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Credit card companies are screwing you over. The system is stacked against you. And if you think you're winning, you need to dig deeper. Subscribe to "The Fine Print" show: Try Dave Ramsey’s recommended financial plan: Or text FINEPRINT2 to 33789 to get a link.

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Makes you think!!!An excellent podcast! At 44 years of age, I worry that I have left it too late to be good with money! I’ve just started the steps to get myself out of debt after years of struggling & Dave’s podcast is great with I need motivation!.Score: 5/5

InspirationalListen everyday and find Dave Ramsey very inspirational.Score: 5/5

Daily breadWisdom, encouragement, challenge, testimony, variety and comfortingly the message doesn't change. Debt is dumb, cash is king, we've all done stupid with money, when you change you can really change, it's never too late to leave a legacy, and a lot of the products offered as 'insurance' are not as good as they seem (although some are essential).Score: 5/5

Too useful to missHaving recently got married the feeling of responsibility that followed when it’s not just your individual finances at stake scared me. We had credit cards, student loans and a car payment and when I totalled our debt it scared the life out of us. Dave’s baby steps work. Simple. Listening to the show keeps us motivated to keep making positive changes. We’ve been following around 3 months and already feel more in control of our finances and suddenly that debt mountain is shrinking..Score: 5/5

Look past the American and religious rhetoric for some common sense adviceAs a UK listener you’ll need look past the American and religious rhetoric and the obvious USA oriented advice, 401k etc etc but it’s worth it for the motivational and plain spoken common sense ... For some reason practically all money advice media in the UK seen to have overlooked the obvious idea that you should have/save the money before you buy something, almost nobody advocates for this showing you how deeply embedded debt is in our culture..Score: 5/5

Awesome inspirationWell before I was introduced to Dave Ramsey my finances were spiralling out of control but this guy really motivates you to get out of debt and gain financial peace if only more ppl would embrace his methods there would be a whole lot more happier people...keep up the good work Mr Ramsey and thank you.Score: 5/5

Dave Ramsey helps PeopleDave and his team will give you financial peace, all you have to do is follow the steps and listen to the podcast every day to get inspiration..Score: 5/5

ExcellentDave Ramsey's techniques are based on sound principles which we have been taught to ignore, until now. Essential listening for rich and poor people!.Score: 5/5

Good advice, but...Great advice about how to get out and stay out of debt. Simple, but very motivational. However some of the tax rants recently are ridiculous. So I’ve decided to unsubscribe..Score: 3/5

Life changing advice and motivationSince listening to Dave I have cut up my credit cards, paid one off entirely, started a family budget and will never borrow again. Although I am not yet debt free, I have hope and a goal now- that alone is priceless. I have also benefitted from his book recommendations. It’s so rare to hear someone who is able to give really honest advice and challenge people, but at the same time to be compassionate and fair with them. He also understands human nature and how to really motivate people to change their lives. Keep up the good work Dave!.Score: 5/5

Thank youWonderful advice, from a kind, passionate and caring man. Listening to this show has changed my life for the better. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Dave Ramsey is so inspiring. I finally believe I can achieve my financial goalsI have started listening to Dave’s show in the last couple of months and listen to numerous episodes a day for constant inspiration and to keep myself accountable. I am only just starting out, but I am extremely driven and believe that Dave can lead me into wealth. Thanks for all you do Dave, I love your bluntness and southern charm encouraging people such as myself to do the best for ourselves. Love from the UK ❤️.Score: 5/5

I love DaveI owe this man a lot he’s taught me great spending habits and I dip in and out when I need keeping on track. Thank god for DR.Score: 5/5

Rich advice DAILYBrilliant show with great practical advice. Can't get enough. Regular listening will recondition your mind from stupid to winning!!.Score: 5/5

Im 16 and love this!First heard of you from ShayCarl and I am now listening to your show everyday on my way to school. This helps me with my economic studies and for future life. Thanks Dave!!!.Score: 5/5

Take a bow Mr Ramsey!!Considering I’ve listened to every podcast since the beginning of April there is no way I could give the show anything but 5 stars. Mr Ramsey is straight talking, concise and full of wisdom. I am a UK listener and although some of the content is weighted towards a US audience, Mr Ramsey’s basis principles are universal and since being a listener he and his team have aided me greatly. Even my 13 year old loves listening in the car!.Score: 5/5

