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Mark Evans charts the history of Coventry’s pioneering car industry, from the turn of the 20th century until the present day Mark Evans, presenter of the BBC Four documentary Classic British Cars: Made in Coventry, charts the history of Coventry’s pioneering car industry, from the turn of the 20th century until the present day. It’s a story of innovation, war and fierce rivalries – and some of the most iconic cars ever made.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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Excellent team effortI love the variety of this podcast but most impressive of all is the sense that there is a team of experts and enthusiasts working on it. They know their onions but they wear their learning lightly when interviewing guests. Not all of the guests are articulate (enough) and some episodes are let down by academics who cannot form coherent thoughts in front of a microphone. This could be nerves, of course. However, there is no faulting the ambition of this series..Score: 5/5

Prisoners of JapanYou interviewed an apologist never challenging her so called facts which were actually no more than opinions. In fact in all the episodes I listened to there was never any probing of their sources.Score: 1/5

Historic ScotI love history I go to castles All the time lol.Score: 5/5

So interestingA brilliant podcast for those interested in history. Some people can make history boring but not these guys!.Score: 5/5

I listen everydayDiscovered this podcast in lockdown and now listen everyday while I do the washing up 😂 Great mix of varied, fascinating topics..Score: 5/5

A great podcastThis podcast is such a pleasure, well produced, fascinating subjects, all so relevant, scholarly and accessible. I have particularly really enjoyed the series on the Bayeux Tapestry. Thank you !!.Score: 5/5

This podcast is brilliantThey just kill it every time. Ever since they increased the number of episodes per week, I have consistently enjoyed the topics, the guest speakers and the occasional lectures! Fantastic! Keep it up!.Score: 5/5

Excellent podcast with Dan JacksonLoved the podcast with Dan Jackson on Northumbria. Really insightful.Score: 5/5

MusgraveUnlike some of your other podcast reviewers, I find this person highly irritating. He seems to think we want to know his opinions about historians’ answers - “that’s a great answer” etc - whereas in fact we could not be less interested. My preference would be that he didn’t appear on your podcasts at all - but if he must impose himself on us it would be helpful if he were to learn to keep his irrelevant opinions to himself. If he didn’t exist I’d have given your podcast 4 stars, but as it is you get 3. Moreover the “afraid to ask” (why should we be?) series is very simplistic and really of little interest to anyone with a historical background - though I will admit it may be useful to those new to the subject. Thank you..Score: 3/5

RabbitingI wanted to learn more about the UK industrial revolution, but this was just an historian rabbiting on about generalities; nothing specific got said and I learnt nothing new..Score: 1/5

The DanelawThis was one of the worst podcasts I’ve heard on History Extra. Ben Ruffield was inarticulate, couldn’t answer many of Dan’s questions, and his excessive use of ‘you know’ was irritating in the extreme. He didn’t really seem too sure of his subject either. I’m amazed you allowed this podcast to be published. Not your usual high standard..Score: 1/5

This podcast is a BBC productOccasionally good, like the black death episode. But mostly it disappoints, the producers are keen to promote the tiresome clichés of modern ‘critical theory’ and identitarian wokeology, and go out of their way to find useful idiot ‘academics’ who can trot out the approved opinions in the manner of a latter-day Dave/Deirdre Spart eg: ‘well, er basically, the fing is ...’. Warning, may contain cnuts..Score: 2/5

Everything you ever wanted to know about clichéd titlesInformative with some tremendous interviewees by actual experts in their field. Though, other interviews can be a little grating to listen... Frankly, because they sound like they’re being conducted by a 1st year undergraduate student..Score: 3/5

Ok but mostly a succession of people selling their bookThe episodes where no book is being advertised tend to be better. Also, I agree the adverts are too loud..Score: 3/5

Good stuffGreat pod with some interesting subjects. Don’t understand other reviewers complaining about stutters and err’s. If you can’t deal with the reality of human verbal communication on what is FREE content maybe try reading a book. They are free to borrow from library’s, too.Score: 5/5

The LionheartTell me about Richard the Lionheart! The man, the Warrior and the King.. Why was he such a racist and could he live in a metropolitan London today 😂🤣.Score: 3/5

