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Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions

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2020 has been a year of change. From the pandemic to the presidential election, it’s clear that the world will never be the same after this year – and neither will all of us who experienced it. In the season finale, Bill and Rashida explore how progress hinges on society’s ability to evolve, how our view of the world shifts as we get older, and whether it’s actually possible to change someone’s mind. Then they’re joined by two people who are using their positions as artists to change the world for the better: Bono and Kerry Washington.

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Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions Podcast Reviews

Love it from the UKLove listening to Bill Gates, love his optimism & Rachida is excellent too. Keep up the great work please!.Score: 5/5

Closer to the TruthThank you Bill and Rashida, please keep this podcast going. You are getting us closer to the truth!.Score: 5/5

😒Disappointing.Score: 1/5

Hello from the UKGood work, good comms - and, if anything, you could afford to up the technical / complexity..Score: 5/5

Very InterestingThis is an important discussion. Rashida’s question of whether capitalism works is slightly avoided by Bill Gates and when pressed refers to the Nordic countries. There is no doubt the reason why Universal healthcare or Large scale Public Housing for instance has not been tackled in the US is because the US is the extreme capitalism country vs the Nordic countries on the opposite end and the likes of the UK in the middle. Of course the podcast is US focused understandably but having lived in the US and European countries I would say there would be value in deep diving into Healthcare and Public Housing across other “rich countries”..Score: 4/5

No starsThis man has no place dictating policy or medical advice. He is not qualified and people need to stop giving him air time. Actually do some research into his reach. Follow the money and wake up..Score: 1/5

DissapointedI was really excited to hear about this podcast given it's Bill Gates, however, what a dissapointment. Where was the discussion? It almost felt like the questions were premediated at times. 'Big Questions' deserve big debate..Score: 1/5

Please make more.....This is such a great podcast, please make some more episodes to keep us entertained during our third lockdown in the UK??.Score: 5/5

Season 2 please!This is a fascinating podcast with throughly engaging hosts and excellent guests. I devoured it and wish it had been longer. Please bring out season 2 and 3 and 4!!!.Score: 5/5

Creepy perception management contentCan someone please explain to me the natural connection between Rashida Jones and Bill Gates? Honestly, the tone and format of this podcast is concerning. It’s basically “here’s how billionaire Bill Gates wants you to think about the topics he has vested interests in”. Rashia plays the role of the simpleton, a proxy for the listener, who is there to be educated by the wise Bill Gates. And such unusual timing for the podcast to be launched? This show feels like something out of the Hunger Games..Score: 1/5

RefreshingInsanely optimistic and alarmingly scary! A tight rope not many are able to walk!.Score: 5/5

Educational AND entertaining 🤓What an epic podcast. So informative educational and entertaining 🤓 Everyone needs to listen to this ‼️.Score: 5/5

Good podcastInsightful.Score: 5/5

Susan MossLove it ❤️💯.Score: 5/5

Ep3 with Yuval is so goodGreat to have a historian’s view. Please listen..Score: 5/5

Planting a good seed in the world !It’s wonderful to have a a Podcast that discusses about how the world can become a better place and what actions are necessary to be taken by all of us. The way you both have different points of view brings more richness to the debates and seeing you respecting each other’s opinions is something that brings happiness to my heart, it teaches by example that we can all live together respecting each other and we don’t need to feed the horrible dichotomy that seems to be ruling many parts of our world. I love that ! Thanks for planting this good seed in the world !.Score: 5/5

Great informative conversationsGreat informative podcast with a good host and intelligent banter at a level for all..Score: 5/5

Important topics discussed with important thought leadersLove the quality of guests and Gates’ sage opinions. Could improve via a host that has more intellectual depth to stimulate more of an organic discussion between Gates and the guests than a predetermined Q&A..Score: 4/5

Positive boost in time of need!Love Bill Gates’ optimism and the chemistry with Rashida Jones. What a great gift to us all during these unprecedented and scary times, a real boost of optimism!! Thank you!!.Score: 5/5

