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“People need to understand that gain of function is not restricted to coronaviruses,” he said. “We don’t know how much has been done there, we don’t know how much NIH money or DOD money has gone into those and supported those experiments. We don’t know the extent of Chinese and Chinese military infiltration.” Our guests are: Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Dr. Lawrence Sellin, Lt. General Rod D. Bishop Jr. , Dan Schultz Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/17/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews

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Bannon's War Room Podcast Reviews

Utter nonsense.If you want a good laugh, listen to this crap..Score: 1/5

Real News and Honest OpinionsIf you want to know what’s really going on in the USA with regard to the Pandemic and the election then this is the Podcast for you. Wish there was a UK equivalent to counter our lame stream media..Score: 5/5

Far away listenerLove listening to the show all the way from Glasgow, Scotland. Its refreshing listening to non fake news for a change. God bless Trump..Score: 5/5

God blessI’m an American in London deeply respecting your commitment to the truth and the fight for Liberty. We have to end this assault on our liberty and radical leftist attempt to take down our great nation. This is your finest hour and if this great nation is to end at last, let it end only when each of us lies on the ground choking on our own blood. God bless the War Room Team! Hugh V Cochrane..Score: 5/5

What I want!What I(Steve Banon) ! The American people want ( bit of a slip!!).Score: 1/5

Essential listeningAce!.Score: 5/5

Real News.I’m from UK & listen everyday. One of the few places to listen to honest updates on the corona virus instead of getting left wing political hysteria..Score: 5/5

Great show - ignore the saboteur reviews #MAGAThis podcast deals exclusively with the impeachment proceedings. Steve Bannon is a fascinating character and anyone interested in learning more about him should read the book, ‘Steve Bannon Always the Rebel’ to learn about his many achievements that the liberal media complex aren’t prepared to talk about. I’m really enjoying the daily updates. #MAGA.Score: 5/5

Pandemic war roomSophisticated, intelligent and compelling with an array of world class experts led by Mr Bannon . This should be University Mandatory material as a leading edge between economics and global health Pandemics . Listening from South Africa from day one . Brilliant, Ashley Pearce.Score: 5/5

Essential listeningThank you for putting this together. Following closely from the UK..Score: 5/5

Timely. Accurate. Expert. FunThe Warroom team gives timely reporting with balanced and informed analysis from real experts whilst somehow keeping it light and fun. And as - the ONLY show that covered the impeachment trial 7 days a week with accurate analysis from day 1, - the ONLY show with daily in-depth news and insight direct with experts on pandemic threats out of China, and - the ONLY show talking about African Swine Fever and the real numbers (200m+ pigs) ...Warroom appears to be the only show to trust to be on top of the 2020 Presidential race and comprehensively cover both sides. They even run through the other party’s own playbook! BOOOM.Score: 5/5

Heavy hitting real news and analysisSuperb newscast and analysis by heavyweights Bannon, Navarro, Epshteyn, Kassam and assorted brilliant guests..Score: 5/5

Why aren’t episodes being uploaded?Is the programme being censored?.Score: 5/5

Crazy, But Good CrazyA fascinating insight into the world of The Deplorables, and a fresh perspective on the issues of the day..Score: 5/5

Steve Bannon sure hates China and he wants you to hate China too!Makes no attempt to disguise its agenda. Fun to listen to though..Score: 3/5

Heavy hitters reporting the truthMakes my cycling commute much more pleasurable in the wilds of Cumbria, UK. Keep up the great work chaps..Score: 5/5

Listened to 12 and a half of themWow! - still peddling the myth of massive voter fraud. Who’s that English dude that hangs off every word Stephen ‘K’ bannon utters, What a kiss-as.s! I’m not left I’m a centrist, I kept an open mind on this but it’s Alex Jones, Bannon is smart and should know better..Score: 2/5

Signal not noiseEssential listening for all interested in defending free western democracies..Score: 5/5

Brilliant and inspiringUsed to watch on YouTube but since program was taken down I now catch up on this platform. Never watch the main stream media because I simply cannot trust them to give me true facts. Without Bannon et al I would never know the true news. Thank you Steve Bannon and team..Score: 5/5

