One lawyer saw a broken system. But the system saw a vigilante killer. From Christopher Goffard, the Los Angeles Times reporter and host behind the hit podcasts ‘Dirty John’ and ‘Detective Trapp,’ comes a new eight-episode true crime podcast, ‘The Trials of Frank Carson.’  This story of power, politics and the law centers around Carson, the famously caustic defense attorney, who dedicated his life’s work to the very thing that has turned against him—the justice system.  The first two episodes premiere Tuesday, May 25, available wherever you listen to podcasts. Special bonus episodes are available exclusively to L.A. Times subscribers.

Dirty John Podcast Comments

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Dirty John Podcast Reviews

AmazingI listened to this AFTER the documentary but BEFORE the series and it was super interesting. Really well put together and so informative. Then watching the series after just topped it off..Score: 5/5

BrilliantThe best true crime podcasts I have listened to. I don’t want to spoil the ending but it is awesome!.Score: 5/5

Love ThisWell written. Great story!.Score: 5/5

Great Story TellingGood narrative flow and a gripping story As great a mystery as the reason for John’s psychopathy is Debbie’s inability to walk away from the relationship. Hard to visualise her as a successful business person.Score: 5/5

IrritatingDecent enough if you can bear THOSE accents. Debras incredible naivety grated too & at times made it quite difficult to sympathise.Score: 3/5

Great JournalismReally well told story excellently put together..Score: 5/5

So, so goodI listened to this after watching the Netflix series (twice) and thoroughly enjoyed it. So interesting to hear the story directly from Deborah, her family/Johns family, Johns ex wife plus the lawyer who saw right through him. A fascinating, gripping, psychological story of good triumphing over pure evil..Score: 5/5

Powerful, compulsive listeningVery well presented, structured telling of the massively destructive power of abusive men- never under estimate the impact of this form or abuse- it doesn’t have to be physical violence to destroy people, families and lives. Also, it’s the fault of “Dirty John” he takes full responsibility for the damage done to Debra, her family and all the other women’s lives he touched- not Debra or the other victims- incredibly clear portrayal of domestic abuse/coercive control perpetrated against these women- this is a must listen to any woman and also professionals working with DA perpetrators (like me) to remind us of the damage these predators wreak..Score: 5/5

Ok, too long, some repetitionIt’s OK but over-hyped and much too long (no doubt to allow plenty of advertising opportunities) - the whole thing could easily be covered in about an hour. Not much actually *happens* until the end you could easily skip the middle episodes..Score: 3/5

Tense, important and well executed!Just completed the Dirty John series and was really impressed. The story was put together so perfectly allowing the listener to be brought into this families world and to feel every emotion that they felt. I felt that the story telling made this podcast so impressive. It also discusses a really important issue and allows the listeners to go somewhere that they really don’t want to go, and to feel the effects of decisions, I hope it will help others in their lives and allow them to avoid making some of the same mistakes which were so easy to make. Enjoy!.Score: 5/5

Compelling listen if you can get pastA compelling listen if you can get past the fact that a women would choose a man over her kids even with all the proof you would need to run a mile and never look back.Score: 3/5

👍Thanks kept me awake whilst night driving. #knackeredparamedic.Score: 5/5

MediocreWay too many adverts..Score: 2/5

Needs to be a film. SUPERB.Beautifully presented. Professional sound. An utterly engaging story..Score: 5/5

Highly recommend!!Haven’t felt this excited about binging a podcast since serial!! And that’s high praise indeed! I really hope Chris and The LA Times do more....please do more!!.Score: 5/5

Oh my days!This one is a short but sweet listen. If S-Town and Crimetown were your cup of tea this story will grab you round the throat and hold you to the end. It’s hard to accept that people like this really do exist, but they do. Be careful what you wish for! Enjoy. PS it’s apparently a series on Netflix available outside the USA..Score: 5/5

CriedHaven’t been emotionally touched for a while like I was by ‘Forgiveness’. The grandma is truly an amazing person..Score: 5/5

Near perfect... if not perfect!Concise, fast paced, factual, suspense but never forced. Incredible story! Loose ends all tied up. Immense ending! Chilling throughout. Best thing that's happened to my ears for ages! Excellent!.Score: 5/5

Great seriesStory very well told. Binged on this in a day.Score: 5/5

Loved this storySo interesting, loved the way it’s reported and the interviews are conducted....pretty much listened in one day! Recommended to friends who also love it..Score: 5/5

Glad the story was told mostly from the victim’s POVInteresting story this one, glad that it was told from the mouths of the victim and their family. Not played out as a gruesome pouring over of the details. You’ll find yourself shouting at your EarPods..Score: 5/5

Gripping if a bit kitschVery gripping story and great coverage. My only critique is that the show’s a bit “overproduced” - frequently playing the theme song and raising the drama with audio clips when what the victims were saying provided tension enough. But that could just be my Britishness not liking the overdramatisation 😅.Score: 4/5

TerribleBadly told story of a naive, desperate woman making extremely poor choices. Even after proof of all of his ‘skeletons’. Idiocy at its finest. No mystery here..Score: 1/5

Real reminder..I dated someone who is every one of these traits and to hear how John evolved was like a future prediction. Glad the family stayed strong, scary to think how little you can know a person. Black Eyes are the scariest things to ever see.Score: 5/5

Couldn’t cope with stupidity of Debora and her kid accentsI found it so odd that Deborah would laugh about things when recounting then and her daughters accents were so jarring I could barely listen. And I couldn’t get over Deborah’s naivety and willingness to put a man over her children. Will have to stop listening as it’s too grating.Score: 2/5

Dirty JohnJust excellent with a Mind blowing ending.Score: 5/5

DisappointingCould someone at LA Times or Wondery have done some basic research into the cycle of abuse? Presenter remains baffled by women who return to abusive partners, despite this being well researched. Could have been an opportunity to shine a light on this - instead presenter is judgemental throughout..Score: 2/5

