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An unreal crime scene with a dead fortune teller, her dead daughter, and an otherworldly tone has police in Westminster, CA grasping at straws trying to solve the case. They consulted Warlocks, cult experts and were even approached by a dog psychic. They come up with nothing. That is, until they catch a break with a credit transaction… on the opposite coast. In a case that takes you from Little Saigon to rural North Carolina and leads you on a path of greed and destruction this episode will have you questioning your own fortune. “This was a horrible crime and these stories need to be told. I thank you for telling them. We can have reforms but victims cannot be forgotten because evil will still be there and these stories are cautionary tales. Their lives mattered. It mattered to all of us who worked to bring them justice. And Justice, is a lifetime commitment.” -Sonia Balleste, Chief Deputy District Attorney, Santa Barbara Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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EnlighteningHours of true crime stories, factually correct and diverse. Easily the most thought provoking podcast on the genre that is available..Score: 5/5

Terrible hostInteresting cases but hearing the host judge everyone involved and make snarky comments is a total turn off. He sounds like a terrible person and a quick google confirms it..Score: 1/5

Love itFound it 2 years ago and i have listened to the whole episodes a couple of times.Score: 5/5

Don’t talk to copsOf course not!!!! I drummed into my kids..... “What do you say if you get arrested?” Answer “Nothing”.Score: 5/5

OKThe stories are well picked and all relevant information is given and the recollections always flow well. HOWEVER: Would be good if the narrator/writer realised they have a world audience and not everyone has as backward and arbitrary view on things as he/they may do. I guess you don’t speak for the average American. Locking up everyone and throwing away the key is not the answer to all of societies ills and to belittle a whole country’s justice system and portray it as soft is a little disingenuous. Maybe soften the massive opinionated segments..Score: 3/5

5 *Loved the latest episode!.Score: 5/5

Host is so bad/suspect fake reviewsHost makes the most cringe-worthy comments during the podcast that I find really off-putting. Also, be aware of fake reviews here. Spotted some really similar sounding one which seems to have been written by the same person. Very similar usernames as well..Score: 1/5

Great story choices and narrationThis is one of the only podcasts I listen to that at times cover stories I’ve never heard of. Easily 5 stars.Score: 5/5

Too many muffled recordings!I like sword and scale. It’s well researched, well written, and atmospheric. But I wish they wouldn’t use so many sound recordings from 911 calls and trials - the sound quality is always terrible and unless you’re listening in a silent room it’s hard to follow. Not a podcast for driving!.Score: 4/5

My faveThis is my number one podcast. It’s so well done and put together that I now find it hard to listen to others. I like the mix of interviews, emergency calls, interrogation audio and narration. I generally find I’m thinking what the narrator says and he has the best voice. This is the only podcast I’ve gone on to pay for as I listened to everything in the main feed and needed more. To others that have completed the main feed, sword and scale plus is great. Just when you thought you were done you have 75 more shows. Thank you to the team for an excellent podcast. 👏🏽.Score: 5/5

Hard NoHost is an absolute nightmare of a person..Score: 1/5

Early content worth a listen, but then ...This used to be my go-to true crime podcast, one of the few who blended audio clips with a strong narration, picking up lesser known cases and exploring them. Then the narrator made the podcast about him, spending more time on his views than the case. Fair enough - lots of podcasts do it - but lots of podcasts do it better. Real shame the narrator has spoiled a great format with his constant ranting. Bait and switch tactics are also uncool..Score: 1/5

🙄🙄The only time someone race is mentioned is if they are black. 🙄.Score: 1/5

The best podcast! I’m hooked!Please do a podcast on Austin Harrouff!.Score: 5/5

Used to be betterLike a previous reviewer said, you’ll either love it or hate it..Score: 1/5

Ugh.Listening to the oldest episodes, he opens one episode with a severe warning that the topics will cover crimes against children. I skipped the episode. The subsequent episode opens with jokes about the previous episode, which, it is revealed, had been about toddlers being murdered and cannibalised. I had skipped the episode for a reason. And I found the levity of this approach supremely off-putting..Score: 1/5

One of my favourites!!This is the first true crime podcast I ever came across and it’s still one of my favourites!!.Score: 5/5

Where’s the empathyI find the lack of empathy shown by the host really off putting. Some of the people he interviews have had their lives shattered by horrific crimes done to their loved ones yet he shows no emotion when he talks to them about the crime. He seems like he just wants to get to the gruesome details so that he can shock the audience..Score: 1/5

AwfulThis podcast is just awful because of Mike Boudet. He likes to attack people, call them freaks etc. What I find funniest about this is he gives off the exact same vibes of all the men he calls freaks. Big incel, never leaves his bedroom energy from Boudet....Score: 1/5

Don’t waste your timeThe host is so problematic and narcissistic I would even bother wasting your time..Score: 1/5

Ignore the smear campaign of negative reviewsThere has obviously been a coordinated campaign of leaving negative reviews for this podcast as they’ve all come during the same timeframe and say virtually the same thing. Yes, the host is opinionated, but it’s his show and personally I think the storytelling is excellent..Score: 5/5

-10/10Despite how jarring I often found the host I stayed subbed for so long because the stories were so good. However these days it’s so blatant I can no longer enjoy the podcast. So arrogant and insensitive! How about you listen to the feedback rather than banging on about how much you don’t care what people think? Good god..Score: 1/5

Victim blamingThis podcast is so cringy the host provides weird asides that are passive aggressive and unfunny whilst maintaining a constant level of victim blaming, sexism and stigmatising mental ill health. Avoid!.Score: 1/5

This is How it's DoneThis is podcasting at its best. Slick, stylish, provocative and thought-provoking. It is a combination of essential components: the soundscape, the accompanying episodic imagery, the use of emergency call audio and interviews, relevant research, graphic but not gratuitous detail, and if course the host. Mike Boudet is the X factor that ties the whole show together. His cadence is synonymous with S&S and is what enables so many to consume this subject matter late at night. This is the podcast I want to pay for; it's worth its weight in gold..Score: 5/5

Host ruins it completely.I’ve been listening almost from the start, and the stories covered are great. The host however, has steadily become more and more offensive. Feels like he is actively trying to get people to unsubscribe. If that is his intention, it’s worked on me. Shame because I liked the podcast..Score: 2/5

Latest podcast is soooo goodI thoroughly enjoyed this episode — the best so far I’ve listened to in a great series. It takes a different perspective and is very thought provoking. I’m surprised but hadn’t heard of this murder before, though perhaps that’s because I’m not in the US.Score: 5/5

Almost ruined completely by the hostI’d heard a lot about Mike Boudet online, but didn’t buy into the witch-hunt until I’d listened for myself. Although I still don’t think he is quite as bad as he is often made out to be, he still can’t help but spoil this podcast with some really stupid takes and moronic opinions. There are dozens of examples to be found throughout the episodes but I was pushed over the edge and prompted to leave a review by the Kevin Gregson episode and the sheer, astounding irony of listening to Mike, an American, sneer at and ridicule the infinitely more progressive and successful Canadian justice system throughout. The stories themselves are entertaining, Mike. Don’t ruin them with your ignorance and narcissism..Score: 1/5

