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In late October of 2017, two deer hunters discovered a naked and rotting human corpse in the Bruneau Desert near Grand View, Idaho. An autopsy later confirmed that the human remains were that of an 18 to 20-year-old male and that he had been shot to death. The Idaho State Police struggled to identify the body as there were no missing person cases in the Grand View area that matched the victim. What the police didn't know is that the story of this murder victim actually began three months prior to his discovery and over 500 miles away in an entirely different state.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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Sword and Scale Podcast Reviews

Used to enjoy this.Sadly now subscription-only, and definitely not worth the money when there are so many other excellent true crime podcasts out there that don’t demand payment. Oh well..Score: 2/5

ExcellentThis is one of the best TC podcasts ever. Great story telling , production, just brilliant all round. Thank you for fighting so hard to keep your ability to make your living by giving us your content. Sad you had to, but…oh those Haters.Score: 5/5

A podcast about the mentally ill, by the mentally retarded.Host clearly has mental issues. Very sad..Score: 1/5

Casual misogynyUsed to be worth a listen, host seems to see fit to throw in casual misogyny now. ‘Women always get off easy’….. Wow, projection much?.Score: 1/5

Hands down the best true crime podcast out thereBig shout out to the person who picks the intro/outro music, that person on your team has some seriously good taste and should be promoted instantly!! Massive fan since the beginning, only true crime podcast I pay for as the content, production quality, storytelling, music are all the best from any crime podcast I’ve come across (and I listen to waaaaay too many to be healthy) Love the fact the cases are all recent as well, think that’s one of my favourite aspects of the show. Much love from Plymouth UK!!!!.Score: 5/5

BrilliantThis is the best true crime show by a long way..Score: 5/5

Do not waist your timeSub standard show written and performed by the lowest of the low. This man has no standards..Score: 1/5

Mike Boudet is one of the worst creatures to slither out of the primordial pitFolks, don’t waste your brain cells on this podcast. Mike Boudet is not only a MAGA supporter, he’s racist, homophobic, and he literally stalks and harasses women. All you have to do is google his name and the receipts get thrown at you (there’s a lot, I’m warning you). He’s absolutely vile and you should avoid him and his minions at all costs. The only reason I gave this a star is because you can’t post minus stars..Score: 1/5

Good podcast, hosts a weapon.The host is an absolute piece. Thank god he can make really good podcasts. Don’t appreciate the dubstep though it’s not 2010..Score: 4/5

???Can’t even listen to the standard episodes anymore ??.Score: 1/5

I love true crime butSadly this guy comes across more and more like some sort of misogynistic incel type and it makes for uncomfortable listening. Weird discussing violence, often against women, but also constantly belittling women casually.Score: 1/5

Host’s personality is off puttingI’ve listened for a while and the host had clearly become more comfortable and open with his audience. Unfortunately, as a result, he’s revealed that’s he kind of an awful person. It’s difficult to make it through an episode without wincing at his opinions, most recently his clear suggestion that all those who call out privilege (clearly referring to ‘white privilege’ here) are stuffy academics... this simply isn’t true. Other opinions expressed have clearly been pro police, at times when police brutality have been particularly present in the news cycle, which is beyond insensitive to point of seeming purposefully antagonistic. Other comments have been misogynistic or classist. I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it’s difficult to continue listening to someone I can no longer respect..Score: 1/5

Sword and scaleOMG!!! What a brilliant podcast, Mike you are amazing.. love the music intros, love the stories, just great… 🙏🏼 I’m thinking of subscribing to the podcast if I can get some advice on how to buy the merch…!! Keep up the great work… amazing… would highly highly recommend this podcast!!!.Score: 5/5

It’s like the host as an inferiority complex?I don’t know why but the host insists on talking about his personal life and views like he needs you to know he’s an impressive specimen of a man. It’s actually laughable now..Score: 1/5

What a shameI used to love this podcast. I literally would spread the word on this like it was gospel, the content on true crime and murder was so good! But this host… wow, I wish I could just enjoy the content like I used to but something really triggered this guy and for some reason over the past few months his rhetoric has now become very toxic and I’m confused as to whether he actually is bothered about true crime or just uses his little platform to spread his now clearly misogynistic, ignorant and backwards views into his stories. Even his social media platform is full of quite anger fuelled, obsessive nonsense. It really is a shame, because it used to be a fantastic podcast. I’m not sure if he’s perhaps going through some issues but as I tap on unsubscribe and bid S&S a good ol adieu, I hope that he finds himself again soon and becomes less angry..Score: 1/5