One of my favourite podcasts!I am a very keen lover of history, I really like the fact that these are uploaded every couple of days or so! They have many different subjects from the tudors, aztecs, slavery, wars, 1066, monarchs... the list just keeps on going! I would and already have recommended this podcast to many of my family and some have even started listening to it now as well!.Score: 5/5

Used to be informative now it’s just political claptrapThis used to be a great podcast with interesting guests but over the last year or so has fallen by the wayside into the same political views that have been thrust upon society. Sad but there’s thankfully better history podcasts out there..Score: 1/5

Often interestingThere are some great interviewees on this podcast, but it would really benefit from better editing (some interviews are so hard to listen to with the ums and ers- I can tell it’s because people are nervous, but just edit that out. Other podcasts do it!) and some of the interviewers could do with listening to experts, as they seem to have a list of questions, with no plan of how to move from one q to the next. Little to no listening to what their interviewee is saying. It distracts from the topic at hand and is a shame when almost all of the people talking about their subjects are so passionate about their area of expertise..Score: 4/5

Intelligent and interestingI have subscribed to this podcast for several years and I really enjoy the contributions. A wide variety, great features, great people. A wonderful intelligent, relevant and interesting..Score: 4/5

Excellent show for the curious non-expertAn insightful and interesting show to give a high level view of major historical events and periods. To be honest the 1000 years of British history in an hour was too high level and again painted a picture mainly from the perspective of the rulers, not the every day person. Disappointed that it perpetuated the Canute myths. Canute was attempting to show his courtiers that he wasn’t a god with the power to turn back the tide. It wasn’t as the myth states that he was showing he had the power of a god. Disappointed that the piece dealing with the Norman invasion and the lead up missed so many important points and then post invasion how they pretty much wiped out any vestiges of Anglo-Saxon and Danish life in England. After that, I mentally tuned out. The range of contributors is extensive, but not all are good presenters..Score: 4/5

RacistYou’ve lost another listener because you insist on dumping on the “white male”. The subject is the Renaissance. I couldn’t think of anything more White and Male than the Renaissance. Yet you have to qualify the name as being given to it by “White Males”. YAWN. Unsubscribe..Score: 1/5

Excellent podcastExcellent podcast with a wealth of historical topics.Score: 5/5

Pretty darn great!Generally very interesting and varied topics! Plus, it’s at the forefront of introducing the Bristolian accent to the world..Score: 5/5

Britain and the Slave TradeBored of hearing anti British hair shirting. If you don’t cover the West African perspective that their professors of history consider was a golden age for many of their city states then you’re misrepresenting the full story totally. And attempting to discredit the Abolition and Emancipation Acts was just another example of distortion. Despite the many horrors the reality is that few of today’s descendants would be alive. Their forebears would simply have been slaughtered in Africa..Score: 3/5

Hit and missI have listened to quite a few now. This evening I tried listening to 2, both of which I had to give up on. The first because of the awful voice of the speaker. The second (fall of Hitler) because it was so moronic. I appreciate it must be hard to find speakers. But I would advise being more thoughtful..Score: 3/5

Good stuffGreat way to learn new, suprising facts without forcing yourself into reading long school textbooks! Honestly would reccomend it's a pleasure listening to it. Podcasts are focusing on actual history of what happened instead of repeating hundreds dates that you forget after five seconds!.Score: 5/5

Still to come?Please stop breaking up the podcast with the pointless trailing of a podcast I am already listening to! I am a big history fan and have huge knowledge gaps so I am a regular listener but... Please edit your less eloquent guests and their annoying umma and errs. Also one of the most inconsistent sound qualities of any podcast I listen to. And this is the BBC..Score: 3/5

Biased and InaccurateA credible history podcast should stick to historical facts and not personal opinions. Instead of reviewing the period in question; they focus on trying to find examples of feminism, liberalism, diversity and woke nonsense. I’m still waiting for a guest historian to admit that life was once very different and most current “problems” were not important until the advent of social media..Score: 1/5

Spoilt by amateur interviewersSome of the topics are very interesting but I find myself wincing at the awkward questioning techniques and having to bail. The presenters are often editors who seem to have drawn the short straw in the office and had to conduct an interview that week. Grating voices, nervous laughter and badly worded questions, not helped by poor sound quality. Could the budget extend to a regular professional interviewer?.Score: 3/5

