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A powerful story out of New York City, where one parent of a 7th grader attending an elite private school, finally and very publicly, has begun to push back against the woke industrial complex infecting his child's school. In one of the most scathing written rebukes you will ever hear, Charlie charts the roadmap for parents all across the country to fight back and reclaim the education system. Charlie also highlights an infuriating story involving a Turning Point USA chapter president in Minnesota, Avery Severson, who was victimized by a vile racial hate hoax by fellow classmates.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

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The Charlie Kirk Show Podcast Reviews

Political revolutionaryCharlie manages to go against the modern “shouting match” that is political “debate”. He respectfully and eloquently argues for conservatism and more importantly doesn’t aggressively hound those who have different ideas.Score: 5/5

Charlie Cuc ShowGet groyped.Score: 1/5

Wongo1 is a moron. This show is necessary.I bet you didn’t actually listen to the show. The ability of one to listen, not just hear, but listen to someone of whom you disagree and at least acknowledge that they put across coherent, consistent, and thought provoking arguments and commentary is something that you clearly lack. I am a liberal, in the real sense of that meaning, and I believe that this show offers some really compelling points and I am glad it is here. Keep it up!.Score: 5/5

Filled with lies and he isn’t a conservativeThis is a garbage show which smears conservatives as racists for financial gain..Score: 1/5

💃🏻🇳🇮💃🏻🇳🇮.Score: 1/5

A breath of fresh airNow, English politics bores me here in the UK. But..... I have always been interested in US politics, both currently and historically. Also the truth. Charlie delivers it all in his podcasts. It’s a rollercoaster of a ride and always good to listen to intelligent discussions and arguments! Keep it up Charlie, you’ll always have my vote! Andy.Score: 5/5

Britain loves Charlie KirkWe truly stand by you Charlie and everything you do! Bless your heart..Score: 5/5

Terrific voice!!.Score: 5/5

Just awful and boringCringe.Score: 1/5

Not very good at all I'm afraidI thought it was making me smarter until I realised it was actually making me much dumber, and also made me sleep. Not good!.Score: 1/5

A daily dose of sanityA brilliant pod that puts the world to right every time.Score: 5/5

Charlie Kirk is a LEGENDBring me a person that is more articulate and with a mind that out Michael Ross’ to shame and I will concede with my firm option of Charlie being the savviest MF out there!.Score: 5/5

Great work!!!Terrific!!.Score: 5/5

Great perspective every podcastRational voice for freedom. So thankful for everyone at TP and TPUK for their work. Keep fighting the good fight!.Score: 5/5

Absolute trashLiar.Score: 1/5

GroypedUpDerp a derp.Score: 1/5

Fantastic !Only a fool or liberal, which is the same, would give this podcast less than five stars, fantastic insight into the daily running of the leftist “brain”..Score: 5/5

Excellent podcast!Just listened to the latest episode with Ben Shapiro and it’s a must listen. I highly recommend this to everyone. Keep up the good work!.Score: 5/5

You’re a liarLiar.Score: 1/5

Charlie KirkA breath of fresh air. I sense a hint of Catholicism in his theology. But, is social commentary is world class..Score: 5/5

Shmoney DanceShmoney oh yeah.Score: 1/5

Highly ReccommendedCharlie is one of the most exciting political debaters of modern times. Watching him destroy people brainwashed by the media with facts is always great to listen to. Plus as a fan when I messaged him he replied back to thank me. What a great guy! Highly recommended! Christian, UK..Score: 5/5

Keep it upI’m from a part of the UK called the Black Country, the things you talk about are very similar to the same leftist rhetoric that they are trying to shove down our throats over here to, keep up the good work and eventually history will judge us as hero’s.Score: 5/5

One of my favourite podcastsI really enjoy listening to Charlie, he is so passionate and steadfast in his beliefs. He is such a positive force during these strange times, and I am very grateful to him for shining light on all of this misinformation and downright lies we are being told especially right now. I’m a big fan from the UK, and I wish the topics discussed on Charlie’s podcast were being discussed over here. Keep up the amazing work Charlie! 🇬🇧.Score: 5/5

Gets too ‘shouty’ for me...I like Charlie Kirk; he’s clearly a very clever, intelligent young guy, with a passion he wants to share. But - he gets really ‘shouty’ really quickly; has guests on, then proceeds to talk all over them; he doesn’t ask questions around the nature of topical politics but instead talks (seemingly without breath) at you with his opinion/ stance being the only correct one. I would consider myself conservative, I would’ve voted Trump, but...Kirk needs to calm down, stop, listen, breath, and pull together a more rounded, quieter opinion, otherwise will simply be labelled an alt-right loon (and he’s much too knowledgeable for that). I don’t subscribe (for the reasons above) but do check in every once in awhile to see if any pod topics or guests are worth a listen..Score: 3/5

Liberal show.This is Not Conservatism, this is Free market ‘L’iberalism. Terrible takes on 90% of subjects. I have heard 3 episodes and admit a guest or two was interesting but this charlie kid has No idea. My advice to him would be to ask the Great Patrick Buchanan for some tips..Score: 1/5

LegendLet me know someone who articulates his debate better than this. There’s only joe Rogan who I’ve listened to. As much as this gent.Score: 5/5

Excellent podcast from a great organisationCharlie Kirk has done a fantastic job with Turning Point USA and the team behind Turning Point UK are doing an equally great job providing resistance to the feral left that have been riding roughshod over everything Britain holds dear for far, far too long. Subscribe, rate, review and support..Score: 5/5

Great PodcastI could listen to Charlie all day, I would highly recommend his podcasts. Along with Nigel Farage , he is a great speaker for the Conservative Right. From 🇬🇧.Score: 5/5

Fake conservativeCharlie smears real conservatives as racist just as the left do. He doesn’t care about maintaining traditional America - only his donor money. Disgusting..Score: 1/5