Most honest, informative and inspiring broadcast everThis podcast is essential listening for anyone who wants honest analysis of the frontline battle of information warfare. Where mainstream media lies to us and misrepresents the truth this source tells you what is really going on warts and all. More important than the headlines this analysis explains the real agenda, highlights the back story and uncovers the corruption of all the participants. Great depth of knowledge from a great range of hosts and guests. “There are no conspiracies and there are no coincidences”.Score: 3/5

LunacyFantasising about decapitating a real world medical expert is and putting their head on a pike is extremely telling of your mental stability!.Score: 1/5

Great podcastFrom a Uk point of view, it’s great to get a clear decisive presentation of this USA process. Very educational (and humorous). Very professional..Score: 5/5

Compelling!I’m hooked - & I’m not even American! Steve, London UK.Score: 5/5

Best Source of newsI have been listening to the War Room Pandemic since January, and I must say I am hooked. As they often say you get the signal not the noise. Highly recommend this podcast..Score: 5/5

Excellent showBrilliant show truth honesty never miss been listening since November.Score: 5/5

A great listenI’m a UK subscriber but still find this podcast fascinating. One of the only platforms that offers a balanced view, keep up the good work guys..Score: 5/5

STAND STRONG FREEDOM WILL PREVAILSteve Jack Raheem I am an Irredeemable from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧I stand with you I thank yourself s , This morning I think off people like Andrew Brightbart his work for truth I thank your Country for my Freedom, And JACK I simply love your complete Truth talk against these COMMUNIST COMMIES, I stand with you GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸and God bless FORT DEFIANCE FROM SCOTLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸 Well what you know that the Best President USA , has every had but no not for you you are not even a number that’s CORRECT WE ARE ALL IRREADEMABLE “ bring down the CCP ,stay strong stay United love and lots of it from Scotland U.K..Score: 5/5

FascinatingI stumbled across this podcast. Now hooked. Great insight..Score: 3/5

Great action packed podcastSensible current analysis of the political situation in the US touching through to other relevant world events..Score: 5/5

United KingdomThanks for keeping an eye on the UK! Our own media isn’t. Keep up the attacks on our PM and the Mayor of London. Boris is turning into the weakest PM ever. We need to hope Farage will step up again and save the UK. And Sadiq Khan is one of the most toxic people in Europe..Score: 5/5

The destruction of American democracy continuesBannon continues to lie, tell halve truths & ignore inconvenient facts for 3 shows a day. This man wants to ‘burn it all down’ and continues to do everything in his power to undermine everything the US has endured & achieved over the past 250 yrs. Just remember this man has his own agenda, one where Trump was a convenient tool. He leaked to every journalist & budding author that came his way, he called Trump’s idiot eldest son treasonous & yet got a pardon for scamming ‘We Build the Wall’ donors. This individual & his acolytes do not believe what Trump supporters believe. They want to set the world afire & see what remains..Score: 1/5

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Informed and topicalFantastic podcast. I know people complain about the audio but it’s great because it reminds you it’s live and these things happen. All of the panel and the guests they bring on are great patriots..Score: 5/5

Less noise & more signal!Easily the best US conservative political news channel available. Bannon is relentless and amazingly well informed on every issue. Nobody could be a more dedicated supporter of Trump. Haven't missed a show since the downloads were around 5 million. Now 32 million, what else needs to be said..Score: 5/5

Brute force brilliance by this groupDemocratic and CCP schemes uncovered early and action, action action to counter underhanded moves of CCPDemos.Score: 5/5

Piggy slop for racists and idiotsMildly coded hate speech is still hate speech.Score: 1/5

So informativeI actually didn’t like Steve after what people were saying between his firing and September but after hearing him speak for 3-5 min I was hooked. You can tell that Steve is a media genius and you don’t want this guy not on ur side..Score: 5/5

Ahead of the curveThis podcast has been predicting events well ahead of consensus. It’s fact based and very eloquently presented. Rahim is in my opinion the best educated, best informed and most articulate of the media personalities. Good job to Steve and the entire crew in putting together this excellent podcast..Score: 3/5

Murderous InsurrectionistJail this man..Score: 1/5

In the vernacular of AOCThe absolute tippy-top..Score: 5/5

Excellent programeTell the truth always.Score: 5/5

Great analysis - ahead of the curveGreat topics, hosts and camaraderie. Tons of inside baseball. Don’t fall for MSM lies. Give it a shot..Score: 5/5

