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Bare knuckle fighter Uly Diaz joins the show from Miami to chat about his history of fighting, his close relationship with Pitbull, and the rules of bare knuckle fighting. Next, Gina reports on today’s news including: Actor Ricky Schroder confronting a Costco employee over their mask mandate, Bill Maher getting COVID, States incentivizing vaccinations, a possible UFO sighting from the USS Omaha warship, Chicago releasing 1,000 feral cats to combat the rat problem, and oxygen-starved mice being saved by enabling them to breathe through their rectum. Thanks for supporting today’s sponsors: – World’s Strongest Bond enter ADAM enter ADAM PlutoTV

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Losing interest quicklyBeen listening forever but this pod is heading downhill fast. Guests like AJ Benza don’t help the steep decline. Brutal..Score: 2/5

It's Not Your Father's Podcast. Oh Wait,Yes It Is!!If America had been listening to Carolla's podcast years ago, it might not be in the position it currently finds itself in. You might not agree with his politics or all of his opinions but you won't have to to enjoy his show. In fact, if more conservatives were as deft and unprepossessing as Carolla, America might not be so polarized. Carolla for President? Nope. But his brand of irreverant, funny, outspoken nonsense may be just what is needed to bring us together!.Score: 4/5

Great interviewsGreat banter. Great interviews. Love Gina. Not Bryan Bishop! More angry rants by Adam. Great stuff👍👍👍👍.Score: 5/5

Ace man rulesAll glory to Adam, his brand of comedy and this shows format quickly replaced all other morning shows for my commute into work.Score: 5/5

Huge Ace fan but can’t hear same BS stories anymoreAdam is super quick on his feet and can be hilarious. Great banter when other skilled improve artists appear. Have listened since day one on a daily basis. Getting tough to carry on, though. The show would be infinitely better if he let his guests speak without interrupting with ANOTHER rehashed story about himself. Adam, WE HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME!! The show has become a narcissistic forum for Adam to tell all of his guests about himself via stories and bits that his loyal audience has heard dozens of times before. Let your guests tell their story!!! We are interested in them. Love Adam, but cringe every time he steps on a guest and spins things back to himself and the same old bits and premises. As guests are speaking, you can tell that he is only half listening.... he is really just dying to blurt out HIS next thought, which keeps the interview at a very shallow level. Listen to master interviewers like Howard and Joe Rohan: they let their guest speak..Score: 5/5

GuestsLost me when Laura Ingram was on! Adam is total moron. Lives in a fantasy world! Can’t stand him. Good luck on your divorce douche bag! Bill O Riley is a sex offender and he is on your pod cast!!!.Score: 1/5

Excellent perspective - more Gina/news would be niceIf the average combined length of the daily podcasts is 2 hours. It would be nice to have 40-50 minutes of Gina and the news every day. It’s always the best part of the show..Score: 5/5

Tough luckLoved it, never miss a day until last week or so - suddenly it won’t play anymore. It says “something went wrong” so I move on. Too bad 😔.Score: 1/5

Long long long time listener ...I never miss a day and have not in years!.Score: 4/5

Best there isUnder promises. Over delivers!!!.Score: 5/5

I don’t write reviewsJust wanna say a few things about some of the recent reviews coming from a 34 year old 5 year listener, soldier and Canadian. - when he yells at staff it’s funny. Stop being offended, you don’t matter. - about the two part episodes, if you care about something so trivial this pirate ship is not for you. To my captain Adam thank you for the laughs and stories my friend, I’m with you till the end..Score: 5/5

Great show!Nobody likes me and i smell bad, I can't talk right and i am the worlds worst carpenter..Score: 5/5

OtisI wish everyone was as insightful as you.Score: 5/5

Great ShowBeen listening since the beginning. Sure Adam repeats some of his stories but the guests and random discussions make this a definite listen to. Love the good sports segment. Keep up the great work Adam and gang. Will keep listening until the end! Screw the haters!.Score: 5/5

Can relateAdam is funny great observations.dude is a hoot being listening since love line. But lately he is testing my patients with right wing rants . Please Adam don’t go there. And now months later done with this dude he is right wing nut job..Score: 1/5

