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3 star

The best of The Colin Cowherd Podcast. Colin rants on why Russell Westbrook to the Lakers is a smart move for LeBron (0:30), and why the Simone Biles reaction represents the biggest paradigm shift in the history of sports (2:55). Matt Mosley has more on the fallout from Jerry Jones admitting he “f****d up” his relationship with Jimmy Johnson, and why Texas is going to get "run" in the SEC (5:14). Bruce Feldman on the uncertain future for USC, and where Notre Dame could end up (19:22). Plus Dan Porter, the CEO of Overtime, on the founding of his massively successful company and how they plan to change basketball forever with a new venture (26:00). Make sure to subscribe NOW and follow Colin and The Volume on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for the latest content and updates. Also, check out FanDuel for the best wagering and daily fantasy action!  Learn more about your ad-choices at

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd Podcast Reviews

Absolute classI’ve only starting listening to Colin in the last few weeks and I’m hooked. He’s insightful, witty and thoroughly entertaining. I’d recommend this podcast to anyone in the UK looking to immerse themselves in the world of American Sports. Also make sure to check out his YouTube channel, it has a few clips from his show that are obviously on the podcast but it’s very entertaining to watch his enthusiasm about the NFL come through visually..Score: 5/5

Talks eat too msny interruptionsThe host for 3 and out talks way too much. He cuts off his guests. Really annoying. He needs to be quiet while the guest is talking. Could be good if he would just keep silent. Ruins the flow of the show.Score: 2/5

Absolutely SuperbDeserves more than 5 stars this one, one of the best podcasts and shows out there right now if not the best espcially during football season. Listen every day from the UK and it's always excellent, very inforamtive and well put together and researched. Keep up the great standard!.Score: 5/5

It's run by FOX... says it allIncredibly bias and they thirst for the "hipster" or "idiotic" opinion. run by fools.Score: 1/5

PhenomenalI just started listening to Colin probably around November 2016 and I must say, he's my best sports analyst right now. He breaks down the game so intelligently and brings up stuff you would have never thought about. I also watch his show with Jason on YouTube every weekday, great stuff..Score: 5/5

Blazin' 5 starsAbsolutely the best podcast on iTunes. I only wish they'd do seven days a week instead of five. Great hosts, up to date sports news, amazing star guests. This is the one show I absolutely can NOT miss every day. 10/10.Score: 5/5

Cowherding 101In depth, delves deep into the WHY and WHEREFORE of sports. Lebron, Brady, Belichick Baker, Darnold, Russell Wilson and Gruden heavily featured..Score: 5/5

NFL Gamepass in Europe has no problem taking the money, but delivering the content, not so much?Colin, Love the show from sunny London, glad to see that you’d send a franchise our way. Anyway I’ve paid for my NFL Gamepass today at £139.99. Does it work, well errr no. The money has gone but the app’s yet to arrive. If you look at the iTunes rating for the NFL app, yes that’s the NFL app, it’s not good, not good at all. Have they got the right partner? Said the same to John Middlek’ as well. There maybe a story here about not paying attention to the details in the foreign markets they are trying to expand into. Keep up the good work John K.Score: 5/5

Something for everyoneHaving only followed the NFL for about 4 years now, this show gives you all you need to know and more. Solid m, backed up facts and stats with a great mix of options. Not missed a show now for over a month!!! Keep up to great work #texans.Score: 5/5

Listen to EVERY episodeAs a sports fan who lives in Scotland keeping up with American sports can be hard. Love this podcast for what it is! Knowledgeable, fun, lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously! Is it up to the minute? Not entirely Does it keep you informed of he headlines 52 weeks of the year? Yes The chemistry between the hosts is second to none and the range of guests is enough to keep things fresh! Keep it up guys and gals! Send love to Scotland!!.Score: 5/5

Awful nba analysisSome of the guests on the show are alright but cowherd is just the absolute worst nba analyst ever. Clearly doesn’t watch games at all..Score: 1/5

