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Residents of the Marpole neighborhood in Vancouver, British Columbia suddenly found themselves double-checking their deadbolts when an unidentified killer senselessly murdered two valuable members of the community. 64-year-old Dianna Mah-Jones, and her husband, 68-year-old Richard Jones were discovered in their home on September 26th, 2017. It was a massacre inside, one that law enforcement officials would never forget.

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Fascinating cases...cringy hostThe cases are completely enthralling and the researchg is excellent. However the host is crying-worth, judgy adn sulky and it's a real shame because this is probably the most interesting true-crime podcast out there...less personal input and childish commentary, and more content please...and it would easily be a 5 out of 5 rating..Score: 3/5

Love itFound it 2 years ago and i have listened to the whole episodes a couple of times.Score: 5/5

Hard NoHost is an absolute nightmare of a person..Score: 1/5

Meh, it’s okay I guessI’ve listened to S&S for a few years now but only when I’ve exhausted all the other better true crime podcasts. S&S has some interesting stories and I like that they use interrogation audio - although sometimes it’s so inaudible that’s it’s pointless, but the host is arrogant, rude and overly opinionated. When I first started listening to S&S, I read a review that said “it’s the daily mail of podcasts” and it’s not wrong. So, I will probably continue to listen with apathy and hope Mike’s inflated ego doesn’t get in the way of the stories..Score: 2/5

The latest..........Hi Mike - I’ve just been listening to your latest episode, the story of Mike Williams. Over the years I’ve heard this story several times before but never have I heard it told in such detail and with such compassion, especially for Mike’s mum Cheryl. Quite often I listen to podcasts while I do jobs around the house or to help me get to sleep. Not this time though. I was absolutely glued to every word. Not just the words, but the feelings behind the words. Great job Mike on a heart breaking story. I’m an old fan of yours and will continue to listen. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏻.Score: 5/5

So goodBeen looking for a podcast that I like for a while and someone recommended this one! So glad they did, spent the day painting and wizzed though it while listening.Score: 5/5

My favourite podcastI’d give this podcast 10 stars if I could! It’s by far my favourite and the best true crime podcast out there. So much so that other podcasts recommended it haha. Mike (the host) and the team do a fantastic job. They manage to create a an eerie chilling atmosphere and pull you into each case. I could talk about how great this podcast is all day. Do yourself a favour and start listening now..Score: 5/5

Don’t talk to copsOf course not!!!! I drummed into my kids..... “What do you say if you get arrested?” Answer “Nothing”.Score: 5/5

Emotionally Unstable Host.This makes me really sad. Me and my dad have listened to this podcast together for 4 or 5 years! But the hosts constant rambling about feminism are so annoying and off putting. In some episodes it even leaks into him blaming female victims. When they walk among us and casefile exist, there is absolutely no reason to listen to this podcast. They cover much less well known and interesting cases and do it without the virtue signalling..Score: 1/5

Great story choices and narrationThis is one of the only podcasts I listen to that at times cover stories I’ve never heard of. Easily 5 stars.Score: 5/5

YayLove it ! Sas always covers stories I’ve not heard elsewhere unlike some of the other true crime pod casts who all cover the same old stories.Score: 5/5

I’m out!!Keep your bigoted views to yourself. As the title says, I’m out!.Score: 1/5

I love youYou say the things we’re all thinking and too chicken to say. You’re a badass. We need more Mike B’s in the world! 😬🤙🏼.Score: 5/5

Best True CrimeSimply the best. I’ve been listening since 2014, through thick and thin. I’ve listened to many many podcasts - true crime and others. Nothing is quite like this. Mike tells the story through every angle and every perspective. He has a unique sense of irony, sarcasm and soul. I totally get that. Thank you. Don’t ever stop please..Score: 5/5

Opinion filled rubbishWhen you realise the hosts image is not of a perp. Taking hits at other podcasts every episode. Looks like a used bidet alright.Score: 1/5

Don’t waste your timeThe host is so problematic and narcissistic I would even bother wasting your time..Score: 1/5

MehThis podcast is well produced, but there’s something very dislikable about the host... he seems to latch onto an arguably hypocritical dislike of certain people and is very transparently biased; as well as having a mediocre at best understanding of mental illness. He’s also very bitter about Twitter for some reason, but hey, if you can overlook all this it’s not a bad podcast!.Score: 3/5

Host ruins it completely.I’ve been listening almost from the start, and the stories covered are great. The host however, has steadily become more and more offensive. Feels like he is actively trying to get people to unsubscribe. If that is his intention, it’s worked on me. Shame because I liked the podcast..Score: 2/5

A sad descent into nastinessI have to say, I started as a big fan, but the host has completely lost the plot. The tone of writing has deteriorated, and the dependence on 911 calls has increased. There are many other podcasts that have kept up standards, this is not one of them..Score: 1/5

Mikes back on trackHi Mike Your show is above the tops, I thought you got lost a few years ago, outside influences maybe? But now your back and no one can touch your show or your presentation of it. Carry on your doing great!.Score: 5/5

-10/10Despite how jarring I often found the host I stayed subbed for so long because the stories were so good. However these days it’s so blatant I can no longer enjoy the podcast. So arrogant and insensitive! How about you listen to the feedback rather than banging on about how much you don’t care what people think? Good god..Score: 1/5

AwfulThis podcast is just awful because of Mike Boudet. He likes to attack people, call them freaks etc. What I find funniest about this is he gives off the exact same vibes of all the men he calls freaks. Big incel, never leaves his bedroom energy from Boudet....Score: 1/5

Skrillex called, he wants his strangely loud intro backNot sure why he’s opted for a 2013 teenager’s Spotify playlist as the intro music but each to their own. I don’t find his biased and sexist leanings as much of an issue as the fact that he just comes across as a textbook narcissist - doxxing anonymous victims just to get listens on here is despicable. Now that I’ve learned this I will be unsubbing..Score: 3/5

Almost ruined completely by the hostI’d heard a lot about Mike Boudet online, but didn’t buy into the witch-hunt until I’d listened for myself. Although I still don’t think he is quite as bad as he is often made out to be, he still can’t help but spoil this podcast with some really stupid takes and moronic opinions. There are dozens of examples to be found throughout the episodes but I was pushed over the edge and prompted to leave a review by the Kevin Gregson episode and the sheer, astounding irony of listening to Mike, an American, sneer at and ridicule the infinitely more progressive and successful Canadian justice system throughout. The stories themselves are entertaining, Mike. Don’t ruin them with your ignorance and narcissism..Score: 1/5

Yikes.Insufferable host..Score: 1/5

Good BUTGreat podcast that I love to listen to (almost daily) but he is sometimes very dickish for no reason and weirdly biased at times. It doesn’t make much sense usually but meh.Score: 4/5

