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Stuff You Missed in History Class

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This 2013 episode covers the taxidermist Potter, who had preserved and mounted 98 birds by the time he was 19. In 1880, his work had grown to a point where it had to be moved to a building, which became his museum. Potter's museum collection continues to enthrall collectors and enthusiasts. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Stuff You Missed in History Class Podcast Comments

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Stuff You Missed in History Class Podcast Reviews

Perfect podcastI love this podcast. Holly and Tracy are great hosts and their episodes are well researched and always interesting. Also, there are so many episodes so I always have something to listen to while I am cooking or on public transport..Score: 5/5

Too many advertsThe podcast is only 30mins long trust there’s two sets of adverts in it!!!.Score: 1/5

Awesome podcast, interesting informationI discovered this podcast about a year ago, and have been working my way through all the episodes. I absolutely love it (especially when Tracy laughs - such a great laugh!) and am always excited for a new episode. Dealing with topics, including sensitive ones, in such a great and informative way, it is always fun to listen to on my commute. Thanks ladies for such a great show!.Score: 5/5

Love this podcastI am always cheered up (Even if it is a sad or gruesome subject ) because the 2 presenters are absolutely terrific. Entertaining and always make me smile. Although a lot on the US I have also heard UK subjects and either way I learn something . Please continue and don’t change the presenters !.Score: 5/5

Needs a new hostThe voice is a whine i cant get passed..Score: 1/5

PoorVery poor- I wrote a reply to them because they were having a real laugh at the titanic. A lot of people died on it. And they’re not at all funny anyway and have zero charm... the reply to my message was as charmless as they are. Avoid if you’re actually smart- there are many better history podcasts. Poorly reviewed and basically listening to a couple of [email protected] laughing at their own jokes that are not funny..Score: 1/5

Not for history loversLots ads, laughs even over dramatic topics, extremely American-centred and not just for the number of topics. It seems like a chat between two friends who don't really know about history and whose main source is Wikipedia..Score: 1/5

Nice idea butBut the presentation cant grate after a short time, very 'american' in a negative way (sorry) and a little too politically correct..Score: 2/5

ScarySorry not my Type.Score: 1/5

A thoroughly charming listenHolly and Tracy give a great insight into a huge range of topics, with wit and humour and Southern accents. They go to great effort to balance interest with historical accuracy in their research, including careful consideration of source trustworthiness. I love this chatty and fascinating podcast! Thoroughly recommended..Score: 5/5

Niche American historyInteresting niche history subjects but a horrible presentation. Please edit out neurotic laughing of one of the presenters!! Terrible tic at places that are not amusing (e.g. “tear gas causes serious injuries” [15s laughter], “her mother and grandmother died in the same year” [15s laughter] and etc). Awful.Score: 1/5

AmazingThere are sponsors however you can skip them by skipping ahead 1-2 minutes. Overall a great podcast would recommend 5 stars Btw could you do an episode about how people are represented eg:Viking having horned helmets.Score: 5/5

Excellent PodcastThis is a really good podcast for history nerds. I would like to give 5 stars but I find that I can only listen to a few episodes at a time, as their voices make me a bit sleepy. It is definitely a well-researched and good podcast, though. I recommend it. (The only other reason I can't give it 5 stars is that I am in the UK and a lot of the history is so American, I don't quite follow it.).Score: 4/5

Awful hostsTerrible voices ruin a potentially good podcast.Score: 1/5

Umm... what?!This has good stories (BUT) the voices are annoying ( no offense) Holly’s voice is SOO HIGH PITCHED LIKE WHAT??!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SND HOLLYS VOICE IS ALSO Annoying😒😕so just umm.. no just no 😠😤.Score: 2/5

A favouriteWell researched, amusing & easy to listen to; I love the variety of topics & the archive episodes you've been doing..Score: 5/5

Go listen nowAmazingly informative, a must listen for any history enthusiast.Score: 5/5

Good subjects, distracting deliveryI appreciate that the hosts are clearly both genuinely interested in, and informed about their subjects (which are consistently well chosen). I am sorry to say however, and it gives me no pleasure as I'm not that sort of person, that the delivery is almost making me unsubscribe. The halting and garbled diction is really jarring to my ears and makes it difficult to carry on listening..Score: 3/5

Funny and interestingBinge listened to all episodes over a couple of months. Interesting conversation and at times so funny I have to stop driving to pull over I’m laughing so much! Great entertainment..Score: 5/5

One of my favouritesI love listening to this podcast & Tracy and Holly are some of my favourite presenters in all the podcasts I listen to. I’d love some more non-US based history (though the US stuff for a Brit like me is fascinating as I definitely didn’t learn any in history class). For those who complain about adverts - most podcasts these days have them, they’re a ‘feature’ of this kind of publishing and I’d prefer these to having to pay for my content..Score: 4/5

AmazingStudying history at uni and it is so lovely to have people actually explain things, not only in a way that is engaging but easily understood! None of it is what I’m studying but refreshed my interest in history after being stuck in academic jargon!.Score: 5/5

:DReally good podcast! I always learn something new, even when it’s on a topic I had some pre-existing familiarity with, there’s usually something in the mix I hadn’t heard before. There are also so many topics I’d never had any idea about before there is an episode on it - they really do find some incredible stories most of us would never otherwise get to hear about! They do both have somewhat nasal voices, but it feels like people who are complaining about it are really just being kind of mean-spirited; by the time you’re a few minutes into an episode you’re used to it, just the same as with anyone’s voice. Keep it up ladies! :o).Score: 5/5

Needs improvementIt’s quite hard to follow the content. The presenters are obnoxious..Score: 2/5

Excellent, interesting, funSuch a great podcast with two engaging hosts covering pretty much every topic. Sometimes I know a bit about the topics, sometimes I don’t, but I always enjoy listening..Score: 5/5

Sometimes funny, always thoughtful!Great topics, highly informative, well presented, funny most times and always thoughtful..Score: 5/5

Truly exceptional podcastWell researched, well presented, sensitively deals with difficult issues and very accessible no matter your history knowledge. This show has really broadened my understanding and provided hours of entertainment..Score: 5/5

