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Five Nights at Freddy's 3

4.5 star

NOTE: A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly. Thirty years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed its doors, the events that took place there have become nothing more than a rumor and a childhood memory, but the owners of "Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction" are determined to revive the legend and make the experience as authentic as possible for patrons, going to great lengths to find anything that might have survived decades of neglect and ruin. At first there were only empty shells, a hand, a hook, an old paper-plate doll, but then a remarkable discovery was made... The attraction now has one animatronic. NOTE: Game entirely in English. #MadeWithFusion

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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 App Reviews (5,834)

Omg night 5 is very hard but AMAZING game!On night 5 i keep on getting jumpscared by phantom freddy and i get ventilation about i would say about 10/11 times and just please make it easier ive tried about... Hmm.... I'd say about 1,278 times! Its just so hard please make it eaiser scott. Also when i try and enter the happiest day it dosent let me although i play on ipad it still is hard and i play fnaf 3 about 12/14 days and still i cant pass it but when i passed night 4 i jumped for joy because i worked on that night for weeks and i passed it! But i see phantom freddy in the hall and i take off my headphones and look away but when i look back at it i get jumpscared so.... Please i mean please make night 5 easier Thank you. - 💕Springtrap💕.Score: 5/5

Best game everI have been playing the FiveNightsatFreddys series for about 2 years now and this is the best one of the series because springtrap is my favourite . Some people are not good on the audio not working sometimes , that’s for two of my theories:1: he has heard it so many times and 2 : it is too loud in the building . One day before I wrote this , I got jumped by ph Freddy , then straight after foxy , then straight after B.B. I was like LOL 🤣🤣🤣.Score: 5/5

Two spring traps!! ,,I as well also found the glitch of two spring traps it happens on night 5. I was watching the camera on spring trap and he pulled the camera down and killed me,OMG!🙀🎃🌝-🌚🥊.Score: 3/5

Really coolHonestly People’s opinion’s on this games jump scares are bad but my opinion is the opposite like really one time I was watching YouTube and somebody was playing ucn or this I think and he got jumpscared and this is true I actually jumped out of my seat and my body was shaking, also one thing that is amazing about this game is the story, this game adds soooo much to the fnaf storyline and I haven’t even untangled the story now something to add on to after the first night the screen started glitching and brought me to the first location I was playing as Freddy and followed, I think it was shadow Freddy then William.A came running onto me and completely dismantled me I was surprised to see shadow Freddy though because a lot of people have ideas that shadow Freddy actually works with William and I wasn’t surprised new thing that I learned😯 and a couple weeks ago I played ultimate custom night and freddy’s pizzeria simulator which was really fun! And this series of scary games is just amazing good work Scott!👌 And I have also checked out fnaf to btw, ok ok one last thing also I am planning on playing fnaf 4 or 5 so comment this game and choose which one I should play because I really don’t know😓.Score: 5/5

One problemLike fnaf 1 & 2 please let us get unlocks when you download the game whit out beating night 5 please🤗.Score: 5/5

Make nightmare mode easierIt’s way to hard please make it easier.Score: 5/5

Trap scareI’m on night 2 and I want to know when and how spring trap jump scares you because I keep seeing him at the front window and I keep getting the life force sucked out of me.Score: 4/5

Happy anniversary fnafHappy birthday fnaf 6 years out you are a legendary game in the world.Score: 4/5

Love itThis is a great game along with the others but I’ve got to say spring trap is way to quick on night three and up this man is usane bolt! When I got jump scared by Freddy I reset ventilation and he got from cam 9 to the door outside my office. If there is any way possible please make him a bit slower as I have spent the last two weeks trying to beat night three.Score: 4/5

Springtrap. More like SPRINGCRA...Gg scott.Score: 5/5

Great Remaster!Looks a lot cleaner and graphics look better in general, I love the new menu music and the jump scares look really high quality! Great job!.Score: 5/5

I really like dis gameI have a question how do I use the extras menu do I have to beat the game first.Score: 5/5

Easy!Hi Scott, me again! I think this fnaf game is easy. You only need to deal with Springtrap (Spring Bonnie). In the night 1 phone call, this is what phone guy says. “Hey hey, glad you could make it for ANOTHER night.” Please can you fix this?.Score: 4/5

Absolutely trashIt doesn’t work nothing happens but standing in a dark room checking cameras and rebooting nothing don’t get it it is a scam.Score: 1/5

Best FNAF game everThis game was really good when I played it.I found all the endings in 2 days and they were really good but please can you make ultimate custom night for the iPad,please.Score: 5/5

Hard (but really good)Better than fnaf 4 about as good as 2 One thing though they only stand in front of you as the jumpscare.Score: 5/5

