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In Europe, the Netherlands has the highest number of cases. Also: a special report from Colombia where mass killings are continuing five years after a peace deal with left-wing rebels, and the Indian stand-up comic who says he may have to give up his routine because of Hindu fundamentalists.

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Invaluable daily newsWhat makes this podcast so worthwhile, and enjoyable, is that not only does it bring you the most important latest news stories from around the world in a succinct and fair way, but it also gives fascinating pieces of human, cultural or scientific interest which often brighten and enlighten your day..Score: 5/5

Best news podcast so farPart of my daily routine for 1 year now. Lots of international news. Easy to understand for non native british speakers. And a light humour touch. Well done!.Score: 5/5

Best way to learn English & catch up the latest newsIf you happen to try picking up beautiful RP accent, this will be very helpful. Plus you won’t be missing out what’s going on/in at the moment!.Score: 5/5

3 billion people on Tinder??I like this podcast but you need to fix a detail in your episode from this morning. You said “3 billion people have used the swipe feature on Tinder.” You actually mean that there have been 3 billion swipes. Totally different figures! I thought for a second that there were 1.5 billion men waiting to meet me on one app....Score: 4/5

Whoa...Catalans should be proud of BBC for supporting them..Score: 5/5

Thank you BBCSuperb daily update on all you need to know about World news from Jackie Leonard and the team. Keep up the good work BBC..Score: 5/5

Lack of updatesWhats going on.. no updates on bbc podcasts for over a week..Score: 1/5

Best international news summary on the planetsSo refreshing to have a truly international perspective. I’ve a busy schedule each day but rarely miss an episode. Truly professional journalism..Score: 5/5

Great apart from the phlegmI love the podcast, listen every morning. That being said, can someone please tell Valerie Sanderson to CLEAR HER THROAT before speaking after a segment? She always sounds like she has phlegmy throat and has been caught off guard. It drives me insane. Apart from that, really great stuff!.Score: 4/5

Now perfectThanks for ditching the hideous theme tune. The best news pod is now perfect..Score: 5/5

Great listeningGreat bees and coverage. Thanks.Score: 5/5

Love itIt tells you all the news all around the world if you didn’t have this then you wouldn’t know what was going on in the world 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃.Score: 5/5

Amazing podcast.Hard to imagine the day without your program. Thanks.Score: 5/5

So informativeI really enjoy listening to this news podcast. It is very educational. I recommend this.Score: 5/5

NiceKeeps you up to date with the essentials and always ending on a positive note (at least the ones I’ve listened to). Informative, engaging and precise. The take away lunch of news..Score: 5/5

How’s things Kevy BoyHow’s things Kevy. Bad result midweek.Score: 5/5

Amazing information and entertainmentThis podcast is the best news podcast I have ever listened to. Always filling you in in everything across the world and it presented extremely well. Definitely a good one. Please listen! 😃😃😃😃😃😃❤️ Kenzy x😉.Score: 5/5

Consistently goodThis podcast drills into what is going on in the world in a fresh, informative way and is my favourite listen, particularly as the world it looks at becomes more uncertain and difficult to fathom. It’s always obviously very well researched and the presenter is an excellent interviewer with great warmth. The sounds and music enhance everything. Congratulations to the Guardian team who produce it..Score: 5/5

Too much advertising the assassinationLess about USA please they are taking over our podcast, boring.Score: 1/5

BrilliantThe most underrated news podcast. I listen daily. Brilliantly produced and presented..Score: 5/5

Great news round upMy go to podcast to get a concise round up of the day’s main news. As well as covering the big stories it has lighter, quirkier stuff which makes this both an informative and entertaining listen..Score: 5/5

Very good indeedI have been following this podcaste almost five years ago, before I moved to the UK, I do enjoy the contents and it is great for me to improve English too. Well done BBC!.Score: 5/5

I have not missed a single episodeI have not missed a single epic since I started listening at the start of lockdown. Some stories could always be explored further but overall this my my favourite, favourite podcast..Score: 5/5

Essential listeningEssential listening if you want to find out what’s going on in the world 👍.Score: 5/5

Consistent and Mind-ExpandingA great way to keep your finger on the pulse of current events and gain an awareness of what is going on across the world—a welcome complement to more nationally-focused broadcasts. Always well-presented and informative..Score: 5/5

Good balanceGreat that Britain keeps a broad perspective on the news through the BBC. This podcast is my first daily port of call..Score: 5/5

Africa is a continentCould you please be a little bit more careful with your comments about COVID in ‘Africa’? Africa is a continent with 54 distinct countries. You should report with the same nuance and respect you give European countries such as the U.K. and Italy..Score: 1/5

BiasAn unhealthy obsession with bashing Trump, Jackie Leonard can’t hide her obvious hatred of him. Please report the news and not your opinions on how things should be. The deceit shown is remarkable they call themselves impartial..Score: 1/5