Shame reallyThe podcast itself is well produced but Jesus Christ the incessant references to “crazy feminists” are painful. Sure, I think everyone can agree that there is a specific branch of “feminism”, usually predominantly white cis straight women, who get it really really wrong. But that’s not the majority of people who speak out against men, that’s not even the majority of feminists. Just super off putting, host comes off as very entitled and out of touch and really lacks critical thinking and compassion. Wouldn’t recommend. Try True Crime Brewery, Wine and Crime, Casefile, They Walk Among Us, Crime Junkie, True Crime All The Time, and True Crime Garage.Score: 1/5

Brilliant Crime PodcastI have listened to a few Podcasts, travelling through Europer for work and this by far is my favourite go to one. One or two of the stories have been a tough listen, especially for a parent but they are all told well and unbiased. Includes fabulous sound clips from interviews with criminals, witnesseses and even victims. The music is edited and added seemlessly and is always great qulaity and generally unique. Well worth a listen..Score: 5/5

Get a kickI don’t rate loads of podcasts but do like this one, and rating this 5* makes me happy, mainly because if you’ve left a crappy review, I’ve just cancelled it out. You’re welcome..Score: 5/5

Mr KI absolutely love this podcast! As a true lover of true crime this is the best there is to offer on the subject!!!.Score: 5/5

Nope.Mike Boudet is human garbage..Score: 1/5

MehThis podcast is well produced, but there’s something very dislikable about the host... he seems to latch onto an arguably hypocritical dislike of certain people and is very transparently biased; as well as having a mediocre at best understanding of mental illness. He’s also very bitter about Twitter for some reason, but hey, if you can overlook all this it’s not a bad podcast!.Score: 3/5

I’m out!!Keep your bigoted views to yourself. As the title says, I’m out!.Score: 1/5

ConflictedI have listened to this podcast for about 4 years... the content and production always gripping and I hate to admit that it has always been my favourite True Crime podcast. However, the host is one of the most supremely narcissistic and petty men I have ever listened to. He whines about the wrongs people have done him and bolsters his ego by playing positive reviews at the end of each show. I had been willing to deal with his deep insecurities due to the high quality content until now. His clear racism, sexism and classism are becoming more evident in the shows. I found myself disgusted at the ignorant, and idiotic views he so self confidently voiced in the last episode... I don't think I can bring myself to support this show anymore!.Score: 3/5

Great true crime podcastI’ve been listening to this for a long time now and it’s one of my favourites. Great host who delivers interesting episodes with empathy for the victims of these sometimes truly horrific crimes. If you like true crime definitely subscribe to sword and scale.Score: 5/5

My favourite podcastI’d give this podcast 10 stars if I could! It’s by far my favourite and the best true crime podcast out there. So much so that other podcasts recommended it haha. Mike (the host) and the team do a fantastic job. They manage to create a an eerie chilling atmosphere and pull you into each case. I could talk about how great this podcast is all day. Do yourself a favour and start listening now..Score: 5/5

My favourite podcast by far.The host is a talented story teller!.Score: 5/5

DisappointedDon’t usually leave reviews, but felt I had to. Ep 169 just really made me angry, most especially the guest that was on. Never heard so much bragging, “my penthouse” “Ive lost $150k” “my sons penthouse that I pay $1,000 a week for” staring as a fact that “America is the greatest country in the world “ . So out of touch and inaccurate, there are people struggling every day in the current circumstances and people don’t need to hear insensitivity like this, to say America is the greatest is absolutely laughable in this day and age and shows a complete lack of understanding of its place in the world and is completely disrespectful to the amazing countries throughout the world that show every day how to care for everyone in their society. This is just one episode that got me angry, but it is a real rollercoaster with Mike at times too..Score: 1/5

So goodBeen looking for a podcast that I like for a while and someone recommended this one! So glad they did, spent the day painting and wizzed though it while listening.Score: 5/5

Not for the faint heartedLove this podcast been listening for years! But I agree with some others there has been a noticeable change in the host over the years, which has begun to taint the content and seemingly the shows rep. Real talk, is it possible that continued exposure to such horrific content could be affecting him? - If I go on a S&S binge it certainly alters my personality! Love, love, love the show but honestly feel Mike is on the way to becoming the story on one of his own episodes....Score: 3/5

Great time filler!I like a good story with a beginning a middle and an end and Mike does this really well. His dry sense of humour and intricate research means you get a great insight and a good true crime story. I really enjoy this, all the way from the UK!.Score: 5/5

MarmiteAbsolutely love this podcast but can understand why others don’t. Jennifer from 🇬🇧.Score: 5/5

GoodbyeHave enjoyed many of these but the episode about how the police are such horrible people was the last straw. Mike, I’m not interested in what you think. Why didn’t you make a separate podcast all about yourself to talk about the things you think are important and leave sword and scale alone. Unsubscribed..Score: 1/5

Meh, it’s okay I guessI’ve listened to S&S for a few years now but only when I’ve exhausted all the other better true crime podcasts. S&S has some interesting stories and I like that they use interrogation audio - although sometimes it’s so inaudible that’s it’s pointless, but the host is arrogant, rude and overly opinionated. When I first started listening to S&S, I read a review that said “it’s the daily mail of podcasts” and it’s not wrong. So, I will probably continue to listen with apathy and hope Mike’s inflated ego doesn’t get in the way of the stories..Score: 2/5

Opinion filled rubbishWhen you realise the hosts image is not of a perp. Taking hits at other podcasts every episode. Looks like a used bidet alright.Score: 1/5

4.5*Loooove your podcasts and the real audio from interviews etc. Just find the music and adverts at the beginning a bit long ! X.Score: 4/5

The best I’ve foundThis is, in my opinion, is the best show I’ve found in this genre (and I’ve listened to a lot!). I love the variety, the guests, the real phone calls/interviews from the cases etc and I think the presenter is great. Keep up the good work!.Score: 5/5

Sword&ScaleSword&scale really is one of the best of crime podcasts out there, it definitely stands out from the crowd, if your thinking of listening give it a shot. Mike I’m so glad your back narrating, it just wasn’t the same without you. I love the way the episodes have material from the cases, like police calls and interrogations etc as opposed to just the case-file, which I’ve found isn’t as gripping. I’ve been listening since 2013 and I’m still gripped, I’ve been keeping my self sane with S&S during the lockdown. Keep up the awesome work!.Score: 5/5

Amazing 10/10Found this podcast by mistake..wow how did I not here about this before, very well produced and written 👌🏼 now my number 1 podcast.. Thank you.Score: 5/5

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BLACK LIVES MATTERExtremely disturbed to hear the host try and have a mature conversation about the black lives matter movement. Episode 169 is an atrocious display of ignorance. Won’t be listening anymore. This podcast was great until you realize what a hateful, ignorant and racist person the host is. Not the first time he’s said something completely disgusting and it won’t be the last. This person is not qualified in ANY way to be making statements about mental illness, racism, sexism or ableism. I’m out, I don’t support bigotry..Score: 1/5

Love the show not this theme musicLove the show but this new theme music needs to go..Score: 1/5

Host needs helpClassic incel behaviour. This guy seethes hate for women - it’s palpable. Get some help man..Score: 1/5

Caution: EditorializedListen carefully for facts and look out for opinionated spins on part truth. Especially in more recent episodes, He forces stories into his political sides agenda. Let them make up their own mind Mike!.Score: 2/5