ExcellentVery interesting, I’ve been watching TPUSA videos for a while, and this podcast is very good..Score: 5/5

Great podcastGreat podcast, I can not recommend this enough..Score: 5/5

Truth and Freedom it ain’tListened to the Colin Kaepernick episode hoping for a reasoned argument against the football player. All there was was a stream of hyperbolic ranting about how bad a player he was like something you’d expect from a child in a schoolyard. Kirk plays the man and not the ball because he clearly hasn’t got the intelligence or wit to provide a counter. Then there’s the lauding of Trump at Mount Rushmore with no mention of the native tribes not wanting the buffoon in chief there. It’s funny how Kirk will extoll the rights of Israel to steal Palestinian land because Jews were in Palestine thousands of years ago but sees no contradiction in the mistreatment of native Americans and doesn’t confer any rights upon them. Just one of his hypocritical traits. Then there’s the proliferation of the mentions of freedom and truth throughout when the opposition to statues of the founding fathers and other historical figures when the truth is these people from the past he looks up to owned people and traded in them as a commodity, the crux of people’s objection to these figures. Where was the slaves right to freedom and why doesn’t he face the truth on this..Score: 1/5

MAGA KIRKEveryone should listen to Charlie Kirk. Refreshing and so entertaining to listen to someone talk so much sense. Educational and doesn’t fall victim to the gaslighting left. Already bought his E-book the MAGA Doctrine. Definitely a must buy 🙌🏻👌🏻.Score: 5/5

Charlie Kirk is a Podcast BadassI love the show. I can’t get enough of them I follow him and Candace on All the socials and it’s great to hear them while I go to work !.Score: 5/5

You will learn a lot.Not only Charlie is a great podcast host, you will learn a lot from him and his guests. I sometimes take notes! He is a great example that you don’t need to go to College to be highly educated and have great wisdom..Score: 5/5

Brilliant podcastGreat source of factual information and brilliant arguments, thank you!.Score: 5/5

Truth that Everyone should hereYour show is literally one of the only factual information places that I’ve seen. Never stop growing and never change how factual and engaging you and the show are. If you could, discuss this new person running “against AOC”.Score: 5/5

Excellent podcastYet again another beacon of clear thinking from USA being a Brit I get a lot of my view of the world from American podcasts due to the fact that we have a bias left wing press which you are experiencing now. Believe me you need to fight it as it took England forty years to get over socialism or as in American speak obhamaism keep up the good work.Score: 5/5

Just a guy talking right about real stuff 🤷‍♀️♥️My God, I so regret for not finding this podcast sooner. “Truth hurts and lie kills” and this amazing Charlie speaks the truth and always surprise me. Never heard a guy/gal speaking the truth with such passion. Thank God for giving us Charlie. May God give us more and more passionate speakers like Charlie. Amen! 🙏.Score: 5/5

MrGreat show, Charlie Kirk is so factual and articulate. Don't listen to mainstream media anymore, would rather listen to people like Charlie & Candace give their take on current affairs and political history as it's factual and told from a perspective of liking free market capitalism unlike all other media..Score: 5/5

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ValuableAppreciate the discipline that Charlie Kirk has developed and his honest, godly podcast. I have learned a lot about the American culture and what is good to look for in politicians..Score: 5/5

Love Charlie KirkHonest, transparent, and standing up for our freedoms and liberties founded on the truth of Gods word. Keep doing what you’re doing Charlie, and hello from Canada! God bless!.Score: 5/5

TrashThis guy can only make a point when he doesn’t have an educated human in front of him. He likes to jerk himself off with other republicans but is unwilling to debate with anyone that isn’t a stunned college SJW with no armour. Here’s an idea, try debating with Sam Harris ?.Score: 1/5

Truly Amazing!Charlie is a unbelievably patriotic person who even has enormous support in Canada. Charlie is an idol of mine and I look forward every morning to listening to his podcast and hearing his perspective! Charlie speaks nothing but the truth, he rooted in facts and is not afraid of anyone. He loves God, loves his country and loves the world. Our world is a better place with Charlie Kirk in it! #MAGA2020.Score: 5/5

I’m Canadian, this is 100% worth a listen!!Charlie, it is SO encouraging to hear you fighting for truth! There are people up here in Canada who are willing to fight for the USA! I stand with you. Our family stands and will fight for truth and freedom. It is a dire situation here... please pray for Canada. God bless you for your courage ♥︎.Score: 5/5

Master LeaderJesus was 33 when he saved Us. Charlie is 27 and a smoking gun for the Lord.❤️the jingle of Rush,Laura Trump and many more opening the show 😎many say he’d make a great president,politician,pastor He is all of those. I think he should be exactly where God put’s him. Charlie started TPUSA @age 18 . ❤️ the idea of him training the young to become Leaders ,political pastors. God fearing People Bringing out the Evil and DISSOLVE the idea that we can’t be together in perfect harmony. Bringing Peace love and prosperity back.👏🏻🙏🏼 Angels we have heard on high sweetly singing drain the SWAMP 🎶 We want 1,000’s’, of mini Charlie’s Ivanka’s Candace’s Matt’s and all believers willing to wear the Armour of GOD . Bless and keep Charlie healthy physically-mentally-spiritually 🙏🏼 I’m sure we love Charlie as much as the deplorable’s ❤️ Trump 😂.Score: 5/5

BrilliantEight years ago today, Charlie Kirk created one of the biggest young conservative movement in America. A true leader in the conservative movement. Charlie has worked really hard to give a voice to conservatives on campus and challenge the liberal ideology. Each podcast is thought provoking and brilliant. A must listen in today’s times..Score: 5/5

Tap for TruthIf US survives Charlie will probably be POTUS one day. Sharp, honest and doesn’t mince words.Score: 5/5