Truly exceptional journalismExcellent content, concise and clear, with coverage of headline news stories together with interesting features from around the world..Score: 5/5

Much to muchIt made me sad 😭🤧😷.Score: 5/5

Excellent but too lateExcellent content, but often not made available until hours after it is complied. On a fast news day, it it out of date before it is uploaded!.Score: 2/5

Great!A great way to keep on top of what’s going on in the world..Score: 5/5

Makes the license fee worth itInformative news that doesn’t cover what the Beckhams are wearing. Really refreshing..Score: 5/5

BrilliantSo many people I know listens daily and thinks it an essential part of their day.Score: 5/5

My must listen podcastThis is the one podcast I listen to every day, insightful, relevant and engaging..Score: 5/5

Keeps you in the loopSuper efficient way to get a hold of international news when, by and large, the most easily accessible news is very European and North American centric..Score: 5/5

Audio quality sometimes painfulPlease limit the amount of ‘zoom’ standard audio. It really is very irritating to listen to. It’s like listening to someone waffle on during a phone call that goes on for way too long..Score: 1/5

AmazingReally helpful in keeping me up to date with the news.Score: 5/5

Simply the best news serviceThe content and the voices delivering it are as part of my day as washing my face with cool water..Score: 5/5

How Not to Be a Podcast Producer07/07/19 8:47am local Yeah look if you’re going to do a story on a high pitched sound that was played in a Cuban embassy that caused diplomats a shedload of grief, you don’t ACTUALLY need to broadcast that shriek to subscribers enjoying their peaceful early morning commute. So in future if you have a story about a new patented chainsaw technology, we’ll just take your word for it xx.Score: 1/5

Always unavailableMost unreliable podcast I have listened to in my 10 years. There's an issue lately with podcasts routinely being unavailable. I'd recommend sourcing news from elsewhere to avoid any frustration..Score: 1/5

Too much U.S.A stuffIt gets a bit boring as this podcast is by the bbc which are supposed to be British. America already have CNN so why do the always talk about the U.S?.Score: 5/5

Essential listeningThese podcasts are my essential listening each day; other podcasts can follow.Score: 5/5

Time for the BBC to leave iTunesThe BBC has switched Global News Podcast from an MPEG audio file to the MPEG AUDIO STREAM format. This is not currently supported by Apple iPlayer (currently version Indeed it is not signed off by W3C as fully defined and approved. The file is located at [h ttp://] — Reason why I want downloadable files? I live on an island with poor internet connections. I cannot “stream”. To listen to podcasts I must download them when the connections are good and listen (often repeatedly) later. Why don’t I just listen to the radio? Nothing I want to listen to is broadcast when I want to listen to it. — Apple, please, please, please do what the Russian-inspired British Brainwashing Consortium wants: decline to publish links to files which fail to comply with your standards. — iTunes was useful for the years it took these fascists to build their own internet platforms to restore their direct control (of entirely tax-payer (and licences are a tax) funded media - media that rightfully belongs to us tax-payers on the basis that whomsoever pays for the commission, owns the commission). They don’t need iTunes now - except to use it to advertise (for free) media only available on their own platforms - so let them go..Score: 5/5

Good news podcastA good way to get a quick and easy daily news blast when I wake up or have a few minutes and find out what’s going on in the world.Score: 4/5

PerfectionThank you 😍.Score: 4/5

Misleading and biased. Don’t trust anything they say hereEvery few days you put news about Egypt. You are reporting news from 5 years ago and showing misleading stories !! What is the purpose ? Your news is lies. You are showing minority people opinions as if it is facts. It is all lies and misleading. Don’t trust anything you listen to here!! BBC news is not a news ! They enforce their biased opinions, showing some people’s views as if they are fact. Manipulate and brainwash the listeners..Score: 1/5

QuirkyI love to open the app & listen to the Subjects that you pick, there is always a mixed bag of curio things Keep going you are all great.Score: 5/5

Hi BillLorna is basically OK. How are you and Fay?.Score: 5/5

Crappy logoThe new logo looks like a parody show or tabloid. Like Mock The Week or something. News content is great though of course!.Score: 4/5

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Great but need workThis podcast is great for getting current news from reliable people. Only real issue is that these podcasts in particular often error out and become “unavailable” it’s a real pain..Score: 3/5

Constructive criticHello BBC. I love this podcast. 4.5 stars!! After two months of being subscribed I find that you don’t cover enough Russia and Scandinavian countries . Thanks for your excellent work.Score: 5/5

Great podcastBBC’s podcasts and programming is always very sophisticated and bring us news..Score: 4/5

GreatA nice way to catch up on the days news. Probably the best international news daily podcast..Score: 5/5