Catalogue goneI’ve been at home , off work for a while and had lots of shows from the beginning of the year banked up....they were removed from my phone and now deemed unavailable....not cool.Score: 1/5

Been my fav show for yearsBut the show has gone down lately constant complaints about the same 3-4 things. The office cleaning becoming non stop show content!.Score: 5/5

Comedy warehouseWarming up the same lame takes as usual. Do another 6 months on red arrows.Score: 1/5

Same complaints every day.Listened every day for years. But got tired of Adam lighting up staff while the mic’s were hot. Also, how bout letting your guests talk a bit..Score: 4/5

EnoughHe complains about rich people problems and has the same complaints over and over. He is the self professed best at everything carpentry, comedian, writer and there is truly none smarter than him it gets old fast.Score: 2/5

Once but not nowOnce funny now bitter. I think a better idea would be would grumpy to do a pod with rotating crazies like Hannity, Tucker, Ingram, infowars guy, and many others kooks..Score: 1/5

Always a SurpriseThe best episodes of the ACS tend to be when they have an author or director I might never have heard of and they turn out to be a fascinating guest. Also days where it is Adam, Gina and Bald are always good value. I will say Ace is being pretty hard on Producer Gary lately. Maybe some behind the scenes stuff we don’t know but I Don’t want an Alison Rosen on our hands where “poof” Gary is gone..Score: 5/5

Adam is the best!-.Score: 5/5

LameOld rich right wing guy who hasn’t got past his mommy and daddy issues. Pushes to offend just for a reaction...Score: 1/5

Get rid of 2 part episodes!!!Loved the podcast for years some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard Adam is hilarious! Knows what he’s talking about too. Don’t like the move to two part episodes, don’t see any value added to the listener only annoyance. Hope it changes back because I’m turned off by it I’ve heard ppl say it’s double the adds as well I have dislexia this took me a long time to write..Score: 4/5

Entertaining and addictiveStarted listening 3 years ago and have not stopped . Daily podcast with great guest that explore many sides of many issues.Score: 5/5

Perez Hilton episodeAs a fellow yo-yo dieter I appreciated some of the comments. I was curious if he saw an opportunity to make things right the next time he’s on a winning streak/upswing/gets fit with Adam Sandler, beauty pageant contestants, black eyed peas...etc etc😀.Score: 5/5

Poor Production ValueI have been listening to ACS for quite some time now and have been willing to overlook the poor quality production value as the show grew, now that the show has so much staff it is inexcusable to put such a poor product on air. I mostly listen at night so I set one volume level and hope to hear the whole show, this is never the case. Most times I hear Adam yelling, and everyone else mumbling. These sound discrepancies should be noticed and fixed during or post production, but I guess the rush to get the product to market trumps getting a quality product out. Plus the live shows, I never even bothered trying to listen to those. Just trash sound..Score: 1/5

Adam is a heroI like the show better when Adam is in a good mood but some funny rants come when he’s angry.Score: 5/5

Sometimes silly, sometimes smart.I listen everyday, i appreciate the silliness and banter. Crystal brain Baby!.Score: 5/5

Listen everydayGreat podcast. I listen everyday..Score: 5/5

ReviewI love this podcast it always makes my day.Score: 5/5

Snow backI listen because Ace makes a good argument for his point of view. I respect his opinions. I disagree with many of them and it confirms my own outlook because I hold up my thoughts to his. Although he’s too smart to support Trump. That has to be a concession to whom ever are his core listeners..Score: 4/5

Good podcastI listen to the podcast every day and find it funny most days. I don’t enjoy when he berates the staff with backstage production talk..Score: 5/5

Had to drop my rating since the latest changesNot as happy since splitting show into two separate sections, just seems like he needed to add more commercials to make more money. Would subscribe to the Classic podcast if I wanted to listen; waste of time to remove from podcast I want to hear! Had to drop my rating again..Score: 3/5

Awesome DawsonDawson for good on the news. Vocal fry is horrible with Gina. Zoom is awful way to listen to a podcast. Love you Adam..Score: 5/5

Why is Brian still on this show???Idiot don’t call people racist Must provide undisputed proof.Score: 5/5

