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Monica Lewinsky suffers a terrible betrayal. As she tries to protect the president, a national scandal erupts.Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App us by supporting our sponsors!Hunt A Killer - Go to and use code AS to receive 10% off your first order.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

American Scandal Podcast Comments

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American Scandal Podcast Reviews

WonderfulRiveting story wonderfully told..Score: 5/5

BrilliantI’m really enjoying this podcast. Excellent production and narration. The only problem is as one episode ends I need to carry on listening!! Much to my wife’s irritation! All the very best Darren - UK.Score: 5/5

A new favourite, lots of details but still compellingI found it hard to wrap my head around the Enron episodes (which are the most dense in terms of jargon out of all the ones I have heard) but It meant I could listen a few times and feel myself figuring it out, and really getting my head round it. I enjoyed it! I appreciate they don’t dumb it down too much or spare details, and the story telling makes it still compelling! A new favourite..Score: 5/5

Diesel scandalBrilliant storytelling, what a great voice👍 and a great story. I have the Jack Ewing book about the Volkswagen diesel scandal, but this is even better..Score: 5/5

Enron and othersI was surprised by the quality of the this and other shows. Presented clearly and with in depth research have made these shows a must for me..Score: 5/5

Your voice is awesome LindsayI could listen to you read a phone book with all this vocal gravitas.Score: 5/5

What a superb podcastThis is a truly informative, well documented and well written podcast. Each of the 4 episodes is a perfect length, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to hear the next episode. Fantastic work and can’t wait to hear many more by Lindsay graham!.Score: 5/5

American ScandalExcellent narration, structure and content. Looking forward to the next episodes. Still can’t quite believe how Maddof got away with the Ponzi scheme for as long as he did for as much as he did. Incredible story.Score: 5/5

Intriguing and enjoyableI was looking for a podcast which took a new look at contemporary history; American Scandal fit the bill quite nicely. Recommended..Score: 5/5

Great story tellingOverall this is a good series of podcasts. Some are on topics that have hit the headlines relatively recently so we will have heard about them, e.g. Enron, but here the complexities are unravelled in a very understandable way and even if this means some over simplification they still make gripping stories! I particularly like those hosted by Lindsay Graham who narrates in a no-nonsense fashion in an attractive voice. Female American presenters, it seems to me, have all fallen into the ‘vocal fry’ trap with a growl at the end of every sentence, which makes listening excruciating, and I wish they’d listen to themselves sometimes and eradicate this ugly speech affectation! I’ve listened to the majority of podcasts in the series, only avoiding one or two I thought might be too gruesome, and overall I applaud the effort to shine a light on some pretty dodgy practices. The one on Hare Krishna is spoilt by its last episode which is an interview with some bumbling, rambling old codger who’s apparently written the book on which the pod is based. How he’s managed to write a 600 page book when he can barely utter a complete sentence articulately or plausibly is beyond me - the editing process to turn it into a slick broadcast must have been a real labour of love! I hope the programme makers dig out some more scandals for us to feast on!.Score: 5/5

The HBO of the Podcasting networkWondery is without a doubt the HBO of the podcasting network, all their shows are professionally made and a lot of time and effort went into producing them. Needless to say I subscribe to everything they produce, so when I finally got round to listening to American Scandal I was expecting big things. And I was not disappointed! Lindsay Graham does a fantastic job of taking a huge scandal and putting it in big sized 4-5 part episodes and I am hooked! This is one of the best Wondery has put out so far and it’s a shame it took me so long to get round to listening to it..Score: 5/5

Endlessly fascinatingLindsay Graham is one of the best podcasters out there and this series demonstrates his talents in presenting a story no end. Very engaging and well produced..Score: 5/5

I get submerged in the storyExtremely informative and really gets to the inner story.Score: 5/5

Graham can do no wrong.Wondery have made these past months tolerable due to the rigour of the investigating and the technical expertise of the Wondery team. Clear, dramatic and always fascinating. A life saver. Don’t hesitate. Subscribe and enjoy..Score: 5/5

Billie HolidayThis episode was well researched. Love it!.Score: 5/5

Nothing held backI find most documentary podcasts have a habit of dragging out sensational aspects and adding filler to keep people listening, or rehashing information repeatedly in order to fill time and sell more ad time. There’s none of that in the three series I’ve listened to. Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

Long Island1an - Started listening to fall asleep but this is so interesting I’ll have to listen to both episodes 👍👍👍.Score: 5/5

Totally grippedThis podcast is one of my favourites- each story is so informative and descriptive. I find myself gripped from the first episode.Score: 5/5

Too many advertsGreat story telling but soooo many adverts..Score: 3/5

Incredible story tellingThis podcast keeps me engaged and throughly engrossed in the story. Great on my long epic walks..Score: 5/5

Peter to pay PaulThe phrase ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ is from the Reformation time when taxes were split between st Paul’s in London and St Peter’s in Rome. Rome went empty handed..Score: 5/5

One if my courier podcastsJust finished bingeing the whole series up to the end of the Bernie Madoff season. Very well written and produced, not to mention researched, including interviews with people who have been directly involved with the stories being told. Who needs fiction when factual podcasts can be this entertaining?.Score: 5/5