Listening everyday from London,UKListen to this everyday to keep me on track with clearing my debt. Wish I’d discovered this years ago but I’m already feeling more secure and intentional with my finances. Thanks from across the pond :).Score: 5/5

Excellent wisdomI lean lots about good financial habits from this podcast. Can really recommend it..Score: 5/5

Thank you for everything you do.I listen to this show everyday traveling to office. Thank you dave ramsey for everything you do. Much love from UK..Score: 5/5

A solid faveUncle Dave is as straight forward as they come but I love and appreciate his heart for the people. He really cares. I listen to the show every day because it’s very entertaining, but also it’s helping to motivate me to do well with money as I enter the work force this winter (I’m currently a full-time postgraduate student in the UK). Debt is dumb, cash is king. Looking forward to finishing baby step 1 soon!.Score: 5/5

Beans and rice, rice and beansThis podcast really is an joy to listen to every day. The advice Dave gives to his callers is really just common sense but we all need that daily dose of reality (I know I do). Even though it is an american program and he talks about 401k's instead of pensions the message he is giving every day is a way for people to get out and stay out of debt and keep up the motivation when things are tough and you just want to go back to the evil credit cards. I hope one day I'll get the chance to ring the show and shout "I'm DEBT FREE" and say thank you for all the good advice he gives..Score: 5/5

Fantastic listening, even in the UKI searched for a guru in the UK but nothing compares to Dave. Yes, some of the terminology is different but nothing that a quick Internet search can't help with. If you want to get out of debt, let Dave guide you. Common sense for you pounds and pence (to coin Dave's phrase!).Score: 5/5

The only money strategy I have tried that works!Dave’s methods really work! I have tried for years to manage my finances as good as possible but never got traction on it. This podcast changed my life. Thanks Dave!.Score: 5/5

Common sense with humourGood old Uncle Dave. Wish I had had his advice when I got my first credit card... changing a lifetime of bad habits to enjoy the rest of my life incredibly differently....Score: 5/5

Follow Dave’s baby steps - it’ll change your life!My husband and I are near the end of baby step two and it’s all thanks to Dave and his team. I fell ill and was unable to work for six months. We felt we got a pay raise, just by following his teachings of the baby steps and listening to Mr Coleman and Mr Hogan. The fear is gone and we feel empowered! 💪🏻 (Please Mr Ramsey make your budgeting app available in the UK! 🙏🏻).Score: 5/5

Love it wish I new about this years ago!This is the answer to your debt problems, no nonsense simple advice which will change how u handle money forever!.Score: 5/5

Always GreatThanks guys. If the DR team are reading this, it would be SO NICE if you did some limited edition podcasts on topics - an hour on calls about BS1, BS2 etc, getting a partner on board, really just different areas of the show. That would be really great listening. I’m on BS3 and it’s hard to find calls that relate to that step sometimes :) Carry on with the great work and THANK YOU DAVE..Score: 5/5

Great podcastDelivering financial literacy with heart and humour..Score: 5/5

Life changing.I love this podcast, I’m now following the baby steps and am so excited about my future. Dave says it how it is, you can’t hide from past mistakes but you can get to a brighter future one small step at a time. Pumped.Score: 5/5

Superb showI’m across the pond in Scotland, and I love listening to the Dave Ramsey Show! Dave’s financial principles are universal, and his baby steps are easily adapted to countries outside the US. I really appreciate the kindness and support he shows people, and his teachings are helping so many - including me. Thank you to Dave and his team for all they do!.Score: 5/5

AwesomeMy fave podcast.inspiring..Score: 5/5

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Love it!I love this podcast! I have learned so much, plus the things that people call in about are usually pretty interesting. This sounds a little dramatic: but I’m pretty sure this podcast has completely changed my way of thinking and my life in general. Everyone needs to learn this stuff!.Score: 5/5

Stop releasing old episodes wo making note of it first!!I’m an avid listener. And those of us who listen faithfully are aware when there’s a re-broadcast, which is fine. But can you please put in the subject line that it IS a re-broadcast so we don’t waste time getting into it before we realize it. It’s disrespectful..Score: 1/5