Unable to playWTF Every other pod works fine...not ACS Deleted twice and still not working. Don’t do your best, do my best!.Score: 4/5

A show about NOTHING.The first half of the show is fluff, mindless banter, and meaningless talking. The second half is asking the guests the same old questions that everyone else asks. BORING!!! I don’t understand how this guy has stayed on air for so long using this format. Recommendation: Adam & his staff should join Toastmasters International to learn how to tell stories better, create engaging conversation, and hold the audiences attention..Score: 1/5

Get it on.Love the ace man but can’t stand the no talent sidekicks bald Bryan and Gina..Score: 4/5

Adam CarollaNever miss a day..Score: 5/5

InterestingBryan please stop saying interesting in every episode..Score: 5/5

PartsWould you stop with this 2 part BS?.Score: 1/5

To badAce was awesome with def frat guy and great raw takes. Cannot listen to Gina’s cackling...nails on a chalkboard and her morning radio stereotype bs. Miss u ace man. Listener from day one and saw you in Spokane and foo..Score: 3/5

I know he said mandate, but can I get a man-date?Have loved Adam since Loveline days. The podcast is gold. Gina is the best addition, and replaced a lack luster, dead weight. I'm giving it the full five stars, despite the mistep of them adding the "Good Sports" segment, which is perfect for pulling you out of the poscast and making you lose interest quickly. It would be great for Ace not to repeat every story on every other podcast he does for the week, but since that's not happening, I'll just deal with it. More Huell Howser!!!!.Score: 5/5

Love the showBeen listening for 7 years now. Fell in love with the Ace Man (not in a gay way) since I heard him utter the line “when I’m king, I’ll invent a new sexual position. Then rent porn and pleasure myself to people doing it Adam style” on the man show. Keep up the good work..Score: 5/5

Hands down my favouriteHi guy!!! Love the show, kudos to the entire team. It’s clear you love what you do and the effort shows in the podcast. Thanks for the entertainment..Score: 5/5

Right wing politics and repeating storiesUsed to love ACS and Adam is legit one of the funniest people in America. But he literally repeats stories over and over, like he still thinks it’s a random radio audience tuning in. And the hard, hard right turn on politics just became too much..Score: 1/5

Show won’t playSame problem. Would not play. Unsubscribe delete and then subscribe again.Score: 5/5

A Great Way to Roll down the HighwayListening to Adam and the rest of the crew is a great way to pass time, get informed and have a great laugh while putting on the Highway miles. When you Laugh out loud you know it's a great show. 😂🙏🏼😃👍🏻.Score: 5/5

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Adam Carolla Show Podcast Episodes

Part 2: Uly “The Monster” Diaz + News (ACS May 17)

Bare knuckle fighter Uly Diaz joins the show from Miami to chat about his history of fighting, his close relationship with Pitbull, and the rules of bare knuckle fighting. Next, Gina reports on today’s news including: Actor Ricky Schroder confronting a Costco employee over their mask mandate, Bill Maher getting COVID, States incentivizing vaccinations, a possible UFO sighting from the USS Omaha warship, Chicago releasing 1,000 feral cats to combat the rat problem, and oxygen-starved mice being saved by enabling them to breathe through their rectum. Thanks for supporting today’s sponsors: – World’s Strongest Bond enter ADAM enter ADAM PlutoTV

Part 1: James Dean’s Porsche + Rotten Tomatoes Game (ACS May 17)

Adam talks about the transaxle from James Dean’s Porsche 550 popping up on Bring A Trailer. Then he plays an Unprepared clip from Appleton, WI on dingleberries. After that, Adam talks about taking Sonny to a McDonalds after his stand up set and being underwhelmed by the Big Mac. Adam brings in a news clip of Detective Brian Downey, President of the Gay Officers Action League, responding to all police presence being banned from the New York LGBTQ Pride Parade. Before the break, the game plays a JB Weld sponsored round of The Rotten Tomatoes Game. Thanks for supporting today’s sponsors: – World’s Strongest Bond enter ADAM enter ADAM PlutoTV

