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This episode is comprised of multiple Season 4 episodes from the podcast, specifically, Jonathan Pageau, James Orr & Nigel Biggar, Ian McGilchrist, Lawrence Krauss, Christopher Kaczor and Matthew Petrusek and Bishop Barron. We have paired this compilation with the release of the full video series on YouTube in one video. This episode is brought to you by Jordan's personality course available at The Personality Course is available for the week of Black Friday for 53% off. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast Podcast Reviews

The most important person on the planetProf Jordan Peterson is simply the most important person on the planet..Score: 5/5

Insightful and entertainingJordan Peterson is a sane voice in a crazy world. His insights into politics, psychology, religion and many other topics can be truly mind expanding, and he thoroughly deserves all the praise that he gets..Score: 5/5

So poignantIncredible in all senses , he teaches us how to live.....Score: 5/5

Dr Jordan Peterson is a great listenIt is really refreshing to listen in the background while I’m working to the intellectual speaking Dr Jordan Peterson. Great subjects and increases my knowledge base, thank you for making these..Score: 5/5

Absolutely sensationalI’ve listened to over 40 episodes now and can’t stop. I feel privileged to have access to Jordan’s lectures and seminars where ever I am and at any time I choose. Thank you for everything you do Jordan. Keep up the great work..Score: 5/5

JohnI am a mid 40s father of five I am so thankful that Jordan Peterson exists I absolutely love him and what he is.Score: 5/5

So good to have you back…and firing on all cylinders. Make sure you don’t burn yourself out, though. You’re needed Take care xxx.Score: 5/5

Bigoted pseudoscientific drivelWould be zero stars if i could.Score: 1/5

Great podcast and man!Dr. Peterson is a hero. We all wish you a speedy recovery! Thank you..Score: 5/5

Excellent listenGreat podcast.Score: 4/5

Wish you well and be healthyI’m just happy to hear you ,and it’s been a while ~ so you’re always a joy to listen to ,even when I’m tearing up . Just keep on being fabulous and I wish you and yours all the best ..Score: 5/5

Always excellent.Always excellent..Score: 5/5

Great highbrow conversationI love that there is a place in the world for highbrow conversation - and that sometimes I have no idea what is going on! It’s a stretch. However, I wish Mr Peterson would invest in some decent mics, and a decent home studio - or book some studio time with a sound engineer and producer. The sound quality on. My headphones makes it sound like he is recording in the bathroom! Thanks.Score: 4/5

Profound insights into how we all think and behave.If you have been brought up in the modern hyper-rational tradition, like me, then it takes some time to start to let in the profound insights that Jordan explores in his numerous podcasts, books and videos. It’s a slow burn, it chips away at the rational minds need for facts and slowly but surely seeps into the ancient part of your mind that just nows what you need to live a good life, a sense of belonging and awe at this extraordinary world we inhabit. Keep on challenging convention and waking people up Jordan!.Score: 5/5

Truth and common senseJordan Peterson enlightens me and expands my mind. To have the privilege of this podcast enhancing my life is a true delight..Score: 5/5

28. Forward to The Gulag ArchipelagoJordan’s lecture should be required study in all schools..Score: 5/5

Win & Jordan 2 Heroes!What a fantastic match up of superb minds! Wim & Dr Peterson & 2 truly brilliant men. These 2 with their knowledge could change the world. I wish Dr Peterson would travel to spend time with Mr Hof so he could help with Dr Peterson’s recover so he can come back even better & stronger than before!.Score: 5/5

Would have been 5 starsBloody annoyed was listening to the first series got to episode 9 now theme disappeared ? Was learning so much, bring the first 35 episodes back im not done yet 😳🤔 I’ll then give 5 stars 🌟.Score: 3/5

A return to formDr Peterson, your latest episode was a pleasure to listen to. I sincerely worried we might never again hear the JP we were accustomed to before his departure from the public eye. In recent podcasts, I could hear him battling towards recovery. He made no secret of it. The fight in his voice sounded like awareness of defeat at times. A step lost, possibly never to be regained. His discussion with Mr Ridley was a stark and unexpected return to form - the JP we still see on YouTube. Fluid, fluent, entertaining, sharp as a razor. This episode could have been from 3 years ago. Mr Ridley was an excellent guest too. I can only presume that JP’s recovery is accelerating exponentially. It gives me hope..Score: 5/5

Deafening Silence on the corona tyrannyJordan, I admire you so much and you have helped me greatly to understand the world and the psychological states of peoples minds that create tyrannies. However, I have to give you a bad review, as your not taking notice of your own teachings about the likelihood of most people being the concentration camp guard. This is happening everywhere In the hospitals and clinics as nurses and drs (who are paid huge sums of money) to administer the mRNA gene altering injections. Many now stand by and do nothing as we lose all our god given rights and freedoms. We have a world take over of Covid-fascism by the globalist elite for a fake virus that has a 99.97 percent survival rate? And you think an experimental vaccine that has been rushed through will solve this created crisis? In the U.K. over a 1000 people have been killed by the vaccine bioweapon and half a million seriously injured according to the uk government yellow card reporting. You admire Alexander S as the greatest dissident but you say nothing of Julian Assange who is being tortured in the U.K. for the mere crime of being a journalist. I look forward to the day Jordan when you use your voice to speak out and help save humanity from this new form of tyranny. God bless you, I know you have been a victim of big pharma bad drugs please see this problem is endemic and so wide spread it’s out of control. Please help me and all of the voiceless who are being murdered slowly and silently with this false vaccine..Score: 1/5

Please clean the audio of this episode.Please clean the audio. It’s awful to listen..Score: 1/5

Snake oilGrade A grifter supreme…..Score: 1/5

A source of understanding.Dr Peterson is often portrayed in a way that seems his purpose in life is discredit certain groups of people and their mentality towards social justice. This is not what Dr Peterson is truly about. Jordan is a very learned man, he is a clinical psychologist with thousands of hours of clinical practice and through his decades of learning, has a wonderful way of helping us to understand human psychology. His biblical studies of Genesis is truly eye opening and wonderfully informative of the underlying psychological importance of how Genesis is written. He helps to conceptualise harder to understand parts of Genesis that is very interesting, even for someone like me who is somewhat agnostic. Most importantly, to me, is Jordan’s work on his books. 12 Rules for Life has helped me to no end to understand social hierarchy’s, underlying subconscious traits that lead to my laziness and helped me pick myself up with my newfound role model of understanding. I really am a new person because of this man. Enjoy!.Score: 5/5

Warning, this podcast will change your life.Give this a chance and it will change you, your relationships with friends and family and your role within your community..Score: 5/5

Better understandingThis is a lot easier to understand than the maps of meaning book which to be fair Jordan does describe as dense.Score: 4/5

Insightful and thought-provokingCan’t get enough of this podcast! Always feel inspired to be a better person..Score: 5/5

I can helpI love the podcast. You are great at installing a vision of purpose and loads, loads more. I appreciate your honesty. I’ve just listened to the Bret Weinstein episode and think I can help you with regards to your health maybe if you want the help.Score: 5/5

Great contentReally great content and I enjoy the various topics and interviews. The most recent episode I listened to was with Chris Voss and it was fascinating. The only additional comment I would like to make is about the mixed sound quality of Jordan’s microphone. Compared to Chris Voss, Jordan maybe needs to invest in a better quality microphone..Score: 4/5

Intellectual shill.Of course, Peterson is intelligent. He’s eloquent. He’s well-read. But he rarely speaks out on issues which threaten the authority of the political establishment. He has too much to lose by speaking out on such issues. By placing emphasis on personal responsibility above all else, he insinuates that collective action is meaningless and one should turn a blind eye to corruption and injustice if they cannot change it on a localised level. What’s hilarious is that Peterson is viewed as an anti-establishment figure, rallying against the globalist elite, but actually, his philosophy is entirely pro-establishment..Score: 1/5

ClichedDon’t get what all the fuss is about..Score: 1/5

Awesome - Welcome Back - Series 3 Ep28 TitleWonderful to have Dr Peterson's body of work (to date!) in one place via Apple Podcast. Also WONDERFUL to have Dr P properly back in the Series 3 episode 28 podcast: the Ontario / Canada legal developments are scary. Please note that this latest podcast (S3, Ep28) may need to be retitled (current title incorrectly indicates that the subject matter pertains to Dr P's Gulag Archipelago introduction). Tx again to Dr P and team and, once again, a very warm Welcome Back!.Score: 5/5

Great podcast and fantastic mindThe received wisdom from Jordan should not be ignored as it is insightful and refreshing in equal measure. His perspectives are always well versed and thoughtful. In the nicest possible way I wish Mikhaila peterson all the best, but I find her contribution to the podcast jarring and difficult to listen to....and at certain times annoying. All in all Jordan is a legend and this podcast is a blessing..Score: 5/5