Play by play for winnersIt’s clear to me that President Donald J Trump is Americas greatest attempt at action taking against the treasonous corruption that can be seen world wide. Bannons War Room gives us an adult perspective on the crimes being committed against America and those who love freedom every day..Score: 5/5

Best!Best show on the impeachment, elections, trump, democrats and politics in general. A must listen if you hate/love Trump..Score: 5/5

Great show but where’s ep 372?Bannon is an American hero. Keep fighting!!.Score: 5/5

AudioPlease fix the Audio. The main host volume has always been too loud. Now it’s crackling my speakers, since episode 16. And the call in guest are so low I have trouble hearing them. Love your podcast.Score: 4/5

The Truest Political NewsThe best of the best bringing you the low down on politics..Score: 5/5

So reassuring!It makes me feel better to hear you all stand up so hard for the President. It’s outrageous that this is even happening. I’m disgusted by the mainstream media and how people are believing the lies. Thank you for explaining the process so articulately. Keep up the good work!.Score: 5/5

Racist Conspiracy Crap. Seditious and anti-democratic.Racist Conspiracy Crap. Seditious and anti-democratic. Amazed this grifting fraudulent fundraiser still has suckers that will give him money..Score: 1/5

Woke - pandemicBannon in the grill of the CCP, taking them down 1 show at a time. Next up descent into democracy for the Chinese people..Score: 5/5

Very goodInteresting topics and perspectives you won’t find on MSM. Well done..Score: 5/5

Awesome!This was such a great source for info and strategy. So happy you are continuing for 2020..Score: 5/5

Fast talkingI listen most days, but today, Virus Part 1, was speeded up so fast I couldn’t follow. Shame, really...I might have enjoyed It and learned something..Score: 1/5

Master LeaderBut God’s angry displeasure erupts as acts of human mistrust and wrongdoing and lying accumulate, as people try to put a shroud over truth. But the basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being. So nobody has a good excuse. What happened was this: People knew God perfectly well, but when they didn’t treat him like God, refusing to worship him, they trivialized themselves into silliness and confusion so that there was neither sense nor direction left in their lives. They pretended to know it all, but were illiterate regarding life. They traded the glory of God who holds the whole world in his hands for cheap figurines you can buy at any roadside stand. Romans‬ ‭1‬:‭20‬ Message bible Love all people Be pro Life for Unborn New borns,children adults married singles or divorced Sickness or in health. Spark Joy in yours eyes: Your body, MOUTH powerful words.Now and Forever 🙏🏼.Score: 5/5

Truth and intelligent analysis10 stars. Bannon exposes the big lies of the liberal fascist media with intelligence, wit, and a fighting spirit that would make George Washington proud!.Score: 5/5

Pod is the bestBannon, Raheem and Jason have great chemistry and are all very knowledgeable on the issues. Good job guys!.Score: 5/5

Love you BannonI look forward to listening to your show daily. Let’s take down the CCP......Score: 5/5

Listen every day!Love it! Real news!.Score: 5/5

Love TrumpKeep up the great work Alberta canada loves Trump.Score: 5/5

Voice of AmericaIn the same way that the Voice of America was a lifeline to people in communist Eastern Europe during the Cold War - this team speaks to those who live behind the cyber Iron Curtain of the 21st century. Always up to date and relevant - the straight news.Score: 5/5

Thank you.I love that u say “The year of our Lord.” Thank you..Score: 5/5

Thanks , I like your radio, actual ccp is the globe disasterThe ccp always hide fact and cheat people also people believe it.Score: 4/5

Most important/best podcast going.Steve and his team continue to fight the good fight. Must listen for anyone and everyone on the “right” side of the political spectrum..Score: 5/5

Far right trash.Racism. Lies. QAnon/Agent Orange death cult who had a part in instigating an insurrection based on conspiracies, lies & blind devotion to the most hypocritical, corrupt, grossly incompetent, ignorant, arrogant, weak, lazy, embarrassment, joke of a president in the history of America. Nothing can stop what’s coming..a beautifully diverse & mixed race America. The horror. You scared? You’re the minority. Get used to it. You’re guns won’t help you. Perhaps y’all whities should go back to Europe if you don’t like it 👋🏼.Score: 1/5