Excellent!Excellent! This is the only truly global podcast I’ve found..Score: 5/5

AwesomeThe Global News Podcast is amazing, it helps bring news from around the world to, well, around the world!!.Score: 5/5

Bbc newsA short, at times random newscast. Not sure about the relevance of multiple reports on Africa. Also would prefer more analysis than reportage..Score: 3/5

The royalsThe royal family has revealed its favourite flowers .... 13 year olds for the prince of Wales.Score: 5/5

MediaAll the media are not stupid they trying to scare you to make you panic and that make you buy toilet paper etc for who .... the gouvernement for the own things I don’t no maybe some bomb nuclear I don’t know.Score: 4/5

Predicting the recent future!We listen to this show about 5 days to two weeks in the past as a reminder of stories that pop up on our favourite shows from Canada and the CBC. For example, it is Tues. Jan. 15th, 2019, and we are listening to the stories from last week, Tues. Jan. 8, 2019. It is fun, because we already know the outcome of certain stories, and we will “talk back” to the Global News reporters because we know what is going to happen! Yet, there are stories and facts that come from BBC Global News that are not reported anywhere or on any platform in NorthAmerica. BBC is amazing and informed. The stories come from first sources, which is quite rare in Canada, CBC often uses reporters talking to reporters who heard from other reporters. It is second and third sources and sometimes disappointing. Thank goodness for podcasts!.Score: 5/5

A global view in a nutshellIf it wasn’t for this daily podcast I feel that I’d be ignorant of international events. I appreciate the global perspective, the professional and fair reporting and even the presenters adhoc remarks..Score: 5/5

So sad...I’m very disappointed in this’s so biased. Im sick of hearing the one sided opinion of your so called journalists...if you’re going to report on a story why not give all the facts, not just the democrat view. You say there is no voter fraud...there’s tons of evidence, you just won’t report it...I’m done with you leftist wannabe journalists....Score: 1/5

Great coverageHave listened to the BBC podcast for years. Love the coverage; if to left leaning or bias I just fast forward over that particular coverage. Carry on!.Score: 5/5

Great source for newsGlobal news podcast is a great way to get a quick NEWSY fix on the way to work..Score: 5/5

Best, truly globalAre you looking to escape America-centric news? Then BBC global is for you. It’s truly global news round up. In short! I’m addicted to it. Thank you to the team behind this. 🙌🏼.Score: 5/5

Love listeningI am a listener from Canada. I listen first thing in the morning then the second broadcast in the evening. I find this podcast the best way to keep up on things happening around the world. Even my two cats love to listen. They always end up laying nearby. I think they find the voices soothing. Thanks and keep up the great work!.Score: 5/5

Left wing scare mongers2nd time I had to delete it. Way to left wing. They twist the story to fit their narrative..Score: 1/5

I never miss an episode.The BBC’s reporting is almost entirely without bias, and should be considered the gold standard when it comes to objective journalism. This is news the way it should be - mostly bereft of sensationalism, pandering, or superficiality. Also, I very much notice and applaud the BBC’s increasing coverage of stories from Africa, a trend which I hope will continue. It is a breath of fresh air (not that Fresh Air) to hear these stories and not something that one would be exposed to when consuming traditional news media. Keep doing what you’re doing Ms. Martin and team; I’ll be here refreshing my feed waiting for the next episode..Score: 3/5

The Best🇨🇦Get my global news daily from BBC. Well balanced, clear and concise format. Canadian news could learn from BBC!👍.Score: 5/5

Mere sensationalismEvery episode tries to scare you about Covid 19, there are no other stories..Score: 1/5

Too late in the dayI’d like to get BBC News early in the day, and even though the news is for 9am ET, it’s not available to download till much later in the day. Otherwise content is excellent..Score: 4/5

Eh ! CanadaOriginally from Delhi India Now in Canada Ontario - Rohan.Score: 5/5

Celia HattonIt’s been nice to hear a North American accent on the newscast the last couple of days. Good work Celia Hatton..Score: 4/5

One of the few reliable sources of the newsExcellent news podcast. Great world coverage..Score: 5/5

Biased coverageBBC has become very left leaning extremely biased pro Islamist anti Israeli anti Indian news channel. I listen to them and believe exactly opposite what they are saying. Only good thing about them is they speak good English..Score: 2/5

AmazingAbsolutely love this podcast! A morning dose of news to keep you informed.Score: 5/5

A nice changeIt's great to have a non-NA source of news that covers a much larger spectrum of the globe, developed and undeveloped..Score: 5/5