Get a kickI don’t rate loads of podcasts but do like this one, and rating this 5* makes me happy, mainly because if you’ve left a crappy review, I’ve just cancelled it out. You’re welcome..Score: 5/5

Not for the faint heartedLove this podcast been listening for years! But I agree with some others there has been a noticeable change in the host over the years, which has begun to taint the content and seemingly the shows rep. Real talk, is it possible that continued exposure to such horrific content could be affecting him? - If I go on a S&S binge it certainly alters my personality! Love, love, love the show but honestly feel Mike is on the way to becoming the story on one of his own episodes....Score: 3/5

Latest podcast is soooo goodI thoroughly enjoyed this episode — the best so far I’ve listened to in a great series. It takes a different perspective and is very thought provoking. I’m surprised but hadn’t heard of this murder before, though perhaps that’s because I’m not in the US.Score: 5/5

Fine if it wasn’t for the hostI’d say the content of the episodes is engaging it’s just a pity that the host seems so intent on being such a dick. He comes across awful and actually makes it really difficult to listen and enjoy the podcast. The weird obsession he has about other podcasts and other members of the podcast community Is just a bit misguided and totally out of place for this podcast and detracts from their episode. You can tell he has an absolute complex about himself and also an absolute opinion on women that isn’t a positive one. And this is coming from a man..Score: 1/5

AmazingThe greatest story telling you’ll get anywhere 🖤.Score: 5/5

It’s like the host as an inferiority complex?I don’t know why but the host insists on talking about his personal life and views like he needs you to know he’s an impressive specimen of a man. It’s actually laughable now..Score: 1/5

Nope.Mike Boudet is human garbage..Score: 1/5

True crime with a sense of humourFavourite true crime podcast, Mike tells interesting true crime stories that are not the same old re-hashed tales that you often get when following many similar podcasts. Mike offers exciting stories with an edge whilst remaining respectful of the victims..Score: 5/5

Mike Boudet is one of the worst creatures to slither out of the primordial pitFolks, don’t waste your brain cells on this podcast. Mike Boudet is not only a MAGA supporter, he’s racist, homophobic, and he literally stalks and harasses women. All you have to do is google his name and the receipts get thrown at you (there’s a lot, I’m warning you). He’s absolutely vile and you should avoid him and his minions at all costs. The only reason I gave this a star is because you can’t post minus stars..Score: 1/5

OKThe stories are well picked and all relevant information is given and the recollections always flow well. HOWEVER: Would be good if the narrator/writer realised they have a world audience and not everyone has as backward and arbitrary view on things as he/they may do. I guess you don’t speak for the average American. Locking up everyone and throwing away the key is not the answer to all of societies ills and to belittle a whole country’s justice system and portray it as soft is a little disingenuous. Maybe soften the massive opinionated segments..Score: 3/5

Great time filler!I like a good story with a beginning a middle and an end and Mike does this really well. His dry sense of humour and intricate research means you get a great insight and a good true crime story. I really enjoy this, all the way from the UK!.Score: 5/5

BrilliantThis is the best true crime show by a long way..Score: 5/5

Great podOne of the best podcast out there . Great story’s well told. Must listen for all true crime fans ..Score: 5/5

Gone downhillHave to agree with previous reviews Used to like this podcast but it has really gone downhill over the last few years. It has become a sounding board for arrogant, ignorant and bigoted views from the host and I can’t even get through one episode anymore. His behaviour outside of the podcast has also put me off - he doesn’t listen to any feedback and just attacks instead, which is a shame..Score: 1/5

The best in the game!This podcast has been a staple of mine for years and I am a proud subscriber. Mikes storytelling skills are second to non. The content is gripping, horrifying at times, but can also be truly heartwarming. You truly get a sense of every part of the story told and go through every emotion the host wants you to feel. Each episode is a journey, so buckle up for an unforgettable ride!!.Score: 5/5

The best podcast! I’m hooked!Please do a podcast on Austin Harrouff!.Score: 5/5

Truly my all time favorite!Love love LOVE how detailed your research and how you always add to every episode your special sauces. Quite hard to do given how many True Crime podcasts there are these days. There is no one like you. Keep on keep being you, Mike Boudet! Your efforts are appreciated. And those who don’t appreciate your efforts are welcome to find their truly all time favorite too. Oh and I LOVE your soundtrack too. Stay well, my friend..Score: 5/5

I amWe.Score: 5/5

I was enjoying this butNow I have to subscribe so.Score: 4/5

Amazing 10/10Found this podcast by mistake..wow how did I not here about this before, very well produced and written 👌🏼 now my number 1 podcast.. Thank you.Score: 5/5

Sword&ScaleSword&scale really is one of the best of crime podcasts out there, it definitely stands out from the crowd, if your thinking of listening give it a shot. Mike I’m so glad your back narrating, it just wasn’t the same without you. I love the way the episodes have material from the cases, like police calls and interrogations etc as opposed to just the case-file, which I’ve found isn’t as gripping. I’ve been listening since 2013 and I’m still gripped, I’ve been keeping my self sane with S&S during the lockdown. Keep up the awesome work!.Score: 5/5

No evolution. No respect.The obnoxious music, sensationalist narrative and grating, irreverent host makes this podcast impossible to listen to. No evolution or progression since I stopped listening a couple of years ago. Shame..Score: 1/5

One of the best!I love the podcast, I do not care what people think of the host, I think he is profesional and good at what he does, if that come as arogant to some people that is becouse not everyone will like you or agree with you, ever! Well done Mike, for the hard work you put on your podcast!.Score: 5/5

Shame reallyThe podcast itself is well produced but Jesus Christ the incessant references to “crazy feminists” are painful. Sure, I think everyone can agree that there is a specific branch of “feminism”, usually predominantly white cis straight women, who get it really really wrong. But that’s not the majority of people who speak out against men, that’s not even the majority of feminists. Just super off putting, host comes off as very entitled and out of touch and really lacks critical thinking and compassion. Wouldn’t recommend. Try True Crime Brewery, Wine and Crime, Casefile, They Walk Among Us, Crime Junkie, True Crime All The Time, and True Crime Garage.Score: 1/5

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Too bad the host is unstableThe show could have been a great thing, but instead it’s trash because mike is trash..Score: 1/5

Good showAlthough Mike’s gotta be the youngest ‘boomer’ I have ever seen. You know there is a generation between millennials and boomers, right?.Score: 4/5

Let Boudet Be BoudetThis podcast is one of the best TC Pods ever. Who cares if you don’t like Boudet in real life. I personally think it’s funny that he does what he does. Chaos = Entertainment ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!! Keep it up Mike, the episodes are always top notch.Score: 5/5

A misogynistic BullyIf I could give 0 stars I would..Score: 1/5

Show ideaThis show is amazing. I am a listener from Canada. I am currently in school and take walk everyday to help me focus. Your podcast peeks my interest on many levels. Thank you for all that your bring to the show. My idea is, there should be a show on the green River killer..Score: 5/5

