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The Ben Shapiro Show Podcast Reviews

Eish...This is a weird show. The host is uncharismatic and offensive, the topics he discusses he knows very little about. It reminds me of a friend that I had when I was 14. This friend of mine who thought he was edgy and cool because “he said what he was thinking and didn’t care about your feelings” actually grew up though. This ben guy didn’t.Score: 1/5

It’s all just common sense reallyListening to Ben is like listening to your own consciousness. It’s all just logical common sense. It’s been so interesting getting into US political news, the similarity with how the mainstream media twist and manipulate the facts in the USA and here in the UK is both laughable and scary in equal measure. It’s just a shame we don’t have a Ben over here..Score: 5/5

Fantastic news insightObjective, Witty, Smart, Informative, Excellent..Score: 5/5

David PConstant adverts are a distraction from interesting discussion. It’s laughable how they are slotted in to the dialogue.Score: 1/5

RubbishHe likes to twist peoples words and make their opinions out to be ridiculous just so he can attack this false narrative he creates. This podcast is for those in an echo chamber as it is very one sided and based in opinion which he disguises as fact..Score: 1/5

For a balanced view of the current state of American politicsAs an American living in England I do read/hear a lot of negative coverage of Trump and needed to find an alternative source of news regarding the upcoming election. An American friend here recommended this podcast and I have never looked back. Ben is extremely informative as well as entertaining and it is one hour of my day that is very well spent. He is fair and focused on the facts and that’s what I find the most refreshing compared to all the other “journalists” in MSM who never let facts get in the way of a good story about Trump..Score: 5/5

GarbageThis dude just waffles lies and nonsense with zero reference to actual events or reality based observed facts. Don’t waste your time unless your a right wing tribalist.Score: 1/5

Douglas Murray episodeAbsolutely superb. Douglas is wonderfully erudite, and Ben, who has a tendency to grandstand occasionally ( 😜) , steers the conversation beautifully. Thanks Lads: pleasure to listen to..Score: 5/5

The man who says how it is.I have recently come into a sort of interest in politics and i have found myself agreeing with more right views and opinions. So i have been focussing on listening to two men. Professor Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro is honestly one of the most straight forward people in politics atm. Dont get me wrong i can see why the media are not the biggest fan. But the media is a toxic cess pit that feeds the public lies anyway. The majority of his opinions are always backed up with facts and those are not backed up with facts are genuinely just based on common sense and take a little bit more thinking. Fantastic podcast. 5 stars.Score: 5/5

For when the bandwagons come alongYou may disagree with Ben, and I do vehemently on abortion, but he’s one of the best journalists out there. If a new bandwagon comes along and everyone starts jumping on it, it’s worth listening to what he has to say..Score: 5/5

Interesting content, far too many adsVery interesting to hear Ben’s perspective on American politics, even if I don’t always agree with his views. However the ridiculous number of ads make the podcast significantly less listenable..Score: 3/5

Love the guy, enjoy the show5 stars is perfection, 4 is amazing with room to grow, Ben is a delight to listen to, and as an Englishman, jumping from Jordan Peterson videos to getting invested in American politics has been a ride, but pleasantly entertaining thanks to Ben and his crew. (Honestly though, America is the first to do anything and a big power on the world stage, the world follows in its footsteps and rides the ripples from its shores.. seeing the chaos and absurdities happening in America is an omen to the rest of the world, I can only hope that sense can be found before the American people undo themselves in irredeemable ways..) If people listen to Ben, LwC, Sargon of Akkad, Lauren Chen and Tim pool, there’s a chance that things could get better. Be well Ben..Score: 4/5

Goes to show…It’s funny, the reviews here that are 1 star are so clearly a few sad “individuals” who just wanted to write something negative about the Podcast and Ben. If they indeed listened to 50 of the podcasts and walked away thinking that Ben pretends he is bipartisan then evidently they are really stupid. Also…Apple, if you actually review these reviews as you proclaim to then I’d put forth that you might want to clean up the filth that the delinquent below chose to write about the hosts wife. Ben provides evidence for his opinion, and is transparent as to his political leaning. I don’t agree with everything, I’m from the UK 🇬🇧 so it’s not the be all - end all who’s in power in the US. I will say however, being from outside the US it’s very easy to see the incredible bias or in many cases complete lies or denial of the mainstream media there. It’s unbelievable, I look at the numbers or I watch the video and listen to what they say and then I see the hysterical “news” reader like Don Lemon for example and it’s completely detached from reality. Ben actually provides contrasting points of view in the show with audio clips, videos and data which is immediately more balanced by definition. He also has the decency to give credit where credit is due and quite frankly it’s insanity to me that people can actually believe that of all the people in the US Ben is somehow “bad”. I mean, oh my word people…the Democrats are viewed by people around the world including by myself as incredibly weak. For the first time in my life I genuinely think being Allied with America is more of a liability with this administration in control, we’ve seen how they treat Ally’s. I like America, and I really hope the Woke Supremacists are not in control for any longer than this term. Ask Australia or Taiwan for example, or maybe Israel; an alliance doesn’t look so valuable right now….Score: 5/5

I’m a liberal but I like to listen to different viewsI’m a liberal from Ireland but I have a massive interest in US (and global) affairs. I love Ben’s podcast because he puts a strong case forward for constitutional conservatism (not only in an American context but in a more general way) while at the same time being respectful of people of different views. I also respect him for not being completely pro-trump nor anti-trump; instead advocating the notion that Trump done a lot of good but also made some questionable decisions and statements..Score: 5/5

This is goldIn a era of fake news and hatred of truth, one must get right what source to choose to get the real news. Daily wire points, the good and the bad, no matter who is saying it. For them “facts don’t care about your feelings” it’s the foundation to speak truth through news. Much love! Cesar.Score: 5/5

Just greatI love Ben and all the other Dailey wire presenters. They understand that you have to use data and be factual in your arguments something most media platforms don’t understand.In my school I’m constantly being bombarded with socialistic bull and called a racist for not supporting the killing of babies You show me a glimmer of hope every day or so for 40 minutes that there are still people who haven’t been brainwashed or that can think rationally so THANK YOU:)).Score: 5/5

Speaks senseThe world is a little crazy, but Ben calls it as he sees it, facts led and yes he’s a conservative which seems to be a dirty word, he isn’t biased. Science and facts ❤️ Keep up the good fight Ben 🙏.Score: 5/5

