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Biotech entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw shares lessons learned from the global effort to develop COVID-19 vaccines: namely, the power of collaboration and the importance of equitable access to health care. Learn more about the innovative partnerships that helped create the vaccines -- and how India became a crucial player in the supply chain delivering millions of doses to the world. (This virtual conversation, hosted by TED technology curator Simone Ross, was recorded March 2021.)

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TED Talks Daily Podcast Reviews

ExcellentGreat and informative.Score: 5/5

Quick listens for a more rounded lifeI’m absolutely loving variety of ted daily podcasts. I started my selecting only the ones I liked the sound of, but recently have just been listening to them as they come on. I have a more rounded view on many different topics I was not interested in before!.Score: 5/5

Good adviceLot's of really interesting stuff, very thought provoking!.Score: 4/5

Great range of topicsGreat idea and love these little bite-size chunks of learning - really interesting and something to suit everyone..Score: 4/5

Advert advert advert2 minutes of adverts on a 6 minute podcast is way too much. The content is good but my word, I’ve given up listening..Score: 1/5

Always AmazingA perfect way to spend your time reinstalling faith into humanity.Score: 5/5

Interesting listenLove most of their work.Score: 5/5

Fantastic PodcastsBrilliant short snappy podcasts that carry thought provoking and inspiring messages..Score: 5/5

Short, Sweet and thought-provokingNew, balanced views of the world presented in short, sweet streams..Score: 5/5

5 stars every time!A must podcast for anyone wanting to broaden their horizons..Score: 5/5

Really informativeRly enjoyable. Audio gr8 for stage show..Score: 5/5

FantasticWonderful, informative talks that teach me something every time..Score: 5/5

Daily dose of sanityI love listening to these podcasts. So much variety of topics!.Score: 1/5

My daily go to podcast.So interesting and insightful. I love Tedtalks, it gives me different things to think about each day..Score: 5/5

MixedGood production values, some fascinating topics, some which don't interest me. Thanks TED!.Score: 4/5

What a jokeA short history of Trans fighting for equality in 2019 - Ted Talks has gone down the drain. Just embarrassing 😂.Score: 1/5

Stop with the “Mary” adverts.I love listening to these podcasts and very grateful that they are a daily occurrence! But of recent weeks, you have been advertising “Mary” with her NatWest business thing. And that’s fine....but please please stop this advertising happening at the beginning AND end of EACH podcast. We get it...it’s new! But I don’t want to hear it all the time. I listen when I drive and it’s not like I can skip it easily. Thank you!.Score: 2/5

Tiny bites of wisdomI love this - so nice and informative I love the fact that they come out daily and are about the current events. Thanks !!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

PainfulA lot of self satisfied idiots showing off in public.Score: 1/5

Often high quality sometimes lacking global awarenessTEDtalks is often a great place to find conceptual ideas that can reshape the world as we see it. Often putting difficult concepts into simple and easy to explain terms. This can be a great place to discover amazing developments in technology and society. However, as with a significant portion of American programming, the content often contains significant bias to American culture and society. This often leads some of the talks irrelevant to a global audience. While racial justice and societal problems exist globally, they don’t exist in the same way as the US so I often find myself deleting these episodes as they appear. So for global audiences I would give it a 4 stars. 5 if you live in the US..Score: 4/5

Quality audio - as good as the showsBrilliantly edited for radio and a fantastic way for us radio heads to gain access to the TED talk content. All credit to NPR and Guy Roz....Score: 5/5

Blue church theologyStale progressive orthodoxy. Superficial and shallow. Avoid!.Score: 1/5

:)I love ted talks, they're great to listen to. i listen to one every morning on the train to school.Score: 5/5

Maybe...just maybe....It's mental illness innit .I'm here from the meme and so are you..Score: 2/5

GreatI love it.Score: 5/5

InsightfulI appreciate these are the views/research of one person but I find some of the topics are quite bias. I really appreciate all the themes and views in the talks but there's no discussion or disadvantages to them which I can think of many to some views on the talks..Score: 3/5

A.k.pPowerful, encouraging and awakening. Cheers..Score: 5/5

Ly ly PughLggl. Gl. Y y Y goggles lob.Score: 4/5

EE.Score: 5/5

AmazingI had a really bad pain but this was amazing and enlightening and distracted me. This is great..Score: 4/5

YawnTEDtalks are like little nutshells of useless wisdom. They have a structure, first every speaker tells you they are right because statistics back their argument or because a lot of special people have done it, or they ramble for the first 10 minutes, making you dizzy and take advantage of that moment of vulnerability to end their hollow argument with a smart sentence. Pity. The first talks I listened were interesting, informative and innovative, now it’s just a series of TEDious talks..Score: 1/5

Great spectrumLoving the podcasts. Vast range of issues covered. Very educational. Big fan.Score: 5/5

The Go To Place For MoronsIf you are thick and easily led with the attention span of a gnat then this is your nirvana..Score: 1/5