What happened Mike?Man- this podcast used to be the holy grail for me. Hands down the very best of true crime. This past two years though? My goodness. Mike, what happened to you? First of all, you clearly hate doing this show. Look I get it, passions change. It’s cool to move on. Maybe you should just let this podcast go and try something new. Every episode you sound angry, bitter, resentful and just quite simply over it. When there was a new episode of Sword and Scale in my library, I used to drop everything to listen to it. I was a patreon, and I devoured every episode in awe of your research and story telling. Now, I find myself listening a few days later only half interested, but hopeful that you might get back on track. So far, it’s just the same lacklustre storytelling from a host seething through his teeth. What a shame, you used to be the GOAT..Score: 1/5

ExcellentOne of the originals and definitely the best.Score: 5/5

Low key homophobiaI’ve listen to a few episodes now and there is a definite homophobic/misogynistic/transphobic vibe to some of Mike’s comments. For example, I believe ep 186. “Do I detect a lisp?” is his segue into talking about one of the suspect’s sexual ‘experimentation’, which *is* also later referred to as a “lifestyle” by the host. Another example, ep 187. When talking about the murderer and rapist Brian Cooper confessing to his mother on the phone, he uses an example of a kid coming out to his parent as gay or trans, as a compatible conversation. As though the two are both terrible things, but opposite ends of terrible. Not to mention his flagrant disregard for gender identity, which he casually flips off in the same segment by basically saying gender pronoun choice is a trend. That’s less than three episodes in. The show is very well researched and put together, but the host’s prejudice shines through on social issues to a point where he’s treading the boring, and incredibly ill-founded trope that so called ‘liberalism’ and the rights of LGBTQ2S+ people are somehow part and parcel of the degeneration of society. Listen with caution for this aggressive prejudice (on top of caution for the nature of the subject material itself)..Score: 1/5

Great ShowA brilliant storyteller who isn’t afraid to offend when needed. A captivating combination..Score: 5/5

SadI think this podcast is really well produced. I tired for a really long time to separate the man from his work. His hateful and childish ranting is too much. it has proved impossible . It’s sad he’s wasted his talent ..Score: 1/5

Stories are Great, Host is a Misogynistic Bigot.Host loves to act like he’s an advocate for women but in the same breath uses slurs like “p*ssy” to insult men. Dude.. it’s 2021 and you cannot come up with a better insult than a word that references female genitalia ? Especially considering that specific region endures childbirth and you’re using it to insult weak men. In this same episode, host says something about “inconvenient pronouns”. Tell us how you really feel. Mind blowing that there are still successful people who act like this..Score: 2/5

Best true crime podcast out thereLove this podcast it’s the only good one out there. The host Mike is awesome! Keep them coming Mike!.Score: 5/5

Host has issuesDisgusting, racist, misogynistic man who has too much time on his hands. Do not listen to this..Score: 1/5

Something changedI really like true crime podcasts and I really liked Sword and Scale at its inception. I've listened for several years. Something with the host has changed. I've really noticed the higher, holier than thou attitude that now seeps into every episode. The last straw for me was a homophobic comment made in the latest episode. It was completely unacceptable. I'm fully aware that the host doesn't care about comments and won't care about this. He's obviously developed a very serious everyone is out to get me and I never do anything wrong attitude. But there are way better true crime podcasts to support then this one.Score: 1/5

BEST true crime pod *****Mike Boudet speaks the truth and a lot of people cannot handle it... keep it up man!.Score: 5/5

Embarrassing!Episodes steadily and rapidly declining in quality over the past few years. Would be better if the host Mike spent less time trying to jam in his 'hot takes' on current events and using $5 words out of context in an attempt to sound thoughtful. The latest episode, 189, had one of the most embarrassing opening monologues yet in this regard. Show is totally bloated at this point, a shell of its former self. Embarrassing. Get this guy an editor..Score: 1/5

Got me through trafficGreat podcast Some of the audio has literally traumatized me.Score: 4/5

Best podcast I have ever listened toI strongly recommend this podcast to all my friends interested in true crime. So well researched and produced, great audio, good tone and delivery of story. You hear the time and effort put into this podcast and I will be joining their paid podcast in the near future!.Score: 5/5

Extraordinarily well doneDeep rich professional unbiased coverage and very professionally produced..Score: 5/5

Zero empathy and class….only sarcasm, snark and apathyI’ve tried for years to stay loyal to this podcast but I just can’t anymore..Score: 1/5

Mike Boudet is trashAt the very beginning of its inception, this was a decent podcast. Slowly we got insight into Mike Boudet’s personal character. Racism, misogyny, hatred for disabled people and those with mental illness. I figured that he’s not gonna be able to keep his true feelings subtle forever and, well, here we are. Full blown racism and misogynist piece of garbage. Why do mediocre men gain so much success? World, we can set our standards higher than this..Score: 1/5

Love Hate RelationshipLove the podcast. Hate that you made every other podcast boring..Score: 5/5

Host is arrogantI used to really like the show...But the host has become a really bitter and ignorant person over the years. Maybe he needs more hugs. Also the new dubstep intros are totally lame..Score: 1/5

Come onIt got really depressing when the host had to start playing voicemails of listeners equally as unhinged as himself at the end of each episode to back up why people should listen..Score: 1/5

Avid ListenerBest Podcast Hands down!!.Score: 5/5

:(As much as I️ enjoy the podcast, I️ have a hard time supporting someone with the views of Mike and his beliefs..Score: 1/5

Racist and sexistThe host is toxic! Couldn’t listen after a while. There’s better true crime shows out there that show respect to the victims and their families..Score: 1/5

The best true crime podcast. Period.There is no other true crime podcast that comes close to the consistent quality of storytelling & narration that this one has. Also, the host treats the subject matter with a empathy & intelligence while maintaining the dark edge that true crime lovers want..Score: 5/5

Still paying for reviews I seeThere are so many better podcasts than this hack..Score: 1/5

What’s with the music!I used to like this podcast but the music used and playing it in the background while telling the story is too much. Pure noise. Oh well..Score: 1/5

Great hostMy favourite podcast of them. Every story is gripping can’t say enough how great it is. Wondered if you could do the story of Todd kendhammer unbelievable story only you could do it justice. On the regular podcast. Just wondering why season one taken off..Score: 5/5

Yikes dudeThis show would be a lot better without the host’s personal commentary. It’s 2021, suggesting that queer people can be identified by “a lisp” and mocking mental illnesses are just cringe worthy. Also is a clear misogynist. If you’re a raging Republican with dates, bigoted views- you will love this show..Score: 1/5

Ugh!I get sooooo tired of his little Canadian jabs and blanket statements. I have been listening since day one but more and more I find myself feeling annoyed with Mike. He is just so arrogant and opinionated. Just tell the story. The story’s are good. I wish the host was better..Score: 3/5