Great news podcastThis podcast is one of the best sources of audio news available. 1. The podcast covers breaking-news from many countries around the world. Canada, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, the Philippines - they don't favour one country or another. 2. Unbiased compared to many other news sources. The facts they present are credible and accurate. They do tend to interview more leftist individuals, but the reporters themselves remain neutral and professional by not favouring one side of a story or another. 3. It's only 22 minutes long, so it's great for a morning commute or evening coffee break. 4. Their reporting is thorough, highly detailed and very well-rounded considering their time constraints. When they finish a news story, it feels like you've gotten all the essential information without any fluff..Score: 4/5

More complete and reliable seeminglyI listen to a selection of daily and weekly news podcasts and YouTube videos, this one does well to cover the wide spectrum of world news, science discovery or even political messes without leaving out topics that get tiptoeing by some other news broadcasts..Score: 5/5

A nice break from US self-absorbed mediaMy only complaint is the mandatory feel good story. Totally our of place..Score: 4/5

I listen to your great work from Montreal, Canada.My name is Simon Garcia-Olmo. The quality of your work is incredible. Your podcast with the New York Times is one of my favorites. You are the Royalty of News Podcast! thank you !!.Score: 5/5

More Jackie Leonard please!Her droll comments add much needed flashes of amusement in today’s drab and depressing news scape..Score: 4/5

BBC newsAbsolutely perfect unfiltered! Professional journalism at its best!.Score: 5/5

Excellent but too many feeds a day for my phoneSimply excellent, although the world news often makes for a depressing start of the day. Could you add the option of automatically downloading only 1 episode per day please? The twice a day feed fills up my phone’s memory too fast and unnecessary; I can only listen and bear the world ‘s news once a day. So all the second daiy episodes have to be deleted one by one (another feature you could add perhaps: possibility to select and delete multiple episodes instead of 1 by 1)..Score: 5/5

Appreciate the Global PerspectiveAs a North American, the “global news” here often seems like American news broadcast to the globe. The breadth and depth of reporting and analysis from around the world is appreciated. The time difference is also terrific as it gives listeners better coverage around the clock. Thank you. Brad from Canada..Score: 5/5

Great but Biased on AfricaI’ve been listening to them for over 2 years. I live on the West Coast of Canada. Great true global news podcast and great journalism. Except when they report on Africa (especially noticeable during the Covid19 pandemic). They name other countries in Eurasia, North America, South America by name (I.e: Canada, US, Italy)... but they only ever say Africa (sometimes South Africa) when they are reporting on African numbers. It’s a shameful remnant of colonialism and it’s very insulting. I’m in Canada and it does not affect me personally but it is very disrespectful. It is not a “country” it’s a whole continent with individual cultures and countries, it would be great if they treated the African continent and its countries with as much respect as they do the rest of the world..Score: 3/5

And why wouldn’t they?The Russians have been given the green light to go ahead with any kind of nefarious activities by none other than the President of the United States. The problem for them is Trump is not going to stay in office forever. I hope the Russians get the biggest spanking by the West in the end. Once their puppet is gone no one will save them from our revenge. They shouldn’t be this shortsighted and wouldn’t be if they could see what could happen in future for them. Congratulations on your “success” of grabbing the dragon by the tail Ruskies but you better be careful. That creature just might turn it’s head, see you, and incinerate you into ash..Score: 5/5

CanadaI am from Canada and listen to in the morning when l wake up and the closing at 8 pm Western Time... They are great and very informative..Score: 5/5

Great reporting but a little muchExceptional and balanced reporting. The only fault is that two podcasts a day quickly fills up my feed - with other podcasts I rarely have time to listen to both. If there was a reduced version, I would be very pleased..Score: 4/5

Intro is too moistLove this podcast! My one tiny criticism is that the broadcaster’s voice in the recorded intro is a bit too moist. Makes my skin crawl. Can you re-record a dryer version? That would be wonderful. Cheers!.Score: 3/5

As good as it can beThorough coverage of key global issues. BBC is my go-to for world news. Left leaning, but reporters do make some effort to speak with commentators from the “other side” (including trump supporters and CCP supporters). A bit too much emphasis on local British news for a world news station. Overall excellent and intelligent reporting..Score: 5/5

Daily stories about religion.Every episode mentions someone’s religion or god. Journalists are supposed to report the truth, not religion..Score: 1/5

Global news podcastEnjoy daily your podcast and specially Jackie Leonard’s droll comment.Score: 1/5

Excellent News PodcastUnbiased straight forward news..Score: 5/5

ObjectiveObjective news, a must go to for an unbiased look at the world , which can be hard to find in North America..Score: 5/5

My go to for news from all over the worldI am in North America and I find this podcast gives me a balanced dose of news from all over the world..Score: 5/5

Master of “both sides news”Too often seem to be apologists for idiotic and indefensible politicians (Trump/Johnson). There is no need when someone is a moron and has caught a disease they said was not a concern to make excuses for them. The American correspondent gave a shameful summary today of the last four years of Trump, enumerating his dubious triumphs—please spare us. Sometimes the two sides of a story are clearly the right side and the wrong side. So just say that and avoid future fiascos like Brexit. The BBC does not need to carry water for Donald Trump..Score: 3/5

