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The Morning Toast Podcast Reviews

My first & only’re welcome!These girls are beautiful, stunning & smart.Score: 5/5

Everything of the sortThis is getting me through lockdown life. A little slice of fun, sister chat and pop culture. Thank you Claudia and Jackie.Score: 5/5

Best pop culture podcast ever!This podcast has me loling every day on the commute to work and is an absolute must for pop culture obsessed millennials. Best podcast I’ve ever listed to by far! Each episode is consistently funny, relatable and insightful. Kirsty Iona Munro.Score: 5/5

Big fanAmazing podcast, funny and chatty outlook on all things pop culture every one needs to listen!! Love the girls and catching up with their lives.Score: 5/5

Everything of the sortThis show has been getting me through a quarantine! I’ve been listening for years, these girls are growing and evolving as excellent hosts who also happen to be girls just like us! I live for this show!!!!.Score: 5/5

RossyListen every day on my way home from work and now on my daily evening stroll in the Q! These girls will put a smile on your face and keep you in the know with what’s going on in the world 😘.Score: 5/5

The best podcast around!UK toaster here! This is always the best part of my commute home, listening to the Morning Toast. The girls are hilarious and are honestly my only news source - they make listening to the news fun but still informative in these dire times. Just wanted to say thank you to the girls for making me laugh every day! All the love.Score: 5/5

My daily essential podcastI am lost Saturday and Sunday without this! Fb - Rachael Bull.Score: 5/5

Here for the Hallmark of it allI wish we had the Hallmark channel in the UK but it’s my cross to bear that all we get is Falling Inn Love. Here for the biz news and the fast five daily but need to be in the group to be in the know on what our sneaky steens have spotted! Lou Broom.Score: 5/5

Obsessed with this podcast!Congrats on one year! Love this podcast, I only discovered last month and I listen from the UK and I’m obsessed with it. Love listening to your show on my way to work in London 🙌🏼.Score: 5/5

A daily ritualInformative and hilarious!!!! Harriet Hall :) x.Score: 5/5

The most entertaining podcastJackie and Claudia deliver the most premium entertainment and content in their daily show. I look forward to listening every day..Score: 5/5

The only morning show you need in your life!!If you don’t listen to The Morning Toast then do you even care about pop culture! Jackie and Claudia make my commute to work wayyyyyyyyy more enjoyable! Claudia is my fav because she shares my genuine love for Taylor 💕 If you aren’t already a Toaster then you need to be!! Wishing I was in the Facebook group 💕 Emily Burgess UK Toaster 🇬🇧.Score: 5/5

Fave podcastThis is hands down my fave thing to listen to everyday!!❤️❤️❤️❤️love you guys- fb: anastazia adamidou.Score: 5/5

Steeny vibes onlyI listen every day, I feel like I’m actually listening to my own family and my own thoughts! Much love from your British toaster.Score: 5/5

Thank goodnessSo happy these girls are back! Just as funny and informative as ever!.Score: 5/5

My favourite podcast!I don’t know what planet I was living on and how I manage to miss over a year of “premium content” before I got toasted but omg it’s my absolute favourite podcast! I save it for my workouts or when I know I’m going to be in traffic and look forward to it so much. Your parents created 4 of the most hilarious humans ever, I love your sister relationships. Pls accept me in to the toaster group, I know I’m missing out and feel like I wasn’t funny enough with my answers (my name is Melissa Louise Bremner)..Score: 5/5

Everything of the Sort!I live in England so it’s the Afternoon Toast for me, however, I couldn’t imagine my day without Jackie & Claudia!.Score: 5/5

Good - BUT please speak slower!!!!!It stressed me out listening to how quick one of the hosts spoke. Even though I loved the content.Score: 3/5

Lynsey BrooksListen everyday! Love the show ❤️.Score: 5/5

Disrespectful towards other women.Disrespectful towards other women. Speak on topics they didn’t do their research about..Score: 1/5

Fun and informative!Love love love! Lizzie Ellam.Score: 5/5

THEE BEST!Beautiful, stunning and smart!! My absolute favourite podcast, I love Jackie and Claudia and I’m constantly laughing listening. The highlight of my day 🥰 love from the UK!.Score: 5/5

My daily doseI loveeeee listening to the morning toast! I feel like I’m part of the conversation when I’m listening which I love because it feels like I’m just sitting with my friends chatting and gossiping about stuff. I even have been trying to show my other (non-Toaster) friends from England the light bc I know they’d enjoy the topics you guys discuss... and make the toast go international! Thanks for the premium content!! I have been wanting to be a part of the Facebook group for a while now! My name is Anna Nichols on FB!! Love you guys!.Score: 5/5

AwfulIf I could give this show less than one star, I would. The hosts are problematic at best, making jokes about mass shootings is not very funny, to me at least. Not only did the host ‘Jackie O’ refuse to apologise for her careless remark, but then doubled down on it. The hosts talk too fast and should probably employ a fact checker as a lot of their information is factually incorrect..Score: 1/5