Let haters hate!Uh the review used to be 4.5 and it’s down to 4! Love the way story goes and it’s music too. Thanks for the hard work Mike and his mates! Love from B.C Canada..Score: 5/5

TransphobicMultiple occasions this host makes transphobic comments..Score: 2/5

Garbage hostI used to love sword and scale and have been a fan for years. Sadly I can’t listen to Mike anymore- he’s toxic and it’s really tainted the show for me. Sad day!.Score: 1/5

Best true crime podThis is my number 1! I love that it includes real audio from 911 calls & court testimonies. Also, I’ve rarely heard of the cases that are covered. Best true crime pod out there and the only one I listen to currently. I’ve listened to many others but inevitably lose interest..Score: 5/5

A huge mess latelyI used to be a fan but in the last few years the show went seriously downhill. The host has repetitively made bizarre racist, misogynistic, alt-right comments not only on her personal social media but the poscast’s socials as well. It used to just be facts about gruesome cases and now it’s so much personal whining and long winded complaints about things he’s brought upon himself it’s insufferable to listen to. If you’re looking for a true crime option theres far better options with ethical hosts I prefer to support..Score: 1/5

Gone downhillStories are no longer interesting. Poor editing makes episodes hard to listen to..Score: 1/5

Used to be goodThis podcast used to be my favourite. The episodes were interesting, unbiased and factual. I don’t know what happened to the narrator but he is just awful now. His attitude is terrible, he’s disrespectful and let’s his personal opinions ruin the episodes. The techno music is absolutely terrible.. this is a true crime podcast. The last comment he made about knowing someone is gay because of their ‘lisp’ was it for me. I’m done with this podcast..Score: 1/5

My latest addictionIf you’re a true crime junkie this podcast is a must! Listener beware: the content gets pretty disturbing in some episodes.Score: 4/5

My goodness this host is the worst.Dude. You are the worst. Just research and host the stories. No one cares about your stupid, uneducated opinions. Unsubscribed. I can’t listen to you anymore..Score: 1/5

Incel vibesThe obvious hate this man has for women is palatable. Pretty sure he’s fantasizing about being the murder himself while he talks..Score: 1/5

Too personalI used to love this show but I have become more irritated with Mike Boudet and how he can not help but to throw in his personal feelings. I don’t like that the podcast has become a place for him to get the last word in when it comes to his social media arguments. The podcast sadly has lost its professionalism in my opinion..Score: 1/5

Five stars for mikeEveryone who has a problem is a cuck loser who can’t handle facts go back to twitter babies.Score: 5/5

It’s not a good podcastNot a fan of this storytelling style. I don’t enjoy listening to this pod..Score: 1/5

Welcome to CanadaWhere justice have as much teeth a ab 99 years okd yep here you can murder your kids and walk free in 3 years if your TRIAK TAKES more tha 38 monts you can get cleared automatically with the Jordan law . During the short existence Canadian justice was rule by white fachistes.if i can say but, since the death penalty canceled, justice doesn't scare anymore with a good lawyer you can be out of trouble IN NO TIME, i could give you many exemples like a guy drunk 4.2 alcool in his blood kill 2 persons a cat and got paraplegic the 2 others occupants in the car he crashed walking FREE AS A BIRD WITHOUT. EXCUSES because alcool test were found inadmissible in court it is a MAJOR SHAME aREAL JOKE PUTKAW PARADISE, thus guy Rocky Rambo i can bet he's out before his 25 years sentence garantie!.Score: 5/5

THE BEST EVER!Sword and Scale is one of the very best podcasts out there.... EVER! Updating in 2021 after originally writing this review years ago: it’s still the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Ignore the non-sense, sit back, and just enjoy a great podcast..Score: 5/5

Vile HostDoes not play nice in the sandbox. Can't ignore that..Score: 1/5

Best true crimeMy favourite true crime podcast. I enjoy his telling of the stories more than most other podcasts..Score: 5/5

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If I could un-listen I wouldMike Bidet is an awful person. Listened to a few episodes and was annoyed with his personal comments, we don’t listen to hear what you think or about your life, we want to hear about the case..Score: 1/5

Best of the Best.I listen to TONS of true crime podcasts. This one is hands down the best. His narrative style, honest words, and well-researched stories, make this podcast binge-worthy. On a side note: Thank you for not feeding into the ridiculous “woke” culture. I appreciate the patriotism. It’s refreshing to hear someone that sees changes that need to be made, but still stands up for our country’s freedoms. Well done, my friend! Maunalee -The Cherishing Childhood Podcast Edit: just listened to the newest episode. What’s with the dramatic and constant pauses?? It’s literally torturous to the ears. Just tell the story please!.Score: 5/5

Really?This guy mocks people for “zoning in on inconsequential details of a MURDER story”…… you realize people can get upset about more than one thing at a time, right? And it’s perfectly normal to get upset about small details of a bigger picture… that’s kind of how it all works. I hope you fail miserably, to say the least..Score: 2/5

Based.You’re the man. The best true crime podcast..Score: 5/5

Used to be decent.I used to listen to S&S religiously. However, as of recently it seems there too much personal (and often unnecessary) commentary thrown in there as well as relying heavily on 911 calls or other audio no one can understand..Score: 1/5

Good content. Bad host.The content is good. Unfortunately the host has gotten more and more intolerable over the years. Completely full of himself and loves to insult others. It’s a bad look..Score: 2/5

AwfulIt’s an awful podcast with an arrogant dummy behind the mic. Perfect for other idiots though, it appears..Score: 1/5

Good stories, annoying host.If you can get through the opening EDM / Rave intro music and then the douche bag host the stories are good..Score: 2/5

Carotid.It’s not “corroded artery,” idiot. I wouldn’t judge this podcast or the host so harshly if Mike hadn’t already proven that he’s garbage. Episodes are great, but his infantile and angsty comments are inappropriate..Score: 1/5

Verbally abusive piece of trashMike is absolute TRASH. He harasses, verbally abuses and threatens other podcasters. Please remove him from your podcast lists and from all podcast media platforms you listen to your favorite podcasts on. Please stop sponsoring him. I used to super love Sword and Scale. But now after all the abuse allegations have come to light, I will never listen to anything he does again. Eff this piece of garbage. Also, one of the lady’s on S&S Rewind is a racist. Don’t listen to that garbage either..Score: 1/5

Dark and well researchedI love this podcast because it’s the darkest and most thoroughly researched podcast I’ve found. I love the 911 calls and media clips that are used to enhance the story. I don’t really care for Mike as a person, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he researches and presents the facts and story of the case very well. If you like very dark true crime, this is for you!.Score: 4/5

“Do you hear a lisp?”Really? Nice homophobia..Score: 3/5

Your poor little ego.Those two other ladies who are always talking about the patriarchy? Sound a little more jealous and douchey about the success of My Favorite Murder why dontcha. Hahahahaha.Score: 1/5