So disappointingTuned in to hear about the Evils of Bloody Mary..... The 3700 female Nazi concentration camp guards... Irma Grese, Ilsa Koch, Herta Bothe, Maria Mandel to name just a few of the most Evil women who have ever existed. Aileen Wuornos..... Rose West..... etc.. Instead we get waffle and tittle tattle by paranoid humans of the female variety which of course includes Battered Women, patriarchy, misogynistic mirrors and more awakening rhetoric, from the latest wave of this cult of conspiracy theorists. Basically the women they did pick includes the likes of Eve and a witch from a fairy tale! Then they blame men to excuse them. What’s going on here!!.Score: 1/5

Consistently excellent podcastI loved the Sutton Hoo episode. I’ve been there twice, the last time was just after The Dig novel came out. I’d love to go back again in that future heaven when Covid has been squashed to a bad memory..Score: 5/5

The only history podcast you needI was never too interested in history at school, but through the historical fiction works of Bernard Cornwell, history has become one of my main interests. History Xtra produces brilliant episodes that are accessible for history enthusiasts of all levels. They do not dumb it down or over egg the jargon. They talk to real historians at the top of their fields, and are in a good dialogue with their fans, so always deliver what the people want. Most importantly, this is a BRITISH podcast, and there are no annoying, patronising professional American accents. Just genuinely interesting content with a touch of good British humour..Score: 5/5

Disappointingly shallowVery disappointing often shallow and now we have the woke BBC trying to influence even rewrite history .... ugh!.Score: 1/5

Game of ThronesEpisode has not been uploaded. Why not? Thx.Score: 3/5

My Favourite PodcastThis has improved so much over the past few months. Three episodes a week covering a wide range of topics. Interesting interviews with historians as well as lectures. I’ve particularly enjoyed the ‘Everything you always wanted to know...’ series. Highly recommended!.Score: 5/5

AwkwardSome of the academics that are interviewed surely would find it difficult to deliver a lecture. They can read off their notes but are unable to answer questions, uuum? Errh? Either give them questions beforehand or let them deliver a lecture..Score: 3/5

A nearly always faultless show. 4.8Always interesting and charming..Score: 5/5

Slightly losing its way ....Have listened to this podcast for ages and have always enjoyed seeing new episodes appear and listening to them. Not everything grabs my interest but that’s to be expected and I think that the team generally do a great job . However of late I am finding the seemingly endless rotation of WW2/Tudors/Empire bashing a little tedious and uninspiring . Although Britain’s colonial history is interesting and deserves attention from previously unheard voices - most are usually there only to try and plug a book . Please show some real diversity by bringing us episodes on pre-colonial African and/or Asian history - given that you must have listeners all over the world I am sure that they would be popular and it would really help to widen our knowledge . I’m afraid at the moment the podcast is in danger of starting to sound like a marketing tool for whatever U.K. book publishers think is capturing the national zeitgeist and , as a result, I’m sadly losing interest ...Score: 3/5

Brexits long historical rootsThe author seemed to have quite limited arguments regarding viewing Brexit from a historical perspective. It appears to be simply shoe horning a book out of the idea of Britain vs Europe. Also his observation that in 20 years the remain voters in the uk population (assuming the ‘uk’ exists still as a political unit) “may simply wonder what the fuss was all about” ignores the fact that, despite being in the EU since the 70s, there remained a significant number of folk and institutions that wanted to reverse the decision 40 years later!.Score: 2/5

Still to come?What is the point of previewing a second half of a podcast? If I’ve listened so far I don’t need a sample of what’s coming up. This is BBC based podcast, why are there so many adverts?.Score: 2/5

Unpolished but interestingI find this podcast fascinating, but I don’t understand why the producer doesn’t remove all the umms, errs and stuttering. I find it so distracting that I sometimes stop listening to an episode. Pity, as the content and the guests are so interesting!.Score: 4/5

Great PodcastDan is a legend! Great diverse array of topics, eras and themes covered..Score: 5/5

A great achievementI have been listening now for some years and have attended the Winchester weekend. I continue to be impressed by the variety and range of topic, even more so given the higher number of episodes per week. This speaks to the research and professionalism of the History Extra team. My personal preference is early modern history and I prefer the podcasts about events older than the 20th century but I also appreciate that tastes vary. I am often pleasantly surprised by topics I don’t think I will be that interested in.I am a history graduate and I feel this podcast keeps me in touch..Score: 5/5

