After heartbreak landed Amisha Patel on her parents' couch, she began to question whether her love life was predetermined.

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Weekly joyI love this podcast. I didn't think the Modern Love column could get better, but having the stories brought to life by actors is genius. Can't wait for the next episode!.Score: 5/5

Excelente podcast!!Que buen duo Raquel y Dani. Me encanta este podcast. No puedo esperar al siguiente episodio, pero bueno ya le estoy bajando dos! 🤗.Score: 5/5

Meghna Chakrabarti is the host you need!Having discovered this podcast and listening to the episodes in a random order, this new makeover is quite jarring and stilted in conversation and at odds with the emotional, deep human connections in the essays. Some of the questions and observations made by the new hosts are bland, surface level and obvious. Asking people to read their poems and then asking a polite/obvious question to “wrap up” and an abrupt bye, feels so at odds with what this show is surely about. Just listen to Meghna’s farewell message and it is clear she understands the depth, complexities and intimacy of these essays, authors and listeners. For the essays, still 5 stars. The old format is miles better and is filled with the warmth and feeling - I will only be listening to the old episodes as I am unable to focus on the actual essays in the new series. Such a shame, huge error! And clearly a lot of people feel the same way..Score: 1/5

Addicted!Since I watched the Modern Love series on Netflix here in the UK, I was hooked! Now, last thing at night, I close the light and play a Modern Love podcast to fall asleep to. Am slowly working my way through all of them so please keep them coming!.Score: 5/5

Used to loveI was super excited for the reincarnation of the podcast for the current season. The preview made it sound very fresh and exciting. Unfortunately it hasn’t lived up to expectations, and I can’t say it meets the standards of previous seasons either. The stories are dull and narrated in a really lifeless way. The hosts are kind of funny but they don’t really offer any voice or perspective. Hopefully they go back to the previous winning formula!.Score: 2/5

Modernly lovedI started to listen to this podcast recently and I am loving it 💕.Score: 5/5

Absolutely LovelyI never miss a single episode of this podcast, it’s heartfelt, emotional and very genuine. Couldn’t recommend it more.Score: 5/5

PerfectThis is the only podcast I never miss, and I never skip an episode. I listen to each new story as soon as it's available and I've loved every single story. Totally recommended!!!.Score: 5/5

Too much acting.I enjoyed some of these podcasts. But became tired of the often over ‘written’ and edited ‘stories’. This in combination with actors putting too much ‘acting’ into the readings made these stories tragically often sound like bad fiction. At the very least - the narrators need to be directed to read with minimal acting. The words themselves should carry the emotion. The written text needs to be guided to have a natural voice because the essayists aren’t ‘authors’ but unfortunately often express themselves in off the peg phraseology reminiscent of some average short stories read. It’s a tough one, but it has to be up to the producers to get the balance right..Score: 2/5

My commute with Modern LovePart of my daily train commute to central London. I laugh, cry (you may wish to marry my husband got me in tears by Waterloo East station) and reflect but, in a massively crowded carriage, I’m always reminded of my humanity....Score: 5/5

What happened!Please go back to the old format! This one is not engaging at all . . ..Score: 1/5

Wonderful, heartwarming storiesI’ve been overly addicted to true crime podcasts, and discovering Modern Love has brought joy into my listening pleasure, much needed in this time of Coronavirus. The stories make me laugh, cry and so much more. Thank you lovely people for bringing us these pockets of delight..Score: 5/5

BeautifulSo many Heart felt stories. One on my favourite podcasts now..Score: 5/5

So far so goodI just started listening to this and so far I am absolutely loving it.Score: 4/5

Please change the adsI started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago. I really enjoy the stories but the ad breaks are unbearable. There are too many of them and why is the same ad repeated 4 times within 20 minutes? It’s so annoying. For that reason I can’t listen to more than two episodes in a row..Score: 2/5

Profound and beautifulI love this podcast!.Score: 5/5

Beautiful textsLove is narrated in so many ways..Score: 5/5

Interesting stories bit overall let down by poor production valuesI like listening to this podcast but they sometimes trail contributors that never appear. And why oh why is the podcast still playing 6 minutes after the time remaining reaches zero. Poor production spoils this for me.Score: 3/5

Not enjoying the background music over the storiesLove this series but not enjoying the background music that now fades in an out when the story is told. It distracts from the story content and makes it unbearable for me to listen to - I have a hearing problem which makes audio difficult when there are multiple sources of audio type at the same time. Would be very grateful if this could change as it is my favourite podcast..Score: 3/5

I wish there were more episodes!I was lucky enough to discover this podcast in its infancy and it continues to my my favourite. The production value is excellent and I love listening to the actor’s interpretations of these short personal essays. I have found so many episodes moving and it makes my long commute more enjoyable..Score: 5/5

Why is the awful background music playingSadly this podcast is spoiled by the awful noodling playing incessantly in the background. I’m sure the stories are fascinating, but I couldn’t concentrate thanks to the unnecessary muzak..Score: 2/5