Love everythingLong-time listener, here. Love the production, the music, the host, and the stories. Mike’s commentary about these criminals is spot-on and much-deserving. Keep it coming, because I’m loving every minute of every episode!.Score: 5/5

Episode 171 Regina mispronouncedI really enjoy this podcast. But if you are referring to cities in other countries, learn how to pronounce them. It’s not Regeeena it’s Reg i na (like the gi in giant) it also rhymes with vagina in pronunciation if you need further clarification. Also, Canadiana? (Insert eye roll here).Score: 4/5

Host is a Mark Twitchell in the makingAside from the fact he basically just reads Wikipedia sources, the host is a sociopath who treats victims like their stories are his to do whatever he wants with. He plays 911 calls of cruelty and suffering only to "entertain." Then there's his demonizing of mentally ill and the way he treats women. If you can't produce a better version of a story than Dateline does, you should probably get off the air. The host is more than a hit of a douche, he’s a disgusting human being who gets off on other people’s suffering—both IRL and in the true crime world. I’d say it’s only a matter of time before he winds up being the subject of a podcast himself..Score: 1/5

What happenedI really used to like this pod cast, but now it’s gone down hill. Music, the host, the digs at my favourite murder and other pods casts or that he started true crime podcasting before Serial. I just don’t understand why it went so down hill. And not the host has a holly than thou or God complex and he is better then the rest. There is enough remove for everyone.Score: 1/5

I thought this was a true crime podcastThis dude is toxic.Score: 1/5

Brutal ResearchThis clown sure spent a lot of time bashing Canada for someone who didn’t even have his facts straight about the country. I can only assume his other episodes contain as much misinformation. Production is dope, though. Credit where credit is due I guess..Score: 2/5

Used to like it, but can’t stand the host.I used to like the show, but it seems like the host has become more and more comfortable voicing his bigotry and simple-minded ideologies, turned me off and I dropped the podcast..Score: 1/5

Sweet Mom from Utah said it best!What Mom from Utah said on your episode about Olivia. Yes, what a force you are, Mike. Real showman, documenting real stories, and I like that you have some strong opinions on issues. It shows me you are passionate about your show, the victims you give voice to and your loyalty to your listeners..Score: 5/5

Creepy but greatI work on the line at one the major car manufacturers and this podcast not only makes me second guess humanity but it keeps me from losing my mind at the same time. Thanks for you awesomeness!.Score: 5/5

ObssessedBelieve it or not I listen to it while im at my desk, working or studying. I loooove strange cases and true crime stories so of course i would love this. I thank Mike Boudet for this ! Im obssessed with this podcast ! ❤️❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

Butterface podcastThe content and production is amazing, but the host is very hard to stomach. It’s like a delicious ice cream sundae but instead of the cherry on top, you get a spoonful of salt in the form of a middle-aged, wannabe know-it-all who only cares about his own inexpert opinions. It’s a shame that he makes money off this..Score: 1/5

Don’t waste your timeThere are lots of great true crime podcasts out there. This isn’t one. The host is a misogynistic clown that loves the sound of his own voice. Picture a dude who’s read too many articles on pickup artistry and thinks he’s Casanova. Ew..Score: 1/5

Good podcast, questionable valuesGood Podcast with great production. But the hosts values are questionable and are palpable in the story telling..Score: 2/5

Change your theme music, I beg of you!Your show is one of, if not the best true crime podcasts there is. It also has the absolute worst theme music I have ever heard..Score: 5/5

MysongisticFor years I’ve listened and always found it strange how passionate and angry Mike got when talking about women who murder vs men. Made it to episode 146 today to hear that him and his guest speaker clearly don’t understand the definition of feminism as they constantly bashed feminists throughout the entire episode. Not to mention claimed to not be victim blaming but spent most of the episode talking about the actions of the underaged victim rather than the stalking murderer that commited the crime and confessed and the incels that supported it. For reference, the definition of feminism is as follows, according to Forbes. Feminism is: 1. The advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. 2. The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes..Score: 1/5

AddictedGreat true crime podcast! Mike is awesome!! Daily listener on my walks. This podcast will not disappoint!.Score: 5/5

Get a new host plsMike b is a huge d bag. great content but he is so lame and uneducated, it hurts.Score: 1/5

Can't supportSword and scale used to be great, but the host is so problematic and there's no justifiable way I can support this podcast. He blames anyone but himself for the poor reactions he gets. I would suggest not supporting someone like this as there are so many good podcasts out there that are decent people.Score: 1/5

Went from badass to sad cast.Sad to see such a riveting podcast sizzle out. Stories aren’t psychologically thrilling. Host is like an over head drone, just making noise without saying much. Don’t bash other podcasts when your struggling to keep your exciting..Score: 1/5

Downhill FastUsed to love this podcast but his holier than thou attitude has gotten old. He rips down other great podcasts that, no doubt, paved the way to subscribers coming his way, has zero compassion for the mentally ill or the victims and seems to bask in the gory details of the deaths he’s talking about..Score: 2/5

Host is InfuriatingIt is such a shame that Mike Boudet is the host of this show because I frankly believe he ruins otherwise captivating and interesting stories. Mike has an incredibly disrespectful way of speaking about many different types of sensitive issues ranging from conversations about LGBTQ people to just about anything. His personal opinions are often inserted as fact into the cases he narrates and he often uses emotionally charged language when describing events he clearly has formed an opinion on. He is not imperial, and he certainly is not respectful. Man-child of a host ruins otherwise fantastic show..Score: 1/5

Canadian ex-listenerI’d give zero stars if I could. This podcasts is comprised of a middle aged male host who is more inclined to giving opinions than facts, minimal research efforts, the constant admonishing of the mentally ill, and a complete lack of understand of the human condition. The host is the epitome of narrow minded and in love with the sound of his own voice. Spoken like the stereotypical American who believes every Canadian lives in an igloo. As a Canadian I’ll use your own words against you, it’s uncomfortable living in Canada, a country so close to the USA whose homicide rate is three times higher than ours, with such prolific murderers as Samuel Little, Gary Ridgway, Joseph DeAngelo, Israel Keyes, and so many more. A little more research into the canandian justice system would greatly benefit your show before you presume it’s inferior to the also broken American justice system. Concurrent sentencing isn’t a uniquely Canadian phenomenon, it’s also used by US courts. A life sentence in Canada is a life sentence with an OPPORTUNITY for parole after 25 years. Not unlike the US, a parole board also decides whether or not to parole the prisoner..Score: 1/5

Why support Jeffree star?Supporting this individual definitely leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Why is he even here, I don’t see what he can actually add to this podcast, there are so many other popular youtubers that would be so much better if a choice. He is a rude and hateful individual and I’m sad to see the hosts want someone like that around..Score: 1/5

Canadiana??Used to like the show. Every Canadian episode has to include bashing. As if the US has a perfect legal system. It’s gross. The people who do these crimes are vile but making it seem like mental health is the only issue and speaking disparagingly about mental health is equally vile..Score: 1/5

