We are bringing you the complete story of uBiome. It was a biotech company with promise: charismatic leaders, an exciting product and lots of venture-capital funding. So why did the FBI end up raiding its office? And why is the government calling its leaders fugitives? WSJ's Amy Dockser Marcus tells the story of uBiome's spectacular downfall. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Background musicToo loud Too moronic Complete distraction to the show.Score: 3/5

??Shenyang is not in hubei province it’s in liaoning province which is the other side of the country.Score: 1/5

Liberal newsI am listening now to the podcast defending Twitter partisan censorship to protect Biden, supposedly because of Russian disinformation, when there is zero evidence for such a claim. Someone needs to tell WSJ News team that they are not Editorial (for a good reason) and they should not be partisan. I expect impartiality from the WSJ news section and this is really embarrassing. After the elections, some changes have to be made there..Score: 2/5

Great short bites of information told creativelyWhether you agree or disagree with the (sometimes) partisan nature of some of the content. You can’t deny that this podcast is well researched, entertaining and provides listeners with a basic knowledge of timely events. I appreciate getting to know further than just the headline of major stories (and some stories that I had not heard about) without being bombarded with too much information. I also appreciate the style in which it is produced making this podcast a welcome part of my day..Score: 5/5

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Love the podcastI love your podcast. Your feed is glitched however. I haven’t got any updates since the start of this week..Score: 5/5

Very well doneI really like this podcast. The episodes are well made, the hosts are excellent, and the reporting is top notch..Score: 5/5

They know…A lot of FUD. Shorts haven’t happened yet for GME and they haven’t mentioned anything about AMC. Hodl you beautiful Apes..Score: 3/5

Daily go toThis is one of the first podcasts I listen to everyday, I love the format and Ryan and Kate are great hosts. Editing my previous review: there looks to be a glitch in your podcast feed, for the last few weeks new episodes haven’t been downloading.Score: 5/5

Best podcast everGenuinely one of my favourite podcasts I’ve ever listened to..Score: 5/5

Hit piece, lazy journalism and FUDUsually like this podcast, but this latest episode about Space X and Elon Musk is nothing but hearsay and FUD. WSJ should have spoken to more than two people and maybe even other homeowners who sold their properties. One or two people who don’t like the SpaceX offers or terms to relocate doesn’t mean much. Speak to local authorities regarding Space X’s future plans. Comments like, “we need to fix our planet first” are nonsensical as Elon Musk’s other company is working hard and leading to make our planet more sustainable. Space X has been available to discuss the town to other reporters/journalists, why not this podcast? This is as lazy as journalism gets. WSJ should check actual research/legwork that went into this pod because this pod seems rushed for timing purposes..Score: 2/5

Lack of DepthMost episodes are reasonably informative. But some of the 15 min episodes offer no more value than a headline and have strong ideological leanings than fact based analysis. Using the recent podcast on Exxon Mobile as an example, the guest claimed that Exxon’s decline is due to its refusal to follow some of its rivals to commit to renewable energy; furthermore, the guest claimed the renewables would provide steady stream of future income as if these were facts. The host ate it all up like a patron in a church. It’s a known fact that renewable energy costs 2x more than fossil fuel energy; how can it provide any kind of “steady income “ without government subsidies? How did renewables help Exxon’s rivals avoid declines? Last time I checked, it didn’t. It’s reasonable to question the long term effectiveness of Exxon’s strategy, but confusing facts with ideals and spreading the gospels of the new green religion is not quality journalism..Score: 2/5

Annoying background soundI started listening one of the episodes on a very interesting subject. But that episode uses a very annoying background sound/music that, in my perception, disrupts the flow of the foreground dialog and gets on my nerves so much that we cant listen, although I am very interested. :(. Not sure what the goal of thar music was but it did not seem to contribute any value to the conversation..Score: 5/5

Main Stream Media SlantThis podcast seems to be moving left of center. Not the same balanced reporting as the newspaper. I will drop it soon if this continues. Rather Disappointing..Score: 1/5

SuperbBy far the best podcast to get cool and interesting news. My favorite episodes are when they dive deep into an investigative piece done by one of their reporters. Have listened to every episode created..Score: 5/5

