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The changes in government have started, and Liz Cheney is out! But is this just the beginning? What all can we do? And are conservatives guilty of cancel culture too?  Join Graham and the team today, as they discuss what needs to be done to help America as we know it. CODE: GRAHAM or 800-596-2509 CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM! See for privacy information.

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Graham Allen’s Dear America Podcast Podcast Reviews

Inspired BritI absolutely love the Dear America Podcast. I stumbled across one of Graham Allen’s rant nation videos on Facebook sometime ago, and as I listened to this guy passionately expressing his views and beliefs and back them up with facts stats and evidence, I realised that here was a man who wasn’t afraid to stand up and be the voice for the majority of people who have been too afraid to speak out for fear of being labelled racist, fascists, white suprematist, to name a few of the little sound bytes that has become the doctrine that we are supposedly meant to follow. So it made sense to tap into the Dear America Podcast. Now, I’m British born and bred and live and work in Britain, so some might say I have no business listening to a American based podcast, and while many of the topics discussed centre around America politics and internal issues concerning Americans, the feelings that many people have towards these things can be reflected in Britain’s current political climate. But I also have to say this. Prior to tuning in to the Dear America podcast, I had fallen foul of the media rhetoric towards Donald Trump as well as blindly following other people’s opinions regarding the 2nd amendment, since listening to Graham, Elissa (hope I have spelt that right) and Jake, I have done a complete 180 on my thoughts on both Mr Trump and the 2nd amendment, I now make it a point of pride to educate myself on things rather then swallow a bias media rhetoric. In fact, I have been so inspired by what Graham, Elissa and Jake are doing that I have discussed with my wife the possibility of and researching into doing a similar kind of podcast here in the U.K. because I know that there are people out there who feel just as passionately about things that are happening, but find they don’t have a platform or a mouth piece brave enough to step away from the “norm” and tell it like it is. Keep up the great work Graham, Elissa (I’m so sorry if this is spelt wrong) and Jake and I’ll see y’all next time..Score: 5/5

FantasticGreat pod caster xxx.Score: 5/5

Too much wanted to like this pod. But I don’t. There’s too much chitchat, silly chat, pointless chat and Alicia (spelling?) constantly interrupts, agrees with everything, laughs at everything and generally is irritating. Graham (when he finally gets going) talks and engages with passion and is robust in his beliefs (great to hear) but wifey adds nothing (except perhaps a visual on You Tube?). As a point to my disappointment, check out the Dan Crenshaw ep - why on earth do you have a sitting congressman with Dans background and present position guest, and yet not ask a single intelligible question, but instead giggle and titter at random nonsense. Anyway, I won’t be subscribing. Ben Shapiro’s pod is better..Score: 2/5

Awesome!Great podcast - keep it going!!.Score: 5/5

Awesome PodcastI like to hear Gram & Jake discuss the truth going on.. Not hiding under a rock thanks..Score: 5/5

Keep staying true to you!I love watching Graham and his group. They discuss current topics and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. I’m an American living in Scotland and it is beyond wonderful hearing the sane side. The news outlets here are total liberal and spread nothing but lies and propaganda which of course the UK believe. They always get shocked when I say how it really is. Thanks for keeping it real. ❤️Christina.Score: 5/5

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HorribleJust a bad podcast with truly bad arguments. Offering nothing of substance. Using gods name in vain to argue about his backwards political views. This is horrible representation of Americans and the states..Score: 1/5

5 StarsRant Nation extended!! Always an awesome listen..Score: 5/5

🇨🇦We don’t all hate you over here 🇨🇦.Score: 5/5

Podcast might make you look crazyFunny af, always laughing (not the best if you’re listening to it alone in public) great topics, Ellisa definitely makes the show 😜. Great podcast to listen to at the gym..Score: 5/5

Love you guys!Love the new intro music! Is it Graham and Jake playing?? Also, sad that Ellisa won’t be on as much but love your show so much!! Thanks for being real!!.Score: 5/5

Mr AllenI’m a neighbouring Canadian, however I thoroughly enjoy being able to watch and listen to Graham Allen. He’s not just a conservative figure, but he’s a real, common sense driven human being. I appreciate the message he’s 6 out to our world. It’s a message out of pure appreciation of life, and striving for higher quality of living..Score: 5/5

Awesome podcastGreat to listen to each episode funny and interesting.Score: 5/5

Love the showHey Graham love the show and the videos from Facebook. US Navy Vet living in Canada..Score: 5/5

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Love this showBest Biden commentary. Just hilarious!!!.Score: 5/5