Favourite game from the series.A Lot of variety from the other games. I loved the idea of animatronic the DIDNT just kill you. Which is why I enjoyed fnaf 2 a lot more than the 1st. It’s not just UR DED NOW LOL The mechanics are all well executed. Story is a LOT easier to follow than the rest. Which is good for a dumb giddy child like me. I like the idea of failing systems being fixed. Flipping down the panel. And watching a corpse peeking at you from the door Overall a fun game that I hope to master. Well done on this one!.Score: 5/5

Great PortI love that clickteam has done a port of all the FNaF games to make them very much like the pc versions and for the people asking Scott to make the port easier on night 5 First of all Scott doesn’t have anything to do with the port And the AI of the animatronics are the same on the pc versions so if you can beat the nights on pc you could do it on mobile.Score: 5/5

Please updatePlease update the game i want you to add animatronic mode were you play as the animatronics to hunt the night guard.Score: 5/5

Great but not for casual playersThis game is amazing and actually has way more to it than I thought. Do not play casually though, this game is HARD. I was stuck for ages on night 3 but eventually got past. Never going to beat the nightmare and aggressive mode..Score: 5/5

Amazing gameWhen I first got this game I played it and I loved it and now I’m a addicted to all of the FNaF games my favourite it FNaF 2.Score: 5/5

W O W!Jeez Scott... How can I say this... THIS GAME IS AMAZING! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ springtrap is my absolute favourite out of the whole series you’ve done so far! I would definitely rate this for a five star! This game is amazing... Just one question... HOW DOES PHANTOM CHICA POSSESS THE ARCADE MACHINE!?!?!?!? That’s a question that I don’t know the answer to, and it’s the only question... well done Scott, you’ve outdone yourself this time. 😄👍🏻.Score: 5/5

AnnoyingThis is definitely one of the worst mobile ports in the fnaf series. -pros Designs of animatronics are amazing Soundtrack Lore Finally a horror attraction fnaf game -cons Boring until night 5 Springtraps behaviour is quiet until night 5 where he’s in cam 10 one second and can 2 in the next The phantoms are not scary, just annoying I never feel scared as only one animatronic can kill you Nights 1-4 are easy and boring I will change my review when the remastered update has come out. Hopefully then it will be much more fun but until then I just can’t recommend this game as a fan of horror and the fnaf series.Score: 2/5

Good gameHello the game is really good but sadly I’m on night 4 and I’ve been trying to beat it for ages can you prettty please !!! Make it easier because I always what springtrap then suddenly he’s in my office. He goes so fast same as the other animatronics also do the same to night 5.Score: 5/5

FnafIts a good game but in night 5 all the phantoms just jumscare you and you cant survive.Score: 5/5

I Like ItI like FNAF 3 I Like Springtrap And Phantom Freddy And Phantom Chica And Phantom Foxy And Phantom Mangle And Puppet BB And Phantom Puppet Master I Am On Night 6 (NIGHTMARE MODE) Nightmare Mode Is Too Hard.Score: 5/5

OkI love it but I can’t beat night 2.Score: 5/5

Plz make perspectiveI really enjoy fnaf 3 but plz let clickteam old update the game perspective effect! I RATE THIS GAME A 10/10.Score: 5/5

It won’t let me put 1M stars!I love it amazing I don’t have any words lol but amazing is all I can say springtrap is so cool I love this game!.Score: 5/5

Lol hiHi, ok so I really like the mini games and the game itself but it’s pretty hard and it would be cool to add more games! Also i just got the game, my friend recommended it to me while he visited me and my family. He started by playing night one and we only got killed twice so far, I love it so much! Keep up the work Scott..Score: 5/5

Great game! But one problem...The game is overall great but you cannot avoid phantom foxy unlike the PC version. If you could fix this with the remastered update I’d give a 10/10.Score: 4/5

HardHard. Hard. Hard. I’m stuck on third niiiiiight. It is spine tingy. Scawy..Score: 5/5

Fnaf’3This game is awesome spring trap is my favourite animatronic. I only have one problem this game IS AWSOME no the is just one problem that you cannot pause or their a not any settings if I could have any animatronic then it would be spring trap.Score: 5/5

List of nights and how hard each isNight 1-easy Night 2-medium Night 3-hard Night 4-really hard Night 5-too hard Night 6-crazy hard NIGHTMARE MODE-pretty much unbeatable and EXTREME(just the way I like it.Score: 4/5

Third game is out 2015 but for your games 2014Hey Scott I was wondering if you could make security Game coming out with in 2021 what is this game talking about William Afton die in a suit and why did five children in the first place or something else is differentHopping in the shoot I can't believe what he did ?????????.Score: 5/5

I addictedSee I’m 9 years old and I love fnaf I have many posters of it on my wall I know all the back story I play it every day pls make more games after security breach.Score: 5/5

Amazing!This game is amazing and the 2nd hardest fnaf game, (fnaf 4 1st.) I’m just quite bad at this fnaf game and cant make it past night 2. Still fabulous though! I think this game tells us a lot about the fnaf backstory such as William Afton being Springtrap and rarely in Springtraps face you can see William..Score: 5/5