Over the top #1 podcastThanks Charlie for your insightful review of the presidential debate as well as all your other podcasts. God has blessed you with wisdom and intelligence and the fortitude to say it like it is with no compromise. Awesome job Charlie. Everyone needs to hear you especially at this most important junction in our history. God bless you..Score: 5/5

Why is Charlie’s Face Too Small for His Head?I listen to this clown everyday. He’s made me more progressive and I’m grateful for that. Thanks Charlie!.Score: 1/5

One of the best political podcasts out there!Charlie does an amazing job of giving real statistics and facts! He gets amazing guests on and I know I can trust the information I’m getting. Charlie and this show are doing great things for America!.Score: 5/5

King of Kings = Jesus “Shalom”Charlie Kirk excellency ~Most inspirational people interviewed and such a blessing to listen within the worldwide community subscriber Pearl Langley bc Canada.Score: 5/5

Amazing workI’m from Canada and I always love listening to your podcasts. You are so well spoken and equipped with facts. Your passion for America is so inspiring and I can’t wait to move there one day ❤️🤍💙.Score: 5/5

Charlie is greatAmazing podcast.Score: 5/5

Great showCharlie has an amazing show it’s hard to believe that he’s only 27 given how Knowler and mature he is..Score: 5/5

Canada is listeningFinally, a voice for the silent majority! If you’re interested in hearing opinions supported by reason, logic and facts - this is your guy..Score: 5/5

👍👍👍👍👍👍Love Charlie Kirk, hope there is more young men like him for my daughters! 😂👍.Score: 5/5

So Thankful!It gives me peace of mind that Charlie Kirk is out there fighting for our great country! He is such a smart guy and listening to his podcast is one of my favorite times of the day. Thank you for all you do Charlie!.Score: 5/5

This is my favourite podcast of all time.Although I love the Daily Wire, Charlie Kirk really sticks out above the rest..Score: 5/5

Go Charlie!I love listening to Charlie, he’s passionate about his country and is brave enough to speak out against the people trying to destroy it. This podcast calls out the facts and gives me courage to stand up for my own values! Highly recommended if you are new to politics.Score: 5/5

Young conservatives rock!Most of the younger generations are left-winged especially up in Canada. You have inspired me to fight for my ideology to be heard. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Great Insight into Today’s PoliticsGreat show, great interviews, and great insight into today’s political issues, and showing media hypocrisy!.Score: 5/5

Best conservative showYes.Score: 5/5

Charlie stands up tall and strong 💪👏The best logic ever simplified in the most detailed and entertaining manner is literally what Charlie accomplishes.Score: 5/5

Best podcast out there!What an incredible man of God spreading TRUTH! Thank you Charlie for all that you do! So proud of you and the passion and love you have for the country! Keep up the amazing work! We have your back and will support you every step of the way! God bless you!.Score: 5/5

Total loserAnother Trump enabler who’ll someday deny ever supporting him ..Score: 1/5

What can I sayThe guy has a sound mind.Score: 5/5

Live in Canada love watching you on you tubGive us hope.Canadian church are already like state owe I don’t believe one church is open because of COVID no church stand up don’t preach what going on in the world . We get more us news and preaching. You are busy but look at the Canadian government it is like democratic ..Score: 5/5

More Canadian LoveAnother Canadian supporter of Trump and Charlie Kirk! I love how he speaks the truth and his boldness in sharing the gospel. Keep up the good work Charlie! Keep fighting for America. I sure wish I could vote! #trumptrain2020.Score: 5/5

Voice of truthThank you Charlie for your incredible understanding of history, the Scripture and your interesting and articulate presentations. So thankful for your podcasts as they give us hope. If we are on God’s side, we are in the majority..Score: 5/5

Thank you for your patriotism Charlie!It’s a rare thing to find someone who loves and believes in America in these days of BLM and political fracture. Keep up the good work Charlie Kirk! You are a national treasure!.Score: 5/5

A very garbage podcastHosted by a garbage brained grifter with a mouth full of lies. If you don’t already have brain worms at the start of your Charlie Kirk experience, you will definitely have them at the end. Run fast and run far. This is not the discourse you seek. 1 star is too many. In reality TPUSA is worth negative stars. Do not waste your time with the grievance baby..Score: 1/5

Full of LiesThis is a stream of lies, one after the next. Pushing debunked conspiracy theories to their sheeple audience..Score: 1/5

I love Charlie!I wake up every morning and listen to Charlie while I make my morning coffee. I recently graduated from university for Political Science and have always resented the leftist bias they implored us to have. Thank you for teaching me the critical thinking I lacked throughout my years in school!.Score: 5/5

The real deal!I’m from Canada. What happens in America affects the rest of the world. He’s the real deal..Score: 5/5

Canadian and loving this showWish we had this kind of passion to educate the misguided, socialist minds here in Canada! Doing an amazing job Charlie! Thankful that you continue to push for a country that’s Pro-God, pro-life, pro-thinking and pro-freedom!.Score: 5/5

Best Conservative PodcastI’m both a proud Canadian and an American. Truly taught me what it means to be a Christian Conservative. 🇺🇸🇨🇦 Thank you Joshua Deslandes.Score: 5/5

Amazing podcastIt’s incredible how this man can back all points with credible facts, sources and reason. Single handedly un brainwashing America..Score: 5/5

Canadians Love You Too!Charlie’s podcasts are amazing! Backed up with facts and data, the true weakness to any Liberal. I’m a Canadian and I can’t explain it but I now identify as a Proud American after listening to Charlie. Hope to see a Turning Point Canada some day..Score: 5/5

Amazing show!Love listening to Charlie! He’s so full of knowledge and he tells it like it is!.Score: 5/5

To CharlieI am Canadian and honestly it is so nice to see you guys fighting for your Country. I would turn as American Citizen just to fight with you its a great cause. Keep pushing! From a friend up North.Score: 5/5