Quickest brain on the planetVoice of reason for everyone...if you can keep up.Score: 5/5

GreatAs a socialist I actually find that this podcast is actually really clarifying - Ben Shapiro and the other daily wire members use facts and reason over feelings which I find very refreshing, I am sick of identity politics and while I don’t agree with him on all points (mainly the trump stuff) I think that it is better to listen to a news channel that can challenge some of your views than one that brands you a racist for even daring to challenge their ideas. Highly recommend listening.Score: 5/5

AwesomeAs a Brit I find we are sadly less blessed with conservative thinkers prepared stand up for the fundamentals of freedom and democracy. As a result I have found myself drawn across the water to the higher quality output. Ben is top dog for me. His intellect is razor sharp and he has that attribute that so many conservative thinkers lack: courage. The Neo-Maoist revolutionaries of today pose the greatest threat to our fundamental freedoms. Ben is leading the fight. We all need to listen to him..Score: 5/5

Facts not feeling!What I have foind this to mean is that Ben is nearly (99.9%) of the time, objectively and factually correct. I agree with a lot of what he says. Also I really like the way he lets you see the footage for yourself, in context, so you them can see he is speaking the truth when he does a critic of it, and a very good one or is too for the most part, but yet media control from the left (seemingly) has this weird “I wish the world was like this so everyone has to pretend.....OR ELSE! It’s for your own good, swear”! Keep up the good work. I was being seriously gas lit for about 5/7 years on and off with the uk’s right sitting left of centre!😳🤯. Then I found Jordan B Peterson! Then you, Ben, then the Daily wire and onto the usual suspects, Candice, Larry, Tucker, Charley, etc. Whether I agree fully or in part, the fight to allow the freedom of speak is paramount to avoid conflict. Thanks for speaking the truth daily and keeping us sane!😉👍.Score: 5/5

Trump 2020Huge supporter of the daily wire but you and that Jeremy boring’s constant attacks on Trump are aggravating, we all know Trump isn’t saint michael but he is what we needed to fight back, at least support someone who gave us way way more what we as a country could ever had hoped for. You and and punk jeremy’s constant sarcasm against Trump is childish so stop being a punk you may I’ve day need Trump voters if you ever tan first office..Score: 5/5

Full support from the UKI want my American friends to know that the United Kingdom cares about America. Don’t believe the fake news from the UK. I’m not speaking for Europe but for the UK. We see what’s happening in the States & don’t worry we know Biden et al are insane. Please don’t ever think you will be judged by his weak ways or the way he is submitting to the Socialist children. America has nothing to be ashamed of. We know this administration lies. We have the same problem with people hating our fantastic country. We might hear their crap everyday but the vast majority know how lucky we all are to live in our true democracies. Love to America from your friends in the UK 🇬🇧🇺🇸 xxx👍.Score: 5/5

Conservative common senseIf you are sick of the leftist elitist media - who treat all who do not cow-tow to the woke agenda as being deplorable - then you will find here a welcome voice of common sense. Well done Ben, thank you for you sanity in a world that seems to be going crazy..Score: 5/5

The Daily Shapiro Fix!Many thanks to Ben & team for a wonderfully engaging daily show. I have just signed up for a 1 year DW Active Member subscription and further to The Daily Wire's excellent response to the Gina Carano disgrace: namely to immediately hire and support a talented, successful individual who has the temerity to believe in, and practise, Free Speech / Freedom of Expression. 👍👍👍👏👏👏from this new member. Hopefully this 'money where our mouths are' stance will nudge yet more people to being 'RRB': Ready to Receive Ben! Thank you again..Score: 5/5

The most intelligent person in AmericaIf you strive for the truth, then this is the podcast you need to listen to..Score: 5/5

ThanksThanks Ben Shapiro for all your hard work. Europe needs people like you #Ben Shapiro World Tour.Score: 4/5

News, humour and insightBen is incredibly smart and quick witted, providing honest deep and timely analysis of the days news from a conservative perspective..Score: 5/5

Speaking senseGreat podcast. Covers many ideas and outlooks on society. Working with facts rather than feelings. Highly recommended.Score: 5/5

Oscars coverage?Where is Shapiro’s annual scathing review of the Oscars? It always makes me laugh....Score: 5/5

One sidedI first heard Ben on the Rogan show where I thought I to have a listen, I have listened to about 50 episodes of his show WOW he hates his own president, I can’t any longer listen to the constant his whining, by Ben.Score: 1/5

5 star5 star but could do without the constant adverts and book promotion, can’t you just have all the adverts in one section instead of constantly breaking off from whatever it is that your talking about.Score: 5/5

U.K. listenerThe USA and the west are finished. Might aswell listen to a quality podcast and be informed about it while it happens. You’re not gonna hear about it from the media..Score: 5/5

Yawn.It’s a pity Shapiro wastes his apparent intellect on so many disingenuous arguments. He’s clearly happy to appear obtuse and debase himself in order to appeal to the ignorance of his fans. The worst example of this is when he acknowledges what he, presumably, really thinks yet argues the reactionary, ignorant case anyway, e.g. when he acknowledged that ‘a doctor of philosophy and doctor of medicine are both doctors’ but rather than educate his fanbois or engage with anything substantive he reverts back to iT”s cOnfUsiNg, buT dO u evEn mEdiCinE¿ hEr tHesiS tiTlE sOunDs dUumB. Shapiro is, evidently, someone who’ll say anything, even if it’s unpleasant or thick, to win the argument he started. The Andrew Neil interview..Score: 1/5

Say it how it isA great podcast from a highly intelligent man who has this amazing way of looking at things. Its sensible, funny and Ben just says things that maybe some people may be scared to say. I Love it , but i imagine some people will really hate it but they can bore off with the rest of the lefty’s.Score: 5/5

Essential for balance.Highly recommend the pod as well as the other shows that the Daily Wire produce. It’s nice that the right of centre political position is catered for in an ever increasing leftist dominated media landscape both in the US and my native UK. Great work guys!.Score: 5/5

One star for dude with one inch memberBen’s wife can bench press more than he can, maybe because she’s so empowered from having relations with so many other men?.Score: 1/5