Great ShowDave Ramsey and his team are great. At first I thought the personalities were parrots but now I see their value. Of course they will recite the baby steps, it’s Ramsey Solutions! Their purpose is their expertise. Ken Coleman has lots of insight on careers that Dave does not. Dr. John has the degrees which allow him to specifically deal with the relational problems which are often the root of financial problems. AO is the finance guy for singles and college students. The way he talks is the way he learned growing up. Plus, who can argue with results? Which sounds better: “I am poor” or “I is rich”? Kristy Wright is the business expert. And Rachel Cruze is the everyday grind expert. Plus, Ramsey’s values are fantastic. Though Dave may seem insensitive, he is actually administering what is called “tough love.” These guys are usually very sensitive to tough situations and never fail to thank medical personnel and veterans for their service. Also, you can only do/understand so much on a radio call and they often advise people to see an in-person counselor when more finesse is needed. All in all, the Ramsey personalities are confusing at first but grow on you if you work to understand their purpose. Great job Ramsey Solutions and keep speaking truth and love into the world!.Score: 5/5

Heroin Addiction to Debt FreeAfter 10 years of heroin addiction I had racked up lots of debt with no work history. I got clean and have worked my tail off the last 18 months following the baby steps that the Ramsey Show teaches and now I’m debt free and happier than ever. Learn to live for yourself and no one else..Score: 5/5

Stick with financial adviceAnd stay out of the politics and discussions about the vaccine. You’re out of your element, stick to stuff you know!.Score: 1/5

Debt is a disease, Ramsey system is a treatmentI’ve spent many years trying to out-earn my spending habits and will never recapture those wasted dollars from years ago. The ultimate truth is wealth comes from stopping the financial hemorrhaging, building a strong base and adding layers of wisdom to that foundation. These are the baby steps and Dave Ramsey’s lessons. They changed my family tree. We have paid off more than $500k in debt and counting. Please give them a listen and I dare you to hear out just three debt-free scream calls and I’ll bet you find at least a kernel of what ails you right there. Thank you Dave and crew!.Score: 5/5

Dave only!I miss the days of Dave alone. I’m not a fan of the co-hosts in general, but especially Anthony abs Chris. They often answer the questions in such a basic way, Dave has to go back and correct or amend the answer. They are both good cheerleaders and motivational speakers; but lack the ability to answer some of the callers. I do enjoy Dr. John, Ken, and christy at times given their areas of speciality are not suppose to be finance like Dave..Score: 3/5

More Dave Please!I understand that Dave wants to move toward retirement and deserves to enjoy that phase of life. I am sympathetic to the challenge this presents. However, I must share that I’m not a fan of shows without Dave. I only listen to podcasts where Dave is on the show. Dave’s practical wisdom and experience are why people tune into the show. I am sorry that I do not have a suggestion to this dilemma - just participating in the conversation with the marketplace. Thanks..Score: 1/5

Love it!All the hosts are great, but you just can’t beat Dave! I listen to nearly every show- love all the advice! Thank you for a great show!.Score: 5/5

One star reviews logicThe logic behind the one star reviews on here is comical. This is a great show. It has helped millions of people get out of debt and get their financial life in line..Score: 5/5

HypocriteDave fires employees for violating his “moral behavior” rules, UNLESS that employee makes him lots of money. He only gets rid of the cash-cow when the truth comes out and it’s going to cost him. Protecting a serial adulterer while treating others like dirt shows Dave has no integrity or honor. He is the definition of a hypocrite. He preaches living a “Biblical” life when it raises his bottom line. But when it might cost him a buck, he’s anything but “Biblical.”.Score: 1/5

Great show but...The Dr. has some interesting input, however he interrupts Dave way too much, don’t let him drink any coffee before the show. I listen to this show to hear from Dave!.Score: 5/5

Awesome showGreat show.Score: 5/5

Wow judgmental listeners aboundI really like this show and have nothing to do with religion or the more “conservative “ ideals. I’m very liberal and fiscally motivated. Dave helped me get a hold of my finances through his show. I feel badly that some folks who listen state some high road to money. Having worked on Wall Street for 18 years, there were plenty of religious right wingers who cared nothing about the actual communities they ruined. However, I would never make that a blanket statement about people who hold different political views. Many times different view points want the same thing, but have various paths to get there. Wish many religious folks I know would feel the same..Score: 4/5

Day isn’t complete without Ramsey!I love listening to Ramsey! He motivates me to continue saving and staying out of debt. He’s funny, he’s real and sometimes hits topics that make me tear up! Dr. John is also amazing! Thankful for Ramsey Solutions! 🙏🏻❤️.Score: 5/5