Important source of info covering the worldShowcase the broad reach BBC network holds around the world..Score: 3/5

Can someone tell Rob Watson that we want the news, not his opinion?I listen to the BBC news on a daily basis and appreciate that, by in large, it presents the news in a professional, unbiased manner. The one anomaly to this journalism that I have come to trust, is the American style opining that Rob Watson consistently trots out when ‘reporting’ on UK politics. I have yet to hear him objectively report on the news, and find it surprising that BBC high standards would allow for his ridiculously biased pontificating. I happen to agree with many of his thinly veiled opinions however, I don’t listen to the BBC for op-eds, I listen to it for unbiased reporting of the world’s current events..Score: 4/5

BBC goes FOX/CNNNever expected BBC to follow FOX News and CNN into becoming sesationalizing media household, what Rajini Vaidyanathan and BBC did with Dalai Lama was not only shameful it was outright disgusting to the point of bad faith. If BBC was really intrested about the Dalai Lama's stand on euality then they they could have asked about thousands of talks he gave about importance of female leadership in world politics or his role in tibetan nuns education. No but BBC is desperate and wants to sell more Ads, so what they do they dig up an old self-deprecating joke about himself(common among tibetans) vs his next female self. The very fact that he wants there to be female Dalai Lama is a very huge thing breaking the cycle to 14 male dalai lamas but no BBC wants to sensationalize. BBC thought it was more important to overlook life long work towards women's education and giving women more opportunity..Score: 1/5

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Unable to play.Was my trusty source for an English perspective and some good international news... but unfortunately, all bbc podcasts stopped working recently. Please fix this issue..Score: 1/5

Go to News PodcastGreat unbiased news podcast that helps me stayed informed on world news instead of just America. Recently stopped updating on apple podcasts, please fix this!!.Score: 5/5

Da Best!!!Just the good music of old time radio news. Fast paced sometimes interesting and always good background..Score: 5/5

Should be called “climate change news and other headlines”I like the pod. Very good reporting for the most part and I recommend listening. It’s way too heavily weighted to climate change though. I like that it’s not all US information too..Score: 3/5

Greatly AppreciativeThank you for the BBC news world service, you put a reasonable balance with a wonderfully calming cast of what’s going on worldwide. You help make sense of it all. America greatly needs news media outlets like yours, who can help us make sense of it all..Score: 5/5

US historyNote: Ben Franklin was not a US President….Score: 4/5

I don’t know what’s wrongI keepejaculating in my sleep.Score: 5/5

GratitudeThe best international outlet covering almost all important issues on a daily basis is this Podcast without any exaggeration. I have nothing to say here but expressing my deepest gratitude to your staff. By the way, (BBC News Hour) is another great and complementary Podcast to this one. Thank you dears all! Aziz.Score: 5/5

EverydayEveryday I jump in shower after work and listen to the early episode and wash dishes to the evening episode reliable news and objective..Score: 5/5

Best News Podcast, PeriodPerfect length, content, and no bias. And truly international. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

Biased newsI have been listening to them daily however their opinion is very biased. Instead of focussing on real news they love to paint a sorry state of other countries especially India. They love to blame governments of other countries and portray a negative image. I wish instead they could focus on real news and stop their biased opinions..Score: 2/5

Global News with a twistI love listening to the Global News podcast. It’s one of the things that I look forward to in the day. I enjoy the unbiased news that is delivered & the special stories that make it relevant & powerful. It always has a positive story at the end to bring you & it helps to brighten my outlook! Keep up the good work!.Score: 5/5

InformativeWish they’d do only one per day. But other than that it’s great.Score: 4/5

Ok w que m2nW que W al m We we wa web.Score: 3/5

Level-headed newsMan, times are crazy in the U.S. these days. It’s great to hear a rational foreign perspective..Score: 5/5

Daily news mustThis is my go to every day..Score: 5/5

One-sided Afghanistan coverageI'm not talking about the coverage of what's going on in Afghanistan. I'm talking about the coverage of how Americans feel about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Everyone interviewed on this podcast has been against it. Why not interview some people who are in favor of the withdrawal? Do you have some agenda you're trying to push? It certainly seems that way based on the coverage you've done so far..Score: 3/5

Wonderful, smart content; horrid adThis is the best news summary of its kind. I listen every morning that the report is available for perspective lacking in other news sources. The reporters’ voices are pleasant and well modulated, which is important. And of course sponsorship is vital to producing the show. But first having to listen to a high, moronic female American voice is like having a bucket of ice water laced with artificial color and flavor dumped over the brain. Surely there are better ads to visit upon us American listeners we begin our day..Score: 5/5