Unprofessional HostCan’t get away from the arrogant yet insecure host’s unprofessional editorialising..Score: 2/5

Used to be good, host is awful and shames people with mental illnessesUsed to like this true crime podcast, but now the host comes off strongly opinionated on cases that haven’t even been solved yet. And shames people who acted violently during a mental health episode. I couldn’t finish some episodes because he sounded misogynistic and belittling people who are battling with mental illnesses..Score: 1/5

Strident misogynistic hostHost makes no pretense at objectivity, lacks empathy, and clearly resents women. There are so many better true crime podcasts out there than this..Score: 2/5

I was enjoying this butNow I have to subscribe so.Score: 4/5

Good BUTGreat podcast that I love to listen to (almost daily) but he is sometimes very dickish for no reason and weirdly biased at times. It doesn’t make much sense usually but meh.Score: 4/5

Sexist hostHost clearly dislikes women.Score: 1/5

ORIGINAL AND STILL ONE OF THE BESTLove it or hate it, you can't ignore it - Truly insightful and deeply emotive case coverage. Get with the programme guys.Score: 5/5

No evolution. No respect.The obnoxious music, sensationalist narrative and grating, irreverent host makes this podcast impossible to listen to. No evolution or progression since I stopped listening a couple of years ago. Shame..Score: 1/5

Fascinating cases...cringy hostThe cases are completely enthralling and the researchg is excellent. However the host is crying-worth, judgy adn sulky and it's a real shame because this is probably the most interesting true-crime podcast out there...less personal input and childish commentary, and more content please...and it would easily be a 5 out of 5 rating..Score: 3/5

Subscription Only???????I have listened to every single one of these and now I have to have a subscription for every episode? Why? Wanting to make more money? Very disappointed.Score: 1/5

Once really goodIt was such a good podcast but the creator seems to have become very bitter and is sharing borderline opinions to the point it makes me cringe and feel so uncomfortable. After stopping listening to his podcast for a while, just gave it another go but it’s not a success, can’t listen to it anymore. Shame !!.Score: 2/5

Skrillex called, he wants his strangely loud intro backNot sure why he’s opted for a 2013 teenager’s Spotify playlist as the intro music but each to their own. I don’t find his biased and sexist leanings as much of an issue as the fact that he just comes across as a textbook narcissist - doxxing anonymous victims just to get listens on here is despicable. Now that I’ve learned this I will be unsubbing..Score: 3/5

Not afraid to tell it like it isIf you’re looking for bland politically correct Non opinionated true crime you need to look elsewhere! But if you’re looking for exiting murder mystery true crime with an opinion This is for you.Score: 5/5

Truly my all time favorite!Love love LOVE how detailed your research and how you always add to every episode your special sauces. Quite hard to do given how many True Crime podcasts there are these days. There is no one like you. Keep on keep being you, Mike Boudet! Your efforts are appreciated. And those who don’t appreciate your efforts are welcome to find their truly all time favorite too. Oh and I LOVE your soundtrack too. Stay well, my friend..Score: 5/5

SuperbExcellent, head and shoulders above any other true crime podcast. No holds barred podcasting. Brilliantly put together and you can get a real descriptive perspective on the horrors of some peoples minds. Some stories are truly unbelievable. Big props from the UK.Score: 5/5

True crime with a sense of humourFavourite true crime podcast, Mike tells interesting true crime stories that are not the same old re-hashed tales that you often get when following many similar podcasts. Mike offers exciting stories with an edge whilst remaining respectful of the victims..Score: 5/5

The real crime here is the host!This guy has serious issues ! Not sure why he thinks podcasting is the answer to his problems..Score: 1/5

Best True CrimeSimply the best. I’ve been listening since 2014, through thick and thin. I’ve listened to many many podcasts - true crime and others. Nothing is quite like this. Mike tells the story through every angle and every perspective. He has a unique sense of irony, sarcasm and soul. I totally get that. Thank you. Don’t ever stop please..Score: 5/5

Has the potential.I really like the content of this podcast and how much information there is about the crime and the people who commit them. I think it has the potential to be in every true crime listeners top 5 if only the host weren’t so arrogant and didn’t fill the podcast with his personal opinions. Would much rather listen to the case facts only..Score: 1/5