The greatest living thinker, and a truly good manJordan Peterson is curiously worthy of two accolades - he is easily the greatest living thinker alive today, and is also the most (bizarrely) vilified by the international media. There is something in the greatness of this man which inspires bitterness and resentment in the hacks of the Western world. Nevertheless, thanks to this podcast, you get to make up your own mind. Peterson’s genius is not in creative work. It is in his ability to extract and present to his audience the most quintessential and vital values from our cultural history. There are moments in some lectures or books when you think: “wow, this person really has had a flash of inspiration there, they’ve really figured out the answer to that old question”, “they’ve understood why this story is timelessly important”, or “they’ve got to the heart of that archetype.” And you remember these moments, a single one of them can make a long tome worth reading. In some of Peterson’s lectures, he can produce one these moments of profound insight literally every five minutes. It is absolutely jaw-dropping. I find it hard to believe that it’s possible. In my opinion, we are fortunate to be alive at the same time as Dr Peterson. The world is being torn apart with strife and bitterness, hatred and obsession. This man’s is a gift to society, as he is a representative of the highest virtues of intellect, culture, and basic humanity..Score: 5/5

Love Mr Peterson<3So incredible that I found him one day on YouTube. I feel so blessed and it’s so nice to listen to his lectures and deep thoughts about the world and society, plus I wanna sound smarter for school by using more of his vocabulary!!.Score: 5/5

History in presentWe are trully witnessing the work of one of the greatest philosophers of modern era. Such a privilege. Thank you Mr. Peterson..Score: 5/5

Few podcast that’s have improved me as a personI started listening at the start of the pandemic when I was working night shifts at a supermarket. I wanted to quit so badly, the job was dull and the hours long. But the lessons in the biblical series being realised at the time made me think about my responsibility to my society, who needed shelf’s packed at the time and to myself, who needed the money, so I stuck at it. By doing so I was able to make enough money to comfortably fund myself now I’m back at university. I stayed on because of these lessons, I now work in the film industry. Great podcast, and it’ll help you, if you want it to..Score: 5/5

Less lecturing, more asking questions, please…I listened to the Chris Voss episode. Voss is an amazing speaker and appears on many different podcasts. Half of the podcast was spent with Jordan pontificating and putting forward his own ideas for his own recognition, rather than actually interviewing Voss. After 45 mins, it became a bit ridiculous. Was this an interview with Voss, or just a chance for Jordan to get his own thoughts across and try to impress Voss. Jordan just tried to make himself sound smart (which he is), but that’s not the point of having a guest on a podcast. If I had a chance to give Jordan any coaching, I’d tell him to talk less, ask more questions, then LISTEN! You can find better podcasts out there, I would suggest moving past Jordan….Score: 1/5

Five stars for Eric!!Loved the episode and it was a refreshing change to hear Eric in all his interventions. Especially like his introduction and his participation at the end. Thank you..Score: 5/5

TerrificGreat guests,amazing podcast.Score: 5/5

RespectThis man, Jordan Peterson is amazing. I have a few people I really respect like Muhammad Ali , Albert Einstein and a few other greats and I regard Mr Peterson as highly if not higher in respect. His character and his actions speak for himself ,and if you do read this Mr Peterson, you are not alone in your beliefs. Thank you for everything..Score: 5/5

The most misunderstoodI love Dr. Peterson's work and have found it so useful for myself and others as well. Thank you for what you do, I find it incredibly valuable..Score: 5/5

PodcastThank you for your intelligence, integrity, honesty and bravery in speaking out and inspiring so many of us in these ridiculous times .Please look after yourself, delete Twitter, it is beneath you and your energy is better directed on a positive route ..Score: 5/5

Phenomenal manHis podcast, videos and books are life changing. I’m in tears listening to him, it’s like a soul speaking to another soul, true, honest and beautiful.Score: 5/5

Episode editing is SCREWED!!You get halfway through and the episode just re-starts at about 1hour in and it is an abrupt stop. You don’t ever get the full conversation. This is a recent issue and it’s so damn frustrating!.Score: 2/5

TrashGarbage.Score: 1/5

Mr Peterson is a genius !Everything I listen to from Mr Peterson blows my mind, expands it and gives me profound revelation! Don’t be fooled by this man citing other authors and sources. He has been able to analyse and distill and spoon feed us , like infants, with such comprehensive knowledge that would take 100s of year for an average mortal to accumulate, let alone understand. I have a 12 year old daughter and I am compiling a library of books that he has written or refers to or authors he has done podcast with as an inheritance and when she goes of to collage, to make sure she does not go off the rails or get depressed or too anxious, I will pack 12 rules for life with her and until then I will live by those rules and teach her as a responsible parent . Thank you for your work and the sacrifices in your life you have given for this works! You are saving lives and empowering us to hold on to everything that is good in this world and fight grains forces that want to destroy it!.Score: 5/5

I love youI love you, your ideas and the beautiful human being that comes through your words. About the podcast, I do think you should be doing shorter episodes. It is my opinion but either way I can listen to them an hour at the time . I agree with previous review. Take care of yourself and delete Twitter. It’s a horrible platform anyway.Score: 5/5

My favourite podcast by milesEvery week I wait for Jordan’s podcast to come out, and every week I try to have the self restraint to wait until Monday morning to listen to it while I work. It sets my whole week on the right trajectory. Profound questions attempt to be answered by Jordan and his guests, Jordan doesn't seem to hold back on any ideas, emotions or anything else that you can’t seem to find in many other places. All in all, I am so happy that Jordan and Mikhaila have chosen to do this podcast and I’m so happy that Jordan is back. Thank you, Jordan, for everything. R.Score: 5/5

Jordan Peterson LecturesVery engaging and enlightening lectures and talks. Not too long and never dull, this is one of my favourite shows to listen to..Score: 5/5

Fantastic conversationsThese are fantastic conversations, thank you very much Dr Peterson..Score: 5/5

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Thank youHow did I not know you had a podcast? Well my life if now forever changed and I am eternally grateful to have stumbled upon it. Your words insights curiosity and utter humanness in ever episode expands my mind in so many profound and immeasurable ways. I appreciate you your books and now your amazing podcast. Thank you for the sacrifice of sharing yourself your life’s work and your family for all of us..Score: 5/5

DecentI did not initially agree with Jordan Peterson’s opinions on pronouns when I saw him appear on the Agenda in 2016, but I have slowly come around to agree with his perspective on compelled speech when it is codified into law. I think if you actually *listen* to what he is saying, you’ll find that he is not the right-wing monster that many people paint him as, although some of his opinions and comments have rubbed me the wrong way. It’s a pretty interesting podcast, but I do think it would be improved if he interrupted his guests less. The Bari Weiss interview was particularly gruelling because he would not let her finish a sentence without interjecting. I felt that he was a bit brutal with Abigail Shrier as well, as she was forced to repeat her position on ROGD several times and seemed a bit exasperated..Score: 4/5

Not worth itThe guys a bible thumping right wing extremist and nothing more than an articulate version of trump anything by this guy is a waste.Score: 1/5

Talk less, listen moreInteresting guests, however Mr Peterson is in lecture mode, he should learn to talk less and listen more..Score: 2/5

Cutting people off like it’s his professionUsually pretty decent topics, I like the episode lengths, his commitment and dedication are obvious - It’s all appreciated ... but maan would it be nice to hear a guests full uninterrupted response without JBP speaking over or cutting them off a couple words in. Quite the peeve. If you have that much to say run a few solo episodes. It’s so blatant and consisted lately I’ve been shutting off 15-20 mins in. Unfortunately his daughter is more or less the same way. An oddly arrogant attitude for the topics they cover. I don’t want to listen to a host who’s not willing to listen to guests. Cringe.Score: 1/5

Negative ReviewsEveryone is entitled to their opinion, and no one is perfect so there is plenty of room to be cynical of Jordan Peterson. I listen to a wide range of podcasts - Left, Right, all of it - So long as there is some semblance of intellectual vigor and integrity. Peterson is undoubtedly one of the most influential thinkers of our time. Hands down. There are others in his league, but the way he is able to articulate the internal, the unsaid, is truly remarkable. I read the negative comments. Sometimes, there is legitimate criticism; however, the large majority of the negative comments are as shallow (or more so) than exposed rocks in a trickling stream. They go immediately to name calling, demagoguery, and self interested hatred. It is actually sort of fun to try to empathize with people who express such morbid closed mindedness. Fun, but a little disturbing. The world is in an interesting spot - Remember, if you speak the truth and follow the golden rule, you and yours will be ok. God bless, and love to you all..Score: 5/5

Really GoodI absolutely love listening to this podcast. I have grown and learned a lot from Dr. Peterson. Well worth listening to..Score: 5/5

Thank you!Thank you for the sincere, balanced and thorough discussions you host! You might never know the impact of your work in this life but I hope you can be encouraged to know that it’s essential and you are truly valued and have changed more lives than you might realise ! God bless you and your family! There is more than this life, I’m more certain of that each day..Score: 5/5