JuawuuehdjjwJajaiqiaiaijdnd its such a good game but jumpscares need to be scarier and its quite easy the 1st few nights.Score: 5/5

Tips for new peopleWhen phantom Freddy is in the hallway just put up your rebooting panel or your cams. With phantom BB when you see his face on the cams close them quickly or angle cam he will not appear on vent cams with phantom Chica she will appear on a arcade machine change cam or when you look to the left you will be jumpscared hope you can figure out the rest 😈.Score: 5/5

Amazing but needs options menuI think it needs an update cuz the cam is slow at turning plz make an options menu where u can turn off vibrations and do a perspective view and make it full screen and i really want to turn off vibrations.Score: 5/5

AMAZINGFNAF 3 has always been interesting to me, unique only one physical animatronic that can kill you and that you have to reset the camera system,audio devices and the vents. Apart from probably FNAF 1 This has been one of the most challenging night 5 and sixes I have ever seen. I really hope Clickteam remasters this game like 1 and 2.Score: 5/5

THE GAME IS SO GOODSo I played when it came out and I didn't game over at all and I beat nightmare mode no game over I started to think I was a pro at fnaf so when fnaf 4 came out I never got jumpscared but fnaf 3 I s the best because he put so mutch effort in those characters when it came out we didn't know his name and Scott wrote a message just that said springtrap I think and now I'm here commenting on this game that I like.Score: 5/5

Can you make the good end easy plzThe game is ok but there’s a bug that prevents you form getting the good endin where you get killed and the game think’s that you did not doune the mini game’s happened on a diff device.Score: 5/5

Great game butThe game is so awesome but there is only springtrap I wish he could add in more animatronics.Score: 3/5

Amazing gameScott your fnaf games thrill me the mechanics are amazing keep on doing the best games five stars.Score: 5/5


Mini gamesPOST INCLUDED SPOILERS On the updated version I can’t press the buttons on the arcade machine and I can’t do the wall tile password as the camera keeps moving?.Score: 4/5

Hi!The game is great but can you tell me how to avoid the phantoms please.Score: 5/5

Love itThis game is just amazing, the jump scares get me every time 😂 but it’s fun to play, springtrap has to be my favourite character out of them all but balloon boy always gets me 😂😂😂 how do you even prevent springy from coming into your office????? Cuz I have no idea.Score: 5/5

IT WAS 4 AM!!This game is my 2nd FNAF game and god is it hard but fun. Night 3 and up is very hard well I’m only on night 3 but I know night 4 and 5 will be sooooooo hard but again a very good game Scott keep up the good work.👌.Score: 5/5

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Love the gameI am on nightmare mode it is great I love fnaf can you plz make nightmare mode a little easier and can you make springtrap more scary his jump scare is really not scary at all phantom Foxy is more scary then the main man springtrap.Score: 5/5

Fun but...I can’t get past night 2 beacause I fix the ventilation but springtrap still kills me maybe when there is a ventilation error the phantoms will come?.Score: 3/5

Report a bugHi Scott its glitched on both of the sides can you fix it so there can be options thank you.Score: 5/5

Woo hoo ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I got onto this game finally also when’s the 7th game coming out I love this game great job Scott 😃 it’s so so scary 👻 And the 1st two nights where easy! Great game Scott! and click team.Score: 5/5

Plz bring normal animatronics on FNAF 4 like Springbonnie and Fredbear and others.Why does FNAF 4 have to be NIGHTMARES?.Score: 5/5

This game is amazingSo I played this game and rated it 5 stars because this one gam Hey changed my life.Score: 5/5

Best FNaF game ever!This is definitely the best FNaF game I played!! Keep up the good work Scott!.Score: 5/5

Awesome gameScott thanks u for this update but i dont know how to get past night 3.Score: 5/5

This is a hard gameNight 3 and higher is AIDS to beat.Score: 4/5

Help me with this bugI tried to get the good ending but Freddy disappeared and I could go past the child and I couldn’t give him the cake please fix that and make a remastered pc version.Score: 5/5

New update👍Amazing graphics and looks just like pc.Score: 5/5

VibrateIt’s a good game don’t get me wrong. But whenever I flip my main panel up my phone will nonstop vibrate and it’s really annoying. If you lads find out why this is. I would be ever so grateful. I don’t want to delete this game I’ve made it to night 5 but I can’t play it with the vibration. But other than that, thank you for all you’ve done..Score: 5/5

Spring boy brokeSo, on night 3, spring trap doesn't listen to the audio can you please fix that?.Score: 4/5

The doorCan you put a door that you can close and open but put an error to the door and that you can use it to block springtrap and do not put power usage pls.Score: 5/5

AwesomeHey Scott, awesome game. I love the Phantoms can’t kill you only Springtrap can kill you and I also love you can put Springtrap in a room with the auto of Balloon Boys voice. Keep it up Scott.Score: 5/5