GreatEasily the best deep dive news podcast.Score: 5/5

Among the best daily news podcastsQuickly becoming my favourite. As much as I dislike the editorial and ownership direction of the WSJ, the reporting here is consistently good. Strives to offer multiple perspectives of issues without editorializing..Score: 5/5

Very informative podcastBest podcast ever! You only need to spend less than 20 minutes each day and the host will walk you through a hot topic or an important event. Thanks for offering such a good quality podcast! I strongly recommend to everyone!.Score: 5/5

Awesome podcastJust listening to the July 1 2021 episode and you guys are so relatable and making me really want to go watch this movie! I originally tried this podcast because of the “to the moon” series that described the GameStop phenomenon. It was a learning experience and gripping to listen to. Also the music in this podcast literally makes me excited to listen..Score: 5/5

Good job!Didn’t realize WSJ has podcasts :) Nicely done! Thanks!.Score: 5/5

I can’t stop talking about it!The episode on geo tracking is incredible. I love gimlet and the wsj and the fact that they’re working together makes it even better.Score: 5/5

You guys are great!Best podcast I’ve ever listened to! The only thing I wish is that they came out with more episodes. These are so much fun to listen to. There should be an option to pay to listen to a lot more of this type of content..Score: 5/5

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Can’t wait - Bart ScottCan’t wait - Bart Scott. Great tone and story telling style, entertaining and informative!!.Score: 5/5

Great podcastHighly recommend, great podcast for news..Score: 5/5

Climate, Biden & Manchineel 10/25/21Hard to believe WSJ put their name on this shabby Journal Podcast from Ryan and Progressive bending..Score: 1/5

Pretty goodI enjoy this podcast and listen every day. I've noticed that the content tends to have a leftist political bias, which is surprising coming from the WSJ. Despite this, I think the podcast is good. The stories are in the news but offers a deeper dive..Score: 4/5

My FavoriteI’ve respected the WSJ since the start of my business degrees 30+ years ago. This podcast is spot-on. Both moderators are pleasant to listen to, easy to follow and topics are intriguing. Thanks WSJ..Score: 5/5

MehI got turned on to this podcast for the Facebook episodes which I like. However, as is the case with most news reporting these days, some of these episodes clearly are not fair and balanced, lean to one side or don’t, almost purposely, leave out “the other side” of an issue or story. The authors clearly know when this happens so they should place a disclaimer in the title “Opinion” so we don’t get hoodwinked by assuming “fair and balanced” will be in a podcast with a very prominent “WSJ” on it face.Score: 5/5

Great show, great format great hostsAmazing show top 5 on my list. I just sense more biased views than I would want. As I Democrat from NYC even I can sense the left leaning biased reporting. I want to get the news and stories straight without any input or feeling mixed in from the hosts..Score: 4/5

Objective reporting? Not!Some of us would appreciate an unbiased, fact based portrayal of events and issues. What if Simone Biles took your spot on the Olympic team?.Score: 1/5

My everyday showI’ve been listening since late 2019 and this show became my constant companion through the worst of 2020. With their objective reporting, Ryan and Kate alerted me to COVID, were my running and walking companions on long days at home, taught me about things I never knew I needed to know and are always my top choice each day..Score: 5/5

Appreciate the amazing journalism HOWEVERAppreciate the amazing journalism overall however the episode about Tic Disorder amongst teens in relationship to Tic Toc wasn’t up to muster. As a clinician who too has seen a rise in tic disorders amongst female (identified) teens during the pandemic the issues are serious and need more clarity. Many questions not explored include - if it is true that Tic Toc use amongst teens is playing a major role in tic disorders showing up in this population, what is the science behind that ? How, why in watching videos of others does this show up in the watchers? Are there other explanations? Has the role of anxiety, stress pre-existing or pandemic related played a major role ? If so what is that role? I think these are complex issues and more investigation needs to happen..Score: 4/5

Health care and Apple WatchReally? What people need is a doctor to tell them they haven’t done their exercise, ate too much chips and drank too much coke? Use ur brain, eat healthy and run a few times a week and u won’t need this stupid watch. The US health care system is a monster that knows no any limits, there is no reason to keep feeding it. It tries to solve problems, unsuccessfully, that shouldn’t have existed in the first place..Score: 1/5