Need to work on the adsIntro song What’s up guys welcome to a brand new show Today we’re— AD Going to talk about things.Score: 4/5

Engaging, Truthful, and ON POINTGraham Allen and his podcast gives full and accurate information on what is going on with America! I love his humor, his engaging voice and demeanor, and the way he presents his show! You laugh, learn, and be engaged! Love it so much! Keep up the great work Mr. Graham!.Score: 5/5

Graham Allen’s podcast is good, (for pretty much all of the time).I just started listening to your podcast, so please, forgive me, because I am going to write a long rant. And I pray that a least one of you guys reads this whole thing because what you are about to read is so important, (I got kicked off of Instagram a couple of times because I was talking about this to other people, and those people made it so I could not talk to them anymore. I am on the episode where you guys talk about May the Fourth. And Allen said that Jackson’s lotr trilogy is good filmmaking because of the cinematography. The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy has good cinematography, but does that make it a good trilogy? No! The Dark Knight Trilogy has amazing cinematography, so does that make it a good trilogy? No! For example, in all of the lotr movies, all of the cgi and cinematography is crap! The only good things that are in the lotr trilogy is six of the actors who were casted, some of the costumes, some of the world-building, most of New Zealand, and most of Howard Shore’s music. But what makes good book adaptions that are also good films, for example, are if the cinematography and cgi looks like faire, (the secondary world, or if none of the audiences could tell if all of things in each of films are cgi, or practical effects, or actually countrysides. What also makes good adaptations good filmmaking is if at least most of the music is good, if pretty much all of he characters are in the book(s), the acting and dialogue is pretty much the same as in the book(s), the majority of the costume designs look medieval, pretty much all of the world-building is old-looking, huge, and super strong, and if the book(s) are adapted into two parts each. The reason why there is so much Bollywood filmmaking and far-left politics in 99% of the Hollywood movies today is because the majority of audiences were, (and still are), ignorant that Hackson, the male-feminist soy boy, and Fran Walsh, and Phillipa Boyens, the female Marxists, are b-rated directors who put countless amounts of b-rated filmmaking and far-left politics in each of their lotr films. These three filmmakers are literally The Three Stooges, and they are just as bad filmmakers as Rian-Roundhead Johnson! The Three Stooges also ripped off so many video games and other Hollywood directors. It is hilarious that people say that The Return of the King deserves 11 Oscars just because. You know what other movie won elven Oscars? Titanic! Also why didn’t Fellowship or TTT won that many Oscars? It is because they did not deserve that many Awards! The only Oscars that the three movies deserve is the majority of Shore’s music. It is so ironic that 99% of the Hackson fans never point out that none of his stupid lotr movies won best script and story. Hackson literally rewrote the entire script, and changed 400 important things from the original script! I found that out because there was a guy who owned a Tolkien website, and one of the truths that he said was this, and Google took his website off of the internet. For example, about the casting, I can picture a bunch of actors and actresses who could have been casted, and who could have pulled off pretty much all of J.R.R. Tolkien’s lotr characters, except for those six actors who were casted! Most audiences who seriously believe that this lotr trilogy is the best trilogy ever made, are the same people who also literally believe that Karl Marx is still a hero! And each of the lotr films pretty much proves all of the George Orwell’s points in his 1984 Book!.Score: 3/5

I get excited for any new show!!Love this podcast!! One of my tops!.Score: 5/5

Dear America, wake up!Thank you for not being afraid to bring religion/Jesus into your podcast. It’s about time people talk about how church’s should not have ever shut down and we shouldn’t be pressured into wearing masks regardless of where we are but at church as well. I can’t believe any church is okay with shutting down or limiting worship services over a virus that has a 99% survival rate. I have said all this from the beginning but I don’t have a big enough voice to make a difference, you do, so thank you for speaking truth with the influence you have..Score: 5/5

Why you should listenNot only is this informational, it’s good humor and now that it is uncensored, I think that Graham, Jake, Elyssa, and even Noah talk about great current topics. They say what we are thinking. Graham’s background in the army, Elyssa as a social worker, and Noah’s knowledge of the Christian religion make for a well rounded conversation of political topics..Score: 5/5

LOVE THE PODCAST!!!I’m very thankful for you guys, keep it up!!!.Score: 5/5

Love the show!Love the show!.Score: 5/5

Patriotic - Keep It UpGraham loves America and our freedom as much as I do. He is very passionate and wants to keep our constitution and conservative values as priorities. Thank you for serving our country! Jake is great too..Score: 5/5