Used to be great but now...I’m not sure what happened but BBC has shifted towards being more right wing. They have repeatedly let lies from the right stand without correcting them. They air right wing talking points and fail to point out the falsehoods. This is around the American news and if they are doing that with the American news why should we trust what they are saying about other countries..Score: 2/5

US Assistant !!??It seems they have experienced it with us assistant for more than two decades and so what? Any differences? Let us know..Score: 1/5

Good new podcastBest news podcast around..Score: 5/5

Cuba is rioting to end COMMUNISMCuba is carrying the us flag and rioting because they want to END COMMUNISM. You do realize that some people can translate what their shouting .... right? Cuba has nothing to do with the vaccine or wanting big pharma- they want freedom and to be out of communism rule. Stop blatantly lying!!!!.Score: 1/5

Global summary, updates fail frequentlyBest news podcast for summary updates world wide. The editors’ subtle cheeky zingers crack me up. Reviewer comments are just as entertaining with the types who yell at the TV and those who think reality has an agenda.Score: 5/5

RefreshingThank you. It’s so refreshing to hear news that seems unbiased and truthful, I’m from England but live in California. I trust your information and love the consistency, clarity and conciseness..Score: 5/5

Shameless journalists without basic integrityWillfully spreading fake news, BBC and its so called journalists have been unscrupulously making up extremely biased reports with no evidence but pure allegations. While receiving state support on funding, the company shamelessly claims they’re supported by advertisements to pretend their independence from the authority. Now here’s my question: where’s your integrity as a journalist agency?.Score: 1/5

Sadly I have to listen to BBC for unbiased news in AmericaBitter-sweet fact that I have to listen to unbiased American political news via Britain news. No fighting and trash taking about the parties is so refreshing. Two stars off for not researching (super easy by just listening to JRE) or simply spreading anti Joe Rogan propaganda..Score: 3/5

Tunisia report.The bullying style of the interviewer was arrogant and dismissive. Who the heck is he to presume he knows better than his subject who had to struggle to give reasoned answers. This is not reporting it is tyrannical distortion that is a major turn off..Score: 2/5

My most reliable news sourceBBC World News podcast is what I start my day with every day!.Score: 5/5

Objective NewsMust-need for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date.Score: 5/5

Concerned ListenerSo I’v been a long time listener of the BBC World News and I’ve noticed what I perceive to be an imbalance on how the United States political theater is being covered. I’m not sure where this issue lies; is it with the editor or with the journalist in who they seek out to interview. The current president missteps appear to be pounced upon and his personal life laid out for all to pick through but when it comes to the new President Elect; his pass, his state of mind and his past policies are simply overlooked as though to give him a pass. This platform has been one of my personal go to for news but if the organization is going the way of Fox and CNN you will become just become another echo chamber. We the listener want and desire objectivity and facts not one directional opinions..Score: 2/5

BESTHave been following the BBC since very young. I grew up with the BBC as an expat. Nothing is perfect but appreciate the knowledge that is brought to interviewing and reporting. In listening to dozens of news agencies around the world BBC is at the top..Score: 5/5

Hello from Salt Lake City, UtahThank for the news from all over the world. Also a huge thank you to all the journalists who risks their lives to bring information to the rest of the world. Love you guys. P Szegedi.Score: 5/5

Where’s the podcast??It disappeared and I’m missing it..Score: 3/5

Great news overviewGetting the global news helps put things in perspective. Fair and impartial; doesn't get into local or national spats, just puts the info out there..Score: 5/5

Please fix the problem for downloading new episodesSince the apple update the podcast is not downloading new episodes..Score: 1/5

A great alternative to The DailyI switched to this podcast because I wanted a world view on current events. I love this podcast..Score: 5/5

Great showI haven’t missed an episode since October 15 2020 this show is SO GOOD.Score: 5/5

But hurt AmericansLove the BBC news. I apologize for my fellow butt hurt Americans in some of these review. They need get out of their own “patriotic” bubble and explore the world..Score: 5/5

SO Happy!Just listened to the Happy News Podcast. It truly made me happy. Thank you very much!.Score: 5/5

Good variety of newsI listen to this most days and appreciate the range of different topics they always cover. Everything from conflicts in the world, politics, and even art or music..Score: 5/5

Used to be greatUsed to absolutely love the podcast, however, within the last few months the US coverage has become utterly biased. What happened???.Score: 3/5

Had to stop listeningToo long for a morning podcast and the final one or two issues are basically fun, quirky stories and not necessary. Quicker summary would be nice..Score: 2/5

Why didn’t you guys include the word “accidentally”Why didn’t you guys include the word “accidentally” to your episode title regarding Alec Baldwin fatally shooting someone ?.Score: 4/5