More long form interviews pleaseI enjoy Bannon’s rants as well as Jack’s insights and Raheem’s pithy wit. But I’d like to hear longer sections with guests. The spot with Jeff Sessions was really good. Also, Greg, don’t be shy..Score: 5/5

Hero’s of the free worldThese people are broadcasting from behind the new globalist msm big tech iron curtain and providing real information that the weaponized msm is working to suppress. Luckily the fake news is about to walk off a cliff, good riddance!!!!.Score: 5/5

No one gives a f...No one,.Score: 1/5

Treacherous HuaweiThe PLA telecoms unit is the CCP’s front entrance backdoor. Steve, Jason, and Raheem, you guys are exceptional Deplorables. 21st century superheroes! Keep your foot on the throat of this subject - tremendous job, love your show!!!.Score: 5/5

Best podcast on air today-hands down winner!Bannon, Raheem and Jason, what a team, they are incisive,fast moving and thoughtful. Look i am Canadian but i give a damn where the world is heading and these guys get to the bottom of issues. I am a political news hound so if you do not like politics check out the pandemic series, which aagain, is far superior to any other media out there. I have not watched TV for 35 years but if these guys were on i might start watching again..Score: 5/5

MrWe need fighting like this in Canada,good job lads !!!.Score: 5/5

Whatnextstephen? much hot air!!! When do I tell everyone I’m Q?.Score: 1/5

Take down the CCPWe Chineses love you and Waroom,take down the CCP for people all of the world..Score: 5/5

Great Stuff!Amazing show, but please fix the audio levels..Score: 5/5

Fix your audio please - it’s annoyingGreat podcast ! I listen to all of them but recently the audio has been really below standard in terms of quality for anyone calling in. Please fit it !!.Score: 4/5

About as real as it getsBannon and crew present “things” as they are. There are no conspiracies - but there are also no coincidences.....Score: 5/5

Great pod ! If your nutsIf you enjoy lies and disinformation you ll love this ! Lol.Score: 1/5

The truthThank you for your the truth!!You are heroes!!.Score: 5/5

Evidence based analysisThis podcast presents brilliant evidence based information and analysis..Score: 5/5

CanadianI would love to have these podcasts be 1 or 2 hours long. Too short. And, please figure out the sound. I am constantly turning my volume up and down. Irritating..Score: 5/5

AwesomeBest show in media. Fighting for liberty for all, especially for the Chinese people..Score: 5/5

Signal, not noise.Cut through the nonsense in US politics..Score: 5/5

Where’s my money ScammerSteve?“Best cause I ever donated to” said no one who donated to the fake build the wall campaign only to learn Steve and friends were stealing all the money..Score: 1/5

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Episode 918 Shut up and get your gene therapyI’m from Australia and I’m addicted to the podcast. I came across an interesting person today, I STRONGLY suggest you look up Geert Vanden Bossche DMV PhD, he has great concerns that the rapid vaccine rollout is the cause of the rapid appearance of the new variants. It is very confronting. Get Natalie Winter to investigate, I guarantee it will be a great story..Score: 5/5

THE BEST team on THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!If you want to hear the latest, on the ground, in your face, naked TRUTH and stay in the fight on the FRONT LINES, listen to War Room Pandemic! I’m in Australia recently moved back from 20+ years in USA. I’m in the fight supporting 100% daily through prayer and sharing podcast online. FIGHT ON! God deliver us from evil! TRUMP2024. FOUR MORE YEARS! God bless ALL WARRIORS fighting the good fight of faith! God is on our side! WE WILL WIN!.Score: 5/5

The shows popularitySeperating the signal from the noise..Score: 5/5

Cost Benefit Analysis of engaging with CCPBest window on the world. Viva Bannon! Could you guys do this for us. Say over the last 30 to 40 years the Pros and cons for China/USA/World in terms of productivity, lost opportunity, GDP, P&L, $ lives etc. It deserves quantifying..Score: 5/5

🤣Interesting to hear what ‘information’ sounds like with you have zero need to report facts and yet claim to have 100% and legitimacy. Listen and learn how easy it is to dupe..Score: 1/5

It’s all lies designed to radicalise and then profit from suckers.As per title..Score: 1/5