If only more people were like BenThis guy speaks the truth, on a platform that is becoming progressively important as a counter to the growing wokeopoly in media and politics. I disagree with him to a point on gun control, but I understand his position is associated with the wider threat to freedoms that the left is pursuing. And he doesn’t mind if you disagree with him so long as your points have a basis in facts. Anyone who says they don’t like the show either haven’t listened to him at length, or are too stupid to understand the salient points or issues. He’s actually hilarious in a self deprived way too, as a bonus..Score: 5/5

OP GODIf Ben Shapiro came up to me and said ‘Hello I am Jesus’, I would believe him..Score: 5/5

YORKSHIREUsa is done for, depressing listening to this The loony left are crackers.Score: 5/5

Gobble gobbleWas attracted by the content but I cannot be doing with rapid, garbled speech with awkward breaks that mangle the sense of the discussion. I’m out..Score: 1/5

Speaks the truthHe is speaking the truth about 95% of that time, especially right now on how America is truly being taken over by the left and is completely going down. Abolish the police means disaster. I hope one day we can look back at this and say: wow, what a joke we made of ourselves..Score: 5/5

SUBSTANTIVEWhatever you think of Ben his show during the coronavirus pandemic has been thoroughly informative. He gives all the data you require from different sources and offers honest commentary..Score: 5/5

HilariousFor an even bigger laugh watch this pipsqueak get eaten alive by British right wing journalist Andrew Neil. 👌.Score: 1/5

But first ...Thank you BenI loved this last show..Score: 5/5

GoodJew.Score: 5/5

A sad excuse for an adultI don’t think I’ve ever listened to something or someone so deliberately provocative, disrespectful, salacious, bigoted or irritating. Ben appears to be one of those people (sadly not small in number) that place their own self importance above the importance of having an open mind. Being a ‘conservative’ shouldn’t be synonymous with being offensive, intransigent & bigoted. Sadly, Ben appears to disagree. All that aside, his blatant adenoid problem was the icing on the cake for me. I find it so difficult to listen to a nasal, whining voice for any length of time. I’d rather listen to a fingernails down a blackboard!.Score: 1/5

He lives with a doctorBen is extremely articulate while selling a narrative. This isn’t a news source, it’s a what doesn’t fit Bens narrative show. I’m disappointed because I thought Ben was honest rather than being right. The more I’ve listened it’s about pointing out what’s wrong with anyone who doesn’t agree with Ben. I was hoping for news with a different spin but it’s just attacking everyone who doesn’t have the same political view..Score: 5/5

InspiringOne The most educational , enlightening & informative podcast ever produced , and the humour is also very funny. The only negative is I over cook everything because I finish the show - the family hasn’t worked it out yet wishes from Manchester Uk, especially with the move..Score: 5/5

Famous for... what, exactly?All you need to know about Ben Shapiro is that his wife successfully persuaded him that a moist vagina is a sign of illness. It's like listening to Alex Jones reciting Louis CK's most obnoxious jokes in the style of Rush Limbaugh..Score: 1/5

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Ben...He’s all talk, just another bigot to add to the list..Score: 1/5

Pathetic Whinny BroLame and pathetic charlatan doing what he does best.Score: 1/5

TrashTrash.Score: 1/5

I absolutely LOVE BEN SHAPIRO!Hello, I’m an 11-year old girl, and yes, we young people also appreciate a good politician. (At least us right-wing ones.) Also, I LOVE your discussions about abortion. For some reason, they’re my favourite. Make more!.Score: 5/5

Blatant hypocrisyBen is obviously a very smart individual and while he makes some great points he is guilty of the same bias and misrepresentation of events as he accuses others on the other side of the isle. Really good at calling out leftist wokeism, embarrassingly blind to the idiocy and double standards taking place on the right. Sad to say unbiased straight talk is very difficult to find these days. Overall another partisan blowhard..Score: 1/5

Great commentaryBen offers a good perspective to the commentary. He is obviously a conservative writer but I appreciate that he still reports the news . like all all news, it is good to be informed on both sides of aisles. so he is definitely one of the best for conservative circles.Score: 5/5

Conservative views, but not afraid to play devil’s advocateBen is a great speaker. He is obviously a conservative libertarian, but always takes the time to look from another perspective. Very often Ben critiques both liberal and conservative policies, something that is rare in the MSM. I don’t always agree with Ben, but I oftentimes end up understanding his opinion after his thoughtful commentary. Overall great show, would 100% recommend if you’re open to different ideologies other than your own..Score: 5/5

GoodI find it entertaining how all of the negative reviews are quite terribly written, yet target his intellect quite notably. Also all of the reviews claiming he is “fake news” provide zero evidence to prove themselves correct. Don’t believe them. They just do not like that he is a conservative that’s really good at debating..Score: 5/5

Voice of host is kind of gratingShrill.Score: 1/5

A Conservatives ConservativeBen has told it like it is since the beginning, from Trump being elected, The Kraken that never came, Biological Sex, Exposing the Media bias, The great job Trump has done as president, and standing up for the truth. You and I can disagree on things Ben says, but he will always tell the truth and do it in a civil way. Thank you Ben Shapiro!.Score: 5/5

RefreshingWhile I don’t agree with everything he says, he is fact based and articulate. The majority of other media is simply an echo chamber based on nothing but illogical arguments, propagating popular opinions with no critical thought behind it..Score: 5/5

Great!Great show for a different perspective - appreciate his honesty!.Score: 5/5

Facts over feelingAlthough I do not always agree with Ben, I appreciate that he does not spare my feelings over the facts. I found Ben over 4 years ago and listen to him every damned day. Never miss a show. Great work Mr. Shapiro and congrats on scooping up Gina Carrano..Score: 5/5

CuckWhat a total cuck.Score: 1/5

HDropy.Score: 4/5

Ben in CanadaGet show, I listen every day even though I disagree wildly with some of your opinions. Seems to be one of the few that can respectfully agree to disagree like an adult. Do you ever get down to Canada for speaking engagements ? Would love to see you live..Score: 5/5

Much ado about nothingBen, normally I agree with you, but I believe you and Tucker are jumping on a dumb ship. My husband has been in the military for almost 25 years. I’ve seen lots and lots of women serve around him, many in supportive positions. It doesn’t matter that they can’t be deployed while pregnant. They still do a lot of the heavy lifting at home...making sure those deployed or training get paid, have beans and bullets, travel smoothly, and so much more...having a decent uniform that’s comfortable while pregnant is just not a big deal..Score: 5/5

Great workThank you.Score: 5/5

Just readBen is an truly intelligent man. I would highly recommend this podcast for a left leaning person with an open mind (not many)..Score: 5/5

