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On May 10, 2020, 25-year-old Skylar Ware wished his mom a happy Mother's Day. He was in Kansas City, Missouri, and she was in the process of moving to Florida, so the two didn't see each other often but kept in frequent contact. That was the last time Skylar's mother ever heard from her only child, and his posts on social media stopped soon after, leaving everyone to wonder what happened to him. Nearly a year later, with no leads, they're still wondering, and Skylar is still missing.If you have any information about Skylar Ware's disappearance, please call the Kansas City Police Department at 816-234-5136. You may also call their TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477). Alternatively, you can contact the Jackson County, Missouri Sheriff's Office at 816-541-8017.This episode was sponsored by:BetterHelp- Visit for 10% off your first month.DoorDash- For a limited time, our listeners can get 25% off and zero delivery fees on their first order when you download the DoorDash app and enter code THEVANISHED.Listen ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App. you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form: The Vanished on social media at:FacebookInstagramTwitterPatreon

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EnjoyableReally like this podcast but the chitchat at the beginning is a bugbear and not really necessary.Score: 5/5

You should reconsiderHard to respect Wondery shows knowing they support Sword and Scale, who’s host is a rampant racist, sexist, victim-blaming, transphobic. I suggest you go get your crime fix from other places: LPOTL, All killa no Filla, etc.Score: 1/5

This podcast makes money of the sufferings of victimsAnd the woman who runs the the show is an egotistical cry baby who profits from peoples sufferings, she quit her day job because she make so much money from this podcast IE peoples suffering, they should donate all profits to a missing persons organisation instead she pockets all of the money, a guy made a critique of this podcast and she DOXED him and tried to get him fired from his real life job, awful product that only exists and makes money of the backs of peoples sufferings.Score: 1/5

Great podcastHow can someone disappear without a trace? Why don’t the police do more? These families need answers. If you like a mystery then this is the podcast for you and you never know, you might be able to help solve a mystery.Score: 5/5

Terrible showBoring and lame.Score: 1/5

V interestingI enjoy this podcast, i listen to it from afar and im amazed how poor the police are at investigating these cases. The narrator is excellent and the story from the family’s of the missing is interesting but also v sad. One final point, Donald Trump what the hell do you see in that horrible oaf ?..Score: 4/5

Very Well DoneMarissa does a TREMENDOUS job highlighting cases of people we'd never have heard of it not for this podcast. She handles every case with the utmost respect and empathy and that's so impressive. She will always respond to any questions on Twitter as well. I love her page here on looks just terrific !! I like the way she will always go back and update cases, too. I am now up-to-date on episodes but still enjoying these a great deal..Score: 5/5

Fantastic podcastWith interviews from loved ones, investigators, professionals and clips from news reports, this podcast builds a detailed picture of events, gives a voice to the missing and hope to families, as well as highlighting some really important but obscure missing cases and helpful organisations - if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a great podcast!.Score: 5/5

No flowI found this incredibly hard to listen to. It seems to have no flow to the narration, seems highly scripted (I.e. read from a script) and the editing seems awful (there were times that I thought the podcast had stopped playing)..Score: 1/5

Such a shame; too rushed and fast talkI actually had to keep checking if my phone was on fast forward, I love the subjects but I felt like I was listening to them on speed settings. They barely breathe for air. The show needs to be slowed down..Score: 2/5

Best of the genreHave been here from the start, and haven’t left since. I have not found any other podcast of this genre that comes close to the level of detail, care and effort put into these casts. A lot of podcasts of the theme hype up the spooky, the weird, the strange, all for cheap likes. They guys at The Vanished clearly invest their times and lives into these shows, the people and their families. I have stopped searching for other podcasts now and simply have learned to be patient and wait for each new release. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

Takes it tollThis maybe just me but I found this podcast very depressing. Listening to the families story and how they will never get the truth or find their child or relative was so hard to listen to and you just knew there was probably never going to be any closure to their pain. When this happened every episode I had to unsubscribe, it was just too dark for me..Score: 2/5

Epic!!!Really worthwhile listen....Score: 5/5

HmmmmHad high hopes but poor quality recording but research is great.Score: 2/5

Simply Fabulous!Love your podcast... love the way it is delivered and have enjoyed every episode! Keep up the good work.Score: 5/5

Interesting and compelling podcastReally grateful to Marissa - the creator and presenter for all her hard work and dedication to researching all of these lesser known cases and giving families / friends the opportunity to reach a wider audience. This is a well researched and fascinating list of unexplained disappearances and Marissa has a lovely, empathetic and calming manner. All of the cases are clearly outlined making it an easy listen and many include interviews with victims families & friends. Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

I cannot get enoughI’ve listened for a long time and it just is brilliant at being heartbreaking, honest and touching all at the same time. The space given to the families and friends to talk is great..Score: 5/5

Favourite podcastThis has been a favourite podcast for a while not - I so look forward to the weekly updates! Marisa is so thorough in her research and clearly has concern for all the stories she tells. Great job, giving a voice to the vanished..Score: 5/5

Really interesting, although sadReally interesting (albeit sad) podcast. Great host, who knows how to tell the story and clearly cares..Score: 5/5

Very movingThis podcasts probably moves me the most of all podcast in the true crime category. Never really gave it much thought but these stories are unbelievable. So hoping that all the people in this show find closure, my heart goes out to them. One of my favourite true crime podcasts..Score: 5/5

A brilliant findReally nicely done, well researched and enjoy the interviews too. Sound quality and random silent gaps could improve but it’s good enough.Score: 3/5

Incredible.Terrifying, heartbreaking - but addictive. The Vanished has made me lookout more for others, and be more cautious about my own activities and movements. Above all, it serves to remind us that we should always look out for friends, neighbours and even strangers: any one of us could provide the smallest detail that helps someone in need turn up safe..Score: 5/5

Great podcastLove these individual stories, well structured podcast.Score: 5/5

The Doe filesVery well presented.Score: 5/5

Would recommend!I accidentally stumbled upon this podcast and now it’s one of my favourites! Host has a lovely voice and they production is really great!.Score: 5/5

TerribleThis is not a podcast. This is a collection of recordings of family members of missing people speaking. There is no narrative or real editing. The family members are not to blame for how boring the show is - their interviews should be properly led and then edited as they are with proper shows. This is some seriously lazy podcasting. Also waaaay too many ads. Don’t bother with this one is you want more from a show than someone using the emotions of victims’ families to make a profit..Score: 1/5

Amazing and very well researchedThis is one of my favorite podcasts. I can listen to this for hours. Thank you for your research and commitment to the cause..Score: 5/5

Painfully bad interviewsI’ve only listened to the most recent of these - the case of Theresa Murphy - but it’s put me off subscribing to the series. The family members are of course not experts in giving interviews, so it’s not a criticism of them that their conversations to be rambling and unfocused and repetitive. The show producer’s role however is to give some coherence to this story, and at this they fail miserably. There’s clearly no real investigation, no attempt to find the truth or solve the mystery from the show’s producers, it’s just milking the pain of a family who have no answers to what has happened to their mother/daughter/step-sister..Score: 1/5

PoorTried a few, poor monotonous narration, bad sound quality, hard to enjoy. But mainly relies on full, unedited media interviews of people, these drag on and on and on and on and on........... Anyone can throw together media interviews from the internet, large amounts of time and I mean LARGE, are taken up and these are unnecessary and boring and show the lack of confidence in the narrator. Some would call it cheating....get on with the story it’s not a talk show....or if it is then explain it and don’t waste peoples time who want to hear a proper story podcast....Score: 1/5

