged but it looks fake to me, and what’s weird is that the fist option is always the cheapest for example $350 and when you look at the “damaged” ones they go for $420 ....Score: 5/5

Shipping costIf you are from out of USA then never order from this website. You have to pay import duties + the shipping cost. Too expensive for non US residents..Score: 5/5

Poor supportOrdered a item was refunded the shipping cost with no explanation and told it was put into storage. Still have not received item..Score: 1/5

No product, no follow-up to emails and no phone numberAfter purchasing an expensive pair of shoes from Goat, I noticed that the selling was never sending the shoes to goat for inspection. I opened a support ticket to ask for an update and estimate delay. They answered that if they were not going to get a tracking number from the seller by the end of the day, they would either find another seller or give me a full refund. A week later no news, I sent 5 more messages, all ignored, no tracking number from the seller, no information from them, no refund and absolutely no way to get in touch with them. 0/10..Score: 1/5

Sick appCoping heat is mad easy with goat.Score: 5/5

Duties are killing meI love how there’s options to get cheaper of the shoes I want but it beats the purpose when the duties I pay are twice of what you get on StockX..Score: 3/5

EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE HIDDEN FEESThe shoes i bought were $280. when i went to pick it up, i was charged $110. ridiculous..Score: 1/5

Worn shoeI can’t believe this .. this company is really need to go bankrupt I don’t have the money to sue it. The shoe I received has been worn . Discolouration in the interior and damages on the outside . When I tried to start a return the initially 120 Canadian dollar product now needs 48 dollar for shipping and the money you get back is only going to be 60 This is ridiculous how they do these kind of things. I just can’t believe they send the shoe that’s labeled “ new without box” and I received a completely used one . 👎🏻.Score: 1/5

Do not use outside of US!!These guys add their shipping as part of the customs price. You are NOT supposed to pay taxes on shipping. I paid $196 for a pair of shoes and am paying $92 for the duty’s and tax. These guys are ridiculous there is no reason to inflate the cost of the item and cost people more..Score: 1/5

Overall good app!The app was easy to use and I really like the fact that they sell used shoes for Cheaper too. Shipping was the fastest I’ve ever seen, even in a pandemic!.Score: 5/5

SadI don't feel the company take care about customers.Score: 1/5

Not worth buying anythingIf you are not residing in USA, do not download this app and do not order anything. You will be paying additional 50% more on what you paid for the materials in taxes and duties. This app does not specify clearly while ordering. This is something you must be aware off. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.Score: 1/5

Chargered me twice for shippingIf you don’t not live in the US do not get this app Goat will charge you twice for shipping. I just bought a pair of shoes for $215 plus $30 shipping and now I have to pay FedEx $122 for shipping as well Goat doesn’t not say these things when you purchase from them. So be aware..Score: 2/5

DutiesIf you live in Canada, don’t bother. FedEx gave me import duty more than the price of the shoe. If you are not going to pay for the import duty why do you have a goat.ca website. Never again.Score: 1/5

Terrible customer serviceThe worst customer service i’ve ever experienced.Score: 1/5

First impressionsI haven’t bought anything yet because I can’t. For some reason every time I click sign up it brings me to the discover page. Please fix this glitch.Score: 3/5

It’s a scam AppDo not buy anything from this app. I repeat do not buy anything. I order new pair of shoes but I received shoes which are used by someone else. When I sent them back they gave me partial refund and told me that you followed standard return. I regret buying anything from this app..Score: 1/5

App did me dirtyI bought a pair of shoes recently and I’m not happy. The shoes arrived late, were the wrong size, and I had to pay an additional $90 of shipping when they arrived. Terrible service I will never use this app again🤬.Score: 1/5

Not worth it if you live outside the USOrdered a pair of deadstock shoes, they can with creases and laced. Response to the issue was quick however I’d only get a refund for the shoes, not the hundreds of dollars spent on import fees..Score: 2/5

Wouldn’t recommendDon’t buy from Goat. they check if the shoes are real but not if it’s in good condition as advertised. you can’t get a refund only store credit for like a 1/3 of what you bought it for. and if you live in canada prepare to pay a hefty customs fee. i payed $73 and the shoes were $187.Score: 2/5

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Needs to work on picturesIt keeps sending my offers back because they don’t have the right pictures then I retake them all the correct way and the same thing happens.Score: 4/5

The name says it all, famTheir name says it all. They’re goated, you’re goated, we’re all goated here at goat.com.Score: 5/5