Probably my favourite podcast seriesThis is my favourite podcast series, both for the content and the presentation. It’s well researched and the presentation nicely balances the level of detail, giving you a comprehensive story without getting bogged down in irrelevant detail. There are ‘re-enactments’ imagining conversations between protagonists; but Lindsay is always careful to point out they can’t know exactly what was said. I find the conversations add a level of intimacy to the story, really helping to bring it alive. I always look forward to new episodes!.Score: 5/5

Too much like a fictional audiobookThis podcast is supposed to be covering historical events but the way it is told feels like listening to an audiobook. The host narrates one or two characters and tells us what they are thinking/ feeling and what they are saying to each other without giving us any clue of how he knows this. I constantly find myself wondering if what I’m listening to is factual or created for dramatic purposes. A shame since I am usually a Wondery fan.Score: 1/5

Great findI have been working through all the series and am really used to the format and style now. The narrative is well drawn and chooses the right elements of the story to condense what must be heavy material. Hoping there will be a series exposing Scientology one day..Score: 5/5

Amazing podcastThis podcast tells amazing true stories and a lot of them you won’t have heard before. Excellent narration and brilliantly researched this podcast is absolutely enthralling and I thoroughly recommend it..Score: 5/5

Really enjoying the Enron disasterThe events and approach beggar belief and v interesting to catch up on this. AM looking forward to listening to the others in your series.Score: 5/5

Anther amazing Wondery seriesLindsay Graham has smashed it once again with this entertaining and sometimes shocking podcast. A must listen. 5 stars for sure.Score: 5/5

Great podcastLove this podcast. Great content, well presented. Highly recommend.Score: 5/5

American ScandalI’m new to podcasts I’m 65years old and I’m loving how the subjects are introduced so Iv subscribed! Lindsey Graham is an excellent story teller he brings the episodes to life and I look forward to each episode with much anticipation. Thank you RP from the UK.Score: 5/5

Excellent PodcastAbsolutely love this podcast, I’ve listened now to almost all the topics they’ve covered and found all them interesting and brilliantly produced. I cannot recommend enough how good this is!.Score: 5/5

Engaging, truthful and never dullOne of the best podcast available. Lindsay Graham’s style of presenting is effortlessly engaging. Really draws you in to hear about real stories you thought you knew.Score: 5/5

Absolutely fascinatingThis really is one of the best podcast series I’ve listened to. The Iran Contra episodes were absolutely gripping. Podcasting at its finest!.Score: 5/5

Superb!Found it after discovering Dr Death about 6mths ago which then led to the Mysterious Mr Epstein where I found Lindsay Graham and American Scandal. Incredible production which is so well researched. And I love how the final episode interviews someone actually connected to the case. I tell anyone who will listen to give it a try. It doesn’t disappoint. Would love hear one on the Panama Papers and Mossack Fonseca - night need to change the name to ‘Global Scandal’ though!! Keep up the good work guys!.Score: 5/5

SubscriptionFound this pod cast purely by accident now both me and my eight year old son addicted to it . The way the show explains the story’s no matter the subject is truly gripping. The podcast has become of are daily schedule and a special father an son only thing..Score: 5/5

Excellent podcastI came across American Scandal about a year ago and I have almost worked through every episode. Excellent content, subject matter and production! Truly a masterpiece in broadcasting, thank you..Score: 5/5

Question about "Encore” shows?Love the show! I just wanted to check if there is a difference between the Encore shows like Encore Iran Contra vs Iran Contra?.Score: 5/5

Brilliantly informative and great storytellingReally enjoying this podcast. Started with the Iran-Contra series as I’m particularly interested in the US’ policies in its ‘backyard’ of Central America. It’s well-researched and highly informative, well-paced, and the storytelling is well-crafted. The only issue I’ve been having is the assumption of knowledge of some American customs can impede understanding. Usually things are explained e.g. what a ‘finding’ is. However, when Walsh is battling against time in his investigation before the witnesses get congressional immunity, the reasons for this immunity aren’t explained until quite far in, which makes congress seem deeply unhelpful and leaves you wondering why it happens rather than focusing on the podcast..Score: 5/5

Super podcastAs a rule anything Lindsay Graham is sublime, this pod is no exception. Wonderfully entertaining, and eye opening. Keep up the great work!.Score: 5/5

Top qualityFor content & presentation.Score: 5/5

Excellent, interesting podcastExcellent.Score: 5/5

Truly Engaging, Enthralling & Exceptional BroadcastingLindsay Graham has been by companion for the last week. It all started for me with the British version of this series and binged it so thought I’d cross the Atlantic to sample the original. Having just finished series 3 my conclusion - Graham is the top of the tree. The way this podcast is produced is totally engaging. The series flows beautiful. No prior knowledge is needed to become enthralled with the often unbelievable events and decision making that unfolds. If you are reading this wondering wether to try it - just do it. For this British listeners, like me, this is different from the presenting style of the British version - but Good Different. A TRULY EXCEPTIONAL PODCAST which I appreciate and thank you for..Score: 5/5

3 Mile IslandExcellent dramatisation..Score: 5/5

New favourite podcastFor me, this is the most perfectly produced podcast. Amazing stories, perfect amount of episodes per season, just the right balance of fact and drama. Hope it never ends!.Score: 5/5

Phenomenal storytellingI can’t stop recommending this podcast!.Score: 5/5

Best podcastI love this podcast. I listen to lots and this is by far the best one. Comprehensive investigations, excellent delivery and fascinating subjects. Keep going!.Score: 5/5