MsP76Really enjoy this podcast, very well orated, easy listening but insightful. You got the background music just right too. Great work 👍🏼.Score: 5/5

Great podcastI’ve been listen to this show for years, it’s one of my favourites. It provides an opportunity for those in a terrible position to get their story out. I feel like the people who wrote bad reviews have hidden motives, remember most people want these people found but the ones who made the vanish do not. I find the hosts voice soothing, she has the right kind of tone for the subject. I like how she lets people talk during interviews, it’s really off putting when an interviewer keep butting in. Here people get tell their story without interruptions..Score: 5/5

So very very goodI absolutely love this podcast. The host, Marissa manages to tell each story with such compassion and enthusiasm, I just can’t stop listening to them. The cases are varied and are covered in great detail. Would highly recommend..Score: 5/5

One of the best podcastOnly started listening to this podcast ,I love the way you get every involved in which is a difficult time for the families but for someone to listen and understand and help most be some sort of comfort to know that people listen and care , Keep doing what your doing ,your the voice for these families and I hope they find there love ones ,I can’t imagine what they are going through ,but when you listen to the post cast you bring there pain alive ,and a chance from them to speak must ease some of the heartache ,.Score: 5/5

Brenda’s storyOne of the most moving stories I have heard. So well told, I hope Brenda’s wonderful sister gets closer to the truth however harsh it may be..Score: 5/5

Amazing PodcastI listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this is by far my favourite. Covering a vast range of interesting stories, Marissa sensitively explores the facts involved in each missing person case, following their last known movements and including interviews with family members. She shares possible leads and some connected opinions on what may have happened. Instagram is loaded with photographs and updates on cases if people are found or anyone is arrested and convicted. A very well made podcast!!.Score: 5/5

Neil JefferyLove a good mystery , some of these cases are genuinely baffling Good insight on the effect it has on family & friends left behind hope they have follow up episodes letting people know if any of these cases are solved.Score: 5/5

ExcellentGood coverage of cases and the interviews with the people involved in them make this one if my favourite true crime podcasts. It really makes you want to help and get involved somehow..Score: 5/5

Polished ,Professional ,CompassionateI love this. Marissa really goes the extra mile to publicise some lesser known cases. The interviews are well done and the cases are well researched. Don’t be put off by reviews for early episodes, the standard soon rises to excellent very quickly..Score: 5/5

Must listenThe most heartbreaking yet stimulating true crime/missing persons podcast out there. Interesting and current cases that require answers and/or justice ASAP; I just hope the right people are listening. Like and share on social media to increase the chances, please!.Score: 5/5

Brilliant!This podcast is a public service. Well researched. It’s opened my eyes. I had no idea so many people go missing..Score: 5/5

BrilliantJust discovered this podcast after hearing it advertised on another podcast I listen to and extremely impressed. I have now gone back and downloaded old episodes and have listened to about 50 in just over 2 weeks, I’m well and truly hooked!! Keep them coming as they are well researched and told would be great to hear some follow up on some that have been resolved if poss otherwise simply stunning!!.Score: 5/5

GreatReally really good. Well made and researched. I've got loads to catch up on after not long discovering this..Score: 5/5

Very goodLove this podcast..Score: 5/5

So compelling and well researchedSuch a great podcast and deserves more followers..Score: 5/5

One of my faves!I love this podcast. Have listened forever. Podcasts such as this are so important and The Vanished is the OG. Thank you for doing such important work for these families and helping them to get some kind of closure. The Vanished is more than TC for our ears it’s a service that is really needed and I believe really makes a difference. The families involved really get the chance to have their say which is paramount. Keep the episodes and their updates coming. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo..Score: 5/5

RecommendThis is one of my all time favourite podcasts. Subject matter undertaken in such a compassionate and thoughtful manner..Score: 5/5

AMAZING PODCASTWow wow well done on your podcast you to work so well together so happy I found your show.Score: 5/5

Enrique & ElijahI believe he went missing on 17th October, not November as per show notes for this update episode. Excellent podcast. Well researched & interviews add an extra dimension. Thank you so much for all your hard work. 😘😘.Score: 5/5

Look up every now and then!Whilst the topic is very interesting...the host needs some elevation in her voice, but monotonous..Score: 2/5

Bad soundTerrible quality of phone interviews, painful to listen.Score: 2/5

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Wow — Marissa’s dedication inspires aweI can hardly believe I’ve been listening to The Vanished for over 200 episodes now, all meticulously researched with actual participation and input from those affected try the loss of a loved one. I don’t know how Marissa does it! But waiting into the wee hours of Sunday night for a new episodes is one of my weekly joys. The compassion and sensitivity with which Marissa approaches her subject matter and her ability to relate the facts without ever seeming intrusive makes this a podcast to savour and respect..Score: 5/5

Great spotlight on the missing...butThe way the lady tells the stories it’s so monotone and drawn out...trying too hard to sound like an old school podcast and it makes it hard to listen to after a while...even the ads she reads...makes you feel like your in’s too bad because the stories are very interesting.Score: 3/5

Paige JohnsonThe stories are well balanced between narrator & family members telling the stories. I hope you can do another podcast on the Paige Johnson case once more is discovered. So sad. I bet he raped and murdered her. He deserves justice & more than 4 years!!!.Score: 5/5

👍🏼One of the best missing persons podcasts I’ve ever listened to! The last two episodes on A.G. were frustratingly painful to listen to😬 Her poor daughter... Daughter’s dad talks in circles and is super confused. Very odd behaviour! Wishing her daughter the best of luck ahead in this journey. She seems very mature, insightful, and wants to find answers (which she deserves to know). It was very brave for her to be honest and assertive with her dad..Score: 4/5

Important stories of missing loved ones shared!I have been following this podcast for a few years now and am always looking forward to hearing the next episode. Amazing work by the host to tell these often lesser known stories without judgment. These missing people and their families/friends deserve nothing less. I know a lot of work goes into the research and interviews so thank you!.Score: 5/5

Great WorkI listen to your podcast all day long at work and can’t get enough. My favourite podcast. I’m all caught up and can’t wait for more! My favourite so far is episode 169 - Dugger. So mysterious. What happened to him?! Keep up the wonderful work. These families/friends need a voice!.Score: 5/5

Enjoy your podcastGreat listening. I have been away from podcast for a couple of years. I really enjoy your podcast. I have noticed your improvement and wish you continued success Marissa. Keep up the great work!.Score: 5/5

LoveLove this show so so so much. My only whine is that sometimes the sound quality of the family members is bad..Score: 5/5

ExcellentCompassionate. Amazing.Score: 5/5

Fantastic podcastGreat host! I like the families are interview and can tell their side of the story. I feel connected to every single story. Listening to this podcast along with links helps spread the word around..Score: 5/5

A voice for those who no longer have oneI stumbled onto “The Vanished” podcasts purely by accident. After hearing the first episode, I was hooked. These podcasts are very well researched and completely unbiased..Score: 5/5

Best podcast that’s out there!Excellent podcast from start to finish and just gets more riveting with every single episode. Each episode truly invites you into the lives of those who are missing, as told by their loved ones looking for answers. With no need for flashy bells and whistles, this podcast is straight up honest, empathic, at times heartbreaking and narrated with such precision, it never feels scripted or rehearsed. This podcast gives a voice for those who are unable to tell their own story. Check this show out!.Score: 5/5

