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Poor audio qualityRecording uses potato 1.0 tech. Eke!.Score: 2/5

NPR News NowExcellent App....I like this 5 minute news app. Keeps me up to date on the top news items across the U S and world. Also, keeps me up to-date and entertained on what “The Loose Cannon” is up to and his latest ‘tweets’.Score: 5/5

Great showWhether you’re Canadian or American, if you like news this is the show to listen to. Also really like all of the announcers..Score: 5/5

Loved it! Then it disappearedBring it back!.Score: 5/5

Hourly?... Barely Daily!This is not "hourly" as the title may suggest. It is not consistent enough to call it daily. Don't get me wrong, I love NPR, and it's the only way during my commute to listen to a quick bite of NPR news, but if you are advertising as hourly then make it hourly. This morning at 7:00 am untried to download the latest podcast only to find out I had downloaded it more than 24 hours earlier, meaning it is yesterday's news. This seems like its run and managed by interns. Please NPR try to make this right..Score: 2/5

Well worth the five minutesAn excellent newscast that covers the main stories, and not just U.S. news..Score: 5/5

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No longer updatesThis podcasts no longer updates since I loaded 14.5.1. Please fix it. I love this podcast but it’s not usable anymore..Score: 1/5

Lost my updatesSince my last phone iOS update I don’t see my downloads..Score: 2/5

Greg KellyInterview with Ann Marie was great..Score: 5/5

RnLove.Score: 5/5

ReviewInteresting stuff.Score: 5/5

Podcast update ruined thisThe latest podcast update is horrible, and it has made this podcast useless..Score: 1/5

It’s AlrightYes it’s biased. Unfortunately having absolutely no bias isn’t a great business model these days. With that in mind, Up First is alright. Center-left..Score: 3/5

Vital show-Update problemsUnder 14.5.1, app isn’t updating properly for me, as well. Also, asking Siri to “play NPR news” plays the short version of the show, not the full 5 minute podcast version..Score: 5/5

NPR should be unbiased!Was really hoping this would be the podcast for me. I believed that of all media I would get an unbiased update of news. Everywhere I look I find extreme views. Too bad this podcast is biased toward liberal views. Was really hoping for something right down the middle. I have listen for a long while and now will unsubscribe and delete. Of all news media, you should represent ALL of America..Score: 2/5

HiHappy Anniversary! Great job!.Score: 5/5

The best newscast availableThis is the best newscast available. However, I would prefer they included at least some positive news. It seems that, unfortunately, in this culture “news” means “bad news” instead of a mixture of both..Score: 4/5

Hourly UpdatesHourly updates are lagging sometimes 2-4 hours behind since recent apple update.Score: 3/5

Ad reader is harshI always have to run to my phone and fast forward because one of the ad readers hisses her S’s and nobody edits it, so it’s very high-pitched like fingernails on chalkboard. Otherwise I listen every day. But I never ever listen to ads that she reads. And it’s probably more of the editors’ fault.Score: 4/5

Great, one thing though...Hi NPR or Apple! I just love this show. It keeps me updated, keeps me safe. Though one thing. I am a Democrat, and I appreciate the structure of their politics, though they only do it from BIDENS side. You know, wouldn’t it be just a bit better if we could see it from the GOP/republican side? Just a recommendation. Keep it up still!.Score: 5/5

Will not update reliablyLooking at yesterday’s news is not helpful in keeping current.Score: 2/5

5 min of mostly objective newsOther than a few reporters who occasionally cross the partisan line on Republican politics, this news show remains one of the few that don’t lead the listener with unnecessary adjectives representing opinions rather than facts. Editorials are fine when flagged as such but they are not news. NPR/PBS, local news and CSPAN are crucial to combat CNN, Fox and social media propaganda networks. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Great but…New episodes are no longer loading into new episode feed. Since update seems glitchy..Score: 5/5

Downloads are a couple hours off or more now.Used to take about 20 minutes or less after the hour..Score: 4/5

ReviewNice.Score: 5/5

App does not update podcastsThis is the worst app Apple has produced. At 1:44 am the latest NPR Hourly news it would get is 9pm. The old app would have the 1:00 am podcast and update hourly. A simple swipe down would also do a manual update to any podcast. This is not available on this terrible new app. If this is not fixed VERY soon, the only option will be to go to an alternative app and stop using the Apple podcast app..Score: 1/5

No longer being updated hourly?Noticed they’re not being updated hourly.Score: 3/5

Law?Perhaps they’re coming a little faster than allowed by law.How can there be a law governing something so fluid? Why do you keep knocking Biden? Sounds like it’s time for you to go after Harris now..Score: 5/5

LackingMany of your broadcasters lack skills necessary to broadcast adequately. Additionally there is many bias aspects of your reporting that I suspect is due to the internal politics played by your financial supporters..Score: 2/5

Off the Air?What’s up with the podcast? My last feed was at 10 PM last night. You guys okay?.Score: 5/5

TerroristsI love the show and what it stands for. I must speak. Calling them insurrectionists romanticizes to them what they did. Call it what it is, terrorism! They love being called insurrectionists and you are complicit when you call them insurrectionists. Please. Call them what they are. Terrorists. Look the two words up. One may include violence. The other is by definition violent. They are terrorists..Score: 3/5