Great stories beautifully brought to lifeI love the podcast, the stories are awesome and they're beautifully brought to life by actors..Score: 5/5

Bring back the old formatAmazing concept and some absolute gems but please change it back to the original format!.Score: 1/5

Amazing.I saw the trailer for the Netflix series “Modern Love” and learned that it was a NY Times column. I subsequently found this and haven’t stopped listening. Please keep these episodes coming!!.Score: 5/5

Ungood podcastWith so many sad stuff Ill never watch this podcast.Score: 1/5

Don’t listen if you’re having a bad dayUsed to love this podcast and still some good essays coming out but it seems like every other story is about cancer or death now. should be renamed ‘someone i love is dying of cancer podcast’.Score: 1/5

Simply lovelyAbsolutely love this podcast. Just listen you won’t be disappointed..Score: 5/5

LoveBrings joy to my week learning about people..Score: 5/5

Love this podcast!I wish I could remember how I came across this podcast I really enjoy it. The stories are thought provoking, help you appreciate your life and make you smile..Score: 5/5

Annoying advertsIt’s a great podcast BUT the adverts are terribly annoying! At times they jump in with an advert before the story has finished and cuts off some of the last few words. I am starting with old stories back in 2016 so I hope that changes as I progress.Score: 2/5

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Best oneThe best pocast which can help you to create an imaginary diary during quarantine time. I’m just suggesting this incredible podcast to everyone who I now.Score: 5/5

A beautiful, beautiful podcastOne the best podcast out there. Beautifully done and edited. Professional actors reading personal stories of love and loss, with a recap afterwards. Very thought provoking and inspiring. Please keep the stories coming..Score: 5/5

Modern LoveAs many, many others have noted, the new format is a letdown. Used to subscribe, now don’t bother. Would love to hear the backstory-why fix something that ain’t broke?.Score: 1/5

Moving, poignant storiesSuch poignant stories, read by talented actors. I'm hooked!.Score: 5/5

Enjoyingvthe new formatLong time listener, really enjoying the new format..Score: 5/5

OkMenber.Score: 5/5

Lose the preambleStill my favorite podcast, but the disjointed preamble needs to be addressed.... the previous format was “perfect” and very professional. Still not sure about the reasoning behind the hiatus and change..Score: 5/5

❤️I’ve always loved this podcast commentary on the human condition..Score: 5/5

Used to be my favourite podcastI used to love listening to Modern Love. The beautiful voices of both the host and the guest readers would soothe, inspire and move me. Whatever has happened this season has made me stop listening. The random story at the beginning of the episode. The Siri-like narrator. The odd chatter between the host and the editor. Just unbearable. Please return to the previous format..Score: 4/5

Lost itsI still listen, but this podcast was so much better before the format change. The odd disjointed story at the beginning, the robotic tone of the host, the reading of the essay. It lacks feeling, emotion, connection. Why did you try to fix what wasn’t broken?.Score: 1/5

StunningThis show sounds great and feels wonderful. It’s a perfect combo of excellent writing and acting talent. A great break in the daily routine whenever I listen. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Using a story to touch the hearts of the viewersI normally don’t like reviews because they create this expectations on people. So the only thing I can say is just LISTEN TO THE PODCAST..Score: 5/5

Special storiesAlways a fun and heartwarming listen. The episodes are a perfect length to escape in someone else's story. Enjoy!.Score: 5/5

Right on time.This story resonated so much with me. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Light in the DarkOnly discovered this because I am running out things to listen to during qurantine times. What a great treasure! Now I cannot stop talking to friends about this..Score: 5/5

I will still listen and support......but truly, I miss Meghna's narration. Wishing the new podcast team the best, but it really has changed dramatically..Score: 3/5

A favourite, but...The modern love podcast is a touching tribute to all the ways love can exist in the world. It would be 5 stars but for the jarring change in hosting style. Chatter that seems to start mid-conversation is such a departure from the development of a specific world that occurs within the essay. The music seems pulled from Love and Radio, and quite honestly the disjointed music and lack of aim was the reason why I unsubscribed from that podcast. Hosts change, times change, but not all change is good..Score: 4/5

Also missing the old formatI haven’t been tuning in as consistently. Something is lost when the stories are read now..Score: 2/5

13/10The special edition with expressing love in 13 words is an extraordinary podcast. I can’t wait for your 14th birthday special edition. That was definitely a show that I grade 13 out of 10 stars!.Score: 5/5

A gift!I can't get enough of this podcast! Kudos to the authors and performers and everyone who works on this show--it's thought-provoking, heartening, and inspiring!.Score: 5/5

Crying/LaughingDefinitely worth your time! It will take you through a roller-coaster of emotions and help you realize how much you have in common with people from very different walks of life. I especially love hearing the updates from the authors!.Score: 5/5

Genuine ReviewThis used to be my favourite podcast - still love it but it was perfect before the changes. Truly sad about this.....Score: 4/5

