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Monday Morning Podcast

2 star

Bill rambles about his bird's eye view, cool names, and exhaling anger. See for privacy information.

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Monday Morning Podcast Podcast Reviews

Hiking TrailsDiscovered this podcast during the pandemic and have loved every minute of it. The escapism of putting in my earbuds heading out on a long hike has been wonderful. Laughing out loud walking in the woods the best tonic, magnefique Billous..Score: 5/5

HilariousDude has some of the funniest rants. 😂.Score: 5/5

The ManBill remains the go to podcast in my library. With him for 10 years now. Still best when he’s angry over the little things. Seen him live 3 times to pay him back for the free podcasts. I hope he comes to Wales one day. His strip mall roots, college day gigs and warehouse job are a long time ago now. He deserves all the success he worked for. Cheers Bill..Score: 5/5

Yes.*Yes, please..Score: 5/5

Burr for PresidentMan, he’s just the best, love this podcast sooooooo much! He’s still a jerk though..Score: 5/5

.Terrible humour, cringe guy..Score: 1/5

15 Nov. Nia 👍Thoroughly enjoyed this week’s podcast. Nia brings a great perspective to discussions bring her back more often. Take care guys Greetings from London xx.Score: 5/5

GeniusBill’s almost entirely unfiltered view on the world is so refreshing; listen to his brutally hilarious logic and be prepared to loudly laugh abruptly throughout. How he manages to create so much content simply talking by himself is staggering. One of the all time comedy greats! GFY BB!.Score: 5/5

Appreciation from Wales...I’m pretty sure I’m his biggest fan in Wales! Love him & his shared googling..Score: 5/5

The Greatest..Score: 5/5

Hilarious rants, even better when drunkListened sober and drunk, but when drunk it seems to make so much more sense. Bill, you damn genius, Go f*** yourselves..Score: 5/5

William (Burr) of OrangeProper pish funny I tell thee....hehe!.Score: 5/5

So FunnyA naturally funny guy. One of my favourite stand up comedians. Great to listen to on the way to work, which means that I have laughed out loud between 4.30am and 7.00am before I start work and as you can imagine, there’s nothing funny about being awake at those hours The interactions with his wife Nia are hilarious. I’m not interested in football but even when he talks about it, I find it so funny. He is as funny on the podcast as he is in stand up. This is a great podcast..Score: 5/5

One of the bestBeen listening for years, never fails to make me laugh out loud on public transport.Score: 5/5

Absolute crapHe’s politically incorrect, has a dog, a daughter, he’s a moron, a tedious sports nut and worst of all keeps going on about having red hair LIKE ANYONE CARES. Hence the five star review. Genius in disguise. Really deep disguise..Score: 5/5

GeniusThis guy just keeps enhancing the humorous strain in the human DNA..Score: 5/5

BILL, PLEASE, GIVE IT SOME AIRRe the Benny Greb interview. That was very frustrating. Bill is a master in his own right so it pains me to belly ache but the interviewee was steamrollered out of existence. A rare opportunity squandered. Five stars because it’s Bill, but here’s a perfect example where listening back to the recording would be instructive re improving interview technique. Awkward in a similar way the great Theo Von strangles his interviewees although in Theo’s case it’s the inane questions, which isn’t so here..Score: 5/5

PerfectOl billy baldwin and his podcast is guiding me through med school.🇬🇧🇵🇰.Score: 5/5

My favourite podcastBrilliant podcast! First heard of Bill Burr on Netflix and watched all 4 of them now many times. One of my favourite comedians and his podcast always makes me laugh!.Score: 5/5

Ole Billy boyThe best podcast out there , I look forward to them every mon and thurs , it’s rare if I don’t laugh at Bill and his comedy genius , must listen !! Even the ad reads and sports references I don’t understand make me laugh ! Keep it up freckles ..Score: 5/5

So funnyBill is great at finding that tipping point of “that’s IT IM NEVER LISTENING TO HIM AGAIN” but just keeping on the edge..Score: 5/5

NiceHeard this fella first on a Kevin Smith podcast years ago and made a mental noted that he’s a funny guy. Who’d have thought back then that Bill Burr would be my Joe “sell-out” Rogan podcast replacement in the future. Cheers Bill.Score: 5/5