The bestBy far one of the best podcast out there..Score: 5/5

Great podcastInformative.. I am more aware of what is around me due to this podcast... it can be confusing at times ... I would like a bit more clarification with some of the episodes... I just finished the 4 parter Amos and it was quite confusing... I may not be focused enough ... but still fabulous!! I wouldn’t want your voice changed!! I am a truck driver and it is a great voice to have in my travels with me!! Thank you, ...Eyes open....Score: 5/5

Long-time listenerThis podcast is absolutely fantastic. I never have any issues listening to the guests. I personally think the quality is superb. I’m fascinated with these podcasts and feel she does an excellent job. Thanks for bringing us this podcast..Score: 5/5

SpellbindingI’ve been listening to this podcast from the start. I think you’re doing a public service by keeping these cases in people’s minds. Everyone deserves to be remembered and looked for..Score: 5/5

Highly recommend this podcastThe material is well-researched and presented. Spotlighting missing loved ones is important work..Score: 5/5

Absolute Must Listen To PodcastHands down the best missing persons podcast around. The stories are well told, and they draw you in. If you haven’t given this podcast a listen, you’re missing out. 5 Stars!.Score: 5/5

MesmerizingEach episode is a deep dive into one case, of course, but what fascinates me even more than the fate of the vanished is having access to whole universes around the case. i love to hear how the person grew up, what their life was like before, even the law enforcement people involved. each episode is a little trip in some corner of the US. the narration is extremely flat, and i know it may sound like a bad thing but it is not; it helps process the details, of which there are a ton each time. love, love this podcast..Score: 5/5

James wigginsDumb question but has the family contacted Nameus or the Doe Project to find James?.Score: 5/5

Great podcast!Wish it didn’t rely so heavily on first person accounts via phone call tho..Score: 5/5

Wonderful podcast... and very Addictive 🤓Wonderful podcast... and very Addictive 🤓.Score: 5/5

Might sound weird butI fall asleep to The Vanished mostly every night; morbid?... maybe but Marissa's soothing voice and insanely well researched episodes make re-listening so easy. One of the best true crime pods hands down..Score: 5/5

Binge-worthyI’ve been binge listening since I discovered your podcast! Thank you for helping these families tell their stories..Score: 5/5

Great!Just started listening I am in the first 20 episodes fantastic work. Only note is I am hoping at some point the sound could be balanced better between clips and interviews. I am constantly having to adjust the volume..Score: 5/5

Excellent PodcastThis podcast has helped many families get the exposure/coverage they need to help locate or find some kind of resolution for their missing loved ones. Marissa does a wonderful job in bringing these stories to life!.Score: 5/5

Best!This is a top notch podcast made by a top notch person. Absolutely excellent!.Score: 5/5

SoundThis would be an ok podcast except for the horrible sound on the calls from guests. Terrible sound..the interviews are rambling...and not that pertinent to the story in a lot of cases..which isn’t the hosts fault...but it can be really painful to listen to these people...get a better recording system for these calls!.Score: 1/5

ExcellentThank you Marissa for all the work you do to shine a light on the missing, and especially for the kind and unbiased approach you take, and the humanity you give, to those whose path has been more difficult than others. I look forward to each and every episode..Score: 5/5

A podcast for the greater goodWhat you’re doing is good. It’s good for the families left to wonder about their loved ones. It’s good for these cases to get coverage when traditional media won’t. It’s not like most true crime cases where it sensationalizes terrible crimes. You allow the loved ones of the missing to have their voices heard. They share their story. You’re doing something so special, keep it up!.Score: 5/5

GreatHer voice is very soothing and the coverage is very thorough..Score: 5/5

I like the info but not the hostThe voice is so monotone and dull. I feel like i am listening to a bad newscaster. I love the info and concept but I don’t know if I can stick it out for more than the episodes I have listened too..Score: 2/5

Must ListenMarissa puts such care into telling each of these stories. You can tell that she truly empathizes with the families. This makes this podcast so easy to listen to - no b.s. just the straight story, relying heavily on accounts directly from those important in the missing person’s life. Look forward to this in my feed every week..Score: 5/5

Great QualityGreat sound, research, and interviews..Score: 5/5

Needs some workI was really trying to get Into this podcast the narrator is so quiet slow speaking and it actually makes me tired to listen to, and a lot of the time the interviews are just awful to listen to, nothing but speculation from anyone and it just goes on and on.Score: 2/5

Marissa is doing something so difficult but necessaryMarissa brings attention to the plight of missing people, providing their loved ones with a platform and means to help find them. Such admirable work. Each missing person is afforded the humanity they deserve. So sad and troubling to hear about so many missing people, but credit to Marissa for taking it on in such a thorough and respectful way..Score: 5/5

Can you make a good podcast for me pleaseAnd I will be so happy if you can. Make one for me because I really like to listen to my podcast every week because I have a busy life and that I can relax myself to podcast every week because I have school and I’m really busy at school and everything that I do in school and I really feel busy.Score: 5/5

Love thisGreat podcast. Marissa is very thorough and her delivery is professional.Score: 5/5

Excellent PodcastBeautifully researched and executed. We’re given a fuller, bigger picture of the victims in these stories with grace and sensitivity from the host. An inclusive, kind podcast when we need it most. All victims are important and deserve justice and to have their names spoken. This podcast understands that one’s past doesn’t dictate the rest of their lives, their deaths, or their stories..Score: 5/5

Great podcastDefinitely well produced and bingeable but needs a script editor. Many repetitive details throughout episodes, often repeated by the host after the subject says it..Score: 4/5

Great but...You could cut 15-20 minutes out of each episode. Way to much repetition. Listening to one as I type this, and five different people talked about how “she was for fearing.” Tighten them up and get to the crime..Score: 3/5

Important and heartbreaking, but needs some work.I really love Marissa as a host. Her voice is sympathetic but strong, and she does a great job presenting facts. These stories are so important and I feel like she’s holding a torch for the missing and lost. My issue echoes the sentiment of many - the phone interviews are a major drag on this podcast. I understand that it’s really important for the families to say their piece but I feel like many of the guests ramble on about things that don’t really help forward the case of their missing loved one. I really do understand that nobody wants to cut an interview of a brokenhearted mother short, but I have found myself skimming through some interviews simply because the audio quality was so bad / they were talking about how many cousins they have for five minutes. Perhaps curating this a bit more / having Marissa relay the information more concisely would help. Regardless I truly appreciate this podcast and I am grateful that it puts so many lesser known cases in the spotlight..Score: 4/5

LOVEMy favourite podcast by far. I always find myself looking for new ones and looping back to this one. I can’t wait for monday morning! Keep up the good work..Score: 5/5

A lot of ramblingOn many episodes, recordings of interviews are played with a lot of irrelevant rambling. I would much rather hear edited versions that only provide relevant information to telling the victim’s stories..Score: 2/5

Iffy timelines, great interviewsI’m not going to lie - some of the editing, particularly in regards to case updates, is just a bit muddled, to me. I wonder if the host could create better transitions and clarifications on important information. Is it the monotone voice that makes it hard for me to catch crucial information? Or is it poorly established timelines? Despite that critique, I appreciate how thoroughly investigated this podcast is. The interviews bring the cases to life, and I’m glad that the podcast has contributed to so much awareness..Score: 4/5