GreatThoroughly enjoy this.Score: 5/5

NoJust no.Score: 1/5

PropagandaPure left wing propaganda..Score: 1/5

Too much ad/promotional contentI find ~3 minutes of advertising/promotion on a 12-15 minute podcast excessive and distracting and has now become annoying and repetitive I've unsubscribed. At the moment it seems all episodes start with a 30-60s promotion of another podcast and ends with a 2 minute promo of the same podcast. It was okay the first fews times but after the tenth listen it's made me hit the unsubscribe button. I understand the need for sponsorship and funding but maybe try and moderate it a bit, or at least vary it? "A short message from our sponsors" is one thing, but "we're going to allocate a 5th of this podcast to our sponsor" is something else..Score: 1/5

RubbishBunch of boring people talking about feminist agendas. Talking absolute rubbish couldn’t finish an entire podcast..Score: 1/5

Too LeftTrying to listen to content that doesn’t speak about politics issues. Ted talk ain’t it anymore. Just listened to a podcast speaking about video games and they decided in the middle of it to say we have inequality for women because they don’t play enough videos games. Most women don’t care about video games (I’m a woman who actually has since I was a child) please stop making everything about identity politics. It’s went from smart content to left content, let’s just no mention left or right and speak about the actual topic!.Score: 1/5

Superb very interesting podcast!Superb very interesting podcast!.Score: 5/5

So left leaningIf you don’t have a victim card to play, you aren’t invited on Ted. It used to be great, but now it is exhaustingly ‘right on’.Score: 2/5

Not about what it says it’s aboutThe boredom talk is concentrated on *how to get bored*, about 5% is about why boredom’s good. Misleading premise..Score: 3/5

🚨These are my favorite podcasts love how there are so many and reveal some Tes interesting stuff.Score: 5/5

CoolIt’s nice I like them a lot👍.Score: 3/5

Exceptionally goodThis podcast is packed with inspiring ideas, I used to watch TED talk videos and now the podcast makes it even easier to stay up to date with the talks. Recommended.Score: 5/5

Great but for one thing...I love listening to these TEDTalks. They are interesting, inspiring and entertaining. I listen to them while I am driving to work, while I am cooking in the kitchen, when out in the garden and elsewhere. As a result of the mobile nature of when and where I listen to these (audio) podcasts, it is infuriating when some of them start "This TEDTalk contains powerful imagery. Go to the TEDTalks website to download..." blah, blah, blah. If the talk involves powerful imagery which is crucial to the listeners appreciation (and indeed understanding) of the content, don't use it for an (apparently) audio podcast, please!.Score: 4/5

Less Repeats PleaseI really enjoy the TED Talks but just wish the totals had a distinction for repeats. I keep finding myself listening to an episode I have heard before and when driving I can't easily skip the episode because this has to be done on the phone. Please list repeats separately on a repeats podcast or at least mark them so I can just delete them before setting out..Score: 3/5

FantasticA varied selection, just the right length and very informative. I've ended up listening to some I probably would have actively downloaded as well! Highly recommended.Score: 5/5

GoodGood.Score: 5/5

Used to love TED. Now it’s just social justice.TED used to feature cutting edge ideas; now it’s just the same old social justice claims that are made on flaky evidence. It takes advantage of the premise of risk taking by positing an extremist agenda and if it doesn’t change soon I’m likely to unsubscribe. Don’t we learn from history?.Score: 1/5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Great cutting edge informationExcellent talks for fields that I have no expertise in..Score: 5/5

This is weird...Check out “boring” the podcast is literally called boring. They are sooo much better. Actually gives you perspectives.Score: 3/5

Very well doneReally impressed by these episodes. Interesting topics and very well researched and easy to follow.Score: 5/5

The Best!Many informative and inspiring talks. Can't get enough!.Score: 5/5

Jan 9 episodeCan the dish example also be explained in terms of transaction utility bias?.Score: 5/5

MehLots of features on cliche topics..Score: 2/5

Love itBest podcast out there, would listen to it everyday if they made a daily show!.Score: 5/5

The GreatestTED Talks are what the world needs. They believe in educating and discussing all aspects of our humanity and world and are determined to open your eyes to the beauty and majesty pf the world. These talks from these amazing conferences are what the world needs. Give a couple of them a listen and I promise you a new perspective on life..Score: 5/5

Needs a filterToo much liberal trash.Score: 1/5

AudioHey I love the content, I have figured out what was wrong with the audio speed, sorry it was me not knowing about the audio speed option on the player.Score: 5/5

Ted is dumbYou made me have to watch a 30 minute video of a fat man talking about leadership.Score: 1/5

Great listen about great ideasMy podcast companion for a year now while I house clean. Great ideas and thoughts being shared! Please keep them coming!.Score: 5/5

Absorbing!I'm 13 years old and even I'M interested in these captivating, short podcasts. They will enrich your education and life.Score: 2/5

Stop the summary Elise HueI love many of the talks. The format is a little repetitive. It drives me bonkers to have the experts presentation usurped by the simplistic overview summary Elise Hue biases us with at the outset of each talk. Please desist ... Just introduce the speaker and let us enjoy.Score: 3/5

Mostly good......but also a regular dose of super-geeks who are far too excited about their area of expertise..Score: 3/5

AudioCalled Ted Talks audio but the first thing they ask is to download the video. Most of the talks selected really need the video. So why not include the video or create talks where the video/slides are not so essential..Score: 1/5

