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We negotiate all the time at work -- for raises, promotions, time off -- and we usually go into it like it's a battle. But it's not about dominating, says organizational psychologist Ruchi Sinha. It's about crafting a relationship, understanding your needs and the other person's. Her three key steps will help you master this essential skill.

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TED Talks Daily Podcast Reviews

Really informativeRly enjoyable. Audio gr8 for stage show..Score: 5/5

EE.Score: 5/5

AmazingI had a really bad pain but this was amazing and enlightening and distracted me. This is great..Score: 4/5

Quick listens for a more rounded lifeI’m absolutely loving variety of ted daily podcasts. I started my selecting only the ones I liked the sound of, but recently have just been listening to them as they come on. I have a more rounded view on many different topics I was not interested in before!.Score: 5/5

CoolIt’s nice I like them a lot👍.Score: 3/5

Great spectrumLoving the podcasts. Vast range of issues covered. Very educational. Big fan.Score: 5/5

ExcellentGreat and informative.Score: 5/5

Often high quality sometimes lacking global awarenessTEDtalks used to be a great place to find conceptual ideas that could reshape the world as we see it. Often putting difficult concepts into simple and easy to explain terms. This can be a great place to discover amazing developments in technology and society. However, as with a significant portion of American programming, the content often contains significant bias to American culture and society. This often leads some of the talks irrelevant to a global audience. While racial justice and societal problems exist globally, they don’t exist in the same way as the US so I often find myself deleting these episodes as they appear. I have other news sources and platforms that are better equipped to deal with societal problems. I subscribed to TED for Technology, Education, and Design, not why American business is racist and sexist. They’ve strayed too far into politics. Edit: lowered the rating further as it’s still about 40% American social and politics; and now we’re treated to 2-3 minute ads for an 8 minute episode which is ridiculous. Also I’m so sick of hearing about and from Adam Grant..Score: 3/5

Ly ly PughLggl. Gl. Y y Y goggles lob.Score: 4/5

Great but for one thing...I love listening to these TEDTalks. They are interesting, inspiring and entertaining. I listen to them while I am driving to work, while I am cooking in the kitchen, when out in the garden and elsewhere. As a result of the mobile nature of when and where I listen to these (audio) podcasts, it is infuriating when some of them start "This TEDTalk contains powerful imagery. Go to the TEDTalks website to download..." blah, blah, blah. If the talk involves powerful imagery which is crucial to the listeners appreciation (and indeed understanding) of the content, don't use it for an (apparently) audio podcast, please!.Score: 4/5

NoJust no.Score: 1/5

Superb very interesting podcast!Superb very interesting podcast!.Score: 5/5

FantasticWonderful, informative talks that teach me something every time..Score: 5/5

A.k.pPowerful, encouraging and awakening. Cheers..Score: 5/5

Daily dose of sanityI love listening to these podcasts. So much variety of topics!.Score: 1/5

Too LeftTrying to listen to content that doesn’t speak about politics issues. Ted talk ain’t it anymore. Just listened to a podcast speaking about video games and they decided in the middle of it to say we have inequality for women because they don’t play enough videos games. Most women don’t care about video games (I’m a woman who actually has since I was a child) please stop making everything about identity politics. It’s went from smart content to left content, let’s just no mention left or right and speak about the actual topic!.Score: 1/5

Stop with the “Mary” adverts.I love listening to these podcasts and very grateful that they are a daily occurrence! But of recent weeks, you have been advertising “Mary” with her NatWest business thing. And that’s fine....but please please stop this advertising happening at the beginning AND end of EACH podcast. We get it...it’s new! But I don’t want to hear it all the time. I listen when I drive and it’s not like I can skip it easily. Thank you!.Score: 2/5

Interesting listenLove most of their work.Score: 5/5

:)I love ted talks, they're great to listen to. i listen to one every morning on the train to school.Score: 5/5

GoodGood.Score: 5/5

Used to love TED. Now it’s just social justice.TED used to feature cutting edge ideas; now it’s just the same old social justice claims that are made on flaky evidence. It takes advantage of the premise of risk taking by positing an extremist agenda and if it doesn’t change soon I’m likely to unsubscribe. Don’t we learn from history?.Score: 1/5

Blue church theologyStale progressive orthodoxy. Superficial and shallow. Avoid!.Score: 1/5

YawnTEDtalks are like little nutshells of useless wisdom. They have a structure, first every speaker tells you they are right because statistics back their argument or because a lot of special people have done it, or they ramble for the first 10 minutes, making you dizzy and take advantage of that moment of vulnerability to end their hollow argument with a smart sentence. Pity. The first talks I listened were interesting, informative and innovative, now it’s just a series of TEDious talks..Score: 1/5

