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Mayoral candidate, Andrew Yang, joins us!  Andrew Yang is a NYC public school parent, business owner, and activist. He is running for mayor to help the city recover, after having successfully running a top education company, a non-profit recognized by President Obama, and building an anti-poverty movement during his presidential campaign.

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The Comedy Cellar: Live from the Table Podcast Reviews

EnjoyableIts really worth giving this podcast some of your time...Score: 5/5

Five starsBrilliant podcast.Score: 5/5

GreatFunny, interesting, Noam (host) is a legend..Score: 5/5

Victor Davis HansenAccusing Hansen of being far right. Haha.Score: 5/5

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Love itInteresting conversations on comedy, comedians and many other topics. Loving hearing a little behind the scenes at the Cellar.Score: 5/5

Consistently funnyThis is the most Jewy sounding podcast I have ever heard and it is fantastic. Dan and Noam are awesome hosts..Score: 5/5

TerribleThe hosts are rude and keep disrespecting their guests in the name of comedy. The men are extremely ignorant, misogynistic, racist, and perhaps even homophobic. Felt like I was listening to something from the 90s. Don’t waste your time listening to this podcast, there is a TON of actual good content out there..Score: 1/5

Misogynistic blow hard festAwful..Score: 1/5

The Comedy Cellar: Live from the TableNoam and Dan talk about the goings on in the comedy world as well as all the current events and their thoughts on it. Great debates with fantastic guests..Score: 5/5

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From: How to What about..?⭐️ rating for the guest, SOLELY FOR THE GUEST!! Wow! She was nasty and disrespectful. For a woman to just run off at the mouth, on THIS podcast. She gives me anxiety, just hearing her speak. Couldn’t continue. However, the next epi, primo! Laughed hysterically. So, thanks..Score: 5/5

Funny and incredible intelligentYou’re going to think this is a comedy podcast. And it can be. But it’s so much better than that. Comedian Dan Naturman and Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman are both law school graduates, although neither of them practice law. The way they approach political issues, social issues, and other top news of the day, is incredibly thoughtful, intelligent. And non-partisan. While there are many jokes throughout, this is frankly the political podcast most political podcasts wish they were. You’ll be happy you added this to your queue if you like intelligent and funny conversation..Score: 5/5

Ugh.Came to this for the Janeane Garofalo episode and left nearly as furious as she became..Score: 1/5

Best Political Discussion PodcastComedians and their attached friends and fiends discussing current topics of the day, both comedic and political. Great points of view all around. More please! Keep it up!.Score: 5/5

Should be much betterIt’s hard to find humor in this podcast because the host Noam is such an angry far right wing blowhard who spends every show defending the worst of humanity. The racism and misogyny is thinly veiled behind disingenuous straw man arguments. On top of this, the funny comedian guests barely get to talk with all of the interruptions..Score: 1/5

Favorite podcast hands downI've literally listened to every episode and they never cease to amuse and entertain!.Score: 5/5

Conservative who likes a joke......but can’t stand Noam’s knee-jerk right wing blather. Two stars because the other participants, when Noam doesn’t shut them down, can be great. There are too many good podcasts to listen to straight through rather than trying to filter out Noam, while on the treadmill....Score: 2/5

Used to be a fanHad been listening to this pod since Noam and Dustin fought on YKWD. But I can’t any longer...Noam constantly steamrolls any guest, especially if they’re black, who opposes him and foams at the mouth about the “woke” left. Let Dan bring the show back to comedy because this is just an audio version of a Fox News show at this point....Score: 1/5

Best podcastMy favorite show across all media..Score: 5/5

Great for comedy loversI love comedy podcasts and I just discovered this one recently while listening to LOS and they mentioned it in passing. Good podcast with great nyc comedians.Score: 5/5

Quite racist/sexist and incredibly repetitive..^ I am not sensitive but everything seems to be the same topics & the same joke every single time.. I love quite a few comics but it feels like it is the same topics, answers and responses every single episode.. I love hearing different views that do not relate to in my typical political spectrum, but having the exact same question and responses is incredibly boring...Score: 1/5

Comedy?There is no comedy. It is a panel of people having debates..Score: 2/5

Perfect for ComediansPerfect for comedians, however those offended by jokes might find some material distasteful..Score: 5/5

More politics than comedyI expected this to be a pure comedy podcast but it is more of a political podcast driven by host Noam’s Fox News style of outdated old-white-guy, right-wing views, false equivalencies and bashing the liberal boogie man. Co-host Dan is very funny and smart but is also a neurotic mess. He isn’t informed enough about politics to call Noam out on his disingenuous political arguments, especially when he constantly makes bad excuses for Trumps failing presidency. Some of the guests do present good arguments to combat the right wing propaganda. Dan also interrupts guests at the worst times. The two hosts bicker a lot and that makes for some of the most entertaining segments. Overall I still like the podcast with all of the rotating guests and will continue listening while yelling at my phone..Score: 3/5