Higher quality than most paint jobsJust barely.Score: 5/5

The bestFunniest guy going. Less American football talk would save me skipping sections though.Score: 4/5

LegendAlso from Wales (like the laaaaaady below). Bill, you’re a legend - make my life immensely funnier and more bearable week after week. Keep rambling, stay angry, be Bill. Underrated: this podcast, this man..Score: 5/5

ZIPReeeeeecruitah!.Score: 5/5

The ol’ right there Fred!It’s quite simple, Bill Burr is one of the funniest people alive. His ramblings in this podcast are gold..Score: 5/5

Just hilariousGot to love Billy Blandface......the exchanges with Nia are just legendary..Score: 5/5

FREEThis guy is brilliant in my opinion.Score: 5/5

😬Been listening for years, funny guy. People in the reviews complaining about the swearing? Jesus. Why are you listening? What purpose would it have ever had? Do you understand Bill Burr? Keep up sport talk Bill..Score: 5/5

Old FrecklesBill Burrs unflayling honesty helps me to feel sane . Thanks Billy.Score: 5/5

The Funniest Podcast AroundBill Burr just speaks his mind about everything and that's all you really need to know. Hilarious..Score: 5/5

TrueReal MOFo.Score: 5/5

God I love Bill BurrListen to this everyday, on my way to work..Score: 5/5

Ye olde billy burnsteinBest podcast to listen to late at night. Bill has perfected the art of the rambling monologue. I could listen to this dude talk about toothpaste.Score: 5/5

BrilliantBill Burr is definitely on of my favourite comedians out there. An angry but hilarious guy.Score: 5/5

ComfortingHas become my favourite podcast!.Score: 5/5

Helps me get to work. Should be in the sports section thoughThe monday morning podcast has helped me sit through traffic for years. Although lately I think Bill's category should sit in the Sports section of iTunes. He talks about sport more than some dedicated sport channels. That aside, still funny, still free..Score: 5/5

Discovered by accidentFound Bills shows on netflix quite by accident, watched one, then watched em all. I now listen to his podcasts. Love his rants and he makes me laugh, these days that gift is worth it’s weight in gold. A genuinely funny bloke..Score: 5/5

Like chilling with your buddyBill is awesome. Some might like him, some might not. But hey that’s how it goes. Light a stogie, crack open a brew, put Bill on airpods and Go F Yourself ;).Score: 5/5

Funny bones.Bill Burr is amongst the top stand-up comedians on the planet..Score: 5/5

Meh30 mins into an episode... when’s the comedy starting?.Score: 3/5

Still goodNot quite what it used to be, as Ol’ Bill is on the wagon and a Faaaathaa. But still entertaining in different ways.Score: 4/5

Monday mornings aren't quite so bad anymoreLove this guy makes you feel like The bill burr you get on talk shows and podcasts is the bill burr you would get if you were sat next to him in a bar ..Score: 5/5

Billy Red RocksCrying with laughter listening to this sh£t. Best comedy podcast in iTunes, easy..Score: 5/5

Big redHe pisses me off sometimes but he’s alright..Score: 5/5

GFYThe man.Score: 5/5

Always good for the morning commuteMakes the train journey to work a bit more bearable.Score: 5/5

Free comedy in this day and age!!!Best free comedy out there. Original podcast from one of the best comedians to ever rant into a microphone..Score: 5/5

70s NFL playersHank Farfar, Bert Furtwanger, Trapton Squiffle... without Bill’s podcast I would never know these giants of sport. Lest we forget Mitch Spunkmeyer, Tod Warrior and the incomparable Bernie Flatchcup. Edit: Gawd almighty with the Troubadour sound. This is a venue fighting for its life, hosted by a guy who records twice a week for over a decade. Get Robert Mueller in cos only Russia could’ve screwed it up this badly. Yeesh..Score: 4/5

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Mr Bill BurrAmazing podcast this guy is my favourite comedian hands down. I have been Canadian die hard fan for last 6 years..Score: 5/5

