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Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

2 star

The Bella Twins never disappoint. They are two crazy busy *strong* mamas but they ALWAYS have time for The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn and the twins recap the juicy drama from this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, including the unspoken “gym heat” between Aaron and Cody, Karl’s UNmotivational *suffercating* speaking skills as well as the “husband material” that is Virgin Mike (the Bella Twins piece together that they actually know his sister!). And following their recap of the preferred Wheelbarrow sex position and sock orgasms, their nonchalant awkward teenage year confessions escalate quite quickly to being some of the best… sticking things in dark places. #BRIEMODE You can find Brie and Nikki on IG at @thebriebella and @thenikkibella  STRAIGHT TALK - Get the $45 unlimited talk, text, and data plan with no contract on America’s best networks for up to 50% less! GEICO - Go to and in 15 minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance. HYUNDAI - Learn more at VIZZY HARD SELTZER - Upgrade your hard seltzer to Vizzy. Go to OXICLEAN - Go to and order a free stain fighting sample.

Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe Podcast Comments

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Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe Podcast Reviews

Podcast is great and so much fun!I went to Toronto show it was so fun ,Kaitlyn trues hard to make everyone have a good time , it’s different listening to live podcasts than being there but thats to be expected! Not a huge country music fan so don’t know a lot of those guests but I feel like Kaitlyn brings out the fun side of them and I have even listened to some country music because of her podcasts! The best ones are with her and Jason it’s so nice to hear witty banter and hear about them ! Such fun great to listen to on car trips..Score: 5/5

Exactly what I needed over here!This podcast is what I needed! Living over seas I get no American tv/gossip/fun talk! I get my dose of reality and humour from my fave bachelorette every Tuesday! Finally feeling like home over here!.Score: 5/5

Going downhillI used to LOVE this podcast! Kaitlyn is (or was) so relatable and real. But lately the podcast has become very braggy about her “influencer” lifestyle and honestly just repetitive. I would love to see Kaitlyn revert to the old format that we fell in love with.Score: 3/5

Gives me life!I listen as I walk to work in the mornings, and I get so many looks because I am literally laughing out loud! Since the bachelor, I’ve loved Kaitlyn and admired her all around ‘real ness’. I mean who else can confidently wear that wolf sweater? From one Canadian girl to another, keep doin’ you gurl, and I’ll keep listening!.Score: 5/5

Love it!I listen from Glasgow, Scotland and have loved Kaitlyn since watching her on the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I really appreciate her open and honest approach, and listening to her podcast is so empowering. Definitely give it a listen!.Score: 5/5

Love it!I live in Leeds, England and I have followed Kaitlyn since she was on Chris' season of the Bachelor on social media. They don't play the bachelor and bachelorette in the UK and I followed it online. She makes me laugh and is a great role model to women she makes me feel good to be 'weird' and love wine! The podcast is fabulous listened to it all so far on holiday as I only realised it was available to the UK today! Thank you Kaitlyn!.Score: 5/5

GreatWould give this a listen if you need humour and happiness in your life. Live in Scotland but have followed Kaitlyn Bristowe since the bachelor and then bachelorette and so on.. welll worth and listen, recommend it to everyone..Score: 5/5

Hillbilly/Canadian at heart?True gold when you're inspiring laughs across the Atlantic. Never knew what was truly lacking in England, but have clearly realised that it's Rick - he needs to cross the Atlantic to keep it real in the good old U of K..Score: 5/5

Second this comment ….“What’s the point of providing any feedback if the host refuses to read these anyways? Or when she publicly bullies the fans that do want her to improve?”.Score: 1/5

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Self absorbedShe is not a good interviewer. Everyhing eventually becomes about her. She clearly finds herself to be fascinating and hilarious, neither of which I feel she is. Don’t bother. Self indulgent. I was sad to hear she’s hosting the bachelor as her already overinflated will just get worse..Score: 1/5

LoYour sessions with Lo just kill me! You are both hilarious and the stories you share! An Alberta Fan!.Score: 5/5

Are you on dancing with the stars?Would never know! Never mentioned 😂 Did you really just try and make a confession about a tight box? I love that the guests called you out for sounding so self centred. I used to love you but the filler is gone alien.Score: 2/5

Asian owned small businessMy fiancé is a giant fan of yours like.. Loooooooooves you I overheard you talking about how you wanted to have someone on your podcast as a guest who is an Asian business owner. During this pandemic she has picked up knitting and has honestly been amazing it! So much so that other people have been asking her for knitted headbands and other accessories or clothing items. She started a small business called Knitted Dreams. It’s only been up for a few months but has gained a lot of traction with orders and people inquiring. I’m super proud of her and I’d love to see her business grow. You can check her out on Instagram @_knitteddreams Listen to you soon!.Score: 5/5

Fellow Canadian!Love this podcast! Never fails to make me laugh!!.Score: 5/5

Proposal episodeHands down my favourite episode to date!.Score: 5/5

JaneLove this podcast!! I’m also Canadian! 🇨🇦.Score: 5/5

Love it!I think Kaitlyn is so genuine and down to earth. She’s hilarious and I love all her jokes. You feel like you really get to know her..Score: 5/5