Awesome PodcastI admire both Rashida and Bill and so was very excited for this and it didn’t disappoint! This podcast is brilliant, very informative and easy to listen to. Can’t wait for the next one!.Score: 5/5

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Failed transformationI find it interesting that as a society we have forgotten all of Bill’s misdeeds from the 80s and 90s. His attempt to transform into a benevolent figurehead after being charged with anti-trust all over the globe might fool some people but not anyone with a memory that goes back past 2000..Score: 1/5

InsightfulIt gives me hope to know that people with power, resources and influence are also trying to change the world..Score: 5/5

Great listenThis is a great podcast. Rashida and Bill are great listeners and and interesting questions..Score: 5/5

Bill gates liesDon’t believe the gates lies. Front man for big Pharma, gates foundation is not a charity it’s a for profit org.Score: 1/5

Leaves a lot to be desiredWith such big names, both Bill and Rashida, who are known for their creativity and innovation in their respective fields, I listened hoping for a more comprehensive discussion on these issues. 2 things that they can improve on: 1. Rashida as the moderator can do more prior research since the questions she asks the guests are usually too generic. Point in case about AI. Yuval answered with how GDPR requires AI decisions to be explained when it shouldn’t be required to. I felt that was the right moment to ask about how we can let our lives depend on systems that are built in with our internal biases i.e. data about incarcerations will be skewed towards the black community because that is is the world has worked so far. Any systems built with that data will only make those biases stronger. 2. Bill can take a more active approach in the discussion by asking better questions to the guests. Most of the time, his approach seems to come off as that of an expert in a field. While Bill is exceptional, he isn’t an expert in every field. I want Bill to be more curious and use this opportunity to ask more insightful questions from the guests. It will only make this podcast more entertaining..Score: 2/5

So much privilegeListening to Bill Gates talk is so frustrating. He just refuses to admit that America is a very unfair system. Rashida is a great host but doesn’t seem to know how to confront him. He talks from a place of authority on absolutely everything. He really shouldn’t though. There are many things he just doesn’t comprehend..Score: 2/5

Good listenI like seeing that their thoughts and opinions are backed by science and proper research..Score: 5/5

Important content but.....The moderator clearly isn’t a journalist. She spends to much time giggling and ingratiating herself with Bill and the guests. Too bad because Gates, Faucci and Bono have much to share but I couldn’t stand it and had to turn it off..Score: 2/5

Amazing!I mean, c’mon. Rashida Jones AND Malcolm Gladwell together in one cast of the pod variety? Bring it on. Can’t wait..Score: 5/5

Propaganda Inspo Podcast?Is this podcast funded by big pharma and big tech? It feels like an abomination of real science and alternative medicine, a manipulation of data. A method to pursue vaccine violence and government overreach. The most superficial, propaganda inspired podcast I’ve yet to hear. Unsubscribing to keep my sanity..Score: 1/5

Rhasida needs to tone it down.She talks way too much, let Bill finish his sentences..Score: 1/5

ExcellentInteresting content, guest speakers and I love listening to Rashida’s voice..Score: 5/5

Where are you?Bill and Rashida do a terrific job - and the guests are outstanding. I looked forward to each new podcast each week - before Christmas - but NONE since then. I hope that you have not given up!.Score: 5/5

RidiculousWhy is Bill Gates commenting on Covid19??? Is it because he intends to achieve population control within a globalist economy??? He can get the vaccine first!.Score: 1/5

Very helpful and remarkableI look for sources of truth that can deliver a good amount of depth. Personally, I find this podcast offering the higher density of well curated information I seek. Rashida is doing great so far, and I’d like to believe she is working hard to read more, talk to people to bring questions from varying views. Given what Bill has done over the years, and him and Melinda continue to do through his work at the Gates Foundation is a gift to humanity. I pray the legacy continues on, and may individuals like him continue to share their wisdom and wealthy for worthy causes..Score: 5/5

Excellent podcastBut - sparse!!! Waiting and waiting for a new episode..Score: 5/5