MehGreat content! Not my favorite as the frequent audio recordings are not clear, staticky & 90% of the podcast. I would like to hear more from the narrator as your voice is a pleasant audio experience..Score: 1/5

Worst podcast by wonderyThe audio in the episodes at times are impossible to decipher. There is no transition from quiet audio to blaring audio which makes it completely frustrating to listen to..Score: 2/5

I want to like this podcastI keep coming back every few months to try it again but I just can’t stand the recorded phone calls. If it was just the narrator speaking then it would be much better. I want so bad to hear the stories but I just can’t stand the recordings.Score: 2/5

Hard to followGood stories but the background music and monotone voice are very annoying and make it hard to follow..Score: 2/5

Monotone robotic hostWas really interested in the story line but I can’t stand the hosts voice, it just drones on.Score: 1/5

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DysfunctionIt’s interesting after listening to multiple episodes, there is one thing “most” of these so called ‘victims’ have in common. Many of them at the time of their disappearances, were in a very toxic family/relationship or surrounded themselves with toxic people. In other words, they willingly invited chaos into their lives. It’s a well put together podcast. It just gets old after awhile, knowing if these people would have broke away from the extreme dysfunction, they would most likely have never suffered that fate..Score: 4/5

Very in-depthOne of THE most well researched missing person podcasts.Score: 5/5

Loose focusGreat podcast ! But.... I felt the narrative of the story is mostly told by family snd friends , snd it’s probably just me , but I loose the focus of the narrative when other people speak which is most of the stories 😞.Score: 4/5

Pretty goodNot the strongest storyteller, but the storylines are usually pretty good. Not my favorite, but I enjoy listening..Score: 4/5

Marissa is GOATI don’t listen to the podcast thru this app, but I wanted to leave a review. Marissa does an amazing job!!.Score: 5/5

Love It!Hey Marissa! I LOVE your podcast - I just discovered it recently actually (never been into the whole pocast thing) but it's on play pretty much all day now, bare minimum in the background - whenever I'm home, driving to and from work, falling asleep (true), etc... What I love about it are some of the things it seems other reviewers have slighted you for; for example, I happen to like the minimal narration, lending instead to the family members and friends to tell their own stories. Your audio is spot on btw, there's no flux in sound volume or sound quality... this is what makes it so easy to listen to /have on in the background ALL the time. It's almost soothing - to me, at least. If I can offer one bit of constructive criticism? Your commercial spots are a bit too... overly reporter-ish... and I hope you take this with a grain of salt and have a lttle chuckle but you can come off sounding a lot like Tricia Takanawa from Family Guy! Idk if you watch the show or not but I totally equate your "commercial voice" with that character... it's a little too "on the nose" what with your inflection and all on certain words rather than others and the way you emphasize certain things, it reads a lot like the stereotypical newcaster. The Madison Reede commercial is rough... lol Seriously though, lets laugh together because I LOVE everything else about your podcast!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Long time listener, still engagingI’ve binged every episode. Some are so haunting I still think of them years later. Marissa’s tone can be a little monotonous and her ads are often so contrived and unconvincing it’s laugh out loud funny (sorry if that is cruel!). I actually listen bc it’s so bad! So it’s working? The reporting is spot on and I really love her format as it’s a narrative that allows for a single speaker vs interview style..Score: 5/5

Kyles storyYour podcasts are so good but I always hope there will be an update that all the missing are found . I lost my oldest son and I am able to go to his grave site. It has to be even worse to not be able to put them to rest!.Score: 5/5

Good jobI really like listening to the family members and loved ones of the missing person. They give their perspective and Marissa adds information as needed. Marissa does a great job and one can tell she has researched in depth..Score: 5/5

Great!Marissa does an amazing job and she truly cares so much for the missing and helping their loved ones. Great podcast. Of course, this is the ONLY podcast that Marissa does but I hope she’ll host more in the future because I know anything she is apart of will be top notch. :).Score: 5/5

AmazingLove this podcast so much, I love how she just lets her guests talk in detail without it sounding like an interview. It’s so heartbreaking how so many loved ones have a family member vanish into thin air and this show gives them an opportunity to get their story out there..Score: 5/5

Heart wrenchingIv listened since the beginning. This is my favorite podcast. I love how much we learn about the victims. And I love that it comes first hand from the family. This podcast doesn’t just jump into the day they went missing. Every victim is relatable in some way shape or form. Thank you for that!.Score: 5/5

One of my favorites....... if not my #1 favorite true crime podcast. More so than the murder, crime, and scandal that surrounds the true crime industry, I believe it’s the mystery that bounds through it all that gets & keeps so many ppl hooked. Missing persons sub-genre is my fav, not just cuz of the aforementioned mystery aspect, but because as listeners we can also involve ourselves in doing something; in helping solve that mystery. Entertainment, yes, but the opposite of gratuitous or salacious like many other true crime podcasts are. Entertainment, but there’s also connectivity and asks the listener to be of service. Vanished connects the isolated listener to a community. A community of people who wish to find ways to also be of service to many of the forgotten, the underrepresented, and the mistreated. Amazing work to the host & entire team..Score: 5/5

StoriesThank you so much for telling all of these stories. We get so caught up in our lives that we forget, families are suffering while missing their loved ones. Once I started listening to this podcast, I started paying more attention to the missing posters in my community. I didn’t realize there were so many. Keep up the great work you all are doing, putting these peoples stories out there on this platform..Score: 5/5

The goatBest podcast around. I like the real interviews and real podcasts. The reenactment podcasts are so annoying. No podcast compares.Score: 5/5

Needs emotionI want to really like this Podcast, however I wish there was genuine emotion in the storytelling by the host. The subject matter warrants tangible sympathy and from what I have heard thus far, it just sounds like someone reading off a script with little to no feeling about the material.Score: 3/5

ExcellentIt means the world to me that this podcast covers the stories of missing women of color as well as women who’ve worked in s*x work. Every single story is important, and every single soul is worthy. Period. Thank you for the work you do.Score: 5/5

DSeee.Score: 2/5

New Time ListenerI just recently discovered this podcast. I am hooked! I enjoy Marissa so much. She takes every case and does each one justice to bring attention to these poor families and friends that have lost someone so dear to them. This happens way too often and it breaks my heart know that so many have not been found. Keep up the amazing work, Marissa! Will definitely be sharing your work..Score: 5/5

Great job.Marissa gives a platform for families to get the word out about their missing members and she does it well and with respect..Score: 5/5

Could be so much betterI want to hear a story told thoroughly by a great narrator. not a bunch of interview questions pieces together. Not for me. Has potential to be great but lazy approach ruins it. HIRE WRITERS.Score: 1/5

Tedious narration.No matter how intriguing the stories are this podcast is poorly read. The narrator speaks with little inflection and ends every sentence on the same tone..Score: 3/5

Host voice is too painful to keep listeningI wanted to like this podcast, but I had to stop listening after just a few episodes because the host’s painfully slow and monotone voice is the least engaging thing I’ve ever heard..Score: 1/5

A service to the missingThis podcast is simply a compassionate service to all the families that have lost their loved ones. To have their stories told must give them validation and hope that maybe the vanished will be found. The love and patience given to the production of this podcast must be recognized..Score: 5/5

You are a blessing Marisa ♥️You are a true blessing! Bringing these gut wrenching stories to light & giving the friends and family a safe, loving & professional format to speak and share as they walk through the truly hardest process in life... finding a lost loved one ♥️.Score: 5/5