SneakersI would like Nike to start making sneakers in mass production again.Score: 5/5

Goat shoesI lovei love this app.Score: 5/5

👊🏾The best in this planet.Score: 5/5

I addicted!!I literally only buy from here. Great buying options, customer service, and app layout!!.Score: 5/5

Stop using UPS, what are you thinking GOAT?Spent quite a bit on some shoes and didn't have the option to pay extra for better shipping. Had to deal with a whole ordeal with ups. Ups is the slowest shipping company thats has more shipping errors than any company ive ever seen idk why goat doesnt ship with some kind of insured usps shipping it would be faster and more efficient. If youre buying expensive sneakers you should be able to get decent shipping to go with it.Score: 1/5

Bad serviceI was scammed by goat themselves Do not use goat ever!!!!!! If I can a zero I would.Score: 1/5

Best idea everHighly recommend 2 finding the shoe you want..Score: 5/5

Can’t go wrong.Easy to navigate. Pretty fast in shipping. I love that they go the extra mile to verify that the sneakers are authentic. This is the only app I use to buy sneakers. Thank you, GOAT team!.Score: 5/5

To much waitingThe app first looked cool but when you want a simple pair of Nikes that don’t cost 300+ dollars the app puts you on a bogus waiting list. Goat is not all that ..Score: 2/5

Goat. Had some issues. Some lies.But love it.Score: 5/5

Crazy processGoat is so stupid and unfair , I listed my shoes as the wrong size (the shoe was a 10.5 and I listed but as a 10) and I chose to co-sign my shoe; I still have no access to the shoes price and can’t even see the shoe anymore in app besides when I go to sold and it said i made 0 dollars 😠.Score: 1/5

Exclusive StuffLove That They Have Pretty Much Any Sneakers You Want. Everything Is Always Authentic. Love Goat. Ty,For Making My Shopping Pleasure Very Smooth & Easy. Ty Again GoAt.Score: 5/5

A lot of feesYou get a fee for transferring your cash to your account.Score: 2/5

Don’t sell shoes hereProbably the worst experience selling shoes, their seller support is horrible. Tried selling multiple pairs, all authentic bought on either Stock X or from Goat themselves and I had the lowest ask but shoes were sold for a higher price than my price..Score: 1/5

GOAT APPBest App Ever!!!!.Score: 5/5

Don’t buy anything on hereSort these reviews by “newest” and listen to the truth being told. This company has no respect or care for buyers. You may not receive your shoes because they have no set standards for sellers. This is a rip off company...stay away!!!.Score: 1/5

SuperbOne of the few organizations I really feel the need to leave a review for. I've ordered a couple of times now from GOAT and have been completely satisfied. I recently ordered a pair of new Air force 1s and they were shipped to GOAT, verified, and shipped to me all in less than 7 days. Amazing shipping speeds and they come with little GOAT stickers and inspection tags. Highly recommend 10/10..Score: 5/5

Cash outThey are very crummy service and take forever for payouts. I have been waiting over a month now....Score: 1/5

A logistical nightmareI had an order in limbo for 8 days and after a back and forth with service team member Julie Ann S. I was denied a refund and told my information “has been forwarded to our support team to research and assist my concerns”. So who have I been talking to for a week? I have no time for people to be playing games with my money and lying about the status/refund of an undeliverable product. StockX is looking really good right now..Score: 1/5

Scam artistsThis company is the worst, do NOT use them. needed to return shoes bc they were too small. there was one small pebble stuck in sole and they wouldn’t return them. lost all my money AND they kept my sneakers. no phone number to speak to anyone. STAY AWAY, you will get ripped off!!!.Score: 1/5

Empty shoe boxI ordered a pair of retro 12 reverse flu game Jordan’s from goat and received an empty box !!! I have no way of speaking directly to anyone because they don’t have any forms of communication other than emails. Now my wife ordered some retro hare’s and received her shoes in top top condition no issues whatsoever so this is why I decided to order the retro 12 Jordan’s my mind never lead me wrong I ordered these shoes way on April 8 2021 and they was authenticated by goat and never shipped I paid for them through afterpay which means they now have already taken 3 payments out my account for these shoes that still ain’t shipped I knew something was gonna be wrong because it never took them this long to ship a pair of shoes out now I’m concerned and emailed them checking to see where my order was here it is now may 5th 2021 and my shoes still ai t shipped finally they show shipped two days later and I get them only to get a EMPTY BOX !!!! I am so disappointed I’m doing YouTube tiktok Facebook and Twitter bad reviews because I know I’m not gonna even get my order or my money back !!!!.Score: 1/5