Top 5 worth listing toThere are few podcasts that continually put out episodes and have the ability to produce quality content without running out of steam. This is one of those. Open ended with no set end date, and due to the nature of the podcast, there is no shortage of episode topics. If you need a podcast to binge listen to, look no further. If you need a podcast for your daily commute, look no further. If you need a podcast to listen to while home alone, hope you don’t scare easily. Thanks to Mike, for continuing to push through the vocal minority and finding ways to keep the show going. 👏🏻.Score: 5/5

Waste of TimeI listen to EVERYTHING true crime. From highly polished to start ups with less than perfect sound, Sword and Scale is time you’ll never be able to get back. The victim blaming is off the charts. The use of tape and violent, vivid descriptions exist because the writing is pretty terrible. I unsubscribed before I found out what a misogynistic bully Mike Boudet is. He represents everything that is wrong with the entitled white asshat. Just like I do with my toddler, society should quit rewarding this particular child for his abhorrent behavior..Score: 1/5

Best True Crime Podcast EVER!No debate what so ever Mike has the best crime podcast I’ve ever listened to. I’ve been listening for about three years now, and I recommended this podcast to all my friends. I would love to commend Mike and the team on their ability to find all the nitty gritty details, including 9-1-1 calls, talking to detectives and people directly related to the stories, as well as painting the victims perfectly in order to share their life and stories. I feel like Mike is directly talking to me and telling me a story effortlessly. I’m not sure why people hate on him, I have yet to figure that out. Oh and he includes humor that has me giggling behind the wheel! Love you guys keep up the amazing work!!!!-love KYLA.Score: 5/5

Racist, misogynistic, heartlessI used to like the podcast until I saw his social media accounts. He is a horrendous person that makes the world worse. He doesn’t seem to care about anyone unless they think and act like him. It’s a shame he chooses to use his privilege and platform to hurt, intimidate, and belittle people..Score: 1/5

Wish there was one everyday!!!!!!Best show ever!!! I just want more and more!!!! Thank you but please stop whatever you do to keep living and just make podcasts everyday, all day!!!!! That’s it just podcasts please!!! Thank you❤️.Score: 5/5

Great storytelling but questionable commentsI love listening to this podcast. However I noticed in one of the recent episodes that the host made multiple concerning comments that I found to be entirely inappropriate and overall unnecessary to the story. Comments on the validity of peoples pronouns as well as an odd problem with the term “trigger“. Mike, it’s 2021 must you still be so sensitive to our progressive society? Let’s put the focus on your fabulous stories and narration and please keep your closed minded opinions out of it..Score: 1/5

Most thrilling podcast!!Only crime podcast I get excited for!.Score: 5/5

Awesome podcast! The BEST out thereI’ve been searching for a podcast just like this one for forever and man am I glad I found it. I’ve listened to all the episodes and can’t wait for new ones to come out when they do. The audio incorporated in to the podcast ties you in to the story and makes it so real. Mike has the perfect voice for it too. If you’re a true crime junkie, this podcast is for you! Amazing!.Score: 5/5

In-depth dive into casesI’ve heard some of the cases covered but this podcast is able to get their hands on EVERYTHING! 911 calls, interviews, police interrogation vids, that others don’t have. Amazing job and keep it up..Score: 5/5

2 Thumbs up!Love this Podcast! One of my faves!.Score: 5/5

Stick it outOnce you get past the host’s arrogance, condescending tone at times and misogyny, and you can tune it out, you’ll find this is the best true crime podcast out there..Score: 4/5

TerribleAwful podcast with one of the most abrasive hosts I’ve ever heard of. Pure exploitation of victims and their families. Should be taken down by Apple..Score: 1/5

Impatient listenerI subscribe to a myriad of true crime podcasts and have listened to the entire catalogue of Sword and Scale. From the content to the commentary, this one is by far my fave. Others fill their’s with back and forth chit chat between co-hosts and it can be tiresome to lend an ear to. Please Mike, never stop doing your unique thing. The thrill of logging on and seeing a new episode is sublime. I’m impatiently waiting for more and more and more. Best true crime podcast out there!.Score: 5/5

Best true crime podcast around, hands down.I’ve tried every other true crime podcast at least once, most multiple times, while I wait for a new episode of S&S to come out. No one tells the story like Mike- no one. The way he unfolds each story and narrates along the way is unmatched. This is the only podcast I pay money for to have Plus, and it’s beyond worth it..Score: 5/5

Best PodcastI Love mike and his mouthy attitude 😉 We could be friends.Score: 5/5

Abolition prisons1 start review because the hosts support torturing people in prisons.Score: 1/5

The best!I absolutely love this podcast! Love how it gives so much detail into the cases, interviews etc.. and the commentary from the host is perfect. Definitely the only podcasts I want to listen to!.Score: 5/5

An Entitled Karen, seriously? That’s so rudeIt’s really upsetting when I’m into listening to episode after episode of a podcast and then quickly insulted when the narrator uses Karen as a derogatory statement.Score: 2/5

Theee best!!!Hands down - the best true crime podcast! I recently got my mother and husband hooked!! Keep on doing what you’re doing, mike!!.Score: 5/5

Extended, unnecessary music/pausesThe frequent long pauses, music, and/or sound effects between sections is super annoying. Also the host is a pompous jerk..Score: 1/5

AwesomeThis guy is an awesome story teller! i’ve been listening to him for years. One of the best podcasts next to casefile!.Score: 5/5

Good stories, bad hostThe stories and quality of the podcast are excellent but the host loves to insult his own audience and comes off as narcissistic and preachy.Score: 2/5

Best podcastI remember when my coworker introduced me to this podcast!! I was hooked instantly!! I then introduced this podcast to my mom and got her instantly hooked. I love all the details and how you report the facts. Your voice is very calming when you hear the graphic things people to do others. I have many times yelled out at my desk “OMG NO WAY!” I love seeing that new episode pop up and get super excited. Keep up the great work! I don’t understand all the haters on this podcast or on you. I will listen till the end!!!.Score: 5/5

Would be better with hosts constant underhanded commentsI want to love the podcast and without the hosts constant underhanded comments about other podcasts, I would. If it’s not an underhanded comment, it’s an opinion about anything and everything that always ends up being embarrassing. Mike please stop..Score: 2/5

Well thought outJust started listening at the recommendation of a friend and I was hooked from the get go. Mike does a fantastic job of relaying case details with just the right amount of snark. Also like that he doesn’t jam his opinion down your throat like some other podcasts I’ve listened. Super entertaining and easily one of my new favorites as I have begun to binge the backlog episodes. Keep up the fantastic work!.Score: 5/5