My favorite podcast!I rarely miss an episode! I enjoy the variety of topics and perspectives. I find Dan Naturman charming and Noam a thoughtful, interesting guy. They’re able to have thought provoking conversations while managing to avoid the rabid ideologue pitfalls that normally accompany such discussions..Score: 5/5

Noam is unbearable....Used to think Natterman was the most annoying person on this show but Noam has become almost unbearable. He calls in experts then argues with their evidence based findings. He is extremely narrow-minded & interrupts all the time. 20-30 of us used to listen to this at work but now it can't be on the speaker because of what i mentioned. Still love it though. Good guests & funny!.Score: 4/5

Great podcast minus the producerThe podcast is very interesting and hearing the opinions of comedians and other NYC personalities. If Periele (sp?) didn't have a mic to make irrelevant and whiny personal comments it would be a much smoother show. Also Dan Natterman is hilarious..Score: 5/5

I have a crush on Margalit FoxMargalit Fox was fantastic. Noam was so in awe of her that he refrained from espousing his awful right wing politics. More guests like her please..Score: 5/5

I had to power through thisWhat a massive cringe fest.Score: 1/5

Fan since beginningThis show really is what podcasting is all about. Very intelligent discussion overall and very funny!.Score: 5/5

One of the top rated podcastsWhat a great show! And I would rather listen to Comedy Cellar podcast over Joe Rogan any day. Love Noam, Periel and Dan! I want to come to the Comedy Cellar some day. Noam - stop being so micro aggressive!.Score: 5/5

Addictive!I look forward to this every week. I love the guests and Periel. I love to scream at Noam and Dan when they belittle Periel. Listening to Noam talk so fast running his words together until you can't understand them is a scream. Noam & Dan are full of nonense, but it is entertaining to hear them go on and on..Score: 5/5

Huge Disappointment/ Not at all funnyA discussion of inherent racism by tipping ?.Score: 1/5

Like baseman2112 saidI just listened to Noam pull this exact same stunt on Jon Laster. As soon as Jon started making his opposing (and logical) point, Noam decided he could not have that and cut him off. I’ve had enough..Score: 1/5

Berensons a crackpotAwful podcast in over their heads promoting garbage quack like berenson.Score: 1/5

ImportantLove this podcast! Love Noam who is so smart and intellectually honest. We love the Cellar and pray it can make it through this nightmare situation..Score: 5/5

Great PodcastFunny and always interesting..Score: 5/5

So Thrilled the Pod is BackI listened to the pod when it first launched. Then all of sudden the episodes stopped and I unsubscribed. I had no idea they had resumed episodes. I love this podcast , I love Noam , and Dan’s banter and the access to the conversations at the table is raw, and insightful..Score: 5/5

Seth SimmonsWhat a loser that guy is.Score: 5/5

Only one thing could make it betterMore Naturman. Let the man speak!.Score: 5/5

Noam is an unlikely hero for free speechI remember hearing Noam posing hypos and basically doing the Socratic method on his guest and I thought this guy actually knows how to reason....lo and behold he is a lawyer, which is why he’s not a robotic knee jerk reactionary like everyone else on the planet. Noam is a pretty good thinker and articulates his thoughts well, in a way that is not confrontational or rude (which is a rare talent these days). Who would have thought a comedy club owner has supplanted the aclu as the champion of free speech in 2018? Not me but god blesss him.Score: 5/5

Would beWould be great if it had comedians at the table being funny.Score: 3/5

Um... what?!How did Noor Tagouri make it through that interview with out punching this guy in the face. She’s a class act..Score: 1/5

Right Wing [email protected]The contortions made to justify support of Trump are remarkable..Score: 1/5

LoveIt.Score: 5/5

I like itNorm (the owner of the cellar) is interesting and a good listen. The comics are great to hear from them, the cohost (the terrible voice) is annoying is difficult to listen to..Score: 3/5

Mixed bag, but worth a listenThis podcast features the comedian Dan Naturman, Noam Dworman, the owner of the Comedy Cellar, and Krista, a wry former employee. In some ways, it's pretty much about what you would expect. When Naturman talks, it's funny. He's a comedian, so he says unexpected things. When Noam Dworman talks, it's boring. Dworman loves to talk politics and his perpective is pretty much what you would expect from a business owner--pretty conservative. There are a lot of Dworman-lead conversations along the lines of, "I'm not saying I like Donald Trump, BUT..." The problem isn't that his positions are conservative (who really cares), it's that they're boring. (Maybe the problem here is that no one want to argue with the boss.) But when the conversation is more free-wheeling, it's a pretty entertaining podcast. I went back and listened to the old ones, which is a good sign. It's odd that Naturman's name isn't featured more prominently in the description on iTunes. I'm not a Naturman superfan--just a guy who slept with him once on the road. Seriously, Naturman's a very funny guy and this is often one of the best podcasts out there..Score: 4/5