GreatThis is great podcast very well researched and easy to listen to though very hard subject!! Loved it.Score: 5/5

So goodSo good I’m binge listening.Score: 5/5

Great despite Terra’s irritating rising inflectionInteresting story, but as many many reviewers have mentioned; Terra’s rising inflections and way she speaks is highly irritating and tough to listen to. It’s mind-boggling to think people could be this naive and trusting of someone showcasing a plethora of red flags..Score: 4/5

Beyond disappointingReally enjoy listening to Wondery podcasts, but to say this was a let down would be a massive understatement. Had to give up after 3 and a bit episodes - impossible to feel any sympathy for Debra ( I think there is a picture of her in Guinness book of world records, under worlds biggest mug ), and her 2 daughters come across as bratty and spoilt. All in all the story is beyond believable, but I guess not all Wondery’ podcasts can be hits and a miss once in a while is only to be expected..Score: 1/5

What a waste.Was enjoying this until about 10 minutes in when Tera started talking. Talk about annoying. Horrible..Score: 1/5

ScaryExcellent but quite scary.Score: 5/5

Not my cup of teaI found it to be like a trashy “true-crime” tv show. Predictable and a bit dull but I guess easy listening? Might suit other people’s tastes more..Score: 2/5

Dirty John on one.Excellent podcast. I nearly bailed out in the early episodes due to some of the interviews with Debras children and their accents 😫. Glad is stuck with as the later episodes really deliver as the life of Dirty John unravels. Well worth a listen..Score: 4/5

A VERY good listen.Friends have said they “didn’t enjoy this” or “it’s no Serial”. It is a little slow at the start but by a couple of episodes in it becomes a riveting listen and an excellently told story of a true madman. I loved this and would recommend it highly!.Score: 5/5

BrilliantWow amazing women who escaped an evil evil monster,so pleased you are all free from him now. Couldn’t stop listening got through it all in two days. Tony from uk.Score: 5/5

Judgemental presenterHe needs to do some research into domestic abuse and the cycles of behaviour in relation to this. He comes across very judgmental of her..Score: 2/5

A gobsmacking storyA story which is shocking in every way, full of unbelievable twists and turns and is exceptionally well told by Christopher Goffard of the LA Times. Amazing podcasts..Score: 5/5

Gripping Story, immaculate Telling of itLaura Biel and her colleagues set out one of the most unbelievable but true stories of modern day medicine. The Neurosurgeon who really should have had it all and should have made a huge difference to the pain and suffering of his patients, committed heinous acts of violence against them. Having been a theatre nurse for many years my jaw dropped so many times listening to this I could scarcely believe what I was listening to. A fascinating and at times unbearably sad story brilliantly told..Score: 5/5

WOWMust listen Great podcast.Score: 5/5

Dirty John has me addictedLoving this podcast. Very addictive 👍🏻.Score: 5/5

AmazingGreat work, finished all episodes in one day! Wish there is more stories..Score: 5/5

Loved it!I listened to this after watching the series and the documentary but it was still interesting. I would highly recommend it and you don’t necessary have to have watched the series or documentary before. The story is put together beautifully..Score: 5/5

Hooked from the startTend to find many podcasts quite slow and difficult to get into, but found this excellent. I was hooked from the first listen. Loved the way it was presented and how the story unravelled..Score: 5/5

Incredible pod castI couldn’t put my phone down, what an incredible family to never give up and they will never have that devil person in their lives ever again, 5 stars to the narrator and how the story was put together it kept me hooked..Score: 5/5

Too many adsGood podcast, too many ads though..Score: 3/5

Dirty John, dirty storyStory of every aspect of the human condition at the extremes. Tension builds, story develops, justice...found? Not S Town, not Serial but something that felt more dramatic, more televisual in tone and good pacing. Listen to this before you watch or read anymore. Wanted to hear more of the outcomes and what next but I guess that can never be as dramatic. Good job folks..Score: 4/5

Great podcastGreat podcast. Terra might have the most annoying voice ever though. It was hard to listen to when she spoke. Other than that, a really interesting story..Score: 4/5

BrilliantGreat podcast. Story is really good but Debra has to be the most stupid woman in the world! Frustratingly stupid!.Score: 5/5

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DisappointingThis podcast could have been a huge awareness platform for people being abused by predatory partners. The panel discussion at the end barely acknowledges the issues of vulnerability and shame that allow these people into innocent lives. They left so much out and the writer is promoting addiction stigma by describing “Dirty John” as an addict before going into all of the heinous things he did to that family. He comes off like an opportunist, honestly. How about we talk about how slut-shaming women makes them vulnerable to control and blackmail? More actual experts would have been great. Discussing more legislation that would potentially protect these victims would perhaps encourage forward motion.I mean, sure it’s a fascinating story, but the story happened to human beings and will continue to do so. All I got from this podcast thinking “Great! If you’re a rich lady from a “nice” Christian family, you might get away eventually. Everyone knows if Terra or her mother were African Americans or sexworkers, or addicts, we would never hear their story, let alone exonerate Terra on charges of homicide. Barf..Score: 1/5

Their voices!I really wanted to like this podcast, but the daughters’ voices were so unbelievably annoying I had to abandon ship. Yikes..Score: 1/5

Not worth itI’ve watched both the documentary of John and the Netflix miniseries of John and they both were better than this podcast. This podcast was slow and had a monotone voice telling the story. Didn’t captivate me at all..Score: 1/5

Podcast excellent, bonus spam episodes terribleListen to the podcast for a riveting story. 5 stars until they started these 20 infomercial under the guise of “bonus episodes”. Unsubscribing.Score: 1/5

I tell everyone I know about itBinge listened to this series last summer and am relistening to the series because it was so captivating and well produced! Would 100% recommend this series to crime lovers!! Anxiously awaiting another series like this!.Score: 5/5