Very worthwhile listenSuperb story telling, amazing research and really interesting topics. This podcast series is very addictive and dare I say it, educational. It has kept me company right through the pandemic. Thank you Lindsay and thank you Wondery..Score: 5/5

Excellent.I listen to all Lindsay’s podcasts. They’re always fantastic & you learn something new on each episode..Score: 5/5

Very Interesting podcastsGraham provides an outstanding performance. Very interesting topics on a vast arrow topics Well done to the whole team.Score: 5/5

BrilliantJust finished Krishna series. Excellent. Well put together. Great narration. Looking forward to all the other series. Highly recommend.Score: 5/5

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So timely!!!!This is sooo well done. The interviewer is great - let’s these interesting and smart people talk. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Great!Always educational and entertaining..Score: 5/5

Expert, Factual, Engaging Podcast. Incredible.Obsessed. The effort and word choice, music, editing and just composition of this podcast is better than most movies. I started on Balco and thought ... that will be tough to beat but I can’t decide which one I love most now. Thank you LG!.Score: 5/5

Enlightening and Entertaining!!A terrific show, very well written, very well told. Greetings from Canada, eh.Score: 5/5

This podcast makes you smarterI love this podcast. I’m familiar with most of the scandals it covers, but usually don’t know or remember the details. The podcast is often shocking - the details of how corporations or governments have failed, or often intentionally create massive issues through incompetence or greed. My one complaint - and the reason this review is 4 stars rather than 5 - is that it has a nearly unbearable number of ads. This is clearly intended to annoy the listener into buying a Wondery subscription. I get that they need money to pay for production and make a living, but it’s a *lot*..Score: 4/5

Very thoroughI came here via the series on Payola -- I can't even remember how I found it. Possibly Podcast Playlist on CBC? Anyway. It was fascinating, and even though it's clearly the same dude reading both sides of a conversation as dialogue, it works. I've been dipping into the other topics on here and it's all just as good, even topics you wouldn't think are interesting, like Volkswagen fiddling with its emissions readings. But it is. Well done..Score: 5/5

Faux historyI really want to like this show. Lindsay Graham has a terrific voice and it's easy to tell the content is well-researched. However, I struggle with the decision to create conversations and moments out of whole cloth. It's ultimately lazy, Hollywood-style history, and that's a shame because there is a lot here to build on..Score: 3/5

ASAmazing this are best laid out stories on Podcast next to Howard Stern this is all I listen too..Score: 5/5

Best storytellingWhen I hear his voice I know it’s going to be an amazing story, I wish there was more and longer, I can’t get Enough.Score: 5/5

Lovn DGEye opening for an old white straight woman with friends gay/lesbian / trans. We may have more in-depth conversations in the future. Thx.Score: 5/5

American ScandalMy favourite podcast!!.Score: 5/5

Exceptional seasonThese are perfect as starters if you want to dive deeper into the topics..Score: 5/5

CaptivatingThis podcast holds your attention while you hear the in-depth dive into various events in history..Score: 5/5

3mile islandGreat interview with Peter Bradford. Very insightful. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Addictive and well produced.Deep delves into stories you think you know in a captivating way..Score: 5/5

You’ll get hoodedI listen to a lot of great podcast, this is in the top 5. The story telling is amazing. A must listen.Score: 5/5

Cerebral and entertainingI like this podcast because of the intriguing subject matter, and the progressive pace; I never feel like it’s dragging, and I routinely finish a series as quickly as it’s released. Well done..Score: 5/5

Gold StandardLindsay does a wonderful job weaving together complex issues, into a entertaining and informative story. Very well researched and balanced, one of the best series around, great job!.Score: 5/5

This podcast is awesome!Fantastic production quality. In-depth presentation of significant historical events. I have been looking for something to hold my attention that doesn’t involve real crime (too many of those!) and is more than pseudo celebrities taking about their lives (too many of those also, IMO). This one is the best I have found. And, I’m learning lots along the way. My only concern is what I’m going to listen to once I have caught up with all the seasons. Everyone who participates is this production should be proud. Well done!.Score: 5/5

Great podcastLoved listening to season 1 about the BALCO steroid scandal. Looking forward to listening to more. What happened to Season 2?.Score: 4/5

Amazing podcastReally well researched and presented podcast. Even if you think a certain topic won’t interest you watch one episode and you’ll be hooked.Score: 5/5

One of the bestIt leans a little too hard on the dramatics at times, but this is nonetheless one of my favourite podcasts and absolutely essential listening for true crime fans..Score: 4/5

FantasticWhat a great listen. Well done and read.Score: 5/5

Paints a Perfect Picture!!Well told stories!! Lindsey Graham does a wonderful job painting the picture!! 👌🏼👌🏼.Score: 5/5

Engrossing Stories and Excellent Production!I love this podcast! The storytelling is excellent, thought-provoking, and exciting. Lindsay Graham - the host - does a wonderful job of explaining stories that are dense and complicated, as well, his voice is really soothing and easy to listen to (the podcast actually relaxes me and helps me to fall asleep). Thank you for this great series, and please continue making more seasons - I’ve learned so much from each season and they have all been so incredibly interesting! My one complaint is that female narration - at least in the seasons I’ve listened to - is not voiced by women, which can be awkward and distracting from the story. Otherwise this is a wonderful series and I cannot wait to listen to more! Thanks Wondery + L.G..Score: 5/5