ExcellentThis is a great podcast..Score: 5/5

Bannon’s War RoomEverything I’ve said below is true but I need to add that I listen to War Room podcasts from Australia. I’m sure I’m just one of the War Room’s world-wide fan base. If America falls we all fall. Bannon’s War Room gives me hope and strength. America must not fail or fall. Utterly compelling listening with the latest political news and views. I listen to all three hours every week day. And two hours on Saturday. War Room is educational, inspirational and therapeutic. Could not cope without it. I love it’s breadth and depth and the intellect of the hosts. Their knowledge across a range of topics is quite extraordinary. And then there are the brilliant guests. In case I haven’t made it clear, I am a fan. Love Steve Bannon and his team..Score: 5/5

Honest reviewGreat show, but I feel Bannon treats the other guys a bit unfairly, especially Maxey and Raheem (who are the most insightful). Bannon tells Maxey ‘I don’t need the soliloquy’, which is hypocrisy if I’ve ever seen it. And now he’s in denial that the US is heading down Italy’s path. While Maxey tries to rationalise it, Bannon (whether deliberately or otherwise) lets his pride get in the way. I love the show, but I’ve had to unsubscribe unfortunately. I need more Raheem, he’s under-utilised. All the best guys!.Score: 3/5

Great repartiGreat content .... love it when Stephen & Raheem & even sometimes Jason have nuances to the message...hope you win in bringing the killers to the senate for Trump’s sake...remember we are all sick & tired of seeing Trump’s amazing Christian patience trodden all over by nasty amoral unpunished anarchy by Pelosi et al...criminals belong in jail...and not extorting 😬the running of nations🤩👍God bless🙏Ahmen (thanks for remembering to place our Lord in front of all proceedings...we are after all Judeo-Christian in all constitutions) from Judeo-Christian Australia (also under attack) Geraldine...forever a fan...long that it lasts🤗.Score: 5/5

Thank you War RoomI can't thank you guys enough for what you have done in enlighten myself and others to the real story going on around the world today. Im praying for you all to contiune this good work..Score: 5/5

Excellent subjects + guests + productionPandemic is a must listen for me atm , time is precious no wastage here ..Score: 5/5

Grifting at its finestIt is no secret that Bannon entered the Trumpworld as a anarchist strategist. It is quite pronounced in available and transparent interviews on YT. In order to retain his currency, he sunk his claws into the paranoid alt-right metasphere. Concocting salacious conspiracies to keep the Trump base engaged and hungry for more, Bannon became masterful at conception, deception and destruction. An expert grifter, he decoded Washington DC in order to remain relevant and to continue the grift, continue the con and thrive in creating a wave of distruction. So to Bannon: enjoy your $5mil Washington DC home, and to hell with the average American - right?.Score: 1/5

Keeps me saneI listen every day & absolutely love the podcast! I just wish every episode was twice as long as there’s so much to listen to! Every guest (and host) is intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable & interesting. Just outstanding!!.Score: 5/5

Excellent!20/12/11 Wow so inspiring and the best hub for the best minds to inform We The People 👍🏻👍🏻 Corruption our front!! Thank so much to Warroom 🇺🇸🇦🇺🏁 20/11/6 Well I’m excited for the next while till Inauguration Day! A couple of exceptional ‘rants’ Steve. Jack and Rasheem more than exceptional. I think between Rudy, POTUS & Team and republican leadership around the country the Truth will prevail. The US will not be overcome. Too many millions know what’s going on now 👍🏻👍🏻. Thanks so much for your vision and agency. Amazing! God Bless to all. 🇺🇸🇦🇺🙏🏻 20/8/5 The last set of shows have been remarkable! Let’s hope DJT lets it rip and inhabit the emergency drug authorization with Hydroxy etc. def a power move before the ‘Trump Card’ closer to the win! 👍🏻👍🏻🇦🇺🇺🇸 and prayers for the brave Chinese who risk everything to help reveal the hidden ones in China and expose the evil intent in the FDA & CDC. 20/5/1 You guys and guests just get better! Love your concern for victims of the CCP Steve ❤️ what a pack of heartless pricks they are! And easily manipulated by the equally awful ‘old’ and deceptive European false light deceivers etc. and, it seems abetted by the corrupt previous admins - Loved your ‘Medici’ comment recently. God Bless mate and to max Steve and Raheem of course My go to podcast! First thing of the day if I’m up at 3am herein Canberra Australia. Great to hear Steve so often - one sharp guy as is everyone on the panel, included really knowledgeable guests. You guys have it all! Thanks so much! Cheers 🇦🇺 Wow! The latest casts on another level again Steve’s guests are sensational. So much knowledge with exceptional analysis and brilliant contextualisation from Steve. So much gratitude for War Room Pandemic and 2020 Thankyou for every episode! God Bless 😊.Score: 5/5