5 stars every time!A must podcast for anyone wanting to broaden their horizons..Score: 5/5

PropagandaPure left wing propaganda..Score: 1/5

RubbishBunch of boring people talking about feminist agendas. Talking absolute rubbish couldn’t finish an entire podcast..Score: 1/5

A little cheesy..Some good ideas. The hosts are often a bit cheesy. Hey, some people like that!.Score: 3/5

So left leaningIf you don’t have a victim card to play, you aren’t invited on Ted. It used to be great, but now it is exhaustingly ‘right on’.Score: 2/5

MixedGood production values, some fascinating topics, some which don't interest me. Thanks TED!.Score: 4/5

Less Repeats PleaseI really enjoy the TED Talks but just wish the totals had a distinction for repeats. I keep finding myself listening to an episode I have heard before and when driving I can't easily skip the episode because this has to be done on the phone. Please list repeats separately on a repeats podcast or at least mark them so I can just delete them before setting out..Score: 3/5

My daily go to podcast.So interesting and insightful. I love Tedtalks, it gives me different things to think about each day..Score: 5/5

🚨These are my favorite podcasts love how there are so many and reveal some Tes interesting stuff.Score: 5/5

Great range of topicsGreat idea and love these little bite-size chunks of learning - really interesting and something to suit everyone..Score: 4/5

Educational and informativeI have been listening to TED Talks Daily for only a few weeks but I have been able to learn so much. I am really enjoying them as they are so informative and educational. Thank you TED!!!.Score: 5/5

Always AmazingA perfect way to spend your time reinstalling faith into humanity.Score: 5/5

FantasticA varied selection, just the right length and very informative. I've ended up listening to some I probably would have actively downloaded as well! Highly recommended.Score: 5/5

Advert advert advert2 minutes of adverts on a 6 minute podcast is way too much. The content is good but my word, I’ve given up listening..Score: 1/5

GreatThoroughly enjoy this.Score: 5/5

Fantastic PodcastsBrilliant short snappy podcasts that carry thought provoking and inspiring messages..Score: 5/5

PainfulA lot of self satisfied idiots showing off in public.Score: 1/5

Short, Sweet and thought-provokingNew, balanced views of the world presented in short, sweet streams..Score: 5/5

Not about what it says it’s aboutThe boredom talk is concentrated on *how to get bored*, about 5% is about why boredom’s good. Misleading premise..Score: 3/5

InsightfulI appreciate these are the views/research of one person but I find some of the topics are quite bias. I really appreciate all the themes and views in the talks but there's no discussion or disadvantages to them which I can think of many to some views on the talks..Score: 3/5

The Go To Place For MoronsIf you are thick and easily led with the attention span of a gnat then this is your nirvana..Score: 1/5

What a jokeA short history of Trans fighting for equality in 2019 - Ted Talks has gone down the drain. Just embarrassing 😂.Score: 1/5

Maybe...just maybe....It's mental illness innit .I'm here from the meme and so are you..Score: 2/5

Too much ad/promotional contentI find ~3 minutes of advertising/promotion on a 12-15 minute podcast excessive and distracting and has now become annoying and repetitive I've unsubscribed. At the moment it seems all episodes start with a 30-60s promotion of another podcast and ends with a 2 minute promo of the same podcast. It was okay the first fews times but after the tenth listen it's made me hit the unsubscribe button. I understand the need for sponsorship and funding but maybe try and moderate it a bit, or at least vary it? "A short message from our sponsors" is one thing, but "we're going to allocate a 5th of this podcast to our sponsor" is something else..Score: 1/5

Good adviceLot's of really interesting stuff, very thought provoking!.Score: 4/5

Tiny bites of wisdomI love this - so nice and informative I love the fact that they come out daily and are about the current events. Thanks !!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Exceptionally goodThis podcast is packed with inspiring ideas, I used to watch TED talk videos and now the podcast makes it even easier to stay up to date with the talks. Recommended.Score: 5/5

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MehLots of features on cliche topics..Score: 2/5

ExcellentFascinating to hear global perspectives and ideas on so many different subjects..Score: 5/5

InformativeI feel that TED TALKS really bring out information that many people, too many people, need..Score: 5/5

Ted is dumbYou made me have to watch a 30 minute video of a fat man talking about leadership.Score: 1/5

AudioHey I love the content, I have figured out what was wrong with the audio speed, sorry it was me not knowing about the audio speed option on the player.Score: 5/5

Mostly good......but also a regular dose of super-geeks who are far too excited about their area of expertise..Score: 3/5