I like it, but alot of episodes I dont likeI listen to about half these episdes, and enjoy alot of them, but I feel they are quite shallow, by necessity of being 18 minutes, dont enjoy almost any of the obligatory jokes, dont eed them quit it. But great ideas I love to share and talk about and listen to..Score: 3/5

Great showI really enjoy listening to this show, always very good information. I had to unsubscribe because it was flooding my list and I wasn't able to keep up with the episodes. I wish they would release the episodes slower, I feel like I was overwhelmed..Score: 3/5

BORING......I was always to told that TED podcasts were great but they’re not. They are so BORING! Like everybody else, TED just follows what’s happening in the media. It’s a disappointing podcast..Score: 1/5

Excellent !Inspiring Lectures from some of the greatest intellectuals..Score: 5/5

RFor you e.Score: 3/5

BoringIf I wanted boring moralizing and the espousal of dogma I’d attend church..Score: 1/5

Ted talksThese are very inspiring and I fall asleep to this lol 😂.Score: 4/5

Entertaining and InformativeTED Talks (audio) provides you with the rare opportunity to hear some of the worlds foremost experts, thinkers and personalities expound upon various cutting edge technologies, theories and issues in the world today. Always informative, often entertaining, TED Talks’ 20 minute format jump starts your brain. In fact, the only podcast I enjoy more than TED Talks (audio) is TED Talks (video)..Score: 5/5

Leftist catechismSome interesting points, good format, but it’s mostly globalist/liberal propaganda..Score: 3/5

Thank youThanks for putting the TED talks on podcast audio! It's a great option!.Score: 5/5

SJWThese podcasts are very slanted to the left and pushes the social justice point of view..Score: 2/5

Not made for PodcastsI thoroughly enjoy Ted talks but this podcast is frustrating to listen to because there are so many visual references from the speakers. Pictures, artwork, graphs that are displayed by the speaker are not seen by the listener and you don’t get the full impact of what they are talking about. Can’t the producers screen and select the podcasts to air the auditory only Ted talks? It’s really frustrating..Score: 1/5

AwesomeI loved all these speeches. I hope they'll do the same thing with talks from other years..Score: 5/5

InformativeI feel that TED TALKS really bring out information that many people, too many people, need..Score: 5/5

Left circle jerkJust an bunch of soyboy leftist with no humour.Score: 1/5

Exciting TImesI used to think the world was doomed. TED videos have given a new perspective that I didn't even know I was waiting for. I don't watch TV, but I watch TED Talks. People need to hear these ideas. There is hope and it begins with open discussion. Looking for a topic of discussion? Look no further. TED has it..Score: 5/5

These are greatNot boring🙂.Score: 5/5

👎🏻Way to left wing for comfort.Score: 1/5

Great!I absolutely love Ted talks and now that I can listen to them on the road as well as sitting down at home, it's like a wish come true. I only wish some Ted talks weren't so focused on pictures but that can't be helped, and I can just go to the website. I've learned so much from all sorts of subjects that I may never have chosen to listen to otherwise..Score: 5/5

Amazing and informative -- highly recommend!TED Talks Daily is a podcast on Spotify and iTunes by TED. Think of a TED Talk – just without the video this time. For all podcast lovers and video haters, TED Talk podcasts appeal to just about everybody. Without the need to look at your phone and rather just listen, TED Talks Daily provides an easy way to be informed. Unlike most podcasts – each episode has a different host, as every TED Talk is never the same person. The structure of this podcast is, well, unstructured. No episode is the same – each Ted Talk you watch or listen to is a new one. Most TED Talks Daily podcast episodes are typically less than 20 minutes long, providing listeners, especially those with short attention spans, a great amount of time to do some learning. The first episode I listened to was titled: “This could be why you’re depressed and anxious - Johann Hari.” Journalist Johann Hari talks about the causes of depression and anxiety. What a beautiful talk by Johann describing how depression truly affects our lives. Did you know 39% of Americans no longer feel like they’re close to anyone? He taught me that. I don’t want to spoil too much from this episode as it is such an inspiring listen – but if you feel like you want to know more about depression/anxiety/mental illness, this is it. An inspiring quote by him: “If you’re depressed or anxious, you’re not weak and you’re not crazy – you’re a human being with unmet needs.” This episode 100% needs a listen. The second episode I listened to was called: “4 questions you should always ask your doctor - Christer Mjaset.” A neurosurgeon, Christer Mjaset, explains how patients can have greater relationships with their doctors. Did you know most of the procedures performed could be avoided? This episode is a great listen as well if you want a perspective of a doctor. As a TED Talk fan, and someone who goes to see TEDx events whenever they come to Winnipeg, I personally found both episodes to be quite enjoyable – any TED Talk will always keep me engaged. I don’t know what it is, but I could watch TED Talks forever and the fact that I found a podcast version makes things even more incredible. I am a person who enjoys listening to podcasts on my bus home from school or work and this podcast provides me with the ease of not having to worry about using up my data to watch a YouTube video. Also, the podcast format provides more room for multi-tasking. I am personally someone who suffers from anxiety and has a fantastic relationship with their doctor – so I found the episodes to be not only engaging for my own curiosity, but educational and fun. The TED Talks Daily podcasts do not offer advertisements in their podcasts. These podcast episodes are recorded live just like the videos – however, this is just the audio. So, the only “advertising” in the episodes is at the beginning to know how to find out more about the speaker. And towards the end of the podcast after the speaker is finished, a preview for an upcoming episode plays. As a listener, I feel as though most people will skip over the ending. However, I am aware of the previews, so I continue to listen, and I find them interesting to know who is speaking next. Out of five stars, I would rate this podcast a four. There is absolutely everything you could ever want in this podcast. If you like TED Talks, TED Talks Daily is the podcast for you. The only reason this podcast lost a star was lack of visuals – occasionally, in a TED Talk, the speaker provides graphs and pictures to add to their speech and the only downfall is that you do not get to see them. However, still very informative..Score: 4/5