Great for keeping up with US sports (from UK)Listened to this every day since March of 2017 without fail. Love him or hate him, Colin makes every show interesting and informative with plenty of funny moments. Whilst I, and apparently lots of people, disagree with him on many subjects he presents his arguements well. Stays out of politics on the whole which is a plus..Score: 5/5

Great show... production: mehGreat show, great guests and enjoy it every week Please sort out the music volume level compared to the voice volume. Tired of going deaf every time you come back from the break Thanks.Score: 5/5

Love ColinLove just listening to Colin tbh 😂😂.Score: 5/5

Knowledgeable, honest and entertainingI’ve only been following American Sports for a few years and started listening to this podcast a couple of years ago. I wanted something that would teach me more about the NFL and NBA but also be enjoyable to listen to. Colin is a self confessed nerd and that fits my personality perfectly. He talks about topics that the listeners want to hear and isn’t shy about giving his true opinion. Just ask Baker Mayfield or Russell Westbrick! Listen to every show and love every minute. My only criticism, and it’s a small one, is that some topics can be discussed multiple times on the same show with different guests. It then sounds like you’re listening to the same bit again and again..Score: 5/5

Best in the bizColin is numero uno. But every time he says ‘LeBron’ ......Score: 5/5

The HerdGreat show and Colin is the best sports radio host in the USA.Score: 5/5

Love the show can’t stand that it’s been broken in to segments now.Absolutely love this show it’s great for daily news and I listen everyday. This has been ruined however with the new way they’ve broken it into hour segments, I’ve tried listening on Apple and Spotify and I either have to listen to the hours backwards or select each one individually. Not great for a long drive or just having it in the background..Score: 4/5

Too many adsLove the Colin content but there are now far too many adverts on the pod. The 20 min Saturday pod has what feels like 14 mins of ads and 6 mins of content. Frustrating..Score: 3/5

The best contentDont miss a show although far too many adverts throughout the podcast now.Score: 5/5

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Where did the music go?I really miss the background music. Like for the Joy with the News background music and where Colin was right and wrong music. Please bring it back.Score: 2/5

Good overall, hate the splitting of PodcastsLove the camaraderie between Joy and Colin even though they mostly talk football primarily and basketball (I listen to this show to hear their take in these sports). My only gripe is that they split the podcast into 3 episodes and the way you download and listen to it results in the last hour of the show being at the top of your downloaded list and reverses to the first hour. I listen to these during workouts and therefore have to pause, and click the correct hour to play since they aren’t in chronological order. Why not have 1 podcast episode all in one like they used to? Or at least put them in chronological order when you download?.Score: 4/5

Less LebronLess Lebron more football. I turn off the podcast once I hear lebrons name. And I used to really love the NBA.Score: 4/5

YAWNWhen did Colin become sooo BORING?? I try, I really do. Can’t do it anymore ✌🏽.Score: 1/5

Collin deserves a 4 his cohost deserves a 2Colin is entertaining but his co-host Joy is boring affff... and the person who fills in for him is even worse, but his cohost deserves a 5.Score: 3/5

Grays Harbor Boy Done Good!Best Of used to be the show. Seems like it’s 50% commercials now. Not saying I’m unsubscribed yet but it’s a you problem. I’ll be listening to something, I’d like it to be Colin..Score: 5/5

Get someone besides GottliebThe Herd is my favorite show and podcast but you have to start getting someone besides Gottlieb to fill in! He is horrible!.Score: 3/5

Double Minded but entertainingHas a tendency to be on both sides of an argument. Takes a stance and then changes after having a guest or more info. Enjoy him very much as he is polarizing..Score: 4/5

Totally CluelessLiterally knows nothing about sports.Score: 1/5

Great podcastPreferred when all 3 hours was just one podcast, but listen daily! Love it!.Score: 5/5

The Fan??Rob is solid; the fan he had talk was awful. No one wants to hear that slang on a podcast. It was honestly so bad I cut the entire podcast off. Is that fan on there weekly? It was horrendous!! Change that. Ruins a good show.Score: 2/5