YesYou are the HERO you have been waiting for. 1A 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.Score: 5/5

Yeah, NO!So far, not one episode of this podcaster’s reflects an event as having happened. For instance, the all-in-caps Kraken! episode was a waste of shouted nonsense, a futile attempt to impress listeners and, at the very least, a topic garnering fist pumps between cheaply overly tattooed manly-men who spend an inordinate amount of time and energy uploading selfies of their guns, gonads and grins on social media..Score: 1/5

A True Patriot!Thank you for speaking the truth, honoring free speech to empower others to speak up & having the courage to deliver it in your style..Score: 5/5

Great!Love the podcast! Keep up the great work!.Score: 5/5

MERICA!!!!Ur killin it Graham!! U guys keep up the good info and entertainment👍🇺🇸🇺🇸.Score: 5/5

Awesome Show!!I really like this show I would Support Graham Allen Runns for Congress for the State of S.C. If I have a way to get to any Rallies for him or places I can Volunteer for his campaign I WILL DO IT!!.Score: 5/5

Huge heartLove the heart for our country keep fighting for America.Score: 5/5

Best political source and voice for the freedom loving American peopleNever miss an episode!.Score: 5/5

FactsLove this podcast! Stay on track and continue being the fabulous conservative influencers that you are. We the people appreciate you..Score: 5/5

Favorite podcastThis is my overall favorite podcast, and it just keeps getting better!!.Score: 5/5

Common senseThank God for your continued videos speaking truth and common freakin’ sense!!! 🇺🇸❤️.Score: 5/5

Love the podcastAs a young preacher I applaud you for your stance on matters such as abortion. I enjoy the podcast every time that I listen. Just wanted to say that WE THE PEOPLE stand with you and agree that the church needs more pastors that will stand up with a backbone and preach truth..Score: 5/5

The “Real” Americans’ BurdenGraham’s long, loud objection to President Biden’s reminder that “‘We the people’ are the government” makes for a mess of a show. The big problem is he never explains who does comprise the government, if it isn’t the American people. Not really worth dwelling on. Graham’s sidekick Noah was unusually quiet. I have a feeling he was experiencing something similar to what Dr. Birx went through when Trump speculated that disinfectant injections might be a Covid cure. No doubt Graham’s knee-jerk objection to Biden’s statement can be traced to President Reagan’s portrayal of government as a malign other, as they rather than us. The Gipper was doing his job, shrinking government for the team. He was a ‘B’ actor and a corporate spokesman both before and after being elected president. With government shrunken, the Reaganite era was on, characterized, from one perspective, by widespread genteel looting of the economy. Saying that is an observation of fact, not of a statement of disdain for America. Graham’s millennials control less than 4 percent of the nation’s wealth. When I was his age (35ish), my Boomers controlled about 21 percent (in 1989). Smart capitalism compels broad reinvestment in our country. And (to get in the spirit of complaining about the media) there has been almost no reporting that Biden has already effectively cut taxes on working class Americans more than Trump ever dreamed of. If you make under 75k, your federal tax will be zero. From 75-100k, your rate will be 1.8%..Score: 2/5

You are a hero Mr AllenGod bless you Graham Allen and God bless the United States of America 🇺🇸.Score: 5/5

Butter bars think they are better than anything.Nice to hear the full cam footage it sounds to me almost like a basic O-1 thinking they are better than anything. By refusing to comply at the start the 2nd Lt was in violation of civilian law and UCMJ..Score: 5/5

LibsA lot of back to back 1 star ratings. Weird.....Score: 5/5

Great informationI been watching graham for a long time a great American #thankyouGrahm.Score: 5/5

Dear AmericaThe truth I want someone to tell me the truth and I feel this is the only place I can find it!!!!.Score: 5/5

I love everything you stand forThank you for being the voice of so many Americans who are frustrated and angry with our current situation..Score: 5/5

Make your shows longerBro i have good content but ur shows aren’t even 30 mins long.. plus in this 30 mins u have 3 commercials.. wth!!? how is it every other podcast can talk for almost 2 hour but you can’t??? You will get a one star from me till you tighten up!!👊🏼.Score: 1/5

This has turned into my favorite podcast.Have zero complaints about this podcast. I’d listen everyday if he did it 5 times/week. Also appreciate the region talk too. God bless!.Score: 5/5