Friendly banterI love the banter you have with all your guests! I do find you interrupt them A LOT of the time to bring the story back to YOU. I want to hear your opinion and how the topic relates to you, but I also want to hear from your guests. All I’m asking is for you to let them finish their thought, and not to discredit their opinion or perception..Score: 4/5

Love it!I always love Kaitlyn’s energy and great vibes! When the world opens up again come back to Vancouver to host a live podcast!.Score: 5/5

Jason and KaitlynI love when Jason is on! It’s so funny and entertaining and you guys always learn so much about each other each time he’s on!.Score: 5/5

Love KBAnd JT! I’ve really been enjoying the new guests - the angry therapist was great and all the new people you have been introducing to your audience outside of bachelor nation! Love listening to a fellow northern AB girl explore herself and support mental wellness and break so many stigmas - thank you!!! It gives me a lot of hope for myself and the future!.Score: 5/5

Thank you!!I love your podcast and it has gotten me through some tough times. Also thank you for sending your well wishes to Canada during our lockdown. Definitely have a drink for us!!!.Score: 5/5

.Love the pod. Just didn’t like the new segment.Score: 5/5

Love this podcast!!!Love love love listening to the Queen herself. KB you’re killing it. Every episode is so interesting, I love the games you play with your guests, I love the variety of topics covered and the mix of guests you have on. Keep it up!!!! 5 stars across the board..Score: 5/5

Pumping my own Tires 😆Love listening to the pod. Listening at work has become a welcome habit! My company is a spa professional line, Face Addiction Skincare •Potent & Aromatic Natural Formulations•No Chemical Preservatives •No Colourants or Fragrance•Paraben & SLS Free •No Animal Testing •Gluten Free •Made in Canada Thank you!!!.Score: 5/5

My favorite podcast!!By far my favorite podcast I only started listening a few months ago while at work but now I have been listening to old episodes cause I love it so much!!.Score: 5/5

Asian Owned Small BuisnessI know you mentioned that you were going to boost Asian owned businesses a while back and one of my best friends is a hugeeee fan of yours (both of us are big vinos) and she would so honoured to be mentioned (added bonus, she has THE BEST confessions)! This girl is the prank queen...she’s got stories for days. Her name is Jamie and she has a knitting business! I would love if you could put her business out there so she could get the recognition she deserves!! Her insta is @_knitteddreams! Also, side note...the proposal episode was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard😭loved it and love your podcasts!.Score: 5/5

Fav PodcastI’m a Canadian girl like Kaitlyn, I look forward to every week getting to listen to her podcast!.Score: 5/5

DisappointedI honestly used to be such a fan of KB and OTV but I feel like somethings different now. I feel like KB makes every situation/story from a guest about her and the podcasts are just all over the place. Unfortunately I will be unsubscribing..Score: 1/5


Simply the BESTLove listening to a new podcast each week! I look forward to going for a long walk and having “me” time while I laugh along with Kaitlyn and her awesome guests. The realness of Kaitlyn is my favourite part as she is so relatable..Score: 5/5

Best break in my dayKB - love your humour and honesty! Always look forward to the POD every week but especially love when you have Jason or Lo on as the banter and jokes are amazing! Keep up the great work! Check out @everybodyfitnesswithcari on Instagram hard working local small business but Cari is amazing and inspiring!!.Score: 5/5

PLEASE CUT OUT YOUR ARGUMENTSI don’t listen to podcasts to hear other couples argue. Jason is so level headed and logical and Kaitlyn needs to learn how to “properly argue” with him. Consider his feelings and stop dismissing his emotions. No argument is solved by saying: “you perceived it this way BUT...” My god..Score: 1/5

Needs workI used to love your podcast, you’ve got a great sense of humor and I love how you empower other women. In saying that, your podcast has become hard to listen to because every conversation you have just revolves around you, you interrupt your guests just to talk more about yourself. I feel so bad for your guests sometimes. Just some food for thought, I think your Instagram fame has got to your head. Please tone it down a bit, I can’t keep listening to this..Score: 2/5

Love love love!Thank you for your you light, laughs and gooood energy!.Score: 5/5

KAITLYN WAS BORN TO DO THISJust like how Mariah Carey was destined to sing, Kim Kardashian was destined to selfie and Ross.Score: 5/5

LoveLove love love this podcast.Score: 5/5

Love love loveLove you and lo, love you and Jason! Just seen the news can’t wait to hear all about it. This podcast keep me sane ! Look forward to it every week twice a week 💕.Score: 5/5

The Bennett episode 😬He talks about books on emotional intelligence and his abusive dad and KB brings it around to how she loves enneagrams? He talks about his season with 2 bachelorettes so she talks about her season again. I love KB, but instead of listening to answers and giving a relevant follow up, she just relates to her guests by talking about herself 😬 I don’t want to be harsh, but it’s true... As a positive point, I love the episodes with Lo, Jason and the old ones with Cleo, Bri and Blair! They’re really natural and hilarious!.Score: 1/5