Please make ‘Best of the Herd’ podcastLove the show but please create a ‘Best of the Herd’ podcast. It would make it easier to navigate between the full length show and the 45 min recaps..Score: 5/5

Listen everydayBig fan.Score: 5/5

Too badColin moves to LA and totally goes overboard. You’re not one of us, quit trying to claim your enlightenment. The crowd you run with is so disconnected from reality that your brain has gone to mush. Woke = broke..Score: 1/5

Colin CowWow this guy has some of the worst takes in the business I wouldn’t waste my time ! Just Terrible waste of resources and money can’t believe fs1 would air this trash.Score: 1/5

GoodAlways has an informed opinion and is fun to listen to. Really eats himself too much but that’s ok..Score: 5/5

MORE UFCGreat show love the football talk but we just had massive UFC and not even a mention. Would love to hear more talk about UFC.Score: 4/5

Love the herdI love this show. I used to watch it on YouTube so when I found out it came as a daily podcast I was ecstatic. Keep up the great work..Score: 5/5

Don’t even startReview#1 stop spliting up the episodes Review#2 MAN THIS SHOW IS GARBAGE same topics same questions same guests switch it up 🤣😂.Score: 1/5

Colin Calls ItBack when the 49era jumped to #3 Colin stated they would pick Trae Lance and keep Jimmy G for the upcoming season Dude, good call If Rodgers is traded it does get them out of 37 million a year.Score: 5/5

Worst Trash takes available.If your looking for foolish fake insight, or some narcissistic asshat who believe his opinion actually matters. This is the dumpster fire show you want. Avoid at all costs an if you ever see his name on anything. Know it’s just for click bait. Wish I leave -negative stars!!!.Score: 1/5

Never worksIt never lets you download or listen to an episode on most occasions??? It’s not just me my other friends that listen to Colin have not been able to listen to a show on iTunes for quite some time??? He must’ve made somebody mad over at Apple because all the other podcast always work!.Score: 1/5

AwfulLiterally knows nothing about sports.Score: 1/5

GreatLove Colin and the show, but it’s too bad the commercials always wake me up. So I don’t listen as much..Score: 5/5

CondescendingHonestly, I looked forward to hearing Colons take on various topics in sports, but Joys condescending tone and takes on hot topic political issues is what turned me off to this podcast. I get it, everything is political now, but there are still listeners that want an escape from politics and hoping that sports can be that escape, but it seems it no longer can be. I hope, for the sake of this podcast, that Colin and Joy can put their political differences with a segment of their listeners aside and focus on what people actually tune in for, SPORTS..Score: 1/5

Worst everColin’s takes are never rig GT, he’s the definition of a race bating shock jock..Score: 1/5

Always Entertaining and InformativeThis is the best daily sports talk show. Colin prepares throughly every day and has intersestiing guests. He's done this for decades and puts today's events in historical context..Score: 5/5

GoodAll the people hating on colin knock it off dawg hes the best sports talk show fs. if you think he talks about the same things thats because you cant talk about basketball to much cause its boring and when its the football offseason there is only like 2-3 big things that happen every two months thanks colin dont stop.Score: 5/5

Rachel NicholsIt is crazy that at the start of every game, Rachel Nichols flashes the white power symbol with her left hand, for a long time during her monologue. You can go back and check. She did it from the preseason on. She obviously does not Want to be around “those” people. It devastated my children and I when we saw it. It is awful to do to the young, full of hopes and dreams. It is clear she wants to do something else. Let her do that something else away from our sons and daughters..Score: 5/5

Great!Couldn’t stand to hear his voice when he was at ESPN. Now I never miss a show.Score: 5/5

Great showBest radio show, I listen every day. All is ask is to combine podcast into one full episode or at least place them in order so they will automatically play in chronological order—-1st hour —2nd hour—3rd hour..Score: 5/5

Great show, but don’t split hoursThe show is great but needs more conversation about sports other than football/basketball. Also, wish you could go back to putting entire show in one file instead of splitting it up. Or at least put them in the system so you can play in order. Thanks!.Score: 3/5