ZzzzzzI listen every week but the current episode was painful. I just wanted to fill in the gaps of dead air. The presenter done a fantastic job of keeping it together..Score: 3/5

ExcellentAlways providing thoughtful content and highly engaging - love the 121 ‘casual’ conversation format..Score: 5/5

Very enjoyableConsistently good, consistently informative and some excellent guests..Score: 4/5

Good stuffLove the quantity and quality of episodes at the moment..Score: 5/5

SuperbBeginning to feel like a walking encyclopaedia. Please keep up the great work.Score: 5/5

PlatoSmugly deriding and laughing at Plato’s description of Atlantis, was not educational or entertaining. The opinions became increasingly nasty in their tone. Not enjoyable and a little disturbing..Score: 1/5

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Dane lawThis should have been an interesting topic but the host and guest were trying to be so PC it was horrible. More worried about woke terminology then content, shuddering an pausing. Oh yes the Vikings just walked in and took peoples land with no worries come on. Rob Attar you have the worst sound in podcasting people at home with ten listeners sound better. I usually like most of these podcasts other then the sound quality but they are getting to PC..Score: 2/5

Please no more Tim GradyMost of your episodes are terrific. Tim Grady is not up to your usual standard. His delivery is halting and repetitive..Score: 2/5

Great variety of topicsI enjoy the variety in topic, speaker, and length of these podcasts. It keeps me engaged and interested as I learn. A new podcast every day. Recommended for the history buff and the student..Score: 4/5

Generally interesting and high qualityI do like getting these bits of English and European/world history from a British point of view despite being an American. Every now and then there's a mediocre or even bad episode. The worst one in recent memory was "Women in Greek mythology". The author sounded like she was writing Mary Sues and digging hard to find support for her pet theories. One of the best recently was the segment on how Britain used war games to fix their anti-submarine warfare tactics, a fascinating backstory to WW II..Score: 4/5

Princes in the TowerFabulous series to explore the mysteries around Richard III and the princes. I think the most reasonable answer is Richard did kill his nephews to save his own northern lands, his life against the Woodville family and legacy for his son. This reconciles the Richard as good brother to Edward and the facts that he did become King instead of protecting his nephews. Although we may never know — this sounds the most like a flawed human. I love Shakespeare’s Richard III, though! It is great theatre, not history. Can’t wait for your next series!.Score: 5/5

AwesomeGreat podcast. Daily drops too!!! Perfect..Score: 5/5

Audio issuesYall just need a better microphone. Maybe a condenser mix. And maybe A Compression filter on everything to make the loud & quiet meet in the middle better. Only reason I immediately turn off this podcasts. Real interesting subject and great interviews, journalistic work! Thanks love you..Score: 4/5

Great contentReally enjoy the conversations and information on this pod. Well researched and well produced! Bayeux Tapestry series was excellent!.Score: 5/5

Best daily history podGreat topics, great guests. I’m so glad they’re producing daily episodes now..Score: 5/5

Sicily 43Thank you for having James Holland on, his book about taking back Sicily, was wonderful to see as not enough is written about these brave men who really “led the way” as the 1st Battalion Rangers say! My Grandfather fought in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy and was one of the very few who survived to return to Minnesota. Thank you so very much ❤️.Score: 5/5

Fantastic PodcastGenerally very high quality and fun. Every now and then too politically correct or narrow..Score: 5/5

Audio is the only issueIn all fairness, it seems like a lot of the audio problems of the past have been addressed, but as a reminder, please enforce one major rule: Guests cannot sit back and use a speakerphone but must lean in to a decent microphone..Score: 5/5

The Good GermansI was totally appalled by the woman you had on who wrote this book. I’m sure there were a few Germans who did try to help. However, for the most parts the population was more than happy to move into Jewish homes and businesses. If enough Germans and I mean most of them rebelled, I have a hard time believing that the government would have lasted. Having lost so many family members and the same with my husband, all I want to hear is that the country as a whole did nothing. On the up side, I love this podcast. Even though I live in the US, I find the podcast informative and entertaining. Evelyne Reiss.Score: 5/5

DisappointedExtremely disappointed in the ‘evil women’ podcast episode and the clear establishment bias of the ‘expert’.Score: 1/5

My replica told me about this podcastI found out this podcast from my replica AI and she suggested that I listen to this podcast if I like history..Score: 5/5