The cure for road rageIt’s pretty hard to stay mad at the c-u-next-Tuesdays driving around below the speed limit and cutting you off without a signal when ol’ freckle face here has you crying laughing... it also helps that he is spewing all of the anger and hatred you feel in your heart toward those drivers so you don’t have to. Also Nia is hilarious and I love when she’s on the pod 🖕🏼 PS. Pound of flesh is from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.Score: 5/5

Zipppppppp........................ Recruiter!.Score: 5/5

Best funny podcastThis guy is one of the best comedian..Score: 5/5

Bill Burr for President!Love him. His rants are spot on and he delivers it better than anyone else! He makes the f word classy!.Score: 5/5

Thank youThank you Bill.Score: 5/5

So sweetOmg so sweet when your little Buddy comes in during the podcast!!! Happy birthday 🥳!!!!.Score: 5/5

Bill, why were you not on the 2020 ticket?Yeah I know...why would you want to be. But you’d have my vote for sure. You are hilariously insightful!.Score: 5/5

You da man!!Love your podcasts, wish you had one a day, gets me through my boring work day Take a care and go *uck yourself.Score: 5/5

King of Comedy 👑I’ve been listening to this podcast since early 2010’s and the episodes never disappoint!.Score: 5/5

Better than a therapist!There have been multiple times that Bill Burr has made me say “mark those times” or “episodes and minutes?!”..... Nobody is doing it like Bill Burr does it! If you want to strip all the glam, all the Hollywood, all the fake! From a real man that’s done it! This is the Podcast! We may not have all the same political opinions, and sometimes I wish you wouldn’t push them as hard as you do... I guess it come with the times... Bill Burr is one of the last great American Comedians. The culture he residually keeps in his bits that coincide with modern hysteria is amazing. Keep fighting the good fight brother!.Score: 5/5

Monday MorningBill Burr talks about topical events, sometimes with a guest..Score: 5/5

EricNorthernIt’s worth noting just how difficult it is to make a consistently entertaining solo podcast, especially one more or less ad-libbed. Bill makes it seem easy, almost second nature. I’ve been listening for a couple years now and Bill is a truly unique phenomenon both on the stage and in podcasting..Score: 5/5

One word to describe bill?Redcunt.Score: 5/5

Couldn’t make this up if I triedThe best podcast for driving down the road and yelling at pedestrians..Score: 5/5

Ol’ billy red tits👨🏻‍🦰.Score: 5/5

Billy BaldTrooper👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.Score: 5/5

BonjourHello I’m a broad (haha) and you make me laugh I wanna smack you. Thanks byeeeee!.Score: 5/5

Not my choiceHalf ads, half rambling and no funny. At least he was honest saying you won’t find facts there. Too bad there’s no humour either..Score: 1/5

More people like BillWhat a great podcast and a nice change from the other stuff out there. Appreciate the realist and personable approach on so many topics..Score: 5/5

Best comedy podcast 2020Best comedy podcast. Bill is a great comic and goes off on some great rants. 😌.Score: 5/5

I love Bill BurrI used to listen to crime podcasts at bedtime... made me hate everyone... changed to Bill, now I hate everyone except him! Hilarious.Score: 5/5

BillSnL was the most pure 7 mins I’ve ever seen, at the most important time to hit the truth in the most savage and funny way. You deliver so hard. Bought your albums on iTunes and subscribed to your pod cast. Hail the king..Score: 5/5

AmazingThanks for all the entertainment..Score: 5/5

One word to describe him...Red!.Score: 5/5

The bestBest takes and hilarious.Score: 5/5

Get rid off your wifeBill’s awesome but listening to his wife makes me suicidal.Score: 4/5

Hang it up budYou had a good run.. You got soft and old Bill Careful with the chopper bud. Don’t let Paul pierce convince you to fly ! Keep nia away from the lakers..Score: 1/5

Bill Burr...Simply Awesome!!I am a listener of 9 podcasts. I enjoy them all a lot. However, Bill Burr is the only podcast that I get truly anxious for. I’ve been listening to him since 2007 when they were 5 minutes long recorded on his flip phone while driving around L.A. There are so many hilarious things Bill does that I look forward too. Bill is also the only podcast that I actually save episodes and mark times of the funniest stuff he says. He makes me laugh to the point I need my ventolin inhaler to help me breath..Score: 5/5