Informative and entertainingWell worth a listen as they’re asking the same questions we all are..Score: 4/5

Love this! Need more episodes stat!Great podcast. Makes you think differently..Score: 4/5

AWFULWorst podcast out there save your time and move along ..Score: 1/5

Awesome podcast - but moderator needs to be changedLove the podcast and the guest speakers, especially Yuval Harari and his thoughts on why we believe lies, a timely podcast indeed! The only reason I don’t give this 5 stars is because the moderator Rashida takes up too much airtime, I selected this podcast to hear Bill + guests opinions, not the moderators. Other than that keep it up guys, it’s refreshing to hear truth and informed discussion on important topics these days!.Score: 4/5

A little sanity in my day!I know not everyone follows science, but for me, how refreshing to discuss Covid without politics tainting the subject!.Score: 5/5

In science we trust!Interesting thoughts.. interesting facts.Score: 5/5

It will make you think.And isn’t that what you want?.Score: 5/5

Good quality conversationsReally enjoyed listening to the episode yesterday on “Whether people can change” and am going to be tuning in for the next..Score: 5/5

A great pairingThese two make a great pairing to talk about big issues sensibly..Score: 5/5

AwesomeIt was great to hear Bill Gates perspective on this global problem!.Score: 5/5

Big Topics and Incredible GuestsBill Gates is generally a smart and incisive speaker, and this podcast leverages his network of guests for some fantastic interviews. Faucci as an inaugural guest really sets the tone well. Rashida is good, but I almost feel like Bill needs someone less serious to inject more humour occasionally. Their host chemistry could also be better, but likely that will develop over more episodes..Score: 5/5

Really?This is comical and vomit inducing. I wonder how much they paid her to do this podcast. Either that, or she has no idea how to use her brain to think for herself. Go to hell Bill Gates..Score: 1/5

A requestInvite Justin Truedeau please :).Score: 5/5

GreatI love Rashida Jones and think she’s very tuned-in and insightful. It’s also a privilege to be able to hear Bill Gates discuss the variety of subjects the cover. Just change that god-awful into song....Score: 5/5

Great showBill is a wealth of knowledge and optimism. Love that guy. Rashida is a solid host..Score: 5/5

Interesting idea room to growThis podcast is good if you want to here these folks perspective on important topics but it is clear that they have similar view points on these topics. Not necessarily a bad thing but can sometimes be a lattice predictable on what they are going to think about the topic. Would maybe be more interesting if you interviewed more people with opposing view points. But for what it is now it’s a good start. Will keep listening.Score: 3/5

Bill GatesAmazing conversations!! Thank you!.Score: 5/5

LiarLiar spreading more lies in a sophisticated overcoat.Score: 1/5

InsightfulCan’t wait for the next episode!!.Score: 5/5

Ignore the 1 starsVery articulate and thoughtful take on COVID and what we can expect in the coming weeks and months. Bill has years of experience in the medical sectors through his foundation, which makes the conversations much more interesting. He does not need to work, nor does he need to donate money but yet, he does. Can we all just put aside our political views and perhaps become a student rather than a follower of idea or group?.Score: 5/5

Fantastic format and topicsRashida Jones is articulate and thoughtful, and in a way represents “us”, and engages the brilliant and quite exceptional Bill Gates (and special guests) in illuminating AND accessible conversation on some of the most important topics facing humanity..Score: 5/5

Strangely comforting podcastI never thought Bill Gates would become one of my hero’s but with the first episode of this podcast, he has. There is a ton of scientific info presented in an easy to follow way. Thanks guys!.Score: 5/5

Excellent!Can you advice how often we can expect new episodes? ...wanting more here in Canada..Score: 5/5

Yeah, let’s ask billioners what’s good for usVery bad podcast.Score: 1/5

Great showI really liked this show. I think Bill and Rashida make great hosts and have good chemistry. I also liked how their perspectives balance each other out..Score: 5/5