History ExtraWhy is it that every time I listen to a presentation by an author, the audience always has someone who has a dreadful cough and never seems to realize the polite thing to do would be to excuse oneself? If you have a bad cough...stay the hell home!.Score: 4/5

GoldenFor history buffs it is a gold mine of interest..Score: 5/5

Very good podcastI enjoy these podcasts and they are always interesting. My only criticism is that the presenters seem to talk very fast. Otherwise, I look forward to each presentation..Score: 4/5

An indictment of public educationHighly disappointed in the growing leftist bias of this podcast. History is factual. History is not meant to be reinvented or reenvisioned. When I heard Chernow call the Federalist Papers just a form of journalism, in the Hamilton episode, and his constant gushing over, and reference to, a broadway musical, I realized this podcast was a lost cause. It's unfortunate. Hopefully, there are still a few real historical sources left out there....Score: 1/5

"Every Error You Ever Wanted to Hear about The Cold War""Every Error You Ever Wanted to Hear about The Cold War" Michael Goodman's discussion of The Cold War, March 2021, had more errors than bricks in the Berlin Wall, and was less esthetically pleasing. Asked to explain the nature of the conflict, he reduced it to `capitalism versus communism.' What was the goal of the Soviet socialists, asked the host? To create a more equitable society, Goodman replied. An equitable society! Ask the descendants of the million-plus Ukrainians deliberately starved in the Holodomor how they feel about such "equity." Ponder how the millions executed and worked to death in the gulags under Soviet socialism felt about such "equity." Contrary to Goodman's patent apologia for communism, the Cold War was a conflict between the free world—a freedom that encompassed economic freedom, i.e., capitalism, as well as individual rights and liberal democracy—and a deadly totalitarian ideology. "Equity" indeed. Yet the host gave Goodman's puerile mischaracterization a pass. Goodman claimed that the U.S. was aware of the Soviet importation of missile batteries into Cuba as a result of seeing them on ships. This is false: the U.S. learned of the missile batteries via surveillance flights over Cuba. Asked how close the two sides came to nuclear war, Goodman displayed ignorance of two incidents which show just how dangerously close we did come to nuclear war. Any competent historian of the Cold War knows of these incidents. The first concerns Vasily Arkapov, a Soviet naval officer who refused to assent to the firing of a nuclear torpedo during the American blockade of Cuba during the Missile Crisis. Arkapov's two colleagues, who voted to launch the torpedo and needed Arkapov's assent to proceed, mistakenly believed that American depth charges meant to signal Soviet subs to surface were actually evidence that war had broken out. The torpedo was not launched. The second concerns Stanislav Petrov, a Soviet who disobeyed a standing order to launch nuclear missiles upon seeing radar blips that seemed to, but did not, indicate an American nuclear strike on the USSR. How could Goodman not know this? Of course, included in his vacuous discussion of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Mr. Goodman made time for a cartoonish cheap shot at some unidentified generic American general as a `cigar-chomper' who couldn't wait to launch nukes, showing that Goodman's research consists mainly of watching Dr. Strangelove (good film). I couldn't listen to the remainder of this travesty. Please, podcaster, choose better guests, and push back as needed..Score: 1/5

Bayeux Tapestry seriesI listen to almost every episode of this podcast and enjoy most of it, but I am sad to say that this series is terrible. Everything about it so far has been beyond boring. The participants , no matter how expert they may be on the topic are bad speakers. No new ground has been broken on the subject and the entire effort seems to be about selling a book. History Extra Podcast should be better than this. Up your game..Score: 1/5

Interesting topics with relatively poor executionFirst, I appreciate the broad range of interesting topics, some of which I have not seen covered in other podcasts. This podcast seems to focus on interviews of authors, researchers, or the like, who present a general overview of the topic. In many cases it seems to be direct coverage of a recent book, paper, television program, or something like that. I’d really like to see more in-depth coverage of these topics but I understand in many cases this presentation is meant to promote the presenter’s work - meaning, if you want more, go buy the book or whatever. The main complaint I have with this podcast is much the same as other reviewers: the audio quality is sometimes extremely irritating, and in some cases has made me turn it off altogether. Be prepared to hear the guests smack their lips, pop their P’s, loudly swallow, clear their throats, etc. The music is so loud compared to the rest of the presentation, and the commercials are unbearable..Score: 3/5