EngagingThis isn’t THAT LindsEy Graham. This is LindsAy Graham. This is a fantastic podcast. Excellent narration and research based information about some of the biggest scandals in the US. Every episode has me wanting to pick up a book about the topic and learn even more. Listening to this podcast is one of my favourite ways to close my eyes and kick back while still staying engaged..Score: 5/5

OutstandingPractically perfect in every way!.Score: 5/5

Engaging and thought provokingGreat stories that are well written and presented. I save them now for longer drives. I find myself thinking about a scandal for days and weeks after listening to it. It broadens my perspective and understanding of what went on. I also found the stories about scandals, in my life time, provided a timeline where I could put information I knew into a sequence that made sense..Score: 5/5

My god, that voiceLindsay Graham’s voice: the tone, the cadence of his story telling, it’s like a meditative balm for my nerves and anxiety. I am totally immersed in the stories he tells. I had no idea how some of these stories unfolded. In a addition to learning something new, there is one other benefit: I re-play episodes while I’m in bed and drift off into sleep heaven. Overall, huge thumbs up..Score: 5/5

Would recommendBangin podcast big fan.Score: 5/5

Best podcast!!This is the best podcast I have ever listened to, it’s addictive and I’m learning about people and history making scandals I’ve only been vaguely aware of. I feel like I’m listening to an audible book Which I also love listening to! Can’t wait for each new story to be available!.Score: 5/5

GoodYou are a good podcaster.Score: 5/5

Madoff, cheat of a generationThis is a prelude to the revelations of Trump and his Russian backed past. This is really well done and exciting to listen to. Can’t wait for the next episode🇨🇦🙏♥️ #WhistlerEbikes.Score: 5/5

Far Too Much EditorializingI want to like this podcast, but there is so much information being completely fabricated in service of storytelling. Conversations supposedly had by real people, where there’s no conceivable way to know the level of detail that is given by the host. I understand that they’re trying to give a dramatic retelling of events, but with so much detail being seemingly created from whole cloth, it’s difficult to know what is fact, and what is fiction for sake of telling a more compelling story. The facts of these stories are fascinating enough without the dramatizing of events..Score: 2/5

Real life dramaAlways suspenseful!.Score: 5/5

Season 2 and 11 are the same?Love this podcast but Why is season 2 being re-aired as season 11?.Score: 5/5

Excellent produced informative and entertainingJust discovered American Scandal and I’m learning so much! I’m on season 4 and can’t wait to catch up..Score: 5/5

Excellent!I recently discovered these Podcasts. I’ve enjoyed ALL of the ones that I’ve listened to so far. I plan on listening to the rest of them..Score: 5/5

SuperbThese episodes show what was always hidden just below the surface, and obfuscated from top levels down, to promote US intentions within their sphere of influence. I appreciate the revelation and the compilation to show when “post truth” started and the decline of an American empire began. Brilliantly done on every episode of seasons I’ve listened to thus far..Score: 5/5

Wonder+ not letting me listenSubscription yesterday, but I’m still unable to listen to episode 3. Just says something went wrong. What the heck!.Score: 1/5

Informative and captivatingThese segments are well researched and constructed. Great job!.Score: 5/5

EnronI have always been a keen learner of the events around Enron. This series did an unreal job of explaining what happened and they make it hard to stop listening until you’re done the series. Good job!!.Score: 1/5

Great voice!Great voice anddd such a story teller Lindsey! Love all the episodes that I had heard. I’m so glad I discovered your pod cast..Score: 5/5

😍Best voice. You could be reading a grocery list and I would enjoy it. Stories are always bang on - perfect blend of scandal and suspense. I even enjoy you playing all the parts in your dramatization of these crazy (sadly common) stories. Please don’t stop making podcasts ever!.Score: 5/5

Seasons disappearedI was very much enjoying season in Waco from season 15. I am half way through and after update it only lists to season 20. So now I can’t finish it. Even though it was good I feel like i shouldn’t have started the series because now it can’t be finished. The podcast itself I would rate a five but unable to finish it is maddening..Score: 2/5

Great stories!Is there any audio pulled from actual interviews, phone calls, etc...? If so, is there a way to specify that it’s not voice actors? Thank you!.Score: 5/5

ExcellentGreat story telling, great voice to listen to! Love it..Score: 5/5

Perfect for taking long walks during COVIDWhile it may take a moment to get used to the host's style of story-telling (describing the inner thoughts of each main player in the story), it grows on you. I now truly appreciate how Graham tells each story... it's gripping, affecting, and stays in my mind long after it concludes. I recommend taking the tale of Enron, Exxon Valdez, or Lenny Bruce out on a long walk around the neighbourhood..Score: 5/5

Awesome !I really enjoy the narration and the information that gets gathered. You can tell he puts a lot of effort into each episode. I can’t wait for more !.Score: 5/5

Exxon Valdez | Oil Meets WaterThis originally aired back in Jan 2019?! Same description and everything?? What’s up with that?!.Score: 5/5

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I’ve been a huge fan until now.Lindsey has decided to join the ranks of the left wing media conglomerate. He’s decided he can’t just tell you the story, he has to ram his own bias down your throat. Glad to unsubscribe and go support someone who simply wants to tell the story without their own bias..Score: 1/5

American scandalOne of my all time favorite podcasts!!!!!!! Thanks.Score: 5/5

Good not greatI do like these topics and a lot of how theyre covered but i could really do without the voice re-enactment thing, it is not effective in putting me in the experience and honestly is just annoying.Score: 3/5