Great News PodcastThis is the best news podcast out there..Score: 5/5

Excellent round upLove this podcast! Keeps me informed of what is going on around the world..Score: 5/5

Bleeding HeartThis news is much better and relatively unbiased when compared to other sources. It is, however, obviously biased in the climate change, migrant, and UK COVID response debates. Even though the BBC World Service are linked to the government, they make no real effort to investigate and communicate the very difficult choices policy makers have to make. To these reporters, cutting carbon, letting in floods of migrants, and continuing endless lockdowns have no drawbacks. I expect more from Britons. Oh and as a neutral, American listener, their UK political analyst is so slanted against their Conservative Party and anything related to Brexit that it’s difficult for even me to listen to his contributions. There is nothing about the lack of any real policy coming from Labor, just free coverage of their hollow criticisms of those trying to govern in difficult times. Still, I listen to every episode because of the state of ‘news’ coverage in the US..Score: 4/5

What’s going on with this PodcastNo episode today May 18..Score: 5/5

Main StreamSame play book as CNN, but with cooler accents. Good to stay up-to-date on the daily agenda. Stay fearful.Score: 1/5

Valuable perspective from abroadI like that there’s an update later in the day. As much news as you could possibly want..Score: 5/5

One exhausting drumbeatThey should change the name to reflect the fact that this has become the climate change podcast that sometimes reports other news. Every episode. It is so pervasive it smacks of propaganda..Score: 1/5

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ExcellentAn excellent way to keep up-to-date with current affairs - short, snappy, with just the right amount of variety in only 30 minutes..Score: 5/5

Great but too quietThis is a great podcast, but almost impossible to hear at times due to the low volume it's recorded at - especially when walking through a busy city. Please record this at a higher volume!.Score: 4/5

Excellent explainer of world issuesBrilliant podcast encapsulating and explaining global news - especially Brexit!.Score: 5/5

CommentAll recording much to fast to understand.Score: 1/5

Excellent News SummaryWhilst trying to receive the "low-down", it is *very* easy to be overloaded with information, whether it be significant, or otherwise. The BBC's global news podcast is an excellent summary of the news - actual news. It certainly is not a substitute for reading (or listening to) a fully fledged news source. The BBC, once again, is ahead of the game by continuing with its history of excellence..Score: 5/5

Be fairGood listening material! But BBC always broadcast what they want people to hear, HongKong is not what you report!.Score: 3/5

Great News UpdatesMy go to show for daily updates on word news presented with the typical British polish..Score: 5/5

Awesome podcastI listen to this podcast everyday on my train to work, very informative, and a great selection of stories. Well done BBC.Score: 5/5

12 weeks of non stop virus coverageStopped listening after 12 weeks There is more going on in the world this isn’t news, This is programming.Score: 1/5

Not as good as the old version in terms of stylesThe old version had a better graphic design and opening music than the current stylistically plain one..Score: 3/5

Very GoodYou barely mentioned cyclone Debbie that smashed the east coast of Australia..Score: 4/5

Please be realSome information are hypocritical and misleading, like HongKong event. Always podcast what the government wants to let us know..Score: 3/5

What news???1st Feb 2021. This news podcast is being promoted as a going concern...when you listen to the episode they are not going to present new stuff until post COVID!! Remove it BBC. Promote it again...when there is something to actually listen to. At..Score: 1/5

It was better before they put ads inI’m a big fan of the BBC news podcast, excellent quality reportage every day. I just wish they did twice a day on weekends as well. And stopped advertising other podcasts - the lack of ads was one of its best features.Score: 5/5

InformativeReally enjoy these daily updates. Want more Asian Pacific news on it..Score: 4/5

Best source of global newsExceptional journalism. Very succinct. My go-to source for international news..Score: 5/5

Marvellous news podcastGreat range of stories from around the world. They often have one or two soft and airy stories I skip through but overall you get a well reported news. Presenters are fantastic. Big shout out to Emilio San Pedro. Your voice was made for radio and you will be missed..Score: 5/5

GoodThey can’t cover everything in the show but you usually hear about a good mix of news stories from around the world..Score: 5/5

A show for real fansThis show is a breath of fresh air. I should know, I'm a true fan..Score: 5/5

FantasticThe BBC does a brilliant job of distilling current events into a 30 minute podcast and avoiding the "sound bite" approach to journalism..Score: 5/5

The best.The best world stories and topical discussions twice a day. It can't be beaten..Score: 5/5

My most used podcastI listen to this almost every day - a really great way to get an overview of what's happening..Score: 5/5

Brilliant summary of world newsBrilliantly sums up news of the world for those too busy to read through a dozen websites..Score: 5/5