Awesome girl awesome podcastBest podcast out there. Kaitlyn is funny and keeps it real. Highly recommend.Score: 5/5

Love!Best podcast ever! Love KB and can’t get enough!.Score: 5/5

LOVE this podI love this pod and always enjoy the new episodes. This is my suggestion for a Asian Owned Business. I know it may be a Dew competitor, but her story is so incredible. Tina started XXL Scrunchie last year with a gift to her cousin. She’s since grown her business from being home-based to working in a warehouse! She’s got over 188K TikTok followers and nearly 40K on Insta. All within the last year. She regularly features how her family helps her, Shopfiy apps that help her grow her business, the sewing machines she uses, where she sources her ECO-FRIENDLY packaging and more. She’s 100% transparent and hasn’t gatekeeped anything in her journey. If you watch her stories, you’ll see why she’s so loved by her XXLfam and our community <3.Score: 5/5

😍I count down the days until the next episode..Score: 5/5

Love OFV & Local BusinessesLove the pod as it gets me through my rainiest of days! Thank you KB for being so raw & entertaining. Also want to give a shout-out to a local Calgary business. Sugar Coat Nail Salon & Spa! Marwa & Heba are sisters who created a beautiful space to feel girl power. 😍😍 @sugarcoatyyc is their IG!.Score: 5/5

My Canadian QueenMy go-too pod when I’m driving to work, cleaning or feeling like a pick me up! Katilyn is such a breath of fresh air...and I can really relate to her sense of humour. More poop confessions please!.Score: 5/5

Canadian love 🇨🇦❤️Love listening to my fellow Canadian girl - you always make me laugh :) Love the Episodes with Jason and Lo and the confessions are the best :).Score: 5/5

Love it!Love the podcast and all the different topics! I listen on every trip and walk! -from a fellow Canadian ❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

Missing the the OG podcast we all fell in love with!I use to never miss an episode of this podcast! I feel like this podcast should go down to one amazing podcast a week as opposed to 2 mediocre. It definitely needs a reboot , better content more effort and less adds. We all love you Kaitlyn and we want our OG OTV pod back!.Score: 3/5

Pumping someone’s tires!Shoutout to OTV for wanting to highlight incredible businesses. I’d like to nominate Create the Ripple Magazine. My girl Candice Smiley has been helping so many people share their stories. Her mission is to uplift, promote and impact. She gives a platform for those who want to speak their truths and have a safe space to do so. She’s a true gem and money she gets from the magazine she wants to help give back to other communities. Candice has a heart of gold. I truly believe she deserves to be highlighted. By the way LOVEEEE OTV and you Kaitlyn!.Score: 5/5

Love!I’ve been listening since the beginning and love it more as time goes on (if that’s possible lol!) Keep being you Kaitlyn, you’re the best!.Score: 5/5

Hilarious and TalentedMy husband saw me listening to your podcast at the park one day and took a picture of how much I was smiling to myself... You’re funny, witty and authentic and I LOVE that. I wish I started listening sooner- truthfully I thought it was going to be bachelor gossip discussed in a dull way - but wow I was wrong! Last comment: you and Jason are a beautiful couple and so very happy for you both! Your fellow fan and Canadian!.Score: 5/5

Love this podcast!I have been faithfully listening to your podcast for years and I love it. I’m from Edmonton so I love your Canadian/Leduc shout outs. I wanted to say how my bf and I split up chores cause I thought you and Jason would enjoy this! Once a month or so we write up a list of all the chores that need to be done and how often we need to do them. Then, we play a 1 on 1 drinking game (such as beer pong or flip cup or something we call boxing) and the winner of the game gets the first pick, and from there we do a “draft” of alternating picks. It’s fun and each month the chores we do are a bit different!.Score: 5/5

Engaged!!!That was the most beautiful engagement speech I have ever heard! Thank you for sharing it with all of us! I cried the whole time! Congrats!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Best Podcast that I’ve listened to.Kaitlin is funny, compassionate and down to earth. Her interviews are well thought out and she asks questions that are not asked by other podcasters but also the questions we all want to have answered. Kaitlin’d uplifting spirit is what I look forward to. She raises people up and likes to see other people succeed which is amazing. From one Canadian to another. Thanks for being such a great role model for women. 🇨🇦🍁.Score: 5/5

Cuts off her guestsI had to unsubscribe. I think she’s funny, but I sometimes find the episodes a bit on the annoying / rambly side. She also seems to forget she’s INTERVIEWING someone. She ALWAYS brings the conversation back to herself and cuts off the interviewee when they are trying to answer, interrupting them to tell some story about herself that relates to the question she asked THEM to answer, and we never get to hear the interviewees answer. I’ve never left a review before but after trying to listen to the Rachel Bilson one I felt compelled to. It’s intolerable and rude and takes away from the entire thing..Score: 2/5