Listen if you like true crime but with cautionSome of the episodes are well done – obviously morbid but reasonably respectful, but others are downright uncomfortable, not due to the content but due to the host’s occasional comments that betray his derision for certain groups and social movements. There are rare moments with definite misogynist undertones or really offensive ideas about mental illness that have caused me to take long breaks from this podcast. I still listen sometimes but never recommend to people because of the sometimes questionable handling. I started listening because the podcast advertised itself as being commentary/analysis on crime & justice - it is definitely not that..Score: 2/5

A car crash you can’t turn away fromThe host is extremely petty and narcissistic, it’s actually very embarrassing...but also entertaining. So if you are like me and you enjoy watching someone self destruct, it’s worth the poor storytelling. He recently referred to summarizing information he finds on the internet as “experience working on cases” and it was everything..Score: 1/5

Unachieved PotentialThe host is actually a good narrator and the cases are always interesting. The story telling for the most part is good too. BUT - He sounds professional and smart until he utters completely ignorant and idiotic things which will completely throw you off and pull you out from the story. He also relies on recordings from cases waaayyyyyy too much. If I wanted to listen to those I’d go find them but I’m here cause I want you to tell me the story. But I guess not. There’s many other great podcasts out there that I’d recommend before this one..Score: 3/5

So much negativity, get over yourself!This podcast used to be interesting but now is so full of negative opinions, bashing and narcissism. It’s too much, get over yourself! You have definitely lost me as a listener, and now I can understand why you were being pushed out of the true crime podcast community. Your opinions and views are hateful and you need to seek help!.Score: 1/5

Ep. 171.I have listened to this since the get go and have loved it other than the occasional time being put off by the hosts opinion or somewhat arrogant delivery. Mostly good with him. Except 171. He was entirely too harsh with his sarcastic criticism of the Canadian justice system. A little too rich coming from an American where people are in jail for life for minor drug offences or on death row or executed for a crime they may not even have committed. Which is a pretty serious problem there, which most know if they are fan of true crime. Every country has there justice system problems, except Denmark apparently, so throwing stones and glass houses..Score: 4/5

Whinny manThe host’s overly simplistic, misogynistic and conservative comments throughout this podcast are just annoying. He’s very sensitive about his masculinity and just rambles on and on about his haters..Score: 1/5

Narcissistic HostWhat was with all of the bashing of Canada in this latest episode? The host needs to leave personal opinion out of these stories. It’s downright embarrassing. Not the first time he’s done this and certainly not the last..Score: 1/5

ReallyWhile reading from an Ad, Mike says “ it’s challenging, yet easy”..... Take a little time in writing your ad, and I might visit your sponsor..Score: 1/5

Episode 175I’ve been listening for years. This is the first and probably will be the only time I write what I think about what Mike created. That episode changed me. Incredible work..Score: 5/5

Best True Crime PodcastI've tried listening to many other true crime podcasts. None are as engaging as Sword and Scale. Personally, I love the host Mike. Everyone has their own opinion of course but I love his offbeat sarcasm, the narration is great. I also love the audio recordings off the 911 calls and trials, it adds to the story for me. No complaints. Keep doing what your doing SAS team! Also, the plus subscription is great and worth every penny if you are a fan. I am a proud supporter!.Score: 5/5

Problem with the hostAt first I liked this podcast, some episodes were a bit slow, then I found that the host got more and more condescending, most recently did an episode trashing Canada and the legal system/people there. Did a bit of a dive to find that my hunch is correct, he’s banned from his own subreddit, a creep, asks girls for nudes and is very money hungry.Score: 1/5

Episode 171Love your show. But just a note, Regina isn’t pronounced re JEE nuh, it’s re JIE nuh. Just letting you know. Keep up the good work!.Score: 5/5

Episode 109...so many panic attacks!!Great episode!! “Mhmmmm...” Interviewer says it so many times!! Just love it!!.Score: 5/5

Terrible host, terrible contentDon’t waste your time - there are countless other true crime podcasts that are well produced and don’t feature uneducated, bigoted hosts. Garbage..Score: 1/5

AnnoyedThis was one of my all time favourite podcasts. I never got to finish season one before they took it off and now they want to make us pay to listen to it 🙄 like really.Score: 1/5

Consistently the BestThis is consistently the most enthralling true crime podcast out there. Others have gone severely down hill for me like “My Favourite Murder” but Mike Boudet’s show is a great mix of fact, storytelling, suspense, horror and auditory clips that make each episode awesome. Glad the show pushed past the issues with Wondery and moved to be independent..Score: 5/5

Canadian ListnerI started listening to this podcast a couple weeks ago and love it! Addicted from day one! The host and cases are great!! Lots of cases I’ve never heard. Okay he might not know how to pronounce Regina lol but I’m more interested in the stories and they are awesome!! Keep up the good work Mike..Score: 5/5

This show rocks*****WARNING*** you will be hooked Best crime show out there. Everything is well researched and they go above and beyond to get the information to you. Episode 20 was just crazy how they took the txt and made it to speech, seriously eerie. The episode about the guy who trafficked children to famous people. This show is worth the listen. You will be hooked..Score: 5/5

Best crime podcastDefinitely BEST crime podcast, the host is incredible; worth listening, you won’t regret..Score: 5/5

Crap Host, Great Research TeamThe guy is an absolute crap host. Makes fun of vulnerable demographics, insults other podcast pros, and for some reason can’t seem to stay out of under ages girls DMs. Kinda pathetic anyone would support this bum. Their research and writing team deserves the praise. Mike can take his nasally openings somewhere else..Score: 1/5

Mike Bidet is the worstMike is a predator who refuses to be held accountable for his actions, instead pretending that “libtards” are attacking him for no reason. Don’t support this show..Score: 1/5

Great hostMy favourite podcast of them. Every story is gripping can’t say enough how great it is. Wondered if you could do the story of Todd kendhammer unbelievable story only you could do it justice..Score: 5/5

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Binge ListenedI literally just finished binging all 179 episodes, even got my 15 year old listening to them (not sure that’s a good thing). By far my favorite podcast yet! Have recommended to all of my family and friends..Score: 5/5

New Host PleaseI used to love this podcast - host makes it unbearable to listen to now. What a shame....Score: 1/5

ShamefulThe sensationalizing of mental illness over and over and over is getting old. You can do true crime without doing this....Score: 1/5

Stick to the crimesCool opinions bro, the show would be better without them. I don’t really care about how you see the world, but I like the way you present the crimes. Please focus more on the facts..Score: 2/5

Stop inserting your takesNo one cares about your drama with serial either. Only you. Stick to the stories. This show has really spiraled..Score: 1/5

Don’t believe Reddit, it’s a great podcastThe SJW’s hate Mike, but the show is great. It’s not a giggly, lol, woke, true crime winecast, it’s a gritty, real true crime podcast and Mike gives his opinion, if you don’t like hearing opinions that aren’t exactly like yours maybe don’t listen. I feel he gives victims the utmost respect and monsters the perfect amount disdain. Seriously, it’s a great show and I’ve listened to all the available episodes in about a two week span. It makes most other true crime podcasts seen vanilla and censored. I’m going to subscribe to Plus for the extra episodes..Score: 5/5

Tone down the tonesI love this podcast and have been bingeing it for weeks now! My only complaint is, the music. If we could just cut the music time by like half, that would be lovely. Also, some transitions sound like commercial transitions and it’s confusing. Just started s3 so hopefully these issues have been addressed lol until then, I’ll push through and continue to support!.Score: 5/5

