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Pro Football Scouting Apr 27 2018 Podcast Pro Football Scouting Apr 27 2018 Show.

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  • Barnwell: How luck helped build all eight NFL playoff teams - The Cowboys wanted other quarterbacks over Dak Prescott. Sean Payton settled for the Saints job. Here's how these teams were built by accident.
  • Barnwell's 2018 NFL awards: Settling Mahomes vs. Brees and more - MVP. Defensive Player of the Year. Rookies of the Year. Barnwell makes his regular-season pick for every major award.
  • Jim Nagy Molds Reese's Senior Bowl Into Real-Time NFL Experience For Fans, Players - Jim Nagy, the new executive director of the Reese's Senior Bowl, talks about some new additions he's making to this year's game, the goals of the programs and much more.
  • Each team's biggest 1st-round regret of the decade - The promise of a first-round pick is always enticing, but the reality is more harsh. Many first-rounders go on to become All-Stars, but roughly one-third of them won't reach the big leagues, and a similar number will have insignificant careers at that level. …

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