TomRate the podcast itself not the ad readers!!.Score: 5/5

Not working since updateDoesn’t download as before.Score: 1/5

CleverVery clever in utilization of biased words with monotone reporting. Not very good at burying agenda. However, I do appreciate a quick overview when eliminating the biased wording..Score: 3/5

No longer updatingSince late April this does not have current episodes.Score: 1/5

Reliable and concise summaryMy go to source for a reliable, up-to-date summary of recent events. Just long enough. I could do without the stock market stuff though..Score: 5/5

Update cadence is brokenNot sure why but I’m only getting hours old updates in my Apple Podcast App. Its 9:30am now - the 9am newscast is listed on the NPR website but whatever I try I cant get the Apple Podcast app to show anything but the 8am podcast. This is new - and very repeatable - same thing happened several times this week. At 3pm only could get the 12pm newscast - etc..Score: 3/5

Lost episode?Someone sent me a link for the 05-06-2021 episode and the link took me to 05-08-2021 episode) and even when I click on ‘all episodes’ or do a search, the only episode I can get is 05-08-2021. 😟.Score: 1/5

Perfect!Great hourly update; quick. I have not had any audio issues. I love that they get right to the point and cover more than Up First..Score: 5/5

Heating and Cooling-stop Covid in tracks.I hope they’re planning on running cooling/heating systems for schools. Costs some, but will drive virus outside..Score: 5/5

Update screwupWith the latest iOS update, 14.4.1, I am unable to see the latest episodes. The last one available is from 04-26-21. 04-10-21 - Latest episode is 12 hours. Not the advertised “episodes updated hourly”. Please fix this issue. 05-11-21 - this podcast is supposed to update every hour. That is not happening. Lasted episode available is 05-09-21, 12am. Please get this fixed. 05-14-21 - this issue has still not been fixed..Score: 1/5

Fast UpdatesI love the quick updates to keep me abreast of current events worldwide..Score: 5/5

GreatThis is a great way to stay up to date. My only gripe is occasional repetition between hours. My only wish is that they make an ad-free version available with a paid subscription..Score: 5/5

Jack Spear is fabulousI love the way he throws himself into the reporting, like today when he reported about Budweiser’s past ads and said “Whasssup!” Today’s reporters were good, too. Some of the new people haven’t been that good lately..Score: 5/5

CrucialNPR is very helpful news program that gets to the point brings important subjects up And Informs people of crucial information that all should know..Score: 5/5

Not workingPain in the butt, Apple updated not good, latest episodes not available..Score: 1/5

Great source⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Score: 5/5

Awesome programThank you for making this project resourceful and maintaining the compromise Of gather throughout deeply And responsible investigation about the facts of the content in a very impartial tone. Making it a very serious and trustworthy media of information..Score: 5/5

Awesome!This Is The Best News Podcast That I’ve Ever Listened To & It Has Very Quickly Become One Of My Favorite!.Score: 5/5

Will not upgradeSince the upgrade to iOS 14.5.1, this podcast does not upgrade as timely as it used to. I. Fact, since the upgrade the Podcast App has become unstable. This particular podcast is affected the most..Score: 2/5

Short and Sweet, as a news brief should beMost other news briefings are 15 minutes long and full of ads and snarky comments. I like that NPR is a bit more in the middle and I can get the basic news without a lot of hate..Score: 5/5

ExcellentThank you for the valuable information and reporting.A News source I can trust..Score: 5/5

Korva is the bestLike it!! Like 9a ESR Korva!.Score: 5/5

Not updated hourlyStill great but for some reason recently the episodes are only updated every 3 or 4 hours instead of every single hour.Score: 1/5

The app no longer updates!I can’t access the latest news after the update. Please assist. Thank you.Score: 4/5

OrganizeIt is so organized and gets straight to the point and I’m able to keep up what is going on.Score: 5/5

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Noodoggy commondreams: "NPR described Biden's response to the escalating situation as 'muted'," writes RJ Eskow. "'Cowardly' would be a better….Score: 5/5

GinadeMiranda2 commondreams: "NPR described Biden's response to the escalating situation as 'muted'," writes RJ Eskow. "'Cowardly' would be a better….Score: 5/5

Reluctantlyjoe IBJIYONGI: I was out of the office last week and was supposed to be off twitter, but hopped back on to speak out about human rights and….Score: 5/5

CoolerThanYouJo IBJIYONGI: I was out of the office last week and was supposed to be off twitter, but hopped back on to speak out about human rights and….Score: 5/5

CapRadioNewsWith some adults fully vaccinated but not yet their kids, they may have questions such as: 🔹What are the COVID-19… .Score: 5/5

OpenlyClassist commondreams: "NPR described Biden's response to the escalating situation as 'muted'," writes RJ Eskow. "'Cowardly' would be a better….Score: 5/5

Croc2 commondreams: "NPR described Biden's response to the escalating situation as 'muted'," writes RJ Eskow. "'Cowardly' would be a better….Score: 5/5

PaulaptlbSea31600 NPR Who is? People who are paying attention to the effect of variants. See Brazil right now. See 70 kids… .Score: 5/5

DonELichtermanLive Jam 107 presents The latest news in five minutes by NPR News Now Buy Now!… .Score: 5/5

HumanitarianPR commondreams: "NPR described Biden's response to the escalating situation as 'muted'," writes RJ Eskow. "'Cowardly' would be a better….Score: 5/5

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NPR News Now Podcast Episodes

NPR News: 05-17-2021 1PM ET

NPR News: 05-17-2021 1PM ET

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