A little hit or miss but my go-to bedtime listeningI find these interesting and sort of soothing (except the occasional guest with an annoying voice). Some are pretty typical subjects, some are distinctly unusual..Score: 4/5

Great varietyI love the variety of history across geography and era. That, combined with the aheer volume of content they put out means you always have something to listen to and learn.Score: 5/5

More nuanced view of history neededI’m a bit tired of every other episode talking about things like America’s supposed caste system or how it inspired the Nazis through its treatment of natives. There is literally no nuance or challenge to those statements. It’s lazy and preposterous. I gave this podcast an extra star because I like when Ellie Cawthorne says “I’m Ellie Cawthorne”.Score: 2/5

Consistently excellent podcast- terrible adsLove this podcast. Someone else said in a review that their historical interests are narrow but this podcast has expanded them. I’ve had a similar experience. I have enjoyed the “Everything you want to know” episodes lately for this reason. In general, I’m impressed at the variety and volume of high-quality guests. One small criticism- the ads are frustrating. They are often loud and jarring and completely out of step with the tone and substance of this podcast. It’s like blasting a children’s sugary breakfast cereal TV commercial in the middle of an academic library. I’m not sure why and how I’m served up these particular ads or if others necessarily hear the same ones I do— but I have never played “Candy Crush” and I’m never going to. I accept that podcasts do ads now. But can’t there be some quality/tone/volume oversight of these things?.Score: 5/5

Extraordinary HistoryI look forward to this every night. Enjoy Ellie Cawthorne’s energy, insights, and interview. Ignorant American question: “From which part of the country does her accent/intonation originate?” It is so captivating..Score: 5/5

Sets the standardThis podcast is top-notch! I cannot think of one that ever disappointed — even if I did not care for the subject matter. I only wish we had a US-based history podcast that came close!.Score: 5/5

LgtbqThe lgtbq episode was awful. No historical info and nothing but liberal hacks impressing their beliefs on others. Sad really.....Score: 1/5

My all-time “Go-To” podcast!I love that there are so many episodes covering such vast area of interest. No matter what crumb of a subject has caught my attention in any day, there is a History Extra podcast to help me delve deeper! I really do love this podcast. I love hearing funny little bits like the talking mongoose “Gef” from the Isle of Man- I had to look that one up! And I have purchased multiple books inspired by the author’s representation. I hadn’t planned on listening to the Christmas episodes but accidentally auto-played into it and I laughed out loud- my kid just played a sheep in the Christmas play!! 😮🤭😬.Score: 5/5

Good podcastBut one of them “Tudor Queens on film” podcast wasn’t really about Tudor Queens specifically, just Queens in the early modern period..Score: 3/5

SolidGreat interviews.Score: 4/5

Audio issuesThe quality and volume of the podcast are problematic. Otherwise I would have given a five star rating. The Tudor queens is an interesting subject but the audio issues are so severe I couldn’t follow. The Polish episode had a lot of distracting background noise of clatter, sneezing, and coughing. Also uneven volume seeming to be caused by varying distance from the microphone. I would love to have heard the episode on Atlantis, but again the audio was horrendous. Additionally, you know better than to say, “sunk a royal dynasty “ when it’s “sank a royal dynasty”. Grammar is important among educated and non-educated alike..Score: 3/5

The Princes in the TowerCongratulations on an outstanding series: well produced (no audio issues that seem to annoy some listeners), balanced (5 top-notch historians), nicely paced. I thoroughly enjoyed the series, which presented both the "I already heard that theory" and the "I never thought about it that way." Nathen Amin was especially interesting when he urged us to think of Richard as a father. Great job, History Extra!.Score: 5/5

Almost always worth a careful listenI much enjoy the range of your topic selection. Please extend that into the realm of pioneering 17th and 18thc science, where Britains made huge achievements—Banks, Boyle, Wren, William & Caroline Hershel, Newton, Davy, the Royal Society, etc. Try Richard Holmes, author of The Age Of Reason, as your expert. He has captured the era. As for fixing things, put a lid on that insipid opening music! Give us some John Dowland or other early English fare instead. Best from Gloucester, Mass, USA.Score: 4/5