Why?????????????????Why does balloon boy not kill you??🤨.Score: 5/5

Amazing game but there’s one thing you should fixThis isn’t a bad problem, but when you see Springtrap behind the glass and play the audio, he stays there for a while and eventually disappears immediately..Score: 5/5

WHAT THE HECKAwesome Game But can You Plz Make a Phantom Bonnie It’s Boring.Score: 5/5

WowSo I had to delete fnaf 3 first because it wasn’t working and when I went back to redownload it I had to buy it again so thanks Scott Cawthon.Score: 2/5

So coolThis game is so amazing.Score: 5/5

Love it 😍One of the best fnaf games out there good jump scare love it 💙💙💙💙💙.Score: 5/5

Phantom Bonnie in the game???I like the game but where is phantom Bonnie?.Score: 5/5

Progress gonePls help i just went into the game and all of my progress was gone and i was on night 5, can it be fixed?.Score: 4/5

AddAdd survival kit.Score: 5/5

Add doorsAdd doors in here again I really need them + if doors you can make spring trap vary fast.Score: 5/5

Good game butIt’s a good game but it needs an update so it can be like the pc version of the game.Score: 4/5

So goodI love this game.Score: 5/5

WoW ScottThis is so easy Scott.Score: 5/5

Amazing 😇I got the game it’s so fun!.Score: 5/5

Great gameI love these games but need some help navigating. Also I don't know if you need a Freddie mask and how to move 👍🏻😀🤑🤖👻👽☠️💀.Score: 5/5

CoolEpic.Score: 5/5

Great game plz update thoughPlease update it’s a great game!.Score: 5/5

CoolCe jeu est très épeurant !😱. Cool! moi et ma sœur adorons ce jeu!❤️.Score: 5/5

Immediate crashEverytime i attempt to open fnaf3 and fnaf4 it immediately crashes. the other games allow me to open and play without crashing, but i've noticed since i've updated fnaf3 and 4 will crash. please help!!.Score: 4/5

YikesIt’s impossible to get the good ending. I can’t even get the mangle mini game the size of the buttons is too small for me to activate the mini game. Fix it click team.Score: 2/5

Great butI love the game it is really fun but night 4 is not possible I close the vents where he is at does not work I use the audio to draw him to a room does not work.Score: 3/5

You can’t jumpFor some reason on IPad it won’t let you jump in all of the mini games please try and fix that.Also thanks for the update.Score: 4/5

Love it 👍🏻Great game!.Score: 5/5

CoolI like the game but it is scary and also WHERE IS PHANTOM BONNIE.Score: 5/5

LangueSalut J’aimerais comprendre en français.Score: 3/5

I love the thing but...I have no idea how you press the buttons to get to mangle’s quest. In a new update, maybe put bigger buttons like in the password area of sister location? It would really help people..Score: 4/5

Watermelon*inhales*... WATERMELON! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH EEEEEEE...*screams like little girl* CHICA IS WATERMELON EEEEEEERR AAAAAAAHHHHHH btw why is phantom chica not withered? WATERMELONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh.Score: 5/5

NiceThis game is awesome.Score: 5/5

Plz updateIt’s great but Scott please update it.Score: 4/5

Spring Trap will not listen to the audio!I was playing night 3 when I saw Spring Trap in cam 03 so I went to cam 05 and used the audio but he still moved closer so I tried the audio again but it still doesn’t work but overall it’s a great game! V 2.0.Score: 3/5

Awesome game but...........Awesome game but can you make night 2 easier.Score: 4/5

Soooooo hardThe game is epic but night 5 is really hard.Score: 5/5

Awesome!I love the game soooo much!.Score: 5/5

Spring trapThis game is amazing I love the jump scares but spring trap jump scare is not really scary I wish it was a bit cooler,but other then that this game is really fun and amazing 😊🙂.Score: 4/5

Awesome game!!!!!!!!This game is a hooker wow • • \_/.Score: 5/5

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Fnaf is goodThis game is so good and well made good job Scott cathon your the best Do any of yo7 guy’s agree? Subscribe to me!.Score: 5/5

Cool gameI like this game,the only thing is that i like the old title music.Score: 5/5

SPRING TRAP HAS TELEPORTING POWERSOk so at night 6 I have been trying to get it for weeks I’m doing nothing wrong spring trap just cheats ok so at 5 am I was about to win when he was at cam 10 and he teleported right to my window and teleported to peeking right outside my window when I don’t have anything open and jump scared me!!!! FIX YOUR GAME SCOTT PLS PLS PLS AWNSER.Score: 3/5

Fnaf 3 is hard for meI have not even gotten to night three because I’m not that good at this game but I love fnaf because it’s so fun and I love getting scared. Fnaf 3 is an awesome game..Score: 5/5

Wish I can buy cheatsLike fnaf one and two you could buy cheats but this time you can’t you have to earn it I guess that makes sense I will give you the three stars I was never able to get in your game still fun though.Score: 3/5