Thank you for caringTy for caring & raising awareness. Some of these ppl might be troubled or fell thru the cracks of society. We need to care in order to find these people. This is a good deed to raise awareness of them. Very honest show too. Very well presented.Score: 5/5

Had it with fake new podcasts.Used. Nothing new. Because I made mistake to subscribe, I’m to endlessly be promotional prey for unfortunate, over promoting new podcasts remixing old stories..Score: 1/5

MarisaPlease, this is very informative, four or five stars. However Marissa would benefit greatly if somebody else told the story who has a more exciting and less mundane voice; hard to listen to the content with voice. Listen toEnthusiastic Podcaster on crime junkies -Ashley. Improving intonationWould help tremendously..Score: 1/5

Obsessed!My best friend and I are completely taken with The Vanished. We really appreciate hearing the side of the people that loved and knew the vanished person. Thank you Marissa!! Thank you to shedding light on so many people that must no be forgotten♥️.Score: 5/5

Updated ratingI first thought that these episodes had too much time on family interviews that go on for extended periods of time with little added value. After listening more, I realized the background is important to the family and to understand the person. Well done..Score: 4/5

Well DoneWell-researched and thoroughly presented; Marissa does a great job covering these cases and focusing on the victims and their families without sensationalizing. My only constructive criticism is that the narration style is exaggeratedly slow and deliberate, which can feel a bit condescending--the tone is sort of akin to being talked down to by a fourth grade teacher. Early episodes weren't like this, but it's gotten progressively worse. On balance, however, The Vanished is a great show that has done a lot of good, and you never get the impression that Marissa gives any case less than the full effort it deserves..Score: 4/5

Shame on You...... for not checking your milk cartons. Gold..Score: 5/5

Painful listeningShould change the title to a series of unfortunate decisions! It’s a really tough listen as well...mono...tone!.Score: 2/5

My favorite podcast!!!I look forward to it every week! Interesting cases and just the right amount of interviews and storytelling by the host. The best missing persons podcast hands down! Thank you for bringing these important stories to light!.Score: 5/5

One of the worst true crime podcastsThe problem with this podcast is the people who narrate. Very fake and monotone not like other true crime podcasts ..Score: 1/5

Great podcast! Best wishes to these families!!!I wish every one of these people could be found!!! It’s so heartbreaking! These are great stories and very well done. Unfortunately I need to unsubscribe because there are just too many unanswered questions, unsolved vanished people, families stuck in limbo - not able to grieve yet struggling to sustain hope (don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth - just how I think I would feel) and too many communities possibly at risk of some unknown predator. Perhaps I’m too sensitive and if so, oh well, so be it. Good luck to everyone out there facing these terrible circumstances. I personally don’t know how you do what you do. Even if all you do is survive! Everyone deserves to know what happened to these missing people, especially the families!.Score: 5/5

Used to be so good, the passion is goneLong time listener. The number of ads has tripled since I began listening. Right in the middle of everything and it really distracts from the story. Do you really need to beg for money to air recordings of other people? The passion for missing people used to pour from Marissa as she delivered stories of these victims, and now it’s a droning recording, the victims family speaking, she repeats what they just said, 20 monotone, repetitive ads, and then it’s over..Score: 1/5

The bestOne of my favorite podcast.Score: 5/5

Episode 267266 is my favorite! I love this Mom’s attitude! Her love for his son as well as her forgiveness!!.Score: 5/5

Great podcastKudos to Marissa!!! You allow these families to talk about their loved ones in a supportive forum. Well researched and presented in an appropriate manner.Score: 5/5

Love the show. Excellent research and interviews. I only have one gripe.I love this show and really appreciate all the research and work that Marissa does for each episode. The interviews with loved ones and law enforcement are always interesting. One thing I really appreciate is that there is no unnecessary chatter, rambling or “filler”. She gets straight to the show. Also, I think the intro and outro music is perfect. With that said, I’ve noticed a change in Marissa’s vocal delivery in later episodes, as opposed to early episodes. In later episodes, her vocal delivery and inflection sound unnatural. I much prefer the vocal delivery of early episodes where she sounds more natural. I’m not sure why she felt the need to change the way she spoke..Score: 4/5

With whom, MarissaIt’s with whom not with who. Sigh. You lost me right away..Score: 2/5

Ugh. The hosts’s diction!The content is good, and I definitely like listening, but I don’t understand why the host needs to speak so maddeningly slow and deliberately. I listen to it on 1.5x just to get through. Older episodes are much more tolerable when she spoke like a normal person..Score: 3/5

Marissa cares deeply for the vanishedMarissa takes so much time and care in giving a voice to the voiceless and their family/loved ones. She highlights stories of the missing who are not profiles by the media. Additionally, she gives the family/loved ones a platform to humanize the victims who are so often discarded by society. I’m absolutely baffled by the (tiny amount) of negative reviews. My only takeaway is those who take the time to write a negative review are upset they were not entertained more. It’s important to hear these stories as what they are: vanished people whose loved ones are in pain and need us to listen and acknowledge their pain and amplify the need for answers. I wish there were more people like Marissa in the world and I’m so grateful she takes the time, emotion & mental energy, and secondary trauma to amplify the stories of these precious lives..Score: 5/5

Why Leona KinseyWhy not someone without a meth or alcohol problem?!? How about Breasia Terrell?? This needed coverage, not necessarily someone that has a documented issue with meth and substance abuse problems. Unfortunately, someone that overused drugs cannot always be trusted to make wise decisions. While they don’t deserve to go missing, if you decide to not protect yourself, which includes being In The correct and healthy state of mind,?! What do you expect?? The truly missing, like Breasia deserve coverage. I’m tired of hearing the same thing. Try something new already. Cover someone that needs to be covered..Score: 1/5

Worth a Patreon sponsorshipMarissa enables the familiy and friends of the missing to tell much of their loved one’s story. Her narration weaves together their interviews and provides additional context to tell the missing person’s story in an empathetic, respectful, thoughtful and informative way. I respect that she covers many cases that the media has forgotten or ignored and not the same “high-profile” cases many podcasts seem to cover..Score: 5/5

Am DoneAfter over a year of giving this podcast a chance, I'm done. The stories are tedious and the interviews meander to such an extent that any sequence of the events gets lost. Most of these stories revolve around hapless people who are either their own worst enemy, or are blissfully ignorant of their surroundings or their friends. In many cases, the outcome was inevitable. Technically, Marissa could do a better job of summarizing the timeline, editing the emotional interviews (and sobbing), and present the stories journalistically..Score: 1/5

Marries cares. Tired of all the negativity about little thingsMarissa cares ♥️ This is a podcast that she put together to bring awareness caring to those who have gone missing ‘.. the ‘critical’ people, don’t care about. Hmmmmm..... (get a clue) I can’t believe some of the stories it breaks my heart. Like the people who neglect and get hung up on The Vanished’s lifestyle, to many people are hung up on ‘how’ she speaks and it’s as old as time. GET hung up on what people go through and live though when living a life, like the people she, so warmly and thoughtfully, represents. Yes, personal politics thoughts should always be left out, as well as comments based upon little things, like her voice. She is very respectful and caring, for those who stories need to be told!!! So many similar ones to those we hear about in the LOUD media, all the time. It’s truly very sad. Quit complaining! And nit picking over stupid things and thank God or your higher power that you have such a great life that this is what bothers ya all about her podcast? I pray for every families story I hear. Thank You for your efforts on this matter. 🙏🏼♥️ your a blessing, keep it up!.Score: 5/5

