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Matthew Walker is Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. Check out his book "" on Amazon.

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Where have all the episodes gone!?????.Score: 4/5

The Podcast AppDownload this app on the apple store and can still listen to all his podcast for free on there instead of going on Spotify 🙌🏼.Score: 5/5

There’s no content!Where are all the episodes?!!.Score: 5/5

Um…Can’t see why he can’t upload on a free non commie site for the small people who can’t even afford Spotify since their lives have been decimated by recent world events..Score: 2/5

Only 1 episode availableHave the old episodes been deleted ?.Score: 1/5

Missing episodesJoe, bro... all your content has disappeared . Miss you in my ears man!.Score: 5/5

What happenedLove Joe Rogen But where are all his shows gone?....Score: 1/5

Disappeared?Huh, where’ve you gone?.Score: 5/5

Long conversations are gooooodGreat podcast covers any and all topics and really gives you time to hear a point of view even if its a ridiculous one!.Score: 5/5

Hate Spotify so it’s goodbye Joe I guessShame to not to be able to listen to Joe any more. I wasn’t a veracious listener but enjoyed him when he had an interesting guest. I won’t be listening on Spotify..Score: 1/5

Please bring this back somehow!I need my Rogan fix guys! Find a way to get them back there must be a way! ✌🏽❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Score: 5/5

So long JoeHe’s gone to Spotify, I’m not. So long Joe, it was nice listening to ya..Score: 4/5

Can no longer get podcast in the UK.Was surprised to see all of these eps gone on Apple Podcasts, went to Spotify and it won’t stream to the UK. Majorly annoying, I think you’ll lose a lot of audio-only listeners if this isn’t rectified. Love this podcast, I just want to be able to consume it 😅.Score: 1/5

Hey where did all the episodes go?Where are all the episodes?.Score: 1/5

Podcast…s?I can only get one up, Emily Harrington. How come? Can anyone help?.Score: 1/5

Sell outMoney talks.Score: 1/5

???Shame this is gone. I hate Spotify so I guess YouTube it is.Score: 1/5

The H and Rob ShowYo Joe, where did you go with your show(s)?.Score: 5/5

WastedWhy can’t I no longer listen to older episodes !.Score: 1/5

Missing podcastsI only get 1 podcast in the list, where have the others gone?.Score: 1/5

Missing episodes?I commute a lot and this podcast is the one thing that helps pass the time the best, it’s a shame I’ll have to listen to the same one over and over....Score: 2/5

Where have all your episodes gone???Why has all your episodes dissapeared?? I was about 10 episodes from being away up to date, why have they gone?.Score: 3/5

SpotifyJoe sold the rights of his podcast to spotify for any1 wondering!.Score: 1/5

Hi DadJoe is unofficially my dad, please call me dad.Score: 5/5

Sound QualityJumped ship to Spotify and suddenly there’s a significant increase in download time and a drop In sound quality. Nice one 👍🏻.Score: 1/5

Can’t access any content!It’s gone!.Score: 3/5

Just leaving??Why man.Score: 1/5

All move to SpotifyAll episodes moved to Spotify.Score: 5/5

GreatWhere have they all gone?.Score: 5/5

PodcastsMoved over to Spotify now.Score: 5/5

Sell outCensored sell out.Score: 1/5

Great PodcastsWhere are all the old episodes?.Score: 5/5

😢Shame this is gone..Score: 1/5

Wow...I foound Joe Rogan's clips randomly on YouTube last year - I've been watching on YouTube and listening to his podcasts ever since. This podcast is so inspiring, sometimes shocking and it leaves me feeling so positive, inspired and uplifted. Edit: 4 stars because JRE is now exclusive to Spotify and is no longer available on iTunes. I want all of my podcasts in one place. I understand why JRE has changed but I don't like it..Score: 4/5

Best podcast in the worldEasily best podcast by far only reason it has 4.5 stars is from people giving it 1 because it’s moved to spotify where you can watch it for free anyway so what’s the big deal.Score: 5/5