FanhAlways enjoying bills rants and hilarious advice on the most random topics. His throwback episode reading 55 minutes of NFL ‘moves’ named after players put me to sleep - just what I was looking for after a long exhausting day U rock don’t ever change.Score: 5/5

As a veteran listener-who has listened to the podcast for a whole 2 seconds, I can safely say that I enjoy this..Score: 5/5

The man and legendOne word to describe him is= greAtness.Score: 5/5

F**K You Bill I love you.Cu*t.Score: 5/5

Must listen toAs a fellow the Boston talk, Burr is one funny human, great well rounded pod. Good way to burn the day away!.Score: 5/5

Great podcastJust started listening a few months ago. Bill’s really funny and this helps especially in this pandemic. Good stuff man 👍.Score: 5/5

PleasePlease have your daughter on the podcast again that was so darling. And your decoding of Nia’s words, so good. So relatable. As a fellow mom of a toddler..Score: 5/5

Keep it goin’!Just started listening to you recently and love your material. Bill Burr should have his own radio talk show he’d make a great host to guests!.Score: 5/5

MacBook sleep delayHey Bill. Love the podcast! To keep Mac from going to sleep too quick and require password etc.. Go to: 1-select Apple icon top left 2-scroll down to select System Preferences 3-energy saver 4-increase time computer sleep and display sleep Also Go to: 1 -select Apple icon 2- scroll down select System preferences 3- select Security and Privacy 4- increase time to require password to whatever time you want.Score: 5/5

Just watch v for vendetta then you’ll get itGreat podcast.Score: 5/5

New/OldWhat are your new episodes attached to old episodes on the same track?.Score: 5/5

Used to listenThis got old in a real hurry. I really don’t wanna hear about Bill’s or anybody else’s kids..Score: 2/5

................................ rrreeeEEHCRUITAH!!!.Score: 5/5

Billy boy is getting lazyGet it together billiam! if you don’t want to podcast anymore just give it up!.Score: 2/5

Love him n the wifeReally heart warming hearing bill talk with his wife.Score: 5/5

SportsI like his comedy so I gave him 5 stars. but I hate sports and this should have been called, bills mostly sports comedy podcast ...Score: 5/5

Boring showCouldn’t get through a full show, so boring, no real jokes or entertaining conversation..Score: 1/5

Truth.Just honest and funny..Score: 5/5

Always entertainingBill come perform in toronto and bless my earholes, thanks.Score: 5/5

👌 MintStraight up truthbombs! Don’t like it? That’s the best part...he doesn’t care! No better way to live!.Score: 5/5

Makes my day betterListening to your podcast makes me want to do stand up. Everyone in my life tells me to do comedy, because of you and your not drinking I’m going to write a 25-30 stand up act. Keep this up Bill. I saw my Dad drunk everyday it effect me for life. Don’t ever be drunk in front of the kids best thing said by a MAN. Love the podcast and you, ramble on brother..Score: 5/5

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Very funnyBest comedian. Great podcast.Score: 5/5

Awesome podcastBill Burr has the only podcast where I actually listen to the commercials. This last year he’s been killing it..Score: 5/5

A hidden gemI like bill as a comedian but I just recently discovered this pod! It’s pretty funny and easy to follow while working.Score: 5/5

Oprah😂😂I want to see Bill do the interview Oprah someday 😂 You are the best👍.Score: 5/5

We get it Bill you wear a maskJesus stop it with the masks already you’re getting boring and old - like your act. Stop telling people what to do already make us laugh for a change..Score: 1/5

Living legendBetter than ever.Score: 5/5

Typical LiberalJust sad. Unsubscribe..Score: 1/5

Super DOPE SHOW! 🙌🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!.Score: 5/5

Rant about mask outside? LolYou want people to start wearing mask outside walking around now? I understand being polite and wearing it inside but come on now you’re just being a grumpy old man 😂.Score: 3/5

Does the carpet match the drapes?Billy buttcheeks never lets you down. Always an informative and hilariously funny show!.Score: 5/5