Retired debt free. True freedom.Didn’t want to retire with any debt. Paid off everything using Dave’s plan and system. The common sense thinking helped us to make decisions. Relocated to a lower cost state. Costs like utilities and insurance are lower. Quality of life is vastly improved. Right before we retired our financial advisor said we would have no problem remaining and living in our high cost area and home. We followed our plans and are very happy and free. My husband commented recently about how we don’t get much mail because we don’t have any bills. Thank you, Dave..Score: 5/5

April 27How many people in the millionaire study are white?.Score: 1/5

Better than I DeserveI love this show and all the people Dave has on it. Dave has been around doing this for 30 plus years helping people get out of debt. It’s not a fad or a get rich quick scheme. It’s about being a good steward with your money. I love Dave’s honesty too. He doesn’t sugar coat if you’re being stupid with your money or making bad decisions. So refreshing to have someone that can be honest and not worry about offending you. You might not like how he says it, but at least you know where he stands..Score: 5/5

Debt Free!!Starting listening because my bf at the time listened (now fiancé). After listening on my own, I started researching baby steps and followed the financial peace university work. My brain has never been comprehended saving and debt until now. I thought I did before and boy did I learn. This podcast opened the door to my future!.Score: 5/5

Unaware of a global health crisisUsually I just push aside Dave’s personal politics but recently he’s been even more anti-vaccine, even to the point of telling people NOT to get a vaccine. We can’t return to a regular way of life until this outbreak is contained..Score: 1/5

Best financial plan out thereAbsolutely life changing advice following these steps and start winning in life money relationship and absolutely every aspect of life, Thank you Dave…. Just wish there was more than 3 hours a day.Score: 5/5

Love Only DaveI absolutely love Dave Ramsey but I am really not a fan of his co-hosts. Specially Anthony O’Neill. He always jumps in trying to answer the questions and answers it so basically then Dave asked to fix it. Kind of embarrassing!! Hopefully he will find some better co-hosts soon. Without him the show is doomed..Score: 4/5

I like this show but…I enjoy listening to this show. Dave’s advice has helped me to become debt-free and begin my journey towards becoming an everyday millionaire and I am extremely grateful for that. I don’t listen to EVERY bit of advice he gives because I do think he can be biased, misinformed, and outdated regarding certain things. But generally speaking, I think he’s got the right idea so far as getting out of debt and building wealth. That said, PLEASE stop bringing “liberal politics” into 99% of the advice you’re giving, Dave. No one cares about your political stances and opinions! I’m here to listen to you talk about money, not why you don’t believe in systematic oppression (which spoiler alert— it exists, no matter how much that doesn’t fit your narrative). I’m what you would call a leftist (which no, it’s not the same as a liberal and they annoy me to no end too) but for the love of everything, please stop harping on the fact that people have different world views and experiences than you. Your “studies” likely don’t take into account many of the things that do contribute to wealth disparities like race, gender, disability, etc. and that’s fine. But don’t speak on “facts” if you’re not prepared to take a holistic view of everything. I think it would be more beneficial to continue to educate people the way you have about investing and saving using your platform, while recognizing that there are nuances that make everyone’s situation vary. So again, love the show. But STOP TALKING ABOUT PERSONAL POLITICS..Score: 3/5

Where’s Dave?I now understand why the name change; because Dave rarely hosts. This was acceptable when Chris Hogan took over, but he has since been asked to leave. The only cohost combo I can tolerate is Ken Coleman/ Dr. D. I understand using Anthony O’Neal to reach a different demographic, but he is unlistenable. It’s difficult to take him seriously when his grammar is so poor. The show used to be about financial advice/investing, but has morphed into career advice, helping women start businesses and AO spewing gibberish..Score: 3/5

Great contentLove this podcast, great content!.Score: 5/5

Life changingThe show covers all basis of life. Follow the steps and your life changes dramatically for the better..Score: 5/5

Bad co hostsJohn delony puffs or sighs more than he actually says, disappointed in this guy. I usually skip his stuff..Score: 1/5

WE’RE DEBT FREE!!We never purchased any of the Ramsey Solutions products; we solely listened to and learned the steps from this show. The best thing about Dave is he gives us all the information we need to live in financial peace without having to pay, but you can purchase his products if you need a boost or more help. The podcast is so hilariously blunt making it very real and very helpful. We get a kick in the caboose to keep going with it..Score: 5/5 people seriously still listen to him?This guy is basically the worst. He is literally scamming poor people into giving him money. I’ll pass..Score: 1/5