Carolla Classics: Patton Oswalt, Petros & Money, and Doug Benson

1. Car ride w/ Petros Papadakis and Matt 'Money' Smith (2011) 2. Darren Lynn Bousman (2010) 3. Doug Benson (2009) 4. Patton Oswalt (2010) Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni Giorgio Support the show: Visit and use code Carolla Visit and tell them we sent you Visit Visit Visit and use promo code Adam Request clips: [email protected] TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Website: Apple Podcasts:

Part 2: Naveen Jain, plus The News (ACS May 14)

At the top of Part 2, Adam welcomes Naveen Jain to the podcast. He asks him about the terrible COVID situation in India, and also to share his own inspirational story coming from a very poor family and becoming a successful entrepreneur. They go on to talk about what we can learn about people’s personal health from their guts, and the future of medical predictions. As the conversation wraps up, Naveen explains how COVID is impacting different immune systems differently. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories including Putin’s hockey skills, a string of burglaries committed with a mask on, Conor McGregor becoming the world's highest-earning athlete, and Hans Zimmer composing driving sounds for BMW electric cars. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM enter ADAM

Part 1: CDC Doom and Gloom, plus Blah Blah Blog (ACS May 14)

At the top of the show, Adam plays a bizarre clip from The View, and the gang analyzes clips from Bill Maher, as well as Michelle Obama’s conversation with Gayle King, and the CDC Director’s latest round of ‘doom and gloom’ messages. Gina then gives an update on a scam she got involved in. Before the break, the guys play a round of Blah Blah Blog, watch a clip of Rosie O’Donnell’s old daytime talk show, and make fun of TV warm up guys. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM enter ADAM

Part 1: Mike August Responds, plus Bald Bryan Health Update (ACS May 13)

At the top of the show, Adam asks Bryan and Gina about how the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame works, and the guys share their love of Pat Benatar, who is mysteriously missing from the list once again. Bald Bryan then gives another health update, and the guys go on to take listener calls about ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, car mistakes in movies, the science behind facial recognition, and thoughts on Dogecoin. Before the break, Mike August calls in to defend the scathing words he used describing Mike Lynch’s house, and also to discuss the upcoming shows in Alaska. Please support today’s sponsors: enter CAROLLA20 enter ADAM

Part 2: Donny Deutsch, plus The News (ACS May 13)

Adam welcomes Donny Deutsch back to the podcast at the top of Part 2. Adam explains why studying commercials is so important, and Donny talks about the stresses of working in the advertising business. The guys go on to discuss the process of building an ad campaign around a product, how social media has changed the game, and why companies link their values with their brands. Later they joke about how ‘Superman’ has been portrayed over the years, and how Adam perceives his own brand. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about a youth football video that’s gone viral, the end of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and more on the Bill Gates divorce. As the show wraps up, the guys break down the 2021 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Please support today’s sponsors: enter CAROLLA20 enter ADAM

Part 2: Joe and Daniella Pantoliano, plus The News (ACS May 12)

Joe and Daniella Pantoliano are on the air next, and they chat with Adam about their new podcast, ‘No Kidding? Me Too!’ They go on to discuss mental health, how we’ve all become lost in technology, and avoiding the anxiety of sifting through too much information. Gina and Bryan also ask Joe questions about some of his iconic characters, and Joe talks about the cycle of fear that seems to never change. Later, Gina reads news stories about the Pfizer vaccination getting approved for kids 12-15, the winner of the Kentucky Derby, John Mulaney’s divorce, and J. Lo and Ben Affleck reuniting. As the show wraps up, the guys comment on NBC not airing next year’s Golden Globes because of lack of diversity, and Gina reads stories on the Homecoming Queen fraudsters, and Mattel recovering old Barbies for future products. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM

Part 1: Adam Ray and Mike Lynch (ACS May 12)

Adam welcomes Adam Ray in studio at the top of the podcast. The guys talk about LAX suddenly becoming busier than it’s ever been, and also listen to another mashup from Dawson. Gina then gives an update on the screaming preacher who was arrested for flouting COVID rules, and the guys discuss the problems with constant lockdowns. After that, the guys break down Mike Dawson’s recent standup performance, and Gina shares some good news about her recent weight loss. Later, Mike Lynch calls in to chat about Adam’s new book, and how our listeners can be a part of it. Before the break, the guys take some listener calls. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM

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