Jan 9 episodeCan the dish example also be explained in terms of transaction utility bias?.Score: 5/5

AwesomeI loved all these speeches. I hope they'll do the same thing with talks from other years..Score: 5/5

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Um yeah umm how could UM you not like this podcast?? Ummmm howww???.Score: 5/5

BoringIf I wanted boring moralizing and the espousal of dogma I’d attend church..Score: 1/5

Ted talksThese are very inspiring and I fall asleep to this lol 😂.Score: 4/5

Great!I absolutely love Ted talks and now that I can listen to them on the road as well as sitting down at home, it's like a wish come true. I only wish some Ted talks weren't so focused on pictures but that can't be helped, and I can just go to the website. I've learned so much from all sorts of subjects that I may never have chosen to listen to otherwise..Score: 5/5

RFor you e.Score: 3/5

SJWThese podcasts are very slanted to the left and pushes the social justice point of view..Score: 2/5

Great listen about great ideasMy podcast companion for a year now while I house clean. Great ideas and thoughts being shared! Please keep them coming!.Score: 5/5

Very well doneReally impressed by these episodes. Interesting topics and very well researched and easy to follow.Score: 5/5

GoodNice.Score: 5/5

Great cutting edge informationExcellent talks for fields that I have no expertise in..Score: 5/5

AudioCalled Ted Talks audio but the first thing they ask is to download the video. Most of the talks selected really need the video. So why not include the video or create talks where the video/slides are not so essential..Score: 1/5

Excellent !Inspiring Lectures from some of the greatest intellectuals..Score: 5/5

Left circle jerkJust an bunch of soyboy leftist with no humour.Score: 1/5

Not made for PodcastsI thoroughly enjoy Ted talks but this podcast is frustrating to listen to because there are so many visual references from the speakers. Pictures, artwork, graphs that are displayed by the speaker are not seen by the listener and you don’t get the full impact of what they are talking about. Can’t the producers screen and select the podcasts to air the auditory only Ted talks? It’s really frustrating..Score: 1/5

The Best!Many informative and inspiring talks. Can't get enough!.Score: 5/5

Amazing and informative -- highly recommend!TED Talks Daily is a podcast on Spotify and iTunes by TED. Think of a TED Talk – just without the video this time. For all podcast lovers and video haters, TED Talk podcasts appeal to just about everybody. Without the need to look at your phone and rather just listen, TED Talks Daily provides an easy way to be informed. Unlike most podcasts – each episode has a different host, as every TED Talk is never the same person. The structure of this podcast is, well, unstructured. No episode is the same – each Ted Talk you watch or listen to is a new one. Most TED Talks Daily podcast episodes are typically less than 20 minutes long, providing listeners, especially those with short attention spans, a great amount of time to do some learning. The first episode I listened to was titled: “This could be why you’re depressed and anxious - Johann Hari.” Journalist Johann Hari talks about the causes of depression and anxiety. What a beautiful talk by Johann describing how depression truly affects our lives. Did you know 39% of Americans no longer feel like they’re close to anyone? He taught me that. I don’t want to spoil too much from this episode as it is such an inspiring listen – but if you feel like you want to know more about depression/anxiety/mental illness, this is it. An inspiring quote by him: “If you’re depressed or anxious, you’re not weak and you’re not crazy – you’re a human being with unmet needs.” This episode 100% needs a listen. The second episode I listened to was called: “4 questions you should always ask your doctor - Christer Mjaset.” A neurosurgeon, Christer Mjaset, explains how patients can have greater relationships with their doctors. Did you know most of the procedures performed could be avoided? This episode is a great listen as well if you want a perspective of a doctor. As a TED Talk fan, and someone who goes to see TEDx events whenever they come to Winnipeg, I personally found both episodes to be quite enjoyable – any TED Talk will always keep me engaged. I don’t know what it is, but I could watch TED Talks forever and the fact that I found a podcast version makes things even more incredible. I am a person who enjoys listening to podcasts on my bus home from school or work and this podcast provides me with the ease of not having to worry about using up my data to watch a YouTube video. Also, the podcast format provides more room for multi-tasking. I am personally someone who suffers from anxiety and has a fantastic relationship with their doctor – so I found the episodes to be not only engaging for my own curiosity, but educational and fun. The TED Talks Daily podcasts do not offer advertisements in their podcasts. These podcast episodes are recorded live just like the videos – however, this is just the audio. So, the only “advertising” in the episodes is at the beginning to know how to find out more about the speaker. And towards the end of the podcast after the speaker is finished, a preview for an upcoming episode plays. As a listener, I feel as though most people will skip over the ending. However, I am aware of the previews, so I continue to listen, and I find them interesting to know who is speaking next. Out of five stars, I would rate this podcast a four. There is absolutely everything you could ever want in this podcast. If you like TED Talks, TED Talks Daily is the podcast for you. The only reason this podcast lost a star was lack of visuals – occasionally, in a TED Talk, the speaker provides graphs and pictures to add to their speech and the only downfall is that you do not get to see them. However, still very informative..Score: 4/5