Very well done and a joy to listen toVery informative and fascinating to listen to about current topics. Strongly recommend!.Score: 5/5

Great podcast!I really appreciate and enjoy this podcast! I think that covering things like the Facebook Files is extremely important, and I’d love to see if you could cover more of it. Covering serious topics like this plays an important role in a healthy society..Score: 5/5

LOVE FACEBOOK FILESI knew that Facebook has been very unethical and have been fckjn with teens mental health. However, a company as big as the WSJ releasing the files has been very alarming and informative! Tnx.Score: 5/5

Gimlet = Spotify ExclusivityDecent podcast. Never thought I’d say that about a WSJ product. Gimlet, however, is essentially Spotify and is forcing longtime users to abandon other podcasts due to Spotify exclusivity deals. Anti-consumer to force users onto Spotify, a product that tracks users and provides extensive data to advertisers. WSJ should find a better parter..Score: 1/5

New newsNice to hear original reporting on different topics than the same old discussions on the cluster that is our political system and on most other daily news shows. The facebook reporting was great— though depressing, and OMG, Matt, from the grad school episode, you are not alone. Relevant..Score: 5/5

SuperbEvery episode is great. Some subjects are of more interest to me than others but the team at WSJ does an outstanding job..Score: 5/5

Perfect ‘off beat’ topicsI really like the Journal as it gives more backstory than just high level topics and quick headlines…there’s other podcasts for that. I like all the interviews and have gotten hooked on this podcast since I started listening a few years ago. As they say “keep doing what you’re doing”..Score: 5/5

Right wing but now left wingAre you going to do a show on the finding of the left wing Antifa. Antifa is much larger and causing way more damage to cities and people than Oath Keepers. They have way more money too. Unfair reporting..Score: 2/5

Why don’t you begin titles with an article?For some reason it’s infuriating that you don’t begin your podcast titles with an article. “Day Facebook logged off” obviously requires “THE” before “day” And “vaccine that took 40 years” also is obviously missing THE. Please explain?.Score: 1/5

Good effort..… but WSJ can find a more fitting media partner. Gimlet paints every story with the same familiar leftest journalistic slant found everywhere else (except WSJ’s written work) and the stories are dummed down more than they need to be for entertainment value. Applaud the initiative, but we can do better..Score: 3/5

SaraLove this podcast - just the right amount of depth on the important issues of the day.Score: 5/5

Missing the obvious questionIn the most recent episode regarding organized crime stealing retail products from pharmacy CVS: Why did the interviewer fail to ask the interviewee the following question? Why not put physical security guard(s) at each CVS store to actually apprehend the booster and break the chain? The interviewee said CVS loses $100,000 per day due to booster/organized crime. Hard to imagine you can't put legitimate security guards at each store for less. It would only take one, alert, physically fit and armed security guard to significantly dissuade a low level booster thug. Is that notion somehow disagreeable to a woke culture? Is the Justice system into which the apprehended booster would be inserted by apprehension from security guard so ineffective that the booster would be back on the street later that day without financial or other real consequence? If a middle-aged white guy walked into a CVS with a big trash bag lined with tinfoil and loaded it with $1,000 worth of allergy medication would he be apprehended?.Score: 5/5

Great all around podcastWell done podcast for daily big topics in business. Unlike Potomac Watch, this podcast deals with facts instead of one sided opinions. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Generally good, sometimes badAtria admits failure in their attempt to develop an E cigarette…so what?.Score: 3/5

Less Than WSJClimate alarmism is a leading reason for the poor review. Historically, climates change naturally, warming and cooling. Modeling on assumptions of complex systems, especially after many models’ failures is unwise. Continuing to foster a misleading narrative, compels one star..Score: 1/5

No hard questions- interviews are just PR opportunitiesInterview with cdc director seemed to have been run by her PR team. Give her a chance to address the criticism and then move on to another chance to address the criticism with no critical Thinking in between. Then Let her end with a statement that the US could all come together and beat Covid but sadly that’s just not going to happen. I guess we should all just give up then. maybe WSJ should ask her why, if it’s her job to beat Covid, and she believes it can only be done if the country comes together, it isn’t her job to bring the country together. Why doesn’t WSJ connect the dots???? Is it becauseThey can’t get big interviews if they ask hard questions?.Score: 3/5