Worst Podcast EverDon’t waste your time with this garbage. Uneducated nonsense is all you get with this, I would rather watch old America’s Most Wanted clips on YouTube than give my time to this embarrassment.Score: 1/5

Garbage. Boring.The host is trash. The show is boring. Don’t bother..Score: 1/5

Easy to bingeI started listening to this podcast not knowing what it was about other than the description given. I have listened to 102 episodes in about 9 days. The guests and tapes from interrogations makes this show top notch..Score: 5/5

EwSometimes people react with aggression toward things they find scary- like apparently women and anyone who doesn’t have white skin. Sad..Score: 1/5

Very well produced!On a recent roadtrip across the Midwest, my fellow true crime junkie friend tuned me in to this podcast, and I've been catching up on episodes, ever since. My only complaint, I can't stop listening!! I really need some sleep, and I'm getting distracted at work. Thanks for such an engaging, well-produced podcast. LOVE. Update: Sadly, Boudet has digressed over time and can’t help taking digs at other podcasts, people and causes that he disagrees with. C’mon man, grow up. No one cares about your politics. It’s like his inner dumb teenager comes out and he can’t control himself..Score: 4/5

NoI enjoy some true crime pods (Vanished and Real Crime Profile are excellent) but I can’t stand when the host inserts their annoying personality or embellishes the story. Both of which are happening here. E.g.: he claims the Watts family home was “posh” but my family lives 10 minutes from there and it’s literally a treeless subdivision of mass-produced houses right off of I-25. What’s the point of the little embellishments like that? He also repeatedly states to “beware of the quiet man”. No thinking person believes dumb prejudice like that so why stoke that if you are so smart? Like a few other reviews have stated— host comes off as a daft person who thinks he’s really sharp. Not a thinking person’s pod..Score: 1/5

Mike’s voice and editing ruins the showThe editing of this podcast is subpar and distracting. Mike’s mouth noises, saliva crackle, and mouth clicks ruin the audio. His voice is so monotone and boring. He also doesn’t have much to add from a medical standpoint. I’m a nurse and I wish he would do more medical research before topics. I don’t think I’ll continue to listen..Score: 1/5

TolerableI listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this one is ok. The host is very condescending and it gets hard to listen to. I dislike that he makes jabs at other podcasts as well.Score: 2/5

ShameIt’s a shame such an amazing story teller chooses to entertain and engage with childish drama..Score: 1/5

AmazingI usually listen to Morbid and That’s Spooky, both podcasts are amazing! I love this podcast and I love everything they do, researching the cases, the interviews, the news media, everything! It gets very sad and depressing at times, but hearing the story is and everything around it is eye opening and heart breaking! I’ve always watched true crime shows since I was a kid, so this podcast makes my curiosity fulfilled!.Score: 5/5

Because negative stars isn’t an optionHost is literal garbage..Score: 1/5

NO JOKE!This is the best true crime podcast ever!.Score: 5/5

Performanece Lab 🎯Performance Lab ® CORE Formulas support all aspects of human performance, across all walks of life. Boosts work performance and productivity with nootropics for focus, multitasking under stress, creative problem-solving and more. Buy Now!AdvertorialScore: 5/5

Boudet, no-one for the deadInstead he spends the last 20 mins or so of the latest episode (181) defending a young white guy who murdered them. He features the guy’s mother with the classic line, “that’s not him”, as in her son is not the violent type. She also claims there’s no way her son would have used a slur to describe them, because “we don’t say that word”. To be clear, this is a 1 out of 5 for this episode. It ends up being a ridiculous way to frame a discussion of rehabilitation vs punishment in the Florida/US penal system. Fact is two men died, but Boudet got no-one on his show to speak for them and neither did he do so himself. This ep is a ham-fisted attempt to deal with the complex and emotive issue of mental health in the criminal justice system. In the end Boudet presents a biased argument for why this nice white boy (nice, when he’s on his meds) should not be treated so mean for a heinous crime. Some other Sword and Scale episodes are fine, this one just left me steaming mad at Boudet and this entitled mother. Sure she can speak for her son, but neither of them had a word for the two dead men who are the ultimate victims in this case. A 1 out of 5 fail indeed..Score: 1/5

Review the damn podcast not the person behind itLove this podcast and regardless of who puts it out the formatting and way it plays out is brilliant.! what the host does outside the podcast I really don’t care unlike some ppl I know how to harden the f up! U wont regret listening..Score: 5/5

Used to be my number oneThis show used to be great however I keep finding myself being pulled out of my usual intense listening session by the hosts unnecessary opinions and digs, it’s so distracting and really ruins the otherwise great podcast. I don’t know what’s changed but I hope it gets back to what it once was..Score: 1/5

Stop with the Whining!!I was listening to this podcast because of the true crime stories and not to listen to personal opinions and whining like a child. I feel like the host loves listening to his own voice and thinks his opinions are 100% right, no other way. It’s very cringe and a massive turn off for me from this podcast. If the above gets taken out, this podcast, for me, would be one of the best. The host has a great voice for this and tells the stories well. So please, stop pushing your opinions and whining about stuff, no one cares. Just tell the stories..Score: 1/5

‘Did you hear a lisp’What an antiquated homophobic way to suggest someone is gay. It’s 2021 mate!.Score: 1/5

Insanity pleaZachary Penna chose not to take the medication for his mental illness. That makes him culpable for his crimes..Score: 4/5

:(Has kinda just turned into a big rant from an angry dude who thinks all his opinions are 100% true facts..Score: 1/5

Wonderful podcastLov your research and style. Thank you!! X.Score: 5/5

Good, but host loves hearing his own voiceWell-researched and 911 soundbites are good. When not describing crimes, the host now uses the podcast as platform to vent, so be prepared for the cringe-fest. Fair enough, it’s his platform. However it only emphasises his shortcomings in empathy and intelligence — not my cup of coffee. As a professional writer myself, this is such a waste considering he’s been entrusted with a platform that could potentially do a lot of good for a lot of people..Score: 3/5

Hate the player, not the game!I can not stand Mike & his narrow minded opinions, but damn! he knows how to work a podcast. I am subscribed to download automatically & my heart drops when the episode is not ready to go for my drive to work at the beginning of each week. I am so disappointed in myself that I like something attached to Mike’s name :((.Score: 5/5

Love this podcastAre you coming back?.Score: 5/5

Enjoyable, but a few issuesI only recently discovered this podcast and has been loving the content and style, which is why I rated four stars. However, the phone call at the start of episode 21 was extremely short sighted and insensitive. A real shame coming from a great podcast..Score: 4/5

Long time listenerI’ve been listening for years, introduced this podcast to countless people and listened to every single episode. Many twice. Starting to get annoyed at some of the things he says in this podcast. In episode 187 he is super condescending implies his listeners/everyone are politically correct sjw’s - don’t tell me how I think. In episode 188 he introduces Brandon as being gay because he has a lisp - it’s like Mike is becoming hateful and unhinged. Stick to the story and good perspective, keep your beliefs out of it because they are annoying. I’m actually starting to wish that lady would take over again. Not sure I can listen any longer with Mike at the helm. He’s starting to sound unhinged..Score: 1/5