Needs a filterToo much liberal trash.Score: 1/5

These are greatNot boring🙂.Score: 5/5

Entertaining and InformativeTED Talks (audio) provides you with the rare opportunity to hear some of the worlds foremost experts, thinkers and personalities expound upon various cutting edge technologies, theories and issues in the world today. Always informative, often entertaining, TED Talks’ 20 minute format jump starts your brain. In fact, the only podcast I enjoy more than TED Talks (audio) is TED Talks (video)..Score: 5/5

Stop the summary Elise HueI love many of the talks. The format is a little repetitive. It drives me bonkers to have the experts presentation usurped by the simplistic overview summary Elise Hue biases us with at the outset of each talk. Please desist ... Just introduce the speaker and let us enjoy.Score: 3/5

Leftist catechismSome interesting points, good format, but it’s mostly globalist/liberal propaganda..Score: 3/5

This is weird...Check out “boring” the podcast is literally called boring. They are sooo much better. Actually gives you perspectives.Score: 3/5

Love itBest podcast out there, would listen to it everyday if they made a daily show!.Score: 5/5

Absorbing!I'm 13 years old and even I'M interested in these captivating, short podcasts. They will enrich your education and life.Score: 2/5

I like it, but alot of episodes I dont likeI listen to about half these episdes, and enjoy alot of them, but I feel they are quite shallow, by necessity of being 18 minutes, dont enjoy almost any of the obligatory jokes, dont eed them quit it. But great ideas I love to share and talk about and listen to..Score: 3/5

The GreatestTED Talks are what the world needs. They believe in educating and discussing all aspects of our humanity and world and are determined to open your eyes to the beauty and majesty pf the world. These talks from these amazing conferences are what the world needs. Give a couple of them a listen and I promise you a new perspective on life..Score: 5/5

BORING......I was always to told that TED podcasts were great but they’re not. They are so BORING! Like everybody else, TED just follows what’s happening in the media. It’s a disappointing podcast..Score: 1/5

Exciting TImesI used to think the world was doomed. TED videos have given a new perspective that I didn't even know I was waiting for. I don't watch TV, but I watch TED Talks. People need to hear these ideas. There is hope and it begins with open discussion. Looking for a topic of discussion? Look no further. TED has it..Score: 5/5

Great showI really enjoy listening to this show, always very good information. I had to unsubscribe because it was flooding my list and I wasn't able to keep up with the episodes. I wish they would release the episodes slower, I feel like I was overwhelmed..Score: 3/5

👎🏻Way to left wing for comfort.Score: 1/5

Thank youThanks for putting the TED talks on podcast audio! It's a great option!.Score: 5/5

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Empowering showI really enjoy the talks, they’re very inspiring..Score: 5/5

Good podcastHas good topics to talk about.Score: 5/5

Bring back old TedFilled with virtue signaling and leftist ideology instead of the old innovative and new idea space they used to have it has been turned into yet another leftist platform.Score: 1/5

From great to terribleThese used to be awesome. Now every single episode is about racism. I want to learn about technology. That is why I subscribed originally..Score: 1/5

Why does everyone sound like they are on adderallPlease stop speeding up or dubbing the speakers in the podcast. It’s not even peaceful to listen. Not sure when this started but I get anxiety trying to listen to these podcast that used to be positive and informative because they sound like they all snorted two lines and are now trying to give a speech! Slow it back down and stop trying to speed it up to cram everything in! Make them peaceful and helpful again!.Score: 2/5

Gone downhillThe show lost the reason I subscribed- to actually be informed on new scientific discoveries and hard facts presented in a brilliant way, I was a subscriber for about 3 years but all they care about now is their talking points. Once the last host left, it really went downhill. I tried to go through the talks and delete the things that sounded like they would be political, and I ended up deleting 90% of the shows. It’s honestly disappointing because it used to be such a good show with new ideas from all types of perspectives, but now it’s just this, force feeding us only one perspective and pretending like that perspective is the only reliable one.Score: 1/5