ExcellentFascinating to hear global perspectives and ideas on so many different subjects..Score: 5/5

GoodNice.Score: 5/5

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Why on Earth?I usually love listening to this podcast and many other thought-provoking NPR podcasts in general. I’ve listened for years, but lately I’m seeing these left leaning productions for the harm they try to cause. For example, the recent episode about what America can learn from China in their reaction to the pandemic literally made my skin crawl. I’m sorry, but Chinese people are not happy to do whatever their government tells them to do and don’t obey because they see their government like a caring parental figure, which they so appreciate! I’m paraphrasing, but I swear when I heard this assertion, I laughed so hard, I swerved and almost hit a car in the lane next to mine! Chinese people do what they are told because of a thing called COMMUNISM. I don’t know if Ted Talks knows about it, but from what I hear, communism is not so great...at least not for We the People of The United States of America. What is the purpose of choosing this angle? You should be talking about the millions of people starving globally with the continuation of this shutdown. Maybe Ted Talks should also explore the dangers of a global economic collapse. You could do 100 episodes on that topic alone. You could be talking about how more than half of the counties in the United States haven’t had a single Covid-19 death, yet are still being forced to stay shut down. You could be talking about the deadly global repercussions of the lockdown such as loss of education, depression, suicide, rise in crimes, looting, wide spread hunger, domestic violence, ample opportunities for child sexual abuse by the people in their own homes, or the many other harmful outcomes of extending this lockdown. I mean come on, you should at least give some consideration to informing the American people about these very real, very serious, and very deadly realities. Another topic to explore would be America’s urgent need to stop the very dangerous practice of depending on China for 70 percent of our pharmaceutical drugs. These things matter to the American people. Why not explore these topics? Instead, you are joining the rest of MSM in disparaging the Americans who are standing up for their constitutional rights and yes, some want to golf, but the majority are fighting to save their small businesses, to save their homes, to feed their families, and most importantly they are standing up for what it means to be free, for what it means to be an American, for our constitutional rights, which we have been totally taken for granted. As far as I know, we the people have the right to protest and lucky for those who don’t want to protest, don’t have to protest. That’s the beauty of it all. I lean very left on most issues, but that doesn’t mean I will follow you blindly. That doesn’t mean I will cheer on Communism just because you try to depict it in a calm “balanced” way. How dumb do you think your audience is? How clueless do you really think we are? What is your purpose in depicting support for communism, while talking down to the citizens of your own free country? Why would you release an episode like this? Why would you peddle such nonsense? I’ve deleted so many recent episodes without listening to more than five because you guys aren’t even trying to hide the propaganda anymore. It’s disappointing and it really makes me so so so sad..Score: 2/5

Hugely disappointingI’ve seen a few TEDTalks that I enjoyed over the years, but unfortunately,This podcast is very low quality, obsessively focused on global warming and other trendy but pointless topics du jour, and one brain-dead episode questioning whether reality even exists. I’d hoped to get something practical or useful out of this podcast but no such luck..Score: 1/5

Too politicalThese used to be interesting, but now it’s almost all predictable agenda all the time. They need to find somebody more interesting to host this..Score: 1/5

OkaySome things are interesting, but I mainly listen to this podcast to get a liberal perspective which shouldn’t be happening. TED is so much better than this..Score: 2/5

TedThis exists.Score: 4/5

Rebecca Knill episode about deafness 2/18/21I just completed this podcast. Awesome & humorous be I have 50% hearing loss due to a risk I accepted from a surgery. I lost hearing in one of my ears and wear hearing aids ( one to transmit sound from the “dead ear” to the other still functional ear). My hearing aids help & are beneficial yet not 100%. Understanding deafness has opened up another world for me including the need for others understanding & compassion. I do my best to have grace when dealing full hearing folks. I don’t pity myself... I pity others who don’t appreciate their gift of hearing and protect their ears. Thank you TED Talks Daily!.Score: 5/5

Wildly variable runtimesThe appeal of TED for me used to be that you could count on learning something new and getting inspired by innovative thinkers, all within a predictable timeframe. Unfortunately, TED no longer seem to respect its listeners’ time, and throws segments ranging from 5 to 30 minutes at you, and without any prior notice about how much time you should set aside to listen. As a result, I’ve essentially stopped listening....Score: 3/5

If you love this...Then you’ll love the new podcast World Reimagined (with former HBS professor Gautam Mukunda) which brings together many of the people on Ted Talks (academics, practitioners, artists, authors, and other subject matter experts) for really interesting conversations..Score: 4/5