The best in the game!This podcast has been a staple of mine for years and I am a proud subscriber. Mikes storytelling skills are second to non. The content is gripping, horrifying at times, but can also be truly heartwarming. You truly get a sense of every part of the story told and go through every emotion the host wants you to feel. Each episode is a journey, so buckle up for an unforgettable ride!!.Score: 5/5

A sad descent into nastinessI have to say, I started as a big fan, but the host has completely lost the plot. The tone of writing has deteriorated, and the dependence on 911 calls has increased. There are many other podcasts that have kept up standards, this is not one of them..Score: 1/5

Simply the bestI have listened to most true crime podcasts out there, but I have to say that Sword & Scale is the best, bar none. I love Mike’s style and although I know there’s some controversy in the US, I’m in the UK and he has never offended me (nor have I heard any reason why others could be offended!). He covers the most interesting stories, and in the most eloquent and gripping way. Simply the best there is..Score: 5/5

AmazingThe greatest story telling you’ll get anywhere 🖤.Score: 5/5

5 Stars...In a saturated genre only a few I actually look forward to listening to on a weekly basis. S&S is one of the best on the market..Score: 5/5

ShameWas a great podcast but not worth a subscription such a shame.Score: 5/5

I love youYou say the things we’re all thinking and too chicken to say. You’re a badass. We need more Mike B’s in the world! 😬🤙🏼.Score: 5/5

Once was great.I used to love this podcast but as others have said some opinions just aren’t great. I don’t approve of being rude about other podcasts either. That was the last straw for me. I do like the interviews and news reports dotted in but too much opinion rather than fact..Score: 2/5

AmazingI really love this podcast. I’ve listened to a lot of true crime podcasts but this one is by far the best. The narrator is clear and concise and I like how professionals are brought in to validate the evidence. Definitely the best podcast I’ve heard so far.Score: 5/5

Was a great show onceThis show has great content and wonderful production. It’s a shame that Mike has started to dominate the episodes with his opinions. Whether you agree or disagree with them it’s just a bit tiresome and detracts from a great podcast. It’s no coincidence that the best episodes are the ones without these diatribes. It’s gone from 95% great content and 5% opinions to about 60/40. Get back to focusing on the stories Mike!.Score: 3/5

Host gets too personalHave tried to persevere but it’s got to the point where I dislike the host too much to continue listening..Score: 2/5

Awfully misogynistic hostThe host likes to shame those struggling from mental health in episodes, be judgemental about unsolved crimes and very misogynistic! Just read other recent reviews, I wish I could get the time back I spent having to listen to any of this podcast. There’s a reason wondery dropped sword and scale and that reason is the host..Score: 1/5

QuestionHas this podcast changed to subscription only? Just need to know as if so, I’ll delete.Score: 1/5

From England to CanadaI have been listening to Sword and Scale since 2018 and it’s taken me through every long journey, Boring office day and even immigrating to Canada…. Love the style of podcast and uniqueness that is shown in every episode.Joined Plus and now I have even more to listen too. Thanks SAS ❤️.Score: 5/5

Great podOne of the best podcast out there . Great story’s well told. Must listen for all true crime fans ..Score: 5/5

Fine if it wasn’t for the hostI’d say the content of the episodes is engaging it’s just a pity that the host seems so intent on being such a dick. He comes across awful and actually makes it really difficult to listen and enjoy the podcast. The weird obsession he has about other podcasts and other members of the podcast community Is just a bit misguided and totally out of place for this podcast and detracts from their episode. You can tell he has an absolute complex about himself and also an absolute opinion on women that isn’t a positive one. And this is coming from a man..Score: 1/5

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Bye.Been a listener since this podcast’s inception. Now that’s it’s become paid subscription only I’m leaving, it’s ridiculous to exclude all the people who can’t afford the extra couple of bucks per month. Also, ease up on us Canadians Mike!.Score: 1/5

FreeWell, guess im not listening to this podcast amymore… $5.99 a month… its a podcast… they’re supposed to be free. Oh well.Score: 1/5

Used to be my favBut now it seems you’re only releasing to subscriptions? Lately the narrator has become almost rude, no one wants to listen to that. Slamming Canada non stop just puts off your Canadian fans. Honestly if there was a 1/4 star, you’d get that. Your music too, AWFUL!! Do you even read your feedback?? *unsubscribe!!!!.Score: 1/5