Great topics-awful guestsThis series tackles a variety of subjects, many of them interesting. It seems their thing is to interview an author of a recent book which seeks to disprove a narrative that the audience held. The results are generally maddeningly boring or just ridiculous. The interviewer just lets these authors talk and so they’re allowed to posit their nonsense unchallenged at all. Such a waste of a fine idea..Score: 1/5

Some interesting-some notThis podcast is either spot on really interesting (Eleanor of Aquitaine episode was great) or not. Some topics are extremely arcane with the authors sharing their doctoral dissertation that honestly, no one cares about but them. I listen to maybe 2/5...thus the rating. Some guests/presenters talk too fast; some audio is bad which adds to the annoyance factor..Score: 2/5

Great interviewsWith well informed and thoughtful questions that generally result in interviews with both depth and breadth- great intellectual nourishment..Score: 5/5

Donna WoszczakI absolutely love the podcasts and eagerly search for them each day. I also get the magazine. I’m an armchair history buff and this podcast really enlightens me. I even bought books highlighted by the guests. Keep up the good work.Score: 5/5

FirearmsIt did not take 3 minutes to load the muzzle loading rifles. Proficient riflemen could do so in under a minute. Of course this could vary according to conditions..Score: 5/5

My favorite podcastBeen listening to this podcast for over 10 years. They never run put of interesting and fun things to talk about. Never dry, never dull! Keep it going! - a fan in Texas.Score: 5/5

History ExtraI enjoy this podcast a great deal, but I find the choice of advertising offensive. The Candy Crush ads break into my listening experience as a rude and utterly childish break that is not at all in keeping with the intelligent content..Score: 4/5

Bayeux TapestryWhile I generally enjoy these podcasts, the first of the Bayeux tapestry series was so boring I had to stop listening. Even when discussing her own writing on the subject, Elizabeth sounded like she was struggling to find information and was simply yammering to fill airtime. Yawn. Very disappointing..Score: 4/5

I like this podcast ButI like this podcast put the segments with Rachael Dinning are terrible. I’m sure she’s a lovely person but I can’t listen to her anymore. She sounds like a giddy school girl interviewing someone for the school paper. If you watch SNL she sounds like Heidi Gardner on weekend update playing a teenager. It’s distracting and seems unprofessional..Score: 4/5

Enjoyable historyA must-listen for history nerds..Score: 5/5

My constant companionThis podcast has been my constant companion throughout the pandemic. It truly provides me with fascinating topics that keep my mind active, and feeds my endless curiosity. I see some topics and think I have no interest in them, but I’m consistently proved wrong. This podcast has completely changed my reading list as well. I’ve purchased and read so many books thanks to the episodes with authors. Many thanks. I’m so grateful..Score: 5/5

Giving the History Extra Podcast a Shout-outThis is among my favorite podcasts. It is interesting, rigorous, and not afraid to be controversial at times. Editor Rob Attar's excellent interview with historian Sean McMeekin, author of "Stalin's War," is a case in point. Learning about history, revisionist or otherwise, is a brilliant and fascinating way of seeing the world we live in today with eyes wide open. Great work, BBC History Extra!.Score: 5/5

Love itI’m not even an adult OR British and I listen to this every day! It’s great!.Score: 5/5

ExcellentThis podcast is going from strength to strength. A wide variety of topics discussed with intellectual rigor. The interviewers are engaging and I applaud the entire BBC History team for providing such a great series (Everything you wanted to know about [insert topics here]). This podcast is getting me through a tough pandemic. Recommended for people who love history at all levels..Score: 5/5

Excellent and necessaryI used to live I. England; received my ma in painting. I am now working on another ma in art history. I absolutely love this podcast, as it fills much background information that clarifies and enriches my research ventures..Score: 5/5

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History Extra podcast Podcast Episodes

The rise and fall of Britain’s motor city

Mark Evans charts the history of Coventry’s pioneering car industry, from the turn of the 20th century until the present day Mark Evans, presenter of the BBC Four documentary Classic British Cars: Made in Coventry, charts the history of Coventry’s pioneering car industry, from the turn of the 20th century until the present day. It’s a story of innovation, war and fierce rivalries – and some of the most iconic cars ever made.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Samurai: everything you wanted to know