Hello from the UKObsessed with your podcast... soooo funny Literally followed you both on Twitter since the beginning and I’m so happy you have a daily podcast Sarah McConville.Score: 5/5

Good but problematic contentThey are funny and entertaining. The issue comes with what Jackie chooses for their ‘Fast Five Stories.’ Because they can’t talk about politics because of their extremist mother Pamela Gellar, their choice of stories have become increasingly vapid (a la Kylie Jenner’s shower pressure)..Score: 3/5

Converted toasterI was never into podcasts but when I found the morning toast I couldn’t start my day without it! I also luv the Toaster Islanders group but also need some main toast commentary and sleuthing.Score: 5/5

My commute necessity!I love this podcast and couldn’t manage my morning commute without!!! So lighthearted and funny - just what I need in the morning to wake me up and energise me! Give TMT a listen and you’ll be hooked 😍 - Alice Williams..Score: 5/5

Five Stars of FabulousAlways a laugh! This podcast is a great way to keep update with the most recent news, celebrity gossip, must watch shows / films and classic friends quotes. Leanne RB.Score: 5/5

Love the Morning Toast!Literally love the toast so much! I listen on my way to school, and makes me so happy and sometimes laugh out loud! Love from London, UK:) x.Score: 5/5

Favourite podcast!My favourite podcast ever, never miss an episode! Always makes me laugh.Score: 5/5

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Best way to start the dayJackie and Claudia are truly hilarious. I love the sister dynamic and while I don’t agree or relate to their political stances, I can’t deny that they make me laugh out loud every single day. I also see that they are putting effort into growing and educating themselves on important issues and incorporating these sentiments into their show, but I also like the escapism it provides from the news..Score: 5/5

Ignorant and unculturedI’ve heard too many flippant ignorant comments from these two and can’t take it anymore.Score: 2/5

Racist, privileged AND uneducated.I’d rather listen to AM radio..Score: 1/5

Everything of the sortJackie and Claudia have been my saving grace during the pandemic. They always put a smile on my face. They have such unique personalities, and are magic together! Love this podcast and the community so much!.Score: 5/5

Love The Morning ToastI listen daily! Great pop culture podcast. I’ve preordered Claudia’s book & I can’t wait to read it!.Score: 5/5

Closet racists & uneducated privileged women!I used to love this podcast, but ignorant comments would not stop from these women. I like many others tried to give them a chance when they were “canceled” the first time back with their old show, but enough is enough. Jackie cannot pronounce words bigger than 4 letters, and Claudia is a narcissist. Their mother is a white supremacist and is so feared she’s banned entry from several countries. These women are separate from their mom like many of us not their families, but their silence about her views when they are ALL public figures says everything. They simply won’t denounce their mothers views, and intentionally hide her identity from all facets of their lives. No matter what they say, how many BLM charities they share or Netflix documentaries they watch. Want another podcast? Listen to anything else that won’t kill your braincells and support racists..Score: 1/5

Best podcast ever!I listen to the morning toast every day and it’s just a routine by now. They are beautiful, stunning and smart and that is hundreeedd percent the truth! Give this a listen if you love millennial and pop culture news💖.Score: 5/5

Creme de la cremeCan’t even believe I’m seeing negative comments. They are beautiful stunning and smart. I love them and they’ve helped me laugh so many times when I thought I’d never laugh again.Score: 5/5

Beautiful, stunning and smartThese girls are everything of the sort. I have been listening for 2 years and have not missed a single episode! Love these girls! Cannot recommend this podcast/Youtube show enough! They legit make me laugh out loud every time!.Score: 5/5

RacistBig yikes to people who listen.Score: 1/5

From hate-listen to hiatusIt had become a habit to listen to The Morning Toast on my morning run the day after it was recorded and uploaded. The content has gone downhill recently or maybe I have just come to the realization that these girls aren't for me but I still continued listening to their podcast because it was easy listening distraction for my run. However, with their month-long break arriving, I haven't missed the show yet and I don't foresee that I will. It's a 'no' from me..Score: 2/5

Disgusting“If Ghislaine Maxwell can find a husband, so can you.” A post that these two women thought would be funny to post on their social media account..Score: 1/5

Over ItI used to love this podcast so much. There’s been too much said without an actual apology. I am not trash for having a differing opinion than you two. Seeing Claudia’s comments on her comedy special about not actually being philanthropic is just one of my many final straws. How hard is it to say “we care about our mother, but don’t agree with her views?”.Score: 1/5

Love the toast!!The best podcast ever.Score: 5/5

Everything of the sortI’ve been obsessed with this show since i started listening about a year and a half ago. I know Claudia and Jackie have been involved in a few scandals but have apologized for all of the mistakes they have made and have truly tried to learn from their errors. People’s expectations for them to publicly denounce and slander their mother are just insane. They have made it very clear they do not share her views and are quite obviously embarrassed by the association. These girls also only have one living parent and it is not shocking that they don’t want to ruin their relationship with her entirely considering how important family seems to be to them! It’s also simply NONE OF OUR BUSINESS what their relationship with their mother is since they’re not out here endorsing and promoting her beliefs! Anyways, I love this show. Jackie and Claudia are hilarious, beautiful, stunning, and smart and I’m obsessed with their sister dynamic. Truly can’t get enoug💜.Score: 5/5