Great personIt’s funny how “self-help” is thrown around negatively by some reviewers of this podcast - Most of whom I’m sure have never listened and will be stuck in an echo chamber Until they’re ready to address their own attachment issues. Jordan come off as genuine and gets emotional in his talks. with the state of our society and mental health across all social strata, I’m grateful that he continues to grace people with something that everyone should be able to take away from every week.Score: 5/5

Right wing propagandaAbsolutely gut wrenching hate filled garbage I can’t believe anyone would listen to this mad man.Score: 1/5

Great guests:Much good information from Conrad Black. Pleasant to listen to an interview when the guest is free to talk freely; as in long talk..Score: 5/5

No, thank youArchaic, small-minded views packaged in new ways..Score: 1/5

Slam dunkThis most recent Peterson “mashup” was truly epic!!!! Such powerful work Dr. Peterson! You are a spot of bright light “kicking at the darkness”. Thank you for all you do in this world!.Score: 5/5

Faith in people restoredIn 1996 I took a philosophy course at York University. We were required to read a few papers that were never discussed in class or tested on. The papers were about the superiority of women, the superiority of fictional matriarchies supposedly wiped out by the evil patriarchy of western white civilization. After several more run-ins with crazy radicals controlling my grades, I just accepted that I was wrong and needed to conform. I first heard JBP in 2017. He spoke openly about the state of academia, and I was reassured. He took the heat for speaking openly and I was inspired. He became amazingly successful and I celebrate! Regular listener and huge fan..Score: 5/5

Psychology, for the uneducatedIt sucks getting your phD in clinical psychology and sharing a job title with this man..Score: 1/5

Literal piece of crapWho actually listens to this asshat?.Score: 1/5

Bari WeissI love to listen to your podcasts. Just listened to Bari and yourselves the ease with conversation is sorely missed in today’s world. Thank goodness for podcasts where intelligent conversations and informative and educational but also make you think and see outside the box. Very much enjoyed this one and all your podcasts..Score: 5/5

Always pulls back the veilsDr. Peterson is BACK The world is brighter.Score: 5/5

Yeonmi Park episodeI went specifically looking for a podcast with Yeonmi Park. This conversation was likely very good but the podcast was awful because the episode is so poorly edited. It cuts in and out starting close to an hour into it. It continually repeats passages, then jumps back mid-conversation. It becomes nearly impossible to follow along. It’s a pity.Score: 2/5

The Well Spoken TruthI’m not 100% sure what brought me to Dr. Peterson’s podcast. I’m a young female Canadian and I had more or less bought the narrative that Peterson was somehow against certain things I stood for back when he first made headlines at U of T. I criticized people for supporting him even though I didn’t have one factual statement to back up anything I was saying. I have devoured about of his 50 podcasts and lectures in the last three weeks and I simply cannot get enough. I already can’t wait to go back and re-listen and re-absorb his material. It’s so strong and so in-depth and well informed and well intended I actually prefer it to music when I am working out! It’s riveting and precisely on topic. Every conversation he has is deeply necessary our time. I tell everyone I can now to get into his work. A massive thank you to Dr. Peterson for being one of so few to be brave enough and capable enough of bringing rationality and reason back to the table. And a heartfelt apology for ever allowing myself to misunderstand who you are..Score: 5/5

DisappointedI’m a fan of Jordan. What I disliked is his constant interrupting of the guest. Couldn’t continue listening..Score: 1/5

Beyond impactfulI highly recommend this channel to anyone who is interested in understanding themselves and the world around better. I am profoundly impressed by the amount of wisdom and value Dr. Peterson is sharing through this platform (and all his other platforms for that matter). By listening to the episodes of Maps of Meaning I have managed to start mapping my own idea of meaning of life and purpose. The Biblical series fascinated me with the comprehensive explanation of old ideas that I have always grappled with, but now I find clearer. The interviews are valuable and touch on relevant modern topics about the the world and society we currently live in..Score: 5/5

Really?Jordan Peterson - a phenomenon really - says who? - Peterson..Score: 1/5

Don’t get sucked inHe’s NOT a racist, homophobic, anti-trans, crazy right-winger or any of the other epithets the progressive left use to deride him. However he is not the towering intellect he carries himself as and his theories are hard to pin down, in flux and not really his. See Current Affairs article — The Intellectual We Deserve..Score: 2/5

A few tweaks wouldn’t hurtI enjoyed the few shows I have heard - but I get the feeling Mr Petersen can’t help but show how smart he is, (he clearly is) cutting off guests and going off on lengthy monologues. Tried listening again (Rex Murphy) and still feel Mr Petersen just can’t help but talk more than his guests. I prefer and really enjoy listening to Mr Petersen being interviewed as opposed to him talking to his guests..Score: 3/5

TerribleGave it a chance. Just JP trying to be legitimate. Spoiler: He’s a hack..Score: 1/5

Typical self help garbageBasically just an ad for his self-help lifestyle brand..Score: 1/5

We need moreThis is a breath of fresh air at this time of crazy wokeness that is spiralling out of control, especially in Canada. I am glad that there are still people like Dr Peterson out there to bring normality to this turbulent culture. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

The goatPossibly one of the greatest thinkers of our time. It’s a treasure to listen to this man speak..Score: 5/5

A head shaking interviewNice to see when Dr Jordan Peterson has guests like Dr Randy Thornhill to give us a close up look at the people that are spreading all of the division and hate in society..Score: 5/5

Undoubtedly one of Canada’s/the globes most influential voices of today!A must subscribe in my opinion..Score: 5/5

Truly Grateful for Dr. Jordan’s contentThere are no words I can express to explain how deeply Dr. Jordan’s teachings have touched me. He has saved my life more than a couple of times, which sounds quite dramatic but I assure you it isn’t. I don’t believe I could have ended my own life, so when I say he saved my life I’m referring to how many times he’s saved me from becoming the monstrously resentful person I have always had the potential to become. I’ve had plenty of reason to become resentful in the last decade, but his teachings... the way he connects a lot of dots and almost shows you a map of what you’re capable of, great good or evil.. that has allowed me to navigate through my journey and continuously choosing the path towards the good whenever I get to a fork in the road. I can’t be more grateful that he and his family are doing better. He is truly my idol. Sending love to Dr. Jordan and his family..Score: 5/5

Zero StarsI can’t rate this podcast or Jordan Peterson low enough. Absolute drivel..Score: 1/5

Scott HarkerThe more I listen to JP the more he amazes me! He is definitely the most profound and one of the smartest people to come from his generation! Always love listening even though lots of it does go over my head!.Score: 5/5

Absolutely love JPLove listening to JP you get such a great perspective from him and he has amazing guests that you can certainly learn a lot from and gain perspective..Score: 5/5

Indispensable listening in the modern ageHighly relevant. Highly insightful. Peterson’s podcast is a must listen. Edit to add: the recent additions to the podcast prove that Dr. Peterson’s health trauma did not diminish him. The podcast are clear, interesting and engaging. His guests are excellent and Dr. Peterson’s ability to draw out their stories, and stories underneath their stories is what sets this podcast above the rest..Score: 5/5

A Living TreasureThis Dude. Well-versed in various disciplines, courageous, funny, humble, we’re lucky he openly shares his mind. Just like we are lucky Jung, Buddha Einstein and Jesus shared theirs..Score: 5/5

Straighten up and fly right!How can such advice be seen as extreme in any political light? Dr. Peterson, thank you for your indefatigable resolve and your commitment to your work. Congratulations on your new book. I am enjoying it very much and I regularly glean sustaining advice and strength from your words therein. I am persevering through my own personal issues regarding the destruction of my career in the public sector as an IT professional. Your books and videos plus this podcast have been an everyday source of knowledge, comfort and inspiration as I work to keep my ship righted. God bless you and your family. You are in my prayers good man and I wish for you to be in the very best of health..Score: 5/5

Matter of perspectivesWhat blows my mind is Jordan’s sincere intent is to help people with their lives... and to see how polarizing the reviews are is a little unsettling....95% of the reviews are 5 or 1 star... the latter filled with either hate spew or pretentious indoctrinated over educated people that think they’re smarter then him hahahahaha... luckily I’m a 5 star guy that has benefitted greatly from the hours I’ve invested in his work. Keep the politics out of it and I think anyone can benefit from this great Canadian ICON!.Score: 5/5

Was Repetitive! The new interviews are goodOld review below. The new interviews are fun to listen to. The earlier episodes where amazing. However, the new episodes are just his tour recording from 1 year ago. The topic and content repeats itself. Also the questions he receives in his tour are mostly cringy.Score: 5/5

Not always enrichingAlthough many of the guests are great and very interesting, the do start rambling many times going nowhere. The daughter is utterly annoying..Score: 3/5

Amazing podcast with intellectual discussion.I live listening to JBP and the people he talks with. He seems very knowledgeable about almost everything. I often listen in the car on the way to work, while bike riding or in the shop. It would be great if the sound technicians could raise the overall volume especially for soft spoken folks like Yeonmi Park. Maybe a better mic would help too. Thanks so much for raising the standard in this world..Score: 5/5