Super PodVery interesting, intriguing and entertaining. Thank you..Score: 5/5

These reviews are political & biasedThe only negative reviews are based off of peoples political opinions. If you can open your mind to a new perspective & leave out the politics, you’ll love this podcast. I really enjoy hearing these stories from the less heard point of view..Score: 5/5

Great Shows!I really enjoy all the shows and how they are presented. LG’s is great! Very professional and informative. No nonsense and straight to the point. I really hate the silliness, inappropriate and excessive banter of other podcasters, especially when the topics are serious. Well done, LG..Score: 5/5

Excellent if shortDramatizations of scandals in America..Score: 5/5

Extremely informative!Extremely informative, and I hang on every detail! I have listened to several seasons, and I love the topics that you have chosen. I have learned so much from your podcast. I also love the way you have put it together and present it to us. “Ditto”, from Kerri Bassett! I especially enjoyed, and learned so much from the interview and show itself, on Venture capitalists! Such a great interview! Love all your topics and the way that you present them! Thanks!.Score: 5/5

RivetingI just started listening to this podcast - the Theranos series. I am riveted..Score: 5/5

Hello L.G. (Not the senator)This is a great show, very interesting, entertaining, and well researched. I am just finishing the Exxon season and I used all the battery power on my phone listening to one episode after another. Great work, my new favorite podcast..Score: 5/5

Interesting podcastI enjoy sharing your podcasts with family and friends. Thanks for that..Score: 5/5

Great StoriesWonderful stories and history that I never knew about or didn’t know as well. I look forward to each new season!.Score: 5/5

SubscriptionF u for making us get subscriptions now you greedy capitalist pigs..Score: 1/5

Love this podcastThank you Rob for this amazing podcast! Perfect cross-section between medicine and life..Score: 5/5

Wondery went left and got greedyWhat a disappointment. Too manny ads wanting you to pay for a subscription to listen to their left wing angle to their stories. If you are tired of the left ruining everything don’t bother..Score: 1/5

Thoroughly enjoyable and enlighteningI could listen to these all day. History, back stories and great delivery.Score: 5/5

Top 5 PodcastI am a true crime/ conspiracy theory podcast junkie. I am NO DEMOCRAT! Far from it! I believe in small government, low taxes, transparency, the right to work and own property (even guns). I live in the South but have my own political views and i choose to listen, read, and do my own research! By far my top 5 favorite podcast of all time. I’ve binged it for a few weeks now, and I’d rather listen to these amazing, well-written scandals, than put on the radio or TV. Btw, I’ve done research on several of these topics and it’s amazing what we’ve let our government get away with. Well DONE!.Score: 5/5

Rip offI downloaded this podcast because I love true crime. I thought it was going to be a great podcast and happily started listening to episode 1. Imagine my surprise when I go to listen to episode 2 only to find out I have to pay $4.99 a month to listen! With all the free true crime podcasts out there, none are worth paying for. Goodbye Wondery!.Score: 1/5

Great StorytellingEasily one of the best shows out there as far as story telling goes. If you’re into true crime and/or history and how they relate this is perfect for you..Score: 5/5

A great podcast if you’re not sensitiveIf you think recited history is political then this podcast isn’t for you. The only gripe I have is when Lindsey says “short LIVED” and pronounces lived as LIVE-D like the live in “live tv” instead of LIV-ED. He did it in the Chicago 8 series too. Is it a regional thing? I don’t know but it snaps me out of the podcast every time. It’s kinda funny, but other than that I love this wonderful podcast..Score: 5/5

RiversExcellent fact story telling.Score: 5/5

NewbJust found this, hey I’m living under a rock what can I say. Gonna give it a listen and make a review👀.Score: 3/5

Love itLindsay Graham is the best. Should be nominated for an Emmy. The interviews, storytelling, and voice acting are first-rate..Score: 5/5

Great reportingIt’s a breath of fresh air for me to hear well researched and reported episodes. The true crime landscape is riddled with people who just like to riff and laugh..Score: 5/5

PodcastGreat podcast!!.Score: 5/5

Hooked on American ScandalI started listening to American Scandal with the episode about the Tuskegee experiment. It was awesome.....each season is so well done! I cannot stop searching for new episodes. I will listen to anything narrated by Lindsey Graham Highly recommend.Score: 5/5

Love these pod cast!The stories are all fascinating and well told!.Score: 5/5

Great showIs an awesome show and host has an amazing ability tell stories. Although I did find it funny they are now crossing over the LA water wars story from American history tellers to this one..Score: 5/5

Lindsay Graham is the best.I’ve listened to many different Wondery podcasts hosted by Lindsay Graham and they are by far my favorite podcasts. All of his shows are heavily researched and his delivery is masterful. 10/10 I highly recommend anything he that he is attached..Score: 5/5

Confused by other reviewsI read several reviews that accuses this of being “leftist crap” and somehow politically biased. This series is historically based. While I suppose there is room for some factual interpretation, this is some of the best material you’ll find outside of a book..Score: 5/5

I luv LindsayThis is the best podcast out there! I love Lindsay’s story telling. He makes me lose track of time and get lost in the worlds he creates!.Score: 5/5

Great Historical DramatizationLindsey produces and tells a great drama in history. I’m listing to the senator that started the red fear. In retrospect it sounds similar to a few politicians today. Even a President. Take a listen you won’t regret it..Score: 5/5