😭I don’t like history, my teacher is forcing us to listen to these!!.Score: 1/5

Littered with inaccuracies waste of timeFull of nonsensical biased information, full of historical inaccuracies seem to be re writing history the way they wish it to be told if you want a quick example check out the Rhodesia episode absolutely ignorant to the former countries history making out the white settlers who lived there were complete racists when at the time the Africans living there had the highest standards of living in Africa but they miss out all this important information for you to make your own decisions and instead fill it with there racist diatribes absolutely disgusting considering most white settlers came after ww2 after fighting alongside people of all different colours and creeds against exactly what there accusing them of in any case that's just 1! Example honestly if you want to learn anything remotely accurate search for a different history podcast on that topic there are a lot out there faaaaaaarrrr better than this shame as most of the other how stuff work podcasts are quite good but my god they got it wrong here and there voices oh my gosh how can you let someone who sounds like that broadcast worldwide insulting and assaulting everyone's intelligence and hearing..Score: 1/5

TheseagreenfoxI listen to 20 + podcasts a week, and Stuff you Missed in History Class definately gets into my podcast pantheon. Really well done, compelling stories, excellent presenters..Score: 5/5

Fave podcastAlways so interesting! Fave podcast! Love it!.Score: 5/5

DoowopsalsboprockBeen listening to this for years and chose what to download. Agree with some comments here that the girls voices (one in particular) is annoying but I can get past that. Content is excellent but please, learn how to pronouce places and words correctly and do a little more research and also, stop being so sanctimonious. Bad things that happen is history.Score: 2/5

Love it!Great hosts, professional, entertaining and friendly with fantastic facts! One of my favourite podcasts, thanks guys :).Score: 5/5

Voices annoyingStop giggling during your podcasts it’s annoying..Score: 1/5

I love this podcastThis podcast always gives anteresting take on things from hist.Score: 5/5

Western view on historyOnce you get used to the voices (Bovril; you either like it or not), the content is excellent. I’m hooked on all of the educational history in these podcasts. Just wished that I was clever enough to have done this at school. Even when they cover subjects that I thought that I knew all about, I learn something new. Great Britain doesn’t exist now, by the way. It’s now the UK. Although we do have the longest entry in the United Nations Catalogue. I love this podcast; long may it continue..Score: 5/5

AnnoyingGreat show but they constantly laugh and talk over each other. Haven’t been listening as much these days because of it..Score: 3/5

Sometimes not funnyLove the format and the history facts but the narrators often laugh or are upbeat when telling accounts of parts of history where people lost there lives, for example the British empire and Zulu pod cast, they seem really detached like it’s not a movie they are talking about with good guys and bad guys in this case it really happened and the loss of life was tragic on both sides regardless of who you support looking back, plus foreign policy and home affairs were just as shady across the Atlantic in America as they were in Victorian England during that time, attitudes were very similar..Score: 3/5

😁These two work so well describing those areas of history I had never heard of. If you want something thought provoking and entertaining. Then give this pod cast a try..Score: 5/5

PoorUninteresting.Score: 1/5

So fascinating!These lovely ladies have such enthusiasm for history and it comes across so wonderfully. This podcast is really interesting and full of fun facts and random unexpected stories. So much morning fun than all the history classes I slept through in school..Score: 5/5

FantasticThank you ladies I really enjoy the podcast, wish some episodes could be a little longer though..Score: 5/5

Dubious scriptsNumerous inaccuracies. For example: ‘Wat Tyler and the 1381 Uprising’ we are told 3 or 4 minutes in: “England’s population had been before the Black Death about 60,000 people”..... come on! 300 years before that The Domesday Book points to a population of 1.5 to 2 million. The scripts need serious scrutiny by professional historians before recording..Score: 1/5

Yep 👍Interesting.Score: 4/5

Excellent podcast on hidden historiesFantastic podcast - broad and informative with a solid focus on oppressed and disadvantaged people from different eras. Excellent to binge!.Score: 5/5

Good content hereVery homely, calming, interesting and fun.Score: 5/5

AmazingThe hosts are friendly and make every subject come alive, and make even the most depressing of subjects worth listening too. For someone who struggles with their mental health this podcast helps me get through the day. Thank you ladies x.Score: 5/5

They're just reading from a prepared script.Makes boring topics even more boring. Essentially just someone reading from the wiki page.Score: 1/5

Best history podcastI listen to too many history podcasts but this is the best, not just for the detail, narration, and chemistry, but variety of history and care with the subjects taken..Score: 5/5

Content ok, but...I find that these ladies speak a little too quickly, and that their voices have a partly strangled quality which grates on my ears slightly. I'm sure they're lovely people, but maybe podcasting isn't their natural environment. It's a pity, because I'd really like to fill some of my history gaps and they cover a lot of good subjects..Score: 3/5

Better history podcasts out thereIt takes a bit of a search to find an actually interesting topic and when you find one its hard to listen to. Their voices are annoying and its clear they are reading from a script which takes away any personality the show could have. I push through the neatives just to kill a bit of time.Score: 3/5

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Easy to bingeMost annoying thing is when the hosts try to authentically pronounce Spanish names as it is gratingly clear that the one lady studied French and tries to roll her rs in the back of her throat not with her tongue which like, hello it’s Spanish and all y’all are located in the USA so it’s not a leap to expect that you would get Spanish right. And then it’s like ugh just give up your French isn’t great either and just splits focus. But aside from my personal pet peeve, content on the whole is well done. Sometimes yes there’s a bit of overkill on the preamble to remain PC, but I think that’s more of a sad commentary on the general public not being able to connect the dots that historical content would reflect historical nomenclature, but what do I know..Score: 4/5

Love you guys!Love this much so that I don’t even need to refer to it by name, just “my podcast” and everyone knows what I’m talking about because other then my kids it’s what I talk about most 🤦🏻‍♀️ any way, Tracy and Holly are awesome (I personally love your voices and you have been my favourite hosts!)! Super sad Tracy is no longer doing “This Day in History” though....Score: 5/5

UghhTo many ads.Score: 5/5

Excellent topics & hostsI’m a big fan of this podcast and am enjoying working through the archives. All of the hosts, past and current, obviously put significant effort into their research, which is admirable considering the breadth of topics that they cover. Holly and Tracy bring a personal enjoyment of their work that is contagious. They are thoughtful, entertaining and a joy to listen to..Score: 5/5

Great!!A fascinating show with varied topics and two charming hosts.Score: 5/5

Too many ads!!I’ve stopped listening because of all the ads. It had good content though..Score: 4/5