ByePulled the plug for a cash-covered cxxk. Won’t be following you over. I have Spotify but I’m in the UK and you don’t want us to listen anymore so I’m cool with that. To be fair even if I could listen I wouldn’t anymore. Joe, enjoy the beginning of your end, I am 😂.Score: 1/5

Now on SpotifyIf you’re missing Joe you can find him on Spotify. Still good content from the ol’ stoner..Score: 4/5

Episodes!????Where have all the episodes gone! Was loving it till the eps disappeared!.Score: 1/5

Don’t worry guysYou guys can watch his podcasts uninterrupted on Spotify it’s totally free (from what I have experienced) . Stop acting like he has died he has a deal with Spotify. If you got 100 million to move your podcast I’m sure you’d do it too..Score: 5/5

They have all disappeared.Where are the episodes?.Score: 1/5

To all seeking episodesSince the move to Spotify the full library of episodes on other platforms including apple podcast has/will be deleted (bar a few episodes).Score: 3/5

Pro TrumpToo many Trump loving guests. Amazing that in four years of the most corrupt president of US history Joe Rogan said near to nothing in criticism of him yet constantly bases liberals and “the left” and has far right guests..Score: 1/5

HmmmWhere’s it disappeared to.Score: 1/5

JREGreat podcast, fantastic guests.Score: 5/5

Old episodes?Would like to catch up on some recent podcasts but there’s only one episode being displayed - ?.Score: 5/5

Oh dearWhat bullcrap.Score: 1/5

Similar to Andy Rowe ShowShame it’s moved to Spotify. The closest thing to the UKs Andy Rowe Show. Thank god that’s still available on iTunes!.Score: 5/5

GreatGreat.Score: 5/5

??Where is the back catalogue?.Score: 5/5

?Where did the other episodes go?.Score: 5/5

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Not goodLame show.Score: 1/5

Spotify sucksPlease come back to the podcast app :(.Score: 5/5

Sad this is the endI grew up under Joe’s influence. For years his podcasts were part of my daily ritual. Sad to say this is the end, but today I finally unsubscribed. I can’t say I blame him. I would do the same for a 100 million tax-free dollars in Texas too. It’s just somber to look back and realize the move to Spotify marked the end of an era for a generation that grew up idolizing him..Score: 1/5

DumbCan’t believe you are gone Joe... but I won’t do Spotify long Joe.Score: 1/5

Love this pod cast but I’m leaving .I’m an Apple user not Spotify , all good tho. I’m rich. I’ll live.Score: 5/5

BtwFor anyone wondering, Joe ditched apple and moved completely over to spotify..Score: 1/5

Just get SpotifyIt’s worth it if you don’t already & for obvious reasons about the podcast. Switch! Switch! Switch!.Score: 5/5

Adios! So happy!Glad your gone man!.Score: 1/5

GoodGood stuff.Score: 5/5

Thumb man good guyBRING JRE BACK TO APPLE PODCASTS.... I won’t be the first to say it.Score: 5/5

More EpisodeMore episodes on Spotify.Score: 4/5

Past his Best Before dateJoe used to be funny. Occasionally interesting. Now he’s just empty headed and struggling to be relevant. Loves his own voice way too much and he’s become a talking meat puppet for scam products. Can’t waste my time on this guy..Score: 1/5

End of the line!Thanks for the conversation over the years, will be missed, but replaceable.Score: 3/5

EntertainingEntertaining but full of misinformation ( he is not a doctor or a scientist) he love hunting and working out . Some what funny but really pushes the unregulated supplements . Look for a better show this one is old man cranky . Great guests but way tooo long like this review.Score: 1/5

JoeWhere is JOE?.Score: 2/5

Must listen!!Hey Joe watched you on ufc and fear factor. First pod cast I listen of your and it was awesome . On sleeping , it’s on my saved list thanks!!!.Score: 5/5

Not going to SpotifyThis really sucks I love my podcast app and I’m not even remotely fond of Spotify. I hope you change your mind..Score: 1/5