American ScandalAnother Wondery Podcast that I'd probably love to listen to, but can't because it has continuous music playing in background..Score: 2/5

Subscriber EditionBut still listening to long ads for crap I’m not interested in. Not supposed to happen when you pay, I call shenanigans..Score: 1/5

Why?Normally admire and appreciate this podcast but the opening narration of Lewinsky hotel scene is so creepy and bizarre - could not listen further. Tone deaf.Score: 1/5

Fun!Love this!!.Score: 5/5

Incredibly well doneWell researched an interesting to listen to even on topics that I thought I knew about. Lindsay’s narration and storytelling is top notch, and even though all of the characters are in his voice, you really hear the different characters. The ice pick surgeon series got me hooked!.Score: 5/5

Love this podcast… where’d it go!?I love this podcast and was enjoying watching ALL of the older seasons. Now I have one episode available ( won’t even show the others) and it’s not even the newest one? Any insight?.Score: 4/5

Can’t play different episodesI love the content of the Wondery podcasts, especially “American Scandal,” “Business Wars,”and “American Stroytellers.” My probable is you get several episodes in and you can’t access the next chapter. It has happened with several titles, but all under the Wondery umbrella. I listen to many different podcasts, but while the Wondery shows are so well made, I randomly can’t ply different episodes, so I don’t get to finish the stories. I thought it would resolve the issues if I subscribed, but it has not changed. I am still running into episodes that I cannot access..Score: 2/5

Lindsay goes red shoe 👠 over blue dress 👗Very original take on an oversold story. Almost too sexy retelling from Monica’s POV only. Too hot for a Tuesday morning!!.Score: 5/5

Best NarratorI love listening to stories and the dude that tells it..Score: 5/5

Excellent -This show keeps me reeled in. Great stories and very well told..Score: 5/5

Why I SubscribeThis and American History Tellers are the reasons I subscribe to Wondery. The episodes educate and entertain me during hours of weekend chores. Lindsay, please consider a series of episodes about the Houston Astros cheating their way through the 2017 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Many of us baseball fans are still baffled at how the Astros players escaped repercussions and continue to tout their “victory” in subsequent seasons..Score: 5/5

Best Podcast I’ve heardThis podcast is very informative on the many scandals in America. I started with the series on Lance Armstrong, and I just finished Theranos. Highly recommend to any history buff like me.Score: 5/5

Amazing!Fantastic would be an understatement.Score: 5/5

GuestI love this podcast 99% of the time but this guest was a poor choice. He started off saying that he didn’t know anything about Theranos because he hasn't been following it. Then he said Theranos didn't get VC. Then he spent the rest of the podcast talking about vc firms and how they work..Score: 4/5

Great and informativeI love this podcast, it’s so interesting.Score: 5/5

Binge WorthyExceptionally developed, produced, and delivered. American Scandal is the perfect mental candy to escape a chaotic world..Score: 5/5

Great ListenWell articulated and the narrator really captures the audience..Score: 5/5

Love Lindsay GrahamI'll listen to almost any podcast hosted by Lindsay Graham. This one, in particular, is very interesting. The haunting transition music captures my attention and I love the details. My only criticism is sometimes the "follow-up" episode after a series lacks interest and substance. Usually, they are unnecessary..Score: 4/5

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Enthralling with excellent production valuesA must listen.Score: 5/5

Best story teller ever!Lindsay Graham is a true artist in his gripping storytelling - I hang on every expressive word! Can picture every scene ! Awesome!!.Score: 5/5

My Go-ToLove all of these from Wondery. Can’t ever stop at just 1..Score: 5/5

💫Snappy, well read, smooth like my newly painted car, that’s why I’m laying down the 5⭐️.Score: 5/5

Great podFrom an Aussie I love the in-depth explanation of these incidents that didn’t receive wide spread coverage down here. One request. For international listeners some more geography of the locations listed would be great.Score: 5/5

AwesomeSince changing my internal monologue to Lindsay Grahams voice, my life has never been so dramatic! Loving American Scandal!.Score: 5/5

Monique O’DeaRiveting, informative, incredibly produced and presented. I spend most of my free listening to American Scandal and other Wondery productions rather than watching programs. It’s just so good..Score: 5/5

Brilliant!Love this show and Lindsay’s narration. The Enron series was my favorite..Score: 5/5

SlopJust a adds. Intolerable.Score: 2/5

Ads ads adsIncessant ads neatly make this unlistenable.Score: 3/5

One of the bestGreat topics + awesome podcast voice Keep them coming!.Score: 5/5

Good stories but spoilt for meI can’t put up with the made up dialogue and the dramatisation where the presenter states a characters emotions which he can’t possibly know. Stick to the facts or try fiction.Score: 2/5

Lindsay Graham your voice is excellentI could listen to your talk about anything !.Score: 5/5

Brilliant podcast!Helps provide an entertaining & thrilling summary of the biggest scandals in history. I have picked a lot of good information from this podcast..Score: 5/5

Excellent but...A well researched podcast with an excellent presentation. But it is clear that Ted was disturbed before he was a subject in improper psychological experiments. It is simplistic to link them in the way it has been done in this podcast. And the Esquire journalist in the last episode added nothing..Score: 4/5

Freaking love this show!My obsession is absolute. American Scandal is the gold standard of all podcasts....Score: 5/5

AmazingWondery is just giving us so much entertaining moments! I love it and this is once again an amazing pod to listen to.Score: 5/5