We need more BensVoice of reason and truth in the current cesspool of lies, ignorance and misinformation, especially about Israel.Score: 5/5

Another Hateful racist - ad bombing YouTube and everything elseI am so tired of UPPITY losers like Tucker Carlson who never worked a day in his life spewing nonsense. Or UPPITY losers like Trump that run every business he touched down the ground. And least of all this UPPITY idiot. Who do you think you are talking about President Biden or the Duchess? Stop spreading your useless loser views and your stupid racist, ageist and know nothing ads all over the place!.Score: 1/5

BarfWhat a tool!.Score: 1/5

I hate listen and constantly check that my setting isn’t at 2XBen.....Score: 2/5

We need strength. You’re not it.I’ve been a loyal listener and subscriber for years. You’ve absolutely punted on looking at mountain of election fraud evidence, as well as evidence of Jan 6 being a mostly left wing operation that has emboldened left wing leadership to further crackdown on the right. Wake up Ben. Bye bye DW..Score: 1/5

Ayaan Hirsi Ali EpisodeWow! The Ayaan Hirsi Ali episode is a great one. The more I listen, the more I am a fan of Ben Shapiro. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he makes me think. Thank you Ben!.Score: 5/5

.5 speedListen to Ben on .5 speed. It’s hilarious..Score: 5/5

Small podcast for a bite size manNot that tall in stature.Score: 1/5

Liberal often be the one whose loudest4.5 out of 5 but when scrolling down 1 star review is common. As an asian studying in Canada, i have to say Liberal is double standard and hypocritical. And loudest of course..Score: 5/5

Needs improvementOpinions and ideas aside, he needs to slow down in his speaking, and not blend his ads into the show. Take a pause between points. Toastmasters can teach you that..Score: 2/5

Honesty with business in mindLook very simple, he doesn’t make money from normal sponsorship opportunities where the woke threaten you to conform, so he has leeway to say what most others can’t like everything else follow the money, in this case the money he takes free’s him from having to conform, providing a thought provoking experience. He has to say things like “the election had no evidence of fraud” due to Apple controlling the pod cast app, its glaring obvious that if truly allowed to 100% say what he wanted to we would be seeing a much larger anti Ben campaign from the left if that’s even possible. Great show i dare you to listen openly..Score: 5/5

Great PerspectivesLove your show. You must drive the loser, progressive turds crazy !!!.Score: 5/5

Fast talking liesHe’s like a mega church preacher using fear politics to make money. This is a show that needs a fact checker..Score: 1/5

MisleadingI’m left-leaning, and I like to listen to Ben to expose myself to conservative talking points. It’s entertaining, and he’s right about some things, but he can make incredibly misleading statements and is frequently attacking strawman arguments. When listening to him, PLEASE take everything he says with a grain of salt..Score: 2/5

Right Wing GarbageThis podcast has no business being in the “News’ Category. It’s propaganda masquerading as opinion!.Score: 1/5

This guy is a racistAnd a sexist. So disappointed to see any Canadian would appreciate this take..Score: 1/5

THE MESSIAH!!Honestly its such a relief to be heard in the disgusting world! That actually people who have brains can come here and feel that they are not alone in thinking how retarded and twisted the left is! THANK YOU BEEEENNN!!!.Score: 5/5

5/5I listen to this podcast every morning.Score: 5/5

Very good podcastVery informative and well spoken podcast. Ben explains his positions very thoroughly..Score: 5/5

UnreliableGlaring errors in his Israel commentary..Score: 1/5

Very Helpful.Ben is by no means unbiased and doesn’t intend to be. He has conservative libertarian views, and does not hold back on criticizing both sides of the aisle. The podcast is really well done, and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Ben!.Score: 5/5

A wise guide through tumultuous times100% recommend this content. Ben approaches his topics with intellectual honesty, call both party’s and the players involved to account and pointing out problems and hypocrisy where he sees is. My #1 podcast I listen too. Very informative, and he takes the time to break down political process, legalese and even how the stock market works so the lay person can understand and interpret what is happening in the headlines. Thank you for all your hard work Ben.Score: 5/5

Lies more liesDon’t Understand why a religious person like Shapiro says is can talk about people in the wait he does , Is a bad evil human being Don’t trust in this guy his turn everything to convincing you of all his lies religiously person don’t do this kind of shows Shame this horrible people evil Garage human ,lies without end 🤮🤮🤮is. A poison for humanity Patétic🤮🤮🤮cry little girl 👧😥🤮😥🤮😥😪.Score: 1/5

BasedBased and red pilled.Score: 5/5

AwesomeLove the way he breaks down his positions. I Agree with most of it and can scrap the rest. Almost all opposition is just negativity with no explanation why..Score: 5/5

Eye openingAs I watch Biden giving the USA a taste of the identity politics that rule Canada, I’m glad Ben is giving voice to the horrors. There is almost no voice left in Canada. Keep up the great work Ben!.Score: 5/5

Great perspective on American politicsAs a Canadian I find American politics intriguing. Ben gives a great conservative point of view..Score: 5/5

Truth about Israeli Palestinian conflictExcellent summary to an extremely complex subject pared down to its essence which is hatred towards Jews by Arabs and Muslims since the mid 7th century. Only piece I would have hoped to hear was San Remo Resolution of League of Nations in 1920 to reconstitute (important word) a nation state for the Jews in their ancestral homeland passed unanimously by 51 nations. There was no mention of ancestral homeland for Palestinian Arabs. You could say they were Palestinian Jews. In fact they had a flag postage stamps and the Palestinian Post which would become the Jerusalem Post all emblazoned with Jewish star and A’Y in Hebrew for Am Yisrael. Also probably useful to listeners to hear actual text from PLO and hamas charter spewing hatred and pledge to annihilate Jews. Thank you Ben for all that you do. Loyal listener to you and the team at Daily Wire. There is a Terrific definitive book on subject The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel by Salomon Benzimra who passed away a few years ago and founded a group called Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR Website has his presentations) I have been trying to revive the messaging for the benefit of young JEWISH adults who feel apologetic about their allegiance to Israel or who admire Bernie Sanders POV and don’t realize that he is a useful idiot to those who are determined to hate us. Am Yisrael Chai Stay Strong and stay safe! And bless you!.Score: 5/5