VinoLoveeee.Score: 5/5

Eagerly waiting next weeks eposide!You are hilarious and definitely know how to keep us entertained. You're going to go far with your determination and drive. 💕🙌🏼.Score: 5/5

More Lo!!More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo More Lo.Score: 5/5

So funMy favourite podcasts that Kaitlyn does are the ones where she has Jason on! They are so fun and light hearted 💜.Score: 5/5

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Best PodcastLove Kaitlyn’s energy, humor, kindness and how humble she is. She has great guests! Sometimes the pods are informative and other times just plain fun. Thank you, Kaitlyn ❤️.Score: 5/5

You’re my OGThis was the first podcast I ever listened to and you got me into listening to podcasts! You’re still the OG though never change boo.Score: 5/5

The Proposal!Jason- that was the most heartfelt proposal ever. Ever. Kaitlyn, I’m so happy he “got ya”! So happy for you both!.Score: 5/5

I’m down with OTV!!!Best podcast!! And congrats on your engagement!! ASAIN BUSINESS SHOUTOUT! @classyclosetfashion My step mom, Mara, owns an upscale consignment store called Classy Closets in Encinitas, California!! She has an eye for fashion & design, created the CUTEST shop, and carries brand names like anthropology and lululemon. She is living out her dream being surrounded by clothes and making an impact on the environment (boo fast fashion)! COVID hit the business hard and she shut her doors for 72 days. Still paid rent. Still helped her employees. STILL had a positive attitude. Now, even though things are slowly opening back up, she is not able to have her doors open 7 days a week. The bounce back is tough so a shout-out would be heaven sent! Mara is dedicated to her store and her consigners! Let’s get the word out there about CLASSY CLOSETS! Summer is coming up, new wardrobes are coming in! LETS SHOP!.Score: 5/5

CONGRATULATIONS!!!I’ve waited for this day for so long! I’m so happy for you both!! Congratulations this was PERFECT 🤩💍.Score: 5/5

AHHHHThe proposal made me cry 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭 love you guys.Score: 5/5

I don’t know where I would be without OTV!Kaitlyn is a hilarious, raw, authentic woman and her podcast is an absolute MUST for every commute to and from work. She and her guests always put a smile on my face! Kaitlyn is a phenomenal host and regularly makes her listeners feel like they are a part of her family. You will not regret listening to KB!! #VinoFam.Score: 5/5

Overall I loveLove Kaitlyn and all her episodes/guests, but couldn’t help but be annoyed at the Montana interview. The whole episode was her basically bragging about all the things she has done and Kaitlyn just listening. Womp womp. Otherwise, love..Score: 5/5

Love!Love this podcast! It makes me smile, laugh, and relax!.Score: 5/5

Love your love!Love this podcast and so happy for you two!! Real tears over here listening to the engagement episode! You guys are so perfect for each other and wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughter. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!.Score: 5/5

You found your lobsterThe one where JT proposes... omg I love you guys and you’re always so raw and authentic and thank you for sharing your love story with us Vinos. Is it weird that I’ve listened to the episode wayyyy too many times trying to manifest and talk to the universe about how I want a similar love story. KB, I’m two weeks older than you, 36 is going to be the brightest year yet. Congrats!!!!! Enjoy time with Mama B and Rob. xx.Score: 5/5


The Best!!!I love Kaitlyn!.Score: 5/5

Actual chillsI was cleaning my bathroom and stopped in my spot to see I had total chills on my arms during the proposal. So happy for you two!! Love your banter, and I was one of the mannnny listeners a that felt that chemistry in the first episode you two recorded together. Love. To. See. It..Score: 5/5

So happy for you guys!!LEGIT cried listening to your engagement! Love you guys together!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Favorite podcast HANDS DOWN!!Kaitlin is the best + I always look forward to new episodes!!.Score: 5/5

Vax commentDisappointing.Score: 1/5

Same old, same oldSeriously bragging about a doctor only being able to fit one gloved finger into your vagina because it’s too tiny?? Then, making an inappropriate comment to a professional while they are doing their job and trying to HELP you. You are so classless and bordering on sexual harassment. How uncomfortable did you make the doctor in that moment? Think about how you treat others, especially when they are doing their job. You really need to take a step back and think..Score: 1/5

CONGRATS FUTURE MRS. TARTICK!!Crying my eyes out listening to the proposal podcast! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful moment with us. I’m so so happy for you Kaitlyn and Jason! You two give me hope that I’ll find someone some day who I’m just as compatible with ❤️ Congratulations!!.Score: 5/5

NarcissisticShe literally loves to talk about herself and doesn’t listen to or try to learn more about what the guests have to say. She somehow always brings the story back to herself. I listened with my husband and he asked if we could turn it about 5 minutes in lol.Score: 1/5

Always enjoyableI really love this podcast, it's the one I anyways want to listen to first! So glad they chose to share the proposal with us. So special! I laughed and cried..Score: 5/5