Finally balanced coverageI like having an information source that presents information minimizing the bias elsewhere. Re: Facebook coverage about body image. Excuse me where are the parents? Parents need to help their teens set boundaries with social media. Also engaging additional support from health professionals might prevent or minimizing these problems. People need to have the self discipline to control the use of these platforms..Score: 5/5

Good show. Usually interesting stories.I listen to the Journal almost daily. Most of the stories are interesting and many times I will learn something new. The content is good and put together well. My biggest down side is there’s too many ads, and some of the stories seem irrelevant to market news. Some of the episodes deviate from news about the markets or business and cover general news or world events, which should be left to other news outlets. This podcast should only be a source of information about the markets, companies, and new innovations..Score: 4/5

Great storiesExcellent reporting.Score: 5/5

Go woke go brokeSurprised to see the WSJ have such left leaning content. Don’t expect journalism here.Score: 1/5

UBiome reportingI have listened to both episodes about UBiome. Excellent reporting! Having worked in healthcare and as a certified credentialed coder (medical coder) for over for 20+ years I was shocked to hear about fraud, abuse and ID theft that lead to the FBI and Justice department shutting them down. Where was their compliance department? Medicare, Medicaid and billing practices change regularly and must be kept current when billing for services. Running a sample a second time needs special handling when billing. UBiome had a fast way to make money and end up in prison. Again, great reporting and will listen to more episodes..Score: 5/5

Great podcastPerfect format. Interesting topics. Detailed but not too long. Great hosts-especially Ryan..Score: 5/5

S.O.S.D.D.No real journalism here. The hosts are the same clones that are from any other alphabet news service..Score: 1/5

Some hits, some missesMore often than not, The Journal podcast provides fair and objective news reporting with solid insights and information. However, there are episodes that are little more than press releases pushing a single view with little or no objective coverage of another angle. For a flagrant example of bias and spin, the October 25, 2021 episode titled “Biden’s Climate Ambitions Die in the Senate” could serve as a case study. Little more than a hit job on one member of the Senate who did not comply with the presenter’s guest Siobhan Hughes grinding her axe..Score: 2/5

Surprisingly excellent quality journalismI am a securities and options trader/investor and business owner. In my previous career I used to focus on public policy and avoided the WSJ. Almost everything I read from the newspaper had a clear right-wing, big corporate, socially irresponsible, making the rich richer, “profit over people”, anti-diversity, backwards bias—to the point of making it bad quality, inaccurate journalism. When it defended Trump, it completely lost credibility with me—until this podcast. Based on past experience, when I listened to my first episode of The Journal, my expectations were low and confirmation bias was ready to kick in and make me dislike it. But I was wrong. The quality of the journalism and interviews in this podcast is generally excellent. In fact, this show that has brought me back into the podcast universe after leaving it altogether for several years. This is the only program whose episodes I listen to everyday. It keeps me up to date on cutting edge issues and has taught me a great deal about important topics I otherwise wouldn’t have the time to research myself. When I read one poster’s comment about “leftist” views, I wanted to laugh. Whenever a media outlet reports truth, addresses issues concerning marginalized people, workers’ issues, prioritizes accuracy, and attempts to be more heterogeneous and 360 degrees in its perspectives, right wingers called it “leftist”. While this podcast has exceeded my expectations, there is still more that can be done to make it better. If this is indeed a podcast about “money, business and power,” then topics and analysis other than those with which we are inundated by dominant culture need to be presented . The Journal staff has done well in presenting some topics outside of those dictated by people in power socially, politically, culturally and economically. For example, I very much appreciated hearing about the challenges of an African-American mother who was evicted from her home during the pandemic. I was introduced to and have learned a great deal about NFTs, SPACs, etc. I like the reporting on the GameStop controversy and the issue of retail traders vs. hedge funds and investment banks. However, I was disappointed in the reporting on the unionization effort in the Amazon warehouse located in Georgia. The reporter on the ground did his best to present the workers’ perspectives, but giving the female “worker” who was anti-union so much airtime without providing context was irresponsible. She had only been working at the warehouse for 2 weeks and stated that the workers who supported unionization were the lazy ones. It was an outrageous statement that was allowed to go unchallenged. What should have been stated is that a common employer tactic is hiring workers for the stealth purpose of breaking the union drive from within and voting against it, that Amazon hired union busting firms to help them defeat the effort, held “captive audience meetings” where employees were forced to endure anti-union rhetoric and intimidation tactics. Overall, the Journal’s staff does an EXCELLENT job and I love listening to all of you. Thank you for your great work!!.Score: 5/5