Love this podcast!This is by far one of my favorite podcasts to listen too! I always find the cases covered to be so interesting! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next..Score: 5/5

Does someone need a hug?I’ve been listening for over a year thanks to a coworker. I binge listened and even moved away from other true crime podcasts, but something has happened. The petty dig at MFM and the overly opinionated narrative in the episodes that followed have become too much. I use to love this because it was all about the case and the facts, true facts that were backed up by audio even if it was tough to hear. I and my coworker are now unsubscribing and moving to a podcast that may not play the 911 calls, but they stick to the facts. Get your personal affairs in order and get back to what was most enjoyable and we may come back. I will check back in a month and see if I can change this review. I sure hope so..Score: 1/5

The host is sad angry manI used to like this podcast and now the host seems to be agreeing with himself, while judging victims. Seems like victim blaming is his thing now and in a bizarre twist pays the victim himself. Get some help before you become a proud boy..Score: 1/5

The only true crime was podcast you needMike is a great host, witty and acerbic. The researching and episode topics are some I haven’t heard anyone else. I’ve been a listener for years now and will always be one..Score: 5/5

ChillCool it with the dubstep, Michael. It’s lame..Score: 3/5

MusicWhat a heartbreaking development to learn that this podcast is using background music behind the narrative. I don't know why people do this. It's distracting and annoying. A dealbreaker for me..Score: 1/5

Love !I have listened to every single episode for awhile now and I love them. There’s been a few I have to stop listening but I love this podcast because it’s not just him telling us the story it’s the interviews and the murderers voices, it’s such a good podcast, it’s extremely sad the way these people are true monsters but the way he tells us is very well put together ! Keep it up & keep em comin ! I’m re listening to old ones lol.Score: 5/5

Thank you for all the work you put in this podcast. It’s amazing!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Score: 5/5

Could be great, used to be greatI’ve been a fan for years and years, but man, this host is just getting exponentially more insufferable. I know he gets a lot of criticism for actions on Twitter and social media, I could care less. But some of the commentary is just so painfully dorky and unnecessary. The rhythm of the show is great, there have been less instances of extra long 911 calls or unintelligible interviews, and the host’s delivery is clear and well paced. But the arrogance and silly naive comments are such a turn off. We have choices now, and this went from my #1 fave show to something I just forget about for months on end. Pass me some smart and funny hosts please (I’m looking at you Red Handed). I’m clinging on to the hope that we’ll get another new host at some point, but until then, we’ve got plenty of other options..Score: 3/5

DisgustingThis is what u call a serial killer working a normal life... this dude clearly gets some sick enjoyment out of this and needs to be mentally evaluated. Prob he’s dead bodies in his own home. 🤢🤢.Score: 1/5

Conjecture, opinion, and victim blamingI can look past all the cringe worthy clichés uttered by the host, but I had to unsubscribe when he injects his own bias into the story and tries to get people to feel the way he does. I prefer a journalistic approach to true crime and this just isn’t that..Score: 1/5

Organized and concise, yet not good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯The story-telling here IS compelling, organized, and detailed. HOWEVER, his delivery is off-putting. The dialogue is in clear need of some pro copywriting. One can only take so many superfluous, mis-used adjectives..Score: 3/5

5 Stars All the WayMike has a way of drawing you in from the beginning and does such an amazing job leading up to and breaking down each case with twists turns and unbelievable interviews. I’m officially hooked and the only drawback is I’ll be done with most of the episodes soon! Episode 175 is FANTASTICCCC!.Score: 5/5

WowI can’t believe how bad these shows are now. It used to be such a great podcast. Unsubscribing now 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Score: 2/5

OMGI can’t listen to this at night- so real, so good! You rock mike!.Score: 5/5

Best podcast on the topic this far but...Great production and content. There are times however when I just can’t push past the host’s douchyness. It’s a free world of course, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel like hearing any politics with my murder!.Score: 4/5

Used to love this showThe guy can tell a story and he does his research. This used to be one of my favorite podcasts. But this past year he is constantly adding his two cents on social stuff that is not even really relevant to the case. It just comes across condescending and takes you out of story. People come to listen because he makes an amazing true crime podcast not because they just need to know what he thinks about the Black Lives Matter movement, don't care dude just here for the murder. And he jokes about “millennials” WAY too often. But also with zero context, like what’s even your point? You can’t just say “egh typical millennials...” and that’s it, that’s the joke. Anyway I just can’t listen anymore. If your gonna listen do yourself a favor and listen to the old stuff so your not constantly rolling your eyes at the cringeworthy commentary that literally no one asked for..Score: 1/5

I tried...I heard multiple rumors about some of the douchey opinions of Boudet but I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt and not make decisions based on social media gossip. However, after listening to multiple episodes I really can’t overlook the barely veiled misogyny and clear lack of understanding of systemic racism from this host. But you know what, above all else, I just think this podcast is boring and poorly written in comparison to other true crime podcasts..Score: 1/5

Great podcastSo far great podcast, but it was Norm Lewis who was killed on the motorcycle, not Willis. During the Markeith Loyd manhunt..Score: 5/5

Alright, I’m outta here.Used to love this podcast and the unique approach Mike had towards telling the story, like including 911 calls and police interviews, etc. but the show has now become an outlet for Mike to complain about things he’s totally out of touch with. His personal rhetoric has essentially ruined the show for me..Score: 2/5

My favorite podcast ❤️I seriously don’t know why this podcast is rated 4.0 it should be a 5.0. Absolutely great podcast. Keep up the great work!.Score: 5/5

Maybe some empathy?I acknowledge that people who commit terrible crimes earn our disgust and have a significant impact on their family, their victim’s family, and their community. However, when the criminal is not an outright psychopath and is clearly mentally ill could ya show some empathy for the fact that they are still a human being who may have only the wherewithal do so much with the cards they were dealt? If the podcast is going for sarcasm and satire, it’s falling flat..Score: 1/5

Great podcastWow!! The host is so passionate about each topic or case he discusses.. The episode with the police interrogations of the 18 yr old was so hard to listen to...broke my heart when the cops pushed the kid to confess to a crime he didn’t commit.. it’s crazy..and scary.. 2/17/2021: why the F***k in this podcast still stuck at 4 stars.. when it should be at 5.... this is the best podcast out there... I listen to A Lot of True Crime Podcast.... and so I am very picky about what I subscribe to.... what I like best is the research Mike does and even though each episodes is a different crime you get so much details that u may not need to listen an 8 episode podcast with the same topic........this is Truly the BEST PODCAST...hands down.....Score: 5/5

It’s okI like most of the stories but Mike seems to have professional (or personal?) issues that he brings up on the podcast. It’s not relevant to the story & doesn’t fit in with the format so not sure why they are added. Otherwise the show offers decent entertainment through darkness..Score: 2/5

ExcExcellent, but watch the ego. Jim Harold and likely several others had true crime podcasts before yours. Yes, you were an early adopter, but not first..Score: 5/5

WoofHost is quite annoying and not a great storyteller either.Score: 1/5

On the RightMike gives us the horrible crimes an outlook that would be hard to conclude on our own. To take something that is just so terrible for all of the victims and portray it a manageable way. He give respect to those that have been wronged in so many ways that are inconceivable. Thanks Mike keep up the great work! Mrs. Shaw.Score: 5/5

