Billy Markus created the cryptocurrency Dogecoin on a lark, based on a viral dog meme. Eight years later, his creation is worth billions of dollars. Markus and WSJ's Caitlin Ostroff explain how crypto's jokiest coin went to the moon.

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Liberal newsI am listening now to the podcast defending Twitter partisan censorship to protect Biden, supposedly because of Russian disinformation, when there is zero evidence for such a claim. Someone needs to tell WSJ News team that they are not Editorial (for a good reason) and they should not be partisan. I expect impartiality from the WSJ news section and this is really embarrassing. After the elections, some changes have to be made there..Score: 2/5

??Shenyang is not in hubei province it’s in liaoning province which is the other side of the country.Score: 1/5

Background musicToo loud Too moronic Complete distraction to the show.Score: 3/5

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Good job!Didn’t realize WSJ has podcasts :) Nicely done! Thanks!.Score: 5/5

I can’t stop talking about it!The episode on geo tracking is incredible. I love gimlet and the wsj and the fact that they’re working together makes it even better.Score: 5/5

Very well doneI really like this podcast. The episodes are well made, the hosts are excellent, and the reporting is top notch..Score: 5/5

Best podcast everGenuinely one of my favourite podcasts I’ve ever listened to..Score: 5/5

Lack of DepthMost episodes are reasonably informative. But some of the 15 min episodes offer no more value than a headline and have strong ideological leanings than fact based analysis. Using the recent podcast on Exxon Mobile as an example, the guest claimed that Exxon’s decline is due to its refusal to follow some of its rivals to commit to renewable energy; furthermore, the guest claimed the renewables would provide steady stream of future income as if these were facts. The host ate it all up like a patron in a church. It’s a known fact that renewable energy costs 2x more than fossil fuel energy; how can it provide any kind of “steady income “ without government subsidies? How did renewables help Exxon’s rivals avoid declines? Last time I checked, it didn’t. It’s reasonable to question the long term effectiveness of Exxon’s strategy, but confusing facts with ideals and spreading the gospels of the new green religion is not quality journalism..Score: 2/5

Main Stream Media SlantThis podcast seems to be moving left of center. Not the same balanced reporting as the newspaper. I will drop it soon if this continues. Rather Disappointing..Score: 1/5

Daily go toThis is one of the first podcasts I listen to everyday, I love the format and Ryan and Kate are great hosts. Really enjoyed the recent episode on listener covid 19 questions.Score: 5/5

SuperbBy far the best podcast to get cool and interesting news. My favorite episodes are when they dive deep into an investigative piece done by one of their reporters. Have listened to every episode created..Score: 5/5

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I would expect WSJ to have a basic understanding of corporate debtWhy was Trump organizations debt refinance sensationalized as if it is any different from any corporate debt that only pays interest and the full principal due at maturity? You made it seem like they did something wrong structuring they debt that way - very disappointing. I am a credit research analyst and basically all of my companies’ debt is structured that way. I feel like you are hoping and therefore spinning a story that his debt can’t be refinanced - but sorry, if the asset value is there, there are willing investors..Score: 2/5

2-8-21Since when is justice defined as vengeance?.Score: 1/5

WonderfulA breath of fresh air at a time when journalism seems infused with political bias, a show that informs without trying to indoctrinate. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Unbalanced reportingI have observed this production increasingly migrate to what sounds like a mouthpiece of mainstream narratives rather than balanced and holistic reporting. The Melinda Gates interview was a perfect example; extensive discussion about vaccine safety and the role of the FDA, yet not a single intelligent line of inquiry in response to the “misinformation” narrative (or acknowledgement of legislation passed in 1986 that essentially transfers all vaccine injury liability to the US taxpayer). Yet another example of shallow reporting, which I can subject myself to any number of on other mainstream media platforms..Score: 1/5

UnremarkableLook up the definition of the word “unremarkable” in Webster’s dictionary and that will tell you all you need to know about the supposedly “insightful” news this podcast “reports” on each week. Delete delete delete.Score: 1/5

Ditch the annoying and useless what some would call “music “.Music is distracting and for the hearing impaired, results in a useless podcast..Score: 1/5

Keystone Xl as a “symbol”Extreme over simplication of what is really happening on the ground. Come live in my community and you will quickly see the total disregard for any safety regulations and you too would have huge concerns about it running through densely populated areas. I found a valve site that was not securely fenced and the actual pipes were being propped up with 2 x 4s. And all the jobs - those end after construction so its not much of an economic boost. One problem after another… so stop being so flip and thinking its just a “Symbol” and consider doing more thorough research. Or come here and really see whats happening..Score: 2/5