Viva Christo ReyBrilliant commentary! I can see why the top hedge fund managers follow this..Score: 5/5

Great stuffTop notch political coverage!.Score: 5/5

Podcast for independent thinkingI am from Australia, I started listen to you podcast during impeachment, not because I liked Trump as a person but because I like facts to educate my thoughts. Each day since episode 26 I have listened to all podcasts and now understand how even Australia is inextricably linked to the next US election. Not sure Trump is the best option, but he is certainly the best option the American people have been offered. Keeps it up, even downloaded Raheem’s book today..Score: 5/5

Love this showIt’s great to get some real news About what’s really happening in America and around the world, what a great bunch of presenters involved in the show I shall definitely have it on my favourite list..Score: 5/5

Thanks from Perth in Western AustraliaBannon - ‘can see around corners’ - and this excellent team of fellows are the bleeding edge of information, hearing from insiders and analysis. I stay tuned for their programs every day..Score: 5/5

A total world viewRise above the noise of the madness of the mainstream media and get a wider perspective on what’s actually going on in the world. Don’t be distracted by ratings driven hyperbole from the news networks and learn to see through the fog of disinformation..Score: 5/5

Gooday from AustraliaThis is a brilliant podcast!! Steven K Bannon and the team express the facts as it is. Concise and to the point. I listen to this podcast along with watching great digital warriors on Bit Chute: Mel K, Charlie Ward, Scott Mackay and Michael Jaco on Rumble, Robert David Steele, David Nino Rodriguez. And watching great journalist Ann Van Der Steel on Facebook. You guys are the best. What happened to Jack Masey?.Score: 5/5

Great showStraight talking show. Should be one of multiple sources of information..Score: 5/5

🇺🇸Resurgence🇦🇺Heads on Pikes. Salvos ready..Score: 5/5

Crime of the CenturyYour show is my daily must listen. Thought i’d share from my favourite 70’s band , Supertramp and lyrics from their 1974 song “ Crime of the Century” regarding the Democrats impeachment gang “Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory? Rip off the masks and let see.Score: 5/5

I couldn’t have expected lessThese guys don’t make any sense.Score: 1/5

Hateful Propaganda Scam ArtistHateful disinformation propaganda from a grifter who stole millions from his followers. Look up the “Bannon fraud case” to see what this slimebag thinks of his followers. Getting rich off fear and lies..Score: 1/5

Amazing keeping everyone updatedLove the podcast and your analysis of the bigger picture; listener from Australia.Score: 5/5

Eli from Sydney AustraliaListen daily never miss an episode! The only source of news. Most topics covered by the warroom cannot be found elsewhere!!.Score: 5/5

My Daily Go To ShowBrilliant political discourse covering Impeachment developments and relevant world affairs as they unfold. Very intuitive and informative discussions, even to this South Aussie..Score: 5/5

Episode 436Hey Guys love the show. Why is no one asking Biden/Harris if this election was fair? The campaign should be turning the tables on them and asking them for their comment on the spikes, videos, witnesses, etc!.Score: 5/5

Greetings from AustraliaI’m originally from Europe, working and living in Australia (financial sector). You’ve guys been on the ball regarding the Pandemic right from the start, while the lazy mainstream media was too busy building anti-Trump narratives..Score: 5/5

Warroom exposes brilliant CCP global attackThe average citizen cannot see they are under attack because Phentanol -invisible, cyber crime -invisible, voter fraud -invisible, election rigging -invisible, corruption-invisible, bribery invisible, vaccine effects -invisible, racism accusations-invisible, Deplatforming-invisible, MSM propaganda -invisible, CCP virus -invisible. Thank god Warroom has made these weapons visible on a daily basis so we can fight back against the invisible enemies..Score: 5/5