UncoverSeason 1 was absolutely insane and the reporter had an easy voice to listen too. I can’t wait for more updates!! Season 2 was boring but okay. Season 3 was awesome!! The reporter had first hand accounts and was easy to listen too. Season 4 is interesting but the reporter has an irritating voice, it’s just sooo slow! It’s like he is trying to tell a scary story at a fire, just talk normal!!.Score: 4/5

Dirty JohnIt's scary how people in a relationship can't see how toxic and dangerous it is. Most of us just want to be loved and will dismiss warning signs. Thank goodness I'm in a long term loving relationship, I would hate to be dating today..Score: 5/5

8/10 :)Pretty good. don’t know what princessBirdy is so mad about. loved hearing this one from a daughters perspective!.Score: 5/5

Bloated bombastOne episode would have been adequate to cover the whole story. The scenery-chewing quality of the writing made me loathe myself for listening to the whole thing. LA Times’ editors need to care more about the output of their writers..Score: 1/5

Dirty JohnCouldn’t stop, I was listening all night , love the music too..Score: 5/5

This podcast can eat my shortsNot enough back story on John Meehan. This story had such great potential and was ruined by having the only voices and opinions of the uneducated and spoiled children. This podcast should have lasted longer with more back story. LA Times, you have yet AGAIN only skimmed the surface of a compelling story. You had opportunities to use experts and law enforcement to identity John, but of course you couldn’t be bothered. The team doing this story made the audience not have a connection with the family. At no point did I feel bad for the wife. She seems like an awful mother who makes really stupid decisions. And the oldest daughter talks like I did when I was 4 years old. It’s not interesting and it hurt to try to finish listening to this D grade garbage. All in all, I’ve seen better work from a single high school student yet alone an entire LA Times TEAM! This podcast was dryer than the pieces of corn flakes that fall between my fridge and my counter top..Score: 1/5

AmazingGot me hooked, binge listened..Score: 5/5

Great contentI listened to this after watching the Netflix series and documentary. Great for true crime listeners. Had great content including interviews with people involved..Score: 5/5

EntertainingThe story grabbed my attention and i couldn't stop listening to it. I highly recommend this podcast..Score: 5/5

AmazingIt’s an amazing podcast! So great to listen to, but good lord. Debra and her Mom and the most aggravating and naive people you could image. Her daughter told her that she was living with an abusive husband, and she took the husbands side??? You just want to scream at her it’s so frustrating..Score: 5/5

Great podcast, terrible adsThe Audible advertisement was really disrespectful and honestly turned me off of the story..Score: 4/5

ExcellentThis is an excellent podcast - incredibly engaging. I drove for 8 hours and literally didn’t want to stop driving until this was done. Wonderful storytelling.Score: 5/5

Amazing mini seriesLoved it so much!.Score: 5/5

Kept me captiveI listen to podcasts while walking my dog...the month I discovered this one I clocked 260 kms! Disturbing story and well told..Score: 5/5

Started good but faded very quicklyIf u listen to 30 mins of episode 6 u will know it all. Nothing happens at all, the whole season was about people’s opinion of John and trying turn John into some inhuman creature. To put it simply Debra is a moron who was behaving like she is in her 20s, like grow up and have some sense of this world. Damn what a waste, listened to it because was recommended by someone. The only good thing is that it was produced well, music was good and they did a professional job but there was no story here..Score: 1/5

Loved this podcast.5 stars.Score: 5/5

Really interesting!This is a great podcast. Really well told, and a great supplement to the Dateline episode. The mother's naivete drove me crazy, but that is not the fault of the podcaster. Very well done..Score: 5/5

What’s the Big DealI was told by many people that I HAD to listen to this podcast but I have zero idea what all the fuss was about. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Dateline NBC, you’ve seen this story before..Score: 2/5

AmazingListened to the 6 episodes in one day. Was hooked right away..Score: 5/5

5 StarsJaw-dropping..Score: 5/5

This is not SerialInteresting story but their obvious attempt to ride Serial’s coat tails is distracting. Also if you’re half paying attention they spoil the ending in the first episode..Score: 3/5

InfuriatingPodcast is good. That family man! The lack of awareness and willful ignorance from grandma to sisters to sisters is irritating. You can’t make so many bad decisions and not learn from it. I can understand why you could be fooled by someone who never had a history of violence but they had deep traumatic issues happened and psychologically denied all good senses..Score: 4/5

Host sounds like a robotFeel no connection to the family. The come off as arrogant & aloof..Score: 1/5

Unbelievable storyEvery single women (person) who is looking for a relationship should listen.Score: 5/5

Not worth your timeTries really hard to be like serial but spends a ton of time reading people’s dramatic text messages out loud (cringe). not a great delivery and too drawn out. confusing because tries to add mystery and shock you in the last episode. advice: skip the first 4 episodes, you don’t need them..Score: 1/5

So addictive!Could not stop listening to this. Intriguing story and top quality podcast..Score: 5/5

Cautionary taleThis is a very compelling tale of what it’s like to marry an evil sociopath who only wants to use you and take your resources!! Thanks for sharing! Love the badass daughters and nephew! Listen to your gut and your kids!!.Score: 5/5

AddictiveI pretty much listened to this podcast all the way through! I’ll say though that Debra Newell’s Mom is someone who’ll anger you- she is naive to the point of delusional and has the surprising habit of taking the sides of both her daughters’ abusive husbands, even going as far as saying she loves them- they are such swell guys! I hope Arlene pays for her crimes against her own daughters! Of course, barely mentions the impact the abuse had on her daughters and her grandkids. Little wonder that Debra, for all her intelligence & success as a businesswoman, throws her kids under the bus in order to be with her obviously manipulative & criminal man! Her mother did the same to her and her sister, of course..Score: 5/5