Too much focus on “famous” actorsEnjoy the podcast, however, am turned off by the “famous and talented actors” description of the narrators. I could careless. It feels pretentious; if the essay/interview is done well enough, why do you need a celebrity hook? I’m here for the essays, especially the follow up with the actual persons involved..Score: 3/5

Stories lost in the new dynamicThe new format doesn’t do the stories justice. Meghna leaves but shoes to fill, but regardless the new host is monotone and there isn’t much life to the show now. I really tried to give the new format a chance, but I’ll go back to reading them instead. Never thought I’d see the day!.Score: 2/5

So disappointed with new styleDisappointed with the new format and host. The most annoying aspect is the background music they play with the entire podcast that detracts from the focus. Don’t like the disjointed aspect of a short story- pause- story with this annoying music...the quality of the podcast has gone down, including the audio quality which is crackle-y.Score: 1/5

Thrilled I stumbled upon this podcastEvery week I look forward to a new story. Best part is the post-story follow up after each episode. Well moderated and always well read by professional actors. Love!.Score: 5/5

Makes me cry every time.I don’t often listen to podcasts. I’m a visual person, and when it comes to audio media, I prefer music. Every so often I return to podcasts, and when I do my first choice is Modern Love. The combination of these artfully written essays about personal events and the emotional readings of celebrities who work I admire result in an extremely touching twenty minutes. I often read beautiful and emotional personal essays, but there is a different effect that comes when they are relayed seemingly directly to me. Some of my favourites are “We’ll Meet Again in Five Years”, “The Tallest Man I Ever Loved”, and “The Language of Love”..Score: 5/5

Makes me cry on transitSuch a gift, an exploration of the human condition in the most poetic way imaginable..Score: 5/5

Missing the old, learning to accept the newI feel like a child of divorce. I want to give it a chance and of course the incredible writing is there but it’s just less good. Miya is so flat, it’s boring and Dan I love you but you don’t have to do everything..Score: 3/5

ML just isn’t the same without Meghna ChakrabartiModern Love has always been one of my favourite podcasts (and print columns), but it’s just not the same without Meghna Chakrabarti as host. Her clear, calm presence always held the show together, without distracting from the poignancy of the stories being told. The new ML seems scattered and meandering. The first episode clocks in at nearly 30 minutes, compared to previous episodes they were around 20 minutes. The new hosts’ (one of whom is editor Daniel Jones) inexperience is glaringly obvious. They quickly lose control of the show, leaving the listener frustrated and out of sorts. We seem live in an age where anyone can do anything, but it seems this comes at the expense of letting trained professionals do what they are trained to do. Chakrabarti made hosting seem simple and easy, but the new hosts make it very clear that this is not actually the case..Score: 5/5

What have you done to one of best podcasts?Dear Dan, Miya, and Dan, I’m afraid this newest version is not working for me. Whereas the story (and the actor reading it) was front and center before, the story is now hidden behind elevator-type music (sorry Hans, love your work with TTFA but less so here), and behind Dan ever growing presence (you’re a great editor, less so of a presenter/interviewer —sorry). Hugely disappointing..Score: 2/5

RealThank you for this wonderful podcast, the best part of the stories is to realize how complicated love can be, and that is far from the perfect ending we are used to see in romantic movies. Each story gives so much hope... The people that tell their stories went day's, months and even years not knowing what the outcome of their situation was going to be. And after all here they are telling us how much they learned and how happy they are. Make us all wonder, what's going to be our story? How are things going to turn out? :).Score: 5/5

Highly recommendLoooove this podcast. Engaging stuff that touches the soul..Score: 5/5

LOVE Modern LoveI am such a fan!! I love the topics, and the interactions with the narrator and the actual author afterwards..Score: 5/5

Lost its wayThis podcast has lost its way... too bad it used to be one of my favourites..Score: 3/5

Thank you Meghna and WUBRGreat podcast! Thank you for all the good work.Score: 5/5

This podcast is the best part of my dayModern Love blends beautiful narrative storytelling with dramatic readings and insights from life’s most difficult, beautiful, complicated moments. I usually listen to this podcast every night before bed when I’ve shut off everything else, and it truly is one of the best parts of my day.Score: 5/5

Love it but...I love the stories but there are way too many ads sometimes and it cheapens the effect a bit. Otherwise it is worth the listen!.Score: 4/5

Too many adverts/interruptionsI love this column and think the podcast is a great idea, but there are so many ads and breaks for such a short broadcast! I wish they would add more content to make up for all the interruptions — or cut down on the breaks..Score: 2/5