Love the co-host formatI really appreciate the balance and fuller picture all of the new co-hosts bring to the show..Score: 4/5

Tired of re-runs with no introNeed to explain when a re-run. Tired of starting only to realize I have listened to it before, it’s really not hard ... bad business.Score: 1/5

Dave is ignorant on how life ACTUALLY worksDave doesn’t understand how disparities work and how having a good foundation makes the difference. He also politicizes this topic to an inappropriate extent. For someone who likes data, he doesn’t actually do his research..Score: 1/5

Thank youI have listened to Dave for all of my life thank you for a great show..Score: 5/5

Times Shares BoooI love Dave’s time share segments almost as much as the millionaire theme hours!.Score: 5/5

Co-hosts feel forcedHuge fan and a follower of Dave’s principles. Love the show but feel the co-hosts are being forced upon us. Most times I just want to hear Dave..Score: 4/5

Personalities have to go!Personalities are nothing but clones of Dave Ramsey. I don’t think any of them have an individual thought process! I love listening to Dave, but delete the shows that have the personalities on them. I have been listening to Dave for at least 25 years and have learned a lot. The Ramsey personalities bring exactly nothing to the table. Not being mean, just honest! They are absolutely terrible!!.Score: 1/5

Arrogance OverboardUnless you can cure cancer, tone down your arrogance and name-calling. Yuck..Score: 1/5

Real TalkThe Ramsey show has changed a lot over the past year or two with a rebrand from “The Dave Ramsey Show” to “The Ramsey Show.” Many reviews you see will tell you about how they miss the days when it was just Dave on the radio and none of the other personalities… I disagree. The other personalities that appear on the show with him provide a much broader and in depth conversation with people on the phone. After all, the motto they say at the beginning of each hour is “The Ramsey Show, where we talk about your life and your money.” This company is much more than just getting you out of debt; they’re also here to help you find a new/better your career, take care of your mental health, deal with family, start a business, etc. and it all ties in! Lastly, Dave is building a legacy for the company when he leaves. That probably won’t be any time soon, but he’s got to make sure he has some solid people on the mic in case he wants to take a day off, and eventually retire. The Ramsey show is guaranteed to change your life for the better if you listen and follow their program..Score: 5/5

Dr d- please stop talkingI promise I listened. I gave Dr John Delaney. many many listens, each progressively more cringeworthy. It is so bad that now I just delete the entire episode the moment he is on. I’m sure he is a nice guy but this is not working! His weirdly earnest psychobable is unlistenable. Anthony O’Neal and Rachel Cruze are the best cohosts and most in sync with Dave. Learned so much from Dave over the years!.Score: 3/5

Clear, concise, life-changingIf you want to be wealthy, the advice you’ll hear on this show through discussions around the crystal clear 7 baby steps will lead you directly to wealth. I’ve listened to many financial podcasts and this is by far the best- and it’s not even close. Who wants to me a multi-millionaire? Listen and learn how, everyone in America can do it. No excuses.Score: 5/5

Get debt free now!This is an excellent podcast for those that want to pursue a debt free life using the principles taught by Dave Ramsey. I listen to it all the time just to refresh the baby steps in my mind and to get inspired by some of the situations presented. Excellent!.Score: 5/5

Co hostsPlease bring Dave back. I skip over all the shows with the co hosts..Score: 4/5

No longer a fanSome good financial info but Dave is too political. After hearing him rant anti covid vaccine I am done. He should stick to just financial info..Score: 1/5

Less Co-host Exposure PleaseMr. Ramsey, I understand you want to diversify and appeal to different types of people however your listeners come to you for one thing…. You. Your wisdom. Your knowledge. We want to hear more every day millionaire testimonials , rags to riches journeys, and stories that inspire financial hope. I don’t listen to the advice of your co-hosts. I tried. I gave them a fair chance. If Anthony is on a show, I skip it. This is my unsolicited advice..Score: 5/5

Past their peakFeels like they are past their peak and it is downhill from here. Becoming too political, unscientific, and jarringly hypocritical. The personalities are a waste of time. Deleting this show..Score: 1/5