A beacon of academic hope.Jordan Peterson is having conversations that need to be had. Broaden your world view, understanding of human nature, and challenge your own personal views here..Score: 5/5

OverratedUgh smart man for stupid people some of it ok but mostly ballsacks.Score: 1/5

Thank-you Dr PetersonI just want to thank Dr. Peterson for continuing to podcast. Each and every podcast is an opportunity for me to learn, and have access to a conversation with folks who I find quite interesting, and frankly, would never have access to; truly a treat and often an inspiration..Score: 5/5

So many of these conversations need a pt2Just finished the podcast with the bishop. Wanted them to keep talking to the full extent they could. Especially about Jesus and the resurrection. I thought the quality was great and could have listened in for much much longer. I would love a part 2 and 3. Also for some more religious thinkers..Score: 5/5

Please ensure you fact check.Hello Jordan. I am very fond of you and the courageous position you have taken on the direction our culture is headed. This being said, and it is only intuitive, I am concerned about the veracity of the Yeonomi Park interview and her story. I am hoping you are doing some work to fact check these things to ensure you do not lose credibility. I like to see Alberta boys succeed. It feels like her story does not hang together..Score: 3/5

Great summary of the subjectIn this compilation the subject is summarized and emphasized so that the message is clear and actionable. His message comes from a place of empathy for people and their darkest moments and also courage to address their concerns and problems.Score: 5/5

Cliff UnderhillSimply amazing. I thoroughly enjoy listening to intelligence and profound thought. Please keep up with the excellent topics which interest me considerably. I am not a scholar, however I feel that way after listening..Score: 5/5

Scintillating and StimulatingOf all the podcasts I have listened to, there are none so refreshing and reinvigorating aand relevant as Jordan Peterson. (Very thankful, for you, that you’ve recovered, Dr. Peterson).Score: 5/5

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The Bishop’s concernBishop Barron regularly warns of the dangers of setting your own moral code. I believe the objective values the Bishop spoke of in the 4 Horsemen episode shows that we actually cannot set our own moral good ..Score: 5/5

Africa Brooke is an angle.I can’t tell you how powerful this interview is to me. Her description of pushing back against woke culture mirrors my recent experiences. I was kicked out of my house by my wife, my sister and cousins and other family walked away from me for daring to ask if my 6 year old daughter should be taught critical race theory. This was on Father’s Day this year. I felt physically ill for many weeks and, powerless to stop the insane mentality adopted by those I love. I’m doing better now but, only because brave humans like you are speaking out. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Jordan Peterson changed my lifeHonestly his work has really improved my life in so many ways , I really love everything he has to say , and I’ve learned a lot more unique reasons to be grateful for all that the universe has to offer , I really appreciate all that he’s said and done for us I have two suggestions - 1) almost every single podcast episode has been talking about the false narrative of power in hierarchies, and it’s getting too overdone now, I hope that Jordan Peterson asks different types of questions rather than that single theme every episode 2) I think Jordan Peterson tends to cut off his guests too often, especially when they’re making a really interesting point Thank you so much! I love professor Peterson so so so much, thank god we have him in this world.Score: 5/5

InfuriatingI’ve been a huge fan of Peterson for years. But I have a very hard time getting through any of his latest podcasts because despite the amazing intellect of his guests, he won’t let them finish a sentence, let alone a fully formed idea. His continual interruptions limit the depth and comprehensibility of the discussions. I wish he would practice some of that Carl Roger’s listening he praises so highly a little more often..Score: 2/5

Ignore the hypeWho’s side is he on? Is he liberal or is he conservative? Who cares. I’m tired of seeing Cathy Newman and GQ interview clips as well as any other media outlet that attempts to fit this man into their narrative. It validates my decision to avoid watching those networks and stick to podcasts where stimulating DISCUSSIONS actually take place. You may not agree with everything he has to say and that’s okay! He states several times why it’s important to expose yourself to differing views and novel information. If you listen to this podcast, you will realize why Jordan Peterson is held in high regard by so many people (not just the sample of men that cherry pick his statements to serve their own tyrannical/maladaptive agenda) He is a fascinating intellectual to listen to. I love the guests he has on as well as the lecture series he post. I certainly wish he was my professor when I was an undergrad/graduate student. I hope he continues having other intellectuals accompany him on his podcast (and not resort to individuals that are simply famous) especially those that have differing views and stances than he does..Score: 5/5

Heavy, educational and enlighteningI listen to almost everything Jordan peterson does. He is therapy and education at once.Score: 5/5

Educational and ConcerningJordan Peterson is far from a perfect man. Yet he shows up with integrity and honesty more often than most well known figures. He shows genuine concern and respect for his guests. He listens to feedback and even tries to improve. How few people noticed he heard them criticize his talking over people, addressed it and explained many probable reasons with a commitment to improve upon it. Then he started doing better! That’s integrity. Of course he is biased…. So are you. He never claimed he wasn’t. Eventually Most people are going to wake up in prison and wonder how their rights turned into a crime. That’s all that Jordan Peterson is trying to prevent. Get on board.Score: 5/5

Ten Stars!!!From the Biblical series to podcasts, JP is the bravest man in the world right now. Willing to put life and career on the line for truth. It is inspiring. I actually don’t mind when he interrupts his guests. I prefer his thoughts on things anyway, and the guests are just icing on the cake. I have learned a great deal from JP. Keep it up! I wish there was a way to get my uneducated brother to understand JP, but he has chosen his enemies and will defend that choice regardless of truth. The negative reviews on here are from lost people who find purpose in hate. Blessings to you Jordan, from an avid listener..Score: 5/5

TrashGarbage show from a man with garbage opinions.Score: 1/5

Episode 60There’s a lot to process, I will listen again. That said you were correct to call this “the four horsemen” thank you Dr. Peterson!.Score: 5/5

The best!Quite unique podcast in seeking, meaning, truth, and love. I’ll keep listening!.Score: 5/5

From homeless drug addict to Philanthropic EntrepreneurJordan, words can’t express the change that was occurred in my life from applying your wisdom to my life. I am so thankful for mentors like you. I have my own podcast called CoCre8 Oneness, I’m helping addicts find personal development instead of a 12 step trap. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Because your work helped me piece together the canvas that is now the painting of my life, I assume Leonardo’s role with honor. 😄❤️🙏 thanks for changing my life.Score: 5/5

FantasticA must-listen podcast..Score: 5/5

Interesting.I changed from 3 stars to 5 stars due to the range of topics. I just wish he would use his logic when it comes to the god question and realize that someone who simple doesn’t believe in a god is an atheist(Matt Dillahunty would be the easy example)..Score: 5/5

Thank youThank you for voicing the logical truth. Your episode with Prager and Carolla is one of my favorite but I also value your educational lectures on religion. I work for one of the largest companies in the world. As a young man I was drawn to this company because it’s service to the world as well as the integrity of the work. As a 50 year old I am disgusted by the notion of systemic racism. For 20 years my company has directed us “don’t bring me a candidate unless they are a minority or woman” in that order. I have witnessed the corrosion of the company through the lack of concern with excellence and combined the relentless drive for performance. The result is people with a lack of integrity and a culture of cheating in order to meet standards. I have now been forced to be vaccinated in lieu of a demotion. My company is now lead by an outsider and many people that did not ascend due to merit alone. It will continue to deteriorate. It’s very sad..Score: 5/5

Awesome Podcast!I’m so happy to have found this podcast. It’s packed full of insight and revelation..Score: 5/5

Love you man but please stop…Please stop talking over your guests constantly. It’s painful on so many levels. It shows your own pain tremendously by the fact you can’t shut up for a second by making it all about your ideas (which is understandable, but painful to listen to). Also, it’s simply rude to bring a guest on and talk all over them constantly. Don’t bring guest on then. Stick to your lecturing, which is great. Thanks.Score: 4/5

WowDr Peterson i genuinely appreciate the wisdom your spreading around the world. And more young men like me look up to you as mentor, and father please continue what you doing is inspirational and hope you healthy meaningful life..Score: 5/5

Trans-man is very helped by Jordan PetersonAs a 100% stealth older trans-man, I completely and fully appreciate, admire and need Jordan Peterson as a “mentor” to help me navigate to understand the complexities of my life. Personally, the LGBT (and whatever other letters I’ve left out) have been utterly useless to me since the beginning of my transition in living as a male. Yes, I say “living” as a male for over a decade. I know i am biologically NOT male which creates it’s own unique set of issues in transitioning personally and socially. I wish I could have a meaningful conversation with other trans-people but it’s almost impossible as many tend to hate men or are “happily-unhappy” people. Thus, very early on in my transition, I moved away from my entire family and old friends and literally began a new life learning who I was as a “man” in this world. That’s not so easy, but I’m proof it is possible to do and do it in a way where I’m not resentful and bitter, and not entitled to anything and be kind to people and even go back home from time to time. I don’t like being represented by the LGBTQ+ or whatever type groups. I’m nothing like them. I’m just me and I have benefited profoundly from Jordan Peterson’s books, lectures, and ideas. So thank you. Perhaps, after this little post review, I won’t be exactly 100% stealth anymore, but after over a decade living as a heterosexual, blue-collar, Christian stealth male, I figure I’ll be okay with that. Pray for!.Score: 5/5