QuestionThe beginning of the episode was very disingenuous. State the entire statement and not what you want to fit your story line. Bad WSJ!!.Score: 1/5

Definitely a slant to the hard leftI have been listening to this podcast for the last couple months. I am a Wall Street Journal subscriber. The one thing I noticed about this podcast is it leaves out half of the story every single time. For example on the story about Amy Conney Barrett they played Diane Feinstein’s statement about the dogma lives loudly in the nominee. However they missed the obvious which is that abortion (choice) is a dogmatic position for the Democrats. In fact it is much more of a dogma than any religious position. Hence 1/2 a story.Score: 3/5

Great showVery intelligent and timely.Score: 5/5

Fantastic podcastKate, I would listen to an entire spinoff podcast entirely for your COVID episodes! Thank you all for this smart and insightful podcast that teaches me something new every day!.Score: 5/5

Call it what it is!‘Qanon philosophy’ in this latest episode? For God’s sake call it what it is - a conspiracy. If your Editorial Board can call it like it is, perhaps you should feel free to as well..Score: 2/5

TOO MUCH COVID!This used to be my favorite podcast, but then Covid-19 hit and the entire podcast shifted. Every episode was Covid-19 related. It was the only thing worth reporting on apparently. I was okay with Covid-19 news for the first month, but then it took over the whole podcast. I'm here to listen to news not Covid-19 noise. Bring back The Journal!.Score: 1/5

DisappointingA podcast whining about the “unprecedented”lack of transition via GSA a week after the election. Give me a break....Score: 1/5

Activism not JournalismNot good.Score: 1/5

NPR spinoffNPR spinoff— biased, one-sided narratives, with selective disclosure, and little analysis or facts. Weak journalism. Great for those who don’t want to be informed on an issue..Score: 1/5

Murdoch is wasting his money hereThis leftist-leaning podcast sounds more like something the NYT would put out. Basically, it’s just garden variety Liberal talking points..Score: 2/5

Absolutely loved this podcast!Y’all helped me get through the SS of 2020!.Score: 5/5

Great showGreat show, short, focused and drama free. Hilarious to see reviews complaining they dare discuss covid..Score: 5/5

Kate nastyUnapologetically poor journalism. See what I did there 🤔.Score: 1/5

UnsubscribedThis podcast started out pretty good and provided what I thought to be a glaring hole in the podcast arena (factual based, non biased news/business stories). But over the last couple months, it has evolved into just like every other mainstream podcast out there. No thanks.Score: 2/5

Blame cuomo for everythingWSJ must have axe to grind with the NY governor. Now he’s caused the demise of movie theatres.Score: 1/5

Voting by Mail.The discussion on the Barrett confirmation was a good example of the lack of balance that has developed with these podcasts..Score: 1/5

Basically the DailyThis show is fine. It’s basically The Daily, with all the same wokeness and social justice rhetoric. Tolerable, I guess..Score: 3/5

A must hear Podcast...It’s short and to the point and the fact that it’s daily makes it more meaningful for a common man to be in the loop of modern information warfare..Score: 5/5

Great informative podcastGenerally enjoy the podcast and especially that’s it’s not partisan. I think you guys missed a key data point re: Mariah & All I want for Christmas. I know you wanted to focus on the streaming aspect which is obviously true. But adjacent to that point is the popularity of Love Actually as a Christmas movie. The song is played at a pivotal point and the movie only got more & more popular (also due to streaming) as years went by and therefore the song as well..Score: 5/5

Entertaining, Informative, and Unbiased JournalismLove this show!.Score: 5/5

Extremely “Eh”Potential? Yes. Execution? No. This whole show is biased. Far more so than the overall WSJ. Love the WSJ. Hate this podcast. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and sometimes this one covers GREAT topics.... unfortunately I can’t get 5 min into one without shaking my head in shame at the miserably subjective narrator, trying to build an objective show on bad opinions. *edit* One of the hosts isn’t bad. The male host is the topic of my review.Score: 1/5

The JournalHands down the best news based podcast on the internet . . . IMHO.Score: 5/5

Love the showLove the show. Keep producing regularly!.Score: 5/5

Great StoriesGreat stories for your car ride home and it is up to date with all of the current news..Score: 5/5

