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The Red Tea Detox
5 star

With so much information coming at us, I really appreciate the research and investigating that goes into this podcast. Love the hosts!

1 star

Please don’t invite the host who told this episodes story, back to this show. Stick with the regular hosts. Her voice is so annoying, I couldn’t even focus on this interesting piece. This is not theatre. Speak normally. And if that is how she actually sounds in real life, ugh. No thank you

Rosalind lee
Rosalind lee
5 star

It is easy to understand and gives you historical understanding of what’s going on in politics today. My suggestions - maybe a Venezuela related episode and an Israel related episode! :)

5 star

My new favorite podcast!!!! Just binged the 1st 5 or 6 episodes. I am truly more informed and enlightened. Really entertaining, the production is spot on clean, the hosts are well matched and very likable. So how about an episode on the historical relationships between Great Britain’s royalty and the Prime Minister and Parliament. I’ve always been curious about how that form of leadership came to be. Love this podcast!!! Keep it up!

5 star

All topics are ones you know are important, but don’t understand fully, at least in my case. This podcast gives you the history of events that explain why the US is seen the way it is by other countries or makes you question why we see things the way we do.

4 star

This is a really interesting podcast, and I’m going to continue to listen. My observation is that when they do interviews there is a propensity for the interviewer to respond to the answers being given by their guests with “oh” and “mmm” and “ah” which all tends to be very disruptive and really annoying. Thanks.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is banned from Mortal Kombat yet he comes back to play every year.





In separateness lies the world's great misery, in compassion lies the world's true strength.

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