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The Red Tea Detox

@brittmerl: This summer is going to be the best summer of my life 🤪


@su_lean: From asking for permission to just letting my parents know I’ll be back has been one of the best transitions in my life 😂


@ManjitKaur09: Life of Lord Hanuman gives a great lesson of KarmaYoga. Let's see the video of #PrinciplesOfKarmaByBapuji & apply the…

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

Anatomy and Physiology is now the study of how and why our bodies are ultimately inferior to Chuck Norris'.

Gordon Hinckley
Gordon Hinckley

Our lives are the only meaningful expression of what we believe and in Whom we believe. And the only real wealth, for any of us, lies in our faith.

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2 Week Diet

Imagined Life podcast wiki coming soon. Imagined Life, Robbie Daymond, Virginia Madsen, wondery, podcast, dr death, dirty john, storytelling, family, imagine, elon musk, oprah, harry potter, famous people, media, mystery, children's stories, bedtime stories, kids, true life,

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  • What to Do When a Colleague Overshares - This week, Human Resource answers the question: How do you deal with a work “friend” who treats you like his personal therapist? Read more...
  • The Punishing Ecstasy of Being a Reddit Moderator - Banishing zombies and tracking down Russia propaganda—on the front lines with the social site’s volunteer army.
  • Movie Review: The Alien Overlords of Captive State Might Be Coming—For Us - Aliens invade the US in Rupert Wyatt’s Captive State, a movie that has our present-day struggles in mind.
  • 23 Amazing Female Photographers You Should Know - In recognition of International Women's Day, here are some of the best women behind the camera.

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