Great listening experienceMy biggest regret was that for some reason I downloaded all of the episodes except for the last one and had to wait until I got home from work to listen to it. Great research, tone, and very well put together..Score: 5/5

Sad but trueDebra and her Mother should be the feature of another podcast on how they set women back 100 years - they do not do the Y chromosome justice..Score: 1/5

IrresponsibleThis podcast is irresponsible sensational true-crime nonsense masking as investigative journalism..Score: 1/5

Great jobLoved this podcast - the delivery was good and it was well written.Score: 5/5

Good.....butGood story overall but OMG Debra and her mother make me embarrassed to be a woman. They just made me want to slap them. Good luck to the daughters growing past their examples..Score: 4/5

Stopped listening half way through “forgiveness”Clearly, Debra gets her terrible sense of others from her delusional mother. These people are so unbelievably clueless I couldn’t continue listening. After I read other reviews and found out nothing exciting happens, I knew there was no point in listening to more. And yes, blood WILL shoot out of your nose if you listen to Terra for longer than 45 seconds. Get some better content!!.Score: 1/5

Eerie !Great true crime podcast!.Score: 5/5

Dirty JohnI had to listen again!.Score: 5/5

Pretty GoodI enjoyed it. Crazy to think that there are people that blind and that evil out there..Score: 4/5

Unbelievably trueThis podcast is excellent. You really get a sense for how scary John was. Easy to binge and lose track of time.Score: 5/5

Dirty JohnI had already watched this story on cable a couple of years ago but decided to take a listen anyway. Excellent story telling! Really enjoyed this podcast. Will recommend it to my friends. Look forward to more podcasts! Pam H..Score: 5/5

Great story!Great story! Debra is a total moron though. What kind of idiot chooses some guy over her own children, given what happens along the way? And how many ‘red flags’ -those were more like red atomic bombs. Just wow. Almost laughable..Score: 5/5

So disturbingSuch a creepy story. It really goes to show how love can be blind. A lesson in trusting the instincts of people close to you!.Score: 5/5

Those daughtersSeries is great, and it’s terrible what happened to them; but the lack of self-awareness of the daughters is mind boggling..Score: 4/5

Creepy, Wild and Somehow RelatableComing from an emotionally abusive relationship, parts of this podcast were so relatable...creepy. What a well developed podcast! Dark but insightful and a good reminder to us single girls out there to acknowledge and deal with red flags. Yikes..Score: 5/5

Debra is kind of an idiotI gave Dirty John a try because the reviews were super high and it being turned into a tv show intrigued me, but Jesus Christ. Debra is an idiot; forget missing red flags, this is a whole other level of willful ignorance. And her mother? I can tell you if someone killed my daughter, I would not be in a forgiving mood. No wonder Debra took John back, growing up with that insanity. I can’t; I’m out..Score: 2/5

SnoozeThis is a story you tell at a bar at best. Even then, if the story was still dragging on by the time I ordered my second drink, I would have walked away. Woman meets a skid. The end. Plus if you listen to the daughters talk for too long, blood will shoot out of your nose. The story is brutal on its own, and then you slap in some vocal fry..Score: 1/5

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This is still a tale of choicesI listened to all of this and am still weary of granting Debra a free pass. She relayed all of her family’s concerns to John, went back to him, and wasn't that concerned when her older daughter said she’d seen him and was worried about Terra. Confronting true evil is horrible, but she didn’t actually do anything to protect her family. She was afraid for her own life, but continued to let it all happen. Sorry, but being a good Christian does not absolve you of the choices you made...again and again..Score: 4/5

INCREDIBLEThis story blows my mind. If you haven’t seen the show (now on Netflix), I highly recommend!! It all sounds too crazy to be true but it is. Very sad and frightening that there can be people like John..Score: 5/5

Loved itVery well told and engaging.Score: 5/5

Lots of sentences that sound like questions...I’m on the first episode. While listening to the daughters, there sounds like a lot of questions being asked, but they are statements. The upwards inflections at the ends are driving me nuts. It’s hard to get through..Score: 3/5

Well WrittenI saw the movie about this case. Having had a similar situation with a person who has anti-social personality disorder and tried to kill me- it made it very close to home. There are so many sociopaths and predators out there. I’m glad that this is on a podcast..Score: 5/5

Vivid!Love this show!.Score: 5/5

WOW!Great podcast from the LA Times and wondery. After one I was hooked!! 😁 I had to listen to it again because I missed some of the most important things the first time around. Also, I watched the TV version referenced in the bonus episode. I highly recommend it. Eric Bana is a great actor who does a fantastic job portraying the narcissistic John Meehan. The rest of the cast is also outstanding. Furthermore, if you just can’t get enough of Chris Goddard’s writing, check out his collection “Dirty John and Other True Stories of Outlaws and Outsiders.” There is plenty there to dig into..Score: 5/5

Great podcastThis is a great podcast however it’s hard for me to feel sorry for a woman who picks a man she has known for 5 weeks over her daughters..Score: 4/5

FascinatingI can’t stop listening to this show but I cannot believe just how stupid this woman is! For the love of god there has never been a more reckless, and desperate woman. I could chalk it up to her being naive at first but after she found out about his past.... it’s pretty frustrating to listen to. It’s hard to believe that such a smart and successful woman can be so careless . It is extremely difficult to not blame this woman for endangering her children and herself..Score: 4/5

Definitely kept me guessing!Not gonna lie, first episode made me think these were some whiny rich kids and parents and I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue hearing their voices. But maaaan was I wrong! Great story, direct interviews make it super interesting! I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this one still surprised me and kept me engaged!.Score: 4/5

Stranger than FictionI cannot believe this is real life!! Amazing report and even more amazing storytelling. 12/10 would recommend..Score: 5/5

Psychological thrillerI couldn’t stop listening! Debra & her family are lucky to be alive with this master manipulator and con man. That it is a true story is scary. Great segment!.Score: 5/5