Plainly liarsThis is crap. I’m not a Christian but I can get along with the ideals. This podcast is dangerous. Donald Trump maybe the most dangerous person on Earth. God may be good. Donald Trump is the anti-Christ,.Score: 1/5

Canadian teen loveI’m a 16 year old Canadian and I love listening to this podcast, I use information I learn from Charlie to fight my liberal teachers and fellow students. I think everyone should listen even if your liberal all of his arguments are well researched and all information he uses is accurate. This is the only podcast I listen to and haven’t found one better..Score: 5/5

GarbageBrings up certain facts and ignores others.Score: 1/5

Charlie Kirk ShowI’m from Canada, but I love listened to Charlie Kirk. I’ve learned so much since listening. Charlie is an amazing example to people of all ages! Thanks for your deep concern for our young people!.Score: 5/5

DavidRick Warren is a heretic, he is preaching a different gospel, just for your information, thanks Charlie and your pastor for making a stand for truth..Score: 5/5

ReviewHonestly this podcast is amazing!! I’ve learnt a lot in the past while because of your podcasts! Btw I’m from Canada (yes there is Canadian patriots in Canada) so how do we get this leftist liberal prime minister of ours outta office?.Score: 5/5

Great jobHi Charlie, this is Mitchell from Alberta, even though I don’t live in the USA, I love your passion for god and your country. You have enriched my life and made me want to fight for my own country. And I too don’t want socialists coming here and trying to take over. As a conservative Christian, I believe the message that you are getting out there. God bless. And keep the good fight going for truth..Score: 5/5

Gaslighting masterMaster of misinformation. Not a man of GOD. Gaslighting is the name of his game. Trump is the only person who lies more..Score: 1/5

Ohhh Canada 🇨🇦Trump 2020 🇺🇸..., what you do Charlie and say it’s for the greater good keep fighting 🙏🙏🙏 as a Canadian I see all the crooked & corrupt democratic,,, Canada needs trump to win cause our crime minister Justin Trudeau harbouring isis fighters plus a corrupt government.Score: 5/5

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Such good informationYour show with Candace yesterday was 100% perfection. She delivers the message on point. I love when you two are on stage together. Thanks for doing your show..Score: 5/5

Manchin will save himself!“President Biden intends to appoint the wife of the Senate’s top swing vote, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin III, to a plum federal position that pays upwards of $160,000 annually.” Manchin has been bought. He will save nothing..Score: 4/5

Both parties Democrat & Republican are bull crap!Riddle me this, how do elected officials go to Washington poor but come back rich. Oh and don’t forget their family and friends that suddenly are successful. Term limits should be the very 1st thing people have on their minds and that they want changed. No one should be able to be a politician for life. Especially freaking judges! Why anyone thinks it’s a good idea for a 90 year old to make big decisions is freaking crazy. 80-90 year old people are hardly ever completely coherent. Nor do I think it’s a good idea for a 20-30 year old kid to be elected. They have too much growing up to do. Our country needs so many changes..Score: 5/5

Love the PodcastGreat podcast and truth filled! The latter is the most important. Keep on keeping on, please!.Score: 5/5

OptimismI listen to a handful of conservative commentary programs, and I think Charlie has become my favorite because despite the difficult subject matter, Charlie has this sense of optimism that is missing in the other shows. No matter what’s going on, Charlie has a way of delivering information in a way that makes me feel as if everything is going to be okay..Score: 5/5

Another twisted version of neo marxistDoesnt make coherent arguments, rambles about semantics; yet has a good presentation. I like some of what he says but Charlie Kirk’s definition of democracy is the transition from capitalism to a stateless classes society without private property. Not flat out said in honor but vaguely shilled as a socialist nationalist. He always wants to point a finger but forgets theres 3 pointing back at him at all times..Score: 1/5

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻God bless you Charlie!!! Love your show.Score: 5/5

A must listenI have been a little lost on who to listen to since Rush has passed away. Charlie Kirk is great up and coming young man who knows his stuff and know how to get his points across! Thank you Charlie!.Score: 5/5

The angry ramblings of a small-faced manNo further explanation needed.Score: 1/5

Breonna TaylorHey Charlie LOVE your podcasts especially this one on George Floyd Now let’s focus on Breonna Taylor and the truth that is being withheld from our citizens. Put your investigative skills to work and uncover the truth This is my community and I had NEVER heard of BT death until AFTER George Floyd destruction started I as an ER/Trauma nurse know and understand a few things... EMERGENCY MEDICAL is a big family and we will be there to support another in their time of need so why wasn’t her death made more public Breonna had NOT worked EMS or in an ER for better than 3 years before her death She was fired from EMS for stealing drugs— not just from EMS but also from the patients she transported No doubt she also stole drugs from the ER where she worked... these claims are the very reasons why we in her community never heard of her death We will NOT stand up for those doing wrong They claim she was going to be a nurse 🤔🤔😏 I can tell you that with these issues of stolen drugs would prevent her from sitting for her nursing boards... she can pay & go through the program but then ultimately be denied the ability to sit for boards Now if she was a nurse that got caught doing such.. then KY would put you in a diversion program and you as a nurse would be limited in your ability to access narcotics The truth needs to be told because I’m sick of criminals being made out to be martyrs.Score: 5/5

J.D. Vance episodeJ. D. Vance clearly explains why we are losing our Republic and gives solutions on how to recover from the death spiral. 1A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.Score: 5/5

Justice ThomasCharlie, I really enjoy your insight and the way you dig into areas that are relevant. Surely your comments about Clarence Thomas tuning into the Charlie Kirk show were meant to be tongue in cheek. You said that you have been calling out the Big Tech giants for a long time. And you have, but it’s possible that Justice Thomas has as well. It sounds a little pompous for you to insinuate that you were first. As a believer, I’m sure you didn’t mean it to sound that way. Blessings on you as you stand for Truth. Donna.Score: 5/5