Second Place True Crime PodcastPersonally, this is only my second best podcast that I enjoy listening to. It is very well produced and worth the time if you like true crime..Score: 5/5

The dog whistle of bigotryThe show is well put together but there is something pointed about it. Not merely bad vs good guys. The show has an opinion on who the bad guys always are..Score: 3/5

OvercompensatingThis guy constantly bashes the ‘mentally ill’ who nefariously ‘hide their symptoms’ before they spring to murder and crime. He encourages the media to proclaim guilt in cases that are unfolding. He constantly propagates the lie that mentally ill individuals cause violence at a greater rate than ‘normal’ individuals; whereas the truth is mentally ill individuals are the victims of violence at a much greater rate than ‘normal’ individuals. Basically this guy has no background in criminology, has biased views toward policing in general, and has very little understanding of the subject matter he’s been covering for years. Simply regurgitating information he has read, he fails to think critically, and the podcast is dull as a result. His social media is beyond bizarre. instagram com /mboudet/ <-creator of this show. Explains a lot.Score: 1/5

SpookyI do love Mike’s voice and his story telling, and I love that he’s not afraid to hide the gory details, especially 9-1-1 calls! However, lately he’s been on this “I did true crime podcasts first” kick and making unnecessary comments (One episode said something about a crazy person being a MFM fan) and it takes me out of the story. Obviously, he’s allowed an opinion and I usually am grateful he gives it, even if I disagree. But the whole “I did it first” is annoying. I’m thankful he started it but come on, I’m glad there’s more out there! That being said, I won’t stop listening and I’ll keep supporting. You’re doing great, Mike. Don’t lessen the achievements of others, though..Score: 4/5

Condescending host. Judgmental of victimsHolier than thou attitudes of host. He mentioned with incredulity that a person diagnosed with mental illness as a child, felony arrests, delusions, and substance addiction was arrested “TWENTY TIMES!” Superiority complex and shallow thinking by host make this former listener want to offer diversity, inclusion, equity, and implicit bias training. Dear host, you are no better than the people you ridicule and exploit to gain a tiny little bit of waning attention..Score: 2/5

Great binge-worthy podcast!I listened to ALL episodes and then joined plus and listened to all of those within just a few months! This is a great podcast with a great narrator. Keep them coming!.Score: 5/5

So soThe host is a narcissist but the stories are well told and great detail. Less about his ideologies and more true crime would be cool..Score: 3/5

Love these guysBest true crime podcast! Makes my day so much better.Score: 5/5

JerkThis dude is a jerkkkkkkkkkkk..Score: 1/5

Best crime podcast there is hands downThis has been a rollercoaster with S&S. I tried to listen to the lady host, I just couldn’t handle it. Deleted and canceled the subscription. With Mike doing the thing he does best, I resubscribed even as a sword and scale plus member and I’m pleased to hear his voice. So true pony boy!.Score: 5/5

Great show, but recycled episodesDon’t bother paying for plus, within a couple of weeks they pop up into the free podcast..Score: 3/5

Love this podcast!Love this podcast and the hosts voice.Score: 5/5

Mike is THE Best!I’ve tried other true crime podcasts and hands down, this one is the best. I look forward to my drive to work when I know there is a new podcast. Mike tells the story so well and doesn’t miss a beat. Great Job!.Score: 5/5

AwesomeYou can tell Mike puts a lot of time and research into each episode and I feel like I get a ton of detail on each case discussed..Score: 5/5

UnbearableGetting alt right brainwash vibes.Score: 1/5

The Best, Jerry! The BEST!I’m just starting to listen to true crime podcasts and for the few that I’ve heard so far, YOU have the best! Your delivery and the voice...MAN! I was hooked. Keep ‘em coming..Score: 5/5

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Like itNot bad at all.Score: 5/5

Excellent podcast buttttI echo parts of the sentiment posted in the review that I’m referring to in the title. However, I feel that the growth that has occurred over the last six years needs to be acknowledged. The Vince Li case, episode 31, was blatant fear mongering of schizophrenia. In particular, I really cringed at the last few sentences of the episode. Vince Li had paranoid schizophrenia, which only makes up a small percentage of the population with schizophrenia. I’m not just being PC - promoting this fear based message on this huge platform is part of the problem. But as an avid listener, I can hear the growth that’s occurred over the course of the seasons. To be discussing the effects of structural violence in relation to mental health is so interesting to listen to, and a huge credit to you. Still one of my favourite podcasts, and I’m a woman..Score: 4/5

Could be good but..Dude cries way too much about snowflakes and millennials..Score: 2/5

Mikes Amazing!!!The host tells it like it is without the bs politically correct stuff you get on other true crime shows. The mix of story telling with actual footage/clips is the perfect balance and well worth paying for sword and scale plus.Score: 5/5

Enjoyable, but a few issuesI only recently discovered this podcast and has been loving the content and style, which is why I rated four stars. However, the phone call at the start of episode 21 was extremely short sighted and insensitive. A real shame coming from a great podcast..Score: 4/5

ExcellentSword and Scale is for the more discerning listener..Score: 5/5

My favorite podcast - Love Love ❤️Mike Boudets storytelling is just too good..Score: 5/5

Used to be my number oneThis show used to be great however I keep finding myself being pulled out of my usual intense listening session by the hosts unnecessary opinions and digs, it’s so distracting and really ruins the otherwise great podcast. I don’t know what’s changed but I hope it gets back to what it once was..Score: 1/5

Host is the worst. Stories are good.Omg will the host please stop with the sarcastic and unnecessary commentary. Is there no one that proof reads the scripts? When he said “kids these days are just jumping on the trans-bandwagon” made him sound so uneducated. He then offered an opinion on the sexual history of a woman, implying she was a slut. But I’m torn because the stories are so interesting..Score: 1/5

Still got itReally well researched and produced podcast, and (weirdly) good for sending us to sleep! Mike does seem to be letting his cynicism creep in more and more, and we find the music overly intrusive. Would be great to have some non-US episodes. Keep up the great work, from 2 fans in Darwin, Australia..Score: 4/5

Used to like this but the host is more and more annoyingSeriously, he needs to get over himself. Just listening to him saying that he started the whole true crime podcast thing while whining about serial. No. You didn’t. There were others. I’m tired of the snarky and often offensive things he says. I used to love the shows but I get so angry now. There are many other (and yes, newer, but who cares?) who do true crime much better..Score: 1/5

Where have you gone?I’ve been waiting for more shows!! Come on mike! 😁😁.Score: 5/5

Excellent content + beautifully presentedMike’s voice and narration style together with the beautifully written stories will keep you coming back.Score: 5/5

SpeechThe way you read these stories is broken and hard to follow. Half way through a sentence you pause....and then continue. It’s very slow and mundane.Score: 1/5

Incredibly well doneWith real audio it's different to other true crime podcasts, it's very well done.Score: 5/5

Use to be good then it went badFirst 3 seasons were fantastic couldn’t get enough of it and then it went bad. If you want to keep listeners you need to keep putting in the time and effort not give up and expect people to keep listening..Score: 1/5