Can’t fix perfect..I’m not one to typically comment, however with the new rebrand it feels the only way to share my opinion. I’ve listened to this podcast for over five years. It’s one I’d turn to for comfort on a Monday morning commute, after a hard day or when I’d struggle to sleep. Sifting through the Modern Love Library for actors I adore to tell me a story of love in all its forms as though it’s a dramatic reading in an intimate space was an element I looked forward to each week. While I, an actor, enjoy the opportunity for voice actors to have a platform such as this, I do deeply miss the familiar voices of actors I know of and recognize. The new format is fine, I enjoy the short story at the top (though I understand comments of it feeling abrupt), the new host, Miya Lee, has a lovely tone and I adore the new artwork. I feel that the shift away from using notable actors to read the gorgeous essays to be a great misstep and one that I struggle to reconcile. Hopefully for the next season there can be a rework to take in the comments and concerns of devoted listeners..Score: 3/5

Worth Your TimeI was very skeptical about this podcast when I saw the title but it has floored me. The stories are funny, interesting and at times devastatingly poignant. Add this podcast to your list..Score: 5/5

Really obnoxious and pretentious.I was subscribed since the first episode but I just couldn't handle it anymore. Rarely has any good stories that share actual insight, and the talking portion beyond the story is always SO pretentious. This whole podcast sounds just like rich people griping about non issues..Score: 1/5

Truly movingI love this podcast. The stories have all been so unique, and rely moving. Getting to hear from the author afterward is great. I do love the updates on their love lives..Score: 5/5

Daniel Jones Should Be Solo HostI miss Meghna Chakrabarti! Sorry to say but cohost Miya Lee has a flat affect. She doesn’t connect with cohost Daniel Jones or the people she interviews. Even her questions are lame. Daniel Jones should host the show himself. He is personable, relates well to people through understanding and empathy. He offers incite into the hearts and minds of those sharing their stories. There is something to maturity and experience that adds weight to Daniel’s persona..Score: 4/5

Love this podcastIt’s a feel-good listen, especially in these weird times..Score: 5/5

Loving this podcastWhen I started listening to this podcast i got really hooked and I loved and listened to every episode. I’m really going to miss it. Thank you for all the positive and heartwarming stories🥰🥰🥰.Score: 5/5

So good!No Meghna!!!!!!!! I will miss listening to you!.Score: 5/5

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Wonderful stories & interviewsI hope you’ll resume new episodes when life resumes a more normal pace..Score: 5/5

Please find new hostI don’t hate the format and Dan Jones is great but Miya Lee really contributes nothing and she’s painful to listen to. She’s cold and sounds like she’s trying too hard to relate to emotion. Maybe she’s a great editor but she shouldn’t host. I miss the warmth of the old host and the evoking of emotions. I used to cry and laugh listening to this but now I’m mostly just irritated by Miya Lee’s commentary..Score: 2/5

Just DisappointingI’m a long time listener of the original Modern Love podcast. However much I want to love this current incarnation, I’m continually disappointed. I can’t really put my finger on why exactly that is. Whereas the original series engages me instantly, the new podcasts leaves me feeling distanced from the stories. Maybe it’s the music which seems eerie to me and not embracing. I so wish to have the original series return. Sorry..Score: 1/5

Love the podcast - hate the editingI wanted to listen to the old episodes. I am not sure if the problem exists in the more current episodes. The stories and updates are wonderful, but whoever is cutting in the commercials is doing a horrendous job. They cut off people while they are speaking. It destroys the mood..Score: 4/5

Great showLove the content, love the new format, love the hosts. One of my favorite shows!.Score: 5/5

Miss old formatI love love love modern love, and think this new format IS better, but miss the warmth of Meghan and getting to hear from the author about why they wrote they they did..Score: 1/5

UnsubscribedAfter they changed the format and Hosts the show was not good anymore. Boo, please bring back old host and actors to read.Score: 1/5

What happened??I used to LOVE this podcast. I did not expect such a drastic unlistenable change when new hosts took over. The title and details notes never match up to the actual content of the show. What’s up with that!’ I guess that wouldn’t be so bad if the actual show that does play was interesting and great, but they aren’t. They’re horrible and make no sense even. Why did you have to mess with a good thing? And by the way, to the female host, there is a difference between an acronym and an abbreviation. Geez..Score: 1/5

From Love to...I was ironically pleased to read similar reviews here. What happened? It used to be such a joyous listen every week: The piano introduction brought an emotional pull to my heart and the soothing voice of Meghna, and a nice, linear flow to the show. I’m not even sure what this is now. I haven’t listened in months and am not sure I want to. Just sad....Score: 3/5

New Format 👎👎👎I love the stories, but this new format and host is disappointing! I must admit that I stopped listening to 2021..Score: 4/5

I Used To Love You, Modern Love PodcastModern Love used to be one of my favorite podcasts but I haven’t been able to listen to a single episode for more than 5 minutes after they switched to the new format. It is a true tragedy. The hosts are doing a great job as editors of the column. They should stick to that....Score: 1/5

Old format was betterI love the old format. The new format seems to rely on weird pauses and music to add to the emotion, when the raw words spoken in the old format were simply beautiful..Score: 1/5