ItOrt morning I r bet c know if . I have your I’ll.Score: 5/5

Rebecca Knill episode about deafness 2/18/21I just completed this podcast. Awesome & humorous be I have 50% hearing loss due to a risk I accepted from a surgery. I lost hearing in one of my ears and wear hearing aids ( one to transmit sound from the “dead ear” to the other still functional ear). My hearing aids help & are beneficial yet not 100%. Understanding deafness has opened up another world for me including the need for others understanding & compassion. I do my best to have grace when dealing full hearing folks. I don’t pity myself... I pity others who don’t appreciate their gift of hearing and protect their ears. Thank you TED Talks Daily!.Score: 5/5

Yfzfsyvgfszagxefcdrrfydc66:,,.(/;/(Thanks for.Score: 5/5

LOVE ITLook I know that I’m just 10 but I still understand everything she is saying.She talks about things that really matter. I love this podcast and so should you..Score: 5/5

Excellent, Eloquent and Essential Listening/watchingThe undisputed, undeniable facts are that many of our “revered” and “founding fathers” did not live up to the eloquent and idealistic words they penned. We the People can honor our country’s history in the most meaningful way by seeing ALL of its reality and correcting the systems and policies by which we choose to govern ourselves as the UNITED States of America to promote and support those ideals. The words “all men” need to be intentionally and deliberately interpreted to mean all citizens and legal aliens - that’s the ideal of “We the People” I want to support. “Founding Fathers” should mean and represent Mothers and Children - all our ancestors with all their flaws. Now we, the current occupants of this UNITED States of America need to reexamine what WE believe in and how WE will set and reset our governing policies and social systems to live up to and support these agreed upon ideals. I used to hear the phrase “if we don’t learn from history we repeat it”. I now prefer the words “if we don’t see history we continue it” please USA let us create a more just history for our the many future generations of USA inhabitants to “see” and “learn from”..Score: 5/5

Thank you- I really needed that today$I just listened to the talk about “depression”. I agree with the fact that connection helps, I needed the reminder. Alison iSchuback.Score: 5/5

HiThese people really are considerate and make learning fun..Score: 5/5

It’s Latino, not Latin”x”Nobody uses Latinx, quit trying to pander. It’s actually quite offensive trying to tell someone how to speak a language that has been spoken for hundreds of years without a problem. This linguistic imperialism must stop..Score: 1/5

Quality Slipped to PoorUsed to be very diverse and interesting. Now it’s mostly climate change. Meh..Score: 1/5

Too liberalThis not an unbiased podcast, lots’o global warming, critical race theory, income inequality, etc. content. Quit complaining and get a job!.Score: 1/5

Good maybeOk look, so I never listened to an episode but pls still read even though it is going to be a very long review. So, as I said, I never listened but for school we had to listen to a few Ted talks and they were SOO good, I think if I start listening it would be good. Like I listened to the Ted talk about salva dut (the lost boys from Sudan) and it was soo good, I loved it and listened 5 times. I will start listening maybe, if you think I should start listening pls put in a review either YES GOD TIER or NO GOD TIER. ok bye noobs.Score: 4/5

Dr. Mosby TylerNita Mosby Tyler may have just changed my life. Thank you..Score: 5/5

No Longer InterestingWhat happened to Ted Talks? They used to be straightforward, informed and insightful mini lectures about ALL THE THINGS: art, culture, science, technology. Now they are overt woke propaganda, ALL about ONE THING: identity politics. When you filter every single topic through this lens, you render them all the same and all equally uninteresting. It’s the same show about the same thing everyday. So boring..Score: 1/5

If you like TED....I enjoy TED and TEDx so I enjoy this podcast. There are recent complaints with one stars of a liberal agenda. This is not a newscast so, if you don’t like the “agenda”, don’t listen..Score: 5/5

TedThis exists.Score: 4/5

BiasedYour left-wing biases make it very hard to take your talks seriously..Score: 1/5

Underestimating your intelligenceTwerking helps young women with their self esteem??? Seriously? How stupid do you think the people listening are? I remembered when TED talks was a serious organization with content worth your attention and brain space. I’m embarrassed to say I even used it in my work with young people. Ugh. So, so gross..Score: 2/5

Hugely disappointingI’ve seen a few TEDTalks that I enjoyed over the years, but unfortunately,This podcast is very low quality, obsessively focused on global warming and other trendy but pointless topics du jour, and one brain-dead episode questioning whether reality even exists. I’d hoped to get something practical or useful out of this podcast but no such luck..Score: 1/5

Too politicalThese used to be interesting, but now it’s almost all predictable agenda all the time. They need to find somebody more interesting to host this..Score: 1/5

Love what you guys are doing!This is really good. Just listened to the GRIT episode and came to read the reviews. Did not expect to see some many fussy Nationalist complaining about TED being too liberal, I thought the liberals were supposed to be crybabies. You guys rock!.Score: 5/5