Listen everyday - but wish fact checking would be done at the end of the show.Love this podcast but like most news shows I wish they would do some fact checking at the end of each show. I find myself talking to my radio wanting to know the real facts. For example, there was a recent podcast about a Black Rapper from Atlanta wanting to open a bank in the area to help lower income black communities especially. The female interviewer asked him if he thought the banking issues were socioeconomic/poor people or racial/black people and he didn't really have a true data/fact based answer. I wanted to know this and thought it was a perfect example of how they could end the show with fact checks..Score: 4/5

Expected quality - very disappointedI thought the WSJ would avoid the pitfalls of overt drama, bias, and cheesy production. I expected a factual and impartial presentation but this podcast is far from it. Look elsewhere for quality news reporting and presentation..Score: 1/5

These podcasts are getting farther and father away from factsConsistently subjective opinions are used to emphasis a certain “view” instead of just facts. Sounds like MSNBC- I’m starting to lose faith in unbiased reporting here. Happened too many times lately and I’m unsubscribing..Score: 1/5

DisappointingI’ve been a direct subscriber to WSJ news site for many years, but am very disappointed in the liberal bias of their “Journal” podcasts. As an example, the story angle on “In the Dark and on Fire in California” was distinctly one-sided. I live in California, have been affected by the blackouts, and the fires are serious newsworthy events… But the WSJ’s placing blame on PG&E is biased, the State of CA is complicit as well..Score: 3/5

Slightly left leaning commentary disguised as a business news podcastI have listened for just over a year. Good production quality and constant posting of new podcasts. I is just not what it pretends to be..Score: 2/5

Journal as in Journalist?Show is ok. Some episodes are better than others, but I routinely find myself asking why the most basic counter argument or questions aren’t posed. Is this journalism or an editorial? If you’re looking for a 15 min focus on a single news story, this ain’t it. This is a 15 min oral argument for 1 side..Score: 2/5

UnsubscribingUnsubscribing until the WSJ retracts the ridiculous op-ed from Joseph Epstein..Score: 1/5

The bastard child of WSJI am a long-time reader of the Wall Street Journal, the only major national newspaper which is worth reading. But this podcast is a bastard child of the WSJ, another Dem's super-PAC..Score: 1/5

Usually good... Not todayThis show is ordinarily excellent with solid reporting and a wide variety of topics. The show on October 13th about the Trump organization's real estate debt was simplistic and sensationalized. Loans on commercial real estate and operating properties are made and refinanced every day. They didn't tell us the value of the underlying collateral compared to the amount of the debt. The total amount of the loans is not large when considering the assets that secure the debt. This sounded more like something that MSNBC would produce, not the WSJ. Disappointing..Score: 3/5

UnbearableAt the very beginning they were good, and somewhat unbiased. They really talked about business, power, and stock market, as it should be. Then they became politically biased propaganda. Ever worse, they started just focusing on Covid, Covid, and Covid, It’s sickening..Score: 1/5

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hiGooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood show.Score: 5/5

Hide your bias much... well apparently not anymore. When I started listening to this podcast I greatly enjoyed the stories and did not feel the were slanted toward one side or another. This has definitely changed and for that I am disappointed. There was a time when news reporting did not require a liberal bias..Score: 1/5

Essential listeningCovers a wide variety of interesting topics by interviewing the newspapers’ reporters, the majority of which are very smart and know their stuff with 4/5 episodes per week released almost daily Monday thru Friday. This, Wall Street Journal and New York Times are essential listening.Score: 5/5

Love the in-depth reportingIt’s really well produced with great content. I look forward to it everyday..Score: 5/5

Sound editing is terribleThe content is fine but the sound editing is awful. The music / ambient audio is way too loud relative to the spoken content. It’s hard to understand what’s being said when the background music is so loud.Score: 3/5

Mediocre substance, good formatThe deep dive into a single subject over 10-15 minutes is a fantastic format. This podcast fails is by presenting super slanted takes on topics and thereby not actually doing a true deep dive..Score: 2/5

Moving onIf I wanted liberal biased opinion I would listen to the big networks. I listened from the beginning of these podcasts, but time to find a more credible source..Score: 1/5

Tech company bashingI can’t get through an episode where they don’t bash Amazon or Google. Annoying pod cast..Score: 1/5

One sided.Seems more feelings based. Very different from online sight..Score: 1/5