Falling out of LoveI’m a long time listener of Modern Love… The old format allowed the essay to shine on its own while the newer version is overgrown by complicated and confusing production. Listening to Miya Lee converse with the authors carries notes of forced compassion bordering on false apathy. Though she may be a wonderful editor, being behind the microphone may not be the best use of her talents. What a lovely concept and overall a solid body of work. My gratitude should be expressed as I have long love affair with the show. However, we’re in the verge of a breakup. Please consider this 2-star rating to be my humble means to beg for a return to simplicity and a host who is truly capable..Score: 2/5

Lost in translationI was a huge fan the different points of view through stories and Meghan Chakrabarti as host was soothing. I gave it a try and know it’s hard to podcast with no one on the other side of the Mike but that stumbling continues and I am really not a fan of opening 2 sentence thing Just loses me every time know Dan was sayingiS was how he wanted the format and now that he was taking the helm again he was going back but not longer my thing Miss thr inspiration of love and hope the former version brought to the table 😔.Score: 2/5

Can’t Stand This New FormatThe cozy phone call at the beginning? Ugh. Followed by a shortened story? Not interested. Please go back to “the way you were”..Score: 2/5

Bring back Meghna. Please.I miss Meghna..Score: 3/5

❤️I enjoy the new format and host. Perfect for a walk, before bed, or in the morning with a cup of coffee. Feels necessary and profound..Score: 5/5

Used to love it, now feels impersonal and dullI hadn’t listened to Modern Love for a year or so, but it used to be part of my commute I looked forward to every week, pre-pandemic. Tuning in again now, I’ve found I just don’t like the new host and format as much. As others have said, Miya Lee sounds distant and scripted, lacking the genuine curiosity of a good interviewer. I also find the professional narrators used now to be similarly cold and impersonal. The whole thing generally feels likes it’s cold and overproduced — even the new intro irritates me. I may still tune in for the occasional episode here and there, but don’t think I’ll be a regular listener..Score: 3/5

New season overly producedI’m a huge fan of the Modern Love podcast. I was really distracted by the music throughout the dialogue, and the narration is more of a table read from an actor. Im personally bummed out with this new podcast format and hope they tone it down soon. If someone wants an overly acted and produced version, they can watch the web series :)?.Score: 2/5

New Format is DisappointingReally disappointed with this new format… this podcast used to be something I looked forward to every week. Now I’ve just been resorting to relistening the 200 + old episodes hosted by Meghana. What I miss the most is the actors reading the stories as well as their explanation for picking it. I will say, I have enjoyed the inclusion of Tiny Love Stories in the new format..Score: 3/5

Still Missing MeghnaUsed to be my absolute favorite podcast in the world. I’ve tried so hard to enjoy the new version, but still can’t even begin to wrap my head around it. I spend more time ruminating on the awkward interactions between host and guest than the actual content of the stories. I’m so sorry I truly do love Dan and Miya so much, but as others have pointed out, not everyone is meant to host. Missing Meghna Chakrabarti an immeasurable amount..Score: 1/5

!I absolutely love this podcast and the discussion of love in all the different ways! I really wish you guys would post this year :(.Score: 5/5

Another ‘No’ to new format/hostAgree wholeheartedly with so many reviewers here who are voicing concerns about new-ish format and host. I took a break from listening for a few months only to discover what once worked now doesn’t as well. Questions and responses often sound indifferent or disinterested. Perhaps hire someone with a little more experience and personality to host and to interview..Score: 3/5

Used to be my favorite podcast...I ADORED the podcast with Meghna, the former format, the old beautiful piano intro. The newer version just doesn’t have the charm and warmth of the older episodes. I am begging you to return to the older format of the show. Still love the Modern Love essays themselves, and I do like the addition of the Tiny Love Stories. Just bring back the old intro tune, the celebrity actor readers, and the interviews (and Meghna)..Score: 2/5

New format lost me...I use to love Modern Love. Meghan’s voice was so soothing and professional. This new format and hosts I find really hard to listen to. I wanted to give them a chance but couldn’t listen to more than a few minutes of each episode. I kept thinking maybe it’s just this episode and changing to the next but I just couldn’t finish any of them. I wish them the best but as for myself, I am unsubscribing and deleting this podcast. Good luck!.Score: 1/5

Why did they change itI’ve been listening to this podcast religiously for years, but after Megna left and they changed the whole format, I can’t stand it. The new host isn’t where it’s at and I miss hearing more on the story. This past week the interview was about a completely different experience that was unrelated to the story that was written and threw the whole episode off. I can’t vibe with it anymore and it truly saddens me. I won’t be listening anymore..Score: 1/5

Love the new formatI think it was time for a change. I love the interviews with the authors —revisiting so many of these wonderful stories —and find the host’s soothing, empathetic voice to hit all the right notes. Bravo Modern Love producers..Score: 5/5

New Formats, Hosts and Ambience are DepressingThe old show was all I needed to get me going for the rest of the week. What happened to the maxim, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? It’s a shame what the hitherto beloved podcast has become. It’s now the personification of a pariah!.Score: 1/5