Im proud to be part of the cult 😉💕Love these girls! They have glown up so much in the past few years and they are literally always guaranteed to put a smile on my face and give me jokes to steal!! Love yall to the moon and back’.Score: 5/5

Best part of my dayI’m a new listener but every since I heard Kenzie Elizabeth talk about the morning toast I’ve been listening everyday and I love it.Score: 5/5

Top SheetWhat am I, a sociopath?? I’m with you, Claudia..Score: 5/5

The best in the podcast gameThese negative reviews... are not it. This podcast is by far the best I’ve been listening since the start of the morning breath. Love these girls, their energy, they always have the best stories and put out the best content. Couldn’t ask for better.Score: 5/5

No more hungover showsPlease stop doing the show half drunk from the night before / hungover. It’s not pleasant to listen to/watch. At least wait a few hours until you feel better if youre going to do the show.Score: 3/5

Billy Ray is a 1 hit wonderCLAUDIA. Stop bringing up if olivia rodrigo is a one hit wonder or not. It makes you sound beyond stupid. Jackie has told you SO MANY TIMES this isn’t something we will be able to asses for years. So you bringing it up twice a week isn’t going to change her answer and it’s the most annoying thing to listen to. Seriously I don’t know if you are trying to be *comic* or you literally don’t understand what she is saying. I can’t and I shan’t. Otherwise big fan listened since the breath. Long live Lin-Manuel Miranda..Score: 4/5

Disgraced losersDisgraced queens are actual annoying little privileged idiots . Claudia wrote a idiot book! What a joke these cultural inappropriate disgraced losers . oh and Ben is the actual biggest loser Bye.Score: 1/5

Your new best friends!Instant mood booster listening to TMT! Look forward to hanging with Claudes and Jack daily..Score: 5/5

Rude and unprofessionalThey judge on people whose names they don’t even know, and they talk on issues they have absolutely no idea about. At first I thought they were funny but now they’re just getting on my nerves.Score: 1/5

Always hilarious, everything of the sortLove these girls - best part of my day!.Score: 5/5

The Pod I Never Knew I NeededLove, love, love The Morning Toast. They have been off this week for US Thanksgiving and I am RDH that they are no episodes this week. So much to discuss but will have to wait until next week. I didn't realize that I look forward to this podcast daily. I get frazzled when I refresh and there is no episode. Thanks ladies for making me laugh daily and for making me feel like I'm right there with you every day. Love, a Canadian Toaster..Score: 5/5

Beautiful stunning and smart!I'd be RDH if I didn't leave that 5 star review..Score: 5/5

Beautiful, stunning, smartRTK.Score: 5/5

Shrek LoverGreat show as always ladies!!.Score: 5/5

Beautiful, Stunning and SO Smart!Love, love, love these girls! My number one very favourite podcast I can’t and I shan’t! 💗🌿🇨🇦.Score: 5/5

Everything of the sortThese are a couple of beautiful, stunning, and smart ladies! Love everything about this podcast. Thank you for always making my day a little brighter!.Score: 5/5

RTKRTK.Score: 1/5

LoveLove the toast!.Score: 5/5

Too much personal chat.They are so uniformed and uneducated on so many topics that it’s actually concerning. Used to be a fan and I used to buy their merchandise and subscribed to their Patreon. Now the merch has been donated I would not be caught dead supporting these two..Score: 1/5

This ain’t it.I am going to be really honest— I like listening to this podcast but they definitely are racially insensitive. They side with people who have made racially insensitive comments, they lack the ability to recognize their privilege and those of their followers. Most people who are giving them 5 stars are white girls in their demographic. I want to like them but it’s difficult because of how ignorant they come across. I really think that if they were more inclusive this would be a great podcast. I also think it’s time they acknowledge how incredibly racist their mother is. They need to state what their beliefs are and if they differ from their racist mothers. Somehow I think I’ll be disappointed to learn they won’t be..Score: 2/5

Nothing beats the morning toast podcast!Jackie and Claudia are a hysterical sister duo and I seriously think we should be best friends. Listening to their daily podcasts are the highlight of my day and their Patreon is the cherry on top. Absolutely fabulous. Any low rated reviews are from someone who is either a Miley stan or someone who hates shrek..Score: 5/5

This podcast is EVERYTHING OF THE SORTI absolutely love these girls - they always have me laughing. Do not listen to what people are saying. They cannot control their family’s actions..Score: 5/5

I caved and I don’t regret it.After years of denying myself this podcast , I finally caved and wow. It’s about 100x better than I expected. These ladies are Beautiful, stunning and sickiningly smart. 😘.Score: 4/5

BYEOver them!! Used to be a HUGE fan of the show and was slowly starting to get annoyed with Jackies attitude. Cant even listen to them now without rolling my eyes!! SOO privileged and out of touch, you simply cant relate to them anymore. And their recent comments calling opposing opinions trash and refusing to speak out about their mother, so disgusting. Yes you can have different views than your mother, but then speak about it! And I truly dont think they even do. #bye..Score: 1/5