:(Has kinda just turned into a big rant from an angry dude who thinks all his opinions are 100% true facts..Score: 1/5

One of the bestEasily up there in the best true crime podcasts out. Always well researched and very interesting to listen to..Score: 5/5

ExploitiveAs time has gone on this podcast has become increasingly exploitive and heavily reliant on 911 tape/police audio. I find myself audibly cringing to the sensationalist and judgemental things the host says about both the criminals and their victims, it’s become all but insufferable.Score: 1/5

Used to be great. Now a shell of its former self.This used to be my favourite podcast, but in the last year or two either Mike has been very lazy with his writing, or someone else writes it. He's turning into a whinging boomer that constantly complains about PC culture and millennials, and it just gets annoying hearing it so much. I don't like PC culture either, so that's why I avoid FB and Twitter, but the out of touch boomers will find you anywhere! He probably spends way too much time online if I had to guess. That said, he's still got one of the best voices in the podcast game, and he definitely has the skill to be the best again. He just needs to get back to what made him great about 60 episodes ago. No silly quips about millennials, "no back in my day" BS, no "entitlement is ruining kids today", just fantastically written and narrated crime podcasts. Leave your old man tears at the door. I still listen though, and if it gets back to what made it great, then I'll update my review....Score: 1/5

Love itCovers tragic stories with the dignity and respect towards the victims that other ultra PC man-hating podcasts fail at. Ironically, crazies hate this podcast because of the views or sense of humour of the male host, and prefer those that speak about victims of crime like they are pieces of meat. As one of your female listeners - keep it up, Mike. Oh and buy the dip..Score: 5/5

Impressive!I had been meaning to check out this podcast for while because I had heard great things about it, and I’m so glad I did. I really enjoy the music, interviews, and clips of interrogations and court proceedings. It’s clear a lot of work goes into each episode and it makes a for a great listening experience..Score: 1/5

WickedIt’s engaging, it’s intimate, I feel like I’m looking through a key hole at something I probably shouldn’t be able to see..Score: 5/5

Excellent podcastI am a loyal listener of only a couple of true crime podcasts but sword and scale is by far my favourite. I like it because it only has the one host, so there’s no “witty” banter (ie annoying and pointless chit chat), the host has a great voice that is easy to listen to, there’s always a heap of detail in each episode and though I do sometimes find some of Mike’s opinions eyebrow raising (mainly when it comes to mental illness) I do find him, for the most part, affable and entertaining. I’ve listened to many podcast in this genre and sword & scale is one of two I always come back to for more. Keep up the good work!!.Score: 5/5

Dope Podcast!My brother told me about this podcast and instantly i was hooked. I listened to every episode and im always wanting more. Keep up the Awesome Work!.Score: 5/5

Sword and ScaleInformative and challenging. At times harrowing but endlessly fascinating.Score: 5/5

The BestThe best true crime podcast by far, and I listen to a lot. Love the host’s voice and his delivery. The research and detail is phenomenal. Inserts of audio are well done. Couldn’t get through the work day commute without my fix of S&S. I truly don’t understand the negative reviews! Keep it up from Down Under..Score: 5/5

Was good until it got politicalI used to love it but the Covid 19 episode got political. Shame....Score: 1/5

Just meh..Earlier episodes were great and seemed to be presented with a greater impartiality. Most recent episodes are super judgemental and Mike seems to think he is an expert in Mental Health issues..Score: 2/5

Still my favourite podcastThis has always been my #1 podcast and it still is. Informative, interesting and I love the music choices! Keep up the awesome work, Mike!.Score: 5/5

Started strong, gone downhillI Initially loved the way that the host spoke about cases with sensitivity and impartiality. Sadly, as the show has continued, the cases have become far more sensationalized. At times, I’ve found the hosts’ manner quite condescending and dehumanizing. It’s disappointing to watch a great podcast gradually becoming more biased and insensitive..Score: 2/5

Great podcast buuuttttI have listened to nearly every episode of this podcast and regard it as being high caliber and well-deserving of its high rating. However, this most recent episode, 171, left me feeling slighted. As a Canadian, I found the episode to be quite dismissive of the Canadian police service. The little quip about our Mounties and their “silly hats,” was unnecessary. The mispronunciation of Regina as well as referring to Canada as Canadia when scoffing at the mental health policies within our judicial system came off as very ignorant. Regarding the Vince Li case, the mental health system had failed him. He had sought help over 5 years and although symptoms of schizophrenia were observed by many, little was done to help him. He was discharged after ten years of treatment. The podcast made it sound like he walked free shortly after. I’ve loved this podcast, but this one seemed as though it was researched with bias and hastily produced..Score: 4/5

Love this podcastAre you coming back?.Score: 5/5

AnnoyedI’m pretty annoyed that they give you an episode and then to listen to part 2 you have to pay for the plus site this shouldn’t be allowed either tell the story on this platform or don’t - don’t give half half.Score: 3/5

Love this podcast. Great listening always100%.Score: 5/5

Well researched and brilliant productionThere isn’t a podcast around that even comes close to the quality and production values of sword and scale. Not for the faint hearted as the level of detail is much deeper than other podcasts that gloss over most of the story..Score: 5/5

Unprofessional rantsI strongly disagree with the way you force feed your opinions i.e. ‘don't talk to cops’ - and I strongly disagree with that opinion. You ranted it, I ignored it. Then you made an episode on it and made it personal? Highly unprofessional. Instead of force feeding my own opinions back onto you, I’ll just give you what you asked for in your rant - 1 star and another listener that won’t tune in anymore. Disappointed..Score: 1/5

Best Crime Podcast Hands DownThe most absorbing, comprehensive and easy listening criminal podcast out there. Mike Boudet is an excellent host and the material is meticulously presented and thoroughly entertaining . Long time fan.Score: 5/5

Salacious and dramaticMB is unashamed in his approach to story telling - he knows what the people want and serves it up raw. Factual yet peppered with opinion and commentary, it’s entertaining and spine tingling. Definitely the most salacious true crime story telling out there. Fabulous..Score: 5/5

Stop with the Whining!!I was listening to this podcast because of the true crime stories and not to listen to personal opinions and whining like a child. I feel like the host loves listening to his own voice and thinks his opinions are 100% right, no other way. It’s very cringe and a massive turn off for me from this podcast. If the above gets taken out, this podcast, for me, would be one of the best. The host has a great voice for this and tells the stories well. So please, stop pushing your opinions and whining about stuff, no one cares. Just tell the stories..Score: 1/5

Episode 175 - one of the bestWell done on producing such a well formatted true crime podcast. One of the best out there. I have listened to all the episode but epidsode 175 was particularly well done. Sending lots of best wishes from Down Under x.Score: 5/5

Definitely give it a goI didn’t realise the reviews were going to be so mixed! I don’t know why I hadn’t already listened to this podcast as I love true crime! But I’m glad I gave it a go as I really enjoy the host and style of the episodes. I don’t have any complaints! I love it!.Score: 5/5

My favorite pod castBy far this is still my most favorite podcast. I honestly don't understand why there are so many negative reviews. If you don't like Mike, then leave. Listen to another podcast. No one is forcing you to listen. Keep up the great work Mike 👍.Score: 5/5