CommercialsThey cut in while the actor is in mid sentence. It’s really jarring and happening on all the old episodes that I am listening to. Let them finish and then play the commercials. It was not like this a few months ago..Score: 1/5

Used to be a favoriteThis used to be one of my favorite podcasts, but I could barely make it through a few episodes with the new format/hosts. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I hope they will listen to listener feedback and adjust things, but until then I won’t be tuning in 🙁.Score: 2/5

New FormatThis podcast used to be great… Now it’s almost painful to listen to. So bummed!.Score: 3/5

Miss the old host and formatWas an avid listener from the UK.. now it just doesn’t have the same soothing feeling. Bring Meghna and the old format back (with all due respect to the current hosts).Score: 1/5

Miss the old formatI was obsessed with this show. Like I’d listen to it as soon as a new episode was released. Then they changed it to this new format and I just can’t get into it anymore. I also miss the original host, her voice was so calming and welcoming..Score: 2/5

New episodes pleaseI love this podcast. The new version is equally, if not better than the old version. I appreciated the younger spin, and the new hosts both had great radio voices as well. New episodes please!!!.Score: 5/5

Miya is a great hostI especially like the one on one zoom interviews..Score: 5/5

SadI was hoping the new season would be better and that some of the feedback would be taken to heart. Sadly, it’s not. I used to wait for a new episode every week. Since the change, I halfheartedly listened..Score: 1/5

EOk I s 4 5tq I tast wait we was as we we get a C you was Siri see wa wa s ride.Score: 5/5

Fresh airYou understand so much about ppl through their love stories and it makes you think about life in a broader perspective..Score: 5/5

Miss The Original Theme Music & FormatI miss the lovely original music, format and hosts. It was perfect for the subject. Please bring ithem back. My 2 star rating would have been a 5 had you not made these unnecessary changes. And I hope there will be another TV show with Interlinked stories like the original. It was wonderful..Score: 2/5

My Favorite podcastI can’t tell you how very much I have loved this podcast from the start. I really miss it not being on now and hope that it’s coming back. And I watched the series twice. So good!.Score: 5/5

Go back to the old formatPlease go back to the old format- I used to wait excitedly for the podcast to drop every week, but this new format is not warm or as engaging as the old format. Megdah’s voice was soooo soothing and professional. I am not enjoying the change..Score: 1/5

Interesting!Love this podcast! So many great stories and interviews. More episodes please!!!.Score: 5/5

RefreshingI’m a person of few words… so all I can say is refreshing and poignant..Score: 5/5

Too many commercials breaks!Love the content but too many commercial breaks. I revisited one of my favorite episodes and literally 4 commercial breaks even during the reading. It never used to be so intrusive....disappointing..Score: 2/5

Change back to old formatI used to look forward to this podcast every week because it felt like a warm hug. Meghna’s voice was so soothing and I loved that they allowed the authors a chance to talk about their experiences and had the actors talk about their connections with it. Now I can hardly hear the story because of the noise behind it and the host chit-chat is distracting and strays away from the story. Even if you don’t bring Meghna back please bring back the old format and a new host who has a better voice and interviewing skills..Score: 1/5

Please bring Meghan backI have been a fan of this show for a really long time but the new format is truly disappointing. Ever since Meghan left it is just over produced. I am not really sure why you all changed the format but I hope that you will not be continuing with this new format. It is becoming much harder to listen to one of my favorite podcasts..Score: 2/5

Bring back Meghna Chakrabarti!!Bring back Meghna Chakrabarti!! I loved Modern Love but this new format has lost me as a listener..Score: 3/5

Miss the old formatThis podcast lost its charm..Score: 1/5

A new season!So happy the new season started, really enjoyed the first episode..Score: 5/5

So sadI’m so sad at how my all time favorite pod has changed. I agree with many of the other recent reviews so won’t pile on. I will say that I really dislike using a story that was just published a few months ago in the NYT. Some distance from the piece makes the interviews afterwards more interesting, and it’s just not as interesting to hear a story read aloud that I just read myself very recently. I feel like there used to be pieces on the pod that were years old, which, even if I’d read them originally, it had been long enough to feel fresh..Score: 3/5

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RivetingLove these tales!.Score: 5/5

Moving and beautifully toldThe column is brilliant and this brings it to life so cleverly - a lovely podcast..Score: 5/5

Yvonne R.Oh my, I’m so addicted. The essays are great but the readers voices are what I find on point. Perfection!.Score: 5/5

Rich and variedWonderful podcast which makes me think about love and connecting, for all ages..Score: 5/5

All time favThis is my all time favourite podcast. they make me think, laugh and cry.Score: 5/5

Bring back the old format!I miss the old format so much. Modern Love didn’t need to be edgier or chattier. Such a loss..Score: 2/5

Jumped the sharkI loved it before but really miss the old host, the old music and the simpler format with more story and less commentary.Score: 2/5