Save yourself the embarrassment ...... and do a quick google search before you listen!.Score: 1/5

Going downhillUsed to enjoy it more than I do now. They always seem to want to be off and don’t discuss anything of substance or even at depth. Episodes are shorter and seem to have more ads or personal promo. Even when you look forward to a tv show recap it seems they can’t give anything more than a few sentences of effort unless it’s real housewives. They don’t even recap the shows consistently (ie Siesta Key). Seems they save any real content for their subscription on Patreon which is disappointing to someone who enjoys somewhat mindless content for my commute home..Score: 3/5

I love this podcastClaudia and Jackie are so entertaining. I listen to TMT every day and always finish it feeling better than when I started listening. They helped get me through the first few months of quarantine. 10/10!.Score: 5/5

New forever listenerAmazing !!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

❤️Would love longer episodes! I listen everyday ☺️.Score: 5/5

ReviewWatch/listen everyday with my wife. We like it and is enjoyable and watch similar shows which is nice to hear about. It’s entertaining and it does become a part of your routine in no time Only negative is and I don’t mind people talking about things they might not be fully know about, but Claudia especially talks so matter of factly on things that she clearly doesn’t know about and is wrong and does ruin some topics being discussed. A simple “I think it’s this but I’m not 100% sure” when she’s talking would just help it not be as annoying as no one expects you to know everything..Score: 4/5

Very problematic people to supportRTK = racist toasters know. Unfortunately I’m not supporting the Toast anymore because these girls refuse to speak out against their mothers racism.Score: 1/5

My favourite podcastThese women are not their Mother. They have their own minds, their own views and their own opinions. I love this podcast because for Pop culture content and steamy vibes. I lobe their commitment to opening their horizons and helping to educate us along the way. Did I mention how beautiful, stunning and smart they are?!.Score: 5/5

Don’t botherUsed to be an avid listening but stopped since the girls do not use their platform for good. Too many excuses and apologies later, they will never change and learn from their mistakes..Score: 1/5

DisappointingI used to love the girls but am now embarrassed to be associated with trash like them, bye ladies..Score: 1/5

Beautiful, stunning and smart.The most beautiful, stunning and smart show I’ve ever listened to! A great way to get your top news stories and laughs all in one place..Score: 5/5

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Jackie and Claud foreverI listen every day and truly enjoy it every single day. It is the type of podcast that makes you feel like you’re having a convo with two of your best friends. I love it so much..Score: 5/5

10/10THE millennial morning show you need in your life.Score: 5/5

On the contrary… LOVE Claudia hangover episodesI love hearing what Claudia did the night before esp since it’s been so long since we can go out. Live your life girl!.Score: 5/5

SWQRTTruly everything of the sort.Score: 5/5

Hungover galoreHungover too often, claudia cannot stop yawning in today’s episode..Score: 1/5

Best podcastBest part of my day!.Score: 5/5

❤️Love the show.Score: 5/5

Everything of the SortLove these girlies so much!.Score: 5/5

LoveI used to be a fan but these women have shown their ignorance and low key racism for this past year. Supporting the racist English Monarchy who has a history of murder, rape and racism. Their take on Israel by providing no information to back their views. I’m embarrassed I was ever a listener..Score: 1/5

Everything of the sort!The best show!.Score: 5/5

Daily routineThank you Jackie and Claudia for adding laughter and wildly informative celeb news to my daily walks! Literally my workweeks are better because of you. Never stop please xo, a loyal toaster.Score: 5/5

GastonThe “Gaston” in the 6/15 episode was too much/too loud.Score: 2/5

The best podcast!As with everything the Oshry sisters do, this podcast is 12 out of 5 stars. They keep me laughing and I look forward to their episode on a daily basis!!!.Score: 5/5

Quarantine ToasterThe best way to start your morning! This is the best combination of light hearted humor and news— probably the only place I receive news. I’ve been listening for a year now and won’t stop any time soon!!! The best 💗.Score: 5/5

Love the showBut being anti the country of Israel, doesn’t mean you’re anti Jewish. Your views on the country are clearly because of your religion..Score: 5/5

YikesUsed to be better. Had to stop listening once they started reporting incredibly biased information in defense of Israel. “Influencers aren't political science majors” *proceeds to tell listeners their uneducated opinions*.Score: 1/5

WE STAN 👏🏻Claudia and Jackie, thank you so much for creating a show that is FUN, informative, fabulous, and hilarious! I love that in recent episodes you both standup for what you believe in regardless of if it’s popular or not - it’s literally who you are and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and encourage you both! Haters will come and go - I am a lifelong listener 💕💕💕.Score: 5/5

MUST LISTENLove this podcast sm!! 18 years old and it’s truly the most relatable, fun, and HILARIOUS convos!!.Score: 5/5

Love this podcast!I look forward to listening every week day!!.Score: 5/5

YawningClaudia yawning on the pod is kinda rude because we know she is hungover and tired. Just think she should put her yawn on mute!.Score: 2/5