Good fun... butI really enjoy this podcast and the topics they explore. However I find that it can be quite misandristic at times..Score: 4/5

Way too many adaThe content is great and Holly and Tracy obviously love what they do. There are way too many ads though. It ruins the flow of the episodes and makes me less likely to listen. It feels like there are as many ads as there is content..Score: 4/5

Great concept, poor executionI love the idea behind this podcast. I’ve listened to a few episodes, and the history is very interesting and unique (compared to other podcasts out there). That said, it is unlistenable. The hosts are really difficult to listen to. I find their voices very grating, and they often come off as pretentious. They are unrelatable and I just can’t get into it. I wish it were different because the topics are great..Score: 2/5

Holly’s nasally voice is the worst!!!!!Holly’s nasally voice is the worst!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Love!!!Favorite podcast, ever..Score: 5/5

Interesting and Educational at the Same TimeWe find the topics of your podcasts interesting. Thank you for making episodes about individuals that are not as well known. Many people have made significant contributions and don’t get recognition. This is a refreshing approach.Score: 5/5

Laid back and funThis podcast is informative and fun to listen to and is a great starting point to activate curiosity about a new subject or to just pick up a few interesting tidbits of information!.Score: 5/5

What happened?I used to listen to this podcast for years, stopped and have recently come back. There are WAAAY more ads now than their used to be. It really ruins the flow and the ads don’t even fit the demographic of the podcast. I listen to podcasts for hours each day and more often than not when there is an ad for another one, it’s one I’d be interested in based on they style/ topic of the one I’m listening to. That’s not the case with the loud ads that are now in this podcast. Though I guess when there are so many ads it’s hard to make them relevant. Sad that the intrusive monetization has ruined this podcast completely for me..Score: 3/5

Hooked on historyThese hosts got me hooked on Podcasts, and have given me infinite party anecdotes. I’m so grateful for the hard work and commitment that goes into every episode..Score: 5/5

Love to binge-listenLove the interesting topics chosen by the hosts. And always presented with enthusiasm!.Score: 5/5

Deserves five starsGreat podcast, well thought out and interesting. On the rare occasion a mistake is made they’re quick to correct it in the next episode, something I can’t say about a lot of podcasts that pull random, quirky historical stories off the internet and make bare minimum effort to source or research their topics. Part of me wonders if there would be as many overblown one star complaints about their voices or the legitimacy of their research if they were men. Probably not. Anyway, fantastic job and keep at it..Score: 5/5

AmazingIt’s a great history podcast with really pleasant hosts!! They’re enjoying themselves and it makes for a fun listen!.Score: 5/5

AmateurI’ve just listened to Ferdinand and Barbara. The two podcast hosts here are obviously and plainly reading off a basic script; there is no real expertise in the subject other than quickly google searching their topics and seemingly copying and pasting their “research” into a word document and verbatim reading what they’ve found out. There is a softness in trying to delve into the real and hard truth of history and humanity, by giving this modern, safespacish, woke warning that there is a description of attempted suicide of this royal couple. Life before 2019 could perhaps be somewhat difficult. Life in the 1730s is brutal relative to our 2019. Additional to this point, the hosts mentioned what could be an interesting deathbed anecdote of Ferdinand, but then bumble around a description in fear of offending the delicate audience (source obviously dug from Wikipedia which was in turn lifted from Britannica) in Spanish which they didn’t even bother to translate into English other than to say it was “brutal” and you could look at it yourself, and then translate into English using google translate but be careful because it’s in old Spanish? Couldn’t believe how lazy this was. Stay clear of these two “historians”. I don’t know who they’re paying to manipulate the algorithms, but it’s a pile of rotten cheese ball history. Read the Wikipedia page yourself and don’t bother..Score: 2/5

LOVE ITI love all of the episodes you guys choose! Please keep making them!.Score: 5/5

Stories that should be moviesReally enjoy listening to your show. Recently listened to your show on the rescue of sailors on the submarine S5. Reminded me of a Canadian war hero named Andrew Myanarski his final mission should be a movie in itself. I recommend you check it out. Duane McEwan.Score: 4/5

TOO MANY ADSI got throught a few episodes. The "episode" part was not too bad, but there seemed to be more ads than content. I Unsuscribed..Score: 1/5

AWESOMEWhoever thinks this podcast is bad, ignore them. I really like Holly and Tracy, and how sometimes when they go over a scarier topic they will go on with a happier approach, unlike previous hosts (but I do not blame them.) I really love this podcast, and good job!.Score: 5/5

Interesting But Could ImproveI really enjoyed some of the topics explored in this podcast yet I found it very commercial heavy. In a podcast that was around 20 minutes 5 of those minutes were dedicated to commercials meaning I found my self skipping through a lot in order to get to the good stuff. Great topics and good commentary and research just hard to listen to continuously..Score: 4/5

Way too political nowadays.Used to love this podcast, but now one can’t listen to an episode without being force-fed revisionist politically leftist driven history. We get more than enough of that in universities..Score: 1/5

I love it . . . butI love the byte-sized yet information rich history podcasts, and am looking forward to watching more. However, there are too many ads. Way too many..Score: 4/5

LoveNice podcast.Score: 4/5

Superb!This is an excellent podcast that is tremendously informative. I look forward to each new episode. I recommend it to all my friends..Score: 5/5

New “3D Audio” sound effects are awful!Great podcast and engaging hosts. However, awful sound design lately. iheartradio added sound effects they call “3D Audio”. It’s not a soundscape but random interjections that pop in periodically and drown out the hosts. The effect is cliche and amateur. Absolutely hate it. Poor Holly and Tracy. They deserve much better sound production..Score: 4/5

Ignore previous review.Loved it..Score: 5/5

One of my all time favesTopics are well researched and delivered in an entertaining way. Tracy and Holly are so relatable and fun. Can’t get enough of SYMIHC..Score: 5/5

Really annoying.I LOVE the premise of this show and the topics, hence the 2 stars. It’s a shame, however , that the entire thing is unlistenable, and I had to unsubscribe. My reasons are threefold: 1) I find the hosts (one in particular, but I can’t tell which) poorly organized and very badly scripted. They both ramble and are repetitive, when a tighter script without so many personal references would be so much more engaging and a much better use of time. 2) I’m sorry, but I find their nasal voices and accents horribly grating. I know they can’t help it, but this is an honest review. 3) The content seems too America-centric. There is a whole world out there that’s had so much more time to create history. Why not leverage that? In sum, all this off-topic babbling is hard on the ear and more than I can handle..Score: 2/5