Good length episodesThis podcast series has taught me to love "bigger" by showing that love comes in all size and shapes, at any age, and to anyone. The fact that each episode is less than 30min makes it easily digestible..Score: 4/5

Love it but stop interrupting stories mid sentenceWhy do you insert adds in the middle of stories? And why are ads repeated twice?.Score: 4/5

AwesomeLove it ☺️.Score: 5/5

Real stories that make you dig deep within yourselfEach story pulls the heart strings in different ways. So beautifully put together with great storytellers and a insightful discussion after. This is one of my favourite podcasts I’ve been listening to consistently over a year. Thank you for creating this and spreading love!.Score: 5/5

Be more careful about picking people to do the reading!I love this show and the content it delivers. I love most of the episodes I’ve listened to but one was just AWFUL to follow through; Krysten Rittner is a terrible reader. I have nothing against her and I like her well on screen. But her twangy voice and Valley Girl accent did not do the essay any justice; this is a shame because I’m sure “R We D8ting” was a wonderful essay by itself. I wish they had a different person to read this, because this just feels torturous and annoying..Score: 3/5

Fantastic storytellingBeautiful podcast with exceptionally told stories about people and life..Score: 5/5

Ruined what was a great podcastNew format is garbage..Score: 1/5

Waiting each week for a new storyI love Modern Love. Thank you.Score: 5/5

I love these storiesBeautifully written and perfectly narrated by top actors. This is such a lovely podcast to relax to..Score: 5/5

Great, but...Great pod cast, but the ads begin in the middle of a sentence, usually the last sentence of the essay? What’s that about?.Score: 4/5

Great storiesLove the stories, less commentary.Score: 4/5

Beautiful and happy and sAdAll of the above .. becAuse that is what love is and can be..Score: 5/5

GeezLike tinder for boring elderly rich people.Score: 1/5

The ads cut off the storyI love these stories but whoever puts the podcast together, you are cutting the end of the stories off (the most critical part) with an ad! Example: Sarah Silverman’s reading..Score: 4/5

Love Stories, Commentary Not So MuchLovely podcast, nice to hear these love stories - commentary by the host (who sounds very nice) is sometimes not needed. Sometimes best to let listeners learn their own lessons/come to their own conclusions..Score: 3/5

Fantastic varied range of storiesHighly recommended.Score: 5/5

Best podcastIf you want to jump in, listen to "friends without benefits" episode first, and the rest after..Score: 5/5

My go-to podcast. Wait eagerly every week for releaseWhat a comprehensive insight into love in all its facets! Also led me to read more of the NYT contributions, watch the amazon prime series and purchase a few memoirs. Painfully beautiful!.Score: 5/5

Not loving the new formatHave always enjoyed the stories so much. And loved the old host. I’m not enjoying the new format where the story is broken up into two parts and more commentary. Good on you for changing it up, but not enjoying it sorry..Score: 4/5

Modern love.This is an awesome podcast suitable for so many different people!.Score: 5/5

Bring back the old formatI hate the new format and miss the old podcast, such a shame.Score: 1/5

I Love Modern Love PodcastI love the Modern love podcasts, in fact i hunger for them and i can't wait for new episodes every week! Lots of inspiring, touching and beautiful stories! I run to work, and this together with the Runner's World podcast are my staple run commute companion. Keep up the good work and keep the episodes coming!.Score: 5/5

Love it!Hey guys! Love this Podcast, totally addicted, although I'm unfortunately nearly finished all the episodes (in two days, oops haha) Keep up the good work and keep pumping out the episodes! I'm listening from Perth, Australia!.Score: 5/5

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SafemoonTNIf people are going to show up for disappointment each year at least we can charge them out the ass for stadium sky… .Score: 5/5

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RachelAshenden ruth_millington: “I, Kusama, am the modern Alice in Wonderland”. I just love these psychedelic, magic polka dot mushrooms from the mind….Score: 5/5

Mahamud49928699 TeamSidharthFC: #BrokenButBeautiful3 has started streaming on MX player. U can watch all the episodes here completely free, without any….Score: 5/5

ArcticgirComecei modern love e já tô chorando a beça no 1° episódio.Score: 5/5

Christopher_RStHelensEnviro joshual951 LGSpace sthelenscouncil andyjbowden StHelensGreens CM15here ChrisGPackham… .Score: 5/5

_3_3_0_4_ WalterK53207087: Both modern F1 and Gundam design's form languages are something I love to geek over. I combined them together out of c….Score: 5/5

Fab_rodsAmei demais as sinopses dos episódios da segunda temporada de Modern Love.Score: 5/5

Kevmaslin BirminghamWeAre: Love your modern architecture? Love Birmingham? You will love our trail and coverage of the city's architecture at:….Score: 5/5

_karlotap levmauc: MODERN LOVE regresa a Amazon el 13 de Agosto con nuevas historias cuyo eje central sigue siendo el amor/desamor y la conexión.….Score: 5/5

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Modern Love Podcast Episodes

Was It Me or Our Astrology?