Good maybeOk look, so I never listened to an episode but pls still read even though it is going to be a very long review. So, as I said, I never listened but for school we had to listen to a few Ted talks and they were SOO good, I think if I start listening it would be good. Like I listened to the Ted talk about salva dut (the lost boys from Sudan) and it was soo good, I loved it and listened 5 times. I will start listening maybe, if you think I should start listening pls put in a review either YES GOD TIER or NO GOD TIER. ok bye noobs.Score: 4/5

Why does everyone sound like they are on adderallPlease stop speeding up or dubbing the speakers in the podcast. It’s not even peaceful to listen. Not sure when this started but I get anxiety trying to listen to these podcast that used to be positive and informative because they sound like they all snorted two lines and are now trying to give a speech! Slow it back down and stop trying to speed it up to cram everything in! Make them peaceful and helpful again!.Score: 2/5

Quality Slipped to PoorUsed to be very diverse and interesting. Now it’s mostly climate change. Meh..Score: 1/5

About 20%Love the idea of TED Talks. I have listened to these podcast for several years. It's seems to have gradually slipped to promote more and more left-wing, radicalized content. Maybe 20% of the episodes are actually beneficial. Too bad!.Score: 2/5

RNI love the length of these TED talks and the variety of topics. Some aren't as inspiring as others but each can be thought provoking to some extent. Thanks!.Score: 5/5

Older Episodes are BetterI like the older episodes better. The newer ones tend to introduce a problem and then not give a solution, or are just not very well done in general. If you want good ones, I suggest scrolling down a bit..Score: 4/5

LOVE ITLook I know that I’m just 10 but I still understand everything she is saying.She talks about things that really matter. I love this podcast and so should you..Score: 5/5

DeceivingIf you’re really interested in racial ideology and global warming, give it a listen because it’s the focus of 50% of their shows. If you’re looking for Ted talks of yore with nuanced and varied topics, that ship has sailed months ago..Score: 1/5

FIRE Podcast!!!! 🔥I love daily TED!! So inspirational!!.Score: 5/5

Part of the propaganda machineThe subject says it all. With that being said, it’s important to expand ones perspective and not be married to your ideas. Unfortunately this podcast panders to the media’s agenda; capturing one’s attention and promoting indignation..Score: 3/5

HiThese people really are considerate and make learning fun..Score: 5/5

If you like TED....I enjoy TED and TEDx so I enjoy this podcast. There are recent complaints with one stars of a liberal agenda. This is not a newscast so, if you don’t like the “agenda”, don’t listen..Score: 5/5

It’s Latino, not Latin”x”Nobody uses Latinx, quit trying to pander. It’s actually quite offensive trying to tell someone how to speak a language that has been spoken for hundreds of years without a problem. This linguistic imperialism must stop..Score: 1/5

I love TED talksI’m a firm believer in that there is a problem with racial discrimination and that something needs to be done about it. But when 9/10 of your podcasts are about the same thing you should probably try changing your name to the only thing you’re talking about. I use TED talks Daily on my commute to and from work which needs more variety then just racial segregation or racial discrimination. Please don’t lose your goal TED talks in spreading a WIDE variety of information to the public..Score: 1/5

IdeaI would like to share my story with TED, want to share the what I learnt from life and want to people to think about it. Request guidance!.Score: 5/5

Not what it use to beJust wow.. won’t be supporting Ted talks any longer..Score: 1/5

Have you noticedHave you noticed people on podcasts are talking much faster even in longer formats. Calm down presenters. Everyone is nervous enough..Score: 5/5

REFORM FOR THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE:The present problem of the Electoral College can be solved relatively easy not by abolishment, but an adjustment and some arithmetic. Instead of Winner Takes All - which renders millions of votes moot - why not allocate accordingly? While I find the figures confusing (California has 55 electoral votes, which averages out to 1 vote per 723,272,727 residents; Wisconsin has 5, which translates to one vote per 588,220 residents, while Hawai’i has a whopping 4 votes averaging out to only 350k of the islands’ state’s population!), in principle, however, tallying the votes and attributing them per party will, with a handful of exceptions (i.e. votes for the Independents and Greens and other third parties), restore balance and fairness to the system simply by allocating collective votes for a particular party an electoral vote, statewide. If, for example, in the state of a large state such as California, a third party should ever accrue sufficient votes statewide to reach or surpass a total of 723,272,727, then it would be allocated one electoral vote; still not sufficient to put that party into the White House, of course, but providing appeasement to those who voted for a third party as well as providing a possible progression in the direction of the viability of an alternative to the current two party system some time for the future. In the event that there should be a tie, i.e. neither Republican nor Democrat obtain the necessary 270 electoral votes, then the winner is the party with the most electoral votes - which will then approximate the popular vote and therefore reflect voters’ choices much more accurately than is presently the case..Score: 4/5

PerspectiveI enjoy that the topics are of importance to the individual speaker versus finding a speaker to give a speech on something trending. It’s helpful in opening up the mind to what and who else is out there. Usually very interesting..Score: 4/5