Apex Conservative VoiceThis podcast is necessity for any conservative who wants a thorough and honest insight and breakdown of the current political and cultural landscape. Despite his overall political bias he is still objective & consistent in his assessments & conclusions. I’m Canadian and wish we had commentator of Ben’s caliber. All of the aggressive and ignorant lefty reviewers prove so many of Ben’s points to be true. Keep the leftist tears flowing! 😭=🌊=🤤.Score: 5/5

GreatJust great, not much else to say.Score: 5/5

Was a fan now here more for the other hosts.Ben is great for social topics but I’ve lost respect for him over the USA election! I’m a Canadian and watch/listen to a lot of USA political shows and as a person who doesn’t have a dog in the fight I can see the election was stolen..Score: 1/5

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Excellent ShowListen every single day and always learn so much..Score: 5/5

Opinions based off factsI did an essay on this guy Shapiro, and of course I got an A+. What’s so wrong about listening to a far right, academic scholar who hears out leftist ideas and formulates opinions with concrete evidence to back it up? You could follow a politician who simply discounts another side with statements such as “that’s just conspiracy”, but what’s the fun in that? Where’s the principle? Henceforth my dedication is towards scientific angles on politics such as his..Score: 5/5

SuperbI love hearing your views. But such a fast talker. Can you slow it down just a bit. Exchange of ideas doesn’t have to be at break neck speeds..Score: 5/5

EwFor someone that’s tired of lies sure does spew a lot of it!.Score: 1/5

Best podcast in AmericaAfter hearing a news story, if your not then asking “what are they not telling me” then listen to at least one episode of the Ben Shapiro Show. Ben will (1) show you how to objectively analyze the news, and (2) reveal how the MSM frequently cares more about pushing a narrative than covering the truth..Score: 5/5

ExcellentBen Shapiro, along with Matt Walsh and Steven Crowder, are filling the humongous hole left by Rush Limbaugh’s passing. Rush brilliantly blended conservative politics with parody and comedy, and these guys are carrying the torch..Score: 5/5

Full of conspiraciesFull of conspiracies… don’t be naive. Ben Shapiro is a conservative far right republican..Score: 1/5

BenJoe’s family and party should be ashamed of what they’re doing to this man..Score: 5/5

Love Ben!This is my absolute favorite podcast. Ben makes me laugh out loud with his sense of humor and his imitation of the veeps laugh..Score: 5/5

Does not understand basic financeBlackrock is going to sell bonds to the Federal Reserve and then buy real estate? But we shouldn’t bail them out like we did with TARP??? That doesn’t make any sense. It seems as if you do not understand the basic difference between and an asset manager and a bank. Hire new writers. You sound ignorant..Score: 1/5

No longer a fan…Ben was once an unbiased voice of reason. Today, he has become a puppet of the Republican Party. I had to unfollow this podcast after Ben shared his biased views about the Israel/Palestinian conflict. My brother in law is Palestine and I have had the good fortunate of visiting Israel and seeing the mistreatment of Palestine’s first hand. Ben’s views do not surprise me, but it is disappoint to see someone I once admired turn a blind eye to injustice and carry on with their personal agenda..Score: 1/5

ShapiroVery one sided and rarely acknowledges evidence to other points of view. The world and its people are just much more diverse than Shapiro makes them out to be. He makes some valid points but many are backed up by fallacies. I think he could serve as an affective conservative voice without the name calling. I would not want to live in Ben Shapiro’s America as he paints it..Score: 1/5

What a douche.The man is an idiot. Says he doesn’t like Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings because they “don’t look like anything.” Ben, we all know your wife is suffering from your lack of understanding the female anatomy. You perfectly demonstrated that by your explanation of “WAP.” Go make yourself useful by throwing yourself into the Bay..Score: 1/5

Shapiro please!I absolutely love this podcast, but Ben please get rid of that Pelosi impression. I listen I’m everyday only to be assaulted by you smacking your lips on my ear. Please kill the impression.Score: 4/5


Big Fan - Apple Podcast Screwing YouBig fan of the show love to listen to a variety of Daily Wire shows but over the past several months I have noticed Apple Podcast not allowing your episodes to load along with other Daily Wire shows and Louder with Crowder. At first I though it was connection issues but I can click through 8-10 non-right leaning podcasts that load instantly without delay while Daily Wire shows and louder with Crowder more than not won’t load and play or will even say this podcast is unavailable. There are times I have to try at least 6-8 times to get your podcasts to work. This has been occurring since March for me and has been happening much more frequently lately..Score: 5/5

Good Content but Ads are Getting RidiculousShapiro has a lot of good content. Unfortunately, I’m hearing most of it from Bongino the day before Shapiro. The count of sponsor ads keep getting more and more. Shapiro, charge more per ad, have less ads, and stop being a salesman..Score: 3/5

Thank you!Never really been into politics and social issues, but seeing the way the world is going I thought I’d start. So glad I was able to find Ben Shapiro! Someone who takes things for what they really are and not try to push false teachings or beliefs on people. Only speaks facts, is funny, and will probably teach you a thing or two 🤙🏼. Keep it going brother!!!.Score: 5/5

Awesome!!As a high school graduate I can say that Ben is the next rush Limbaugh. He’s hilarious and he uses nothing but facts. The one stars are sjws who hate his leftist tears mug he displays during his show. Keep going Ben.Score: 5/5

Shapiro 2024Ben ur pod is awesome u need to run in 2024 if trump doesn’t.Score: 5/5

Apple podcast algorithmEpisodes recently have stopped popping up in my feed. All of a sudden now I have to actually search the Shapiro show and click on the show and on all episodes and then I can see that there are episodes I have missed because they aren’t coming up on my feed. This is brand new. In the last week..Score: 5/5

ObsessedIf you want the truth, listen to this podcast!! I am totally obsessed with it! Highly highly recommend!.Score: 5/5

It was great until I found it it was fakeI liked this show and listened daily. I liked the thoughts and his perspective as a conservative. It was one my favorite show but it turned out to be fake. Ben has been caught saying that the election was true. That is false because Joe Biden has dementia which Ben has said, yet he is office and doesn’t question it. Off mic he said the audits that are going on are a waste of time but he said in the episodes back in November and December and also saying we should have an audit but then he saying now off mic that he doesn’t support the audits. Ben is not your friend. He is two faced. Stop listening now he is a whoremonger of words. He is low as a dealer just dealing you the words you want and that he doesn’t believe in. That is someone I cannot listen too or respect..Score: 4/5