Great butSo let’s get this strait it’s awesome just sometimes audio will not lure springtrap sometimes even when he is the cam next to it And springtrap will not leave when he is at the door I can’t do anything because he will jumpscare me please fix those and it will be great.Score: 5/5

👍Big good should buy.Score: 5/5

SPRINGTRAP PLUSHIE!!!Scott do me a favor and tell me why springtrap is so hot and cute..Score: 5/5

KThis is a great game but I can’t get past night too it’s real hard though my kids jump scaring me and it helps spring trap so it keeps spring trap keeps coming without me noticing.Score: 3/5

Great with 1 bugThe 9 on the secret code box does not work for me. Can you fix that please so that I can beat the game.Score: 4/5

Love this gameThis is my fav fnaf game. It’s so creepy and suspenseful. Play it cuz it’s great..Score: 5/5

I love it!!!!!!It’s the perfect mixture of easy and hard..Score: 5/5

I don’t know how to playCan anybody explain how to play this game. I am a fan of fnaf 2 but this feels a lot different I am confused on what/who the anamactronics are or how to find them. I also don’t get the controls of the game and I don’t get why there aren’t lights to see in the vents or cams..Score: 4/5

One problemPlayed the game, and I gotta admit the spooks were quite in-spooky and it provided challenging ( maybe too challenging) game play, but , uhhhhh, I cant even access the mangled quest with my fat thumbs, it’s harder on mobile when we don’t have a cursor we can just hover over the buttons to make sure we click them, all in all though, it’s a epic game.Score: 4/5

PoggersBtw this is such a poggers game man omg this is amazing, bruh it took me 12 months to beat night 5 :'0.Score: 5/5

Annoying and a failed gameHorrible job Scott, you were going strong on this franchise up until this one, you title it fnaf instead of five nights at Freddy’s. This game was an obvious sign of your incompetence and it did so lousy, everything is so slow and I got angry every time I get jumpscared not because it’s scary but because it’s annoying how bad of a game you made.Score: 1/5

THIS GAME IS AWESOMEThis is so cool I like that freddy chica bb foxy don’t kill you when get jumpscare and usually I can’t get pass night 2 and I actually beat it soon I will buy fnaf TWO.Score: 5/5

LOVE ITPlz don’t get mad at me but in my opinion fnaf 3 is the best of the original 4.Score: 5/5

Good GameThis is a very hard/mind working game, it requires concentration and you have on night 5 the puppet, foxy, chica, Freddy, and BB all go hard on you and you have to make sure to spam the audio button and when BB comes on your cam. Just turn it off, and when spring trap comes. SPAM!!!.Score: 5/5

Awesome game but...The game is very fun I like how you don’t die when jump scared and the nights are challenging but night 5 is so hard but it should be because it’s like the boss level I’m stuck on night 5 but in all it is a very fun game and I recommend it to anyone.Score: 5/5

NooooooI was on my 4th night and I went to play it but I accidentally hit the new game button and now I’m upset, UNDO THAT AND GET ME ON MY 4th night AND DELETE THE NEW GAME BUTTON 😭😭😭😭😭.Score: 1/5

Great gameFNaF 3 is a good game but it’s really hard and the phantoms are annoying and there’s no unlocks.Score: 4/5

Needs improvementI like it and all but about 5 things wrong with the game: so you need to update the spring trap ( aka William spring Bonnie spring boi) You should make it so he grabs you by the neck and opens his mask. Next, make him go slower it takes ‘bout 5-6 mins. to murder you!!!!!!!!!! Next, add withered toy animatronics so it can be a bit more,make shock bottoms to slow down Afton and his friends. Next (I haven’t been able to this) if you finish the game make it so we be animatronics. And make spring boi able to become shadow trap.Score: 3/5

Love this gameI have played for 5 years and never been bored 🙂.Score: 5/5

HaygdnaidbhsiHello this game is awesome.Score: 5/5

🍕 See you at FNaF 4! 🍕I am on night 3 of this game! So far it’s the best fnaf game i’ve played in the series! I am a huge fan of this game! One thing is that it can be hard to prevent Springtrap’s attack. Aside from that.., The minigames look fantastic! 5/5 I recommend!.Score: 5/5

Really good but.. needs a phew thingsIt’s REALLY good but kinda hard I think spring trap should move a little slower in nightmare mode I also think the puppet should also get a jump scare like (jump scare then they block your view) I think that would be cool also maybe change the time of the nights to be a little faster and the time to reboot the thing could be faster I also think phantom chika could be harder and finally the mini games that they are pretty hard to get into (mostly mangles quest) and just a little thing change the ends to good ending instead of “the end” to not confuse people but other than that it’s a pretty solid game and so are all the others :) (you did good Scott) (oh yeah I can’t wait for the new game).Score: 5/5

