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New reporting from Philip Rucker and Josh Dawsey characterizes the president as brooding and sulking after the midterms and 'angry and resentful' due to a ...

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1 star

When will journalists learn they do their listeners and readers a huge disservice by repeating lies said by Trump. And making us listen to clips of Trump lying is even worse. And then you mostly don’t bother acknowledging he’s lying. So this is journalism now!? It’s more like a pathetic reality show. #DoYourJobs.

5 star

Light and informative. The host can really interact well with the personalities of the Post Reporters who are often on. I like the musical choices. For example I learned so much about Michael Cohen from a Post Reporter who was recently on. Very professional.

5 star

This is my new favorite podcast. Thank you

5 star

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. This is journalism. Amazing sound production, great hosts, well edited. You all got me.

5 star

It’s only in its first week, but the production value - particularly for a daily podcast - is off the charts. Tons of work is going into these episodes, and it shows. I have no idea if they can keep it up, but at least for now, it’s fantastic.

4 star

If the podcast was longer it could have more facts more detail!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

When a telemarketer phones Chuck Norris' number, the first thing they hear is the pleading voice of one their loved ones.


If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

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Post or POST commonly refers to: Mail, the postal system, especially in Commonwealth of Nations countries An Post, the Irish national postal service Deutsche Post, German postal service Hotel post, a service offered by remote Swiss hotels for the carriage of mail to the nearest official post office United States Post Office or USPS Post, a job or occupation Post, a horse trotPost or POST may also refer to:. Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, MSNBC, MSNBC news, MSNBC live, MSNBC TV, news, breaking news, current events, US news, politics, politics news, political news, elections, Republicans, Democrats, Best of last night, Donald Trump, Capitol Hill, White House, 2018 midterm elections, Philip Rucker, Josh Dawsey, brooding and sulking, Emmanuel Macron, Washington Post, emmanuel macron speech, emmanuel macron trump, president donald trump,

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