Love this podcastI just found this and am really loving it. Great mix of personality and facts and the episodes are easy to listen to..Score: 5/5

Love this show!The ladies are fabulous. People who complain about their light-hearted about tough subjects aren’t really listening to how tough subjects affect the presenters. And the program is not supposed to completely educate you on a subject, but whet your imagination so that you do your own research and learn! I love Mondays and Wednesday when the new shows come out!!.Score: 5/5

To many addsThere’s to many adds.Score: 1/5

My Favourite Podcast!I’ve been listening to this podcast for years now and it’s absolutely amazing. As a history buff myself, I love how Tracy and Holly approach history in fun and interesting way. They are lovely hosts who have great personalities and humours. No matter the topic, I know I’ll be captivated by their enthusiasm and charisma. I’ve learn so much about many many MANY strange and well-known historical events, and have been introduced to some of my historical icons. My favourite episodes are two-parters, food, and fashion history, but I’m never disappointed with the topic of the day. Thanks Holly and Tracy for getting me through countless bus rides, long walks in the park, chores, and midnight shifts at work haha!.Score: 5/5

Fantastic podcast but...The amount of ads in this podcast is obscene. I’ve been listening for years and it just keeps getting worse. However, the material is interesting and engaging - too bad it’s interrupted so often!.Score: 4/5

Long time listenerI’ve listen to to this podcast for years now ,I love learning about what’s happened in the past ...lately though I have found these two hosts a little too focused on political correctness and feminism instead of just telling what happened .....I liked the previous hosts much better.Score: 3/5

Too many ads but excellent hostsI really love listening to Tracy and Holly, feels like I’m listening to my aunts tell me a story. I listen to a few IheartRadio shows and they all have this same amount of ads it really ruins the flow of the show and makes it not as enjoyable to listen to. This is definitely on the network and not representative of the show quality..Score: 4/5

I Heart Radio StuffIs a great and an excellent podcast app..Score: 5/5

Too many adsOnly made it a couple episodes in and there’s way too many ads for such short episodes Also you’re a history podcast yet you still refer to indigenous people as “Indians” ??.Score: 2/5

Screech fryWhine/screech/fry repeat.....Score: 1/5

GreatDon’t what the dude who states the narrator is irritating...I mean a little bit... but nothing that detracts.Score: 5/5

Why I can’t give 5 starsGreat info and interesting stories but I just can’t handle the hosts voices. I’ve tried through three episodes and I don’t know if it’s the audio settings but I can not seem to get around it the nasally sounds and laugh..Score: 4/5

I love Holly and Tracy’s voice.Also, their laughter makes my day..Score: 5/5

Too many ads and personal detailsI listen to a number of history podcasts, including this one. And I have been listening to this podcast for about 4 or 5 years and have found that topics are getting more and more American centric and less about people or topics outside of the United States. I also find that the podcast has way too many ads, that it loses the flow, and also find that at times, the episodes become a bit too much personal and find out information about the hosts that I would rather not know. I also find that the hosts sound too much alike and it would be nice if they had different tones to differentiate between the two. I also find them too giggly, especially Holly. It is a nice general history podcast and a good way to get one's feet wet. I really wish they would can the listener mail segment, as it really doesn’t add any information to the actual episode..Score: 3/5

LoveI love that the topics are well researched. US shows tend to focus entirely on the US. This one doesn’t. The hosts are like friends. I appreciate that they don’t back away from tough subjects. A great podcast..Score: 5/5

One big issueThese are interesting historical tidbits but I’d enjoy them more if the co-hosts didn’t laugh (sometimes inappropriately) all the time. It makes them sound nervous and immature and is very annoying..Score: 4/5

Friendly and interestingI have been listening to this podcast for years. Yes the hosts are quirky. Admittedly, they are not experts on subjects they present. I also find topics too American, yet I continue to listen to every podcast. Tuning in to Holly and Tracy and previous hosts who were also quirky is kind of like having old friends over for dinner. Sometimes the topics are not really interesting to me but I still listen and am entertained and look forward to what other topics they will present..Score: 4/5

Podcast TreasureMerci beaucoup!❤️.Score: 5/5

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Interesting content, so many adsEpisodes should be a quick dose of history, but it’s chock full of ads. A 40 minute episode and over half of it seems to be ads. Their voices sound like they might need some better equipment- it could definitely be more clear. It’s just enough information to encourage me to do more research on some topics, but not enough to listen regularly..Score: 2/5

Simply the bestI have been listening to this podcast for years. I am regrettably behind because for some reason I am no longer commuting but the episodes are timeless and even year old episodes are worthwhile. Jump on at any point and have a listen. Binge or not. This podcast is a joy.Score: 5/5

The best history show ever!!!!I started listening to this show and it has opened me up to many other great podcasts. Even going back to 2008 and listening to Josh and Candance is great. But I honestly think that Tracy and Holly treat these subjects best (no offense Josh, I still like SYSK). I was making head way going through all the past podcast making to Sarah and Deblina, but with the start of the Saturday clips I just can’t keep up...You Ladies (and gent) have been a great source of knowledge and entertainment. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Love the podcastTracey and Holly do a great job of presenting many different subjects and how they relate to history. The length is perfect for taking my kids to school, and still having a little to listen to by myself on the way home. I’ve enjoyed many of your subjects from good, to historic events, to historic people, to people forgotten by history, to people that some never knew of their historic role. Thanks for putting the time into such a great presentation and subject.Score: 5/5

One of my favoritesThis podcast has taught me so many things and I appreciate the hosts and how they try to cover complex and sometimes difficult topics.Score: 5/5

Still worthwhile, but less than it used to beThis used to be my absolutely favorite podcast and sometimes I still listen, but not as much. The shift in how topics are chosen, a lot more side banter (taking away from airtime devoted to tel history) and a lot more commercial content have made it much less compelling and interesting. Also everyone has their favorite host style …but from my view shout out to Sarah and Deblina.Score: 3/5