Refreshing to hear speakers who don’t scapegoat!Mostly these speakers positively relate their own, individual experience and ideas, and theres very little bashing. I listened to the former award winning and championship winning coach talk about the rewards from realizing coaching to win has a high cost, coaching to live does wonders for you and your players, and the funny thing is you still win a lot but really enjoy it! I think her message applies to MOST of our world right now: how far do we go to win? How did we come to celebrate ethically or morally vacant people? Would we really not win if we were all a bit more tolerant, patient, or kind? I mean, those two cliches are still true: no one gets outta here alive, and you can’t take anything with you! Might as well prioritize enjoying life!.Score: 4/5

Disappointed in episode published on 13th August 2020.It was a re-run of old episode with outdated information. There was no mention that it was a re-run. I didn’t expected this from this podcast..Score: 1/5

Dr. Mosby TylerNita Mosby Tyler may have just changed my life. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Liberal bias, but educational.This podcast clearly leans left, but is educational nonetheless..Score: 2/5

No Longer InterestingWhat happened to Ted Talks? They used to be straightforward, informed and insightful mini lectures about ALL THE THINGS: art, culture, science, technology. Now they are overt woke propaganda, ALL about ONE THING: identity politics. When you filter every single topic through this lens, you render them all the same and all equally uninteresting. It’s the same show about the same thing everyday. So boring..Score: 1/5

Yfzfsyvgfszagxefcdrrfydc66:,,.(/;/(Thanks for.Score: 5/5

Short snippets of ideasGreat short version of Ted talks, this podcast will inform and inspire..Score: 5/5

I think this is really importantIt’s opinion that if we people the option to do something better for society (in terms of climate change) they’ll make that choice. Alison Schuback.Score: 5/5

Excellent, Eloquent and Essential Listening/watchingThe undisputed, undeniable facts are that many of our “revered” and “founding fathers” did not live up to the eloquent and idealistic words they penned. We the People can honor our country’s history in the most meaningful way by seeing ALL of its reality and correcting the systems and policies by which we choose to govern ourselves as the UNITED States of America to promote and support those ideals. The words “all men” need to be intentionally and deliberately interpreted to mean all citizens and legal aliens - that’s the ideal of “We the People” I want to support. “Founding Fathers” should mean and represent Mothers and Children - all our ancestors with all their flaws. Now we, the current occupants of this UNITED States of America need to reexamine what WE believe in and how WE will set and reset our governing policies and social systems to live up to and support these agreed upon ideals. I used to hear the phrase “if we don’t learn from history we repeat it”. I now prefer the words “if we don’t see history we continue it” please USA let us create a more just history for our the many future generations of USA inhabitants to “see” and “learn from”..Score: 5/5

Bring back old TedFilled with virtue signaling and leftist ideology instead of the old innovative and new idea space they used to have it has been turned into yet another leftist platform.Score: 1/5

Five starTed talks is so good because it tells us stories which are pretty good.Score: 5/5

Unnecessary introsI like the content of this podcast, but I don’t understand why Elise spends the first two minutes summarizing the talk we’re about to hear. Just let us listen to the talk!.Score: 3/5

More propagandaPriority isn’t to inform, it’s to make carbon copy versions of “woke” Marxists with no critical thinking skills. Too politically charged and reeks of freshman year self-importance..Score: 1/5

Bill Gates is not a medical professionalI love gates and his philanthropy. He’s brilliant and impacted vaccines in Africa greatly. That said, having gates offer prognosis for COVID-19, as well as treatment seems off. There are actual medical experts to lead the charge and be more informative. Or at least have a medical professional on the side. This isn’t quite “reckless”, but does contribute to setting the precedents of interviewing non-experts for (needed) expert information. Gates is a good guy. This is just not the appropriate time for this when there are lots of medical experts with better information..Score: 3/5

Great workKeep going.Score: 5/5

Checking in with Susan DavidThis was amazingly helpful. Excellent insight into being human in this inhuman time. I now have some tools to help me not just get through the pandemic but to even grow a bit more deeply emotionally..Score: 5/5

Blabber talk words 10000000000mphSlow the f down Jesus Herbert Christ.Score: 1/5

Ted & AlexaTED is a knowledgeable guy. A bit full of himself, but definitely knowledge. He has an answer to everything, even things you didn’t think you needed an answer for. I heard TED explain why people laugh. That’s like explaining why people breathe. Alexa and TED would be the ultimate power couple. There would be no question left unanswered between the two of them. If they put their metaphorical minds together, we could potentially answer all the questions this world has to offer. Like when did the first second occur and is a second called a second because it always will be second to whatever number came before it? Or if it’s normal to shake a stranger’s hand and normal to shake your dog’s paw AND it’s normal for dogs to sniff other dogs’ butts, why am I considered a weirdo if I sniff my dog’s butt? These are the questions that need to be answered. Someone needs to set up Ted and Alexa..Score: 5/5

An agendThey have an apparent agenda and it’s not being moderate.Score: 1/5

COVID episode is no good!You CANNOT re-air an episode about the coronavirus from March on August 12th without a CLEAR edit in the AUDIO of the episode. Fix this please!.Score: 1/5

The best!May 15th’s episode was AMAZING! It was so interesting! Love this!.Score: 5/5

BiasedYour left-wing biases make it very hard to take your talks seriously..Score: 1/5