Great podcast. The repeat intro is boring.Excellent information and great guests. The introduction is boring and a waste of time although I skip through it. The audio has improved..Score: 4/5

Sounds like..This is the worst sounding podcast that I have come across. What is it with cons not giving a damn about sound quality. The intro screams in your ear and then Steve is unbearable because his column is way too low. Every guest’ column is ten times higher than the introducer. In this day and age, this is inexcusable..Score: 1/5

Great showFrom an interested Aussie observer, it’s good to get the local insights into this event. The Pom’s accent is somewhat annoying (It’s a national requirement that I add this) but the content as it progresses is insightful (if not inciteful). Keep up the good work!!.Score: 5/5

Thanks From Down UnderSteve and the War Room team have been easily the best source of solid information on this Virus outbreak since it started. It has not only allowed me to keep abreast of what’s happening World Wide and make decisions locally to protect my family in Australia it has given me an understanding of the economic crisis that is underlying the current health crisis. These guys are well informed fast moving and get to the ball first, thanks Steve and team keep going! Great podcast!.Score: 5/5

There are none so blind ...Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thought I was going mad til I found you, now I can look down and see across the sea of madness and lies that passes for media today. Mainstream no longer report the news, they are players, king makers and breakers. They write opinion, not facts and outright lies. Please don’t stop, the world needs you and we need MAGA because, otherwise, the CCP wins, using the blind but useful idiots obsessed with what ever woke fashion du jour along the way..Score: 5/5

Absolute Gold!!!Your shows are fantastic, very informative, great interviews and opinions. Can’t wait for War Room 2020 once the electioneering is in full swing. From a listener in Sydney, Australia..Score: 5/5

Is unity possible?Read some of the anti-warroom comments and want to encourage you all at warroom to keep up the incredible work you are doing. People seem to be addicted to hate and believe the propaganda of MSM without question. The poison of the New World Order advocates and the CCP puppets seems to be so very effective in altering awareness of Truth in people and eradicating common sense. It is going to be a long road back to freedom for the world. Godbless you all..Score: 5/5

WeI.Score: 1/5

Patriots UnitedThank you for bringing the world together by supplying real usable information and helping to arm Joe and Jane Average with the truth the MSM have been obscuring for decades. There is a righteous indignation and true anger building in the middle class economic heartland the world over and once awakened they will not be silenced. WWG1WGA. That now truly means something..Score: 5/5

REAL NEWSThanks so much to Steve and the gang! We in Australia have no honest media. If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have a clue what is really going on! Eternally Grateful! WE GOT THIS! PRESIDENT TRUMP ALL THE WAY!.Score: 5/5

ComparisonsThis mornings local radio featured an interview with a local Washington reporter. She gushed about the family bible Biden would place his hand on when taking his oath of office and the stars who would be their to sing etc. Sounded like the return of the swamp creatures and the partnership with Hollywood and Wall St was to be celebrated. Compare that froth and bubble with the depth and substance this show talks about ... no comparison.Score: 5/5

Great for laughGet the pillow guy on more, hilarious!.Score: 1/5

Pandemic.Steve. This is the best show you’ve done. You still don’t let people finish but this show is going to be hot..Score: 5/5

PamelaJust a comment in an interview about the shooting of Ashli Babbitt on Crossroads ET referring to video evidence, it sure looks like a SNUFF VIDEO seems both the guy smashing the window and the guys filming are AntiFa?.Score: 5/5

CompellingI have listened to every episode. Compelling truth telling.Score: 5/5

Great podcastYou just don’t hear this commentary in Australia. The main stream media is so skewed. They are too busy making Trump look a fool rather than focus on his achievements. I pray and hope Trump wins the 2020 election. A Democrat in the US win would be disastrous for democracy - but most Australians dont understand why. Try watching Fox to hear the other side of the story..Score: 4/5

Not getting any of the episodes since 11 Feb.Since the end of the impeachment, I’m not getting any of the episodes. None of the pandemic episodes are showing. There seems to be an issue with the podcast..Score: 5/5

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Bannon's War Room Podcast Episodes

Episode 952 – Dr. Fauci’s Self-Licking Ice Cream … Weaponizing Zika and If Wuhan Falls (w/ Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Dr. Lawrence Sellin, Lt. General Rod D. Bishop Jr. , Dan Schultz)