Most mysoginistic host in the worldI wish i could listen to this but the woman hating just can't pass..Score: 1/5

Great podcast, in Canada and NOT offended!I stopped listening to this show a few years ago when they had that female host take over for Mike and she was awful… I had no idea Mike had been reinstated until recently and it’s back to being great! The Canadian justice system is waaay too lenient on violent crime, Mike isn’t out of line for pointing that out. And I don’t know what people are taking about, Plus is an option so you can get more content, you still get the main shows..Score: 5/5

Amaze balls 100%The best true crime pod out there, I’ve tried them all! This one is bone chilling and exceptionally well done..Score: 5/5

Concerning commentsI’ve been a follower for years and while the stories are fascinating, the quality of the podcast and the bitterness of the host is unmistakeable and no longer bearable. He is rude, insensitive, and lacks the tact he used to have - shaming victims, stigmatising mental health, making sarcastic and uncalled for jabs at other podcasts, hosts, and listeners, amongst other infantile behaviours. If he’s criticised or held accountable for his actions, he says it’s all a joke or that ‘social justice warriors’ are out to ‘cancel’ him. Cancel culture isn’t real Mike, you’re just being held accountable for bad takes and an even worse attitude. It’s unfortunate that this podcast has declined in quality so much..Score: 1/5

Don’t waste your timeFirst time I’ve seen such blatant ignorance in a true crime podcast that I’ve had to turn it off. If I could give zero stars I would..Score: 1/5

Guess need to be plus to listen anymoreDefinitely takes a long time for a episode if not a plus subscriber. To bad.Score: 5/5

Did the 3 day free trial and haven’t been able to listen to a regular episode sinceI’ve reported this issue twice and got nothing back so I guess they don’t care if I listen anymore.Score: 1/5

Got me through trafficGreat podcast Some of the audio has literally traumatized me..Score: 3/5

Crashed and burnedThis show used to be amazing. Now he sounds like he is the bullied kid turned into the bully. So bitter, and opinionated to the point of inappropriate. The USA is far from perfect, but you insist on bashing Canada over and over. Canadians are a big part of your listenership. Not the best idea. Also making it subscription only while you make revenue from ads for the free podcasts is going to lose you a lot if listeners too. I guess we’ll all go elsewhere..Score: 1/5

Best podcast EVER!Love Mike and his storytelling. A must add to your library of true crime podcasts!.Score: 5/5

Choade toad with a platformMike Is just so bitter. Incel anyone?!?.Score: 1/5

Exploits VictimsThe top episodes of this show were all outsourced to other podcasters who deserve credit. (Like invisible choir) once he stopped outsourcing his quality and content went way down and just became a platform for him to troll and host internet fights. There have been real life victims of the hosts targeted attacks, including victims he’s exploited and doxxed on his show. Have anything other than praise for the show and be prepared for an onslaught of online harassment from the host, his fans, and his sock puppet accounts. Heck, half the time you can say something nice and he’ll still stalk you. He can’t cut it as a decent person so he leans into an alt right persona that he just can’t help but pump into his episodes, along with victim shaming, transphobia, homophobia, and sexism. If you need more of a reason to pass on the stink pile just google him or check out Reddit. Full of unending proof of his toxic behaviour he can’t keep separate from his show. One day he will be the subject of a TC podcast..Score: 1/5

Thank you!Love the show!.Score: 5/5

ExcellentOne of the originals and definitely the best. #adnandidit.Score: 5/5

Great showGlad your back mike..Score: 5/5

DisappointingThis podcast would have so much potential if it wasn’t for the misogynistic host..Score: 1/5

Confused..Long time listener.. tried plus for a few months and then cancelled. Now I can’t access any episodes old or new plus or regular.. all gone. So now it’s an all paid show? Or it’s not accessible at all?.Score: 1/5

Give it a listenThe BEST true crime podcast!!❤️❤️❤️ I became a plus member for more episodes 🙈.Score: 5/5

Obsessed.It’s official. I am obsessed with this podcast. I’ve listened to almost every episode and I even subscribe, which is not something I would normally do but they’re just too good and I love them, especially for my work commute… which is to a jail where I get to work with these types of people lol. But seriously, the podcasts are so well put together and detailed. I also love the humour. I laugh all the time at the commentary. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who loves weird, effed up, true crime stories!.Score: 5/5