Great!This is a great podcast! Must listen!.Score: 5/5

A black man that listens to this.April 19, 2021. If we go off of your rhetoric that the majority of Americans don’t deserve jobs, the majority of Americans are white. If we go off of your Rhetoric that you go on police ride-alongs and the majority of the people that are arrested are white, according to your statistics, 67% people that are incarcerated are black people. How does that math add up? Also, it’s not the George Floyd trial, it’s the Derrick Chauvin trial. Get it right. You also blocked me on Twitter. You are such a snowflake..Score: 1/5

CongressAbsolutely love your show!!! I think you are what the Republicans need in Congress. More and more like you and your views just might start to change things in the Swamp. Nothing will change unless we elect the right people. No more idiots who will not stand up for what we the people are sending them the DC to do..Score: 5/5

Soul Searching TimeYou’re standing in a crowd of alleged Trump supporters because you believe in Trump and what he stands for and on ur right are white supremacists shouting and holding flags saying they love Trump too because he stands for what they stand for! You look to ur left and ur next to a militia group shouting “ Take out the Dems, get Pelosi”. You see they are all holding rifles and other guns. Behind you are a group of Conspiracy theorist like QAnon and others yelling “ Stop the Steal” , “ this was fraud and fake like Sandy Hook!” ! You then look forward and see two paths , one leading to the Capitol steps and one leading away from the Capitol! You have to decide and think, if you support Trump and what he stands for but so do these hate groups, white supremacists/racists and conspiracy theorists, militia who look like they are going to do bad things and say he represents them too, you have to ask yourself who are you and what do you believe in and if they feel Trump is with them subconsciously who are you?? Does that represent you ideals? Do you stand with these people and storm the Capitol or walk the other way? For me if I see all these groups standing next to me while they cheer Trump then I really need to take a look at myself because I KNOW I’m not racist and etc. Maybe this man really isn’t who I think he is if he can get these groups, who I’m against, to support him and what is he saying to them that they feel he represents them? Time to do some real soul searching!.Score: 2/5

Real and HonestGraham presents a real and honest approach to the republican and conservative audience. With common sense and love for America it’s an honest discussion about our freedoms, what we stand for, and our love for preserving the rights of Americans. Thank you guys, after removing all of my social media it’s a great listen for our household..Score: 5/5

Speaks the truthBeen following Graham on social media for a while and agree 1000% with his views. I recently discovered his podcast and love that I can listen while doing other things. He gets the true facts and lays them out for you to make your own decisions unlike the mainstream media platforms of today. Thank you Graham for standing up for what the men and women of our country have fought for since the beginning. God bless..Score: 5/5

Always excited for the next episode💯% recommend!.Score: 5/5

Whip up anger using lies!Another Alex Jones whipping up anger for profit and power! The bigger the lie the more power to incite! I’m so sick of this poisonous garbage!.Score: 1/5

$ 15 per hour will eliminate the middle classWhen $7.50 goes to $15, that is a doubling of income for that group. Those currently making $15 and more will not get their income doubled to keep up with the new $15. What this means is once huge inflation takes hold, and it will, those two classes won’t be able to afford much because our income won’t go as far as it once did. How do people not understand that???.Score: 5/5

My favorite podcastEpisode 62 and the words of abortion 💯💯 So sad that our $ funds murder.Score: 5/5

Sincerely, Rhode IslandWOOOOOHOOOOO GRAHAM FOR CONGRESS!.Score: 5/5

WowReally disappointing of late. Seems like fame has gone to your head. Calling conservatives stupid and telling us how dumb we are is really unnecessary and childish. Why don’t you offer some inspiration and hope and even constructive criticism? How about some ideas on how to move forward. Your last three episodes are just beating it in that we are stupid and played into the lefts hands by going to a peaceful protest. How is that helpful.Get over yourself because you are going to be losing your audience with this ego..Score: 1/5

Dynamic TRUTH❤️Love this podcast. Thank you so much for all that you do Graham. God bless you and your family. Real Americans. Real truth. Thank you for your endless dedication..Score: 5/5

School punishmentBro I’m with you Graham as a fellow Mississippi guy I’m all for the paddles we need to bring em back and our school you go paddle all the way out the door until graduation and by teachers too that’s the issue with younger kids lay the thunder down.Score: 5/5

Amazing podcastKeep up the great podcast..Score: 5/5

Best podcast ever!!!OMG I love this podcast!! Graham says the things I say and think. I sometimes wonder if he has my house bugged!! Keep up the good work!.Score: 5/5

Love the showLove this family. You support the American life. Started watching your videos on Facebook years ago. And keep the content coming out.Score: 5/5