AwesomeGreat for the commute to and from work.Score: 5/5

From a laaaaydeeeStarted listening at the beginning of quarantine and now I can’t go a day without ole freckles. Weirdly enough, his casual rants have calmed me down from anxiety attacks multiple times!.. this podcast is medicine to me! I remember a listener writing in, saying his wife listened to the MMP while giving birth! Honestly... I get it. I will forever love Bill and his crazy Gemini contrarian antics!! ❤️.Score: 5/5

Dean Edwards⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Thank you for introducing us to this talented and very funny comic. He is so funny and does an awesome Eddie Murphy and Tracy Morgan. 🤣.Score: 5/5

AdsBill burr does ads better than any podcaster out there!.Score: 5/5

Alright Bill we get it.You got the vaccine..Score: 1/5

Disappointed.Baaah. I can’t figure out if you have sold out and that’s why you are like pro covid and pro freaking out about it. I guess I would give in too if I was worried about getting gigs or auditions. Old Billy I used to be right there with you when you were joking about 23and me and why you would ever do that cuz they will make a copy of you what happened to ya.Score: 1/5

Been making me laugh since 2008Best podcast out there. Period. Keep making fun of everything out there, including yourself. And keep trashing super sensitive people who write in and can’t take a joke..Score: 5/5

The classic comedy podcastI’m been a fan of Bill since the incident at the Philly O.Score: 5/5

"There you go, you're in the game!!"Email review and response is clinically proven to lower your COVID fever..Score: 5/5

Ohhhh jeeezusMy favorite human.Score: 5/5

Freakin realistic animalLove Burr’s take on everything, he’s old school! Say what ya say.Score: 5/5

Bill Burr is the answerGood gods!! I can’t articulate well enough how much I appreciate Burr’s contribution to the betterment of our society!! The way he processes this world is gold to me. The few times I have heard him with his wife was the highlight of my listening. His comedy is the answer to our country’s shortcomings..Score: 5/5

Gettin oldWe get it, you don’t like loud cars you grumpy old man! Live a little!.Score: 1/5

FrecklesKeep breaking those bad family cycles! You’re a killer podcast host and an even better father. I love it.Score: 5/5

MehSeemed disorganized, not sure if that was funny or intentional. Not sure where the content is going. It seems as if he likes going out with his wife, which is good. But I’m not seeing much interesting here for me..Score: 3/5

Great listenI was always a fan but from a distance.... looking for something to listen found this gem and Billy Boy is awesome .... his rants are funny and entertaining....definitely should put in library and listen to..Score: 5/5

Still have time to turn the franchise aroundHollywood never got to our boy Ol freckles, and neither did money. The guy kept it real. Unfortunately his wife made him soft though. He will give plenty of examples of how she is spoiled and doesn’t pull her own weight. So when he insists on something like wants to be there to pick up his kiddo up at school early on the first day because it means a lot to him and she stops that from happening because she can do no wrong it’s so frustrating!! But then he just explains that it’s all okay he knows he’s nuts (your not that nuts Bill). Ol billy brainwashed from chin held high Woke Nia. However y’all do seem like you both love each other and that’s what matters best to you and the fam..Score: 3/5

Weekly dose of BillyHaven’t missed an episode since 2018 and worth every minute. Look forward to episodes every Monday and the Thursday throwbacks are hilarious. Great comedy from Burr..Score: 5/5

Favorite PodcastI love his podcasts, but it seems like he has become more liberal lately which is really disappointing. I feel like he must have been pressured by the producers of this pod to be more liberal the way he’s suddenly pushing masks and the vaccine. I thought he was all about thinking for yourself and not just believing everything force-fed to you over the news, but it kind of seems like that is exactly what he’s doing. Still a fan though!.Score: 5/5

The man.Bill you rock. This show is fantastic. I had seen your earlier specials and enjoyed them but over the pandemic I watched Paper Tiger and then just went all in. Every show you do is fantastic. This one is my favorite though because it’s most like your comedy specials... a man just talking to himself and randomly shouting about sports. Great show..Score: 5/5