Agree With 201 CallerI’m going to be a bit more blunt than the caller who had their message played at the end of episode 201. S&S has great content, but Mike Boudet’s attitude is off-putting and cringeworthy. I won’t be listening anymore unless things change. The show appears to be sensationalizing true crime for the their own agenda. To me true crime should be about telling the story with as much neutrality as possible (ie. be a narrator), and to try to change a piece of the world, to look at what’s wrong and what’s right about the justice system, to see where we could intervene at an early enough stage to stop these things from happening. Basically it should be about giving the victim a voice (as they are so often forgotten about), but also give the criminals side of the story in a way where you are not putting that person down (because 9/10 times they’d lived their life moderately okay to a certain point), and last but not least, it should be about problem-solving. And don’t be hating on the iguana! He was an innocent and dehydrated bystander with an inadequate household! 🦎 Sarcasm is a defence mechanism with a degree of truth behind it..Score: 1/5

Host gets his rocks off by trying to be offensiveThe host makes this show unlistenable. It is almost painful to listen to him offer his ill-informed analysis. He also tries to continually bait his audience with stupid comments on such things as women and mental illness. However, the irony is the more he makes these comments the more he is making apparent his numerous insecurities. 🤮.Score: 1/5

Paid content now- sadSad that it’s a paid show now, with the economy being as bad as it is it seems greedy to ask subscribers and listeners after this long for money. No longer a listener..Score: 1/5

Good but has issues with victim blamingThe story telling and setup is excellent but there is a lot of victim blaming in the narratives..Score: 5/5

AwfulThe host is awful. Zero empathy for victims, no tact, disrespectful. Just terrible..Score: 1/5

Plus Not WorkingI’ve subscribed to the plus content and it keeps asking me to pay before I listen and just won’t work. It’s a 5 star pod, but 3 stars for this hiccup!.Score: 3/5

Highly recommend!Favourite podcast that i recommend everyone listen to; detailed and highly informative.Score: 5/5

ScoobyI used to love this podcast and it’s easily one of the top three made. But the greed and constant push to buy has made it unbearable. Guess I will be replacing it on my list. Take care Mike..Score: 5/5

Not a fan since Recent changesRecent changes showing me new releases episodes that aren’t plus and I still need a paid subscription, will no longer be listening as I can’t afford to pay to listen financially but always been a supporter until I can only listen to one in four episodes..Score: 1/5

This show is good but…Mike Bourdet has a problem with women. And trans people. I found the content interesting but Mike’s disgusted stance on gender is too much. Glad I never paid for this. Later!!!!.Score: 2/5

Love podcast but as a Canadian …I am tired of Mike’s criticism of our justice system and the fact that we don’t put people in jail for life w/no chance of parole like the US does. First of all, not everyone gets parole - see Paul Bernardo. Second, we have gun control. Third, we have no death penalty..Score: 4/5

THE BEST EVER!Sword and Scale is one of the very best podcasts out there.... EVER! Updating in 2021 after originally writing this review years ago: it’s still the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Ignore the non-sense, sit back, and just enjoy a great podcast..Score: 5/5

EwI stopped listening a long time ago because of the annoying incel comments. Finally listened to another one. First one I put on, he just mocks that people don’t like his women hating comments. Instead of hearing what people say he’s just gonna double down. So much ego 🤮.Score: 1/5

Top notch true crimeI love Mike’s passion and no bull- crap way of telling these stories. This is easily one of the best true crime podcasts out there and well worth a listen. Mike has a unique way of giving to the perpetrators while still showing compassion and empathy for the families and friends of those impacted. Well done Mike ! Cheers from your friends in Canada 🇨🇦.Score: 5/5

PLUS HelpLove this show. Been listening for years. I subscribed to the $5.99/mth plan on Apple podcasts however I don’t know how to access the PLUS content? If I login to the app or website it’s asking me to subscribe AGAIN. How do I fix this?.Score: 5/5

WOWBest True Crime Podcast hands down!!! Mike Boudet is just scales above the rest ….Score: 5/5

MisogynyDon’t waste your time listening if you don’t hate women.Score: 1/5

Long Time FanI have been a long time fan of this podcast and have never missed an episode. However I’m a little disappointed in the switch to paid content, especially in light of the current state of most of our economies. I really don’t like that the episodes appear in my list but then I can’t even listen to them without paying..Score: 2/5