GreatSometimes biased, however that’s bound to happen..Score: 4/5

TerribleThis is the worst sports show ever. He gives the dumbest takes and changes his opinions daily like make up your mind dude. Just another bad sports “insider” or “expert” looking for attention..Score: 1/5

OpinionWhen you start talking about football and not the NBA, I’ll come back.Score: 1/5

Up on game...please stopIf I have to hear the LaVar Arrington Up on Game! Ad again...also please get rid of Doug G as replacement…just take the day off and don’t air a show..Score: 4/5

AsshatStop with the vaccination lectures..Score: 1/5

ColinIs the King, but I enjoy, and subscribe, to Gottleib, also.Score: 5/5

Colin CowherdWhat a D Bag.Score: 1/5

RicRic that base player line on Tuesday wasn’t it my guy 😂😂other than that spot on..Score: 5/5

Colin was bullied as a kidHe’s a jerk. Not really much else to say. Treat people the way you want to be treated Colin..Score: 1/5

Very interestingColin’s program is the most entertaining one in the post Mike & Mike era. His presentation from start to finish is outstanding, and you learn a lot from his perspective and interviews. Awesome show..Score: 5/5

CondescensionJoy acting like every fan is an uneducated jerk is getting old..Score: 3/5

Too many adsI like Colin but the podcast is garbage. I’ve never heard so many ads on a podcast before. It’s like 40% ads. What a money grab.Score: 1/5

Packers and RodgersStill one if by favorite podcast. But enough with Him. No need for an update every podcast..Score: 4/5

The Herd #1Hands down the best show on radio,tv, or podcasts! Colin is one of the few who does not twist narratives to fit his topics. All his shows are poppin and he and Joy are the best in this game.Score: 5/5

Too Much NBA And Uninformed Sports TakrsIt used to be my favorite Podcast. However he covers a lot of NBA and gives a pass to a lot of the social justice idiocy from athletes. I understand he he strong opinions and appreciate he doesn’t care if he is wrong but usually gives you reasons for his takes. However he sometimes supports takes without the facts. For example the equal pay for USWNT it was a lazy take and without facts. I also don’t enjoy some of his guests like Rob Stone, he seems a poor man’s Stephen A Smith, there’s a reason I stopped watching ESPN..Score: 2/5

Colin wrong again and again...Uncle Colin has it both ways. Start of playoffs: CP3 is mvp best player- now- getting old. Giannis not top 10 didn’t deserve 2 mvps , can’t make free throws- now- he is aggressive, focused, free throws are overrated. 😝.Score: 1/5

When Did Sports Become PoliticalI watch sports to get a break from the negativity, the virtue signaling, and the throat cramming opinions of politics. Sad to see an intelligent person attempt to use his mic to please 10% of the the audience. I’m a registered Democrat. I’ve unsubscribed. This is too far man..Score: 1/5

I love Colin! A little obsessed with Aaron RodgersBest analogies in sports media. Very frank, blunt, and not afraid to call out failure in a PC culture of coddling athletes. Lately, willing to admit when he is wrong which brings some necessary humility to the proceedings. Joy is a joy and has a decent back and forth with Colin. It’s even better when he lets his opinions breathe a bit by giving Joy a chance to shine. I appreciate Fox giving him free reign to give opinions. His interviews are typically him bouncing his own ideas off of them. It would be fun once and awhile to hear Colin respond to his guests opinions a little more thoroughly. Other than that one critique, my favorite guy in sports radio. I don’t understand the Aaron Rodgers obsession, it’s every day. For a person that has so many interesting opinions, it would be nice to see him attack some B stories instead of regurgitation of whatever Aaron is doing. He will play or he won’t, we will see in a month or so, move on. I’m about to for awhile.Score: 5/5

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Great talk showI live in Australia and listen to Colin everyday. Colin and the team have done an amazing job with current circumstances in the world. Great topics and guests on the show. Love listening and keep it going. Thank you..Score: 5/5