Intellectually honestIt’s nice to have an intellectually honest Conservative commentator because that is just hard to find, on the Right or the Left….Score: 5/5

Nails on a ChalkboardNot sure how anyone can listen to this tinny-voiced, whining putz. From his overblown, false takes to his cringeworthy narrative, Shapiro is an embarrassment..Score: 1/5

Consistent valuesI don’t agree with Ben. But he is generally consistent and intellectually honest. I enjoy listening to him.Score: 5/5

Your experts are self-serving idiots..Yes. Yes, you are Ben Shapiro in fact a self serving idiot and that’s the most honest things I’ve heard come out of your mouth. Except for when you broke the lyrics to the rap song, ‘WAP’ and revealed how clueless and truly out of touch with the world (and women in particular) you really are. You’re the Joe Rogen for conservatives that no one wanted. We all have that one uncle that’s out of mind and have to tolerate at holiday events- do we even need Ben Shapiro? No. The answer is no..Score: 1/5

Fake intellectualUsed to think Ben Shapiro was pretty smart and that I just disagreed with him on a few small things. I’ve come to realize this guy is a fool. He’s too scared to debate adults so he talks to college kids and posts the videos online to make himself appear smart. Total coward and just wrong about most things.Score: 1/5

Great ShowLove this show. Ben is honest, direct and the smartest guy in the media. Lots of humor in his podcasts..Score: 5/5

Love the showBeen listening to this show for a long time now, nothing but facts. Doesn't beat around the bush or sugarcoats anything. Incorporates his sponsors very smoothly. Very well researched topics..Score: 5/5

Self serving fast talkerHe talks fast and is right once in a while by sheer accident. He is the sort of person that stupid people think is smart..Score: 1/5

Truth Speaker!Ben may not always speak the truth in love, but he definitely speaks the truth! It’s funny sometimes how savage he is, and I love it because we need more people like him to stand up for truth in this age of lies. I look forward to this podcast everyday! For years I was a liberal, until about 9 months ago when I realized God is real and became a Christian. When I was a liberal I couldn’t ever support why I was, or why I thought Trump was so horrible. When I became a Christian, I realized how manipulative social media and the main news channels (*cough-CNN-cough*) are! I realized I was being manipulated into thinking our country was being run by an orange imbecile, and having constant fear he was gonna say or do something that would start another world war. I also thought BLM had good motives (besides rioting obviously) because of how much the media portrayed this false narrative against the police. Ben helped me realize that while Trump’s behavior wasn’t always professional, hence why he was such an easy target for liberals, we were actually in good hands during his presidency. What I love about Ben’s show, is he backs up his statements with reliable facts that completely knock the legs out from under leftist arguments. It’s such a comfort to know that I can trust Ben and Daily Wire in general, and not feel constantly gaslit by the woke media. At least Ben is open about his bias, but actually supports his reasons for his bias with facts!! It actually feels weird to admit these things because of how many people around me are still convinced leftism is best..Score: 5/5

Eye opening political commentaryThoughtful, non-accusatory commentary on American politics that can open anyone’s eyes to the issues America now faces..Score: 5/5

FabulousNothing but the facts and details on The Who, what & why!.Score: 5/5

Great PodcastLove it! Would recommend to anyone. Keep up the good work.👍👍.Score: 5/5

Accurate and honestOne of the things that I like best about Ben Shapiro is how he reads ad copy. He does a 90 second spot in under 60 seconds. I really appreciate that. I speak slowly myself however I do enjoy the rapid delivery..Score: 5/5

Did you noticeDid you notice that Apple conveniently left one of its top podcasts out of its April event? Go look at the keynote and in the big podcast collage there’s one big sore thumb sticking out: A lack of Ben Shapiro..Score: 5/5

Really Good ShowI am a teen Conservative who love listening to Ben. My parents became liberals because they didn’t like trump. But I said that you can still be a conservative and not like trumps character Ben Shapiro is this type of conservative I do sometimes feel like I have to agree with everything he or Walsh or knowles says. 10/10 show keep it up Ben.Score: 5/5

Liar for moneyThink for yourselves.Score: 1/5

Not what had hoped forWhen I've seen Ben Shapiro on YouTube he's been putting down leftist culture i.e. strident minorty accusations and generalities which demean men. I enjoy those videos and thought his podcast would mostly focus on that. However, all I see is attacks on Biden and the Democrats. They're easy targets and Shapiro is wasted ranting about them. I've seen Ben tearing into the more extreme representitives of the left and I wish he would mainly focus on that where is very sharp mind and insight shines..Score: 3/5

Honest, informative, and entertainingOne of the only conservative podcasts I listen to, I really appreciate it how Ben doesn’t try and hide his opinions, you know what you’re getting when you listen. I appreciate how he has a mind of his own- not just a mouthpiece for the Republican Party. His pro-Israel stance is also refreshing in a sea of anti-Semitic rhetoric coming from our mainstream media..Score: 5/5

I learn so much!I always feel like I walk away from each episode with great takeaways!.Score: 5/5

Radicalized propagandaThe language, topics & opinions of this podcast are absolutely radicalized opinion theater that exploits reactionary & unconscious analysis of culture/politics. This perspective intends to pull thought to the lowest common denominator with it’s low discourse & cruelty laden ideas..Score: 1/5

Best show on apple podcast!I love this show, Ben is super funny and engaging! I never miss an episode and he keeps my day at work going with his commentary on the series issues facing our country and the importance of fighting the culture war to keep our core American values we hold. Needless to say i stand with Israel and wish to see the end of antisemitism!.Score: 5/5

Think broYou said, that because of the 6 1/2 second pause At Biden's answer Biden has no idea what was going on Around him, Of course He new what was going on, he was just struggling with how to answer the question because he did not want to answer The truth straight out as is evident from the rest of his answer. Although I do Agree with you That He DoesNot know what’s going on around him proven from other cases.Score: 1/5

This show is a must!If you haven’t listened to Ben Shapiro yet, you should. His fact base approach is what every news outlet should model after..Score: 5/5

Best show aroundGreat mind and tells it like he sees it.Score: 5/5

To *Silence J Liberty*If you have an opinion about Ben S. that’s fine, but can it make sense? If you can’t form a sentence it makes it difficult for anyone to follow. Anyways, I think he is very informative, consistently. Is everything he says true? I don’t know. I believe for the most part it is..Score: 5/5