After heartbreak landed Amisha Patel on her parents' couch, she began to question whether her love life was predetermined.

Trapped in a Romance Scam

Last spring, Michael McAllister’s inbox started filling up with messages from heartbroken women. “I thought you were the man,” one wrote. “Embarrassing, but I kinda became obsessed with ‘you,’” another said. Michael discovered that his photos were being used to catfish women on dating apps — from Germany to Brazil to Chicago. Today’s story explores a global dating scam (that’s still going on, by the way) and the pandemic-fueled loneliness of digital life. Also, we hear from two women who were duped by Michael’s impostor. One of them shares a trick for determining whether or not a dating prospect is real. Click here for more info on the episode. Featured Story:“How I Got Caught Up in a Global Romance Scam" by Michael McAllister 

Meet Cute at Zero Years Old

Kadine Christie’s birth story is one that has been told to her time and again. She was born in the mountain town of Spalding, Jamaica, in the presence of two women: her mother, Lorna, and a stranger, Lurline, who was going into labor in the same open ward. This is a story that feels like fiction, but is far from it. It has high stakes, unexpected connections and a surprising ending. Something astonishing — even magical — was born in that maternity ward 40 years ago. Tune in to learn why Kadine’s birth story is also her love story.You can find more info on today's episode here. Featured Stories: “I Met My Husband on the Maternity Ward,” by Kadine Christie“An Unexpected Sign” by Sarah Reynolds Westin

She Left Me There

Kacey Vu Shap had no desire to return to the Vietnamese orphanage of his youth. As a child, whenever he told people he was adopted, he would say that he came “premade” — that he spontaneously appeared one day at the Baltimore airport, greeted by a new family bearing flowers and kisses. “It was easier to sanitize my story by speaking only of my life as Kacey, who was loved and wanted, than to tell people of my life as Vu, who was abandoned and undesired,” Kacey wrote in his Modern Love essay. Nearly 25 years later, Kacey found himself back at the orphanage with his three best friends and a newfound understanding of what form love can take.You can find more info on today's episode here. 

Why Do People Get Married?

Welcome to our season premiere. Seven years into a serious relationship, Jake Maynard got a text from his mother: “Gramma Gert: 3, Jake: 0.” This was her way of telling him that his grandmother, in her 80s, was getting married for the third time, while Jake remained unmarried and childless in his late 20s. His family found this strange. Stranger still, at least in Jake’s view, was his grandmother’s choice of partner. (You’ll have to listen to the episode.) Today, we explore how two generations of the same family — 50 years apart — grapple with identity, tangled kin and the loaded question of marriage.You can find more info on today's episode here. 

The Return of the Modern Love Podcast

The Modern Love podcast will be back for a new season on May 12, with new episodes on Wednesdays. We hope you’ll join us!You can find more info about the new season here. 

What the Silence Said

When Laura and her husband divorced after two decades of marriage, their “little Colorado mountain town” could barely tell. It was quiet compared to the dramatic natural disasters that were afflicting the area — like flooding and wildfires. There were no raised voices, no feelings of fury.So why did they split? In the lead-up to their divorce, Laura had a revelation about what good love — the kind that will “survive life” — is supposed to sound like.Featured stories:“No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage," by Laura Pritchett“Silence Is Its Own Answer," by Jennifer ByrneLaura's story was recorded by Audm. To hear more audio stories from publishers like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android.

‘Desire Is Never the Mistake’

This holiday season, it’s OK to want more. Paula grew up in foster care, and year after year she would find herself “clobbered by desire” when the holidays rolled around. She longed for a mother and father to rescue her and “make everything better”; she wished for the hip-huggers and games she saw on TV.When she was 21, she met a man named Jeff who ruptured this annual cycle of desire. He became the inspiration for a hard-earned Christmas lesson.Featured stories:“The Holiday of My Dreams Was Just That,” by Paula McLain“A Sweet Reminder,” by Meg ChristmanPaula's story was recorded by Audm. To hear more audio stories from publishers like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android.You can find more information on today's episode here.

With the Help of Strangers

This episode contains descriptions of domestic violence.In 2013, Courtney Queeney published an essay about surviving domestic violence and the legal proceedings that followed. She described going to a courthouse every two weeks to renew her emergency protection order against her ex. It was during this period that she found “scattered bright spots” — things to laugh about when everything seemed unfunny. She found comfort in the woman who shared her court schedule; her lawyer, whom she revered; and the judge who made her crack up.Today, we hear about how Courtney has worked through the experience and aftermath of her abuse — and where is she now.Featured stories:“The View From the Victim Room,” by Courtney Queeney“Held by String,” by Eliza RudalevigeCourtney's story was recorded by Audm. To hear more audio stories from publishers like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android.You can find more information on today's episode here.New York Times subscribers are invited to join the hosts of Modern Love on Dec. 15 for an evening celebrating the new “Tiny Love Stories” book. RSVP here.

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