Flat, monotone and slurredContent is really great but the narration makes it hard to listen to. V slow speech started when Wondery came on the scene..Score: 2/5

Not aloneI didn’t realize so many people are missing. My sons been “missing” for 4 years . He’s 34 ... but he went voluntarily missing. I had to file a missing person, the police detective found him, alive, thank God. But he doesn’t want any contact. I’m lucky, my son is alive out there.... somewhere. All these other people have no answers at all. Thank you for bringing their stories to light..Score: 5/5

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Truly under-ratedSuch an incredible show - full of compassion and unbiased info. Thank you for the work you do..Score: 5/5

Thoughtful and compelling. Great presenter.Gives a voice to those left behind. Respectful and comprehensive..Score: 5/5

It’s a great useful podcastHaving the balance of hearing directly from family members and then additional narration from the host is great and I am often very emotionally moved and sympathetic with the family members. But I am aware that if you contact the host online to ask questions about something you were not clear on her response is very short and condescending basically amounting to go listen to the podcast and you would know. NO I listen to the podcast I heard the words and did not understand fully what it meant. Very rude and if it wasn’t for the dire need for more missing persons cases getting exposure I wouldn’t be able to keep listening..Score: 4/5

Great work.Professional, well handled and caring. Great to see a female host who is obviously doing her best to try and help so many families who have lost someone..Score: 5/5

The best!Best true crime podcast. Giving a voice to those that don’t have one. Marissa you give each missing individual and their family the exposure they need and deserve..Score: 5/5

PodcastI have been addicted to this podcast, It’s so informative and I strongly believe The vanished are helping so many people and Brough many people on board for support and help. It gives you the ability to help and avenues to learn more. I believe these people would create a good movement for change and law change. Marissa is a fantastic host and keeps on the topic finding everything possible to keep informed and up-to-date. Thank you for being the Voice so many people need !.Score: 5/5

Very well doneInteresting, haunting, informative..Score: 5/5

Awesome listeningLove this podcast! It’s so sad yet so interesting at the same time. Thank you for giving these families opportunities to speak about their loved ones and spread awareness about them. Keep up the great work! And for the review that said the audio quality is bad, it’s not. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done about phone call audio quality. I’m sure Marissa does her best..Score: 5/5

Important forPeople to know there is not just someone reporting the facts but doing something about it. Take Lisa for example! Key witness statements need to be obtained of the niece and her friend. Payne Linsey would keep calling or just rock up at their house. You seem to indicate possibly guilty people but leave it at “they didn’t want to comment” I’d rather hear them hang up on you or slam a door in your face. That’s a real investigation..Score: 3/5

Love it!I love your podcast, the instrumental piece you continually use really evokes the right atmosphere for hearing about a missing person’s story. All the interviews from family and friends, 911 calls, the closing thoughts at the end of the episodes, I love it all. Most of your cases are just regular people who probably receive little in the way of media attention, compared to some more ‘infamous’ cases of missing persons. A really well researched and presented podcast. Keep it up!.Score: 5/5

SOMEONE WAKE ME UPHosts voice too monotone as if she was just reading from a book. Couldn’t listen after 3 episodes borderlined on boring by then.Score: 3/5

The bestMy favourite podcast.Score: 5/5

A personal + sensitive series about missing peoplGreat content. Presenter does a terrific job of letting the friends, family and law enforcement officers tell the story of the missing in their own words. Each episode is a unique insight into the lives of a missing person, their loved ones and the theories of what could have happened. Stronger recommend this show..Score: 5/5

OK content but problematic hostLook, it's an OK podcast. I feel the premise and intent behind the actual podcast is solid, and it is fairly well produced. However, the host is problematic in a lot of her online dealings so it's one that I decided I would not keep listening to. You can only really have an impact by withdrawing your support, so that is what I have done in this instance..Score: 3/5

Making WavesThe Vanished is one of the most important podcasts out there, in my opinion. True stories of missing persons are presented to the listener, stories are often told from the families' point of view. The more these cases are heard, the more chance there is for answers. Worth listening and subscribing whether you do so for entertainment's sake or because you may have answers you didn't even know you had..Score: 5/5

Andy PuglisiI have read and listened to many podcasts, books etc about the murders of children but for some reason this case really haunts me. Maybe it’s because the host really portrays this child as the very caring and selfless little boy he was. Right to the end he was caring for the younger boy who was with him. Thank you for this podcast and others. Great listening but gut wrenching as well. May all little children find their way home..Score: 5/5

Australian fanI cannot speak highly enough of this podcast it’s such an easy podcast to listen to 😀😀.Score: 5/5

Masterfully well crafted podcastThis podcast has it all. The narrator is the key - she had a family member suffering from heroin addiction and is not judgey about people’s life circumstances. If someone’s loved one disappears who was involved in drugs or prostitution, she is as compassionate as with anyone else’s loved one. From the music, to the interviews, narration and execution this is one of the best podcasts around. It’s intimate and not over produced. Highly recommended for true crime fans like me..Score: 5/5

Audio AIDSGarbage podcast by garbage people..Score: 1/5

Love it!Great exposure of often unknown cases..Score: 5/5

Respectful of all participants and their storiesA very carefully assembled podcast that allows all participants to contribute their insights into events. The host is not intrusive and gives a voice to the unfortunate families who have lost loved ones..Score: 5/5

Top listeningLove this podcast. ❤️.Score: 5/5

ThoughtfulMarissa does an amazing job - really well done!.Score: 5/5

A real favouriteI love this podcast for many reasons. The hosts voice is soothing and easy to listen to. She covers cases that are not well known, which is refreshing. The host treats the cases, the victims/missing people and the families with great respect and tells their stories with genuine compassion..Score: 5/5

Great podcastI love that this podcast gives insight into some lesser know cases.Score: 5/5

Great podcast showJust listened to Baby Kidnap, Cassie, mother in law from hell. No doubt you read her brother's post on F' book! I don't think she or vile husband should have been given bail as more likely Maddie will appear with hem behind bars. Maybe lawyers doing a deal, so hope baby Will home safe with his sweet sweet father soon and forever. I love your show, thank you.Score: 5/5

EngagingI thoroughly enjoy this podcast. It’s well researched and narrated with all relevant quotes or statements included. I’m forever frustrated with unfortunately common indifference and laziness from law enforcement . Good and diligent law officers are sadly the exception rather than the rule. Victims or individuals with either mental or addiction issues aren’t taken seriously. This podcast is not biased in any way..Score: 5/5

Best Podcast Out ThereI listen to a LOT of crime podcasts and this is by far my favourite. Marissa is fantastic and has a very unique angle to this podcast, in contrast to the typical story telling podcast. You can tell she genuinely cares about the missing and telling their story, no matter what that story may be and without judgment. Also, this podcast has the potential to changes lives and reunite people... that’s something pretty special..Score: 5/5

GreatAs sad as the stories are of people having their loved ones missing, I am enjoying it THANKYOU. My heart goes out to all living this nightmare. Jen in Australia.Score: 5/5

One of my favouritesThank you for this Podcast Marissa. And thank you for including Dr. Taft at the end of Jacob Hilkin’s update, what an amazing Doctor. The information, knowledge and advice he shares here, for me at least, is invaluable. I would like to wish all the best to Jacob’s family also, his mum seems like a beautiful and strong person, and a very good mother. Thanks again Jess (Melbourne, Australia).Score: 4/5