This is normal?Nothing about this little troll is funny or informative. Listening to this podcast I truly learned that simply talking fast doesn’t make you intelligent. Nothing but another racist conservative with a platform on Apple Podcasts..Score: 1/5

Great podcast!Very well thought out and delivered in an easy to understand way, makes me laugh when people call him a Nazi cause he’s literally a Jew and has had his family threatened multiple times by actual Nazis. Do your research before throwing accusations like that out against somebody..Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Great PodcastAlways entertaining and informative. As an additional bonus it led me to Andrew Klavan!.Score: 5/5

UsefulSome people think that bias is a vice. I am biased toward truth and virtue and do not regard that as a vice. Ben is an Orthodox Jew, so his bias toward Israel and against Palestinians is perhaps understandable, if not rational. He is also a pro Republican and anti-Democrat propagandist, and propaganda is sort of boring. His strength is that he is well educated and well read and has very good big picture political instincts. His analysis of the deep cultural and political problems that divide the USA is very useful and accurate. I am a one issue person at the moment, since I regard the social justice/woke movement as an existential threat for western liberal democracy. Ben is a very fierce and effective culture warrior, so for the moment he is a valued compadre. When the war is won, I'll fight with him about Israel, abortion and libertarian economic policy. In the meantime, he is interesting, feisty and very worthwhile..Score: 4/5

Love your podcast!You are so knowledgeable Ben on so many important topics, I don’t know where to start! I listen to your podcast every single day , right here , from down under ! Come visit us one day soon!! You will love it here. Thanks for all you do, your hard work on delivering the truth to the world is highly appreciated. Shalom!.Score: 5/5

Nice 👍Good podcast, keep up the good content..Score: 5/5

Thank you BenLove your work Ben! Thank you for what you do. Never stop!.Score: 5/5

BrilliantExtremely smart man. Keep preaching the truth..Score: 5/5

Waste of timePlease save your time on a better listen. One to miss.Score: 1/5


The Ben Shapiro ShowBen is one of the most intelligent conservatives I’ve ever seen. Keep making the Jewish people proud Ben!.Score: 5/5

Conservative comfort food.I listen every single day he broadcasts, from the other side of the world, just to stay sane..Score: 5/5

Spam emails galoreI love several of the DW podcasts and have paid for a DW membership. The issue I have is that since I paid for a membership I have been absolutely BOMBARDED with emails from politicians and political bodies and the DW advertisers all trying to sell me something. I didn’t pay for membership to be sent endless advertisements from companies who paid for my information from DW purely to sell me things.. Usually when you pay for a membership you get less advertisements. In addition, I have tried to unsubscribe from their many mailing lists several times and it’s just ignored. My solution is to mark their emails as spam and not renew my paid membership with DW. I honestly don’t feel like I’ll be missing anything..Score: 2/5

Sell outBen showed his true colours in episode 1168. Glad I never subscribed to the daily wire. He won’t be getting my hard earned.Score: 1/5

Good on yaI don’t often listen to the podcast because of how sad I am whenever I listen to it. I don’t get sad about Ben, I get sad about how corrupt the world is currently. Ben is one to point out the corruption and speak truth in a world where it’s so hard to find it. He is a massive middle finger to the corruption and I love his confidence to speak his mind. Keep it up and run for president lol.Score: 5/5

I’m not Conservative but really appreciate Bens viewsBen is a great conservative voice to listen to if you’re progressive and want to understand conservative views. He explains the reasons for his views which is very helpful. Example: I’m pro choice. But understand Bens pro life views are not based on suppressing women’s rights. Quite the opposite. I’m not religious in any way. But when Ben explains that people who are religious want a better world and are willing to sacrifice their time and money to help and support fellow citizens. I might think there are better ways to improve the world than religion, but now understand that day to day normal religious practice isn’t a net negative to the world. Still sceptical of religious leaders and institutions though! Quality content. Keep it up Ben and Daily Wire team..Score: 5/5

An awful individualA terrible person spewing bile into a society dying of hatred and bile..Score: 1/5

Great PodcastBen is funny and informative. Do yourself a favour and have a listen!.Score: 5/5

Brilliant!Shapiro is the perfect foil for a media that has abandoned its responsibility to hold political leaders and activists to account. He cuts through spin and agendas with wit and insight. A voice for common sense that is sorely needed..Score: 5/5

Amazing show and manBen is an absolute legend. Beyond clever and extremely intelligent. I listen to him in awe and I am never bored. Nothing bad to say about this show.Score: 5/5

Best PodcastThe best podcast ever I listen to I love listening to The Ben Shapiro Show.Score: 5/5

PatLike Ben and his show but to many adds..Score: 4/5

Straight forward with truthBen , is one of the few places where truth said without much biases, he calls out both left and right. He is the best..Score: 5/5

BrilliantAlthough this is a conservative show, Ben seems to be guided by morals rather than ideology. For this reason he actually provides a great assessment of current events and calls out his own side when necessary rather than sticking to a narrative. Keep up the great work..Score: 5/5

I love Ben ShapiroI loce Ben Shapiro he is a tough guy who calls out the media on their stupidity.Score: 5/5

Facts don’t care about your feelings.Facts don’t care about your feelings..Score: 5/5

Great source of reliable conservative newsReally helpful to get a balanced and convervative point of view of the news.Score: 5/5

Shapiro is the best ⭐️Objective. Funny. Insightful. Ben Shapiro is your number 1 conservative podcaster on all things politics and culture, presenting notable events in the news cycle in an unbiased yet unfiltered way. This is... THE BEN SHAPIRO SHOW! (Also, Ben and I share the same personality type! I knew there was a reason why I clicked so well with him 😂).Score: 5/5

LmaoOh Ben, you really make my day with your cooked views and meth smoking. Keep up the hilarious ramblings of a racist.Score: 1/5

AmazingBen does an amazing job breaking down current and evergreen topics and is just so so good. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

Shapiro is brilliantAwesome show. Thanks Ben for being such a legend!.Score: 5/5

Ben Shapiro is the light!Ben Shapiro is one of the few sources of light, wisdom and truth in what is otherwise a a barren news media wasteland..Score: 5/5