FascinatingVery thoughtful! Love listening when I ride to work!! Listen!.Score: 5/5

Charlie Kirk is Chosen to LeadI am grateful, We are all grateful for your leadership !!.Score: 5/5

Great podcastI always followed your Facebook page, I’m glad I started listening to your show..Score: 5/5

TYVMLove This Podcast and encourage my Teenage children to listen also.Score: 5/5

Loudon, VAThank you young man!!! You handled that libtard teacher PERFECTLY!!! There’s ONE RACE in the world, the HUMAN race... these teachers are OVERWHELMINGLY liberals! When I graduated in ‘04, THAT was clear! These teachers who are pushing our KIDS to state the obvious of skin TONE; but black white yellow or green, were THE HUMAN RACE! Again young buck, I applaud your courage against that d bag teacher, who shouldn’t teach AT ALL!.Score: 5/5

A Voice in the WildernessI can’t fully express how thankful I am that a friend recommended Charlie’s podcast to me. I subscribe to several but find myself faithful listening to only a few for the truth of what is happening in politics. His passion, knowledge and dedication are admirable and desperately needed during this tumultuous time in our country..Score: 5/5

Thanks CharlieHi Charlie I’m so glad I found your podcast, and I want to thank you for all of the in-depth exposing that you do. You are a rising star in the political world and I hope to someday vote you president!.Score: 5/5

Best conservative podcast there is!I started out as a conservative for the financial aspect... lower taxes etc, but I felt like when confronted by the left on why I was conservative I failed to be able to come up with the words. This podcast has helped me find exactly why I am a conservative and armed me with the facts to be able to defend my beliefs for SO much more than just wanting lower taxes. In fact, after listening to this podcast for about six months now, that’s one of the last reasons I am a conservative. Thank you, Charlie, for all the hard work you put in to give me a couple hours of education every single day. 🙏🏼 God bless you and your team!.Score: 5/5

Great show!One of my favorite podcasts..Score: 5/5

Grateful for Charlie!I got into politics about a year ago. I wanted to stay educated since I’m surrounded by liberals and I found Charlie. I have learned an incredible amount from him and I LOVE his heart for Jesus. This podcast is a part politics, part history lesson and part biblical and it’s one of my top 2 favorite podcasts I listen to every day..Score: 5/5

TruthThank you from a 50 yr old woman who have kids in college. You speak truth and are fighting for our kids. America is the greatest place on earth and we’re tired of hearing lies. The majority don’t believe what the leftists are saying and trying to cover up. As a Republican I am tired of being labeled a Racist and the ideology of White Supremacy. It is so offensive and I object to this label! God Bless your work to save our Country!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸.Score: 5/5

Brainwashed extremistToo radical with his religious views..Score: 1/5

A complete waste of any conservative’s timeNever before have I heard such recycled, regurgitated, Neocon/libertarian jargon take away several hours of my life that I will never get back. Charlie Kirk represents the embodiment of the attitude of gatekeeper conservatism that seeks to profit off the naïveté of baby boomers. “I’m young, but I’m also conservative! ...something something freedom... something something 2nd Amendment... something something Ronald Reagan”, then proceeds to do nothing but mock the left for winning the culture war. Don’t waste your time listening to this trust fund loser counting the money you throw at him while he repeats talking points that aren’t even conserving anything, the same man that said “America is nothing to be proud of”. The best alternatives would be John Doyle or Vince Dao, they will actually go on the front lines, whereas Kirk would be cowering in one of his homes..Score: 1/5

Very InformativeLove getting Kirk’s perspective on the issues and book recommendations. God bless you Charlie...❤️.Score: 5/5

Wonderful ShowIt’s great to have a place to go to get good news and commentary from someone who has their head on straight. Have been listening for several months and will definitely continue to!.Score: 5/5

Cry moreMore crying and whining with no substance but the Koch bros bankroll anyone at this point 😂 such a desprate copecast maybe get a real job.Score: 1/5

Great factual informationI love listening to Charlie. He speaks with knowledge, not feelings. He speaks to today’s challenges and offers solutions. Keep it up and thank you..Score: 5/5

InspirationalThank you Charlie for giving us real hard facts, thank you for giving examples based on real history and comparing are now to the days of our great leaders, founders, and philosophers. Listening to you, makes me feel a lot more comfortable and open to debate concerning the subjects you touch up on in these podcast. I also love how you recommend books & certain people in history for us to read up on in order to broaden our knowledge 🕺 you rock.Score: 5/5

Crock of Scheisse- 6 votes? Let’s clear it up w/o all the drama. - J. Kerry with a dangling mask? Harrumph. From the Kirk acolyte who worships the no-mask former so-called president? The one who lied about COVID, got secretly vaccinated, pooh-poohed masks, and then ensured 500+ fatalities? -How about the 2000 election dangling chads? - The “woke corporations” are the Dems’ fault? Excuse me, the GOP ensured Citizens United (dark money); the tax cut for the 1%; the removal of worker safety regs, clean air, water, food, environment regs; $$ to their buddies (crony capitalism) that should have gone to small businesses; plus they took (and laundered) $30M from the Russians. #GOPGFY..Score: 1/5

Charlie’s ArmyYou go kid. We need more Charlie Kirks. This kid gives our great country a chance in these upside down times. Join Charlie’s Army and lets right side up the greatest country on the face of the earth (USA). We got your back Charlie..Score: 5/5

This podcast has opened my eyesThank you Charlie! I love what I am learning through your podcast and grateful for a voice that is calling out the lies we are told everyday through our Corrupt media. I am grateful for your Christian values and love of our country..Score: 5/5