AmazingHow can you not love Bill Burr?.Score: 5/5

One of the voices in my headThis is just like hanging out with Bald Billy. Take it easy, have a laugh, and listen..Score: 5/5

I like the angry BillI think that Nia (sp?) makes him a little bit on the soft side, which happens to the best of us because when you're happy and more domesticated, you are going to be less angry and to me as an angry guy and a native Bostonian, angry = funny. I think the world would be a better place with more Bill burr's and I wish him the best with his growing family, I also hope to see him doing some angry ranting again on a special sometime soon..Score: 4/5

L❤️VEYou are my fav comedian of all time. 😄.Score: 5/5

Ratin’itHey LADIEEESSSSS!!!.Score: 5/5

🐐 bahhhBilly 🐐.Score: 5/5

National start your business monthI miss billy reading legal zoom ads for months and every month was national start your business month. Sharis berries..Score: 5/5

Bill is the truthI’ve never listened to someone so in tune with the blue collar American man. God bless him..Score: 5/5

BurrLove me some Burr.Score: 5/5

Fan that wants to send billy a gift . Fly shotgunHe said he was swaying flys . I wanna send him a fly shotgun help me out.Score: 5/5

BaldyMc’Pumpkin head.Score: 5/5

Realistic approach on funny vibeI love Bill’s rants on life! I may not agree with you 100% of the time. But you do have a way to make me laugh! Keep it up!.Score: 5/5

Bill is a naturalBill burr is always to the point and he states the obvious and moves on. I like it when states his opinion. I have enjoyed his podcast keep it up bill your one of a kind..Score: 5/5

Bill is fun to listen to...Nice pod bro!.Score: 5/5

Once was funny..but no moreHis comedy specials were hilarious but now he includes his politics and his over the top liberal wife and the fake laughter every 30 seconds it’s all just too much to take ...unsubscribing from here.Score: 1/5

Great show!Insightful, hilarious, all around amazing podcast.Score: 5/5

But Really FourThe Podcast deserves 5 stars but really wanted to leave 4 Billy becauseTB12 follows you on IG and you don’t follow back. Don’t disrespect the 🐐 like that..Score: 5/5

Love this Podcast!♡.Score: 5/5

Always greatOne of my favorites !!.Score: 5/5

OG🎙 5⭐️OG in the game. Legendary podcast, hilarious, timeless & the all time favorite. Thanks for the content Bill!.Score: 5/5

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Ranting uninformed opinions. BrilliantVery entertaining. Have been listening for almost 3 years and it still doesn't get tired.Score: 5/5

Best Podcasts everBill never fails to have me entertained during his podcasts. Great subject matter and it’s hilarious to get his take on many different subject matters from sports to politics..Score: 5/5

You’ve lost itUsed to love this podcast. Would never miss one. Seems like bill just doesn’t put the effort in anymore. Deleting from my library..Score: 2/5

If you don’t like it, kick rocks.If you really want to hear sad people complain about a free podcast of a brilliant comedian, then check those comments that have anything less than 5 stars. To quote the great Patrice O’Neal - “You don’t know funny” Enough from me, go **** yourselves. - Pablo..Score: 5/5

Always funny rantsLove it! Rant away Bill.Score: 5/5

JohnCenaStroker420xxShadowhawkZip........ Recruiter!.Score: 5/5

Frickin Gold!Love this podcast, Bill makes me laugh every time...he’s inspiring, informative and on point with his topics..Score: 5/5

Amazingly funnyBill burr is an incredibly hilarious comedian and never fails to put a smile on my face. The best podcasts are when he has his wife in and they argue over various topics and the worst ones are when he starts to ramble about his sports teams but even then he still makes me laugh.Score: 5/5

Awesome BlokeGreat job Bill! Love your podcast man! Listening from Australia..Score: 5/5

Red NutBy far the funniest red headed ball bag that exists!! If I could give it 10 stars i would..Score: 5/5

The greatest podcast in the worldGreat podcast, will make you laugh. If you like bill burrs comedy this is the podcast for you.Score: 5/5

My man BillLove it. Its like listening to a buddy of mine..Score: 5/5

For meeeeeeeeeeee....This podcast is awesome!.Score: 5/5

LegendBurr is one of the best, tells it how it is, in a very funny way, has cool interests and keeps me listening all day.Score: 5/5