Easy way to stay informedBBC World News is an easy way to keep up with world news. I find today it is all too easy to be locally focused and become ignorant concerning global issues. BBC World News provides an unbiased and informative reports on breaking issues. We can’t know or understand every issue in the world but BBC World provides you a great overview and then you can select news stories that you are personally interested in. Thank you BBC Team. Katrina Sydney Australia.Score: 4/5

ConsistentConsistently upload every day disasters make it very interesting.Score: 5/5

Such relevance and no sensationalismA good brief account of the day, and even better if you want to hear news from outside your own country.Score: 4/5

Best news sourceA good source of news on the run. On spot reports are always up-to-date. No biases. Keep up to good work BBC!.Score: 5/5

FantasticKeep them going!!!.Score: 5/5

Daily ritualIt is my unbreakable habit to listen to Global News daily wherever I am in the world. Great presenters and entirely reliable..Score: 5/5

The finest media organisation in the worldEnough Said!.Score: 5/5

I love itIt helps me go to sleep easier.Score: 5/5

Fantastic!They try to keep objective view point and latest issue, my number 1 podcast, appreciated it!!.Score: 5/5

Asking you to correct your constant error.In regards to our dreadful firs, Please, please say it correctly. Australians say BUSHFIRES. Wildfires is an American term. It is annoying hearing BBC getting it wrong. Great job otherwise. Have been listening to you for over 5 years..Score: 5/5

Consistent qualityGreat program. Appreciate the effort put into it..Score: 5/5

Haiku goodListening to news, information can be sad, the wind is blowing..Score: 5/5

Great podcast!I've been listening to this podcast for the last 4 months - it's informative, interesting and concise - highly recommended!.Score: 5/5

Always a terrific listenAll the way from Australia I find this to be a compulsory daily listen - well done - keep it going.Score: 5/5

Great Pidcast well presented DailyThank you for great world news update Love it my daily fix keeps me up to date ..Score: 5/5

Great appLove my regular fix of the global new, but not enjoying the ads!!!.Score: 4/5

Gentle barbsMy favourite part of this news podcast is the gentle occasionally barbs from the anchors to the reporting journalists. These barbs are in good spirit and always make me laugh a loud..Score: 5/5

TeklehansVery easy to download and very clear to listen to. Very good job.Score: 5/5

World? NewsTop headlines are very Eurocentric despite the title “World News”.Score: 2/5

Unavailable in podcast appUnable to update any recent episode nor to download any even from searching. The only one that having this sort of situation in all of my subscribed channels..Score: 1/5

Favourite podcast of the dayL.O.V.E. this podcast, listen every night before bed... wish it was longer!.Score: 5/5

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Global News Podcast Podcast Episodes

Omicron reaches Australia and Canada

In Europe, the Netherlands has the highest number of cases. Also: a special report from Colombia where mass killings are continuing five years after a peace deal with left-wing rebels, and the Indian stand-up comic who says he may have to give up his routine because of Hindu fundamentalists.

New Covid variant spreads across Europe

Omicron strain detected in Belgium, Britain, Germany and Italy. Also: the story of one victim of last week's migrant boat tragedy in the English Channel and remembering American composer and lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, who's died at the age of 91.

WHO labels new coronavirus strain

Omicron designated fifth variant "of concern" and could be more resistant to vaccines. Also: Ukraine claims Russian-backed coup imminent, climate change misinformation and Queen's Gambit online chess boom.

New coronavirus variant emerges in South Africa

Several countries impose travel restrictions on the region. Also: the French President accuses the British Prime Minister of not taking the migrant crisis seriously; and the music producer Nile Rogers is to auction many of his guitars for his charitable foundation.

UN says migrant deaths were avoidable

The UN Refugee Agency warns that closing off legal routes to people seeking asylum will lead to more dangerous attempts to reach safe countries. Also: a general from the UAE - accused of torture - is the new head of the international police agency, Interpol. And the singer the music industry tried to turn into Africa's Grace Jones.

Poland-Belarus border migrant crisis

Poland says 200 migrants tried to cross with the help of Belarus guards. Also: the French president says European countries need to work together to deal with the migration issue, and a documentary that might throw new light on the break-up of The Beatles.

Dozens drown in migrant boat sinking

Tragedy happened in the waters between France and Britain; three US men guilty of murdering a black jogger. We take you into the surreal world of the non fungible token.

US declares three IS leaders in Afghanistan 'global terrorists'

The action - which follows a series of major attacks by the Islamic State group - makes it illegal to have any business transactions with the men, who include the group's leader, Sultan Azam. Also, Nasa launches a mission to nudge an asteroid off course, and Magdalena Andersson has become Sweden's first female prime minister.

US and others co-ordinate mass release from strategic oil reserves

The move is part of a major effort to moderate fuel prices. Also, Bulgaria launches an investigation into the deadly bus crash in which dozens were killed, and Mexican lottery win attracts violent gangsters.

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