Tends to lag events and fails to find truthOverall it’s a reasonably good imitation of the daily podcast from their main competitor. However, I find the reporters are too naive and don’t have enough context in reporting areas to ask guests useful questions; instead the guests get away with misleading statements. The journalistic quality mirrors the decline in the paper towards being another Murdoch tabloid, only one that targets the gullible affluent.Score: 2/5

Don’t waste your time‘To the moon’ segment is terrible reporting.Score: 1/5

Manchin’s not alone!I’ve been a regular listener from the start and have enjoyed the generally balanced reporting in your podcasts. But your recent report on the administration’s climate plan that focused on Manchin’s opposition that sealed its fate failed to note even one of the other 50 senators who have said they’ll also vote no. You’ve saddled the West Virginia senator with a burden he doesn’t deserve. I think you've lost your balanced perspective in this report. That’s disappointing from the WSJ..Score: 4/5

IRI rRr.Score: 3/5

Worth my / your timeRelevant and well-structured deep dives in current business topics..Score: 5/5

Do something about the lispI love the content of this show. But the woman host’s lisp is distracting..Score: 4/5

Excellent journalismWho would have thought over 100 federal judges are breaking laws? Wow.Score: 5/5

Interviewing Fauci? Why not investigate his ties to the virus leakIt’s incredible you are interviewing him and not running an investigation regarding conflict of interest if he has monetary ties to the vaccine and the NIH research into gain of function viruses?? The outbreak of the delta covid is due to the unvaccinated?? It’s being spread by both vaccinated and unvaccinated. Come on. What about the thousands of covid-positive illegals crossing the border? This was a total skip. I didn’t listen - so if you asked Fauci some of the above tough questions I will be surprised - but not at his answers..Score: 1/5

BiasedPrevious listener of this podcast as I appreciated the in-depth analysis and a neutral perspective on a broad range of issues. Unfortunately, I have since found that the podcast is very left biased. The commentators STILL speak in mocking views regarding Trump or anything associated with him. They are clearly trying to do their part, like the rest of main stream media, to sway the public rather than just report on facts. Very disappointing, I expected more from WSJ.Score: 1/5

AwfulI’m a longtime Journal subscriber, I expected this podcast to be on the level of other readers familiar with the newspaper. This podcast was dumbed down to the point of being very accessible to your average 7 year old..Score: 1/5

Daily ListenSolid daily market and bigger picture economic news podcast. Similar quality to WSJs news desk. Do not expect similar to WSJs editorial desk..Score: 5/5

Thought This Was A Wall Street Journal PodcastI’ve listened for about a month hoping for a balanced view. The reporting is quite slanted - mostly by omission. Two examples: No tough questions to Michigan’s governor and failed to mention WHO’s criticisms of US for closing its border to China. Regarding Twitter vs Trump, there is plenty of data on what views are censored - why would the WSJ not provide them? One year later, I’m occasionally listening hoping for better journalism. No tough questions counter to interview’s narrative. Just a sad commentary on journalism - WSJ should remove its name from the title..Score: 2/5

Fire Betsy McKayWe don’t care about Betsy’s socialist opinions. Re: the most recent episode, where is the credit to the previous administrator for speaking out about this a year ago? Betsy’s a vaccine-hawking double mask wearing woke joke, much more suited for liberal echo chambers like the NYT. WSJ is for people who drive the economy not leech off of it..Score: 1/5

Covid-19 SourceI just listened to your podcast about the source of the COVID-19 virus. It was good to get a summary of recent events. However, I was disappointed to hear the reporter say that when Trump noted the possible source as a Chinese lab it was “political”. Now that Biden is asking for an investigation of the source there was no mention of this being political. Why and why not? I guess you are just another progressive news outlet with bias against Trump. I was hoping for better (unbiased) journalism. I’m done with your podcast..Score: 2/5