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🎉🍾💍OMG! I am bawling my freaking eyeballs out 😭 CONGRATULATIONS KAITLYN and JASON!!! You are two of my most favorite people in Bachelor Nation! I am so glad that you have both found happiness and love with each other. Thank you for always being you, and for sharing that special moment with us Vinos!! 💜.Score: 5/5

Congratulations!!Such a beautiful episode and proposal! Thank you for sharing with us!!.Score: 5/5

Kaitlyn and Jason Engaged!!The BIG ONE episode is the sweetest thing ever!!!! Jason crying and Kaitlyn so shocked and excited. I loved the intro with all the clips of when they first met leading to the engagement. What an amazing episode. Congrats on the engagement and I hope the wedding is televised on ABC!!!! xoxo.Score: 5/5

(NOT) Always a BacheloretteCongratulations to the future Mrs. Tartick!! First of all, can we talk about the TEARS that were steaming down my face listening to Jason propose to you... I’m already a big cry guy — but that was just a whole new level of emotions! Thank you for opening your world to us and allowing us to listen to this sweet moment in your lives. Wondering if you should hit play on the former Bachelorette’s podcast? Wonder no more! Off The Vine doesn’t disappoint. Kaitlyn Bristowe brings the same spunk and positive energy she did on The Bachelor/Bachelorette to her podcast. You’ll be laughing one minute and saying OMG YES the next because she’s so relatable. Thank you Kaitlyn for showcasing small businesses! Always a Bachelorette is a small AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) woman owned business that focuses on all things bachelorette. Always a Bachelorette is the every girl’s guide to bachelorette party planning. Head to @alwaysabachelorette for minimalistic bridal gifts and bachelorette party supplies, all handmade by self-proclaimed professional bridesmaid and your new Asian BFF!.Score: 5/5

So happy for you!Love you Kaitlyn! You have always been true to yourself and it has shown in all your successes. I am so happy for you and Jason. I teared up listening to your proposal. Also want to nominate my best friend’s small asian owned business- Cascade & Clay. She makes the most beautiful homemade clay earrings 💗.Score: 5/5

Second hand embarrassmentThat new intro ain’t it, sis. #cringe.Score: 3/5

The sweetest engagement ever!I had to hold back an ugly cry listening to this one..Jason’s proposal was literally the sweetest, and you could hear the genuine love and adoration in his voice. And your reaction Kaitlyn was everything!!! So neat that this will be something you’ll always have, and can show your children one day. Thank you for letting the Vinos share in this wonderful, unforgettable moment! Seriously moved and think you two are the sweetest, most real couple! Congratulations!!! 🎉🍾.Score: 5/5

So Funny and I love Lo!Edit: proposal episode was a total banger!!! Congrats!! You have a great sense of humor, Kaitlyn and I am really enjoying Lo as a guest sometimes as well! Great synergy between you two. Also, love hearing Jason’s perspective on things. Especially since he has such a corporate professional background and you are self-made/more of a creative. The differing views make for a well rounded listen. Keep it up!.Score: 5/5

Congratulations!!!Wow! What a great and real podcast! Jason you are a gem and everything that Kaitlyn deserves in life! Thank you for sharing your story. Hearing your banter before, listening to your first podcast and the beginning of your developing relationship to the big sha-bang... sealing the deal!!! Pure awesomeness!!! ♥️.Score: 5/5

The BEST PodcastI seriously can listen to this podcast anywhere! I used to watch KUWTK when I was alone/bored to make me feel like I was surrounded by people, but now I choose this podcast! Sometimes I seriously laugh so hard I cry & sometimes I just cry because of the authentic conversations. It’s perfect for anyone!.Score: 5/5

Crying 😭 👰🏻Literally just sobbed listening to KB’s reaction and Jason’s proposal. So happy for you guys. You’re both my favorite and I love how you’re always so real and relatable. Makes me so happy listening to this pod..Score: 5/5

DownhillI’ve never heard a person want to talk about themselves so much. She constantly interrupts guests and just centers everything back to herself. This podcast is just boring and mindless. This show used to be fun when it first came up but it’s really gone downhill.Score: 1/5

5 starI can’t get on board with this episode. I really like how you are never political but bringing up the vax issue was so disappointing..Score: 1/5

The best!!Kaitlyn is hilarious, humble, sweet, inspiring and so much more and her incredible energy rubs off on me every time I listen and each guest she has on is pretty incredible too!! It’s a must listen!!.Score: 5/5

Love this podcast!Love tuning in twice every week :).Score: 5/5

Love to listen!I love that I always have this to listen to! Thank you for being so consistent making this podcast over the years. Even when you’ve been so crazy busy you don’t miss recording and I love that! I love hearing from my fav bachelorette of all time and thank you for being you!.Score: 5/5

Congrats To a Beautiful coupleThe podcast capturing Jason’s proposal was so beautiful. Loved from start to finish..Score: 5/5