Hold OnI’ve been a long time follower of this podcast and host but this one got me. ‘Women always get off easy…Talk about privilege?’ Nope… that’s too far. How many women are murdered before anyone hears their story. Nope. Not generalizing women’s ‘privilege’. That’s too far and too bad. Unsubscribe..Score: 1/5

Hate / love relationshipWhile I hate you, I love your podcast. Please don’t ever stop, keep going, don’t stop..Score: 5/5

Just here for the music.Great combo of music and murder. Real life is too scary for me nowadays so I escape to here. Thanks Mike. I love your humour. It’s sad that so many people have so little to do in life that they make it a job to bring you down. Only the best! Later dude..Score: 5/5

More cringe with each new episode.Have been a listener since the beginning. Episodes steadily and rapidly declining in quality over the past few years. Would be better if the host Mike spent less time trying to jam in his 'hot takes' on current events and using $5 words out of context in an attempt to sound thoughtful. The latest episode, 189, had one of the most embarrassing opening monologues yet in this regard. Show is totally bloated at this point, a shell of its former self. Embarrassing. Get this guy an editor..Score: 1/5

Mike is still on his B.S.Wow dude. Get over yourself, grow up (seriously), and stop making snarky passive aggressive comments. It’s pathetic. 😬.Score: 2/5

Boring with terrible musicProbably the worst true crime podcast I’ve ever heard..Score: 1/5

The best podcast i thinkI don’t care what anyone says. I love this podcast and the host is just insane but the content is well produced and I enjoy it a lot..Score: 5/5

Great Research, Garbage HostI really wanted to listen to this but the host is such an incel. If you like women try another podcast..Score: 1/5

Long time follower, can’t justify listening anymore.Was a long time subscriber, but the sudden influx of hateful and rude comments made by the host towards individuals with mental health issues, the LGBTQ community etc really takes away from the story telling and is extremely disrespectful. Do better..Score: 1/5

Hatred of religionHave enjoyed listening to your podcast however your dislike for Christians is disturbing... Unsubscribing.Score: 1/5

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If I could give it zero I wouldThis man is disgustingly homophobic, transphobic and sexist..Score: 1/5

MisogynistMike is a pig.Score: 1/5

MogwaiVery interesting with the live 911 calls. I love all true crime shows but this one is extremely insane. The host is also down to earth, has a sense of humor, is polite with out shoving social justice down listeners throats. Just the facts..Score: 5/5

Two thumbs down.Early in the life of this podcast, I gave it five stars and, even though my wages are meager, subscribed for extra content. Over time, though, Boudet got nastier and more embittered. I’m tired of listening to his rants against women and digs at other content creators. It’s sad that this manchild will cut off his nose to spite his face. If it weren’t for his tirades, this podcast could be one of the best. I waffle on whether or not to listen, but now I’m really done. I can’t listen anymore with a clean conscience. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya..Score: 1/5

Host sounds like an angry 12 year old boy that never grew upThe audio quality is pretty good and the story-telling overall is fine, it’s the host himself that is pretty uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. He is the definition of “red flags”. He makes comments throughout the show where he tries to put people down or laugh at how “dumb” they are. I couldn’t finish the episode it was so bad. I listened to this pod years ago and didn’t really notice these comments, but it just didn’t keep my interest so I moved on. I tried it again today and was laughing at how desperate he sounded to put others down. Not sure what’s going on but hope he finds help. Zero out of five stars. There are a lot of much better podcasts out there..Score: 1/5

Best podcast everI love this show and Mike and have listened to every episode. I wish he made one episode a day..Score: 5/5

BrilliantCan I just say how amazing your response was to the listener comment on ep 200??? *chef’s kiss* You have me forever Mike Boudet.Score: 5/5

#1 best poddy everI’ve listened for years and I’m just always in awe of the work that goes into making these cases come to light. Never disappointed.Score: 5/5

Very Well ToldMike does a great job at presenting each case in a natural flow. Highly entertaining and well told. Sure he expresses opinions throughout, and it’s hilarious how triggered some of the reviewers are..Score: 5/5

DubstepJust listened to episode 199, and to anyone that doesn’t enjoy the dubstep, you are crazy! I love it!! Great job Sword & Scale!.Score: 5/5