Can Jamie C. Beard not speak through her nose so excitedly?Great topic. Unbearable to listen to..Score: 3/5

Liberal bias, but educational.This podcast clearly leans left, but is educational nonetheless..Score: 2/5

OkaySome things are interesting, but I mainly listen to this podcast to get a liberal perspective which shouldn’t be happening. TED is so much better than this..Score: 2/5

UghhhhhThis show used to be great. Now they are just puppets for the leftist agenda. PLEASE GO BACK TO HAVING TALKS WE ACTUALLY ARE ABOUT..Score: 1/5

Short snippets of ideasGreat short version of Ted talks, this podcast will inform and inspire..Score: 5/5

Good enoughI enjoy the Ted talks. I wish you keep the interviews and “something different” episodes in a separate podcast, it’s just not what I’m looking for. There have been WAY too many “not Ted Talks” in this feed lately. Here’s an idea, if you don’t have a Ted Talk for us... DON’T RELEASE AN EPISODE. Maybe you should start a podcast called “Not Ted Talks (from the people who bring you Ted Talks Daily)” so I can NOT subscribe to it. Enough with the identity politics and climate change, aren’t there any tedders who speak of something interesting and meaningful?.Score: 1/5

DeceivingIf you’re really interested in racial ideology and global warming, give it a listen because it’s the focus of 50% of their shows. If you’re looking for Ted talks of yore with nuanced and varied topics, that ship has sailed months ago..Score: 1/5

Enough with the SJW crap!!!I used to love TED Talks. I used to listen with an open mind about the uncommon ideas they presented, but this podcast is nothing but SJW crap! You ruined your brand by cramming this tripe down my throat EVERY STINKING EPISODE!!! Now, I don’t even want to listen to the regular TED talks, out of fear that they’ll all be CRT and 3rd wave feminist propaganda too! Good job sinking your brand!.Score: 1/5

One great podcastchannelBest of best talks are found here..Score: 5/5

So DisappointedI have listened to and watched TED Talks for years, so decided to check out the podcasts. Yikes! What a disappointment. After scrolling through several episodes I was inundated with the recurring theme of climate change this, climate change that - including the topic that woman and girls can be the solution to climate change. How about a balanced episode that refutes the prevailing theories of climate change. How about some variety of topics - go back to the way you were - providing a variety of perspectives - some educational, some humorous, but always informative..Score: 1/5

If you love this...Then you’ll love the new podcast World Reimagined (with former HBS professor Gautam Mukunda) which brings together many of the people on Ted Talks (academics, practitioners, artists, authors, and other subject matter experts) for really interesting conversations..Score: 4/5

About 20%Love the idea of TED Talks. I have listened to these podcast for several years. It's seems to have gradually slipped to promote more and more left-wing, radicalized content. Maybe 20% of the episodes are actually beneficial. Too bad!.Score: 2/5

Five starTed talks is so good because it tells us stories which are pretty good.Score: 5/5

Wildly variable runtimesThe appeal of TED for me used to be that you could count on learning something new and getting inspired by innovative thinkers, all within a predictable timeframe. Unfortunately, TED no longer seem to respect its listeners’ time, and throws segments ranging from 5 to 30 minutes at you, and without any prior notice about how much time you should set aside to listen. As a result, I’ve essentially stopped listening....Score: 3/5

Part of the propaganda machineThe subject says it all. With that being said, it’s important to expand ones perspective and not be married to your ideas. Unfortunately this podcast panders to the media’s agenda; capturing one’s attention and promoting indignation..Score: 3/5

TED has changedBye Bye. Tired of sifting through too much woke crap..Score: 1/5

An agendThey have an apparent agenda and it’s not being moderate.Score: 1/5

Sell crazy somewhere elseOK I took a listen. First you say thing you say is racism and global warming. Out! The two biggest alarmist about global warming are Gore and Obama, both have beach houses. And as for the race card, China is the most ethnic-centric racist society in the world. I am on a daily mission to call progs racist everyday. Because they are..Score: 1/5

RNI love the length of these TED talks and the variety of topics. Some aren't as inspiring as others but each can be thought provoking to some extent. Thanks!.Score: 5/5

Unnecessary introsI like the content of this podcast, but I don’t understand why Elise spends the first two minutes summarizing the talk we’re about to hear. Just let us listen to the talk!.Score: 3/5

More propagandaPriority isn’t to inform, it’s to make carbon copy versions of “woke” Marxists with no critical thinking skills. Too politically charged and reeks of freshman year self-importance..Score: 1/5