One of the BESTSeriously one of my favorite podcasts!!! Kaitlyn is so funny and down to earth, I honestly can’t get enough of her podcasts!! I’m so glad she releases 2 a week because they honestly brighten my day. I’m not sure there will ever be one as good as the one with Jason proposing to her, that will go down in history as my all time favorites. I cried and I laughed. It was so real and raw and I’m so glad she shared such an intimate moment with her listeners because it was so sweet and precious! Thanks for being so real and sharing your life with us!! The confessions are also one of my favorite parts, never stop doing those!!!.Score: 5/5

💕💕💕Congrats KB and Jason- thank you for sharing such a special moment!! 💕 Enjoy your vacation 🥰😎💍.Score: 5/5

LOVEMy favorite podcast. Hilarious and so relatable. Love getting to know KB and her guests!.Score: 5/5

Theresa CaputoLove love this one ♥️ I am a big fan of Theresa’s and to have her on and listen to you both was amazing! So glad Bri came through for you!!.Score: 5/5

The engagementAll I can say is OMG!! I’m at work eating my lunch listening to this with tears coming out of my eyes, I’m laughing, crying and loving this episode. So much love between these 2 if you read these reviews congratulations and best of luck to you guys from one of your fans. Sheri.Score: 5/5

New subscriberThank you for using your platform for good! You and your mom started the podcast off with a very relatable reunion and some FACTS, the vaccine will help us overcome. Proud that you said it out loud..Score: 5/5

I’m still...Obsessed with this pod! Even more now! I can’t wait to hear all the wedding dets!.Score: 5/5

🥰I love this podcast. I look forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday. I never fail to laugh whenever I’m listening to this podcast. Kaitlyn is so real and genuine she has really helped me realize that I need to work on myself to better my life and I will forever be grateful for her and this podcast..Score: 5/5

GoodThis is good.Score: 4/5

Holy AdsI have to fast forward every 5 minutes ! Insane.Score: 1/5

Love!Love your episodes! Love how hilarious and real you are! You have me cracking up in the car on my way to work and home all the time. Congrats on the engagement you deserve it and all the happiness in the world! Also can’t wait for your wine to come to Texas so I can try it!.Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Weekly hang with my fav BatcheloretteKaitlyn is funny and real and even though I can’t always have a wine with her (busy mum of 3) I often think of her when I do have my wine after everyone is asleep oxo.Score: 5/5

Gone downhillI think overall this podcast had potential however it’s really gone downhill. The production value seems really cheap eg the ads are just thrown in anywhere. I think the initial format of one episode a week worked best and now trying to pump out 3 a week it feels really disingenuous and like doing a podcast has become a chore. Her interview style can be hard to listen to at times as her constant need for approval means regularly interrupting guests to make it about herself..Score: 3/5

The best thing since 'Ball in a Cup'Funny af, actually LOLed the whole way to work in the car. She has the best laugh!.Score: 5/5

My fav podcastI have been listening to this podcast since it launched I freaken love it I listen to it on the way to uni , or shopping or basically everywhere I’m going whilst driving I hardly listening to music and I think this is my favourite podcast ! I love you kaitlyn bristowe Love Ayman shire from Australia.Score: 5/5

Love itSo good! Love the Jillian podcast!!! You two are my all time fave bachelorettes. You're so similar. Love the Shawn B ones. Love it all..Score: 5/5

So bad and what a hypocriteI gave this a go because I loved her on her season and I've heard others say this is a fun podcast but I cannot deal with women talking ad nauseum about how there should be support for themselves and other women to get Botox, fillers, or plastic surgery in order to feel beautiful while simultaneously talking about embracing yourself. It's just too depressing. And the podcast is also just boring..Score: 1/5

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KaitlynbristoweIt’s purrfection NikkiGlaser 😹 .Score: 5/5

Kaitlynbristowe“NUTS ARE EVERYTHING” says TravisStorkMD a.k.a. Dr. Daddy and some other “sterile” liquid supplements lol… .Score: 5/5

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Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe Podcast Episodes

Grape Therapy: Bachelorette Recap (and sock orgasms) with Bella Twins

The Bella Twins never disappoint. They are two crazy busy *strong* mamas but they ALWAYS have time for The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn and the twins recap the juicy drama from this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, including the unspoken “gym heat” between Aaron and Cody, Karl’s UNmotivational *suffercating* speaking skills as well as the “husband material” that is Virgin Mike (the Bella Twins piece together that they actually know his sister!). And following their recap of the preferred Wheelbarrow sex position and sock orgasms, their nonchalant awkward teenage year confessions escalate quite quickly to being some of the best… sticking things in dark places. #BRIEMODE You can find Brie and Nikki on IG at @thebriebella and @thenikkibella  STRAIGHT TALK - Get the $45 unlimited talk, text, and data plan with no contract on America’s best networks for up to 50% less! GEICO - Go to and in 15 minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance. HYUNDAI - Learn more at VIZZY HARD SELTZER - Upgrade your hard seltzer to Vizzy. Go to OXICLEAN - Go to and order a free stain fighting sample.