Good BUT...I love listening to this podcast but hate when they put their liberal opinions in. I am neither liberal nor conservative but I want to hear interesting FACTS, not your left wing opinion. Get woke go broke..Score: 1/5

One of the BestStill one of the best podcasts out there. Fascinating stories, well-researched, and told in a way that keeps my attention so well. Even the stories I think I have no interest in hook me before long!!.Score: 5/5

Way to many commercials45 minute podcast = approximately 25 minutes of content + 20 minutes of commercials. No thanks. Luckily there are thousands of other podcasts to choose from aside from this one..Score: 2/5

Stuff you missed in HistoryGreat info but not listenable Please Tracy get voice coaching..Score: 2/5

So interesting!I just love that it’s a way to learn about so many different things! I love how it has multiple episodes during the week as well! Great show!.Score: 5/5

Love the odcasts and the hostsI have listened to this podcast through three sets of hosts. All had their unique traits. I appreciate the attention to research methods as well as being diverse in Utrecht topics - regardless of what some people may think they emphasize finding topics for the under-represented groups. I wat to say I love the live shows and hope for a return when I can hopefully make it to one. Keep up the great work!!.Score: 5/5

Great show, knowledgeable and talented hosts.This show has been consistently excellent since Holly and Tracy took over. Well written and thoughtful episodes based on extensive research, without becoming dry and academic. The show also has a handful of episodes each year on “unearthed” discoveries. They never fail to make my day when they come up. They could easily spin that off into a separate show! Thank you for the interesting and educational show, I enjoy your work greatly..Score: 5/5

Not a groundbreaking reviewI’m a huge fan of history. I’m a huge fan of the content of this podcast and how it’s presented. I think Tracy and Holly take a look at underrepresented and/or misrepresented historical events and figures in a refreshing, critical, and nuanced way. But Jesus Christ, we get it, Holly took French in high school. The accent is annoying and distracting and sends shivers down my spine every time she pronounces something even remotely French..Score: 4/5

HISTORY!!!!!!I can’t even say….Score: 5/5

FreaksFreaks is on TCM this evening @6:45..Score: 5/5

Still like this podcast, even with I hate radio influence...Score: 4/5

Fun show, but I strongly disagree with the ads they allow tonplayMy grandpa's addicted to gambling, so hearing an add for a sports betting site is an instant unsubscribe. Bye..Score: 4/5

AwesomeGreat podcast and great hosts. Holly and Tracy are delightfully nerdy and even the topics that sound boring to me end up being fascinating..Score: 5/5

Sad but that’s my opinionI was a huge fan of this show. I told people about, and listen for hours. I would listen at work while traveling while home and so forth. But I’ve noticed a trend that y’all get excited snot your sponsors not backing gas and oil ie fossil fuel. As a gas worker I spend hours in the field working. I also know the work we do to maintain planet safety. Mock me if you want this is how I make a living. Sad y’all are so knowledgeable but are in the anti fossil fuel camp. Time to find another show..Score: 1/5

LOVE it!Hey, iheart media, give this team the resources they need! Get them a great website and a place to put show notes. Over the years when they were owned by other companies, they had a great website. Please do better..Score: 5/5

Could be better, little heavy on the adsI really like it; most episodes are interesting and educational. Have to say that it can fade in background noise if I’m not paying close attention. The ads are getting a little much. Back to back identical ads are a little annoying. If you could give more details in the title also that’d be great..Score: 4/5

Interesting and well producedEach podcast is unique and interesting. The hosts are fun to listen to!.Score: 5/5

LoveLove the podcast! The ads are a bit much though..Score: 4/5

Her laugh is my favorite part!I’m not sure how much I will remember as I was on the good drugs post surgery, but you kept me company as I recovered. As ADHD is usually my super power and during my recovery the absence of the H made me just plain ditzy A F, any possible intellectual advancement was sincerely appreciated..Score: 5/5

What’s with so many repetitive commercials?!?!!I have been listening to this podcast for the last 2+ years & loved the array of topics and I can really appreciate the care & research that goes into presenting an unbiased view if events. However, I am extremely disappointed in the amount of commercial content as of late. Recently, the commercials have greatly increased and have even repeated the EXACT SAME commercial 3x in a row, during the 4 commercial interruptions. The ratio of commerical to actual podcast content has become ridiculous. The last episode I listenered to was a just shy of 33% commercial content (37 minutes total, or which 12 minutes were repetitive commercials) 😡. The commercial interrupt mid-sentence & even if I skip through the commercials, I often forget what the hosts were saying by the time it gets back to the show content..Score: 2/5

Pretty good podcastOk I like this show and the hosts beside one thing about them.They shove there opinions in every sentence and it’s very very annoying!Also there are too many adds,now I understand that they get money,and that’s great but please cut down the adds!But beside that these people are great hosts,and this podcasts topics are amazing.So this is a good show overall keep up the good work (:.Score: 4/5

Much enjoy this podcastJust wanted to say that I really enjoy the show. Not sure why people have been so harsh in their reviews lately. I think Holly and Tracy are entertaining and informative. Their podcasts have been my companion when working in my office alone and with me while running errands on the weekends. The increase in commercials is not my favorite, but also probably not something they can control. Ultimately, I have learned things I didn’t know and have been intrigued enough on other subjects to dig deeper on my own. It’s great to have a podcast to listen to that isn’t just pop culture, or crime. Keep up the great work!.Score: 5/5

My favorite podcast!Thank you Holly and Tracy for entertaining us while you impart important lessons from history. I especially enjoy the stories from 18th & 19th centuries, from both Europe and the Americas..Score: 5/5

Love the show. How about Nellie Bly?Have you ever had a show about the first women investigative reporters such as Nellie Bly? I’ve always found her life very interesting and am surprised so many people have no idea who she was or what she accomplished..Score: 5/5

Love the show, not the adsI’ve listened to this show for a while… I’ve made it through the host changes. I love the information and it makes me dig into other things, but I hate how many ads there are.Score: 4/5

Always on my rotationThis is one of my favorite podcasts! I tend to listen to a slew of them in one sitting, and because of how long the series has been around, I always have a backlog to pick through. I appreciate how thoughtful Holly and Tracy have been the last few years especially, including updated language and digging deeper into the complex parts of these histories by reviewing whether the historians who captured the events were reliable or not. Thanks for always keeping me entertained and teaching me new things every week!.Score: 5/5