Awesome but...Why is there only one episode.Score: 3/5

Not what it used to beIt’s a right winger echo chamber..Score: 1/5

Fine thenFrig off then Rogeeez.Score: 1/5

Not working ???Alot of the podcasts are not working “Unable to play” keeps showing up when i choose an episode. Close to 50 different times now. Is anyone else having this issue??? For a few months now i only see the Emily H interview.Score: 3/5

Best PodcastI love Joe. I like the range of topics that are discussed, more importantly, I feel Joe has a great sense of what is going around the world and he is not afraid to discuss and be open minded about everything..Score: 5/5

Hot garbageMillionaires talking to millionaires and billionaires while the poors huddle around and listen to what it’s like to be the common man. Or you could swim in a Texas lake and get that brain eating amoeba, whatever suits your taste..Score: 1/5

The worstAbsolute garbage..Score: 1/5

Faux Intellectual Empty Calories For BrosFaux intellectual empty calories for bros..Score: 1/5

GarbageHorrible deal.Score: 1/5

Total garbageWow I thought this was going to be entertains and what I got was a moron spouting moronic views. Don’t waste your time..Score: 1/5

UsuckI forgot you left, but didn’t realize all of your podcast are gone. Soooo not going to Spotify..Score: 3/5

AwfulYou are a moron if you support this idiots delusions.Score: 1/5

I miss the old JoeGuy really took $100 mill & stopped caring..Score: 1/5

Where is joeWhy is there only 1 episode?!?.Score: 1/5

Pretty disappointed with the move to Spotify.Look I get it, $10M. Shame that ALL the old podcasts are gone though because of it. But I do understand the move,.Score: 1/5

There shouldn’t be exclusive podcast playersI thought the Spotify deal did nothing but now I get it. That’s pretty terrible. There shouldn’t be platforms that podcasts are exclusive to..Score: 1/5

Not about JoeThis podcast has one of the largest varieties of guests and provides exposure to so many different topics and stories..Score: 5/5

Don’t. Just don’t.A podcast that, on a regular basis, actively makes its audience stupider and less informed about the world around them. Encourages its listeners to accept conspiracy and nonsense by taking the position that entertaining counter-knowledge is a sign of being a sophisticated critical thinker. A gateway drug to a toxic worldview with all of the intellectually rigorous sophistication of a cafeteria full of eighth-graders..Score: 1/5

REALPeople like this show because Joe is real, no spin or PR written scripting. Youtube and Apple lost a real gem when Spotify recognized the value and authenticity of getting away from politically correct groupthink..Score: 5/5

Why is there one episodeWhy is there one episode??.Score: 5/5

Joe left apple podcasts in the dustSpotify dude. Way of the future ;).Score: 5/5

Just a great listenI feel this is one of the few platforms where Joe has a guest and even if he does not know about the topic. He will listen and learn something. Or if he may not see eye to eye he will be respectful. This is why I am a fan of Joe Rogan.Score: 5/5

Joe is trash nowThis guy is a straight up joke.Score: 1/5

Only 1 episode ?? Really ? WTHWhy only one episode ?.Score: 1/5

Eat a carb joeEat a carb joe.Score: 1/5

..?Why did u leave?.Score: 1/5

Come backSpotify sucks!.Score: 5/5

Great show.Still miss the regular podcasts on the other platforms. But totally give kudos for taking control of his brand and establishing his own way..Score: 4/5

Support groupSupport group for insecure males with bad moms, who are under the average height of a male in a developed nation and believe their wives when they say having an orgasm is a disease, but are really having an affair with someone who can ride a roller coaster.Score: 1/5

Jre- no longer.... part of my day!!!!Enjoy ur 100 million joe, rip.Score: 1/5

Not doing SpotifyYeah that’s just not happening.Score: 1/5

Where is joe ?No new episodes in a long time. Where is he ?.Score: 5/5

Liar liarEnjoyed this podcast for a very long time - back during the first time “Intellectual Darkweb” was used to describe Joe and a handful of other podcast hosts. Those with veracities that didn’t bow to censorship and had all manor of guests on their shows regardless of how controversial. But after his announcing his move to a major market competitor (for an absurdly lucrative profit), things changed. Now you can’t even listen to it outside of the exclusive platform he shares his contract with. His guests and topics are now “milk toast” in comparison to the uncensored brand that earned both his loyal following and his windfall. And I can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever have a guest on the show that isn’t prescreened and filtered by his new bankroll. Unsubscribed. And it’s a shameful misrepresentation of a brand that used to spit in the face of convention and the political lean of major media. But he won’t care - $100M is a lot of cabbage to sell one’s soul for. Ask yourself why you enjoyed listening and decide if a liar with no integrity is still worthy of his millions of subscribers and listeners..Score: 1/5