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Wow left wing bias!Left wing commentary dressed up....as.”finance news”! Well done!.Score: 1/5

Love the Journal but disappointed in women portrayalI listen to the Journal daily (and LOVE it) but was disappointed in the portrayal of Carla DiBello. I do not know this woman personally but believe she doesn’t deserve the sceptical & judgemental tone of this reporting when she seems to have done nothing wrong, other than be a successful business woman. If the problem is with the Saudi men of this fund making decisions based on a relationship, she should not be to blame for being a good networker. I’m also not sure how her links to the kardashians are relevant to the story & seem to be used alongside her education to devalue her. Funny how when successful men lack qualifications, they are positioned as fighters & respected for rising above their lot, but when a woman like Carla does, it’s viewed with suspicion. Give her a break guys, she is one of the first to showcase women in business on a global scale in a country that has such a long way to go with gender equality. Don’t cut her down & promote unconscious bias.Score: 3/5

Quality journalism in audio formatGreat investigative journalism pieces. Something apparently quite rare in this day and age..Score: 5/5

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The Journal. Podcast Episodes

The Biotech Startup that Became an FBI Target

We are bringing you the complete story of uBiome. It was a biotech company with promise: charismatic leaders, an exciting product and lots of venture-capital funding. So why did the FBI end up raiding its office? And why is the government calling its leaders fugitives? WSJ's Amy Dockser Marcus tells the story of uBiome's spectacular downfall. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

A Player Goes Missing, and Women's Tennis Takes on China

A post on tennis player Peng Shuai's social-media account made a startling accusation: that a former top official of the Chinese Communist Party had sexually assaulted her. Then, she disappeared from public view for more than two weeks. WSJ's Joshua Robinson explains how the head of the Women's Tennis Association is speaking out against China and putting the organization's business on the line. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Why Older Americans Are Fleeing the Workforce

Compared with pre-pandemic estimates, hundreds of thousands more Americans have retired in the last 18 months. We hear from two recent retirees, and we talk to WSJ's Amara Omeokwe about what the wave of retirement could mean for the economy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

A Videogame Giant Confronts a Culture Crisis

Activision Blizzard, one of the world's biggest videogame makers, is facing multiple investigations over sexual harassment and workplace misconduct. WSJ's Kirsten Grind looks at the CEO helming the company, Bobby Kotick, and his knowledge of the allegations. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

How Puff Bar Became the Most Popular Vape for Kids

Last year, the FDA cracked down on flavored vapes in hopes of combatting a rise in teen vaping. But thanks to a loophole in the FDA's rule, sweet, fruity flavors are still around. WSJ's Jennifer Maloney details how a product called Puff Bar has become the top-selling vape among kids. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Ford and GM's Battle for the Hottest Electric Vehicle Startup

Rivian, the Amazon-backed electric vehicle company, went public earlier this month in the biggest IPO since 2014. But before that, Detroit giants General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. fought over partnering with Rivian, earning one of the legacy carmakers a multi-billion dollar payout. WSJ's Mike Colias tells the story of the high-stakes battle. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Taylor Swift's Push to Change Music Ownership

In 2019, Taylor Swift announced she would re-record her first six albums after they fell into the hands of talent agent Scooter Braun. Last week she debuted her version of her album Red. It broke streaming records. WSJ's Anne Steele says this decision is not only making Taylor money but also inspiring other artists to do the same -- and that record labels are pushing back. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

The End of the GE Era

With a reputation as the company whose leaders knew how to run any kind of business, General Electric once made everything from lightbulbs to jet engines. Then, last week, the storied American company announced it was breaking up. WSJ's Thomas Gryta tells the story of how GE's management philosophy fell back down to earth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

What Went Wrong at uBiome, Part 2

uBiome raised millions of dollars in venture funding with the promise that insurance companies would pay for its customers' microbiome tests. But that pursuit ultimately led to an FBI raid and a federal indictment alleging a fraud scheme. WSJ's Amy Dockser Marcus tells the story of uBiome's spectacular downfall. Plus, we try to track down uBiome's leaders, Jessica Richman and Zac Apte, who the government says are fugitives. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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