When did he get a MD?I’ve got more medical training than him, he’s thinks cpu viruses are the same as the ones with DNA, first logical fallacy of many here. So out of touch it’s almost like listening to a medical recording of an institutionalized medical patient with delusionary grander and narcissistic megalomaniac tendencies. Sounds legit, he’s got a tighter group of “believers” than Jonestown had..Score: 1/5

ExceptionalThe most articulate, informed, thought-provoking and often optimistic (thanks to Mr. Gates) discussions I’ve heard in a long time. Such a needed contrast to all the celebrity candy floss podcasts going on right now..Score: 5/5

SO good!This was such an interesting podcast, I was hooked after the first episode. Bill and Rashida work great together... and they bring in amazing guest speakers....Can’t wait for more!.Score: 5/5

Too much like a PSAI love listening to Bill, Rashida, and Dr. Fauci but this thing isn’t really thoughtful enough. There are a couple of “big ideas” but is mostly not worth your time. The whole thing feels like a scripted public service announcement..Score: 2/5

LolElitists tooting their own horns for 45 minutes... no thanks..Score: 1/5

WonderfulI love the combination of Bill and Rashida’s opinions and often contrasting outlooks. Amazing conversations about what matters right now from two fantastic hosts and their brilliant guests. So glad I found this podcast..Score: 5/5

Feel intellectually refreshedI love the balanced approach where we get to hear from Rashida from a general public perspective (us), Bill from a broader all encompassing perspective, and someone who is at the forefront of a lot of the change these podcasts talk about, and then the specialist guests Bill and Rashida have on; we get a view into the details from an expert working in the field with corroboration from Bill after. Thanks for putting this together! I also love how the podcast discusses timely issues, such as the covid vaccine and the fears we have about it at a time when a global covid vaccine rollout is underway. Looking forward to hear much more and I hope this becomes an all year thing and not just limited to a few episodes a year..Score: 5/5

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Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions Podcast Episodes

EP 5: Can people really change?

2020 has been a year of change. From the pandemic to the presidential election, it’s clear that the world will never be the same after this year – and neither will all of us who experienced it. In the season finale, Bill and Rashida explore how progress hinges on society’s ability to evolve, how our view of the world shifts as we get older, and whether it’s actually possible to change someone’s mind. Then they’re joined by two people who are using their positions as artists to change the world for the better: Bono and Kerry Washington.

EP 4: Is it too late to stop climate change?

Climate change is the most daunting challenge of our time. Tackling it will require unprecedented amounts of innovation, investment, and global cooperation. Are we actually making progress yet? Can we really stop the worst effects of climate change? In this week’s episode, Bill and Rashida take on perhaps their biggest question yet with an assist from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Kolbert. 

EP 3: Why do we believe lies?

Honesty is a core value in most cultures. But humanity has always been obsessed with untruths, from little white lies to vast conspiracy theories. Bill and Rashida are joined by Sapiens author and historian Yuval Noah Harari to talk about why we’re so willing to believe falsehoods and what these lies tell us about ourselves—both as individuals and as a society.

EP 2: Is inequality inevitable?

2020 has brought to light a lot of issues, including growing inequality in the United States. We're seeing huge gaps in income, access to healthcare, and quality of education across the country. Economist Raj Chetty joins the podcast to talk about his groundbreaking research on opportunity in America. Then Mayor Aja Brown joins the conversation to talk about how she’s leveling the playing field in Compton.

EP 1: What will the world look like after COVID-19?

Ever since the pandemic started, we’ve heard the same refrain: we need to get back to normal. But what does “normal” even mean after such a history-changing event? Bill and Rashida discuss how COVID-19 will forever change our workplaces, our schools, and even our social lives. They also get real with NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci about what we can expect in the months ahead.

Introducing: Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions | Trailer

Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions pairs Bill Gates with actress and writer Rashida Jones to tackle some of the biggest questions facing us today: Is it too late to solve climate change? Does everybody lie? Is inequality inevitable? Join them for deep dives into these questions and even a few answers.

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