Ads have made it unlistenableStuff You Missed In History Class is genuinely one of my favorite podcasts, I look forward every week to the new episodes. However, the recent uptick in ads in combination with the questionable advertisers now being promoted in the show have me seriously considering whether I will keep listening. There used to be one ad break per show, maybe two if it was a long episode. Now the show starts and ends with ads and has at least two ad breaks in the middle. I have also heard numerous diet ads and faux medical ads urging people to talk to their doctor about weight loss solutions. This was especially disheartening for me after everything I know about Holly and Tracey. I know ads are a necessary evil of podcasts but I am seriously disappointed in how this show has handled ads lately..Score: 1/5

Pretty good 👍🏼It is ok but I think instead of talking go on and on about little stuff you need to get right to the point..Score: 3/5

Women and poc’s you missed in historyThis podcast is going downhill with 75% “strong women” history topics. Please keep it balanced, your listeners need you! 2 of the last 32 episodes about white males. How long will the revenge take?.Score: 2/5

Sad90% ads and useless gabbling and laughing, 10% actual interesting history. This show could’ve been sooo much better..Score: 1/5

5/5 would recommendI am a really big fan of history, especially the parts that aren’t as well know, and I think is a solid, well researched, interesting podcast! So keep it up, and don’t let the sexist comments get you down!.Score: 5/5

None stop babbleTried to listen but it almost all banter and small talk. takes them 20 minutes to even start to speak to the topic. if you want to hear two women chat for a half hour and then cover a topic for 5 minutes interspersed with 15 minutes of advertisements, than this is your pod cast!.Score: 1/5

Love these ladies and their topics!I’m a huge history buff and enjoy the vast variety of topics - I’ve heard of some and am already familiar with a few, but at least half of the topics are completely new to me. The shows are the perfect length and an informative balance between educational and entertaining. I had already discovered Holly through Criminalia, which I also enjoy, and think that she and Tracy are the perfect team. I’m slowly working my way back through the shows to when they took over - nothing against the earlier hosts, but I far prefer these two - keep it up, ladies!.Score: 5/5

CommercialsObnoxious. I wish you both would smarten up. You are crapping on your podcast with annoying commercials and inane comments (by you). I quit your podcast once and for all. Good luck..Score: 1/5

You guys are great!I love the show and I think the hosts are fantastic. Soundtrack of my life. Listeners complaining about ads: just skip them. It’s literally the push of a button!.Score: 5/5

I want to like itI really want to like this podcast. I’ve listened to it for so long before iheart ruined so many. I like the topics and can stand the hosts. But why do a 30 minute show and then either do a part 2 or a behind the scenes mini? Just let the frickin’ show in its entirety and all of the information be available instead of being so compartmentalized! It makes me sad because this was one of my favorites..Score: 4/5

Great funWell done, well reseached, well delvered. One of my favorites..Score: 5/5

Lots of ads, but still worth itReally good, although more ads than most history podcasts. Very few historical errors. Probably the greatest diversity of topics I’ve heard on any history podcast..Score: 5/5

Show has Changed. Many Ads and Group Guilt ShowsThe variety of the show has gone away to o to address current events and add to group guilt. If interested in the show I recommend listening to a few years back and skip the past year and a half. Otherwise the amount of advertising will be distracting and the content will cover how wrong people were in the past instead of covering the objective sides in previous years. After listening from 2014 I’ve since unsubscribed..Score: 2/5

To muchI love history and so I’m absolutely ok with quirky hosts if at the end they have good content but the “woke” liberal slant the last year has been a bit to much. I’m not on either side just want a show that tells the facts. I listen on multiple platforms and even the adds are left leaning. I just want a good historical story.Score: 2/5

Love This Podcast!!!It is so good!! It is so interactive and I love the different topics that they cover. I would mostly discount these parts of history. But now that I am really listening. Yes I need more!!.Score: 5/5

More info in title pleaseI enjoy the podcast and the hosts, although the sponsor breaks are getting a little heavy. There are a lot the episodes with just the person’s name as the title. If I’ve never heard of them, I tend to scroll past them because I have nothing to catch my attention. I can see a couple lines of the description (without having to open up every single episode) which sometimes is enough to pull me in but it’s rare. A brief, 3-4 word synopsis next to the subject’s name would be helpful for us browsers..Score: 4/5

AdsLove the show but 12 ads ? Can’t do it anymore. Glad you are making money, love the show. Bye.Score: 4/5

Its AMAZING!With Whacky Stories And Serious Stuff, its a constant renewal of interesting Comedylike atmosphere! I suggest this podcast!.Score: 5/5

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Great listeningUnlike the other Australian reviewer, I love this Podcast as they uncover information and events I was unaware. Their research is good and are quick to acknowledge mistakes. I drive long hours occasionally and this show is perfect for such trips. Wonderful.Score: 5/5

Good potted historyGreat potted stories on diverse subjects look forward to new episodes.Score: 4/5

Bring back Cristen!!!Used to be my favourite podcast, wouldn't miss an episode. But I'm sorry, since the two nasal queens came on I just can't :( I try and force myself to listen every now and then, when I get really desperate, but their voices just grate me like nails down a chalk borard. Instead of a nice lullaby of a podcast, I end up getting out of bed on a cold night just to write a review! Can you PLEASE bring on some new hosts? Anyone but these two!!! C'mon you have to see how many people don't like the hosts? Keep them on as researchers by all means, but they do not have the voice for radio, nothing personal, just the way that biology/genetics made them. Come to think of it, it is amazing that you managed to get two equally nasal hosts, what are the chances? Bring back Cristen!!!.Score: 1/5

Love it!I love this podcast so much!.Score: 5/5

Once a fave but now...One of the first podcasts I ever listened to 10+ yrs ago, just loved it. Like many others I’m not a fan of the most recent hosts (sure you’re lovely peeps IRL) & haven’t been able to listen. However I wanted to revisit the older episodes with Sarah & Dablina but now they have been ruined by misplaced ads... & sadly it it grates amongst the chilled tunes if the ol days... sad I really loved it so much.Score: 1/5

Congrats on 1000 episodes!What an enduring and insightful podcast! I can't say enough good things about this. I have listened to it so long now that I feel like I am hanging out with friends whenever a new episode comes out. I really appreciate the show's committment to telling unknown stories of women, non-Western countries, and LGBT history. Thanks so much to Tracey & Holly for your hard work on this show - it is a pleasure..Score: 5/5