A lot of similarityIt’s both interesting and sad that so many of these stories seem identical. I’m not sure if it’s just the hosts way of telling a story or that time and again people go from being good kids to having a turning point where they start taking drugs, then they get clean and disappear. I just find it a bit repetitive at times is my only criticism.Score: 5/5

FantasticI’m working backwards to listen to all of these podcasts. An incredible presentation of each and every story. I’m totally addicted to the Vanishing. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Great PodcastI stumbled across the podcast during a random search. I’m glad I did it is well researched & presented. It has got me in with me listening to all episodes & wait eagerly for the next instalment. The outstanding theme throughout most of the episodes is the inexperience & lack of resources the police departments have to investigate properly. And how slow in some instances they are to react to family concerns. Keep up the good work in getting the families word out there..Score: 5/5

SerenityWhat a tragic heartbreaking story. This little girl was let down by so many. 😥😥😥.Score: 4/5

Love your podcast. Not intro musicMarissa love your podcast. Real people talking. It’s great. Love your voice and narration. Only thing is the music is really annoying at the beginning. Overall love your podcast and will continue listening ❤️.Score: 5/5

InterestingAn interesting podcast however the way it's told is clearly very scripted and isn't very fluent and the ad in the middle is annoying..Score: 3/5

Very goodNot the BEST podcast but very likeable and enjoyable. While this is obviously a scripted show, it flows! Unlike some podcasts that are so scripted that they’re unlistenable (kinda like listening to grade 8 students read in front of a class). I enjoy that the podcaster involves the family members and/or people directly involved in the case. It makes it a lot more enjoyable. I would prefer if the audio with guests is clearer but apart from that, good show..Score: 5/5

GreatInteresting and well spoken without unnecessary drama . And I like her voice a lot . Thank you ..Score: 5/5

My favourite podcastThe absolute best true crime podcast. All words are considered and there’s no bs, no one talking over someone else or speculating about what happened. It’s all known facts presented in a very sensitive way..Score: 5/5

A Brilliant Podcast!The Vanished podcast covers lesser known missing persons cases and isn’t afraid to tackle the difficult issues head on. Marissa is an advocate for the missing and gives a voice to those friends and loved ones left behind. Beautifully narrated, artfully constructed, compelling and truly heartbreaking. The Vanished is an invaluable wealth of information and a wonderful tool, albeit one I wish we didn’t need. Marissa, you are the epitome of what it means to be a humanitarian. Thank You to you and your team for all your hard work, planning and research. Most of all Thank You for giving people the opportunity to share their stories and for creating and sharing this powerful podcast..Score: 5/5

Good podcast but...Really good podcast but wayyy too much talk by the family. It takes away from the quality (almost always on the phone) and not enough professional narration. It is really irritating listening to a phone conversation for most of an episode. I realise the family’s viewpoint is important, but it’s too much..Score: 4/5

Could be betterUse too many Bad live 911 recordings to pad the episodes .. bit of a waste of time really.Score: 2/5

Thumbs downYeah no. Host has clearly gotten too big for her boots. There are so many interesting podcasts out there these days. I’ll listen to those that are well researched, told without bias and by hosts who don’t diss their listeners..Score: 1/5

ShockingI don’t know how anyone can cope with this podcast the audio quality is so so terrible all the voices are totally distorted.Score: 1/5

Amazing!!My absolute fav podcast, since being in isolation I have listened to 100s of episodes..Score: 5/5

Crackly tapesIf you like listening to endless poorly recorded and unintelligible phone calls and tapes, this podcast is for you! I gave up. not interesting enough to battle through the crackle..Score: 2/5

Love itA great storyteller who is clearly a great researcher as well. For all those other True crime podcasters out there take a listen to this Podcast. The wonderful presenter doesn’t let her ego get in the way just tells you in a cool calm and collective way..Score: 5/5

It’s OkIt can be very repetitive in some episodes. The host will explain the situation, then the family will explain the situation and then the friend will explain the situation. It is all the same information again and again and again. I wish the episodes were shorter rather than hearing the same things retold by different people..Score: 3/5

Music???I love listening to these podcasts. They are very emotive. It must be so devastating for the families. I have one problem, I hate the music you use. There is such brilliant music you could use. I cringe every time it comes on. Please find an artist that can improve this. Zeff Green, especially Suspiciously Friendly, would be an excellent change, just to name 1 artist I enjoy..Score: 5/5

Caring and compassionate. Marissa’s The Vanished is a winnerI’ve listened to Marissa’s The Vanished Podcast for quite some time and you can feel her warmth and compassion in her presentation and the show is well researched. Keep up the great work Marissa..Score: 5/5

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KendallblossomsListening to Your Own Backyard, the true crime podcast about the Kristin Smart disappearance/murder, and it's reall… .Score: 5/5

SAbynumbersMichelawrong I'm listening to your podcast with Reuters on the new book & was wondering whether during your resear… .Score: 5/5

TraytraybhereTPuppetOG aimeehixauthor WiggyWaggy PhoenixAurum SwordAndScale If it’s not true then why hasn’t Mike gone afte… .Score: 5/5

XpoutybbyA 10/10 true crime podcast that doesn’t boot lick or victim shame: the vanished.Score: 5/5

MpinvestigationSkylar Ware .Score: 5/5

KnowGoodWriterMMurderNews #truestory #podcast The Disappearance of Esther Dingley .Score: 5/5

NNN_Podcast nellucnhoj: Decided to do a quick edit of my take on hamishsteele's Superman redesign, after a glaring error was pointed out to me (he….Score: 5/5

Vision_vanishedThe meeting last night was a huge success. We've got plans for a new and original animated series, the intro for th… .Score: 5/5

216fanin412Lindseyyok You should check out up and vanished the podcast.Score: 5/5

PeteKastanes PeteKastanes: Episode 11 of my Vanished Chicagoland Stories Podcast is now published! Subscribe to Apple Podcasts, and listen to it on….Score: 5/5

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The Vanished Podcast Podcast Episodes

Skylar Ware

On May 10, 2020, 25-year-old Skylar Ware wished his mom a happy Mother's Day. He was in Kansas City, Missouri, and she was in the process of moving to Florida, so the two didn't see each other often but kept in frequent contact. That was the last time Skylar's mother ever heard from her only child, and his posts on social media stopped soon after, leaving everyone to wonder what happened to him. Nearly a year later, with no leads, they're still wondering, and Skylar is still missing.If you have any information about Skylar Ware's disappearance, please call the Kansas City Police Department at 816-234-5136. You may also call their TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477). Alternatively, you can contact the Jackson County, Missouri Sheriff's Office at 816-541-8017.This episode was sponsored by:BetterHelp- Visit for 10% off your first month.DoorDash- For a limited time, our listeners can get 25% off and zero delivery fees on their first order when you download the DoorDash app and enter code THEVANISHED.Listen ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App. you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form: The Vanished on social media at:FacebookInstagramTwitterPatreon

