Secrets Of Saving And Investing

How is wealth created? Saving and investing is the key to personal wealth as well as the economic growth. Learn Austrian Economics in a fun way!

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3 star

The first few episodes of this podcast provide a decent baseline, but would really stand out if it provided more specific tools and step-by-step instructions. For example, in the third episode, it provides the pretty well-known advice to invest in index funds, and even suggests setting up a Vanguard account. What next? So many of my peers just don’t know what to do beyond this basic best practice advice and are held up by not knowing what the next steps are. What do you do once you’re on the Vanguard website? What do you put into that new account that you set up? The next five steps in this process would take people so much further.

5 star

I wish we learned this stuff in school. Thankfully they explain it in ways we can actually understand and the average person who has no idea what anything means can finally get a grasp on it!

5 star

Want more.

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Chuck Norris

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Mark Twain

A thing long expected takes the form of the unexpected when at last it comes.

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