TED went wokeSo tired of hearing how EVERYTHING is tied to identity (Race, Gender, Intersectionality) and virtually nothing to do with Technology, Entertainment or Design (T.E.D.) This used to be such a good podcast with great topics but has now just gone way too woke for me..Score: 1/5

Black History Network?I enjoy the science and ecology programs, but far to many of the programs are the sad tales of black Americans. Is this a black history network or something? Hey, I’m sorry for racism, but I really wanted more from TED Talks than stories of racism..Score: 3/5

Not what it use to beJust wow.. won’t be supporting Ted talks any longer..Score: 1/5

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No new Ted radio hour again, and againThis once great show has been reduced to nothing more than re runs over and over again this year. It seems every week the only new content is Guy Raz telling us they are busy working on new shows. This week they were so taxed by the effort to put out 15 seconds of Guy telling us there was nothing again they had to take a summer holiday. Time to unsubscribe I'm afraid. That there getting sponsors to pay for this is mind boggling..Score: 1/5

Awe inspiring and never fails to impressAs above !!😉👍🏼.Score: 5/5

Excellent podcast but..I have greatly enjoyed this podcast and the effort and time spent in research....but.. After a while Guys "radio voice" becomes hard to listen to. The exaggerated pauses, emphasis and high pitch tone is tedious. It is appropriate for a 30 second advertisement but not a 30 minute podcast. At times when he speak with his natural voice it is vastly more pleasant, lower in pitch and more credible. I hope this is a constructive comment..Score: 3/5

TEDTed talks are a great way of learning.Score: 5/5

RubbishWaffle I am so disappointed with the rubbish content.Score: 1/5

Need more of this!Whoever loves this should also go find TED RADIO HOUR and you won't be disappointed!!.Score: 5/5

I Needed This.I am at the beginning of a break up and this is something I needed desperately. Thank you. So much. Please make more ted talks like this..Score: 5/5

Great stuff!Thank you! Good idea to represent Archive ones... ;-) always worth sharing! Guy you are the man!.Score: 5/5

Talking robotic and too fastThe whole of all the TED talks is painful to listen too because it is so fast and robotic why is it this fast? Can’t even listen it’s so fast.Score: 2/5

Quick bites of informationI have always loved TED talks but often find that I don't find the time to watch the talks, all this has changed with the audio version that delivers bite sized information. This is a podcast that I can find the time to listen to each day..Score: 4/5

Mind bendingThese short talks provide you an opportunity to be introduced to short sharp information bites to expand the brain.Score: 4/5

Perfect mix of entertainment and educationJust. Awesome..Score: 5/5

The voiceThere’s a great amount of useful information, but what’s not useful is the unmetered sound control and unqualified speakers..Score: 1/5

Too many episodes on global warmingI mean climate change. Its not called Global Warming anymore..Score: 2/5

Eye-openingLove hearing these fascinating topics! I learn so much each day, from fields far from related to my own..Score: 5/5

Expands your mindThe array of topics TED Talks offers will give you a more well rounded persepective on the world..Score: 4/5

Nothing short of inspiringTED - Ideas worth sharing. I think it's really a case of "nuff said". The range and breadth of speakers at these yearly conferences show the very best of human endeavor and thought. Have a listen. Learn something. Be inspired..Score: 5/5

Used to amazing...Ideas worth sharing.... unless it upsets any corporate sponsors like big pharma or big food. Everyone sounds the same, over produced without soul..Score: 2/5

Always interesting and inspiring.I look forward to the latest download..Score: 5/5

Love it!Inspiring talks. Great to listen to..Score: 5/5

Good But the "Powerful visuals" get me.I enjoy the TED podcasts, but I find it annoying that often (at least half it seems recently) I download them and they say "this podcast has powerful visuals" download the video at etc..... These talks should just be in the video section rather than the audio section..Score: 4/5

Great podcastGreat podcast.Score: 4/5

WoahThis is a great show/podcast and it’s great to listen to. Entertaining and informative is what makes an ideal podcast to me - and this is exactly it!.Score: 5/5

Great way to preview the content before downloading the videoI love these audio versions of the TED Talks videos and use them to help me choose the 'must see' videos. My only complaint is that the audios are currently about 5 weeks old. Please provide audio versions ot the talks more promptly. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Episodes not peer reviewedWhile some talks are great the episodes are not peer reviewed. I've found the quality of some talks to be a real let down..Score: 2/5

Make episodes longerI love the info but can you please make the episodes longer. I want to hear more about these amazing and interesting subjects. I don’t get given enough info from only seven to fourteen minutes. It’s just not good enough. Give these people who are experts at what they’re talking about a chance to have a really deep talk about relevant and interesting topics. I love the talking but they don’t get a chance to really speak about it. 1/5.Score: 1/5