MehNoam is terribly uninformed about politics and yet he insists that he has valid points even without knowing the facts. Gets old quick but occasionally there are some interesting conversations with guests..Score: 1/5

Gets better all the time!Enjoy listening to the guests and their knowledgeable discussions-get to hear good thoughts on both sides in a comical way!.Score: 5/5

I TriedLove The Comics STRONGLY Dislike Noam.Score: 1/5

This podcastFrickin stinks🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽.Score: 1/5

ComedyCellar. ComLove this podcast!! It’s great the way the hosts argue in a funny way. Topics are always very interesting and guest comedians are great..Score: 5/5

It's finally back!One of my favorite podcasts is finally back after going to Sirius Radio exclusively which in my opinion, was a huge mistake. Comics talking about whatever at the Comedy Cellar. What more could you want? Dan Natterman should have been in Boardwalk Empire with his voice..Score: 5/5

Comedy Cellar podcastLove this podcast. Look forward to it every week. Great guests, topics, and “analysis”. Analysis in quotes because they’re comedians. Marvin BTW, I’m not Jewish or Black so it’s not a biased opinion... not saying that all Blacks are funny comedians, or funny Jews are Black, except for Sammy Davis Jr., and not all Jews are funny...right Dan? Marvin.Score: 5/5

Just found this and I’m loving itLove Noam and Natterman. Nice hearing unbiased logic coming into conversation..Score: 5/5

Great listen every week!I started listening to this podcast about a month ago and it has become one of my faves. Great job!! Santi.Score: 5/5

Noam...I listened to this podcast first to hear a lot of my favorite New York comics but continue to listen because I think Noam is a very intriguing voice. Smart guy. Don’t understand some of the negative comments on here..Score: 5/5

Dan is the man!I wouldn’t listen to the show without Dan. I love his voice, sense of humor, how he fights with Noam like a old married couple, his complaining, everything! More Dan!! Dan is the man!.Score: 5/5

WokeAll woke no joke.Score: 1/5

Intellectually hilarious with a dash of fart jokes.One of my favorite podcasts and an inside look at some of the funniest people on the planet talking about real issues while still being able to crack a joke on each other. Noam Dworman has a keen way of pointing out and describing the obvious that some people can’t see at first..Score: 5/5

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The Comedy Cellar: Live from the Table Podcast Episodes

New York City, the Royals and Andrew Yang

Mayoral candidate, Andrew Yang, joins us!  Andrew Yang is a NYC public school parent, business owner, and activist. He is running for mayor to help the city recover, after having successfully running a top education company, a non-profit recognized by President Obama, and building an anti-poverty movement during his presidential campaign.

Comedy Cures!

Glenn Miller is a one time manager the Dworman Conglomerate including: Cafe Wha, The Olive Tree Cafe and The Comedy & VU and FBP.  Saranne Rothberg started The ComedyCures Foundation from her chemo chair in 1999.   

The Cellar Reopens!

Andrew Hankinson is a journalist and author. His second book, Don't Applaud. Either Laugh or Don't. (At the Comedy Cellar) is a portrait of the iconic New York comedy club.   Jon Laster is a stand up comedian, actor, writer, producer and regular at The Comedy Cellar.

Patrice O'Neill - an Homage

Von Decarlo is a stand up comedian & Executive Producer of The Patrice O’Neal Documentary Killing Is Easy.  Marina Franklin is a comedian, actor, writer, and host. 

Spin Cycle

Jamie Kirchick is a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution and a columnist for Tablet magazine. His first book, The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues and the Coming Dark Age, was published in 2017, and his next book, Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington is forthcoming from Henry Holt.  Erin Jackson has appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and CONAN and just made her Netflix debut as part of Season 2 of Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready. 

Antiracism and Baby Skeletons

Trish Roberts-Miller is a scholar of train wrecks in public deliberation—times that communities had all the information they needed to make a good decision and instead made a disastrous one. She is also a at the University of Texas at Austin, and author of several books.  Comic Adrienne Iapalucci has appeared on "The Degenerates" on Netflix and Letterman. She just released her debut album, "Baby Skeletons."  

BONUS EPISODE: Comedy, Antisemitism and the Woke Left

Dov Hikind is an American politician, activist, and radio talk show host. He is a former Democratic New York State Assemblyman. Hatem Gabr is the co-host of the podcast, Live from America.   

The History of Stand Up

Wayne Federman is an Emmy-nominated stand-up, actor, author, professor, and podcaster. His new book is called, The History of Stand-Up: From Mark Twain to Dave Chappelle.  He co-hosts the acclaimed podcast: The History of Stand-Up.   

Patrice O'Neal, Michael Che & Antisemitism

Patrice O'Neal documentary, SNL & antisemitic jokes and how Noam's old friend almost killed him.

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