I support them.It’s pretty sad that the reviews about them being Jewish and supporting the Jews is a bad thing. I never knew Jew haters existed, but wow! They do!!!! Seriously people....Jews are being hunted on US soil as we speak and they are getting beat up. Watch some videos, it’s scary. Don’t let the jew hater comments get you down! They are the ignorant ones..Score: 5/5

Love them but they don’t seem as into itI’ve been listening for years and I love the tv show recaps and dear toaster segments! But more and more it seems like they want to speed through the podcast and get it over with….Score: 4/5

UpdateI gave this podcast a one star but I take it back. There’s nothing like this podcast. I think it could be better but I’ll take it..Score: 3/5

I have something nice to say!Best podcast on planet earth. Only drawback- not 7 days a week..Score: 5/5

Best podcast everThis is my favorite podcast in the whole world. I am all about pop culture, celebs and everything reality tv. I’m so glad this podcasts is about all of those important things. I listen to it every day it’s on. Obsessed w Claudia, Jackie and Margo of course. Don’t sleep on this! 💖.Score: 5/5

Jewish QueensLove this podcast and have listened since 2016.Score: 5/5

Can’t listen anymoreDidn’t even bother finishing the episode today. After Claudia’s 5th or 6th yawn turned it off. Just take an extra day off and spare everyone from another hungover Claudia episode..Score: 1/5

Beautiful, smart AND stunning!!Love this podcast!! A friend introduced me a couple months ago and I am now obsessed!! Love the singing. Don't stop! You are both great and make me laugh daily and I always learn something new! (I'm a reality TV junkie!!).Score: 5/5

Please come back to Cameo!!!Hi Claudia and Jackie!! Loveeee the toast! Please come back on cameo I need to send a birthday gift to a family member who absolutely loves your show! Come back!! Thanks!.Score: 5/5

Beautiful, stunning, and smart!❤️‍🔥.Score: 5/5

Annoying voicesCouldn’t listen to this struggle to toast the annoying voices.Score: 1/5

MeanClaudia is literally so mean to Jackie. Jackie is everything..Score: 1/5

Love show butLately Claudia shows up hungover what feels like multiple times a week. It’s excessive and not very cute. I get this is a dream job with not a lot of standards but she’s so obviously hung over it compromises the vibe of the show and is leaning towards unprofessional since it’s been so often. I invite Claudia to stop drinking excessively every time she drinks on a week night - it’s also not setting the best example for younger toasters. There is a world in which you can drink and not be hung over!.Score: 1/5

Please do more research before reportingI think these girls are entertaining, but it would be great if they actually looked into the stories before reporting them. It seems like Jackie picks stories based on headlines and reacts to them for the first time while she’s reading on air. I don’t think they read reviews either but idk, just my opinion.Score: 4/5

Funny daily pop-news podcastI love this podcast. It is light, funny, and love the sister dynamic..Score: 5/5

Slow downFirst time listening and whoa, slow down! I thought I had the speed too fast, will try to finish it , but it’s very ‘ out there’ . Take a breath.Score: 2/5

Love the show and the girls!Favorite podcast!.Score: 5/5

Freaking love you, buttttThe amount of yawning by Claudia in the latest episode made me want to rip off my own ears and feed them to my dogs. Still have you 5 stars because I love you both..Score: 5/5

Best part of my dayI love that this podcast is daily because I literally listen every day.Score: 5/5

Favorite new podcastRecently discovered this podcast (no clue what took me so long), and I am obsessed! Jackie and Claudia are so funny and I love that we get a new episode every day… I find myself laughing out loud and can’t wait for each new ep! Thanks for the laughs, I’m so happy I discovered you girls!.Score: 5/5

LOVE THE TOASTI listen to the toast everyday!! If you love pop culture and celeb news, Jackie and Claudia have such good insight and I love hearing their take!.Score: 5/5

They get too much hate for no reasonIt’s an easy listen and their takes on pop culture are entertaining. They have definitely refined their takes though and hold back how they really feel about topics. However, looking at the reviews that doesn’t surprise me. The fact that people call them racist for being unconfirmed trump supporters is beyond me. Check your hate and get out of your echo chambers. Even if they were, THAT’S OKAY. Half the country was at one point....Score: 3/5

Not DependableThey are taking multiple days off from their show each and every week at this point. It seems like they aren’t committed and don’t see this gig as a legit job anymore. Update: yep, again for I don’t know how many weeks in a row, they embarrassingly laugh while saying they are taking another week off for Memorial Day. But don’t worry guys, it’s only one more day than everyone else is taking.. yeah, no, it’s actually a week more than I’m taking....Score: 1/5

Listen EverydayFavorite Show! Listen during my lunch break, always makes me laugh and I love their sisterly banter..Score: 5/5

My favorite Podcast!Love Claudia and Jackie! I look forward to listening every day and they were the first podcast I subscribed to on Patreon!.Score: 5/5