“People need to understand that gain of function is not restricted to coronaviruses,” he said. “We don’t know how much has been done there, we don’t know how much NIH money or DOD money has gone into those and supported those experiments. We don’t know the extent of Chinese and Chinese military infiltration.” Our guests are: Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Dr. Lawrence Sellin, Lt. General Rod D. Bishop Jr. , Dan Schultz Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/17/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews

Episode 951 – The Prince of Politically Correct Cancel Culture … Why Prince Harry Came to Hollywood and Samaire Armstrong Left (w/ Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Nigel Farage, Samaire Armstrong, Todd Wood)

“But quite frankly, Why would you want to have a career in Hollywood after you figure out what Hollywood is all about?” Our guests are: Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Nigel Farage, Samaire Armstrong, Todd Wood Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/17/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews

Episode 950 – Marxism, With American Characteristics … (w/ Cpt. Bannon, Gaffney, LG Boykin, MG Harrell, BG Bolduc, Dr. Navarro, Kennedy, Faddis, Katie Hopkins)

“We don’t have democracy right now,” Navarro said. “What we have is a stolen election. Steal it they did, that’s what we’ve got.” Our guests are: Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Frank Gaffney, LG Jerry Boykin, MG Gary Harrell, BG Don Bolduc, Dr. Peter Navarro, Brian Kennedy, Sam Faddis, Katie Hopkins Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/15/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews

Episode 949 – The American Generals Speak … Courageous Generals Warn America is Under a Marxist Revolution (w/ Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Frank Gaffney, LG Jerry Boykin, MG Gary Harrell, BG Don Bolduc)

“I saw the biggest threat to our republic, our democracy, our form of government, everything I fought for,” Bolduc said. “I lost 72 men and women in combat over 10 tours in Afghanistan in 2 years as the special operations commander. Our guests are: Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Frank Gaffney, LG Jerry Boykin, MG Gary Harrell, BG Don Bolduc Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/15/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews    

Episode 948 – The Receipts Don’t Match … Fraud in Arizona and Re-Education in Public Schools (w/ Mark Finchem, Darren Bettie, Cindy Chafian)

“Well if that’s the case, why are you so reluctant to give us the routers to verify they weren’t connected to the internet?” Finchem said. Our guests are: Mark Finchem, Darren Bettie, Cindy Chafian Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/14/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews

Episode 947 – Vaccine Vacillation … Dr. Mercola on Covid Vaccine Risks and the Pope’s Money Laundering Scandal (w/ Dr. Joseph Mercola, Liz Yore, Saurabh Sharma)

“The pregnant women were not included in this trial, this is one of many reasons why you should rethink your desire to get this vaccine,” he said. Our guests are: Dr. Joseph Mercola, Liz Yore, Saurabh Sharma Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/14/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews

Episode 946 – ‘Peace,’ ‘Peace’ There Is No Peace … Crisis in Israel, Christianophobes on the Left, and Election Audits Everywhere (w/ Rabbi Spero, Boris Epshteyn, Raheem Kassam, Matt McCall)

“You see the forces of evil this new axis of evil that’s working to undermine the Judeo-Christian West,” he said. “They say they stand not in opposition to the Jewish state’s policies, but to the opposition to the Jewish state’s existence. Our guests are: Rabbi Spero, Boris Epshteyn, Raheem Kassam, Matt McCall Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/14/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews

Episode 945 – Here Come the Receipts … Fraud in Maricopa and the Coming Digital Currency Revolution (w/ Boris Epshteyn, Matt Jeftovic)

“That’s not a choice, that is the antithesis of choice,” Kassam said. “No freedom until you get this thing stuck in you.” Our guests are: Boris Epshteyn, Matt Jeftovic Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/13/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews

Episode 944 – A World Spinning Out of Control … Crisis in the Middle East and the U.S. Becoming Stalinist Russia (w/ Lou Barletta, Jim Hoft, Joe Hoft, General William G. Boykin, Mort Klein)

“It appears that they erased an entire election database inside the machines,” Jim said. “And this happened just days before they turned over to the senate investigator.” Our guests are: Lou Barletta, Jim Hoft, Joe Hoft, General William G. Boykin, Mort Klein Stay ahead of the censors - Join us Aired On: 05/13/2021 Watch: On the Web: On Podcast: On TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews

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