Great for a balanced perspectiveAs an Australian, our media is extremely anti-Trump and pro Democrat. It is is extremely unbalanced and that makes it hard for Aussies like me to get a good handle on American politics. Ben does a great job of providing balance and explores ideas and issues broadly and logically. I do not agree with everything Ben says but I appreciate the way he goes about it. Thanks Ben. Facts don’t care about your feelings is my new mantra.Score: 5/5

Best podcastBest podcast. I really enjoy listening to all of the daily wire crew but Ben‘s is my favourite as he really explains things in lamen terms for people who aren’t that versed in political jargin. 11/10!.Score: 5/5

Great podcastGreat place to hear facts and opinions that are hard to gather on mainstream news outlets.Score: 5/5

Balance it outThought I’d come here to leave a 5 star review even though I never listen to this podcast (no interest in American politics) but it is very obvious the amount of delusional, unicorn land believing society stains that have gone out of their way to negatively review something they clearly don’t listen to. Because they are bitter with no happiness in their lives they have to resort to such loser tatics. The same great minds that give you “we are the future man” whilst smelling like a weed infused incense stick. Could only imagine how quick the destruction of a country would occur if they got into power. So grow up, get a job and don’t review stuff you don’t listen to..Score: 5/5

An alternative view from someone with a brainI love listening to Ben’s take on political and social events. I don’t agree with everything he says (eg gun policy) but absolutely appreciate that he backs his view with evidence and clearly presents the false narrative that Republican = immoral and Democrat = moral..Score: 5/5

A top barracker for us ConservativesWhere is Ben ? The last episode was taped 5 days ago. It is now Wednesday evening, Australian time and no broadcasts since last Saturday???.Score: 5/5

Fight the culture warI love Ben’s podcast which is extremely informative and shows a no BS logical point of view. We need to stop the left from pouring the idea that conservatism is an evil thing into mainstream culture through movies and other “non-political” media. Support the daily wire, watch the new movie they are releasing, listen to the daily wire podcasts and give them 5 star ratings and share them will all of your friends! Godspeed Ben and all my fellow conservatives!.Score: 5/5

Best Podcast EverThis is the best, most entertaining podcast on Apple. Love every episode. Thanks Ben.Score: 5/5

Great podcastWhilst Ben is a conservative, he provides honest reporting of the news, which is almost impossible to find in the mainstream media organisations these days. Ben will give you the good, the bad and the ugly of all sides of the political spectrum, including the Republicans. An entertaining podcast, well worth listening to, no matter which side of the political isle you come from. I wish we had an Australian equivalent..Score: 5/5

WE ARE ALL LAURA LOOMER NOWLook at Laura to see what is coming and those few that helped her..Score: 5/5

Top of the pileBen your a very clever commentator. Hardest worker this bloke 🍻.Score: 5/5

Moronic garbageThe fact that Ben Shapiro is considered an intellectual is all you need to know about how mentally inhibited the far right are..Score: 1/5

Ben for PresidentI don’t know how I lived in a world without a daily analysis of American politics from Ben Shapiro. So I’ve cancelled that old part of my life, to keep up with the current culture..Score: 5/5

Honestly the best news podcastMy favourite political and news podcast. Conservative but balanced and very thoughtful. Add this to the spectrum of News you consume and it will give you the tools to dissect the rest!.Score: 5/5

Jared KushnerGreat chat. An amazing humble man talking with common sense and heart. Thank you Jared for your service..Score: 5/5

Great Podcast, wouldn’t recommend purchasing a subscription thoughSpeaking as a liberal, I actually really enjoy Ben’s take on almost every subject (barring his constant and unshakable backing for the President in every arena). The only issue I have is that The additional 2 hours that he advertises is more often than not a loop of content from his first hour with a section for callers, which I don’t find particularly interesting. I appreciate he’s a busy man, but why he would try to get away with this copy and paste job kind of baffles me. I would just stick to his free podcast if I were you, because it’s essentially the same thing..Score: 2/5

Nose hairI’d rather eat my house than listen to this scum of matter..Score: 1/5

GREEN TAPEGood straight, talking podcast with loads of commonsense. We had “unprecedented” fires here in Australia last summer. That word was used unmercifully by all of the media outlets. Great for click bait, but completely untrue. Inquiries & investigations came to the same conclusions as this podcast; bad forest management. At least we don’t have lawn signs down under....Score: 5/5

ConsistentWhat I love about Shapiro is he is honest about his views and is absolutely not a partisan. He is consistent with his criticism or praise no matter if they are of the left or right. These are the kinds of opinions we must elevate..Score: 5/5

Better than other GOP wonksBen seems to deliberately misinterpret AOC statements. Whether he does this on purpose or whether he is just not in touch with the working public is not apparent. It is obvious AOC was urging exploited workers to take this opportunity to negotiate better working conditions -should they get their jobs back. Working 70 hours a week just to put food on the table is surely unacceptable in a “free society” USA seems to be a very harsh place to live at the best of times..Score: 1/5

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JohnstonShowThe Ben Shapiro show | Ep. 1278 – Old Joe Meets The Bond Villain .Score: 5/5

NEWZFOXI’m listening to iHeartRadio ♫ iHeartRadio .Score: 5/5

NoahRiddle13The Daily Wire really is a crap show outside of Ben Shapiro. .Score: 5/5

LucarioDoT valhallabckgirl: Any ways, somebody please show Snyder’s Tweet to DJ Khaled, Ben Shapiro, prominent members of the GOP, my exes….Score: 5/5

Reel_geek valhallabckgirl: Any ways, somebody please show Snyder’s Tweet to DJ Khaled, Ben Shapiro, prominent members of the GOP, my exes….Score: 5/5

WwwlinkedincomBen Shapiro texting: I'm sorry I acted that way during our debate. I feel like I have to put on a show for the came… .Score: 5/5

ElTacoJustice valhallabckgirl: Any ways, somebody please show Snyder’s Tweet to DJ Khaled, Ben Shapiro, prominent members of the GOP, my exes….Score: 5/5

ValhallabckgirlAny ways, somebody please show Snyder’s Tweet to DJ Khaled, Ben Shapiro, prominent members of the GOP, my exes….Score: 5/5

JohnstonShowThe Ben Shapiro Show Video Podcast | Old Joe Meets The Bond Villain | Ep. 1278 .Score: 5/5

Klebdavid911Watch "Ep. 215 - Good Trump/Bad Trump: Thanksgiving Edition" The Ben Shapiro Show on YouTube .Score: 5/5

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