Must Listen!!One of the best true crime podcasts out there! It got me hooked!.Score: 5/5

AMAZING. Hope they do a second seasonI love this story. It has THE BEST ending. Please do more seasons about other “dirty” creeps. I’m sure there are many many men and women out there like this..Score: 5/5

This was a crazy mother who almost got her child killed!This was a crazy mother who was too desperate for the love of a man! Some of us need love so badly because of lose in the past that we can do almost anything for the love of men! I am just not sure it would not have to me! I have been abused by men in the past! I will always question it because my father was abusive to my whole family , not in a sexual way, and to this day I don’t know the truth of all of it! My nephew is prison now for abusing his mother, my sister! Thank you all for this podcast! The song is wonderful!.Score: 5/5

Binge worthy podcastI couldn’t stop listening. So entertaining! It’s crazy that this story is true!.Score: 5/5

The story is the only thing driving this.The story is fascinating. Stranger than fiction. To know it was reality is what makes in so interesting. Everything else... less great. The reporter/ narrator had a voice that was difficult to get past and his emotion toward to the story was somewhat confusing. I read complaints about the daughters voices but it didn’t matter much to me. It sort of helps describe what they might be like. The worst of the worst was the music. From the intro music to the little random blurbs to help set a tone were painful to listen to..Score: 3/5

Very good!Wow. What a story..Score: 5/5

JeezThis whole family are a bunch of idiots 😂 so dumb , naive and my god just over the top ditsy😂😂😂.Score: 1/5

Great PodcastDebra and her mother are so desperate for affection romantic or nonromantic they put it over their family. They blame it on being Christian. I’m glad the younger generation was smart. Yes Debra was brainwashed but she put her ENTIRE family in harms way for the attention of a homeless man. God bless her family and I hope Debra grows some self esteem (from a domestic violence child, so this especially mad me angry).Score: 5/5

Thanks for the details & back storyJust listened to this and found the extra details and background very intriquing--this included so much more information than what I originally heard/saw on Dateline or 20/20. Hard to believe that someone like John could be so evil and without any conscience. I tend to think that his early childhood and family life, particularly his father, played a major role in molding John's character, yet his sisters appear to be so real and the opposite of John. It makes one wonder what causes a person to go off the rails so differently than other family members..Score: 5/5

Good storytelling, annoying peopleThe narrator is good and the story is interesting. But man, I cannot listen to these people. They state every sentence as if it is a question..Score: 3/5

FinallyThe narration is excellent, so sorry for what the Family had to go through.Score: 5/5

PhenomenalThis is hands down the best podcast I’ve listened to. The writing, narration, interviews, everything is just pitch perfect..Score: 5/5

Really goodOne of the best pods I’ve listened to in a while..Score: 5/5

Stupid womenThe mother and Debra are the problem, the way they react to the crazy men in their lives in my opinion very stupid women..Score: 4/5

Crazy StoryThis was so nuts. I binged it in a single evening because I couldn’t believe how ridiculous it was. The good news is it’s short so you can listen to it quickly. I didn’t like the music though. And they repeated sections or exposition frequently. I didn’t understand the necessity. But it was still entertaining. Which is twisted because this really happened to a family..Score: 3/5

RivetingCouldn’t stop listening! I loved the theme song as well. John was definitely narcissistic. I suffered for 13 years by a person with Narcissistic Personality, not as bad as this case but similar coercive control..Score: 5/5

Excellent in every wayI miss listening to this podcast! Wish I could do it all again for the first time. So well-done and extremely fascinating..Score: 5/5

LegendaryThis is one of the MUST LISTENS in true crime! Epic..Score: 5/5

Strangest “walking dead” commercial everI liked the story for the most part and followed it out to the end, there were just some things about the podcast I just couldn’t get into. Maybe I was struck with a dilemma about victim blaming as I am never one to victim blame, but there were moments when I was feeling conflicted. Also, there was a bizarre amount of walking dead references that didn’t fit. It was definitely worth listening to.Score: 4/5

My ears are bleeding.The storyline is fantastic & really draws you in, but the daughter’s voices and speech patterns are TERRIBLE. Every statement they make sounds like it has a question mark at the end. The influx at end of every sentence is making my brain bleed through my ears. I can’t imagine anyone actually speaking this way & not having some sort of mental illness. It’s very hard to listen to their parts which unfortunately are important to the story so you can’t fast forward through them..Score: 2/5

FantasticOne of the most binge-worthy pods I’ve ever listened to. Great pace, without feeling rushed or dragged out. And I really enjoyed the way they presented each person in the story. Instead of each person being boringly predictable from the start, I found myself feeling one way fairly strongly... only to feel *very* differently as it all unfolded. An obvious example of this was with her daughters. In the first episode, I was like ‘what self-centered b**ches’. Then in the subsequent episode, I was like ‘ahh what great young women’.. hahaha Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

WooooahThis is a must listen! So addictive!.Score: 5/5

NiceTrue crime. If you like that then you’ll be into this. Great story telling..Score: 5/5

AmazingSuch a good story and presented so well.Score: 5/5

EngagingThis was a great story; I wish there were more similar ones. It was well told, realistic, and by the end you are breathing a sigh of relief. Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

Well done!Really well researched and reported. Keeps you listening!!.Score: 5/5

I want moreThis is one of the best true event story, it kept me interested the whole time! The sad part is it really happened to a family and no ones bad experiences should be exciting but the way Christopher tells it it is. I want more by him!.Score: 5/5

CaptivatedThis is such an important story to share. I have seen the first 3 night show about it and then it was on a couple different channels with new series made by different Producers. It leaves me at the edge of my seat. It is good that this story is told. I think I like it so much because this could easily happen to any of us women or girls. It is very brave to share this with the public. It makes us more aware and more careful. I used to try match dot com and after seeing Dirty John, I feel like I was lucky this didn’t happen to me. I dodged a bullet. After seeing Dirty John, I believe it is not safe to meet people from the internet. I would not encourage any woman or girl to turn to the internet. I checked out Parlor. It’s a scary site because people talk to you and see you in real time. It’s scary. The domestic terrorists use that site to connect. Be safe and well everybody!.Score: 5/5