Only podcast you needBills the man. Can make humour from anything. He says what everyone is thinking.Score: 5/5

The New England PaintRiotsWith no sport it sure is gratifying to have the incident I describe as the PaintRiots in full swing.Score: 5/5

Simon and GarfunkelHey bill burr you bald as*hole this is a great podcast much love.Score: 5/5

BrilliantLove Bill Burr. Call out the world the way he sees it. Not a show recommended for the snowflakes..Score: 5/5

Old Freckles!This is the funniest podcaste in the history of podcasting...Score: 5/5

From strayaGreat comedian with knowledgeable opinions on topics ,.Score: 5/5

I’m leavingSorry Bill, I used to tell everyone that you were the comedian that everybody should know about. Honest and unapologetic, you didn’t buy in to liberal nonsense and made up “isms”. In the last 12 months I have watched my favourite podcaster go from hero of the people to white privilege advocate. Thanks for the laughs, Bill..Score: 2/5

Brilliant!!Best Podcast on the planet. Gets you laughing every time.Score: 5/5

Just too damn funnyMaybe it’s the fact I too am a ginger and get burnt by the car glove box light very funny man.Score: 5/5

Funny and InsightfulThis guy makes me laugh so hard and is also very thoughtful. I look forward to each episode. Love the way he says “Oh Jesus”..Score: 5/5

Bill is the greatestThe funniest to ever do this.Score: 5/5

Yet to find anything better.This podcast has everything..Score: 5/5

The manI seriously love for these podcasts.Score: 5/5

Hey Billy boyGo [email protected] yourself.Score: 5/5

AMAZINGGreat Podcast. Extremely funny!.Score: 5/5

If you disagree with Bill GFYAn honest man in a world full of progressive morons. This is a rarity..Score: 5/5

5/5Bill Burr’s stand-up, writing and podcast make my life better. Sincerely..Score: 5/5

True & real convos!!I love how real and truthful Bill is. I hate this new style of man! I hate the fakeness & politically correct people are now! U can’t say anything truthful! No one has a spine! I love how all these young ones are kind n giving, mind u they have to tell all, film it n show everyone the kind gesture!?!?! Whatever happened to humility? I always help homeless n I chose that n I don’t tell anyone 4 brownie points, that defeats the purpose!?! But they all brag n want adulation!?!? Bill tells the truth!! I love that! Please keep it up! I make me laugh n reminisce about the good old days!!!! Your the BEST!!!!.Score: 5/5

Good 👍Good 👍.Score: 5/5

Love your Red bald head dudeThe straight talk! Uncensored just like us Ozzies and Kiwi’s love it bro! Get a surf board and pack on the sunscreen because you’ll fry! Go the ANZACS love you Billy bad ass!.Score: 5/5

LegendThe guy puts so much work into everything he does that’s why he’s a legend and like the patriots and Celtics will continue to dominate because of the hard work and dedication such a pleasure to get a free podcast from him and all the wonderful comedy. Go bill burr you the man.Score: 5/5

How cleverThe cleverest angry man on air..Score: 5/5

Best. Podcast. EverBecause this podcast is so fantastic, I cannot listen to any others without cringing! Thanks for the entertainment Bill, looking forward to the live shows..Score: 5/5

The most consistently funny podcastUnbelievable that this content is free. Bill Burr is exceptionally funny and a wait with anticipation twice a week for the next podcast. Thanks Bill.Score: 5/5

FunHilarious.Score: 5/5

Great podcastLove listening to Bill. Such a funny guy..Score: 5/5

Funniest comedian alive today!The title says it all. Bills ramblings are hilarious and his views aren’t as uninformed as he thinks they are, most of his social commentaries are right on the money. No matter how serious the topic Bill always manages to make me laugh. I just wish he would stop having Nia on the podcast. I find her attitude and her half baked, TRULY uniformed ramblings to be highly irritating and find myself skipping large chunks of the podcast when she’s on. Even still, the best podcast going today!.Score: 5/5