Started strong, gone downhillI Initially loved the way that the host spoke about cases with sensitivity and impartiality. Sadly, as the show has continued, the cases have become far more sensationalized. At times, I’ve found the hosts’ manner quite condescending and dehumanizing. It’s disappointing to watch a great podcast gradually becoming more biased and insensitive..Score: 2/5

Host is a narcissist.Massive tool who doesn’t respect most people fighting crime..Score: 1/5

Don’t listen to PC policeWhat a blessing finding Mike was. He doesn’t go on and on with his own opinions like so many other podcasters do. He does occasionally chime in with something that I agree with and it often makes me laugh. This podcaster is the only person who nearly leaves me in tears from both laughter and sadness. Do not listen to the redditers, the tumblrites or the other losers. Please continue to be BASED! We need more podcasters like yourself..Score: 5/5

Definitely give it a goI didn’t realise the reviews were going to be so mixed! I don’t know why I hadn’t already listened to this podcast as I love true crime! But I’m glad I gave it a go as I really enjoy the host and style of the episodes. I don’t have any complaints! I love it!.Score: 5/5

Used to like this but the host is more and more annoyingSeriously, he needs to get over himself. Just listening to him saying that he started the whole true crime podcast thing while whining about serial. No. You didn’t. There were others. I’m tired of the snarky and often offensive things he says. I used to love the shows but I get so angry now. There are many other (and yes, newer, but who cares?) who do true crime much better..Score: 1/5

Great showHi from Australia. I found your podcast when looking for one about Ezra McCandless. Needless to say it’s now my favourite true crime podcast. I’ve listened to about half of the episodes in the past few weeks and I’m excited to listen to all of them..Score: 5/5

The BestThe best true crime podcast by far, and I listen to a lot. Love the host’s voice and his delivery. The research and detail is phenomenal. Inserts of audio are well done. Couldn’t get through the work day commute without my fix of S&S. I truly don’t understand the negative reviews! Keep it up from Down Under..Score: 5/5

Could be good but..Dude cries way too much about snowflakes and millennials..Score: 2/5

4 stars can easily be 5 for me.I love the way that people tell their own stories. I love the fact that so much research has been given to each and every episode. However, I really hate the way Mike Boudet insults peoples intelligence. For example in one episode he says ‘you don’t have to be intelligent to be a juror’ attacking one juror. We are what we are because of the life we are given. We don’t have a choice..Score: 4/5

All time favGreat podcast! Well written, well researched and the delivery has you hooked. Mike has a fantastic voice for this genre. I recommend the plus subscription. Even with all the podcasters drama, you can either choose to get involved/upset about it, or just enjoy the show. Love the soundtracks on the newer versions intros too!.Score: 5/5

If only I could give 0 starsIf you enjoy plagiarism, bullying, narcissism, racism, misogyny and badly written shows this is the one for you! Host is completely unhinged and regularly harasses and attacks hosts of other podcasts online. The content of this podcast used to be okay, but now he basically reads out a Wikipedia page and adds a couple of comments..Score: 1/5

BullyA ranting raving bully.Score: 1/5

Host thinks he’s someone specialHe’s not. Loves to hear his own voice. Self absorbed bully and toxic male who is always right. My Doesn’t tell the story. There’s plenty of other podcasts available with better stories and much more likeable hosts..Score: 1/5

SuziebeeI enjoy this podcast. Mike presents very well and entertaining. Yes he’s opinionated, but can’t help but think he actually says what a lot of people think. I love that he’s not afraid to call a spade of spade. An ar#e#ole is an ar#e$ole.......Score: 5/5

UnsubscribeUnsubscribe.Score: 1/5

One of the bestEasily up there in the best true crime podcasts out. Always well researched and very interesting to listen to..Score: 5/5

Great podcast buuuttttI have listened to nearly every episode of this podcast and regard it as being high caliber and well-deserving of its high rating. However, this most recent episode, 171, left me feeling slighted. As a Canadian, I found the episode to be quite dismissive of the Canadian police service. The little quip about our Mounties and their “silly hats,” was unnecessary. The mispronunciation of Regina as well as referring to Canada as Canadia when scoffing at the mental health policies within our judicial system came off as very ignorant. Regarding the Vince Li case, the mental health system had failed him. He had sought help over 5 years and although symptoms of schizophrenia were observed by many, little was done to help him. He was discharged after ten years of treatment. The podcast made it sound like he walked free shortly after. I’ve loved this podcast, but this one seemed as though it was researched with bias and hastily produced..Score: 4/5

Excellent podcast buttttI echo parts of the sentiment posted in the review that I’m referring to in the title. However, I feel that the growth that has occurred over the last six years needs to be acknowledged. The Vince Li case, episode 31, was blatant fear mongering of schizophrenia. In particular, I really cringed at the last few sentences of the episode. Vince Li had paranoid schizophrenia, which only makes up a small percentage of the population with schizophrenia. I’m not just being PC - promoting this fear based message on this huge platform is part of the problem. But as an avid listener, I can hear the growth that’s occurred over the course of the seasons. To be discussing the effects of structural violence in relation to mental health is so interesting to listen to, and a huge credit to you. Still one of my favourite podcasts, and I’m a woman..Score: 1/5

Unprofessional rantsI strongly disagree with the way you force feed your opinions i.e. ‘don't talk to cops’ - and I strongly disagree with that opinion. You ranted it, I ignored it. Then you made an episode on it and made it personal? Highly unprofessional. Instead of force feeding my own opinions back onto you, I’ll just give you what you asked for in your rant - 1 star and another listener that won’t tune in anymore. Disappointed..Score: 1/5

My favorite pod castBy far this is still my most favorite podcast. I honestly don't understand why there are so many negative reviews. If you don't like Mike, then leave. Listen to another podcast. No one is forcing you to listen. Keep up the great work Mike 👍.Score: 5/5

Go back to basicsYou’re sending me insane with your latest couple of months! I was a long time subscriber to plus but lately I’m losing interest. stop with the interviews and the stories that are all over the shop. I’m officially unsubscribing. Go ahead and have a rant and make all the sarcastic comments you want.....OR you can listen to all the complaints and take the advice on board and start producing quality material again. Up to you though - I know You’re incapable of accepting constructive criticism....prove me wrong..Score: 1/5

The musicMike, I absolutely love the show blah blah blah. Can I buy the music?.Score: 5/5

This guy is the worst.If it walks like a duck If it quacks like a duck It’s probably a POS misogynistic racist..Score: 1/5

Used to be good but have gone downhillRecent episodes have been meandering and hard to follow. The host also seems to be pushing some political agenda against inclusivity and multiculturalism.Score: 1/5