WowSuch good reporting but cringe worthy listening to how incredibly dumb and naive this woman is. Really shows how vulnerable women can be even when they are intelligent, business savvy and successful. Insecurity and lack of self worth can destroy judgement..Score: 5/5

WoahSeriously makes you question whether people are born innately good or can be born evil.Score: 5/5

GrippingA cautionary tale that all women should listen to. My sister and I both listened and discussed it often. The youngest daughter’s voice can be irritating and I grew frustrated with Debra’s stemming impulsivity and brainless decisions..Score: 5/5

Amazing!!This show has me hooked!!! It’s so good!!!! There are so many twists and turns to this story!!.Score: 5/5

Great podcast!Interesting, shocking, addictive—this is a great podcast!.Score: 2/5

Excellent StoryThe way this story is told in a particularly captivating way . I couldn’t stop listening episode after episode. I listened to this podcast after watching the show and thought it was way better..Score: 5/5

Great work!!I was so addicted to this podcast!! Loved everything about it!.Score: 5/5

Binge worthySuch great story telling..Score: 5/5

Great ListenI can’t imagine the pain but mostly frustration this family went through! Great writing and story telling. Thank god the whole story was in by the time I found the podcast, it was a great binge listen..Score: 5/5

Excellent Storytelling — great wrap up bonus episodeI am very disappointed to hear the criticism of the family that went through this ordeal. Unless you’ve been in the position of being victimized by a master manipulator you cannot know the psychological pressure this sort of situation can exert. I hope I would not make the same decisions that Debra did but the harsh judgment I’ve seen in the reviews shows the exact lack of empathy that helps to isolate victims of domestic abuse. Its obvious that in retrospect Debra regrets many of her decisions — and has courageously opened herself up to criticisms in hopes of raising awareness in others who may be being abused. Thanks to the crew for putting this important podcast together..Score: 5/5

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Absolutely grippingEssential listening, particularly for women. I binge listened, it was so good. This type of man who preys on women, gaslights constantly, psychologically abuses with constant lies are in most womens' history somewhere (and one is sadly US President!) Fascinating psychological study of both predator & victims. Brilliant show!.Score: 5/5

Evil to the core.I have never liked the thought of online dating.... this has proved why!.Score: 5/5

Absolutely chilling!This is an amazing tale that doesn't sound like it could be real!.Score: 5/5

Great but....I loved this podcast and the way the story was told with respect for the people who lived it. My only problem was with the ads in every episode for the tv show. I wanted to hear the story first and then watch it but the badgering from the ads has really put me off which is a real shame..Score: 4/5

Love thisUp half the night listening. Wonderful stuff..Score: 5/5

BrilliantLove this story truly ground breaking podcast listening.Score: 5/5

RUN GUMCan you please sponsor run gum🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ please.Score: 5/5

Finally, a crime podcast worth listening toAfter listening to Serial, it took me ages to find a podcast just as gripping. Finally I was recommended Dirty John. It was well edited and kept me hooked for the entire series..Score: 5/5

Good but...Enjoying it but Deborah’s daughters are so hard to listen too. Their voices are the slow, upward inflection at the end, stereotypical Californian stupid girl (ugh, so cringeworthy) and they make it almost impossible to listen too..Score: 3/5

AmazingSo thorough and amazing.Score: 5/5

Edge of your seatThis is one of the most compelling Podcasts I’ve ever listened too... I was hooked! Could hardly wait for the next instalment. Of course, we all ask ourselves how could Debra possibly have been so naive...? How could such a smart business woman be so dumb of heart...? In love with ‘love’, I guess! Such a well put together podcast... The only thing that made me cringe was the daughter’s squeaky voices... 😬.Score: 5/5

Great storytellingKeeps you listening.Score: 5/5

I’m Australian and had no problem with the voices.I’ve seen a few reviews giving low stars due to the reviewer being Australian, and not being able to deal with the narrator and daughters voices. I’m also Australian and had absolutely no problem with it. Dirty John is a fascinating, tragic, eye opening story and you’d be missing out if you let something as silly as the hosts voice turn you off..Score: 5/5

Deborah is as dumb as a hammerI presumed this story would be about a monster and his helpless victims. Instead this is a story about shear stupidity and what happens when stupid people meet somebody like Dirty John. Deborah is as dumb as they come, deliberately placing herself and family at risk time after time. No doubt she inherited her reasoning abilities from her mother, also not the sharpest tool in the toolbox. So infuriating were most of this family it was hard to have any empathy for Deborah at all. Interesting story none the less..Score: 4/5

Is Debra real?I’ve just listened to ep 1. I was hoping maybe the focus would be on someone else. I don’t think I can cope with more episodes about Debra and dirty John. I hope others can enjoy it!.Score: 3/5

On par with SerialAddictive! Thank you. Xx.Score: 5/5

Scary...too close to homeI have only just begun listening to this podcast and already, the story of this supposed perfect guy is EXACTLY THE SAME THING that’s happened to me twice in the past month (Feb 2021) - exact same job as an anaesthesiologist, also for Doctors without Borders, also had been working in Iraq, and I did a super quick social media check and saw absolutely nothing to support those claims. He had very few friends or posts. This set off my alarm bells and I shut him down and blocked him. Then a couple of weeks later he somehow found me on LinkedIn and tried again! Unbelievable. I don’t even want to know what could have happened!.Score: 5/5

What a guy!A great podcast, about a not so great guy. Well written, read by the presenter. You will be hooked and amazed by this story, with a great Q&A to end it all..Score: 5/5