Theresa Caputo: Connecting with Spirits Like A Boss

Prepare to get goosebumps! Psychic medium Theresa Caputo joins Kaitlyn to talk about her life as the “Long Island Medium”, the realization of her gift connecting with the departed, how it took her until she was in her 20s to actually start communicating with Spirits and share her gift with others, as well as how she has been able to connect so many grieving individuals with loved ones lost unexepedectly due to COVID. Kaitlyn is unsure if any spirits would show up for her but three of her departed loved ones showed up almost immediately. Theresa connects with the Spirits and shares extremely personal and unknown details which give Kaitlyn goosebumps that hurt and also bring her to tears... even Ramen loses his sh!t! Theresa answers questions about Kaitlyn's spiritual intuition and belief that she often recieves messages from Spirits too. Theresa’s daughter, a huge fan of Kaitlyn’s, also unexpectedly joins in the conversation to share her secrets of DM'ing Jason as well as to help her mom in Two Truths and a Lie. You can find Theresa on IG at @theresacaputo and her podcast Hey Spirit! on Apple Podcasts or wherever you stream your podcasts! APARTMENTS.COM - Go to The most popular place to find a place. APOSTROPHE - Save 15% off your first visit with a Board-Certified Dermatologist at when you use code VINE. PILL CLUB - For every Off the Vine listener who goes to and becomes a patient, The Pill Club is offering a $10 donation to  EUROPEAN WAX CENTER - Visit and book your reservation today. All first-time guests get their first first wax free!GEICO - Go to

Grape Therapy: Bachelorette Recap (and roast) with Nikki Glaser

Recaps are back, baby! The hilarious Nikki Glaser is joining KB to recap the premiere of Katie’s Bachelorette season and give all her honest opinions on Katie’s lineup of men. Nikki came prepared with notes and she is not afraid to share her thoughts on men who love their moms (maybe a little too much) and Katie’s kissing style (which she describes with an expression so explicit that we’ll save it for the pod). Kaitlyn and Tayshia may have entered the episode looking like full-on witches in mourning who were ready to cast a spell, but Nikki was all for the new format of this season. The two also talk about the realities of spray tans, their not-so-secret aspirations of becoming pop stars, and which of Katie’s men gave them BDE (or shall we say BCE: big cat energy). Tune in to Grape Therapy next week for more on Katie’s season! HELIX - Helix is offering up to $200 dollars off all mattress orders AND two free pillows for OTV listeners at  GEICO - Go to and in 1 5 minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance HYUNDAI - Learn more at  SEED PROBIOTICS - Visit and use code VINE to redeem 20% off your first month of Seed’s Daily Synbiotic GOODY’S - To purchase, go to Amazon and use code 1VINE to receive $1 off of a 4 count 6 pack! MEUNDIES - To get your 15% off your first order and free shipping go to  OXICLEAN - Visit now where a coupon is waiting for you

Travis Stork: From OG Bachelor to Dr. Daddy

Travis Stork who made his TV debut as the Bachelor on Season 8 joins Kaitlyn on the premiere week of the new season of The Bachelorette to talk about his experience as one of the OG Bachelors and his life now as a happily married, Board certified ER Physician and his role as a new dad! Just in time for Father’s Day, Travis talks about all the fun things you can look forward to with a baby such as no sleep and the love of changing diapers. Dr. Travis Stork has come a long way since his days on The Bachelor which was a completely serendipitous opportunity that landed in his lap while in med school which was a career path he had no idea he wanted to pursue until later in life. Dr. Travis Stork also talks about his experience working the front line during COVID-19, his personal thoughts and advice on the vaccine and then shares a “sterile” confession that comes as a complete shock to Kaitlyn! You can find Dr. Travis Stork on IG at @travisstorkmd APARTMENTS.COM - Go to The most popular place to find a place. CROCS - If you want to be comfortable all day long, head to to get your pair today. BEST FIENDS - Download Best Fiends free on the Apple App store or Google Play. HYUNDAI - Learn more at GEICO - Go to and in 15 minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance. ROTHY’S - Head to to find your new favorites today. JORDAN HARBINGER - Search for

Montana Tucker: Be Proud To Be You

TikTok superstar and all-around inspiration, Montana Tucker, joins Kaitlyn to start off Pride Week by sharing details around her new single, “Be Myself” and talking all about finding your passions and sticking to them, no matter what the haters say. Kaitlyn and Montana bond over their shared love of dancing, the beauty of TikTok for finding your niche, and their biggest inspirations (obviously Britney is discussed). Montana opens up about the bullying she faced in school and why, despite the occasional troll and unwelcomed comparison culture, she’s incredibly grateful for social media. Stay tuned for Kaitlyn and Montana’s upcoming TikTok collab… you won’t want to miss it!  You can find Montana on Instagram @montanatucker and make sure to check out her new single, Be Myself, on June 4! HYUNDAI - Learn more at APOSTROPHE - To get started, just go to and click Begin Visit, then use our code VINE at sign up and you’ll get fifteen dollars off your dermatology visit! GEICO - Go to and in 15 minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance. FUNCTION OF BEAUTY - Go to to take your quiz and save 20% on your first order. OXICLEAN - Visit now where a coupon is waiting for you PLUTO TV - Download the free Pluto TV app and start streaming now!