AmericaI saw Kirk at his culture war tour and he didn’t answer any of the questions well..Score: 1/5

Loved “why I’m a Christian” podcast!Thank you for laying out such a strong case surrounding the events of Christ’s death. Christ has risen!!!.Score: 5/5

EnlightenmentThanks to Charlie I learn a handful of new things each day. My vocabulary continues to grow and my thoughts are turning into positive actions. He’s been my hero through this past year!.Score: 5/5

Charlie Kirk is a wealth of informationI appreciate Charlie Kirk’s perspective. He is level-headed and explains everything so well to laymen like me. I tuned in daily for his coverage during and after election, thank you Charlie for this coverage, since it wasn’t happening on Propaganda MSM, I hope you’ll continue to uncover the truth!.Score: 5/5

Awesome work you Do!!🇺🇸🇺🇸💕🇺🇸Thank you for telling the Truth!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Charlie Kirk PodcastThank you for all you do! Your podcast is fantastic to listen to! You get me through my workout! 😊.Score: 5/5

HoldenYou won’t debate real differing ideas, unless they’re silly leftists. Coward. Everyone should instead, watch America First with Nicholas Fuentes, a real patriot..Score: 1/5

Charlie Kirk is AmazingI listen to Charlie Kirk at work with my earbuds and I find myself cheering out loud. We are blessed to have Charlie Kirk in our corner! God Bless Charlie Kirk!!.Score: 5/5

My go to podcastCharlie Kirk and his team are a true inspiration. He’s a real American patriot and believes in fighting for what’s right. I’ve learned a lot listening to the show and really enjoy how he brings so much back to God being the foundation of our country!.Score: 5/5

Please DifferentiateCharlie, Great speech in Oklahoma. PLEASE make a distinction between the NATIONAL chamber of commerce and local chambers of commerce. They are different and their goals are NOT the same. Local chambers are made up of small businesses, the backbone of our economy..Score: 5/5

Charlie Kirk & Ben Shapiro are soup sucking dead ends for conservativesIf you want more of what Trump ran on in 2016, go watch America First w/Nicholas J. Fuentes, weeknights at 9:50-10:00pm at www.AmericaFirst.Live He’s a real human being & not someone essentially “created in a petrie dish in a lab at the Heritage Foundation” as described by Steve Bannon. ✝️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸🍔🕹.Score: 1/5

Go, Charlie!Thank you for what you do and what you stand for..Score: 5/5

BigGroyper.Score: 1/5

New faces in the GOP and JD VanceGreat interview with JD Vance. I read his book when it first came out and related to his story as I saw the erosion of good jobs in the Midwest where I grew up. We were in the cattle business but the kids I grew up with who’s parents worked in factories didn’t have a future if they stayed there. After Trumps crusade to Make America Creat Again, JD’s book really made a lot of sense. I think he should skip the Senate and run for President! He’s right about America and what needs to happen now to save her!.Score: 5/5

Groyper’edCool it with the anti-Semitic remarks.Score: 1/5

AwfulJust awful.Score: 1/5

Better than CNNCharlie is a well informed and articulate young man. I love how he ties history with our current political events. He’s honest and fair. He’s interested in disseminating facts even when they don’t agree with our two main political parties. I listen to Charlie’s podcasts everyday when I go on my morning walks. I used to listen to music, but then it occurred to me, that I want to be informed, and I want to learn something new from this talented young man..Score: 5/5

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Great show, refreshing perspectiveI love hearing a different perspective on news. Charlie does a great job of challenging the main stream media and cutting through the noise. I don’t always agree but always enjoy his passion..Score: 5/5

LightBe ready to hear the truth..Score: 5/5

Yes please come to AustraliaBig fan! Always love how informative you are. We definitely need you over here in Aus! The left is as wacky here as it is in the US. We just had a conservative prime minister voted in and the left are mad! Come start a turning point with us!.Score: 5/5

AMAZINGI freaking love Charlie Kirk. I’ve only listened to the podcast for a week & I’m in LOVE. Keep doing what you do, Charlie, I fully support you 👏🏽.Score: 5/5

AwfulPropaganda, not news..Score: 1/5

Amazing podcast but...I don’t know why Charlie won’t respond to my requests for an interview 😔. If he wants to, he can find me on Facebook as Cameron J Bishop..Score: 5/5

Haha Society Stains :)I will give him 5 stars even though I don’t care for American politics. I just don’t think it’s fair that all the simpletons contributing zero to any society are coming here to give him a low rating just because he has a different view to their bizarre, delusional, unicorn land, dangerous and destructive “ideas”..Score: 5/5

Crenshaw DebateThe Crenshaw debate was fantastic! I love seeing engagement and lively debate..Score: 5/5

UnintelligibleFor some reason, the only audio I could hear was a viscous gurgling noise. I guess that's one of the downsides of being a mouthpiece for oil tycoons. Also on an unrelated note, every time I see a picture of the good Mr. Kirk, his face keeps getting smaller, maybe get that checked out..Score: 1/5

Love from AustraliaAbsolutely loving the podcasts!.Score: 5/5

Charlie Kirk great podcastCompelling, intelligent, informative and not to be missed podcast. Thanks for your incredible hard work Charlie Kirk..Score: 5/5

Fake conservativeCharlie Kirk is a completely fake conservative..Score: 1/5

2.0The podcast is boring. I find hard to believe anyone would tune in to hear Charlie Kirk’s newest hot take. He is more of a neoliberal than conservative anyways. Sad..Score: 1/5

I love your podcast and we need Turning Point in AustraliaWe in Australia need a Turning Point organisation! Please come help!.Score: 5/5

AmazingCharlie does an amazing job breaking down current and evergreen topics and is just so so good. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

Solid voice of the conservative movement!!I’ve been listening to Charlie Kirk for two years now but I only recently have come across his podcasts. All I can say is he’s informed and knows what’s happening in the world and more importantly in the United States. Will keep listening for as long as his podcasts are available..Score: 5/5