Great listen!Loved it!! The story was well constructed. I think there’s an opportunity for a spin off podcast with a Psychiatrist who could delve into the Domestic Violence displayed and the behaviours exhibited. I understand why it wasn’t tackled in this podcast given Christopher Goffard is an investigative journalist..Score: 5/5

GobsmackedWhat an idiotic woman, everything that happened to her daughter is her fault, she should have listened from the get go. Selfish woman not wanting to be alone..Score: 5/5

Well told. Excellent.Engaging.Score: 5/5

RivetingFrom the very first minute this podcast had me, have listened to many podcasts, this one grabs you by the short and curlies, have never been so engrossed, you feel these peoples pain, as you listen it’s unbelievable, congratulations on making the listener understand what has happened to these people and how the system works, so very scarey, still shake my head in disbelief that this can still happen today, so proud of the doctors that came forward and I pray for his patients, for all that they have endured and their resilience💕.Score: 5/5

So rivetingThe production, narration and investigative information is so cleverly put together that I end up hanging on every word spoken. It’s thoroughly captivating. How do you do it?.Score: 5/5

BingedAwesome.Score: 5/5

FleekThis podcast is super fleek Brill narrator and ex delivery. Story is next level.Score: 5/5

10/10Loved it. Loved the podcast the series and the documentary thoroughly binged it all and definitely enjoyed it. Do ur self a favour and get on it..Score: 5/5

Fantastic and FrustratingThis story is so well presented, I couldn’t turn it off. I was so frustrated with the wife and how blind she was to John, however not being in a situation like this it’s hard to understand..Score: 5/5

Chilling but fascinatingI enjoyed listening to this whilst driving long distances ... the human mind and how people relate and the way it was told , although scary and chilling it was very interesting.Score: 5/5

Amazing!!!One of the best true crime podcasts around! Thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. A must listen for true crime fans!.Score: 5/5

Vital information for women everywhereBrilliantly told, this true story is riveting and fascinating ... thank you SO much to everyone who made this possible and for telling the story. Bottom line - do your research! Don’t be too impetuous when it comes to love and know who the man really is!!.Score: 5/5

Great for a podcast bingeReally riveting story, great format and well produced..Score: 5/5

GreatGreat listening,had me totally engaged,loved it,amazing the cons out there,and they ARE out there.Score: 5/5

To many adds to enjoyAs the title states it wouldn’t really matter how good the podcast was, there a minutes of painfully long adds every episode it makes it unlistenable..Score: 2/5

Alarming podcastGreat podcast that highlights the bottom feeders that prey on vunerable people in society. Unfortunately this happens in every country, including Australia, where laws don’t protect women or families until they are died. A warning: the podcast starts off a little slow - stick with the scene setting stuff..Score: 4/5

ThrillingReally scary but entertaining • I felt a bit bad deriving entertainment from someone else’s horrific story.Score: 5/5

BrilliantOne of my very favorite of all podcasts! Brilliant job! Love the voices.Score: 5/5

Heroic womenA story about heroic women who detect and ultimately bring down obsessed and psychopathic men who are out to get them. The daughters are smart and quite awesome. Most people fall victim to deception by people! The only difference in this story is that we was a more dangerous kind of deceiver..Score: 4/5

EnthrallingI listened to this every time I jumped in the car. Yelling at the top of my lungs in disbelief at times. But you know the saying, “Before you judge a woman, walk a mile in her shoes”. I don’t get the haters bagging the daughters’ voices? I quite enjoyed listening to them ... and I’m an Aussie... and I loved “The Teacher’s Pet”. Extraordinary story- bravo..Score: 4/5

This is seriously goodA true crime podcast with an actual ending! these are very rare - great story telling, amazing production, careful treatment of victims accounts. really admirable and good stuff.Score: 5/5

Dirty JohnVery interesting story. I cant believe he got away with so much for so long. I binged this podcast in a day or so as I needed to know what happened..Score: 5/5

AddictiveI binge-listened to this one over a few days. Brilliantly told, this podcast and story had me hooked from the first episode!.Score: 5/5

Hard to listen to tooAfter watching the series on Netflix I felt compelled to listen to this. I couldn’t get past episode 2. I don’t know if it’s cause I’m Australian but I just couldn’t get over the accents of the narrator and the girls. Was too much for me. I think cause I’ve listened to so many great Australian crime podcasts like “the teachers pet” my standards were to set to high for true crime podcasts!.Score: 1/5

DIRTY JOHNWhat a story. It makes you speechless that humans can do such bad things, and even get away with it. I recommend this story to all females - you never know - who needs to understand sociopaths. Excellent podcast. Thank you very much..Score: 5/5

Rude reviewsSo I am reading the reviews, you guys are disgusting. This is a story about a lady’s troubles and you have to be so aggressive? I may be only 15 but I know not to give people poo about what happened in their life, you are full grown adults and are criticising a women for HER choices which impact HER? Who are you to judge her chooses. I am appalled.Score: 5/5

BoringSkip the middle eps.Score: 2/5

Very goodVery interesting. Well put together and a good listen. Would recommend.Score: 5/5

Best ever vaccination against using dating sitesYeah after listening to this I’m very happy to remain single after hearing the hideous predator that was John Meahan, what a trail of destruction one person wrought.Score: 5/5

Great story, annoying to listen to.The daughters’ voices are so difficult to listen to..Score: 3/5

Narcissistic men are the worst kind of evilWow so compelling, binge listened could not stop. Having got away from a man just like Dirty John I count my blessings that me and my two daughters survived..Score: 5/5

Every Episode SameSkipped through most as every ep could be mistaken for another. Drawn out and boring, The sister’s accents are excruciating- excruciating..Score: 1/5

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John_alves skipbolden: Dirty Harry (1971) .Score: 5/5