Extraordinary & unsettling listeningAn addictive & informative listen, that leaves you wondering how these things continue to happen. Should be compulsory listening for our next generation..Score: 5/5

RivetingFascinating content, excellent narration..Score: 5/5

What a history podcast should be.Well researched and great production values. Definitely how history podcasts should be. But seriously how hard is it to find a female voice for the reenactments..Score: 4/5

Best. Podcast.So many highs and lows, tragedies, triumphs. Lindsay Graham is absolutely amazing..Score: 5/5

Excellent PodcastWell worth a listen, great research and Lindsay does a great job narrating the storylines. A+.Score: 5/5

Hari Krishna who knew!I didn’t !! what an interesting podcast & topic - will listen on .. great material, well told..Score: 5/5

DishonestI have loved so much of Lindsay Graham’s work but he has in the past month revealed he has a disdain for President Trump and all the people who support him. He does this while insisting he is objective. Very dishonest and makes it hard to trust any of his future content. You have lost a listener here..Score: 1/5

The Best!!Simply the best podcast out there. Listen to it while I run and the time just flys by. Cannot fault. This podcast has taught me so much..Score: 5/5

One of the best shows out there..Well researched, great storytelling, wonderful narration and accompanying soundtrack.. 5⭐️ all around..Score: 5/5

Amazing entertaining and informativeThank you Lindsay for these wonderful podcasts. As a few others have said, being Australian there were many of these events that we missed out on hearing about in detail. I love the narration and the descriptions, and am also fascinated by the historical accounts of these crazy events. America has such a rich history and I am enjoying learning so much from here. This truly makes my days better. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Never forget EnronGreat to revisit this terrible episode in such an informative and entertaining way. Such a shame we didn’t all learn from the problems of the past though!.Score: 5/5

An absolute gemStory telling at it’s best. I am frequently inspired by the characters who seem helpless and over run by fate, and yet manage to somewhat stay afloat. The stories also show how negligence and evil intent eventually destroys everything it touches. And the narrative is splendid. I absolutely love it..Score: 5/5

Wondery Podcasts are the bestI stumbled upon Wondery Podcasts and hooked on them. Professionally produced and very slick. My first American Scandal Podcasts were Balco, Exxon Valdez disaster and Waco. Super informative and really well told. I assume a Trump series will be developed in due course. Thank you from Australia..Score: 5/5

Fantastic podcastThis is an excellent, investigative, journalistic podcast held together with great narrative writing. Lindsay Graham and team respect the listener’s intelligence and refrain from adopting the babying tone that so many podcasts use. Gripping and insightful - very highly recommended..Score: 5/5

Amazing!Lessons in modern American history narrated by a riveting pro. Sooo good!.Score: 5/5

Theme music is sexier than it needs to beAnd I love that.Score: 5/5

Iran-contraNothing better than cooking and listening to one of the wondering podcasts Best part of my day.Score: 5/5

Big tobaccoHaving lived through that era it was amazing to hear how the Big Tobacco industry was held to account. I live Australia and find you podcasts riveting. Cheers.Score: 5/5

BrilliantThis is such a good podcast. Factual & so engaging. The narrator is fantastic. Well done to all involved for giving me hours of factual entertainment..Score: 5/5

Excellent!Lindsay Graham is one of the best hosts. Execellent presentation, detail to information and content..Score: 5/5

Good listenAll these scandals are intriguing and I love listening about all these political/ business scandals. I only wish there was more interview or in sight from witnesses, lawyers, judges, friends etc. The role playing throughout is ok for the story story but tbh, it’s all speculation and doesn’t need it. All in all, interesting to have a listen.Score: 4/5

Liquid GoldLindsay Graham, your voice is like liquid gold and draws me in like no other podcast. Thank you for your most excellent work and storytelling. Gripping, exciting and cliff hanging. Well done, you, from Australia. Keep up the great work. We love it!!.Score: 5/5

Iran Contra affairLived in Australia during this time and did read and watch all about it at that time. This podcast is an exceptional lesson in history and I do hope it is taught in American schools. Love Lindsay Graham’s voice. Great job.Score: 5/5

A great listenReally enjoyed Payola. A great story well told..Score: 5/5

Two suggestions !!Great show. Love it. The storytelling is first class. Just two suggestions - find a female narrator for female characters !! - don’t replay the same ads for your own show over and over in the same series. If I wasn’t going to listen to the British scandals after hearing about it once, hearing it again and again won’t make it more effective! Sponsor ads are obviously different and I understand need to repeat those. Keep up the good work..Score: 5/5

You won’t be disappointed...Putting aside the content, which is magnificent, I just listen for Lindsay Graham’s narration. He could do this with a restaurant menu and make it the most interesting story you’ve ever heard. You can really appreciate Lindsay or others (e.g Jonathon Aris) once you’ve watched or heard mediocre doco’s and podcasts. And though the podcasts are American based, they resonate. This is because they can, may or have affected everyone. No one is immune from such scandals so they serve as good warnings ... or indicators..Score: 5/5

SpectacularSo very worthy of double 5 stars. Lindsay, you’ve done an excellent job! Most impressed. Love the show..Score: 5/5

ExcellentThe presenter is brilliant. Really high quality gripping content.Score: 5/5

Crazy good engagingThis podcast is like a movie in sound..Score: 5/5

Too many advertisementsGreat podcast but too many adverts..Score: 4/5

FantasticReally well narrated and researched, I can’t stop listening Thank you so much.Score: 4/5