I love you Goat original🥰🥰🥰 authenticI love you Goat original🥰🥰🥰.Score: 5/5

This App is the Goat.😎👟💯.Score: 5/5

GoatIt’s Great.Score: 5/5

Can’t even log inWhen I try to log in on the app it just takes me back to the Home Screen..Score: 1/5

App is trashLove the content and sometimes reasonable pricing but I always struggle to get logged in really forces me to shop somewhere else.Score: 1/5

My go toLegit Legit Legit! Used other platforms but nothing compares for me..Score: 5/5

Misleading pricingThe only complaint I have is that when scrolling through looking at shoes it will say the lowest price or the retail price instead of saying the price you will be paying for your size this makes me wish that would either have one set price for all new shoes or shoe the price for the size you’ll be buying.Score: 4/5

Goat passes out shoes with defects as dead stock (new)I’ve gotten 3 pairs of shoes off goat and 2/3 times I was disappointed. Shoes have scuffs and discoloration... just go to stock x for ur needs🤦🏽‍♂️😂.Score: 1/5

Fees & how long it tookFees after fees and I gotta pay more fees on PayPal ans wait and just to get to y’all over 2-3 weeks.Score: 1/5

Extremely poor customer service and experienceSince April 13th 2021 I’ve sold multiple shoes on this app. I’ve accumulated funds from selling on the app and on the 29th I wanted the option to transfer the funds from selling on the GOAT app to my PayPal account. Upon doing so they sent an email message confirming the funds have been cleared and have been transferred to my PayPal and to give the payment 3 business days to clear. 3 days pass and still no funds transferred into my PayPal account. I contacted PayPal and they confirm that no payments have been transferred from GOAT into my PayPal account and said I need to contact GOAT to fix the issue. I then contact GOAT via email because there’s no way to actually speak to anyone through the phone and play email tag about this situation. Now they send multiple emails asking me to provide screen shots of my GOAT credit account and I also provided screen shots of my PayPal activity statement showing that I never received funds from the 29th through may 3rd. They say that the payment cleared on their end but still no PayPal confirmation on payment of funds. Now all communication or updates have now stopped with no solution to this issue. I had to open a BBB case against GOAT to get any kind of response. Be extremely cautious buying or selling on this app. It’s not a matter of if but when this will happen to you..Score: 1/5

Cash out feeThis app is bogus, don’t sell with them....they’ll take a chunk of fees for selling then ALSO charge you a fee 2.9% for cashing out.Score: 1/5

First purchaseThis is my first purchase I look forward to plenty more in the future..Score: 5/5

Absolutely ridiculousHorrible app, wont ever buy from here again. got shoes the wrong size, tried them on literally once, didn’t fit, put them back in the box how they where paid like 12 for shipping and again to return them about 25 something in total, denied my return??????? -190 thank u.Score: 1/5

You’re better off taking your money to StockXYeah. Stay away. Im too lazy to write a long review because the bad ratings says it all already..Score: 1/5

Good app but their transaction fee is rediculously expensive for verificationExpensive.Score: 3/5

Don’t sell through GoatIt’s really great on the receiving end as far as buying shoes comes but sold shoes for like 2 or 3 hundred and they won’t pay me..Score: 1/5

UnsuccessfulIt was my first time ordering on goat i tried ordering the Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Arctic punch’ after about a week of waiting the seller cancelled my order GOAT should pay attention more to sellers i’ve heard that GOAT cancels a lot of their orders so it’s not just me. Im still waiting for my refund i don’t understand why it takes so long for a refund i did some research and it said it would take 7-10 business days for a refund!.Score: 1/5

Dishonest with no supportI sent in shoes over a month ago with the supplied label. I have tried to contact for over a month. No response after automated response. They have never paid for shoes and will not respond. No phone number to call..Score: 1/5

Customer service is garbageThey have zero customer service you can email or call and get someone to reach back after about 3 weeks and they will just tell you “due to goat guidelines our hands our tied”. Just an overall terrible experience if you want to become a seller go to a different app.Score: 1/5

Goat’s excuse for having a bad websiteYou pretty much need the app because the website offers no support, which is annoying. For some reason my order was returned to sender, and I kept getting an email that said “click send or sell” - WHERE?? WHERE DO I FIND THOSE? on the stupid app..Score: 1/5