Go back to basicsYou’re sending me insane with your latest couple of months! I was a long time subscriber to plus but lately I’m losing interest. stop with the interviews and the stories that are all over the shop. I’m officially unsubscribing. Go ahead and have a rant and make all the sarcastic comments you want.....OR you can listen to all the complaints and take the advice on board and start producing quality material again. Up to you though - I know You’re incapable of accepting constructive criticism....prove me wrong..Score: 1/5

This show peaked two years agoWow he thinks he’s way more intelligent than he is. What a douche.Score: 1/5

CmonI binged this podcast when I first found it because the stories were told so well. I was hooked. But recent episodes are so judgemental and feel condescending..Score: 2/5

Great stories but...The host seems to love his own voice. Everything he says is unnecessarily stylised. It’s painful..Score: 3/5

Great podcast!Stoked when this one pops up in my podcast feed each week, well researched and 911 soundbites are incredible (thankfully I can tolerate the captain obvious monologues and wannabe shock-jock antics that are soooo lame 😂). I can’t get enough of Sword & Scale!.Score: 4/5

OkI am intrigued by the story but the host opinion is frustrating. I would love to hear these stories told by someone who isn’t leading the audience with his own opinion.Score: 1/5

4 stars can easily be 5 for me.I love the way that people tell their own stories. I love the fact that so much research has been given to each and every episode. However, I really hate the way Mike Boudet insults peoples intelligence. For example in one episode he says ‘you don’t have to be intelligent to be a juror’ attacking one juror. We are what we are because of the life we are given. We don’t have a choice..Score: 4/5

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DizzieLizzybethBuys a Gundam model kit thats the same scale and brand as the sword I bought a few weeks back. Its still not the right side 🥲.Score: 5/5

VerokiinsHrjkugeo Do you like stuff about crime scenes and stuff like that? In case you do check out Sword and scale ! I l… .Score: 5/5

Vinarmani micropresident: vinarmani It is as you say, we are now at full scale ideological war. We must equip the armor of God, and wield the Sw….Score: 5/5

Micropresident micropresident: vinarmani It is as you say, we are now at full scale ideological war. We must equip the armor of God, and wield the Sw….Score: 5/5

MicropresidentVinarmani It is as you say, we are now at full scale ideological war. We must equip the armor of God, and wield th… .Score: 5/5

KorekiyolkloreSwordshark69 ResxrveCourse //okay wait i understand what you meant now and i think the idea was supposed to be th… .Score: 5/5

LyndseyerinxMollaur Crime Junkie is really good! It’s a true crime podcast, hosted by two women and there isn’t a ton of annoy… .Score: 5/5

MollaurDoes anyone have any podcast recommendations? The ones I listen to are Two Girls One Ghost, Strictly Stalking, and… .Score: 5/5

StinkypiessSword and scale podcast again keeping me up at work lol.Score: 5/5

CBoiseWritesAshTudor888 I for sure do. Especially when listening to true crime podcasts like Sword and Scale..Score: 5/5

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Sword and Scale Podcast Episodes

S8 Episode 180

An unreal crime scene with a dead fortune teller, her dead daughter, and an otherworldly tone has police in Westminster, CA grasping at straws trying to solve the case. They consulted Warlocks, cult experts and were even approached by a dog psychic. They come up with nothing. That is, until they catch a break with a credit transaction… on the opposite coast. In a case that takes you from Little Saigon to rural North Carolina and leads you on a path of greed and destruction this episode will have you questioning your own fortune. “This was a horrible crime and these stories need to be told. I thank you for telling them. We can have reforms but victims cannot be forgotten because evil will still be there and these stories are cautionary tales. Their lives mattered. It mattered to all of us who worked to bring them justice. And Justice, is a lifetime commitment.” -Sonia Balleste, Chief Deputy District Attorney, Santa Barbara Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


The Opportunist tells true stories of regular people who turn sinister simply by being opportunistic. How does an everyday person turn into a thief, a cult leader, or a scammer? Instead of portraying criminals as distinctly “other,” we explore our similarities and reveal the dark potential lurking inside of all of us. The Opportunist will launch with an episodic series on Sherry Shriner, a midwest mom and life-long church goer turned internet cult leader. The series follows Sherry as she gains thousands of followers online by promoting her own religion (a blend of biblical doomsday predictions and popular alien/reptilian conspiracy theories) and profits on selling spiritual weapons that defeat aliens and demons. As she rises to the status of infallible goddess, she leaves a trail of death and destruction in her wake. We speak with family & friends of deceased cult members, prosecutors, police officers, a high profile cult expert and more. Through thought-provoking interviews and investigative reporting, The Opportunist invites the listener along with us on a thrilling journey of discovery. Listen today at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-opportunist-podcast/id1551162705 Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

S8 Episode 179

Markeith Loyd was not there for his first two children, but Sade Dixon gave him another chance at being a father. With God’s guidance, Markeith believed that there was no way he could mess it up this time around. That was until his visions from heaven led him onto the U.S. Marshall’s most wanted list, after the death of four innocent people. Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

S8 Episode 178

Holly Colino’s descent into madness took a long time. A series of unfortunate life events painted her paranoid delusions in a shade of green envy. Everywhere she looked were women that wanted to be her so badly that they would copy everything about her. Her hair, her eyebrows, her lips, her entire identity stolen. Her path for justice took her on a collision course with the mother of an 8-year-old boy that would end in tragedy. Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

S8 Episode 177

Spawned from a long line of vicious criminals, Nikko Jenkins struck terror into Nebraskans when he callously slayed four innocent citizens in his murderous ten-day spree. It was a family adventure when his sister, cousin, and uncle all played roles in the executions. Despite announcing that he would “wage war on society” when released from prison, his blatant warnings were ignored by all but a few. Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

S7 Episode 176

We’re all looking forward to retirement, when we can finally cash out all of our hard-earned savings and live off of it until we die. That’s the hope, at least. Joel Guy Senior and his wife Lisa Guy had just sold their house in Knoxville Tennessee and were preparing to move to a new home in Surgoinsville in December of 2016. They had no idea that Thanksgiving of 2016 would not only be the last holiday celebrated at their old Knoxville home, but it would be the last holiday they’d ever celebrate together. Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

S7 Episode 175

Clark Fredericks was born with a hole in his heart. 46 years later, he was arrested for repeatedly stabbing and killing a retired police lieutenant in the small town of Stillwater, New Jersey. What led Clark to commit such a violent act, and why would he tell us that silence is our worst enemy? Believe it or not, we can all learn a thing or two from the life that confessed killer Clark Fredericks has endured. Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

S7 Episode 174

Trouble in the Amato household began brewing in the summer of 2018, when Grant Amato, the youngest son, developed an addiction to one particular webcam model. Her name is Ady Sweet. Day and night, Grant was watching the live shows Ady streamed. These shows weren’t cheap, and Grant built an entire false persona to gain Ady’s attention. All of his lies were at the expense of his family’s finances and wellbeing. It all came to an end on January 24th, 2019. Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

S7 Episode 173

We move people who commit crimes far away from our society so they don’t harm anyone else… but many of those criminals will eventually serve their sentences and return to civilian life. Who is worthy of our grace and mercy? And what happens when the wrong person is forgiven? Join +PLUS: http://swordandscale.com/plus See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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