About as good as podcasts getThe amount of research that must go into this creative show must be mind boggling. Great work all involved. Gripping listening..Score: 5/5

I like it!Great story telling about interesting and intriguing subjects! Keep it up..Score: 5/5

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Catle_josh erikwill: The Jeffery Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell sex trafficking scandal affects every American. His social circle is currently run….Score: 5/5

ErikwillThe Jeffery Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell sex trafficking scandal affects every American. His social circle is cur… .Score: 5/5

DanksmeMy AmiriKing: I find it telling that the only people that seem to be concerned with the Ghislain Maxwell trial and the most high profile s….Score: 5/5

Dmcmillan321“Simply put, almost no one in America is learning how money works. And it’s wreaking havoc on the lives of millions… .Score: 5/5

Thelashlady1 AmiriKing: I find it telling that the only people that seem to be concerned with the Ghislain Maxwell trial and the most high profile s….Score: 5/5

ZappaPenguiN AmiriKing: I find it telling that the only people that seem to be concerned with the Ghislain Maxwell trial and the most high profile s….Score: 5/5

JimmyDawesCT AmiriKing: I find it telling that the only people that seem to be concerned with the Ghislain Maxwell trial and the most high profile s….Score: 5/5

Scandal_HistoryHigh-speed broadband internet to every American do their part and g…..Score: 5/5

CannaboiG AmiriKing: I find it telling that the only people that seem to be concerned with the Ghislain Maxwell trial and the most high profile s….Score: 5/5

HistoryNo1The scandal of Iranian-American cooperation in Afghanistan and Iraq .Score: 5/5

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American Scandal Podcast Episodes

The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair | Under Penalty of Perjury | 3

Monica Lewinsky suffers a terrible betrayal. As she tries to protect the president, a national scandal erupts.Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App us by supporting our sponsors!Hunt A Killer - Go to and use code AS to receive 10% off your first order.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Introducing: Power - Hugh Hefner

Who was Hugh Hefner? Centerfold models, Playboy Bunnies, and other women from the Playboy founder’s inner circle, like TV personality and author Holly Madison, tell journalist Amy Rose Spiegel their side of his story. We hear how Playboy changed their lives, for better and for worse. Beyond the bunny tails are darker questions: What actually went on at the notorious Playboy Mansion? How can we square Hefner's progressive legacy with his abuse of vulnerable people? What can the Playboy saga tell us about sex and power—then and now?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair | Secret Records | 2

A White House official grows suspicious of Monica Lewinsky, and has her transferred to the Pentagon. At the new job, Lewinsky makes a friend with a hidden agenda.Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App us by supporting our sponsors! Better Help - American Scandal listeners get 10% off their first month at - Try ZipRecruiter for FREE at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Clinton-Lewinsky Affair | Forbidden Love | 1

Monica Lewinsky struggles to build a life on the West Coast. But soon, she gets a chance to start over, and takes a prestigious internship at the White House.Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App us by supporting our sponsors!Sarah Flint Shoes - Get $50 off your first Sarah Flint purchase at - Compare quotes for free Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Introducing: Operator

During the 1-900 number craze of the Nineties, one company provided the vast majority of phone sex. American Telnet was an empire founded by the man who called himself “The Telephone Pimp.” He ran the company “like General Motors” and got filthy rich doing it. But for the (mostly) women who answered the calls and delivered fantasies 24-7, it was a different story. The powerful stigma against sex work was always lurking just beneath the surface, until it threatened to tear apart the whole company. Hosted by Tina Horn (Why Are People Into That?), OPERATOR is an eight-part series about big ambitions, Shakespearean-level corporate backstabbing, men and women at the cutting edge of a technological revolution...and on the front lines of a sexual one.Listen to Operator at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

LA Steals Its Water | Crisis in the West | 4

In this interview, Lindsay chats with David Owen, the author of 'Where the Water Goes: Life and Death Along the Colorado River.' The two explore how water scarcity is a mounting issue out West—one that affects the entire country. And they consider some of the solutions that could help curb the growing crisis. Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App us by supporting our sponsors! ZipRecruiter - Try ZipRecruiter for FREE at Number - Special offers now available for a limited time only at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Introducing: Shadow of Truth

It’s one of the most haunting murder cases you’ll ever hear about, and it takes place in a small town in Israel. Tair Rada was only 13-years-old when her body was found inside a locked bathroom stall. She was viciously murdered during a school day, and yet no one saw or heard a thing. The police arrested the janitor, Roman Zadorov, and he eventually confessed, but this was far from being the end of it. Based on the hit true-crime series from Netflix, the podcast "Shadow of Truth" will take you on a journey into one of the wildest and most contested murder cases in the history of Israel, as it reaches its final resolution, 15 years after it all started.Listen to Shadow of Truth: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

LA Steals Its Water | The Showdown | 3

The fighting grows fierce between Inyo County and Los Angeles. But when LA's aqueduct is taken hostage, William Mulholland makes a fateful decision that threatens a disaster.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Better Help - American Scandal listeners get 10% off their first month at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

LA Steals Its Water | Ransom | 2

William Mulholland pushes ahead with LA's aqueduct. But when the people of Inyo County learn the truth, they begin preparing for war.Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App us by supporting our sponsors!Sarah Flint Shoes - Get $50 off your first Sarah Flint purchase at - Compare quotes for free Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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