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Can’t see any episodesHi. I can’t see any episodes or search anything?.Score: 1/5

Joe RoganWell it was nice listening to you Joe while it lasted. Enjoy your Cash.Score: 1/5

No moreSpotify only? I feel sold out having to pay an extra sub fee to listen now. Spotify screw musicians even more, bye..Score: 1/5

??I’ve lost all my episodes why??.Score: 5/5

Rogan is an idiotic foolAnyone who discourages young people or any people of any age to not be vaccinated against COVID-19 is, frankly, an idiot. An idiot with absolutely no qualification to be spreading such foolish information..Score: 1/5

Goodbye JREThe fact is the JRE is no longer a podcast. Joe sold out to Spotify. So basically his now an offical talk show..Score: 1/5

Halp!Australia can’t access any episodes, except one. Come back!.Score: 5/5

It’s Free at Spotify don’t look up for excuses searchJust download the app and search for the show as easy as that you don’t need to pay and its the same audio, all the historic shows.Score: 5/5

Where’s Chapelle’Where the hell the Donnelly and Chapelle episode gone you filthy swines.Score: 4/5

All goneYES. All podcasts gone!.Score: 5/5

Bye PodcastOnly available on Spotify now.Score: 3/5

One episode lolUsed to be an avid Joe Rogan fan, but had lost touch over the past year or so. Looked him up again, and there’s only one episode. I obviously didn’t miss out on anything..Score: 1/5

SpotifyIt’s on Spotify now.Score: 5/5

Joe HoganDmt 4life Modafinil.Score: 1/5

Old podcast unavailableI can only see 1 available podcast....Score: 1/5

Sold outSell out sell out joe sell out joe.Score: 1/5

Joe has movedJoe has gone to Spotify ....Score: 5/5

He chased the cash so I’m outI will not be going to Spotify..Score: 1/5

Late to the partyWhy the hell should I move to different apps to get what I want? I get that JR doesn’t need me. And you know what? I don’t need him either. Byeee.Score: 1/5

I have lost all the podcasts as well.I have recently started listening to them and am making my way through all of them. Im up to episode 180 and all the rest have disappeared. Is there anywhere else I can get them?.Score: 5/5

Spotify?Nope.Score: 1/5

??Where they all go 😢.Score: 2/5

Joe Rogan - Truth Speaker & defiantly NOT a sheep!!Truth Speaker & defiantly NOT a sheep!! Well done Joe for speaking the truth & not getting caught up in the mainstream news and their agenda driven brainwashing narrative! Absolute LEGEND you are! Freedom of speech for all!!.Score: 5/5

DisappointedAs a long time fan, very disappointed to see what happened..Score: 1/5

Only one episodeReally want to Listen but just one episode.Score: 1/5

Another dumb question guy.Why has the entirety of joes podcasts disappeared off my app?.Score: 5/5

WhyHi I’m in Australia where have all the episodes gon E🇦🇺.Score: 5/5

I can’t access on spotifyI’ve tried listening on spotify and it says content isn’t available in Australia? Weird, have not heard back from spotify..Score: 4/5

Where they all going?What happened to all the podcasts? They’re all gone....... 🤷🏼‍♂️.Score: 5/5

Sell outSold out to Spotify shameeeee.Score: 1/5

TrashWouldn’t bother.Score: 1/5

What about your Aussies?Spotify made it too hard for Aussies to tune in. No more JR goodness in my day..Score: 1/5


He’s gone to SpotifyYou’ll have to download Spotify to carry on listening.Score: 5/5

Do more episodesI love every single episode of jo rogan but he needs to make more episodes.Score: 5/5