Addictive to playI got this game and I continue to play, I am a night three, it’s just addictive to play, and it’s kinda easy, but still, it’s addictive..Score: 5/5

My first fnaf gameOk so this isn’t my first time with fnaf but when the demo was still up and running I played till I got Jump scared at all but I came back bought the game i only went to night 2 so far but it good when I encounter my first spring trap jump scare I jumped but it was fun I can’t speak for everybody and some review saying it not as good as other but I will play again.Score: 5/5

AMAZING!!!!😻Okay, so I have finished FNAF 1 and 2 but this one is my favorite so far super good!.Score: 5/5

Yes10/10 quality for 2021.Score: 5/5

It’s amazing 😄🤩✨It’s amazing I beat it on my brothers phone because it kept lagging on my first one but I got a new one and I’m working on beating it!.Score: 5/5

Hello ima fan c:Hi i honestly love fnaf, and the lore, its just perfect, i have almost all of them. fav characters of fnaf: foxy panthom bb springtrap scrap baby twisted chica circus baby ft.foxy ft.freddy and bon bon ballora and ennard and micheal and lolbit (even tho u dont see him in game) freddy chica bonnie moten freddy thats it. can u please make a fnaf 6,7,8,9,10 pleaseeeeeee i lov eur game there sooooooooooooo amazing. i strated to love fnaf maybe 19 months ago. honestly. ur so good at making game also. why did micheal and henry burn themselves. i henry did it because of his daughter died. but why did micheal stand there in the fire..- he is already dead? u cant die twice. bye hope you answer me! ur my fav game creator..Score: 5/5

DecentI mean the game is fine I’m just not into it because the animatronics are kinda annoying.Score: 3/5

Please make a skip night cheat for iOSI am really having trouble on nightmare mode and I just can’t complete it. So I am asking for a skip night cheat for iOS since I play on iOS..Score: 3/5

It’s a good game but...I just got this game and I was so excited to play and in a couple of hours I beat it and got the bad ending so I’m trying to get the good ending you know play the mini games but there is problem to access the mangle mini game you have to press those little arcade buttons on cam 7 and It’s literally impossible on mobile to press those tiny little buttons so please fix this.Score: 4/5

Worth $3100% worth $3. At the beginning it is so hard it almost seems unbeatable, but as you keep beating the nights, you come up with strategies.Let me tell you, Night 4 didn’t like me but I came up with a strategy to keep springtrap on a camera where he is far away from you, once he leaves play the audio, and reboot only if you have to.If you are planning to buy a game, I would recommend his one.👍.Score: 5/5

Very FunSo first of all I love the minigames! They are very easy and full of Easter eggs. And the thing where u call the audio lure is very cool. And the phantoms always get me. Good job scot.Score: 5/5

FunAs I said fuuuuuun.Score: 5/5

Nightmare modeNightmare mode is too hard but my brother beat night one night two night three night four night five so please make the 6TH night easier.Score: 5/5

This games rlly good, but..This games rlly good!I used to play it everyday with my older cousin so I decided to but the game. Night 3 was hard but night 4 was a whole new level..Score: 4/5

Ok we are done here..........Score: 2/5

Can only get bad ending.I was playing and beat it, but I got bad ending. So I tried to do the mangle mini game and it won’t let me click the buttons on the arcade machine so it gets 4 stars for me.Score: 4/5

Spring trapThis game is so good it’s like the best series there a new thing I forgot what you call them but the new ones is spring trap.Score: 5/5

TeleportingSo I’m on night three and Springtrap is at the OTHER EXIT, something fails, I reboot, and he’s at my office. Seriously, what is that about, it’s a good game otherwise , except the mangle mini game is kind of hard to access..Score: 3/5

Trash in soo many waysThis game has bugs and it's not scary AT ALL Do not play this game it is awful I am seeing realy good reviews but it is realy garbage I fell like you did not even try to make fnaf three good and lovable Listen I am a big fan of fnaf but this is just a disappointment to me just like the first fnaf You realy could do better Scott .....Score: 1/5


This is most scary one yet! (My opinion)Really great game, I recommend you play this if u like horror games! But springtrap is just annoying but guess I haven’t fuigured out how to manage him lol, anyway great game!.Score: 5/5

No playDon’t biy.Score: 1/5

Dude this bull gameI got the balloon boy mangle and balloon boy again mini games done and mangle was hard enough but when I got done this dumpster fire of a game made me lose and start again fix this and make it easier for mobile players PLEASE this needs to end.Score: 2/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Purple guy secretFor the people who do not now this secret the 1st game we play as purple guy then fnaf2 when you complete it he when’s back and destroyed them then souls from 5 dead children murderd by purple guy then he went into spring trap the got spring lockd then he when to kill you.Score: 3/5

The game is goodThis game is good, but I just want to put this out here, ADD ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT ON IPAD 👎👎😾🤬😡😡🤯🤯😤🥺🤨😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.Score: 5/5