InjuryHi everyone who read this one, write her about what i fell about TED it's really good and approved my english and fiend a small silicon about my boring day because i can't do many things by right hand and my headache even i have this problem but i seen it very good work and make me sleep and killing time easy..Score: 5/5

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Caanujs DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

Panks30852730 DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

Scorpioyadav DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

RetardedHurt DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

Boot2legger DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

GnGruj DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

TALI189 DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

MaHaRaJ_Ji_ DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

Account4502 DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

Yogi_2024 DNeurosx: Q ~ What’s faster than a mutating Virus ?? A ~ Milord’s daily Ted Talks..Score: 5/5

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TED Talks Daily Podcast Episodes

3 steps to getting what you want in a negotiation | Ruchi Sinha

We negotiate all the time at work -- for raises, promotions, time off -- and we usually go into it like it's a battle. But it's not about dominating, says organizational psychologist Ruchi Sinha. It's about crafting a relationship, understanding your needs and the other person's. Her three key steps will help you master this essential skill.

The forest is our teacher. It's time to respect it | Nemonte Nenquimo

For thousands of years, the Amazon rainforest has provided food, water and spiritual connection for its Indigenous inhabitants and the world. But the endless extraction of its natural resources by oil companies and others is destroying the lives of those who live there, says Waorani leader Nemonte Nenquimo, and threatening the overall stability of Earth's biosphere. In this powerful talk, she reminds us of the destruction that continues to happen to the world's largest tropical rainforest -- and demands respect for Mother Nature. "The forest is our teacher," she says. (Filmed in Ecuador by director Tom Laffay and associate producer Emily Wright, in collaboration with Amazon Frontlines. In Spanish with subtitles.)

What working parents really need from workplaces | Angela Garbes

What if we started treating parenting like the real work it is? Podcast host and CEO Angela Garbes details how working families have evolved -- and how companies haven't -- and gives insight into what parents really need from their colleagues and workplaces.

An action plan for solving the climate crisis | John Doerr and Ryan Panchadsaram

"How much more damage do we have to endure before we realize that it's cheaper to save this planet than to ruin it?" asks engineer and investor John Doerr. In conversation with Countdown cofounder Lindsay Levin, Doerr and systems innovator Ryan Panchadsaram lay out six big objectives that -- if pursued with speed and scale -- could transform society and get us to net-zero emissions by 2050. An action plan to solve the world's climate crisis, backed up by a proven system for setting goals for success.

The science of preserving sight | Joshua Chu-Tan

As you get older, your eyes worsen and become susceptible to a disease called age-related macular degeneration -- the leading cause of blindness, with no cure in sight. Sharing the science of how your vision works, researcher Joshua Chu-Tan offers breakthrough insights on a lesser-known RNA that could change the treatment for this disease, preserving the gift of sight for longer and improving the quality of life for millions of people.

Your self-driving robotaxi is almost here | Aicha Evans

We've been hearing about self-driving cars for years, but autonomous vehicle entrepreneur Aicha Evans thinks we need to dream more daringly. In this exciting talk, she introduces us to robotaxis: fully autonomous, eco-friendly shuttles that would take you from place to place and take up less space on the streets than personal cars. Learn how this new technology works -- and what a future where we hail robotaxis would look like.

A program to empower Black teachers in the US | Larry Irvin

TED Fellow and education innovator Larry Irvin envisions a world where every child can see themselves reflected in their teachers. With his team at Brothers Empowered to Teach, Irvin is providing pathways to careers in education for Black men, who currently make up less than three percent of all teachers in the US -- offering training, personal and professional development and job placement. He shares how their holistic, people-centered approach is changing education.

An ever-evolving map of everything on Earth | Jack Dangermond

What if we had a map of ... everything? Jack Dangermond, a visionary behind the geographic information system (GIS) technology used to map and analyze all kinds of complex data, walks us through the interconnected technologies gathering information about every crack and corner of the Earth. Learn how this "living atlas" and "geospatial nervous system" can help us better understand our changing planet -- and let nature guide our actions towards a more sustainable future.

The crucial intersection of climate and capital | Nili Gilbert

The financial sector often talks of decarbonizing investment portfolios as a way to fight climate change. But portfolios can be "cleaned" without having any real impact on the problem, says investment expert Nili Gilbert. Bringing science to finance, she unpacks how investors can actually help decarbonize the world -- a costly endeavor, estimated at three to five trillion dollars per year between now and 2050 -- and ensure the climate transition is just, global and interconnected. "Changing the markets can be a way to change the world," she says.

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