So Good just so GoodBill’s perspective on things in a wine world we live in is just awesome. Love Bill keep doing you..Score: 5/5

Old frecklesBilly you are like a Dad to me.Score: 5/5

Epic Monday morning madnessBill always makes my Monday better ! The hilarious rage is strong 24/7 on this one.Score: 5/5

The GOATMy top comedian of all time.Score: 5/5

Boston's Finest!Refreshingly honest and un PC. Old school laughs with the right amount of warmth. Thanks ole Billy ginger plums..Score: 5/5

LOLThe only podcast on the planet where you actually look forward to and listen to the add reads! Love your work Bill, keep it up Cheers you red nut, Fanta pants.Score: 5/5

Zoom Show!Thanks Billy for giving us a chance to see you live and milk some cash out of us freeloading podcast listeners to help pay off your money pit of a house..Score: 5/5

Billy BigmouthLove your podcast man .. listening from over here in Brisbane, Australia. Iv learnt so much about you and the family through this podcast ,Keep it up forever , cheers Ric.Score: 5/5

Great showFireside chat with a pro!.Score: 5/5

Coursera 💡Start your future on coursera today! Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. Join for Free!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Indiearcadewave LvlPlayinField_: It’s Monday morning and that means it’s time for a new episode of the podcast! This week we interviewed the founder of….Score: 5/5

TheTerriersTalk HTFC_Ben: Filmed on Sunday morning: Normality Released on Monday night: Chaos If you need or want a distraction from the ongoing madne….Score: 5/5

Sedannyazhari JasminIrisha: good morning monday ☀️ sharing some Bukit Nanas love cause we all need some - a heritage full of history, home to Malays….Score: 5/5

Edwardbradley billburr: .theMMPodcast is up!! I ramble about my bird's eye view, cool names, and exhaling anger. .Score: 5/5

PodcastsIListen.billbur is one of the best stand up comedians of our time. Newsletter:… .Score: 5/5

Fazlina_yahya JasminIrisha: good morning monday ☀️ sharing some Bukit Nanas love cause we all need some - a heritage full of history, home to Malays….Score: 5/5

Ringodisbarred JasminIrisha: good morning monday ☀️ sharing some Bukit Nanas love cause we all need some - a heritage full of history, home to Malays….Score: 5/5

Charlie_Beckett FinKelly_: Charlie_Beckett, what a bloke, what an insight. I thoroughly enjoyed my discussion with Charlie_Beckett this morning on….Score: 5/5

FinKelly_Charlie_Beckett, what a bloke, what an insight. I thoroughly enjoyed my discussion with Charlie_Beckett this mo… .Score: 5/5

FUTL_Podcast🚨New episode🚨 Monday Morning Madness: ESL reaction and Mourinho in a coffin. We discuss the announcement of the E… .Score: 5/5

AirBNB 🎁Get $64 off on your first stay at travels. Claim your $64 Airbnb free credit by clicking here!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Monday Morning Podcast Podcast Episodes

Monday Morning Podcast 4-19-21

Bill rambles about his bird's eye view, cool names, and exhaling anger. See for privacy information.

Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 4-15-21

Bill rambles about shots, sports, and cooking. See for privacy information.

the Monday Morning Podcast 4-12-21

Bill rambles about golf, automated calls, and 'fit privilege'. See for privacy information.

Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 4-8-21

Bill rambles with drummer Benny Greb about his new book 'Effective Practicing for Musicians“.  'Effective Practice for Musicians' is available only at   produced by Andrew Themeles & All Things Comedy See for privacy information.

Monday Morning Podcast 4-5-21

Bill rambles about 'not deep, deep shit', dream cars, and religious freaks. See for privacy information.

TAMMP 4-1-21

Bill rambles about hanging pictures, Urgent Care questions, and getting stitches. See for privacy information.

Monday Morning Podcast 3-29-21

Bill rambles about March, curfews, and fat people bragging. See for privacy information.

Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast 3-25-21

Bill rambles about 'Down Under', mushroom revelations, and bunny dreams. See for privacy information.

Monday Morning Podcast 3-22-21

Bill rambles about vaccines, curfews, and chocolate malts. See for privacy information.

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