Fave history podcast!Am so grateful to these ladies for continuing to bring out engaging podcasts during this difficult time....Score: 5/5

OMG year my ears offI could not listen to these two. They do not have voices that are easy - or even good - to listen to. Their narrative is OTT and ultimately very annoying. A big pass..Score: 2/5

Too PCThe show was great particularly with the hosts and episodes pre Tracey and Holly. The current hosts are good but have strayed into the territory of history sermons rather than delivering information on little known or quirky historical events. The show increasingly seem to try to fit a politically correct narrative. I love all the content HSW puts out especially "stuff you should know" and "stuff they don't want you to know" these shows stay true to their original message and entertain they don't preach. Please return to what you do best. The loss of focus on actually unknown history is a big shame..Score: 2/5

Interesting if amateurI keep listening as I find some of the topics of this podcast quite interesting and as many of them are one episode it can be a nice alternative to a longer history podcast series. Honestly, though, the hosts, while well researched, are very amateurish and sound like a pair of immature friends planning a presentation. Not giving a presentation, just planning it. At least once an episode one of them makes an error and they consistently struggle with anything but the most familiar names. A rehearsal or two would do these two no harm before they actually hit record..Score: 3/5

Frustrating as breaksThe amount of ad breaks totally ruins this podcast for me, which is a shame because it’s a great podcast . I can understand one at the start and end but several times smack bang in the middle of listening?.Score: 3/5

My favourite ‘go-to’ podcastThese two always make me smile and such insightful content. Love Criminalia as well for my ‘true-crime.’.Score: 5/5

Learn and enjoyThis podcast makes me happy. It's so interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable to listen to, all at the same time..Score: 5/5

Feminist History Podcast.Disgusting attitudes and voices..Score: 1/5

Always interesting and funPresented with an interesting twist on history covering some of the less known but fascinating moments.Score: 4/5

Love history nowNever had an interest in history before this podcast! Amazing hosts that give great detailed accounts of important historical figures or historical figures that should be important. Absolutely love this podcast.Score: 5/5

Fantastic show !Love this show so much. Such interesting & well research content. Love any podcast that can keep me interested on topics that on paper I might be a bit *yawn* about. But !!!! I do have to say I feel in the last month or so the number of ads during the show has really increased. I get ads are needed to support the show but when you feel like you’re listening to more ad than show it’s not the best (I feel especially during the shorter end of week wrap ups) Other than that looove your work !!!.Score: 5/5

Always engagingThis podcast ranges widely, the topics are engaging & the hosts are warm and positive..Score: 5/5

Interesting and informativeEnjoy this podcast, especially the stories of women in history.Score: 5/5

History with passionLove this podcast. The presenters are great, their passion and humour make a very interesting listen. Highly recommended.Score: 5/5

Annoying voiceSome interesting topics covered here but I just can’t listen to person talking, personal opinion but I find the voice very annoying and what’s with the laughing?.Score: 2/5

So interesting and cleverThis podcast has taught me so much about people I can't believe I've never heard of and has really given me a much deeper understanding of history and the times, people and places that so often get sterotyped, summarised and swept under the rug. Keep up the great content, ladies..Score: 5/5

Listen if you want to be put to sleepI listen to a large variety of podcasts and this is by far the worst I have come across. I really wanted to enjoy it and in fairness did listen to about 3 eposides in full but the hosts are JUST AWFUL!!! It is 100% scripted and they just take turns reading from their notes. It would be more exciting for me to read it then listen to these two. The need to get lessons from Chuck and Josh from Stuff You Should Know on how to run a successful, enjoyable, interesting and relatable podcast..Score: 1/5

Love the show, fascinating topicsI really love this show! I’ve been listening for a few years now, working my way through older and newer episodes, and it’s been an incredible learning curve. The topics are so diverse, there really is something for everyone. I may not listen to every episode, I do jump around a bit, and perhaps come back to episodes when I’m in the right mood or just feel better able to concentrate on something I’m particularly interested in. Tracy and Holly are great hosts and I am always glad when I can add a bunch of ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class’ episodes to my play list..Score: 5/5

Hosts...This used to be my favourite podcast and I listened to it religiously. Then the hosts changed to Holly and Tracy and I had to stop. I've just recently logged back in in the hope it had improved by nope... it's now dull and facile and SO badly presented, I can't stand it. Please get some actually history buffs who know how to research and can present well. All the previous hosts were great..Score: 1/5

It's okayThe research is good but the hosts seems to be unnecessarily mean about fan requests for topics and they need lessons in how to be polite in online communication..Score: 3/5

Great hosts and topicsVery entertaining - I love the hosts!.Score: 5/5

My favorite podcastOnly discovered this podcast in 2017. It was easily the most interesting thing to listen to while on my daily commute. I knew of the emu wars before my Aussie friend heard of it..Score: 5/5

Over itI was an addict for years but rarely listen and manage a whole episode - the format needs a huge refresh..Score: 2/5

LoveI really like this podcast! Holly and Tracy as hosts are wonderful - great voices, great down to earth banter, seamless transitions, and a great mix of story-telling, authenticity and historical accuracy I appreciate. I also like the episodes where they talk about history and archaeology news around the world as it makes me feel connected to everything that is going on, and especially like the positive news stories and anecdotes as they are a ray of sunshine in these weird COVID times..Score: 5/5

Too many AdsWould love to be able to Listen to this show however I can't stand how frequent the ad breaks are. The episodes aren't long enough for the amount of Ads! Please make longer episodes or decrease the number of ads...way too disruptive..Score: 1/5

Way too many adsAs above.Score: 1/5

Excellent podcastI really enjoy the way lesser known history is presented in this podcast. A lot of research has gone into gathering the information and making it accessible and easily understood. Thanks..Score: 5/5

Interesting find!Stumbled across this podcast by accident And have been binge listening ever since! An amazing array of eclectic topics discussed with curious and interesting detail. Things you’ve always thought about, but never fully understood or appreciated, are Explained in an attention grabbing manner, and easy to understand. Only problem I had with the narrators, is at times they speak too fast, which makes the listening experience difficult at times. Lis Australia.Score: 5/5