Make spring trap follow the audio and only move when the audio plays on a camI’ve got up to night 6 and I’m being destroyed and make the no errors because it’s getting annoying spring trap should follow the audio not walk on his own so please fix that I love the game tho.Score: 5/5

Can you add a way to buy cheatsPlease make more cheats or make it so you can buy cheats if you are bad at the game..Score: 3/5

Can’t get past the second nightHelp?.Score: 5/5

Remastered Greatness!The remaster was a great decision, as it gave mobile player the same experience as pc (which is the point) and gives players the true mini game experience instead of walking left and right while only having one shot for each mini game (aside from bbs air adventure)! Great decisions and so forth!.Score: 5/5

🔥🔥❤️🔥Okay Scott before I start... I LOVE THIS GAME, don’t stop creating games for the fnaf franchise and don’t listen to people that put you down this is a really good game. I just hope there’s a update like fnaf 1 and 2 and plz remaster the pc version. Thanks for reading!.Score: 5/5

Fnaf 3 is great!Fnaf 3 has usually been made out to be the boring easy one, I have completed fnaf 3 and it was great.Score: 5/5

Looks so much better after updateYeah, that’s all I need to say..Score: 5/5

Awesome gameI love it it’s awesome I like the slow moving head cause it keeps FNAF as it originally was and the fact that your bringing remastered to the Mobil’s it well I like it..Score: 4/5

Only hard if foxy messes u upThis game is actually really easy unless foxy messes you up. All you really have to do is shut the vents on CAM 14 and keep Springy on CAMs 9 and 10. If a phantom comes, then, you’re basically screwed..Score: 5/5

UPDATES!!!There needs more updates click team and Scott make a update for fnaf three the last update was 4 years ago but for the fnaf 2 You can’t look in the middle and I need the survival kit and nightmare for this game is so hard!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Amazing Scott well done homieSome people say this game is terrible but it is one of the best fnaf games I have played. Thx so much for ur games.Score: 5/5

AMAZING… butHello I was just gonna say that you have a awesome game and I like it it’s the best but people saying they don’t like the new menu theme and everyone said that five nights at freddys 1 menu theme is better because it has a awesome beat it’s cooler also five nights at freddys 2 4 5 they said that there all good except for this one that’s what the people said.Score: 4/5

My Final ReviewTo most people, Five Nights at Freddys 3 is the worst game in the series, but to me it’s actually one of the better ones. First off, the story is good and chilling. I love how William Afton is Springtrap and he is after to kill you. I also like the 2 different endings and how you can play normally and get the bad ending, or go the hard way and get the good ending. Now allot of people say that Five Nights at Freddys 3 is bad because of the jumpscares, and they aren’t wrong, the jumpscares just don’t do it for me. They also say that the 1 animatronic thing mechanic is bad, which is also true. While many people underestimate the phantoms, i actually really like there design. The burnt look and there broken look, you kinda feel bad for them in away. Overall Five Nights at Freddys 3 may not be the best but it sure is a good game..Score: 3/5

Great game!!!Scott I really like this game but I think the phantom animatronics should be different and not be phantoms because I want them to be real and actually kill you because I don’t just want spring trap killing you but anyway I do really like this game and it’s the only one I actually get scared apart from fanf 4 because I don’t play that one and also I’m up to nightmare mode..Score: 5/5

Scott.. please.. 😭😔Please Scott!!.Score: 5/5

Pretty decent!Fnaf 3 is amazing because it’s a little bit different to the first two. This time there’s only one animatronic that can kill you. Some people may not like the game because of that, but it’s more challenging than you think. Now (just to not get you confused), there is more than one animatronics, but they only scare you. As I said before, only springtrap can kill you. The system rebooting and ventilation were incredible ideas, and they definitely helped add the suspense for when you lose springtrap on the monitors. The only thing I didn’t like is when if he sees you through the window, it’s pretty much game over. But I guess that means don’t let him get to the window room! Keep up the good work Scott! (I know that the series is done, but it would be great if you made a prequel game or add ultimate custom night to iOS somehow)..Score: 5/5

Whyyyy???I’ve had this game for over a year now and it just didn’t work as soon as I click it it just kicks me back onto home page..Score: 3/5


To hardIt’s a great game but nightmare is to hard if it was a bit easier than that would be great and springtrap moves way to fast and audio cues do not work.Score: 5/5

LOVE IT!I love this one. Infact it’s the only fnaf game I’m good at.But there’s a problem no one scares me except for phantom Freddy.My sister Eva is scared of Springtrap because he comes out of nowhere.I love springtrap his design is so cool😎.But the time goes slow🐢.Scott I would like I update.Score: 5/5

QairieThe night 3 and 4 is So Hard That I finally got past Night 3😎 What A Awesome game this is.Score: 5/5

This is so cool!This game is very fun and can keep you distracted for a long time. All the animatronics are scary and I think this is the best Five Nights at Freddy’s game there is. Well done Scott👏🏻.Score: 5/5

