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Ever want to know what happens behind the scenes of The Ellen Show? Now you can find out, thanks to the new podcast "Ellen on the Go," hosted by Ellen's ...

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The Red Tea Detox
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

Chuck norris died years ago death was to scared to tell him

Edwin Markham
Edwin Markham

We have committed the Golden Rule to memory; let us now commit it to life.

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2 Week Diet

Ellen is a female given name, a diminutive of Elizabeth, Eleanor and Helen. Ellen is the 609th most popular name in the U.S. and the 17th in Sweden (2004). People named Ellen include: Ellen Alaküla (1927–2011), Estonian actress Ellen Palmer Allerton (1835–1893), American poet Ellen Allien (born 1969), German electronic musician and music producer Ellen Anckarsvärd (1833-1898), Swedish feminist Ellen Auerbach (1906–2004), German-born American photographer Ellen S. Baker (born 1953), American physician and astronaut Ellen Barkin (born 1954), American actress Ellen Bass (born 1947), American poet and author Ellen A. Dayton Blair (1837–1926), social reformer and art teacher Ellen Bontje (born 1958), Dutch equestrian Ellen Burka (1921–2016), Dutch and Canadian figure skater and coach Ellen Burstyn (born 1932), American actress Ellen Carter (1762-1815), English artist Ellen Cleghorne (born 1965), American comedian and actress Ellen Corby (1911–1999), American actress Ellen Craft (1826–1891), American fugitive slave and abolitionist Ellen Craswell (1932-2008), American politician Ellen ten Damme (born 1967), Dutch actress and musician Ellen DeGeneres (born 1958), American comedian, actress, and talk-show host Ellen van Dijk (born 1987), Dutch road and track cyclist Ellen Dissanayake (born c.1935), American anthropologist and author Ellen Albertini Dow (1913–2015), American actress and drama coach Ellen Elzerman (born 1971), Dutch swimmer Ellen Russell Emerson (1837-1907), American author, ethnologist Ellen Estes (born 1978), American water polo player Ellen Foley (born 1951), American singer and actress Ellen Fries (1855-1900), Swedish feminist and writer, first woman to be awarded a PhD in Sweden Ellen Gallagher (born 1965), American artist Ellen Geer (born 1941), American actress, acting teacher and theatre director Ellen Gilchrist (born 1935), American novelist, short story writer, and poet Ellen Glasgow (1873–1975), American novelist Ellen Greene (born 1951), American singer and actress Ellen Day Hale (1855–1940), American impressionist painter and printmake Ellen 't Hoen (born 1960), Dutch lawyer and Médecins sans Frontières director Ellen Hollman (born 1983), American actress Ellen Hogerwerf (born 1989), Dutch rower Ellen Hoog (born 1986), Dutch field hockey player Ellen Horn (born 1951), Norwegian ctress, theater director, and politician Ellen Jansen (born 1992), Dutch footballer Ellen Jens (born 1941), Dutch television director and producer Ellen Johnson (born 1955), American civil rights activist Ellen Kaarma (1928-1973), Estonian actress Ellen Key (1849-1926), Swedish feminist writer and suffragette Ellen Kooi (born 1962), Dutch artist and photographer, Ellen Kuipers (born 1971), Dutch field hockey player Ellen J. Kullman (born 1956), American business executive, CEO of DuPont Ellen Kuzwayo (1914–2006), South African women's rights activist and politician Ellen van Langen (born 1966), Dutch middle distance runner Ellen Liiger (1918–1987), Estonian actress Ellen MacArthur (born 1976), British yachtswoman Ellen van Maris (born 1957), Dutch bodybuilder Ellen McIlwaine (born 1945), American musician Ellen McLain (born 1952), American voice actress Ellen Meijers (born c.1971), Dutch video game music composer Ellen Muth (born 1981), American actress Ellen Nikolaysen (born 1951), Norwegian actress Ellen Nisbeth (born 1987), Swedish violist Ellen Ochoa (born 1958), American engineer and astronaut Ellen Osiier (1890–1962), Danish Olympic fencing foil champion Ellen Page (born 1987), Canadian actress Ellen Pao (born 1970), American lawyer, former CEO of Reddit Ellen Perez (1868–1954), Australian tennis player Ellen Petri (born 1982), Belgian beauty pageant Ellen Pompeo (born 1969), American actress Ellen Preis (Ellen Müller-Preis) (1912–2007), German-born Austrian Olympic champion foil fencer Ellen Alida Rose (1843–?), American agriculturist, suffragist Ellen Swallow Richards (1842–1911), American industrial and environmental chemist Ellen Roche (born 1979), Brazilian actress and model Ellen Roosevelt (1868–1954), American tennis player Ellen Sauerbrey (born 1937), American politician Ellen Browning Scripps (1836–1932), American journalist and philanthropist Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (born 1938), President of Liberia Ellen Tauscher (born 1951), American politician, Under Secretary of State Ellen Terry (1847-1928), English stage actress Ellen Travolta (born 1940), American actress Ellen von Unwerth (born 1954), German photographer and director, Ellen Van Loy (born 1980), Belgian cyclo-cross cyclist Ellen Venker (born 1983), Dutch softball player Ellen Vogel (1922–2015), Dutch actress Ellen Voorhees, American computer scientist Ellen van der Weijden-Bast (born 1971), Dutch water polo player Ellen G. White (1827-1915), American co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and author Ellen Willmott (1858–1934), English horticulturalist Ellen Axson Wilson (1860–1914), American first lady Ellen Wilson (born 1976), American judoka Ellen Woglom (born 1987), American actress Ellen van Wolde (born 1954), Dutch biblical scholar Ellen Wong (born 1985), Canadian actress Ellen Taaffe Zwilich (born 1939), American classical music composer. Ellen, degeneres, ellen degeneres, the ellen show, ellen fans, ellen tickets, ellentube, ellen audience, season 16, ellen has a podcast, ellen degeneres podcast, podcast, new podcast, ellen on the go, announcement, executive producers of the ellen show, ed glavin, mary connelly, andy lassner, kevin a leman, listen, funny, secrets, ellen new podcast, on the go, spotify, average andy, kevin leman,

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