THEY DON’T FULFILL ORDERSI placed an order they canceled it - had my girl place an order they canceled it too - my neighbor placed an order he says they canceled his aswell. I wouldn’t use this company if they gave me free shoes. Nothing but excuses to why they weren’t fulfilled. Save yourself the aggravation buy somewhere else!!!.Score: 1/5

Too much commission and ACH transfer. Won’t be using this app again.Too much commission and ACH transfer. Won’t be using this app again..Score: 1/5

@shou1in.in.the.off-seasonAll my shoes from GOAT ARE.....G-O-Å-T-E-D.Score: 5/5

App crashing since the last 2 updates.Good afternoon, I’ve been trying to use the app but ever since the last 2 updates it opens and crashes immediately. I have deleted and redownloaded the app and this has not fixed the issue. Any suggestions? Thank you.Score: 3/5

I’ve always found what I was looking for.Lots of available inventory..Score: 5/5

Don’t not use the goatPoor quality control and an even worse authentication process. Better hope nothing goes wrong all they will do is offer 20 buck in store credit off you next purchase. If you actually can return your product it’s at your expense even if is the goats mistake. Don’t use the goat, there’s a bunch of other sites that have better prices and way better authentication process. The customer service is just as bad for this site they will admit it was their fault/mistake and then say in the same sentence that there’s nothing they can do and they truly appreciate you understanding. So please don’t use goat use stockx, kicksonfire,stadiumgoods, etc anyone of these is much better and has a way better authentication process customer service and quality control..Score: 1/5

🐐Better than StockX.Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Great app but here’s some ideasLet’s have more on street photos.Score: 5/5

Bad ServiceI have bought a few pairs of shoes with them. Many of them get cancelled because they couldn’t find stock. Why let us buy then?.Score: 2/5

GoatGoat is super good it prices are so cheap so I can afford my favourite types of sneakers and basketball shoes.Score: 5/5

Pretty goodEasy to use and has a massive variety of shoes!.Score: 5/5

Expensive and long time shippingIt’s worse and more expensive than StockX. StockX is not everything authentic as well. No sneaker apps are reliable. I am so disappointed about it. See you and I will delete it owing to poor purchasing experience of long time to wait and more extra fee..Score: 1/5

GoodIt is good.Score: 5/5

🤣🤣 doesn't workI tried to create an account, rubbish..Score: 1/5

Good stuffSo much better then StockX..Score: 5/5

Free yeezyThis is a question would you be able to give these to me for a low price.Score: 5/5

DO NOT BUYPurchased Nike’s for $176 my shoes arrived damaged and the wrong size they admitted it was their fault. They offered me a $30 credit on my account..Score: 1/5

A good place to by shoesI bought supreme vans and they came with no problems shockingly fast, the app does glitch out when I’m looking at shoes a lot so I hope that they do something about it.Score: 3/5

AMAZINGThat was so amazing!!!!!! Will definitely be ordering a lot from here!!.Score: 5/5

Deleted.ReInstalled.Deleted a while ago as it was confusing and hard to navigate through for use but was recommended to reinstall and the app has improved heaps..Score: 5/5

Waste of timeThis whole scam is a waste of time when you can agree a price and then not have an order fulfilled. Ruined my birthday, as my wife had organised a pair of sneakers I really wanted through the app and it ‘couldn’t be fulfilled.’ Saw the shoes go back up with an extra $100 on the price tag. Don’t waste your time..Score: 1/5

Only works for people living in the U.SWould be amazing if it shipped and worked for people outside the U.S.Score: 1/5

Slow and expensiveTake a month to buy a 235 AUD nike, now is 79..Score: 1/5

Pricing tagsHey can u please add price designation tabs for people who are limiting purchases, so if your looking for smthn for $300 you can get all the shoes that are in the $300 section.Score: 5/5

Sneaker Candy StoreLiving in Australia, we didn’t have access to some of the gear released in the USA. GOAT is the only place I shop for vintage sneakers. I’ve purchased absolutely stunning Jordan 11s, vintage Kobe’s and will scout and buy more. Easy, reliable and credible..Score: 5/5

Fake shoes for first time buyingRather spending more in a resell shop to get a real one and late reply from customers support.Score: 1/5

LolTried taking extra money outta my acc even Thoe the shipping was nearly $100 neeks.Score: 1/5

Not good at the pay outI try after pay and paypal for the payment option, but it doesn’t work. I ended up using my own card which is I don’t wanna do it but I haven’t got a choice..Score: 2/5