Still TraumatizedWell produced, host does a good job but Jesus Christ some stories they tell are absolutely beyond horrific. I love true crime but some of these stories really go too far. I haven’t been able to listen again & years later I’m still upset about the things I heard on this podcast..Score: 1/5

Fan-frickin-tasticThats all i have to say.Score: 5/5

ExcellentCan’t afford it right now Am a little sad it’s a paywall or whatever But I love this podcast and will miss it,.Score: 5/5

Love this stuffSad it hair happened but really sparks my interest.Score: 5/5

The BestThis is hands down the best true crime podcast..Score: 5/5

AddictingCan’t stop listening!.Score: 5/5

GraspingThis last one was incredible how he tried twisting this story to sound like the victim was misunderstood. I could hear the mom reading from a Q-card through her crack teeth. Handing flyers out while hooking at truck stops. Dude never cared about his baby or his Vegas “wife.” Glad you went plus my dude….Score: 1/5

So good!I love the fact that you get to hear actual audio and facts, it’s an excellent podcast and my absolute favorite!.Score: 5/5

Episode 103Plus—Another great show!!! So glad she made it out alive from another diabolical sociopath—undercover 12 years speaks volumes about his capacity to mask his authentic self. Whew! Great episode as season 8 draws to a close..Score: 5/5

CricketsPart of what makes this show great is Mike’s personal opinions. There was a time when he stopped being the host… it was terrible! You do you, lets let Mike do Mike!.Score: 5/5

The BEST true crime podcast!Stoopppp!!! You have just found the best true crime podcast ever… like there is no need to look further! I’ve been a loyal listener since season 1! Mike is so good at what he does, his opinions are spot on and he says it how it is!.Score: 5/5

I completely agree with the voicemail at the end!I loved the voicemail at the end and completely agree with the man who left it. I hope you are able to take some constructive criticism….but honestly I have my doubts..Score: 5/5

If you’re not listeningIf you’re not listening to Sword and Scale you’re not listening to true crime..Score: 5/5

Bay Area GreetingsMike you make a difference in my life, and this podcast has been with me through the worst times in my life, for that Im grateful. XX Ary.Score: 5/5

Mike Boudet is an idiotIf this show was hosted by anyone else it would maybe be tolerable..Score: 1/5

Best “true crime” podcast out there!I just recently was asked if I had ever listened to Sword and Scale, to which I replied “no o haven’t, but I will” and man, have I been missing out the last 8 years. I’ve been neglecting all of my other podcasts and only listening to this one the last few weeks… like 5 episodes or more a day. There’s something therapeutic about Mikes voice talking about the horrible crimes that people commit. I tell my 6 year old daughter all the time that there’s no such thing as monsters and that people are the only real monsters, and this podcast makes me believe it more and more with every episode. I’m quickly running out of episodes and for once I’m actually thinking that becoming a subscriber is worth it!.Score: 5/5

THE True Crime PodcastMIKE. Best host. Creator. Voice. Hands down my favorite True Crime podcast. Mike tells it like it is. Exceptional story telling. Commentary is always on point :) The team at S&S goes above & beyond. I’m a plus member & you should be too- you won’t regret it. So much content. I love it most because they go over cases not well known & tell the story like no one else does & it keeps you on your toes. It’s straight forward and I enjoy the one host concept. Thanks for creating such an epic pod to fill my true crime needs!.Score: 5/5

Best Murder podcastOne of my favorite pod casts to listen to. Mike does an extraordinary job of bringing these chilling monsters and their crimes to light. He also does a perspicuous job bringing the victims back to life to tell their story. He isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Especially describing these demented, sick human beings..Score: 5/5

This series savesI’ve been listening to this podcast for 2 weeks. I’m addicted. But I think it is mostly because I can hear the other stories and know that I’m not alone. I’m grateful to feel a sense of courage from those who were able to come out of the shadows with their experiences. I hope to one day have that same courage to come forth with my own experiences one day. Keep doing amazing things. You help so many people with this podcast, myself included. I can’t express it any other way..Score: 5/5