Hungover Claudia = NOI listen everyday and love you guys so much, but the hungover Claudia episodes are not it. She is constantly yawning and making it apparent she does not want to be there doing her job. I understand this is your show and do as you please, but it does come off extremely unprofessional and that you don’t care about the show as much as you should..Score: 3/5

Fave podcast but hungover claud is not my faveReligious listener and patreon member, love both Jackie and claudia but I *much* prefer well-rested steens! sometimes I feel bad for Jackie because she has to carry the show while claudia is suffering.Score: 3/5

Everyday Routine!I love listening, laughing and signing along with Claudia and Jackie. They are my Pop Culture sisters and a must listen on the daily!.Score: 5/5

Out of touchYou can always tell when they’re trying to make money before the 79th vacation they take because they cram 11 ads into 1 episode.Score: 1/5

5 starsMy favorite daily podcast, these girls kill it. Lots of love from the Oregon Coast!.Score: 5/5

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Best DiscoveryAbsolutely love it! Binged the whole weekend. It’s my new fave pop culture podcast. Puts me in a great morning mood. Fb: Kate Ventouras.Score: 5/5

Jessica O’DonnellOnly way to start the day!.Score: 5/5

Way to wake upHonestly such a great distraction in the morning. I look forward to it so much and I hate when there’s a no episode day. I probably owe them many of the drinks I have won at pop culture trivia. Toaster from Aus xx Holly Waldron.Score: 5/5

Toastie ♥️Love it since day 1!! I’ve been listening to the girls for the last year and is truly te best podcast for millennials! All u need to know about pop culture and more ! They have Patreon episodes as well and they are amazing . Hilarious girls ! Happy for u know that I am 💕 with love from Australia Anamaria Sarmiento x.Score: 5/5

Gets me through the morningThis podcast has been my go to podcast every single morning. Since I live in Australia with the time difference, it’s the first thing I listen to and it honestly gets me ready for the day. Keep up the good work! Martina Bosca.Score: 5/5

THANKYOUUUUI don’t even need more than a teaser to know that my favourite podcast of all time is god damn back. I can’t wait to serve some sweet justice back 💜💜💜💜.Score: 5/5

THE Millennial Morning ShowBest way to start the day. Keeps me in tune with what’s necessary, and sometimes with what’s not..Score: 5/5

This podcast is guuuuuuuuuuud (morning millennials)Have been listening non stop the past couple months as I have been told nothing but good things and truely can say I am obsessed. I live in Aussie and have even started watching live at 12.30am as I love getting involved in the chat and it feels like I’m almost a guest hehe. The girls cover everything that matters in pop culture/current events and sometimes it feels like they tailor the show specifically to me so I honestly stan this show so hard! Fb: Kimberley Tarryn.Score: 5/5

Fav podcastThe only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is putting on this podcast and hearing the Jackie & Claudia chant “GOOOOOOD MORNING MILLENNIALS!” (Listening from Aus) The balance between their personalities and perceptions is perfect. They’re both smart and switched on and offer their opinions with HONESTY above all else. Emilie Reynolds xx.Score: 3/5

Brings the LOLsIf you like hearing about pop culture, celebrity gossip, reality tv and more, look no further. These sisters will have you laughing out loud on your commute to work. You’ll soon be feeling like a member of the family. FB: Beth Allen.Score: 5/5

In tune with what’s necessaryWho needs E Online or TMZ when you can just listen to the Morning Toast! Love this podcast, it’s like chatting with your best friends about celeb goss & worldly topics!.Score: 5/5

We stanI literally could not start my day without my MORNING TOAST. I legit get stressed if there’s no new show available 😂 Ellyn Willis x.Score: 5/5

My holy grail podcast 😍😍Truly cannot live without these amazingly entertaining ladies in my life! Facebook name: Hayley Gervais.Score: 5/5

Most Premium Morning ShowI am a long time toaster (and breather). These women are a part of my morning routine and without them, the work day is truly glum. Claudia and Jackie have chemistry that has not and can not be replicated. Claudia is effervescent and hilariously endearing and Jackie is the necessary pillar of order who keeps the show on track. I hope it never ends. Ash Comrie x.Score: 5/5

Premium contentI absolutely love this hilarious pop culture podcast..Score: 5/5

Best of the bestHilarious premium content - look forward to this every day!! Liang-Zi Carr.Score: 5/5

Claudia you sound like such a high school bully when discussing Zooey DeschanelSeriously play it back.Score: 1/5

Slow down!Slow down and stop saying like! Impossible to listen to!.Score: 1/5

Premium News to wake up to in Aus!Finally the only morning show we need here in Australia!! Jackie and Claudia are hilarious and have been loving the snitch cam!! Get in tune with what YOU need each day on The Toast xx Sharni Buckner x.Score: 5/5

My #1 PodcastClaudia and Jackie (& Margo) get me through the working week. They are hilarious, informative and so well spoken. The only Podcast I need to keep me in tune with what’s necessary. Number 1 Australian Toaster (and that’s just my cross to bear), Lucy Johnstone..Score: 5/5