Withered spring trapWithered spring trap bullies me.Score: 5/5

Remastered fnaf 3 on mobileDear Scott Cawthon I appreciate your effort you put in for all of the fnaf game series. You know how you’ve being doing a remastered version of fnaf 1 to 2. I think a remastered version of fnaf 3 would be really incredible!!! I am a huge fan of you and your games. I don’t want to be forceful or anything but remastered version of fnaf 3 would be excellent!!!.Score: 5/5

BEST GAME EVER!!!I love this game! Just one thing though, whenever I get Jump scared by Springtrap, he is not his normal size. And it just doesn’t feel right. Could you maybe try and fix it please? But apart from that, I love your fnaf games! Keep it up, Scott!.Score: 5/5

DudeYou are an absolute LEGEND 👁👄👁.Score: 5/5

Five nights at Freddy’s threeSo hard i am stuck on the 6 night for one month 15 days too hard but I admire the game the first was really good but it’s really hard and I got pretty sick playing it was really dark.Score: 5/5

OkDefinitely not my favourite but good job..Score: 3/5

Scott why 😫I have to tell you again Scott your game is creeping me out that the purple man got springlock and you put that on the pc not pocket edition they are all the mini game.Score: 5/5

:DMe happy that the series exist, this is the best game in the world, even tho I’m horrible at the nights, I still REALLYLYLYLYLYLYYL luv da backstory, you guys are the best, and I’m really bad at making sense.Score: 5/5

SpringtrapSo I got to night 5 and I can’t beat it! I’ve been stuck on it for 4 months!.Score: 4/5

Add fredbearIt would be more better if you did plz do that.Score: 5/5

A tipCompleted fnaf 3 and it only goes up to night 6 nightmare mode so this is what i do act VERY fast and stay on cam 8 and is he’s not there just click the audio and yea that’s how completed nightmare mode!.Score: 5/5

BestScott, I LOVE your games. You have made my life SO MUCH BETTER I HOPE THAT I EVENTUALLY MEET YOU OMG.Score: 5/5

ProblemI tried to get into the stage ones mini game but when I tried to enter the code one of the buttons doesn’t work can you please fix this I want to get the good ending.Score: 4/5

Screen SizingPlease add iPhone X/XS/XR screen size suppurt!.Score: 4/5

Anything else?....This app isn’t bad, but i just have a question. Can you get killed by anything else other than Springtrap? Like, any other animatronic? Or is it just Springtrap? Because if it is, than that’s a bit disappointing..Score: 4/5

ReviewLook it’s good in the timeline but when use the audio springtrap ment to go there but it never works like ever.Score: 1/5

The remasterIt’s really good but I hate the new music, it does not match Springtrap twitching like the old one did. And also you turn way to slow now..Score: 4/5

This is practically really scary for underage playersSo, I really do love this game an all, great job on it btw, but I’m really concerned that this game has a really big amount of underage players. What I mean by this is one of my younger brothers saw on my computer that I had it, and he still had leftover money from his give card, so he went and bought the game. I am the only one old enough in our house to have this specific game, and when I saw a jump scare sound coming from my brothers room, I found him frozen in fear. So people should really be concerned about this. I do feel like some kids that are “brave” enough and “aren’t scared of anything” Buy this game on App Store, but their parents get worried that they might be to obsessed and they will start to think that they are a robot, and that’s really scary when your asleep and your children make a heck lot of noise to scare you. So please make sure no one underage has this ( if you even can) and stop this at once! Thanks, Blake.Score: 3/5

But something...Glitch: In the cams springtrap is harder to defend because he stays in the cam he was before staying in the cam in stad of going to the vent please fix SCOTT.Score: 5/5

By the wayI can see Springtrap on all cams he mostly hides in the corners.Score: 5/5

Hardest and scariestYou know me reviewer all FNAF games yep reviewed (bad at spelling)all them but some hard some easy THIS ONE IS HARD(for me)some people think it’s easy some think it’s hard I’m one that thinks it’s hard so I wanted to let anyone that’s reading know bye..Score: 4/5

UnfairUnfair because once a phantom gets you your screwed because springtrap moves like the speed of light so please make it a bit more fair.Score: 4/5

Pls make less scary (all of them pls)Pls make less scary it’s so scary and creepy and pls make the jumpscares less scary I almost get heart attacks no really I do so pls make the chances of getting a heart attack less pls read.Score: 2/5

Make night 2 easerHey Scott I really love all the fnaf games but number 3 night 2 is way to hard for begginers so plz make it easier.Score: 4/5

So goodIt is so fun and u not need Internet for this and I’m really happy and u need to make fnaf 7 and more with new robots new story lines and more your very good at making video games and I’m great full.Score: 5/5

Good game but...Try and update it like fnaf 1. The 2019 version is beast.Score: 4/5

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