SucessmanY WorkWithSimpey: Money spent on excess capacity for 3 IPP (Electricity Ghana don't need) $1billion dollars ooo , the roads, hospitals,….Score: 5/5

Hdr_860 BiasedSlightly: Joel Embiid goes at John Collins knees... this dirty? .Score: 5/5

TheTPatriots WorkWithSimpey: Money spent on excess capacity for 3 IPP (Electricity Ghana don't need) $1billion dollars ooo , the roads, hospitals,….Score: 5/5

RaskinDailyMailJust a reminder that John Stockton was known throughout the NBA for trying to hit guys in the groin. Steve Kerr cal… .Score: 5/5

HonourableTshifDuring sex, dirty talk should be in English not "Yoweeeh Mama yoooh John ngiyafa".Score: 5/5

SeshhmoneyThe fact that Dirty John Betty is based on a true story makes me sick. Y’all really have bitches ride for you and just throw them away..Score: 5/5

CL053D_C45K37Jwhite_333 A dirty play? Jordan obviously moved hit head so it was not a helmet to helmet hit plus what is he supp… .Score: 5/5

Oba_acquah WorkWithSimpey: Money spent on excess capacity for 3 IPP (Electricity Ghana don't need) $1billion dollars ooo , the roads, hospitals,….Score: 5/5

Weps__ WorkWithSimpey: Money spent on excess capacity for 3 IPP (Electricity Ghana don't need) $1billion dollars ooo , the roads, hospitals,….Score: 5/5

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Dirty John Podcast Episodes

L.A. Times presents The Trials of Frank Carson, from Christopher Goffard, creator of "Dirty John" and "Detective Trapp"

One lawyer saw a broken system. But the system saw a vigilante killer. From Christopher Goffard, the Los Angeles Times reporter and host behind the hit podcasts ‘Dirty John’ and ‘Detective Trapp,’ comes a new eight-episode true crime podcast, ‘The Trials of Frank Carson.’  This story of power, politics and the law centers around Carson, the famously caustic defense attorney, who dedicated his life’s work to the very thing that has turned against him—the justice system.  The first two episodes premiere Tuesday, May 25, available wherever you listen to podcasts. Special bonus episodes are available exclusively to L.A. Times subscribers.

Bonus Episode: Inside the TV Series "Dirty John" Part 3

In the last of three special episodes, Alexandra Cunningham, showrunner of the new Bravo series, offers insight into how she approached the writing of the show and its titular psychopath. Jeffrey Reiner, who directed all eight episodes, discusses the creative team’s ambition to transcend the conventions of a traditional thriller.

Bonus Episode: Inside the TV Series "Dirty John" Part 2

In the second of three special episodes, Connie Britton (“Friday Night Lights,” “Nashville”) talks about playing Debra Newell in the new Bravo series, and why the story feels timely. Julia Garner and Juno Temple, who play Newell’s daughters, discuss how they came to inhabit their roles, and the show’s production designer and costume designer share details of how they helped create the characters’ worlds.“Dirty John” premieres on Bravo at 10 p.m. on Sunday, November 25. You can also find the original LA Times series, plus 14 other pieces of narrative journalism, in a new collection called “Dirty John and Other True Stories of Outlaws and Outsiders,” by Christopher Goffard, published by Simon & Schuster.

Bonus Episode: Inside the TV Series "Dirty John" Part 1

In the first of three special episodes about the making of the Bravo limited series, Christopher Goffard talks with actor Eric Bana about his portrayal of John Meehan, and the parallels between actors and con-men.“Dirty John” premieres on Bravo at 10 p.m. on Sunday, November 25. LA Times Studios is participating as a producer on the Bravo series. You can also find the original LA Times series, plus 14 other pieces of narrative journalism, in a new collection called “Dirty John and Other True Stories of Outlaws and Outsiders,” by Christopher Goffard, published by Simon & Schuster.

Dirty John: Live at The Theatre at Ace Hotel | 7

In the months since “Dirty John” was released, more of John Meehan’s victims have told their stories. Carolina Miranda from the LA Times interviews Christopher Goffard, Debra and Terra Newell, and John Meehan’s first wife. Plus, a panel on coercive control and a special live performance by Tracy Bonham. Recorded live at the Ace Theatre.

Terra | 6

Jacquelyn and Terra Newell suspect that John has been watching them. When Jacquelyn tells her mother that he is in town, her mother believes she is mistaken. Jacquelyn warns Terra to carry her pocket knife. But Terra is preoccupied by a country-music concert, and she is watching for the wrong car. Subscribe today so you don't miss an episode: you like the music from Dirty John? To find out more, as well as find other podcasts to listen to, go to

Escape | 5

Episode 5: John finds a lawyer and plots to unleash a blizzard of lawsuits against his enemies, with the aim of proving to Debra that he is the victim, in case after case. The lawyer believes her life is in danger. As her painful isolation from her family deepens, she secretly plans her escape from the marriage. Subscribe today so you don't miss an episode: you like the music from Dirty John? To find out more, as well as find other podcasts to listen to, go to

Forgiveness | 4

Debra is in hiding, living out of hotels and disguising herself with a wig. Debra fears she will meet the fate of her sister Cindi, who was killed by her husband as she tried to escape a bad marriage. John has explanations for the accusations against him. He weeps and apologizes. Three decades earlier, that had helped Cindi’s killer walk out of prison. Subscribe today so you don't miss an episode: you like the music from Dirty John? To find out more, as well as find other podcasts to listen to, go to

Filthy | 3

Debra grapples with the question, “Who did I marry?” The story of John’s mysterious past unfolds through the eyes of his sisters, his law-school housemate, his ex-wife, and an Ohio cop who hunted him. The origins of John’s nickname are revealed. Bed-ridden in an Orange County hospital, he pleads with Debra to take him back.Subscribe today so you don't miss an episode: you like the music from Dirty John? To find out more, as well as find other podcasts to listen to, go to

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