DumbNo idea what he is talking about, hot take media.Score: 1/5

👌One of the best sports podcasts you can get , listen every morning in Australia.Score: 5/5

Love the show. Hate the other podcasts I keep getting in the feedLove Colin, love Joy, love the show. 5 stars all the way... except you keep giving me other podcasts I’m not interested in, in the same feed. And stop getting Doug Gotlieb to fill in. Deleted as soon as I see his name in the show description..Score: 3/5

Too many ads while speakingTake the ads out of the middle of the segments I’m listen and enjoying the podcast then I get an ad for some serial killer thing in the middle of while you are talking I’m fine with the ads but maybe put them at the start and then end and maybe one in the middle BUT not while your in the middle of speaking.Score: 4/5

Love itI’m an Australian who listens to the podcast daily and I can’t get enough!, I love everything about the show from Kristine Leahy to Blazing five. Keep up the Amazing work!.Score: 5/5

AddictiveColin and the team do a great job, love his insights into the NFL and somewhat biased NBA thoughts. The show is addictive and it keeps me up to date with most things going on over in the States sports-wise. Doug Gottlieb and John Middlekauf have great opinions and I love hearing their thoughts from their prospective sports. Overall The Herd is worth the listen and so much more interesting and less opinionated than Mike Florio. Love all you do Colin! Question for John Middlekauf: If and when Pete Carroll retires do you think John Schneider stays and gets his own guy in as the head coach?.Score: 1/5

Love it but you need the title music!Where am has the intro music gone?.Score: 4/5

Accurate takes on current topicsI listen to this podcast every day since finding it over 18 months ago. Colin’s takes on current issues in the sports realm are almost always spot on or at least we’ll though out, if he gets it wrong he acknowledges it. Can’t get in the car without turning it on!!.Score: 5/5

Herd is the wordMan this is the best podcast for a sports and basketball fan, he will tell u how it is and I'm a harden fan, I go for rockets and when I hear my friends go on about Westbrook I just show them this and shuts them right up.Score: 5/5

CALL ME IN WEEK 13!!!Informative, Opiniated, easy to listen to and always entertaining. Since I found this show, I havent missed an episode. One day, I'll call the guy even if I live in Australia. This is a guy I strive to be more like. Thank you for making every day a better day and for giving me a standard to strive towards.Score: 5/5

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969thegameColin Cowherd Says Packers Won't Be a Top 10 Team This Season .Score: 5/5

969thegameColin Cowherd Chooses Which Teams Would Be Ideal For Aaron Rodgers in 2022 .Score: 5/5

969thegameColin Cowherd Says Packers Won't Be a Top 10 Team This Season .Score: 5/5

969thegameColin Cowherd Chooses Which Teams Would Be Ideal For Aaron Rodgers in 2022 .Score: 5/5

969thegameColin Cowherd Says Packers Won't Be a Top 10 Team This Season .Score: 5/5

969thegameColin Cowherd Chooses Which Teams Would Be Ideal For Aaron Rodgers in 2022 .Score: 5/5

AmefootterThe Herd | Colin Cowherd recaps NFL Week 13 with the 3-Word Game #NFL .Score: 5/5

SleepyDukeThe herd with colin cowherd should b funny with the lakers talk today.Score: 5/5

SleepyDuke5The herd with colin cowherd should b funny with the lakers talk today.Score: 5/5

969thegameWhy the Relationship Between Aaron Rodgers and Packers is Officially Weird .Score: 5/5

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd Podcast Episodes

Colin Cowherd Podcast - Prime Cuts: Westbrook Trade, Biles Reaction, Texas and Oklahoma to SEC