Parental Advisory SuggestedYour Plumber Analogy is that of “Cat in the Hat” meets “The Matrix”..Score: 5/5

No safe spacesIncredible insight! Must have them on again..Score: 5/5

Always expanding my mindThis is a wonderful way to spend time - listening to ideas that open my mind to ideas of how to better approach the world..Score: 5/5

The Father I Never HadI am a 42 yr old, single father and firefighter who has walked a precarious path. I first discovered Dr. Jordan Peterson on Realtime with Ball Mahr on 4/20/18. Since that interview, my life’s trajectory pivoted, as I became a student of his books, podcasts, self authoring program(60,000+ words), and various youtube lectures (including his epic biblical series 3X over). I lost my father in a horrific manner during my formative years. Doctor Peterson has become the critically empowering voice which myself, and many others have so desperately needed. Thank you sir. Thank you for teaching me how to think and for your indelible service to mankind. Christopher Kenitzer Anthem AZ.Score: 5/5

Quality of guests is impacting show’s valueI have been a fan of his books and lectures for years, particularly his series on the Bible. That said, over time his podcast is becoming increasingly devoid of interesting discussion, culminating in his latest episode with Adam Carola and Dennis Prager. Listening to three extremely rich men on one of most popular podcasts on the planet whine they have a lack of influence or power is infuriating and tone deaf. Dismissing all Palestinians as a problem, spouting false information about covid, saying all educators are people who can’t compete in a real world. It’s not an educated podcast anymore if it’s a mouthpiece for people to spout ignorant opinions backed only by extremely biased personal opinion..Score: 2/5

Great guestsHe gets some great guests, unfortunately the man himself is scattered, boorish, and has an agenda that he tries to push with nearly every question. 2 stars.Score: 2/5

Psuedointellectualism for the massesJordan B. Peterson is a bloviating, pseudointellectual blowhard who couches grains of truth inside of a packaging of dangerous misinfornation. Nobody who actually has an education in either psychology or philosophy takes this man or his easily falsifiable ideas seriously. Just as Joe Rogan functions as valedictorian of the uneducated, Jordan Peterson functions as the educated man's village idiot. If you're looking for actual philosophical grit, why not try Popper or Hayek? Jordan Peterson simply isn't worth any of our time..Score: 1/5

Occasional insights get mired too in circular argumentsI was really hoping Jordan would bring to the table all kinds of revelations, and once in a while there is a real gem in there. But far too often, if you take a moment to think about what he says, while his arguments seem compelling, but there is actually too little substance below the surface. His rationals all just seem a bit weak. No wonder he’s been called “the stupid man’s thinking person”. I don’t like his daughter hawking supplements. Smells bad. Otherwise, I’m going to continue listening..Score: 3/5

A Very Important PodcastJordan Peterson is an important intellectual who has for years been like one crying out in the wilderness. He was ignored or dismissed as an alamist by many, blowing anecdotal evidence out of proportion. And has been under constant attack by those who fear the clarity of his arguement. It's been five some odd years since I became aware of him and the cautionary tale of which he spoke has now come home to roost. In the wake of COVID 19 and 4 years of Trump our institutions are engaged in a full blown culture war that could rip apart our democracy and lead us to God knows where... We've lived in such stability for so long we cannot imagine an instable world as we continue to swing the hammer striking at the foundations.... while telling ourselves, everything will work out. And yet he isn't a catastrophist, he encourages people to take responsibility, to work towards something and carry a burden for family and community. Love this podcast!.Score: 5/5

Unexpected HeroUnwanted by the woke universities and the woke culture, Dr. Peterson became the worlds professor. Having gone through the crucible Dr. Peterson has been found to be an unexpected and perfect hero of the age..Score: 5/5

ProfoundEvery time I think I can’t learn anything else from Dr Peterson, I listen to another episode and he blows me away! He’s truly life changing and I thank God that he has a platform to teach millions.Score: 5/5

Incredible WisdomYour wisdom is helping me be a better father in raising my three teenagers.Score: 5/5

Bilateral symmetryWhy then people do all sorts of things to themselves to look less symmetrical? The hair style, shaved eyebrows, tattoos etc.?Is there any limit or symmetry begins to look ugly? I viewed the Photoshop collection of pictures were faces were absolutely symmetrical. It’s an horrible experience..Score: 5/5

Thoughtful and insightful, but…Jordan’s thoughtfulness and insight is helpful and necessary, especially these days—these conversations are, for the most part, excellent. However, Jordan tends to interrupt his guests a lot, and doesn’t always let them make the point they’re trying to, or fully answer questions he’s just asked them—it’s very annoying and distracting. Other than that, fantastic podcast!.Score: 4/5

Thought-provoking, intelligent, engaging!Jordan B. Peterson is a giant among intellectuals. He is one of the most important thinkers of our time. Listening to him engage with his guests, formulate ideas, make connections, see patterns, and reveal insights makes me think that this is what it might have been like to eavesdrop in on conversations among brilliant minds over centuries past (if they only had a podcast). I appreciate Jordan’s forthright style and directness. His courage to search for and speak truth in an age where most talking heads hide behind ideology and dogma is refreshing. I am an avid listener and supporter of this show. Keep it up, Jordan!.Score: 5/5

Say what?…Interesting and mind boggling conversations. Always provides deep topics to chew on, research, and learn more about..Score: 5/5

Excellent Podcast!I started listening to this podcast after reading his books. Jordan delivers in almost every episode. I enjoy his ability to challenge his guests, even when Jordan clearly agrees with their perspective. Something else I enjoy is his approach to politics. As a Canadian, he has no skin in the game so his perspectives seem genuine and not fueled by the current political agenda here in America..Score: 5/5

FabulousWhat can I say, it’s Jordan Peterson ! His intellectual gymnastics help me make sense of a world that seems to be imploding. And no , I am not an angst filled young white male. I’m a 64 year old female with a doctorate and 37 years of professional experience. His words reach many people. The world needs his light shining in the darkness..Score: 5/5

Covid!He never answered the question. What is the reason the vaccinated have authority over the unvaccinated?.Score: 5/5

Positive PrayersI don’t believe Jordan should ever have to feel bad about anything his detractors say about him. He treats the most vile among them with respect they do not deserve. I am sorry they could make him feel bad. It’s his self reflection that punishes him. I selfishly pray for his continued health..Score: 5/5

For thinkersDr. Peterson interviews people who have different view points, and he listens to their ideas and brings out more. He particularly has a great way of focusing in on the areas where they disagree and finding meaning there. How incredible to hear people talk about hard topics in thoughtful ways. I’ve heard guests on his show who have been on other podcasts, but he brings out more facets than the other interviews, and I feel both come away better for the conversation..Score: 5/5

Important TopicsThe episode with Steven Fry is great..Score: 5/5

I admire and love Peterson, however…I absolutely love the knowledge, wisdom and learning lessons I have acquired by listening to JP. However, he needs to stop cutting off conversations and let his guests speak their entire sentence..Score: 4/5

The Apocalyptic Never interviewGood stuff. By shining the light on all opinions equally we will see the truth. All of us need to let go of what we bring to discussion and just listen..Score: 5/5

AwesomeWonderful podcast.Score: 4/5

Hey budPLEASE stop avoiding the most important questions that you have to face within yourself. Don’t give up. I know it’s hard but just look at all the people who you could alleviate their suffering and please don’t let Carl Jung down..Score: 5/5

Talks more than guestsI am actually a fan of Mr. Peterson. I think he has a wealth of knowledge to share. However, it is becoming obnoxious hearing him constantly cut his guest off mid point as if they aren’t there as an expert in their field. As a host, why even waste the time of the guest by making them listen to you the entire time? It makes no sense. It is wearing and thus 4 stars..Score: 4/5

God bless you JordanYou speak from your heart and you are quest for more knowledge I love listening to you! You raised an amazing daughter as well thank you for sharing with us all. I think you should ask Chip Ingram on your show he may have some of the answers you seek. I love how you show your humanity don’t ever change that!.Score: 5/5

Critical Intellectual ExplorationDr. Peterson is leading the cause in today's intellectual exploration. He is tackling the greatest fundamental questions of humanity. Deeply rooted and aimed with purpose! We desperately need to listen to and participate in these conversations in this modern world of rapidly declining meaning. Everywhere you look, mankind is losing its meaning, soul, and its finger on Nature's pulse. Thank you so much Dr. Peterson, your words are more valuable than you realize. We aren't only listening! We are sharing our ever-evolving and hardening perspectives!.Score: 5/5

Great showCan’t wait to hear more! This was a thoughtful and delightful interview. Must listen.Score: 5/5

Lacks virtue signalingRead his last two books, and if you’re like me try also tackling maps of meaning. So much wisdom.Score: 5/5