Great gym buddyLove this show and it’s looking into topics off the beaten track, especially love when something Aussie is mentioned and the horrendous pronoun citation of certain Aussie words, like emu..Score: 5/5

Best show everThis is the best show ever and I love it because it has great content plus I don’t think the ads are a problem 😊😍😋😜🤩😉🥰😙😛🤪🥳🙂😌😘😚😝😎 also the length of the podcast is understandable.Score: 5/5

Can’t stand itThe content could be interesting and worth a listen if the voices weren’t extremely irritating. I can’t stand the upward inflections. It sounds as if they are just reading at speed from a script..Score: 1/5

Run RebellionLoved the podcast about William Bligh and the NSW Rum Corp As a Sydneysider it’s great to hear about my local history and we learnt very little of this historical event at school. Good work ladies 👍.Score: 5/5

Love itHave loved the podcast since way back when, always interesting 😊.Score: 5/5

Don’t likeThis woman is just to annoying to listen to podcast no thanks.Score: 1/5

Makes history so much more interestingI am a science nerd who used to find history hard to stay focused on...but am making up for it now. I am devouring these episodes and can’t get enough..Score: 5/5

Irritating voicesThe content is interesting & the presenters are smart & engaging but those awful AWFUL nasally voices, vocal fry & upward inflections make this completely unlistenable..Score: 1/5

Learnt so much!!Holly & Tracey fill in the gaps of history. Love the giggles & information. Well researched, light hearted, easy listening podcast. Love it!! 😍.Score: 5/5

LoveGreat podcast, thoroughly researched and well presented. Holly’s laugh gives me life! Only criticism is there is an abundance of ads which get quite frustrating. Keep up the great work ladies..Score: 4/5

I agreeShe sounds like Mickey Mouse but still an interesting podcast.Score: 4/5

Fun while educationalThis show is the whole reason I started listening to podcasts. I wanted to learn more about major and minor events in history and SYMIH definitely delivers. The hosts have a great rapport, are engaging and easy to listen to, and as an Aussie I find it exciting that it’s not just history from the USA or Europe but some of our history too. Great job team! ❤️.Score: 5/5

Great podcastOne of the best history podcasts out there. Considering a couple of eps a week, the detail is pretty outstanding. Thanks Ladies.Score: 5/5

Very insightfulI really enjoy the content. Too much focus on US stories for my liking but I guess that’s where the podcast is produced. One of Tracy or Holly has a laugh like Mutley from Wacky Races.....Score: 4/5

EnjoyableInteresting and varied.Score: 5/5

Interesting and entertainingWell done..Score: 5/5

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LunarbowSezClom NobleBloodTales thedollop Stuff you missed in History Class. What the British Stole.Score: 5/5

HistoryFrog mrskellyhistory: LucyKirchh socialstudiestx Jyo_Social HistoryFrog maineteacher historyherway DrUrbanTeacher isabeljmorales I l….Score: 5/5

MrskellyhistoryLucyKirchh socialstudiestx Jyo_Social HistoryFrog maineteacher historyherway DrUrbanTeacher isabeljmorales… .Score: 5/5

OneandonlybjgKenklippenstein .Score: 5/5

HemeIsABlastKaylaPMHNP CIJ_OH Thehistorychix Since we’re going off the beaten path: Freakonomics and Stuff You Missed in Hi… .Score: 5/5

2PanoramixLacura_ miyakiv Siempre podcastRAH, #VolverAlPresente y historiachiqui Además… .Score: 5/5

NobirdstoflyFannish_liz 99% invisible: it's about the design elements we don't notice and it's SO fascinating stuff you miss… .Score: 5/5

Tux_kateFannish_liz What are you interested in? Nonfiction Recs to start: Stuff You Missed in History Class is engaging on… .Score: 5/5

Dr_JadedMemesMD Stuff you missed in history class? Dear hank and John? The Sporkful? Radiolab.Score: 5/5

IshferyDNoizes Heavens gate, parcast cults, the dream, 99% invisible, stuff you missed in history class. All more of a de… .Score: 5/5

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Stuff You Missed in History Class Podcast Episodes

SYMHC Classics: Walter Potter's Wild and Wonderful Taxidermy

This 2013 episode covers the taxidermist Potter, who had preserved and mounted 98 birds by the time he was 19. In 1880, his work had grown to a point where it had to be moved to a building, which became his museum. Potter's museum collection continues to enthrall collectors and enthusiasts. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Behind the Scenes Minis: Purple and Cock Robin

Holly and Tracy discuss Perkin's idealism, and how many things in their lives are impacted by his work. Then they discuss "Who killed Cock Robin?' and Tracy's fascination with it as a child. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Six Impossible Episodes: More Mother Goose

Today’s episode is the next installment of our Six Impossible Episodes series, and our second one on nursery rhymes. This one explores the historical context of Jack and Jill, London Bridge, Cock Robin and others.  Learn more about your ad-choices at

Sir William Henry Perkin

For Perkin, the creation of the first synthetic dye was the beginning of a career that combined chemistry and business to great success. And he got to see the world of industry change in response to his innovation. Learn more about your ad-choices at

SYMHC Classics: A Brief History of Colors

This 2014 episode covers how pigments and dyes have historically come from all manner of animals, vegetables and minerals. From ochre to cochineal red to the rarest of purples, color has been an important part of human life for centuries. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Behind the Scenes Minis: The Tarbell Episodes

Tracy talks about the coincidences she encountered while researching this week's episodes. Talk then turns to how complicated Ida Tarbell's story is. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Ida M. Tarbell vs. John D. Rockefeller, Part 2

Tarbell saw her family and community clash with Standard Oil when she was growing up. This second part covers her work for McClure’s Magazine and the most important journalistic work of her life – “The History of the Standard Oil Company.”  Learn more about your ad-choices at

Ida M. Tarbell vs. John D. Rockefeller, Part 1

Ida Tarbell was one of the first investigative journalists, and the biggest work of her life involved exposing exploitive and illegal business practices at Standard Oil. Part one covers her early life, which led her to that story. Learn more about your ad-choices at

SYMHC Classics: Inês de Castro and Pedro I of Portugal

When Prince Pedro of Portugal was married off in the 1300s, he only had eyes for his new wife's lady in waiting. This 2017 episode about the relationship between Inês and Pedro has everything: romance, deception, murder, and a corpse crowned as queen. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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