Correction...Love the show. Just want to throw out a correction from the vax passport episode. The choice for schooling (in MOST states) is not simply “1) vaccinate for school or 2) homeschool”. Most states have religious exemptions (some even have philosophical exemptions) that a parent can use to send their child/ren to public school without having been vaccinated. Public schools are required to accept them, no questions asked. Private schools may choose to not accept them if they don’t get any government funding. No school will offer up this information though, so you’ll have to check your state laws..Score: 5/5

Please read crazy reviews on me day for laughLove the podcast, I always read through reviews on all podcasts I listen to, even if I’ve been subscribed for awhile. My favorite on these patriotic conservative pods are the constant five stars, with every so often seeing an unhinged lefty stopping by to yell at everyone here, and that this podcast is racist! (It’s not) I had a good laugh at the one with the subject ‘Soul searching time’, who pretty much says you’re a nazi, but wasn’t too stingy on his stars bc you still got 2, maybe the production value? Save me from these people..Score: 5/5

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Graham Allen’s Dear America Podcast Podcast Episodes

EP 184 | No Jobs, No Money, No Gas....No Problem?! | UNCENSORED

The changes in government have started, and Liz Cheney is out! But is this just the beginning? What all can we do? And are conservatives guilty of cancel culture too?  Join Graham and the team today, as they discuss what needs to be done to help America as we know it. CODE: GRAHAM or 800-596-2509 CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM! See for privacy information.

EP 183 | It's Time for Change! | UNCENSORED

Happy belated Mother's, whoops, we mean happy belated Birthing People's Day! On today's episode, join Graham, Jake, and Zac as they go over Birthing People's Day, Bill and Melinda Gate's divorce (which includes Epstein), and how conservatives need to stand up to Big Tech if we win in 2022. We need people who are willing to make change and stand up to the left! CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM! See for privacy information.

EP 182 | We Don't Need Another Stimulus, We Need Jobs!! | UNCENSORED

Biden says he's creating new jobs but has he actually taken away the incentive for Americans to work? The statistics may be pointing that direction. So join Graham as he shares with you what the media doesn't want you to know. CODE: GRAHAM! or 800-596-2509 CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.

EP 181 | Consequences for Actions have been CANCELED | UNCENSORED

Do spankings need to be taken out of schools? Do children in our society understand what consequences for actions are? Did the Biden administration really want a record low tv attendance at Biden's speech last week? Join Graham and Jake as they go over these questions and share with you what the media doesn't say. CODE: GRAHAM or call 972-Patriot CODE: GRAHAM CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.

EP 180 | Biden Proves We Live in Two Different Americas | UNCENSORED

On today's episode, Graham and the team go over Biden's horrifying address to Congress. For those who still love America, Biden's speech should be something of concern. So join Graham as he shares with you what the media doesn't want you know. or call 866-530-7996 or text "AMERICA" to 65532 CODE: GRAHAM! or 800-596-2509 CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.

EP 179 | Be Careful What You Wish For... | UNCENSORED

America has wished for free money and no police. Well, they're close to getting what they want, but the results will have much different consequences than what they assume. So join us today, as Graham and the team break down what's happening and share with you what the media doesn't want you to know. or 800-596-2509 CODE: GRAHAM or call 866-530-7996 or text "AMERICA" to 65532 or 972-Patriot CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.

EP 178 | Our Justice System is Dead AND BLM Doesn't Care About Black Lives | UNCENSORED

On today's episode, Graham and Jake look into the Derek Chauvin trail. Did he really get a fair trail? Did the violent actions of the rioters lead to a biased jury? Did statements made by big politicians like President Biden and Maxine Waters also sway the decision? So join us for today's episode, as we dive into what the media doesn't want you to know. CODE: GRAHAM or or 800-596-2509 CODE: GRAHAM or call 866-530-7996 or text "AMERICA" to 65532  See for privacy information.


Democrats are inciting violence, but does no one care; do most Americans think that masks actually work; and what all is going to happen after the George Floyd trial ends later this week?? So join Graham and Jake as they share with you what the media doesn't want you to hear. or 972-Patriot CODE: GRAHAM or 800-596-2509 CODE: GRAHAM See for privacy information.

EP 176 | Cop or Veteran?? the World is Making Us Choose | UNCENSORED

Minneapolis is in trouble again with more rioting, an active military member accuses officers of taking away his rights during a traffic stop, and the media isn't showing you all the facts about the veteran vs officer traffic stop.  So join Graham and Jake as they share with you what the media doesn't want out.   See for privacy information.

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