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The Red Tea Detox

@kdreamcatchers: Rosa Parks was not protesting the bus. Gandhi was not protesting the food. The colonists were not protesting tea. Playe…


@JoelFinkelman @JonAriasRadio @mdpilch @thebig1070 The movie game is great stuff Joel! When you put in a ton of wor…


@michaelallenmar: Probably, excluding Taiwan, the potentially biggest international news story of the day: Philippines ‘rebuilding runw…

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris went to the white house and crapped and pissed on President Barack Obama's desk, just because he is Chuck Norris.

The world doesn’t happen to you it happens from you.

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2 Week Diet

IN, In or in may refer to:. camila cabello, camila, camila full album, havana, never be the same, all these years, she loves control, inside out, somethings gotta give, in the dark, into it, crying in the club, i have questions, camilizers, fifth harmony, harmonizers, consequences, Camila Cabello, In the Dark, Pop, Syco Music/Epic,

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  • Put Tape on Your Apple TV Remote - Apple, the good design company, bundles its Apple TV with a pitch-black and horizontally symmetrical remote. This means that if you can find the remote in the dark, you’re likely to grab it by the wrong end, grasping the touchpad and clicking the wrong button…
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  • How to Enable YouTube's 'Dark Mode' on iOS - Staring at bright screens—especially at night—can be a pain in the butt and/or eyes. And it’s difficult to resist the temptation for “just one more video...” when you’re settling down for the evening. Thankfully, Google just updated the YouTube app for iOS t…

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