The best of The Colin Cowherd Podcast. Colin rants on why Russell Westbrook to the Lakers is a smart move for LeBron (0:30), and why the Simone Biles reaction represents the biggest paradigm shift in the history of sports (2:55). Matt Mosley has more on the fallout from Jerry Jones admitting he “f****d up” his relationship with Jimmy Johnson, and why Texas is going to get "run" in the SEC (5:14). Bruce Feldman on the uncertain future for USC, and where Notre Dame could end up (19:22). Plus Dan Porter, the CEO of Overtime, on the founding of his massively successful company and how they plan to change basketball forever with a new venture (26:00). Make sure to subscribe NOW and follow Colin and The Volume on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for the latest content and updates. Also, check out FanDuel for the best wagering and daily fantasy action!  Learn more about your ad-choices at

07/30/2021 - Best of The Herd

In this Best of The Herd, Doug Gottlieb--in for Colin--is skeptical that former Washington Wizard Russell Westbrook joining LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers is something that will work. There are just as many questions as there are answers. Also, Aaron Rodgers wanted to be part of the managerial process in Green Bay but Doug tells you why that's not realistic for the face of the team. Plus, the "3 and Out" podcast's John Middlekauff has a bad feeling about Carson Wentz--who was ruled out indefinitely with a foot injury. Learn more about your ad-choices at

07/30/2021 - HOUR 1 - Russell Westbrook, NBA Draft, Kurt Helin

In this hour of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Doug Gottlieb--in for Colin--sees a few issues with former Washington Wizard Russell Westbrook joining the Los Angeles Lakers after a blockbuster trade Thursday night. Plus, Doug dissects the differences between home-grown professional basketball prospects and international talents--and how they'll impact the NBA. Also, we finally hear from maligned Green Bay general manager Brian Gutekunst and Doug reacts. Lastly, Kurt Helin--lead writer and managing editor of ProBasketballTalk--joins The Herd to discuss the NBA Draft and other hoops topics.  Learn more about your ad-choices at

07/30/2021 - HOUR 2 - Aaron Rodgers, Eric Pincus, Benedict Arnold

In this hour of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Doug Gottlieb--in for Colin--finds some contradictions in Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers' comments from his training camp press conference. Plus, Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus talks with Doug about the dynamics of the Russell Westbrook-Lakers deal. Finally, Doug names his "Benedict Arnold" of college football.  Learn more about your ad-choices at

07/30/2021 - HOUR 3 - Russell Westbrook, Carson Wentz, John Middlekauff

In this hour of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Doug Gottlieb--in for Colin--wonders if the Lakers' newly-minted "big three" of Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and Anthony Davis will result in success. Also, "3 and Out" podcast host and former NFL scout John Middlekauff chats with Doug about Indianapolis quarterback Carson Wentz's recent foot injury as well as other NFL matters.  Learn more about your ad-choices at

3 and Out - Rodgers Truth Bomb Presser, Michael Thomas/Saints Problems, Soft Camp Downside, Injury Unknowns

In this episode, John reacts to Aaron Rodgers laying his problems with the Packers on the table in his first presser f training camp, Saints WR Michael Thomas, looks at the downside to the era of the soft training camp, and how front offices handle inevitable camp injuries differently. He also answers listener questions in the Middlekauff Mailbag. Follow John on Twitter and SUBSCRIBE now to get all the latest content!! Learn more about your ad-choices at

07/29/2021 - Best of The Herd

Colin disagrees with Aaron Rodgers listing of 12 players during a candid presser he felt were disrespected by Green Bay. The NBA Draft is on tonight with four top candidates that will end up on terrible franchises. Brian Gutekunst says the Randall Cobb trade was entirely Rodger's decision to keep him happy. Plus, Colin was right about the Aaron Rodgers drama during the NFL Draft despite Rodgers saying the media makes up stories! Learn more about your ad-choices at

07/29/2021 - HOUR 1 - Rodgers, Packers, NBA Draft

Aaron Rodgers didn't like how some of his teammates were treated The NBA Draft is tonight Colin discusses what Packers GM Brian Gutekunst said about Aaron Rodgers Guest: Peter King Learn more about your ad-choices at

07/29/2021 - HOUR 2 - NFL, young QBs

How will the Packers do this season? What works in the NFL when it comes to young QBs Guest: LeRoy Butley Learn more about your ad-choices at

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