Joe RoganSell out.Score: 1/5

Well it’s annoying...Joe isn’t a sell-out, he took his brand to a place he thought would be safe(r) from the Cancel Mob. Look at what YouTube is doing, throttling opinions and banning or shadow banning conservative speakers. Anyone to the right of AoC is “literally hitler” in their minds. Apple is no better. You can support Joe or support the Cancel Mob..Score: 5/5

No podcastsYeah just Ghosted , whole Colab isn’t available ..Score: 5/5

You do all realise it’s on YouTube?While you’re crying about Spotify So you turn your brightness down and pretend it’s a podcast, not as functional but hey ITS FREE!! “Wahhh free stuff ain’t free anymore wahhhh”.Score: 5/5

All gone to SpotifyAll episodes have gone over to Spotify since Dec 1st.Score: 5/5

Boooooo you don’t have podcasts on AppleBooooo you don’t have podcasts on Apple ...:.Score: 1/5

He sold out.Big shame for the fans. I will not download Spotify..Score: 1/5

Absolute disgracePathetic Joe - as an apple user it has always been easiest for me to have all the pods in one place. Shame on you, since your very platform is due to the innovation of this medium as pioneered by Apple under Jobs. Leaving YouTube is one thing, leaving apple podcasts is even worse, but pulling all your old episodes that predated your money grubbing deal is the biggest act of selfish disrespect. As long as you’re happy to willingly lose half your listeners (myself included) I won’t be downloading the data mining Spotify, will be sticking with Apple and the reputable creators who continue to post their content here. You do know no one ever tuned in for Joe, you’re a moon-headed low iq dope smoking clown, it was the long format and your guests people are drawn to. That format is EASILY replaced with a plethora of potato bags like Joe Rogan. Go eat some elk in Texas mate and buy a face mask, so we don’t have to see your dumb face lol.Score: 1/5

Help joe roganMate we can’t access any of your pod casts after November 2020 here in Australia. Help! I need Joe Rogan humor in my life.Score: 3/5

GoneOnly 1 episode.Score: 1/5

Joe RoganWhy have they taken down the alex jones podcast with joe rogan?.Score: 1/5

Hooray for Spotify ruining a good thingGuess I won’t be Joe Roganing ever again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.Score: 1/5

:(Sold out.. goodbye jre was good times.Score: 1/5

GoopRogan is Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop for insecure guys..Score: 1/5

Ported to Spotify my friend.....Score: 5/5

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Tylerbruehl Bruhsepheus: Every night I go to sleep with 5 tabs open all playing simultaneously of python and forex training course videos, the Qura….Score: 5/5

StreetVillain robintran04: There are literally 10-15 hours of audio online of Anthony Cumia defending (and praising) George Zimmerman (even tried to….Score: 5/5

EriccervonePenn professor Jonathan Zimmerman recently slummed it on something called "The Joe Rogan Experience," but later thi… .Score: 5/5

Sitar_strings Tom_Maguire: mattyglesias joshrogin NYMag Josh Rogin's key Apr 14 2020 column on a possible Wuhan lab leak. His key Apr 14 2020 co….Score: 5/5

Sarah_williamz Bruhsepheus: Every night I go to sleep with 5 tabs open all playing simultaneously of python and forex training course videos, the Qura….Score: 5/5

TristanCevallosThe Joe Rogan Experience #1070 With Jordan Peterson LISTEN NOW.Score: 5/5

Tom_MaguireMattyglesias joshrogin NYMag Josh Rogin's key Apr 14 2020 column on a possible Wuhan lab leak. His key Apr 14… .Score: 5/5

Seba69guz behind_pics: The Joe Rogan Experience (2009- ) .Score: 5/5

Kivunahani123H_A_W_A_H The Joe Rogan experience,Good for you by Whitney Cummings,Lip service by angella Yee, Radioactive.Score: 5/5

Chachi_chachFuck you Spotify for trying to take ownership of Joe Rogan’s hard work, his creation/masterpiece; only reason I ha… .Score: 5/5

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The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Episodes

#1109 - Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker is Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. Check out his book "" on Amazon.

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