Keep Fighting the Good Fight!We are hanging on every podcast. Truth in a world of dominant deceit. Keep fighting for President Trump!.Score: 5/5

ImpressedGreetings from Australia. I am very impressed with Charlie’s intelligence and incisiveness. You have wisdom beyond your years..Score: 5/5

Love your work, Charlie!Another Aussie fan! Prior to the election I used to listen to episodes of interest, but now I cannot wait for your latest ep to drop and listen religiously. You’re my lifeline to factual, uncensored information Down Under. God Bless and keep speaking truth with love..Score: 5/5

Never stop!Thankyou Charlie , you’re a much needed voice of reason in these crazy times!!! Thankyou for all that you do. It is much appreciated!!!!.Score: 5/5

Great team and podcastsI’m an Aussie who loves US politics and listen to the podcast each day. Love it!.Score: 5/5

Repetitive Talking PointsI was hoping I could here some new idea’s but it was a lot of the same concepts rehashed. It might if been the guest in this episode...... will keep listening to see if it improves.Score: 1/5

Amazing podcastI highly recommended this podcast. Make it go viral. Benjamin Peter.Score: 5/5

GroyperGet groyped lying scum.Score: 1/5

Keep Up Your Great Work CharlieLove your diversified show Charlie and your support of Truth, Integrity and President Trump. Listening everyday from Brisbane, Australia. Thanks Kindly Chris Chapman.Score: 5/5

Ruthlessness of truth at its finest.As a young gay man I take pride in facts and intelligent information to help me decide where and when I’m being led into a false narrative. Stacks of stats! Truth will out. Love from all the way from sydney Australia..Score: 5/5

Great thinkerI wish Australia had a Charlie Kirk.Score: 5/5

One of the best podcastsHe makes really good points. You can tell this podcast is very well researched! Keep up the good work :) PS: please come to Australia! We need a Turning Point AU.Score: 5/5

Passion defined.Charlie. You are one of a kind. You speak from the heart, without fear. I would say your most admirable trait is not you courage or your passion. It’s your own sense of honour. I say that because honour encompasses many other things such as courage, wisdom, strength and love. You inspire me on a daily basis and I tell people about you all the time. All my love and support from Melbourne, Australia. Keep up the good fight my friend. God bless you, Jake..Score: 5/5

Worst podcast everBORING! Cannot listen to this any longer. Surprised any listens to this rubbish at all..Score: 1/5

Wish I could give it less than one starHow this college dropout became a partisan hack so quickly I will never know. A pile of lies intermingled with hate filled garbage. Although it does have decent sound quality considering it appears to have been recorded in donald trumps rectal cavity..Score: 1/5

Come to Australia!Hey mate, been a massive fan of you and your podcast. When are we having Turning Point come to Australia? We need you down under 🙏🙏.Score: 5/5

MUCH LOVE FROM MELBOURNE AUSTRALIAJust wanted to say how much I love this true, rational and informative show about issues in the USA and around the world. I’m from Melbourne Australia but listen religiously.Score: 5/5

Amazing!Amazing show, intelligent man, and captivating content. Love your show Charlie, I’m learning a lot!.Score: 5/5

Bless youKnowledge.Score: 5/5

Great work CharlieI love your show Charlie, informative and honest. Very refreshing. From Australia 🇦🇺.Score: 5/5

Bringing Patriotism To My Life!Listening to Charlie fills me with patriotism for the US and my country of Australia 💪🏼 Keep fighting for democracy, westernised societies need more people like you!.Score: 5/5

FantasticMaybe get a new mic, the current one pops when you get passionate.Score: 5/5

Not a conservative.Charlie Kirk is a poser. He claims to be a conservative, yet he demonises anyone to the ideological right of him as "fascist"and "alt-right". He does not advocate for traditional conservatism, but rather for mainstream libertarianism, which has given rise to the destructive left, and acts as one of the prominent gatekeepers of his movement, ignoring and actively attacking those who disagree with him. He has already taken enough money and has garnered enough false fame. It is time to put this unscrupulous, pro-lgbt snake to shame..Score: 1/5

Horrific drivel.Poor boy. He’s clearly gay and repressing his emotions. I feel for him but wish him nothing but to realise his admiration of god is false. Poor kid..Score: 1/5

A lot of talking with nothing to sayCharlie Kirk made somewhat of a name for himself by accomplishing the very difficult task of pushing back against mentally unstable college lefties & also by switching the to the MAGA movement once he realised it was more lucrative. Now he’s got a podcast where he repeats all the conservative establishment talking points which are void of any substance. This podcast will serve its purpose of catering to people with the boomer mindset, but it will not garner an wider audience of actually interesting people with unconventional ideas..Score: 1/5

Groyper- get groyped lying scumDon’t lie about your political opponents.Score: 1/5

AndrewAnother soldier we need right now for democracy.Score: 5/5

OzconsVery articulate, well informed. Love these podcasts. Look forward to new ones every day. Charlie is passionate, courageous and patriotic..Score: 5/5

Australia needs the MAGA doctrineHERE. WE. GO. I have listened to your podcast daily for I don’t know how long and love it! It challenges me politically to be a more active conservative, and continues to challenge me spiritually! Keep it up! One of the best podcasts in the Apple Library! All that’s left to mention is WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO VISIT AUSTRALIA!.Score: 5/5

Not a real conservativeThis guy silences young people who oppose him from the right on college campuses. Not really for free speech!.Score: 1/5

LolThis is the saddest, most cult-like podcast I’ve wasted my time listening to. Anyone who worships a pathological lying, misogynistic, sexual-assaulting, self-serving orange Buddha isn’t worth wasting 15 seconds on. Don’t listen to this drivel, go do something more productive, like plucking your pubes or pick up dog excrement. Far more rewarding..Score: 1/5