Sell crazy somewhere elseOK I took a listen. First you say thing you say is racism and global warming. Out! The two biggest alarmist about global warming are Gore and Obama, both have beach houses. And as for the race card, China is the most ethnic-centric racist society in the world. I am on a daily mission to call progs racist everyday. Because they are..Score: 1/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Great way to preview the content before downloading the videoI love these audio versions of the TED Talks videos and use them to help me choose the 'must see' videos. My only complaint is that the audios are currently about 5 weeks old. Please provide audio versions ot the talks more promptly. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Used to amazing...Ideas worth sharing.... unless it upsets any corporate sponsors like big pharma or big food. Everyone sounds the same, over produced without soul..Score: 2/5

Great stuff!Thank you! Good idea to represent Archive ones... ;-) always worth sharing! Guy you are the man!.Score: 5/5

Excellent podcast but..I have greatly enjoyed this podcast and the effort and time spent in research....but.. After a while Guys "radio voice" becomes hard to listen to. The exaggerated pauses, emphasis and high pitch tone is tedious. It is appropriate for a 30 second advertisement but not a 30 minute podcast. At times when he speak with his natural voice it is vastly more pleasant, lower in pitch and more credible. I hope this is a constructive comment..Score: 3/5

InjuryHi everyone who read this one, write her about what i fell about TED it's really good and approved my english and fiend a small silicon about my boring day because i can't do many things by right hand and my headache even i have this problem but i seen it very good work and make me sleep and killing time easy..Score: 5/5

I Needed This.I am at the beginning of a break up and this is something I needed desperately. Thank you. So much. Please make more ted talks like this..Score: 5/5

Quick bites of informationI have always loved TED talks but often find that I don't find the time to watch the talks, all this has changed with the audio version that delivers bite sized information. This is a podcast that I can find the time to listen to each day..Score: 4/5

Always interesting and inspiring.I look forward to the latest download..Score: 5/5

Perfect mix of entertainment and educationJust. Awesome..Score: 5/5

Eye-openingLove hearing these fascinating topics! I learn so much each day, from fields far from related to my own..Score: 5/5

WoahThis is a great show/podcast and it’s great to listen to. Entertaining and informative is what makes an ideal podcast to me - and this is exactly it!.Score: 5/5

Good But the "Powerful visuals" get me.I enjoy the TED podcasts, but I find it annoying that often (at least half it seems recently) I download them and they say "this podcast has powerful visuals" download the video at etc..... These talks should just be in the video section rather than the audio section..Score: 4/5

Make episodes longerI love the info but can you please make the episodes longer. I want to hear more about these amazing and interesting subjects. I don’t get given enough info from only seven to fourteen minutes. It’s just not good enough. Give these people who are experts at what they’re talking about a chance to have a really deep talk about relevant and interesting topics. I love the talking but they don’t get a chance to really speak about it. 1/5.Score: 1/5

Awe inspiring and never fails to impressAs above !!😉👍🏼.Score: 5/5

Too many episodes on global warmingI mean climate change. Its not called Global Warming anymore..Score: 2/5

RubbishWaffle I am so disappointed with the rubbish content.Score: 1/5

TEDTed talks are a great way of learning.Score: 5/5

Talking robotic and too fastThe whole of all the TED talks is painful to listen too because it is so fast and robotic why is it this fast? Can’t even listen it’s so fast.Score: 2/5

Expands your mindThe array of topics TED Talks offers will give you a more well rounded persepective on the world..Score: 4/5

No new Ted radio hour again, and againThis once great show has been reduced to nothing more than re runs over and over again this year. It seems every week the only new content is Guy Raz telling us they are busy working on new shows. This week they were so taxed by the effort to put out 15 seconds of Guy telling us there was nothing again they had to take a summer holiday. Time to unsubscribe I'm afraid. That there getting sponsors to pay for this is mind boggling..Score: 1/5

The voiceThere’s a great amount of useful information, but what’s not useful is the unmetered sound control and unqualified speakers..Score: 1/5

Nothing short of inspiringTED - Ideas worth sharing. I think it's really a case of "nuff said". The range and breadth of speakers at these yearly conferences show the very best of human endeavor and thought. Have a listen. Learn something. Be inspired..Score: 5/5

Mind bendingThese short talks provide you an opportunity to be introduced to short sharp information bites to expand the brain.Score: 4/5

Great podcastGreat podcast.Score: 4/5

Need more of this!Whoever loves this should also go find TED RADIO HOUR and you won't be disappointed!!.Score: 5/5

Episodes not peer reviewedWhile some talks are great the episodes are not peer reviewed. I've found the quality of some talks to be a real let down..Score: 2/5

Love it!Inspiring talks. Great to listen to..Score: 5/5

Coursera 💡Start your future on coursera today! Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. Join for Free!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

AlanGoldsherToday on my CollectableApp COLLECTABLE DAILY: ronaldacunajr24 gets toasty, Lelandsdotcom (sort of) meets… .Score: 5/5

TalentCube1"We follow those who lead, not for them, but for ourselves. And it's those who start with "why" that have the abili… .Score: 5/5

NotyourheatherrBertanyarl TED Talks Daily.Score: 5/5

IGotThisTodayP1Episode 10 of Your podcast I Got This Today is Out now go check it out now it's a podcast review from the shows On… .Score: 5/5