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One of the most important people of our timeI cannot stress how important it is, for people who feel like they are lost or even just want to do better in their lives, to listen to what Dr. Peterson has to say. Listening to him has made me feel that at 24 I actually have some sense as to what I should do with my life, which in comparison to how I was even just one year ago, I find to be simply astounding. What he is doing is so incredibly important, I can only imagine the vast amount of good his words have done for people’s lives..Score: 5/5

Episode 39 sound quality poorAn enlightening interview with Chris Voss, which was difficult for me to fully relax and enjoy because the audio was quite distorted. Worth persevering with, however, especially if you are a Chris Voss fan..Score: 4/5

Too frustrating to listen toJordan kept interrupting Warren Farrell before he finished speaking so I had to stop listening.Score: 3/5

DangerousThis guy is poisoning people’s minds..Score: 1/5

JP’s Theories Are Essential!As Rogan said, the most misunderstood person in the world. Jordan’s perspective isn’t biased, it’s factual with all intent of educating others & expanding his perspective. The controversial topics he covers often is essential for us all to embody & unravel. This is what a life with passion & purpose looks like. Keep up the goodness JP!.Score: 5/5

Responsibility awakenedThis gent is already impacting how I treat others. Most importantly my wife and child. Jordan’s podcasts have helped me to understand that which I always knew. Responsibly for ones own action and awareness of the potential, both positive and negative, within each individual. I am a more honest, appreciative and interested husband and father since listening and reading his works. I have been awaken to the ideological aspects in the world around me and I work to be a better person..Score: 5/5

WeirdStrange mix of status quo warriors, weird religious mumbo jumbo and cancel culture -alt-right circle jerk. Weird..Score: 1/5

An exceptional podcastFinally a place for robust intellectual discussions. These long form conversations, debates and speech’s allow ideas to be unpacked respectfully..Score: 5/5

Sorry….I cant stand the voices……. And yea…..ummmm C ya.Score: 2/5

A good showI hope that Dr. Peterson can let his guests talk more. He usually stops his guest while they still have points to say. That is a bit annoying..Score: 4/5

Expands the mindHighly intelligent people with real life experience in conversation with Jordan B Petersen whose perceptive questions and comments enrich and enlighten. Excellent food for the mind..Score: 5/5

I’m a good lobster boyDaddy Peterson says women are to blame for all my problems and it makes me feel better because I’m a baby.Score: 1/5

A little less interruption pleaseI love Jordan’s content. The conversation with John Vervaeke was frustrating because he couldn’t really finish his thoughts without being interrupted..Score: 5/5

Too left wing, biasedWatch out for this podcast, pure indoctrination..Score: 1/5

Im a women and JP helped meThe 1 star reviews are so funny. They made me want to give 10 stars..Score: 5/5

😊🐝😺😊🐝😺.Score: 5/5

Podcast guest suggestion - Essential CraftsmanDr. Peterson, Scott Wadsworth has the Essential Craftsman Youtube channel and I have heard him speak highly of you on several occasions. His video ‘How to be more productive’ has over a million views and I return to it often. It would be fascinating to hear a discussion with a carpenter/contractor/blacksmith who possesses decades of experience and readily admits to their mistakes, and shares what they have learned. Whenever I hear you use plumbers to frame competence, conscientiousness, skill, and intelligence, I think of Essential Craftsman and how these attributes exist in any trade or line of work. Like the interview you did with Ryan Roxie, this might be a different angle to explore. Thankyou from Australia!!.Score: 5/5

Thank You!Dr Peterson, just wanted to say a big thank you for your wisdom that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing through this podcast, your books and lectures. I’ve appreciated every minute of it. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

A conversation with Anatoly (Natan) SheranskyHi Dr Peterson, I find your podcasts so fascinating and you have exposed me to very interesting figures in our lifetime. I heard Anatoly (Natan) Sheransky speak and honestly believe you and your listeners will find him fascinating, especially in conversation about his time in a Russian gulag. Take care and all my best wishes Caron.Score: 5/5

Seeking wisdom.“Blind leading the blind” Really? Such a narrow and condescending sentiment. They’re not lost. The spirit of these discussions is to explore, seek and discover often hidden or buried truths through the exchange of ideas, beliefs and other’s wisdom. Our attitude needs to be one of vulnerability and humility in the face of our own guarded arrogance and ignorance. Surely the goal is not necessarily to become “Christian”. More to become more Christ like. Now there’s a thought..Score: 5/5

Great contentThe bad reviews are classic..Score: 5/5

Multiple Intellectual Orgasms :)Love listening to Dr Peterson before sleep. It’s like having an intimate conversation..Score: 5/5

Eye-openingYou just cannot look at life the same..Score: 5/5

Interruptions create barriersDr Peterson interrupting his guests creates to barriers to intuitive dialogue. It seems a race to provide his views at the expense of letting his guests finish their points results in unfulfilled potential of the heights the conversation may otherwise reach. This much to my disappointment at times as I find his lectures and writings are epic in their attempt to provide a proximate theoretical framework to bridge human motivation and psychology with spirituality and draw connection from judo-christian to pre modern spirituality..Score: 4/5

Voice of truthJP provides great wisdom and guidance- needed in times like this to avoid chaos.Score: 5/5

Good podcast to put you to sleep😴😴😴😴.Score: 1/5

Thought provokingAlways interesting and thought provoking discussions..Score: 5/5

Loved the Biblical seriesI think young teenage kids could really benefit from Dr Peterson’s books and lectures. I know my kids have! They introduced me to him after all. Has helped us as a family have real discussions..Score: 5/5

I am a woman and Jordan Peterson has helped me tremendously.Knowledge is power..Score: 5/5

My favouriteThis is my favourite podcast..Score: 5/5

Thoughtful & thought provoking!I thoroughly enjoy these podcasts & find the messages important. I’v begun to develop a more meaningful way of thinking thanks to Dr. Jordan Peterson. He has become a watermark for me when considering life & how to act each day in an attempt to do the best possible. Thank you Jordan Peterson for your words and thoughts..Score: 5/5

Helping better growthLove Dr Petersons podcast, the ability to be able to listen to one of the great current intellectual minds is great. Between the 12 rules tour talks and Q&A he covers a lot of information for those interested in self improvement. Keep up the brilliant work Jordan! You too Mikhaila!.Score: 5/5

Make your own bed hypocriteFor a guy proposing that you should “put your house/room in order” before looking outward, he’s incredibly messed up as is his family..Score: 1/5

ComfortingI’m a woman, a teacher, a mother, a partner. I find Jordan Peterson an astute, compassionate, fair and intelligent guide in these new dark ages. I find comfort in the fact that he’s an academic who has managed to retain common sense and will never cower to the 2+2=5 collective delusion. He’s an objective remainder in the subjective circus of 2021. Thank you, Jordan.Score: 5/5

He’s the bestSuperb long-form conversations and meditations. If we end up saving the world, Jordan will have had a hand in it..Score: 5/5

The Doctor is backWe’ve missed you mate. Glad your back. Brilliant and entertaining as ever. With more informative and critical content on our society. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Enough with the ads and plugs, and intros.Just get on with it. Intros are also very annoying..Score: 2/5

Kia Kaha JPMust have listened to 40 or 50 hours of this podcast. Jordan doesn’t have all the answers but he does have some great questions. Hope you heal up soon mate..Score: 5/5

Thought provokingWhether you agree or disagree Jordan is a thought provoking individual.Score: 5/5

Russell Brand podcastThis was such a great podcast! I loved the end part with yourself and Mikhaila . Love love love!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Pseudo intellectual nonsenseMix of pseudo intellectual nonsense based on sprinklings of Freud and Jung wrapped up with biblical stories and mythology (most of which is taught in any English 101 lecture at university). He dog whistles to the hard right wing (whilst denying he has any political biases) and makes money from disenfranchised young men by selling his snake oil. He talks about people taking individual responsibility but then allows his daughter to graft through life on his name hawking her scammy “all meat” diet and telling anyone who will listen that she is “Jordan Peterson’s daughter”..Score: 1/5

Life changing 🙌🏻Honestly Peterson is now essential listening.Period.Score: 5/5

You changed my lifeI don't have the words or space here to describe exactly how much positive impact you've had on my life but I'd just like to add one more 5 star review as a small thanks. I hope your ongoing health is improving and you are back in Australia speaking for us once again soon. I will be in the front row Dr. Peterson..Score: 5/5

Biblical explanationInteresting & clearly explained thanks for a great podcast!.Score: 5/5

Don’t turn JBP into a golden calfJBP great integration of literature, psychology and science that resounds with thinking folk. JBP, however, is the last person who would want his philosophy to undergird a cult Or for he himself to become a golden calf.... stay awake! A few marxists are accusing him of being a pseudo scientist.... I guess they are experts when it comes to such matters.Score: 5/5