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FaithJusticeTruThis 🌎 of lies is showing more clearly that is difficult 2 trust in politicians, news anchors, news channels news📰 .Score: 5/5

Summermainst .Score: 5/5

BBudskyMYFriendGavin HungWang10 MarkTrail11 Ryan_Lever The Charlie Kirk Show 😂.Score: 5/5

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The Charlie Kirk Show Podcast Episodes

Parents Begin to Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory

A powerful story out of New York City, where one parent of a 7th grader attending an elite private school, finally and very publicly, has begun to push back against the woke industrial complex infecting his child's school. In one of the most scathing written rebukes you will ever hear, Charlie charts the roadmap for parents all across the country to fight back and reclaim the education system. Charlie also highlights an infuriating story involving a Turning Point USA chapter president in Minnesota, Avery Severson, who was victimized by a vile racial hate hoax by fellow classmates.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

Ask Charlie Anything 59: The Left's Dangerous Motivation, Court Packing, A 13-Year-Old Shot in Chicago, and MORE!

It's Monday, that means Charlie takes on the questions listeners like you send him to [email protected], including the controversy behind Democrats' latest attempt to pack the Supreme Court and what a conservative president can do in response to that, should they get their way. He goes on to unpack the motivation behind the various instances of insanity that shine through the Democrats' domestic agenda, before unpacking the shooting of Adam Toledo in Chicago that has rocked the state of Illinois. All of that and much more on this, the latest  'Ask Charlie Anything' Monday edition of The Charlie Kirk Show. Support the show: See for privacy information.

The Science of Racism with Eric Kaufman

Charlie sits down with professor of politics at Birkbeck College, University of London and Manhattan Institute Adjunct Fellow, Eric Kaufmann, to discuss his new ground breaking study exposing how one's Ideology, social media exposure and university education can heighten their perceptions of racism far more than their lived experience. Using all new, original survey data, Kaufman builds the case for how Critical Race Theory and its affiliates are actually destroying the agency and resiliency of African Americans, which includes their own internalized belief that they posses individual agency and control of their life. Kaufman provides hard data and exacting academic standards to reveal a picture of modern American racism that is far different than the mainstream narrative being taught in our schools and broadcast on the nightly news.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

Ancient Wisdom from the World's Most Important Book—LIVE from Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain

Charlie joins courageous pastor Jimmy Morales live from Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain in Las Vegas to discuss the need for a revival in America and where anyone can turn for answers. He goes through a timeline of the most important wisdom to be found in the Bible and how our country needs it now, more than ever. Finally, he takes questions from members of the congregation—answering questions about his stance on abortion, economics, the virus, and much, much more. Support the show: See for privacy information.

FLASH UPDATE: James O' Keefe Speaks Out After Being Silenced by Twitter

On this extra, 'Flash' episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, the most dangerous man not on Twitter joins Charlie from an undisclosed location to talk about his team's efforts to expose the activists at CNN and, of course, unpacking the dangerous response from the Tech Tyrants of Silicon Valley. He walks through his fight against Twitter and what the next steps will look like in his lawsuit to clear his name of any wrongdoing. Finally, James gives a sneak preview of what's on the horizon in his world of investigative journalism—who his next targets could be, what smug leftist organization may be the next to take a tumble, and much, much more. Support the show: See for privacy information.

Unpacking the Digital Assassination of Project Veritas

If you can silence the king, you become the king. Charlie builds this idea out as he unpacks the digital "night of the long knifes" that unfolded Thursday night in which the Masters of Menlo Park took no prisoners. One of the most effective journalists in the conservative movement, Founder & CEO of Project Veritas James O' Keefe, fell victim to a digital assassination at the hands of Jack Dorsey—all for exposing the corruption behind CNN. Charlie walks through the fundamental threat this poses to our republic and questions the unwillingness of so-called "conservative" leaders to lift a finger and do anything about it. Support the show: See for privacy information.

How the NEW GOP Must Fight Back—with J.D. Vance

Charlie invites conservative stalwart, Marine Corp veteran, and celebrated author of the bestselling novel 'Hillbilly Elegy'—a man who may have a very bright political future ahead of him in Ohio, should he choose to pursue it—the one and only J.D. Vance to join him for a fascinating episode of The Charlie Kirk Show. Charlie and J.D. tackle the big issues of the day and why the current composition of the conservative movement is seemingly proving themselves either unfit or unwilling to tackle them. Taking it a step further, the duo discusses the need to shift the infamous Overton Window if we expect to have any chance at saving the republic—including a proposal to legislate morality that could make all the difference in America's preservation. This is arguably one of the most important episodes we've had this year. Be sure to tune in, take notes, and take action. America is on the line and it's time to rally behind the fighters like J.D. Support the show: See for privacy information.

The Bloody 20s — How We're Headed for a Violent Decade

Charlie dissects the crime statistics from the FBI and police agencies around the country to analyze what amounts to the largest year-over-year increase in violent crime in the history of America. What are the root causes of the surge in violent crime? What can we do about it? Who is driving this and how can they be so blindly devoted to a war on cops despite the data? Unfortunately, we are starring down the barrel of a violent decade unless something changes and fast.  Support the show: See for privacy information.

CNN Propagandists EXPOSED + The Not-That-Bad Biden Move I Actually Agree With

In now-viral footage that should make any American sick to their stomach, the team at Project Veritas, led by James O' Keefe, has exposed CNN for the propagandists they are. Charlie runs through all of the shocking undercover footage and unpacks the evil that's behind the activist media outlets controlling the narrative in our nation. And in a surprising turn of events, Charlie finishes the show by actually agreeing with Joe Biden on something that will have massive—hopefully positive—implications on America and the entire world. Support the show: See for privacy information.

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