Erin Oprea: The Strength of a Woman

Erin Oprea and Kaitlyn were not always friends. They were friends and then they weren’t. A toxic relationship led them astray a few years ago but that is allllllll in the past now and they are so happy about it. Erin is a successful celebrity fitness trainer but she is also a real life badass G.I. Jane. Erin shares about her time serving in the US Marine Corps and making history when she was appointed to lead the first female platoon attached to the infantry in a war zone, the challenges she faced being a woman in the Marines, her new fitness app, how she makes time for fitness in her personal busy schedule being a mom with endless projects on the go and her confessions and guilty pleasures are things you’d least expect from her!! Don't be surprised if you see her on the Weather Channel some day soon. You can find Erin on IG at @erinoprea APARTMENTS.COM - Go to The most popular place to find a place. FEATHER - Go to and use promo code VINE you’ll receive $500 off your first month. GEICO - Go to and in 15 minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance. VIZZY HARD SELTZER - Upgrade your hard seltzer to Vizzy. Go to GOODY’S - To purchase, go to Amazon and use code 1VINE to receive $1 off a 4 count 6 pack! TALKSPACE - Go to and use code VINE to get $100 off of your first month.

Grape Therapy: Newsflash with Robyn Schall

Today’s Grape Therapy is full of plenty of new and noteworthy information, no buts about it. Or, rather… lots of butts. First, Kaitlyn is solo on the mic back in Nashville to update the Vinos on her trip to Mexico and to answer questions about her engagement, wedding, and even babies. Then, former comedian and current anchorwoman, Robyn Schall, joins KB to make sure she stays in the know and fully informed. The two discuss a variety of notable news stories, one of which featuring a vegetable that you shouldn’t insert into your body, no matter how much you may want to. This, my friends, may be the most educational Grape Therapy yet.   You can find Robyn on IG at @robynschallcomic  APARTMENTS.COM - Go to The most popular place to find a place. HYUNDAI - Learn more at GEICO - Go to, and in 15 minutes you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance GOODY’S - To purchase, go to Amazon and use code 1VINE to receive $1 off of a 4 count 6 pack RITUAL - OTV listeners get 10% off during their first 3 months. Just visit to add Essential Protein today.  PLUTO TV - Download the free Pluto TV app on any device

Kelly Osbourne: Self-Love and Self-Sabotage

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders A woman we all know, love, and admire from the original reality TV family joins Kaitlyn on the pod to talk about everything from dog rescues to personality disorders to her new incredible podcast. Kaitlyn was so excited (and nervous) to have Kelly join her on the mic that she reveals what happened pre-podcast… and it might lead to Kelly’s new favorite sweatshirt!? As always, Kelly keeps things raw and vulnerable as she tells Kaitlyn about a recent fat-shaming comment from a friend, why she hates feeling feelings and always prefers the facts and what listeners can expect from her new podcast with best friend Jeff Beacher. You can find Kelly on IG at @kellyosbourne  Find Kelly’s podcast, The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher Show, wherever you listen to podcasts!  APARTMENTS.COM - Go to The most popular place to find a place. STRAIGHT TALK - With Straight Talk Wireless you can get a Samsung Galaxy A51 for just $199. Plus, get the 45-dollar unlimited talk, text, and data plan with NO contract on America’s best networks for up to fifty percent less! PILL CLUB - Right now, when you go to, The Pill Club is offering a $10 donation to for every OTV listener who becomes a patient BOLL & BRANCH - Off The Vine listeners get an exclusive 15% off your first set of sheets with promo code vine15 at HYUNDAI - Check out the new 2022 Tucson at OXICLEAN - Go to and order a free stain fighting sample GEICO - Go to, get a quote, and see how much YOU could save

Grape Therapy: Reunited with Mama B

Mama B and KB (or shall we say KT?) have officially been reunited down in Mexico and it FEELS. SO. GOOD. The two are sipping on some wine and talking all about what it felt like to see each other after so much time apart, what they’re planning for Kaitlyn’s upcoming nuptials, and why it’s been especially important to follow Mama B’s motto to moisturize, exercise, and accessorize. The Vinos have plenty of questions for one of their favorite mamas, and as per usual, nothing is off limits as Mama B shares her fears, advice, and of course, an incredible confession. Plus, we get an on-the-mic invitation for someone to join Kaitlyn’s wedding party, find out how Mr. Tartick asked Kaitlyn’s fam for their blessing, and hear Kaitlyn’s thoughts on changing her last name. APOSTROPHE - Save $15 off your first visit with a board-certified dermatologist at when you use code vine GEICO - Go to, get a quote, and see how much YOU could save NUUN - To discover what Nuun Energy can do for you, visit and use code vine for 20% off your first order HYUNDAI - Learn more at MODERN FERTILITY - Modern Fertility is offering listeners offering $20 off the test when you go to PLUTO TV - Download the free Pluto TV app on any device

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