International Buyer beware - If I could give 0 stars I wouldPoor customer support, transparency & communication. I’m disappointed I trusted my money & purchase with this team. After patiently waiting for a purchase for over two months on following up I eventually received news the shoes were marked ‘return to sender’ and I would have to pay an additional $40 USD to have them shipped to Australia. The international tracking number I received shows the shoes never left America. 10/10 wouldn’t recommend..Score: 1/5

Better than StockXI bought a pair of shoes from stockX before I download GOAT. The quality of that shoes was nightmares..Score: 5/5

PostageThe listed postage is not what I was charged.Score: 2/5

DisappointingOrdered a pair of used off white shoes at a great price. After 2 days my shoe was not shipped, so I contacted support to ask if they can contact the buyer to ship my order. The support team went ahead and cancelled my order, still waiting for a refund. This is disappointing, so terrible!.Score: 1/5

Great choices , good prices and confidence in buyingFantastic grea.Score: 5/5

Great appThe app is great for buying sneakers.Score: 5/5

Best Shoes, Best Service, Love ❤️By far my favourite place to buy any brand of sneaker and super fast delivery all the way to Australia..Score: 5/5

YeSelection is dope, shipping to Australia is exorbitant but it’s alright if you find a good deal.Score: 4/5

Import taxNot worth using of you are an international buyer. The import tax related is too high. If you had to return, you wouldn’t get the tax back and have to pay again if you ordered again. Imagine if you had ordered a fake pairs and had to pay the tax for for something that is worthless and wont get the tax back.Score: 1/5

Poor customer serviceI was overcharged shipping charges twice and poor customer service. Good shoes though..Score: 3/5

Goat is the goatThere are several things I could comment on that are good with goats practice but I’ll mention the best. Goats system of authentication is very tight and well done so there is almost a guarantee that it is a legit purchase and if it is fake, then they offer a full refund. I ordered a pair of Air Jordan 1s for my dad and when we were told that they were fake, they gave a full refund without hesitation. I adore that goats system is so good for the customer and I’m happy to use it as my way of purchasing and selling sneakers because of its good policy..Score: 5/5

Shipping costs!$60 for shipping to Australia is way too much and it would be appreciated if you guys could somehow drastically lower the cost of shipping thanks..Score: 5/5

Excellent!!I have now bought 2 pairs of Nike’s from GOAT and they have both been great! Really happy to be able to get ahold of styles I can’t get in Aus directly..Score: 5/5

UhhWell I haven’t bought anything.Score: 2/5

Shoe shippingVery bad company after the tax they make me pay for another tax from dhl what a shame for a big company.Score: 1/5

CheapCheap find.Score: 4/5

Don’t buy hereBe very careful when buying on goat . Triple check what they are charging you and in which currency..Score: 1/5

Could even get through the sign in pageI would try to sign in but it keeps asking me to link my insta and when I do that error, try the other option nothing happens..Score: 1/5

AmazingGoat just has like all the sneakers 🚫🧢.Score: 5/5

The best shoe appI got my shoes in a week. During coronavirus That is the fastest shipping have ever seen.Score: 5/5

My review on goatI love this app i love shoes and finding them I honestly find this more entertaining than instagram.Score: 5/5

Adam StoneConsistent all the way!.Score: 5/5

OMG赛欧三哦赛欧good哦really立刻the世界上.Score: 5/5

Simplicity worksUsing the Goat App is great, I always can find whatever shoes i want without any fuss!.Score: 5/5

GOAT REVIEWI live in Australia and we can’t get everything that can be easily bought in the US. So I want to Thankyou for the variety the wide variety of shoes and clothing. THANKS!!.Score: 5/5

Not very good for Australian buyersHard to see what will ship and how much they cost to australia.Score: 2/5

UnsubscribeUnsubscribe link in your emails is broken and your emails are no reply.Score: 1/5

ScamI bought $980 pair of shoes for my daughter and when they arrived they where to tight so I returned them she only put them on to see if they fit she didn’t walk in them just like you would in any store When I returned them they said that they where worn so I said yes she tried it on to see if they fit then they said yes because you tried them on to see if they fit that means they are warn so we can’t refund you What a joke how are people meant to see if they fit without trying them on Had no reply from them just the TC Will never use this company again Mark.Score: 1/5

I love goatI have just ordered a pair of NMDr1 and I have had a lot of troubles recently with ordering shoes off of the internet and apparently this is the right place to go :).Score: 5/5

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GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app imageGOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app imageGOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app imageGOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app imageGOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app imageGOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app imageGOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app imageGOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app image

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