So gooodddAmazing content.Score: 5/5

Most intelligent, inspirational and kind humanDr Jordan Peterson has not only an amazing intellectual mind, he shows sincere humanity and depth of heart. He is the most amazing human encountered and I am so grateful for his shared knowledge, wisdom and presence. He has the courage to be vulnerable and authentic and so human and this makes his messages be conveyed with much awareness, Compassion and plants the seeds for awakening the Truth. Thank you so much and many blessings and good health to Dr Peterson and his family 🙏🏼.Score: 5/5

This will change your life. If, you Listen.Jordan Peterson changed my life. There’s more depth here than I will probably ever fathom..Score: 5/5

SuperbSimply first rate! Straight forward advice for living a meaningful life. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Wow!Jordan Peterson’s podcast is such a breath of intellectual fresh air! Thank you thank you thank you. You have changed my life..Score: 5/5

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The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast Podcast Episodes

S4 E61: Meaning, Awe and Conceptualization of God - pt. 3

This episode is comprised of multiple Season 4 episodes from the podcast, specifically, Jonathan Pageau, James Orr & Nigel Biggar, Ian McGilchrist, Lawrence Krauss, Christopher Kaczor and Matthew Petrusek and Bishop Barron. We have paired this compilation with the release of the full video series on YouTube in one video. This episode is brought to you by Jordan's personality course available at The Personality Course is available for the week of Black Friday for 53% off. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

S4 E60: The 4 Horsemen of Meaning | Bishop Barron, John Vervaeke, and Jonathan Pageau | JBP Podcast

This episode was recorded on September 10th 2021. Jordan Peterson, Bishop Barron, John Vervaeke, and Jonathan Pageau have a round table to explore ideas and theories of Meaning. All three guests have been on the podcast before, and all share Jordan’s passion for the universal truths of human experience. This deep discussion explores the roots of Meaning and religious significance. Bishop Barron is the founder of Word on Fire and the auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of LA. John Vervaeke is a colleague of Jordan’s and an associate professor at the University of Toronto since 1994. He teaches courses on reasoning, cognitive development, and higher cognitive processes. Jonathan Pageau is a symbolic thinker, YouTuber, and class carver of orthodox icons. - Find more Bishop Barron on YouTube: And here: Find more John Vervaeke online on his website: John's YouTube channel: Find more Jonathan Pageau on YouTube:  Jonathan's website: _________ [00:00] Preview [01:30] Intro [02:40] Everyone gives their answer to “What is meaning?” [03:30] “We're using meaning as a metaphor... something similar to the way a sentence works. It has intelligibility to it that connects us to the world... so that we can interact and be informed by it” Jon Vervaeke [07:22] “Our mental framing is transparent like a pair of glasses, but there are times we need to step back and, by taking the glasses off and examining them, consider our framing structure" JV [09:10] “When you look at the world there is a central point of focus. When you focus on the point with your eyes it becomes very clear... until we no longer perceive anything by the edge of our vision. It's nothingness, it's just not there" Jordan Peterson [13:56] Bishop Barron's view on meaning and religion [14:23] “I would say that meaning is to be in a purposeful relationship to a value" Bishop Robert Barron [17:55] “So I'm talking to you, which I believe is a good, but it's nested in a higher good and a still higher good, so finally I want not just this particular good but good itself—that's a religious relationship" BRB [18:20] Pageau’s opening thoughts on meaning and religion [19:56] “The reason we perceive hierarchy is because we are always judging... or trying to evaluate whether something’s good" Pageau [20:31] Jordan’s brief foray into “mini-celebrations” [21:53] The idea of revelation [24:46] “It isn't obvious to me that we see objects—we see patterns" JP [27:40] “Like a Rolling Stone—it wasn't the first song I liked, but it was the first that rocked my world and rearranged my mind, and I think that's where real value is" BRB [28:42] Underlying causes of the crisis of meaning [30:10] “Something that starts with Scotus... and goes into the heart of the scientific revolution is that there’s no such thing as levels—reality just is" JV [31:00] Science around the hierarchy of intelligibility and connectedness [33:00] What is science? [39:00] “There’s an epistemic hierarchy and science does not belong on the top" BRB [42:00] “As scientists, we are motivated by a narrative we don't understand scientifically… The whole enterprise is driven by a dream whose reality can't be encapsulated within the process itself" JP [44:00] The ignorance in assuming science OR religion are correct [44:40] Eminationist ontologies [55:30] Religious experiences [01:07:30] The book of Revelations as a psychedelic experience. [01:17:30] The Psychedelic problem and why psychedelics are useful in communal experiences. [01:26:00] Jordan’s biblical lectures [01:32:00] What are the guests working on? [01:36:00] Beauty in churches [01:38:00] Growing up Christian [01:44:00] Possibility is real [01:50:00] Joining religion and science [02:03:30] Wrapping up #Meaning #Psychology #Religion Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

S4 E59: Meaning, Awe and Conceptualization of God - pt. 2

This episode is comprised of multiple Season 4 episodes from the podcast, specifically, Jonathan Pageau, Randall Wallace, Iain McGilchrist, Bishop Barron, Stephen Fry, and John Vervaeke. We have paired this compilation with some exciting upcoming episodes in the form of next Monday’s podcast which is a conversation between Jordan, Jonathan Pageau, Bishop Barron, and John Vervaeke where they discuss many of the same concepts you will hear about today - as well as the role of the psychedelics in religious tradition.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

S4 E58: The Immaculate Conception: Bitcoin vs Fiat Standard | Dr. Saifedean Ammous

This episode was recorded on September 8th 2021. Saifedean Ammous is an expert on Bitcoin with a PhD from Columbia University. He joins Dr. Peterson to discuss decentralization, different schools of economics, the Fiat vs. Bitcoin standards, and much more. Dr. Ammous is the author of The Bitcoin Standard, widely considered the essential book on the economics of Bitcoin. He also hosts a podcast of the same name. His new book, The Fiat Standard, should be out in November. _ Find Saifedean here: Saifedean’s online learning platform: (20% off by using the code “Peterson”) The Bitcoin Standard: The Fiat Standard: _________ [00:18] Intro [02:34] What are hard monetary assets? [06:13] The argument for bitcoin being the best hard money ever created [09:11] "Bitcoin only has users... no admins. There is nobody with a master key" - Saifedean Ammous [10:36] How the Bitcoin network functions using "consensus parameters" [15:49] "The way that Bitcoin came about seems... virtually impossible to believe" - Jordan Peterson [18:27] Other schools of economics (Austrian) vs. the most common today (Keynesian) [20:46] "So the Austrian school of economics... tilts you more towards an appreciation of non-centrally controlled, distributed networks, and emphasis on the individual actor" - JP [23:25] Paul Samuelson and communist economic expectations of centralized planning post-WW2 [25:27] Dr. Ammous' academic background [27:14] Climate change. The push towards central planning, implying certain people or groups know the exact consequences and solutions to future economic developments [29:41] "I've been struck by the problem of unintended consequences and the irreducible complexity of things. We can talk about the problem of climate change, but those words are incredibly deceiving" - JP [34:16] Highlighting the crucial role of the entrepreneur in Austrian economics [40:46] Saifedean reflects on the views held by the central bank, governments, and mainstream economists on money—as opposed to Bitcoin's structuring and the Austrian school of thought [41:43] "From the Austrian perspective, money is a product of the market and not the invention of the state. The state's meddling in money... is irrational and cannot succeed for the same reasons central planning does not succeed" - SA [45:50] Overview of Dr. Ammous' book The Fiat Standard [54:40] Current inflation in Western democracies. The devastating effect of hyperinflation on the average person [58:15] "Money is an incredible technology for lowering our time preference" - SA [58:59] "The 20th century was a global trainwreck of watching the money preference rise. Generation after generation... witnessed their money devalue" - SA [01:02:32] Why some efforts in energy production are misguided [01:06:39] The Fiat Standard [01:10:29] Why are we allowing people to mine bitcoin? [01:12:46] The genius that went into the production of the Bitcoin code [01:23:14] The crazy reality of decision-making at climate change panels [01:26:36] Fiat-based currency jobs and the Zoom warriors disconnected from the physical world [01:31:09] "A lot of the problems of the 20th century, in my opinion, have their roots in highly inflationary fiat currency" - SA [01:31:18] Covering some of the common objections against Bitcoin [01:39:45] "We are always going to find more reasons to print money" - SA [01:41:43] Ammous’ online learning platform [01:48:29] The growth of and the parameters attributed to its success [01:50:05] The possibility of decentralizing societal accreditation [01:50:21] "I've talked to seriously wise academics who know that there is almost zero financial knowledge in universities [today]... There is tremendous residual value, however, in the accreditation" - JP [01:56:18] Wrapping up #Crypto #FiatStandard #Bitcoin #JordanPeterson #Decentralization Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

S4 E57: Meaning, Awe and Conceptualization of God - pt. 1

In our second weekly compilation, we are investigating the various methods and practices that humans use to conceptualize God. This investigation leads us down the path of exploring meaning and wonder. What does it mean to live as though God exists? Why are we awestruck when viewing a beautiful painting? Why does walking inside a great Cathedral render us speechless? What is the relationship between these experiences and God?  Jordan talks about how living as though god exists is some form of evidence that we as a society hold these values in high regard. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