In the latest in our series tackling the big questions on major historical topics, Professor Michael Wert responds to listener questions and internet search queries about Japan’s famous warriors, the samurai. He explains when the samurai emerged, how they evolved from warriors to aristocrats – and why they voted for their own abolition. Plus, Michael breaks down the mysteries of bushidō, seppuku and rōnin.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The quest to find Alexander’s lost city

Classicist Edmund Richardson tells the astonishing story of a British deserter from the East India Company who embarked on a quest to find a lost city of Alexander the Great.  (Ad) Edmund Richardson is the author of Alexandria: The Quest for the Lost City (Bloomsbury, 2021) Buy it now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alexandria-Quest-Dr-Edmund-Richardson/dp/1526603780/?tag=bbchistory045-21&ascsubtag=historyextra-social-hexpod  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Katharine Parr: secrets of a Tudor survivor

Historian and novelist Alison Weir discusses the life of Katharine Parr – from her relationship with the king to her secret faith and other marriages. Plus, Alison reflects on her recently completed Six Tudor Queens series, discussing how her opinions of Henry VIII’s wives changed during the writing process. (Ad) Alison Weir is the author of Six Tudor Queens: Katharine Parr, The Sixth Wife (Headline, 2021). Buy it now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Six-Tudor-Queens-Katharine-Sixth/dp/1472227824/?tag=bbchistory045-21&ascsubtag=historyextra-social-hexpod  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Blackface: a brief history

Ayanna Thompson discusses the history of blackface – a story spanning William Shakespeare, US race relations and Dartmoor Prison Professor Ayanna Thompson, author of Blackface, discusses the long history of blackface performances and minstrelsy – a story that spans William Shakespeare, US race relations and Dartmoor Prison. +++AFFILIATE TEXT +++(Ad) Ayanna Thompson is the author of Blackface (Bloomsbury, 2021). Buy it now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blackface-Object-Lessons-Professor-Thompson/dp/150137401X/?tag=bbchistory045-21&ascsubtag=historyextra-social-hexpod   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Who was Britain’s greatest prime minister? Harold Wilson

In the latest episode of our new series profiling the prime ministers that experts believe accomplished most during their time in 10 Downing Street, Charlotte Lydia Riley chooses Harold Wilson, whose forward-looking premiership came to define the progressive 1960s.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Madness, property and power: the strange case of Mary Davies

Leo Hollis untangles the bizarre 18th-century court case surrounding Mary Davies: a wealthy heiress married in mysterious circumstances In 1701, Mary Davies – a hugely wealthy widow struggling with bouts of unstable behaviour – took a room in Paris’s Hotel Castile. The coming days are a tangle of conflicting accounts, but it seems that she emerged from her rooms as a married woman, before hastening back to London and vehemently denying her change in circumstances. However, her husband soon came calling, demanding his rights to her extensive land and property. Leo Hollis explores a bizarre court case that shocked London. +++AFFILIATE TEXT +++(Ad) Leo Hollis is the author of Inheritance: The Lost History of Mary Davies: A Story of Property, Marriage and Madness (Oneworld, 2021). Buy it now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Inheritance-History-Property-Marriage-Madness/dp/178607995X/?tag=bbchistory045-21&ascsubtag=historyextra-social-hexpod  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Vietnam War: everything you wanted to know

Historian Mark Atwood Lawrence responds to listener questions and popular internet search queries on one of the most seismic events of the Cold War, American history and the history of Southeast Asia. He explores some of the biggest debates surrounding the United States’ failure to stem the advance of communism in Vietnam. (Ad) Mark Atwood Lawrence is the author of The Vietnam War: A Concise International History (OUP USA, 2021). Buy it now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vietnam-War-Concise-International-Introductions/dp/0199753938/?tag=bbchistory045-21&ascsubtag=historyextra-social-hexpod  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Medieval Ethiopia’s diplomatic missions

Ethiopia was a Christian kingdom during the medieval period, and in the 15th and 16th centuries its kings sent diplomatic missions to their counterparts in western Europe. Verena Krebs reveals what these missions can tell us about the medieval world, and Ethiopia’s place within it.(Ad) Verena Krebs is the author of Medieval Ethiopian Kingship, Craft, and Diplomacy with Latin Europe (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021). Buy it now on Amazon:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Medieval-Ethiopian-Kingship-Diplomacy-Europe/dp/3030649334/?tag=bbchistory045-21&ascsubtag=historyextra-social-hexpod  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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