One of the best true crime podcasts out thereInteresting, factual and well researched. I love a true crime podcast and this is one of my favourites. Keep up the great work and thanks from Corindi Beach, NSW Australia!.Score: 5/5

Where have you gone?I’ve been waiting for more shows!! Come on mike! 😁😁.Score: 5/5

Always a great listenThanks Mike. Been listening all this time. Keep pushing back..Score: 5/5

Great stories but...The host seems to love his own voice. Everything he says is unnecessarily stylised. It’s painful..Score: 3/5

Great show. Keep goingExcellent true crime show. Worth 5 stars and hoping this helps to keeping it on the air, despite the unfair cancel culture that some sheep are trying to stop. Keep it up SAS!!.Score: 5/5

This show peaked two years agoWow he thinks he’s way more intelligent than he is. What a douche.Score: 1/5

Episode 175 - one of the bestWell done on producing such a well formatted true crime podcast. One of the best out there. I have listened to all the episode but epidsode 175 was particularly well done. Sending lots of best wishes from Down Under x.Score: 5/5

BullyingThe host of this podcast is a racist misogynistic bully and should have never been given a platform. Do yourself a favour and find another true crime podcast..Score: 1/5

I FREAKING LOVE SWORD & SCALELove your podcast Mike! Sword and Scale is by far the best crime podcast. The one star reviewers are just trolls. If you want a. Good podcast, this is it!.Score: 5/5

WickedIt’s engaging, it’s intimate, I feel like I’m looking through a key hole at something I probably shouldn’t be able to see..Score: 5/5

Host is the worst. Stories are good.Omg will the host please stop with the sarcastic and unnecessary commentary. Is there no one that proof reads the scripts? When he said “kids these days are just jumping on the trans-bandwagon” made him sound so uneducated. He then offered an opinion on the sexual history of a woman, implying she was a slut. But I’m torn because the stories are so interesting..Score: 1/5

Dope Podcast!My brother told me about this podcast and instantly i was hooked. I listened to every episode and im always wanting more. Keep up the Awesome Work!.Score: 5/5

AnnoyedI’m pretty annoyed that they give you an episode and then to listen to part 2 you have to pay for the plus site this shouldn’t be allowed either tell the story on this platform or don’t - don’t give half half.Score: 3/5

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MartinKente Nkololotz: Did you know? Lawyers wear wig because to win an argument you either need to be a woman or at least look like one. Even th….Score: 5/5

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Dimesh0709 African0611: How long we you know that the lawyer wear wig because to win an argument you either need to be a woman or at least to look….Score: 5/5

Darkxberry Nkololotz: Did you know? Lawyers wear wig because to win an argument you either need to be a woman or at least look like one. Even th….Score: 5/5

Kattarauga mamegyorai_jp: Gecco's "GANTZ:O/ Leika 1/6 Scale Statue" is now available for purchase outside of Japan! The Gantz Sword and X-Gun (wit….Score: 5/5

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Mamegyorai_jpGecco's "GANTZ:O/ Leika 1/6 Scale Statue" is now available for purchase outside of Japan! The Gantz Sword and X-Gun… .Score: 5/5

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Sword and Scale Podcast Episodes

Episode 189

Residents of the Marpole neighborhood in Vancouver, British Columbia suddenly found themselves double-checking their deadbolts when an unidentified killer senselessly murdered two valuable members of the community. 64-year-old Dianna Mah-Jones, and her husband, 68-year-old Richard Jones were discovered in their home on September 26th, 2017. It was a massacre inside, one that law enforcement officials would never forget.

Episode 188

On New Year's Day 2008, 24-year-old Meredith Emerson went missing after setting out on a hike up Blood Mountain in Union County, Georgia. Search teams combed Blood Mountain for days in an effort to find the missing hiker, but they never did. Meredith was not on Blood Mountain. She was fifty miles away, held captive by a deranged serial killer.

Episode 187

21-year-old Alisha Bromfield had it all. She had a supportive friend group, a family who loved her, a nearly completed bachelor’s degree, and a baby on the way. When she didn’t arrive home from an out-of-state wedding on Sunday, August 19th, 2012 as planned, friends and family soon learned that someone in her life did not have her best interest at heart.

Episode 186

In October of 2005, empty nesters Dennis and Norma Woodruff were found shot and stabbed to death in their Texas home. With a lack of physical evidence and leads, police fixated on the couple’s 19-year-old son Brandon as their killer when they found out he was in debt, flunking out of college, and secretly making gay porn. Was Brandon really the murderer, or were there other suspects roaming free? Was this a case of character assassination on young Brandon, or was he truly a cold-blooded killer?

Episode 185

We’re back to bring you the conclusion of the mysterious staged death of Natasha Waalen. In order to get the full story, we encourage you to go back and listen to part 1 before diving into this episode.When we left off, Natasha’s former boyfriend, Ryan Boland had been arrested for her murder. But, police had a hunch that Ryan didn’t act alone and all signs pointed towards his hotheaded, weapon-obsessed brother, Tim Boland. The Boland Brothers had grown up with the world at their fingertips, but they were both on dark downward paths. Had they finally gone too far? Soon all of Anoka County would know the true nature of these entitled, manipulative brothers and what they did to Natasha Waalen.

Episode 184

When 29-year-old Natasha Waalen was found dead next to her dirt bike, police assumed it had been a terrible accident. They were wrong. Natasha had been murdered and her death was sloppily covered up to look like a motorcycle crash. Who would want this young mother, acupuncturist, and university graduate dead? Fingers soon pointed towards the father of her child and former boyfriend, Ryan Boland as the police uncovered the violent, questionable past behind Ryan’s good ol’ boy facade. But the town soon questioned if he had acted alone.

Episode 183

On Sunday June 28th, 2015, Dr. Teresa Sievers returned home early from a family vacation only to find she was not alone in the house. In the aftermath of a brutal murder, it appeared on the surface to be a robbery—but no valuables were taken, and no clues were left behind except for a bloody, hairy hammer. Uncovering the truth would take months, and involve a conspiracy that crossed multiple states.

Kim Dixon - Raw Interview

We sometimes get things wrong. In this exclusive interview with Kim Dixon, sister to Zachary Penna's victim from Episode 181, she joins us to tell us why.

Episode 182

In December of 2000, 31-year-old real estate appraiser Mike Williams went missing while duck hunting on Lake Seminole in Jackson County, Florida. The initial belief was that Mike had drowned and that alligators had eaten his body. Seventeen years would go by before Florida law enforcement could prove that something even more horrifying and nefarious happened to Mike Williams.  

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The History NetworkThe History Network18 April 2021History244 EpisodesFREE
Giants of History podcast
Giants of HistoryJT Fusco | www.gohistorypodcast.com18 May 2020History61 EpisodesFREE
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