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The Red Tea Detox
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

The only reason you go to the bathroom is because Chuck Norris scared the shit out of you.

Charles Dubois
Charles Dubois

The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

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2 Week Diet

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  • What's the difference between all those international yogurts? - Today’s supermarket yogurt aisles, even in middle America, resembles the United Nations. There are delegates from Greece, from France, from Australia—cute kangaroo on the package—and all the way from Iceland. Often, these fancy-sounding yogurts are priced at …
  • The father of the world wide web is one disappointed dad - Today is the World Wide Web's 29th birthday, and to celebrate the occasion, its creator has told us how bad it's become. In an open letter appearing in The Guardian, Tim Berners-Lee painted a bleak picture of the current internet -- one dominated by a handful…
  • Uber's Flying Cars, Tesla's Autopilot Fight, and More Cars News This Week - Plus: the sticky icky problem of trucking marijuana around California, Acura's new infotainment system, and how just one autonomous car can help kill traffic.
  • Can Humans Survive on Water Vapor Alone? - Technologies like hydropanels could keep us hydrated in a hotter, drier future.

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