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Love the Journal but disappointed in women portrayalI listen to the Journal daily (and LOVE it) but was disappointed in the portrayal of Carla DiBello. I do not know this woman personally but believe she doesn’t deserve the sceptical & judgemental tone of this reporting when she seems to have done nothing wrong, other than be a successful business woman. If the problem is with the Saudi men of this fund making decisions based on a relationship, she should not be to blame for being a good networker. I’m also not sure how her links to the kardashians are relevant to the story & seem to be used alongside her education to devalue her. Funny how when successful men lack qualifications, they are positioned as fighters & respected for rising above their lot, but when a woman like Carla does, it’s viewed with suspicion. Give her a break guys, she is one of the first to showcase women in business on a global scale in a country that has such a long way to go with gender equality. Don’t cut her down & promote unconscious bias.Score: 3/5

Quality journalism in audio formatGreat investigative journalism pieces. Something apparently quite rare in this day and age..Score: 5/5

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Wyhkk poppymcp: Elephants at a protest against #Myanmar's military coup this morning in Mandalay. (h/t thuttag) #WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar….Score: 5/5

StageLeft23Texas Electric Bills Were $28 Billion Higher Under Deregulation - The Wall Street Journal .Score: 5/5

Katspawprint hxri_0: death note where everything is the same but light has a girl tech password journal .Score: 5/5

NickAtNight128 Ayaan: A new journal at the University of Chicago wants “the experience of unfettered inquiry and free expression” on campus. It is cal….Score: 5/5

Joniquelatrell JudgeClayJ: Texas electric bills were $28 billion higher under deregulation - The Wall Street Journal “For two decades,its customers ha….Score: 5/5

CVarnerEmergGarrick_mok EMCases The hypothesis is diversion of blood flow away from the groin to the lower limbs. The patient… .Score: 5/5

DrMunazza97 PJOnline_News: People often seek advice on headaches from their community pharmacy. Our latest #infographic illustrates the differences….Score: 5/5

Modernhomesla sisu_sanity: 37/ Breivik's manifesto finished with a claim that an "Operation Regime Ender" will set off world-changing events after J….Score: 5/5

JachamenVE hxri_0: death note where everything is the same but light has a girl tech password journal .Score: 5/5

Circling_Sea hxri_0: death note where everything is the same but light has a girl tech password journal .Score: 5/5

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The Journal. Podcast Episodes

Dogecoin Was a Joke. Now It's Worth $7 Billion.

Billy Markus created the cryptocurrency Dogecoin on a lark, based on a viral dog meme. Eight years later, his creation is worth billions of dollars. Markus and WSJ's Caitlin Ostroff explain how crypto's jokiest coin went to the moon.

A Voting Machine Company Fights Disinformation With Lawsuits

Dominion Voting Systems, the voting-machine maker, was swept up in a storm of allegations about its role in the 2020 election. We speak with Dominion's CEO, and WSJ's Alexa Corse describes how the company is fighting back.

Why the Texas Power Grid Failed

Texas's deregulated power sector was considered a model for delivering cheap electricity, but the power outages last week revealed shortcomings. WSJ's Russell Gold unpacks what went wrong.

Ban on Foreign Workers Left Jobs Open. Americans Didn't Take Them.

Last year, President Trump banned most new visas for foreign workers, arguing unemployed Americans would take those jobs instead. But as WSJ's Alicia Caldwell explains, even with high unemployment, many of those positions were left unfilled.

Free Trading Isn't Free: How Robinhood Makes Money

Robinhood is able to offer free trading on its app thanks to a practice known as payment for order flow. WSJ's Alexander Osipovich explains how it works and why Congress has questions about it.

This Judge Put Criminals Away. Now He's Trying to Set Them Free.

As a federal judge, John Gleeson would have to impose decadeslong sentences for certain crimes. Now, he's on a mission to undo some of those same sentences. We talk to the WSJ's Corinne Ramey, Gleeson and one man who's been freed by Gleeson's strategy.

Why Google Might Leave Australia

Australia is poised to pass a law that would compel tech companies like Google and Facebook to pay news organizations for links. In response, Google threatened to turn off search, and Facebook said it wouldn't let users share articles. WSJ's Mike Cherney explains what's at stake.

Facebook's Showdown With Apple

Apple is launching a new privacy feature that Facebook says could severely hurt its business by making it harder to target consumers with ads. WSJ's Deepa Seetharaman explains why the dispute has been years in the making.

An Oral History of WallStreetBets

Five WallStreetBets members tell the story of how they ended up on the Reddit forum and how they felt when it upended the stock market.

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