Co- HostsLove Dave and his principles. The co-hosts are a bland alternative. Never listen when Dave isn’t on air…. Total waste of time. If Dave can’t be on the show, they need to simply eliminate the show that day or find a better alternative. What about more millionaire episodes?? I understand Chris is gone, but we still enjoy hearing examples of success..Score: 1/5

Life ChangingI have been following Dave and his principles for over 5 years now and it’s completely transformed our financial future! This podcast is informative, entertaining and motivating to help you stay in your lane and accomplish all that God has for you!.Score: 5/5

Mind your own businessHilarious listening to Dave say mind your own business regarding vaccines, masks, etc. when he drives employees out based on personal choices..Score: 3/5

Come back DaveYour show was awesome before you started babysitting the “personalities” You gave them their own show, let them make it, put the thorns in the eagles nest. You and Rachael and Hogan are great. Ant knee o’ O’Neil needs to ax himself why he is still there. Save us the tokens Dave. Deloney, well, is he family or did you lose a bet ?.Score: 1/5

Wonderful showDave truly has the heart of a teacher. He has touched many lives. Liberals hate him because he’s not woke and he tells the truth. Follow his plan and open the door to a better life..Score: 5/5

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The Ramsey Show Podcast Episodes

The True Cost of Credit Card Rewards

Credit card companies are screwing you over. The system is stacked against you. And if you think you're winning, you need to dig deeper. Subscribe to "The Fine Print" show: Try Dave Ramsey’s recommended financial plan: Or text FINEPRINT2 to 33789 to get a link.

My Dad Enables My Older Brother Financially (Hour 3)

Debt, Career, Relationships As heard on this episode: SimpliSafe: Zander Insurance:  Sign up for a FREE trial of Ramsey+ TODAY: Tools to get you started:  Debt Calculator: Insurance Coverage Checkup: Complete Guide to Budgeting: Check out more Ramsey Network podcasts:

I Work in a Rough Environment...Should I Leave? (Hour 2)

Debt, Career As heard on this episode: Churchill Mortgage:  Sign up for a FREE trial of Ramsey+ TODAY: Tools to get you started:  Debt Calculator: Insurance Coverage Checkup: Complete Guide to Budgeting: Check out more Ramsey Network podcasts:

Should I Compromise My Morals To Keep a Job? (Hour 1)

Debt, Relationships, Career As heard on this episode: Zander Insurance:  Sign up for a FREE trial of Ramsey+ TODAY: Tools to get you started:  Debt Calculator: Insurance Coverage Checkup: Complete Guide to Budgeting: Check out more Ramsey Network podcasts:

My Mother-in-Law Gossips About Me (Hour 3)

Debt, Relationships, Budgeting, Business As heard on this episode: BetterHelp:  Sign up for a FREE trial of Ramsey+ TODAY: Tools to get you started:  Debt Calculator: Insurance Coverage Checkup: Complete Guide to Budgeting: Check out more Ramsey Network podcasts:

Can I Afford To Buy a Tesla? (Hour 2)

Debt, Relationships, Investing, Business As heard on this episode: Zander Insurance:  Christian Healthcare Ministries:  Sign up for a FREE trial of Ramsey+ TODAY: Tools to get you started:  Debt Calculator: Insurance Coverage Checkup: Complete Guide to Budgeting: Check out more Ramsey Network podcasts:

I Lost Everything Due to a Toxic Relationship (Hour 1)

Debt, Career, Relationships, Investing As heard on this episode: Zander Insurance:  Sign up for a FREE trial of Ramsey+ TODAY: Tools to get you started:  Debt Calculator: Insurance Coverage Checkup: Complete Guide to Budgeting: Check out more Ramsey Network podcasts:

Want To Become a Millionaire? Here’s How… (Hour 3)

Investing, Retirement, Millionaire Theme Hour As heard on this episode: Christian Healthcare Ministries:  Sign up for a FREE trial of Ramsey+ TODAY: Tools to get you started:  Debt Calculator: Insurance Coverage Checkup: Complete Guide to Budgeting: Check out more Ramsey Network podcasts:

How Do I Get My Husband on a Budget? (Hour 2)

Relationships, Savings, Budgeting As heard on this episode: SimpliSafe:  Sign up for a FREE trial of Ramsey+ TODAY: Tools to get you started:  Debt Calculator: Insurance Coverage Checkup: Complete Guide to Budgeting: Check out more Ramsey Network podcasts:

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