James Wiggins

In December of 2002, 21-year old James Wiggins left his home in Ruston, Louisiana, on foot, saying he was going to a nearby grocery store. James never returned home. The following morning, the owner of a convenience shop located several miles outside of Ruston found a young man sleeping at his store's doorstep. When he opened up his shop, the man came in and bought a pack of cigarettes. The owner checked the man's identification and reported to the police that he was sure it was James Wiggins. Over the years, there have been some bizarre leads that have come in. Some of these leads point to James being alive, while others point to him being the victim of foul play, but no one knows for sure.If you have any information about the disappearance of James Wiggins, please contact the Ruston Police Department at (318) 251-8621 or you can contact Ruston Lincoln Crime Stoppers at 318-255-1111.This episode was sponsored by:Ana Luisa- Visit and use our code VANISHEDMD to get 15% off.Listen ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App. you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form: The Vanished on social media at:FacebookInstagramTwitterPatreon

Case Update: Zacharey Wilks

On May 24, 2017, 27-year-old Zacharey Wilks left his home in Lompoc, California, to make the familiar drive to his uncle's residence in Las Vegas, Nevada. He planned to help his uncle prepare the family's vacation home for summer guests and spend time with relatives. However, Zacharey never made it, and he disappeared along with his car. We first brought you Zacharey's story in July of 2019. Since that time, there have been significant developments in the case after Zacharey's car was recovered in October of 2019. Zacharey's mom, Liz, graciously spoke with us again this winter to give us an update.This episode was sponsored by:thredUP- Get an extra 30% off your first order at ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App. you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form: The Vanished on social media at:FacebookInstagramTwitterPatreon

Kyle Fleischmann

On the chilly fall evening of November 8, 2007, 24-year-old Kyle Fleischmann went to dinner, drinks, and a show with friends in Charlotte, North Carolina. The evening was a celebratory affair- a friend's birthday, another friend's recent job change. However, the night didn't end on a festive note when friends went their separate ways, and Kyle seemingly vanished into the night, leaving behind only a small number of telling but mysterious clues. More than 13 years have passed, and the last sightings of Kyle include some grainy surveillance footage and the eyewitness account of a cab driver, who watched Kyle walk down the street and disappear from view, and seemingly, life.If you have any information about Kyle Fleischmann’s disappearance, you are asked to call the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department at 704-336-7600.This episode was sponsored by:BetterHelp- Visit for 10% off your first month.DoorDash- For a limited time, our listeners can get 25% off and zero delivery fees on their first order when you download the DoorDash app and enter code THEVANISHED.Listen ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App. you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form: The Vanished on social media at:FacebookInstagramTwitterPatreon

Leona Kinsey Part 2

Leona Kinsey disappeared from La Grande, Oregon, on October 25, 1999. A friend last saw Leona at a local Walmart. According to her friend, Leona said she planned to meet a man at a nearby grocery store and then stop by her friend's house around 7 PM that night. Leona never showed up at her friend's house and was never seen again. In Part 1, we discussed the circumstances surrounding Leona's disappearance and how those close to her began pointing fingers at others. In the beginning, investigators had many people to look at, but later they began to focus on one man. The more they learned about this man, the more they began to believe he might be the one who made Leona disappear.If you have any information about Leona Kinsey's disappearance, please call the La Grande Police Department at (541) 963-1017. You can follow Leona's case on Facebook at Finding Leona Kinsey.You can find the rest of the speech included at the end of the episode here: episode was sponsored by:Care/of- For 50% off your first Care/of order, got to and enter code vanished50.Sleep Number- Introducing the new Sleep Number 360 c4 smart bed, Queen now only $1499. Only at Sleep Number stores or ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App. you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form: The Vanished on social media at:FacebookInstagramTwitterPatreon

Leona Kinsey Part 1

Leona Kinsey disappeared from La Grande, Oregon, on October 25, 1999. A friend last saw Leona at a local Walmart. According to her friend, Leona said she planned to meet someone at a nearby grocery store and then stop by her friend's house around 7 PM that night. Leona never showed up at her friend's house and was never seen again. Her friend became concerned and later went to check on Leona. She found that Leona wasn't home, and her pets weren't cared for in a way that Leona would have if she planned to leave for any amount of time. She decided it was time to alert the police that Leona was missing, and that was the beginning of the long search for answers as to what happened to Leona. If you have any information about Leona Kinsey's disappearance, please call the La Grande Police Department at (541) 963-1017. You can follow Leona's case on Facebook at Finding Leona Kinsey.This episode was sponsored by:QUIP- Go to to get a free plastic dispenser with any refill plan.Headspace- Head to for a free month trial.Pretty Litter- Get the world's smartest litter without leaving home by visiting and use promo code VANISHED for 20% off your first order.Listen ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App. you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form: The Vanished on social media at:FacebookInstagramTwitterPatreon

Veronica Reyes-Diaz

On Friday, January 17, 2020, Veronica Reyes-Diaz left the home she shared with her husband and three sons in Dover, Florida, to spend the evening out with friends. After gathering at a local restaurant, one of Veronica's friends dropped her off at home, and Veronica left in her own vehicle to pick up her kids from her sister's house. Veronica was seen on a neighbor's surveillance returning home with the kids. Veronica tucked her kids into bed and has never been seen again. Veronica's family tracked her steps by piecing together cell phone location data and surveillance video. Still, her family feels they are no closer to finding answers more than a year after she disappeared.If you have any information about Veronica's disappearance, you are asked to call the Hillsborough County, Florida Sheriff's Office at 813-247-8200.This episode was sponsored by:thredUP- Get an extra 30% off your first order at Visit for 10% off your first month.Best Fiends- Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Listen ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App. you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form: The Vanished on social media at:FacebookInstagramTwitterPatreon

Angela Mack and Thomas "Mikey" Rettew

In 2002, 20-year-old disappeared Angela Mack disappeared from the small northern Arkansas town of Salem. It may have been September, but some people say it was later in the year. She wouldn't be reported missing for many months, or maybe even years. Her four-year-old son, Thomas "Mikey" Rettew, also vanished, but missing persons flyers note that he disappeared from Missouri and the date he was last seen is uncertain. Supposedly, there is a photo of Mikey that is date stamped well after September 1, 2002, but nobody knows for sure. In fact, no one seems to know when or where Angela and Mikey were last seen, or who was the last to see them. Today's episode brings into focus the stories of two people who appeared to simply stop existing, and it seemed as though there were never any real search efforts put forth to find them. Their loved ones hope that a renewed interest in the case will help them find out what happened to Angie and Mikey.If you have any information about the disappearance of Angela Mack or Thomas Rettew, you are asked to call The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST or 1-800-843-5678.UPDATE- In April of 2021, local law enforcement announced they believe they have solved the case. In their episode, we discussed a couple in Missouri who had babysat Mikey and were interested in adopting him. The man, Clarence Krusen, passed away in 2012, but his wife, Barbara Krusen, is still alive. She was given a polygraph and failed. Later, Barabara confessed that her husband had killed Angie and Mikey. She claims that he burned their remains in a furnace on their property.You can read more about this development here: episode was sponsored by:Nutrafol- Go to and use promo code VANISHED for 20% off and free shipping.DoorDash- For a limited time, our listeners can get 25% off and zero delivery fees on their first order when you download the DoorDash app and enter code THEVANISHED.Listen ad-free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad-free listening. Available in the Wondery App. you have a missing loved one that you would like to have featured on the show, please fill out our case submission form: The Vanished on social media at:FacebookInstagramTwitterPatreon

Ambiguous Loss with Dr. Philip Taft

This segment originally aired in Jacob Hilkin's Case Update on February 22, 2021. So many listeners contacted us about this interview and how much it impacted them or helped them understand why they have struggled with a loss. Some listeners even asked if we could publish this as a standalone episode so it would be easier to find and share in the feed.

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