ToastyWhat a way to start the day- even as an Aussie who is 12 hours behind listening to each episode, the toast is the best start to a day and makes the commute that much better. Really hope to join the community on Facebook FB: Jess Greene.Score: 5/5

Children are dyingEnjoyed listening, until you Stan Israel. Children are dying - now! Unsubscribed..Score: 1/5

Obsessed.I haven’t stopped listening since I first heard these beautifully stunning and smart ladies say ‘Good morning millennials’..Score: 5/5

EhI’m an OG listener and the show has really spiralled and not very funny anymore..Score: 1/5

The duck to my chick, the marcel to my ross, the phoebe to my smelly catGeorgia.graham.965.Score: 5/5

My Fave Podcast!This is a brilliant pop culture podcast, and I love hearing the girls takes on the latest celeb news. Also love Real Housewives recaps, feels like they take my thoughts right out of my head! Love the sister dynamic too xx Patiently waiting to join the Facebook group :) Ali Gebhardt.Score: 5/5

Millennial Anthem 🙌🏻Honestly the funniest yet most informative podcast out there! I feel like I know them all and also know everything about any important celebrity out there! Do yourself a favour and listen to one episode and you’ll be hooked! Jade Sargeant.Score: 5/5

Slow downI don’t think I can continue listening to this podcast.. you both speak too fast! Good info and interesting perspectives on pop culture topics but it’s really difficult to listen to....Score: 2/5

Precious GemsTruly the only way to start my morning! x.Score: 5/5

Pls stop with MargoLove Jackie & Claudia’s dynamic, but please stop bringing Margo on as a co-host. She is so boring & she just agrees with whatever Jackie says. Please find new co-hosts for when Claudia is away. I really enjoyed the show more when you used to have different guest co-hosts..Score: 4/5

PREMIUM as hell!!Never fails to make me laugh, absolutely love the podcast!! With love from Australia, Lexia Chilcott 💜💜.Score: 5/5

Justice for MargoGets me through the work week! The girls are hilarious and provide such in tune, relevant commentary on pop culture and (bizzzzz) news. Justice for Margo in these reviews - she’s great and the sister dynamic makes them unique..Score: 5/5

Coursera 💡Start your future on coursera today! Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. Join for Free!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

SappholiticianSparkling_Toast good morning Evelyn 💖 it's finally Friday!! I hope your day is awesome and that you're able to rest on the weekend 🦄🧚🏼‍♀️🌈.Score: 5/5

Tofukoos btsconceptbot: spread orange-blossom honey onto a piece of toast, spend the morning talking softly with yoongi.Score: 5/5

MisterAustin13 y.o. knows the word "bread" but refuses to use it. Instead, every morning he asks me for "toast that's not toasted" 🤔.Score: 5/5

AlexandraRantsThe social services are STILL saying they don't do lunch calls. I can STILL have a sandwich made for me at half 9 i… .Score: 5/5

Moonlightatd2wn btsconceptbot: spread orange-blossom honey onto a piece of toast, spend the morning talking softly with yoongi.Score: 5/5

GyeNyameRadioTime to build come on out and join us for the Toast this morning.... #kwanzaa #nia #libations #ancestors… .Score: 5/5

CsvmieI got pears for in the morning and sum veggies i might cook veggies ? i have organic multigrain bread i might made… .Score: 5/5

Thalangeq btsconceptbot: spread orange-blossom honey onto a piece of toast, spend the morning talking softly with yoongi.Score: 5/5

Imaginehunter12 btsconceptbot: spread orange-blossom honey onto a piece of toast, spend the morning talking softly with yoongi.Score: 5/5

Mummikins FinleyA90502985: Morning Buddies 👊🌧 Toast is early this morning because Mom got up with the birds. Stryder & I are waiting our turn. It….Score: 5/5

AirBNB 🎁Get $64 off on your first stay at travels. Claim your $64 Airbnb free credit by clicking here!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

The Morning Toast Podcast Episodes

108: Intro To Mindlessness: Thursday, June 17th, 2021

SUMMER MERCH: Victoria's Secret Ditches Angels Wings, Hires Priyanka Chopra and Megan Rapinoe as New Spokeswomen (PEOPLE) Podcasts start coming to Facebook next week (The Verge) Luann de Lesseps confuses special ed for phys ed (Page Six) Kanye West Made the 1st Move with Irina Shayk: He Loves That She's 'Laid-Back' (US Weekly) Human Composting, a New End-of-Life Choice, Turns Bodies Into Soil (PEOPLE) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RecapYounger RecapThe Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry)Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon: Girl With No Job by Claudia Oshry:

107: Hump Day & Merch Day: Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

SUMMER MERCH: Erika Jayne's lawyers drop her after Hulu documentary (Page Six) Leona Lewis Says She Was 'Deeply Hurt' by Michael Costello After He Accuses Chrissy Teigen of Bullying (PEOPLE) Heather Dubrow Rejoining RHOC as Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Exit (PEOPLE) Alex Cooper's 'Call Her Daddy' $60M-Plus Spotify Deal (Variety) Anne Hathaway was not the first pick for 'Devil Wears Prada' (NY Post) Dear Toasters Advice SegmentThe Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry)Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon: Girl With No Job by Claudia Oshry:

106: The Housewife, The Hustler & Chrissy Teigen: Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

Michael Costello claims Chrissy Teigen bullying left him suicidal (Page Six) Spotify Clinches Deal With Alex Cooper for 'Call Her Daddy' Podcast, Yanking It Away From Barstool (Variety) Tom Girardi's Alleged Victims Detail Erika Jayne's Husband's 'Snake' Behavior in 'The Housewife and the Hustler' (US Magazine) Kendall Jenner and NBC boyfriend Devin Booker celebrate 1-year anniversary (Page Six) 'Beauty and the Beast' Disney Plus Prequel Ordered to Series, Adds Newcomer Briana Middleton in Key Role (Variety) The Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry)Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon: Girl With No Job by Claudia Oshry:

105: Hey There Upper East Siders: Friday, June 11th, 2021

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell Lane Welcome Baby Son Dutton Walker: 'Immediate, Unconditional Love' (PEOPLE) 'Ted' Series Adaptation Set at Peacock From Seth MacFarlane (Variety) 'Gossip Girl' trailer reveals new threat to elite NYC students (Page Six) Austin McBroom-Bryce Hall fight drawing influencers to Miami in droves (Page Six) Kanye West unfollows Kim Kardashian and her sisters on Twitter Keeping Up With The Kardashians Series Finale RecapThe Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry)Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon: Girl With No Job by Claudia Oshry:

104: Ben Aflac: Thursday, June 10th, 2021

Lil Jon, Tituss Burgess, Lance Bass Will Replace Chris Harrison on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (Variety) Kanye West and Irina Shayk return to US together after romantic French trip (Page Six) Kim Kardashian posts sneak peak at explosive 'KUWTK' reunion with Andy Cohen (Page Six) Elon Musk's Boring Loop is finally transporting passengers in Las Vegas (CNet) There's a new ocean now - can you name all 5? (National Geogrpahic) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills RecapDear Toasters Advice SegmentThe Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry)Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon: Girl With No Job by Claudia Oshry:

103: A Wonderful Wednesday with Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary: Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Chris Harrison Leaving 'The Bachelor' Franchise for Good After Dramatic Exit Negotiations (Variety) Trisha Paytas quits 'Frenemies' podcast amid feud with frenemy (NY Post) Teyana Taylor is first black woman to be named Maxim's 'Sexiest Woman Alive' (Page Six) Ariana Grande Congratulates Brother Frankie on Engagement: Love U Both So So So Much' (PEOPLE) Joe Jonas Compares Jonas Brothers' 2013 Breakup to a 'Tsunami' in Excerpt from Forthcoming Book (PEOPLE) Real Housewives of New York RecapSpecial Guest: Kevin O'Leary, Shark TankThe Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry)Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon: Girl With No Job by Claudia Oshry:

102: Tough Love with Chelsea Handler: Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Drake Bell, star of "Drake and Josh," charged for crimes against a child in Ohio (CBS News) Gap Drops First Item from Kanye Yeezy Collab, Blue Jacket without Zippers (TMZ) Taraji P. Henson Cast as Miss Hannigan in NBC's Upcoming Annie Live! Special (PEOPLE) Kristin Cavallari Says She's 'Charmed' While Hanging Out with Southern Charm's Austen Kroll in Charleston (PEOPLE) Stiletto Crocs are here to erase all of your pandemic comforts (NY Post) Siesta Key RecapThe Bachelorette RecapThe Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry)Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon: Girl With No Job by Claudia Oshry:

101: Lil Bit Diana: Monday, June 7th, 2021

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Welcome Baby Girl - Named for Both the Queen and Diana (PEOPLE) Logan Paul goes the distance with Floyd Mayweather in farcical exhibition bout (Yahoo) Mariah Carey dumps Jay-Z's Roc Nation after 'blazing row': report (NY Post) 'Bachelor' stars Matt James Rachael Kirkconnell planning to move in together (Page Six) Jeff Bezos Traveling to Space with His Brother in July: 'Greatest Adventure with My Best Friend' (PEOPLE) The Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry)Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon: Girl With No Job by Claudia Oshry:

100: Hot Du Summer: Friday, June 4th, 2021

Paris Hilton sells memoir to imprint behind Jessica Simpson's book (Page Six) Hulu, Liz Tigelaar Adapting Taylor Jenkins Reid's 'Malibu Rising' as TV Series (Exclusive) Police Called to Jojo Siwa's Star-Studded Pride Party for Medical Emergency (E! Online) Lululemon first-quarter sales rise 88%, topping estimates, as store traffic rebounds (CNBC) Kim Kardashian Says She Feels Like a 'Failure' amid Relationship Troubles with Kanye West (PEOPLE) Keeping Up With The Kardashians RecapThe Morning Toast with Claudia (@girlwithnojob) and Jackie Oshry (@jackieoshry)Merch: The Morning Toast Patreon: Girl With No Job by Claudia Oshry:

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