S4: E56 Islam, Christ, and Liberty | Mustafa Akyol

This episode was recorded on October 18th, 2021. Mustafa Akyol joins me to discuss Muslim history and tradition. We touch on subjects like Jesus Christ from a Christian and Muslim perspective, the Virgin Mary's role in the Quran, separation of church and state as an ideology, the dangers of literalism when facing religious texts, and much more. Mustafa Akyol is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute's Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, where he focuses on the intersection of public policy, Islam, and modernity. He's contributed as an opinion writer for the New York Times since 2013, covering politics and religion in the Muslim world. Published by W. W. Norton, his 2011 book, "Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty," presents a strong argument for Islamic liberalism. The book was long-listed for the Lionel Gelber Prize for best nonfiction book. It was also praised by The Financial Times as "a forthright and elegant Muslim defense of freedom." His other books include "Reopening Muslim Minds" and "The Islamic Jesus." Find Mustafa's most important book, "Reopening Muslim Minds," here His book "The Islamic Jesus," discussed in this episode, is at Find a free PDF of his book "Why, As a Muslim, I Defend Liberty" at Or visit his page at the Cato Institute: _____ [00:00] Introduction [02:47] Regarding the separation of church and state, what do Christians and Muslims have in common? [10:36] What are some similarities between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? [11:05] "I see the world's history, and I see a Judeo-Christian/Islamic history because it's all Abrahamic monotheism starting at Judaism." Mustafa Akyol [11:46] What the Three Abrahamic religions have in common—monotheism, rooting in the same tradition; and strange insistence on a book as the bedrock of culture [12:45] Unique ideas of religious and societal tolerance through different ages in history [21:10] The connection Jesus and Islam [28:45] What is the totalitarian impulse? [29:30] "I think it is an understatement of the severity of the totalitarian problem to attribute it merely to the religious." - Jordan Peterson [31:27] Critiquing the inevitable flaws of the purely secular state. The benefits of a higher law on the unification of people and not deifying human rulers [34:59] "There is another value in Sharia law—[it] was separate from the rulers, even above the rulers." - Mustafa Akyol [39:35] Briefly touching on the ruling class in Saudi Arabia. A brief history of the Wahhabi's rise to power, and how a group of extreme thinkers gained more power than would have been naturally possible [45:36] Bad Ideas from the West are, in fact, devastating [48:45] A modern Muslim's take on religion, power, and the birth of Islam with the prophet Muhammad [55:15] "The whole thorny moral problem of what to do when you are being oppressed is not something let's say as a species we have figured out." - JBP [01:18:51] "The inherent problem with literalism in interpretation. The perspective of the reader creates so much of the truth in this model that they can then impose on the world around them." - JBP [01:26:20] Regarding reason and Sharia law, one group has said that Sharia indicates what's inherently right and wrong in the world. Another group, that it only creates that difference through the imposition [01:27:01] Mary's role in the Quran and Islamic tradition [01:31:29] The influence of gnostic Christian gospels on Muhammad in Mustafa's opinion. The odd state of the Jewish Christians who were accepted by neither side [01:35:16] Final questions on Jesus Christ from Christian and Muslim perspectives [01:43:35] Wrapping up _____ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

S4 E55: Exploring the Pareto Principle

In this episode, we investigate the principle set forth by Vilfredo Pareto (an Economist born in 1848) which specifies that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes, asserting an unequal relationship between inputs and outputs. This principle serves as a general reminder that the relationship between inputs and outputs is not balanced. The Pareto Principle is also known as the Pareto Rule, the 80/20 Rule, or the Matthew Principle. Jordan often uses the principle to demonstrate the harsh reality that inequality is not a simple issue, and therefore has no simple answer. Sections: [1:20] - 2017 Maps of Meaning 01 (Context and Background) [10:45] - 2017 Personality 13 Existentialism via Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag [17:01] - Biblical Series VIII The Phenomenology of the Divine [21:34] - 12 Rules for Life Tour - Melbourne, Australia. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

S4 E54: Death, Meaning, and the Power of the Invisible World | Clay Routledge | The JBP Podcast

Welcome to the Jordan B Peterson podcast season 4, episode 54. This episode was recorded on June 14th, 2021.  Dr. Clay Routledge is an existential psychologist, writer, and professor at North Dakota State University. He's also a senior research fellow at the Archbridge Institute and an editor for Profectus magazine. Dr. Routledge studies basic psychological needs and how they're shaped by family, social bonds, economics, and broader cultural worldviews. He has published over 100 scholarly papers, co-edited three books on existential psychology, and written several books, including Nostalgia: A Psychological Resource, Supernatural: Death, Meaning, and the Power of the Invisible World.  A lot of Dr. Routledge’s work - like Dr. Peterson's - focuses on the need for meaning. The two had a wide-ranging conversation about loneliness, meaning, nostalgia, Terror Management Theory, and existential psychology. They also shared views on human progress, responsibility, religion, and UFOs. Dr. Clay Routledge Website: Dr. Rouledge Article on Meaning: ------------ [00:00] Intro  [00:18] Jordan B. Peterson introduces guest Dr. Clay Routledge [01:55] How Dr. Clay Routledge got into his work [09:43] Terror Management Theory [18:33] The resistance to Terror Management Theory [22:01] Existential Psychology [27:09] The psychology of nostalgia [34:31] What elicits nostalgia [40:36] Pain responses [44:58] Reminiscence therapy and nostalgia [47:47] Collective nostalgia [54:48] Religion and its cultural impact [01:04:03] Secularism and UFOs  [01:08:33] Politics, control, and meaning [01:16:36] The different kinds of meaning and the freedom of restraint [01:24:17] Filling the hole of religion [01:28:34] Human progress [01:32:38] Dr. Routldge's survey of American progress amongst university students and the apocalypse [01:43:43] Meaning across different cultures [01:48:18] Religion in free-market societies and ethical principles [01:51:56] Dr. Routledge's qualitative taxonomy on meaning [01:55:18] Responsibility and meaning [02:02:12] Loneliness [02:07:35] Dr. Routledge’s purpose with his work ----------- #JordanPeterson #Nostalgia #TerrorManagementTheory #Loneliness #Meaning Visit to view more information about Jordan, his books, lectures, social media, blog posts, and more. Jordan B. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist, and the author of the multi-million copy bestseller 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, #1 for nonfiction in 2018 in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Norway, and slated for translation into 50 languages. Dr. Peterson has appeared on many popular podcasts and shows, including the Joe Rogan Experience (#877, #958, #1006), The Rubin Report (12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Free Speech, Psychology, Gender Pronouns), H3H3 (#37), and many more. Dr. Peterson’s own podcast has focused mainly on his lecture series, covering a great deal of psychology and historical content. Jordan is expanding his current podcast from lectures to interviews with influential people around the world. We hope you enjoy this episode and more to come from Dr. Peterson in the future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

S4 E53: Leaving the Cult of Wokeness with Jordan Peterson | Africa Brooke - MP Podcast

In this episode, Mikhaila hosts Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Africa Brooke. Africa shares her experience with writing her viral article. She offers some insight on how to be conscious of one's actions and finding their authentic voice. In addition to discussing wokeness, they also delve into politics in connection to religion, in-group preference, and accepting other perspectives. Check out how Africa was influenced by Dr. Peterson in this episode. Africa Brooke is a London-based Consultant and Mindset Coach that wrote a letter entitled: "Why I’m Leaving the Cult of Wokeness", -- which has been read by over four million people. Africa aims to help people restore their dignity and define their values and boundaries as entrepreneurs or any individuals who require a mindset rewire. If you enjoyed this, be sure to subscribe! Why I'm Leaving the Cult of Wokeness - Find more Africa Brooke on her website: Follow her Instagram account: ———————————— Follow Me On ———————————— Audio - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Lion Diet - Telegram - ———————————— Show Notes ———————————— [0:00] Intro [03:16] "Why I am leaving the cult of wokeness.", an excerpt from a viral article read by Mikhaila. [04:19] Africa Brooke's background. [06:15] The start of Africa’s letter and its impact. [07:10] Africa's beliefs before writing this letter. [09:28] How Africa realized her actual values. [16:15] Africa’s experience and reaction with people doubting her. [22:51] What drove Africa Brooke to write the letter. [25:20] Suggestions on switching directions when you know your decision is wrong. [27:43] The idea that all white people are racist and in-group preference. [35:25] When politics becomes a religion. [39:17] Listening to different people's views. [43:41] How Africa reflected on her voice. [51:20] When Africa started listening to Dr. Peterson. [54:26] Dr. Peterson and Marvel Comics. [56:03] Africa’s personal consequences post-viral letter. [01:02:24] The acknowledgment of the positive responses from her letter. [01:08:23] Wrap Up. Find Africa Brook on Instagram @AfricaBrooke and on her website #MikhailaPeterson #AfricaBrooke #JordanPeterson #Wokeness #Racism Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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