307MelLoving ted talks and using them on a daily.Score: 5/5

FidafaufujiThe way we enjoy the process of language learning that looks like the way the natives acquire it... Here’s an episo… .Score: 5/5

Joshleyson .Score: 5/5

Kerikuma .Score: 5/5

BomengidsnlDaily film: Tedtalk: why I love vultures #bgfilmbot .Score: 5/5

DeadCaitBounceKevinf280 Village Venture Stories, How I Built this, Infinite Loops, Odd Lots, Ted Talks Daily, Masters in Busines… .Score: 5/5

AirBNB 🎁Get $64 off on your first stay at travels. Claim your $64 Airbnb free credit by clicking here!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

TED Talks Daily Podcast Episodes

The global cooperation that accelerated the COVID-19 vaccines | Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Biotech entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw shares lessons learned from the global effort to develop COVID-19 vaccines: namely, the power of collaboration and the importance of equitable access to health care. Learn more about the innovative partnerships that helped create the vaccines -- and how India became a crucial player in the supply chain delivering millions of doses to the world. (This virtual conversation, hosted by TED technology curator Simone Ross, was recorded March 2021.)

Can we learn to talk to sperm whales? | David Gruber

Animals are communicating -- but what are they saying? And can we talk back? Marine biologist David Gruber introduces Project CETI: a team of scientists, linguists and AI specialists hoping to decode sperm whale language. Using noninvasive robots and a machine-learning algorithm to collect and analyze millions of sperm whale vocalizations known as coda, the team aims to demystify the communication structures and dialects of these majestic creatures -- and possibly even crack the interspecies communication code. (This ambitious plan is a part of the Audacious Project, TED's initiative to inspire and fund global change.)

Why good ideas get trapped in the valley of death -- and how to rescue them | TED-Ed

All new products must pass through the "valley of death" before they reach the market. Many never make it out, and sometimes that's OK -- if they don't work, don't fill a need or for any number of reasons. One of the fields where this problem is most pressing is zero-carbon technologies. Why is it vulnerable to this trap, and can we change it? Explore how to break the cycle of the funding gap. [Written by Elizabeth Cox and George Zaidan, directed by Lisa LaBracio, narrated by Jack Cutmore-Scott]

Navigating career turbulence | WorkLife with Adam Grant

Everyone's career will hit some turbulence at some point. Instead of pushing harder against the headwinds, we're sometimes better off tilting our rudder and charting a new course. In this episode, host Adam Grant speaks with people who have taken unusual steps to battle uncertainty, rethought their approach to finding and landing a job and reached out for help in unexpected places -- as well as an expert on recessions who forecasts the future by looking to the past. Listen and subscribe to WorkLife with Adam Grant and more podcasts from the TED Audio Collective wherever you're listening to this.

Why corporate diversity programs fail -- and how small tweaks can have big impact | Joan C. Williams

Companies in the US spend billions of dollars each year on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, but subtle (and not so subtle) workplace biases often cost these initiatives -- and the people they're meant to help -- big time by undermining their goals. DEI expert Joan C. Williams identifies five common patterns of bias that cause these programs to fail -- and offers a data-driven approach to pinpoint where things go wrong and how to make progress instead.

A NASA astronaut's lessons on fear, confidence and preparing for spaceflight | Megan McArthur

How does an astronaut prepare physically and mentally to launch into space? NASA astronaut Megan McArthur, who will take part in the SpaceX Crew-2 mission later this month, shares stellar life lessons on how to cultivate the resolve to do incredible things through preparation -- and a dash of bravery. A rare glimpse at what it takes to literally shoot for the stars. (This virtual conversation, hosted by TEDWomen curator Pat Mitchell, was recorded in November 2020.)

4 myths and misunderstandings about doing business in Africa | Nomava Zanazo

Business in Africa is booming -- but international companies are missing out, says emerging markets expert Nomava Zanazo. Rushing in without knowing their customers, businesses underestimate Africans and make costly assumptions about their diversity, preferences and buying power. Sharing the basics about what companies need to know to succeed on the continent, Zanazo debunks four myths and misunderstandings about Africa and its citizens -- and invites businesses from overseas to share in its wealth ... once they've done their research.

The giant leaps in language technology -- and who's left behind | Kalika Bali

Thousands of languages thrive across the globe, yet modern speech technology -- with all of its benefits -- supports just over a hundred. Computational linguist Kalika Bali dreams of a day when technology acts as a bridge instead of a barrier, working passionately to build new and inclusive systems for the millions who speak low-resource languages. In this perspective-shifting talk, she outlines what happens when a language is omitted from the digital landscape -- and what can be gained when communities keep pace with the future.

The material that could change the world ... for a third time | TED-Ed

Today roads, sidewalks, bridges and skyscrapers are made of a material called concrete. There's three tons of it for every person on earth. It's also played a surprisingly large role in rising global temperatures over the last century. So, what exactly makes concrete problematic, and what can we do to fix it? Explore how scientists are working to create a cleaner, more sustainable concrete. [Written by Elizabeth Cox and George Zaidan, directed by Lisa LaBracio, narrated by Jack Cutmore-Scott, music by André Aires]

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