Why does he need to repeat everything?I have been listening to this podcast for a long time now because he does a great job telling a story and I actually like his “off color” commentary, no complaints there. And often times the cases are not ones I’ve heard elsewhere and he seems to be able to bring fresh, original interviews, etc. My problem is that he does this weird thing where he repeats literally every thing someone says in an interview or court testimony or whatever. I seriously don’t get it. I don’t even think it’s for filler, it’s just bizarre. Like someone on an interview will say “I think he killed her because he just wanted to kill someone” and the host will then say “she thinks he just wanted to kill someone” (I know random example, just one from a recent episode). Anyway, but that out and I’d go 4 stars , only minus one because as much as I can tolerate “off handed” (basically what we were all thinking), there’s been some pretty problematic stuff said..Score: 2/5

Mike needs to stop whiningThis show has potential, but the host needs to quit whining about “cancel culture” and other right wing nonsense buzzwords. Extremely off putting.Score: 1/5

Is the crime part just the package to spew misogyny in?I listened to the latest episode and the way he kept trashing the looks of the older woman the killer was seeing was annoying, but then when he started up the bit about how he ‘always points out women get off lighter’ and this is supposed to be more evidence-if you suggest a crime how is that equal to being the one committing the crime and against your own parents?!.Score: 1/5

Gone downhill…I was a loyal listener of this podcast for over 5 years, and today I am unsubscribing. I wish Mike would take a bit of the compassion that he demonstrates with victims and their families and reflect that back towards his audience. Harmful comments towards the LGBTQ+ community have put this podcast on the wrong side of history..Score: 1/5

AmazingThis is seriously the only crime podcast I can listen to now. I’m hooked! I need more episodes stat.Score: 5/5

Poor PresentationNice to hear some different cases than your typical true crime podcast but I really wish the presenter would leave their opinion out of it. Are some of the people involved truly awful? Absolutely, but commenting multiple times about how ugly or dumb a suspect is really ruins the momentum of the narration. Opted not to subscribe after a few episodes because it got so annoying..Score: 1/5

Intro music?!Obsessed with this podcast. I’ve been a long time listener. Also, I’ve been obsessed with EVERY SINGLE intro instrumental song and must know who the producer/artist is and where I can find more of their music!!.Score: 5/5

Subscription requiredI love this podcast but have been a bit discouraged with all the subscription required stuff.. maybe post them on a paid only sight. Not everyone can afford to pay and it’s discouraging to see so many on the ‘free’ podcast site..Score: 3/5

Host comments are a turn offThe show is interesting and well structured but as others have said the host inserts his opinions when it is not necessary and it is sometimes condescending and ignorant. A true crime show doesn’t need his views on the topics discussed..Score: 2/5

Melodramatic baloneyWhat is he going on about? People will listen to anything if it’s a podcast I guess..Score: 2/5

Host is a royal doucheThe host talks about peoples looks and he’s walking around looking like a cave man. So many other great true crime podcasts that respect the victims and people in their stories. This guy is a clown..Score: 1/5

Truly the only podcast I can tolerateTruly the only crime podcast I can stand listening to because he doesn’t being politics into his podcast! So refreshing. 100 stars!.Score: 5/5

My 1st loveBest podcast in the business!.Score: 5/5

Most well done crime podcast everKeep it coming, Mike. And yeah, I stalked your Facebook. But it's because I love you..Score: 5/5

Best true crime podcast!!How refreshing it is to listen to a podcast that just tells the story, without bringing up politics or bashing law enforcement! Stories are great and the podcaster’s comments are hilarious!.Score: 5/5

Good crime podcastHonestly I really enjoy this podcast, it’s well put together, he picks good stories, and it’s just really entertaining. I’m not sensitive, I prob wouldn’t continue to listen to it if I was. But I could absolutely do without all his inserted comments on contentious topics when it’s not even related to the show at all. The guy is definitely an ignorant far right type, wants people to know and probably enjoys the drama surrounding his show. He’s a dink, I wouldn’t enjoy talking to him in real life…but he puts on a good show, so here I am, listening anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️.Score: 4/5

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Invisible Choir instead…Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Invisible Choir instead…IC covers similar true crime stories and has equal, if not better, supplementary audio (police interrogations, 911 calls, courtroom testimony, etc) WITHOUT the misogynistic, racist, RWNJ host…don’t pad the pockets of Mike Boudet, who is an absolute horrible human being (and yes, subscribing to podcasts gives the hosts money…subscriptions equal advertisers equals paychecks)….Score: 1/5

Host ruins the showShow is good in itself with cases and content. Don’t like how the host chooses to describe people. Calling someone with a low iq a “simpleton” or an unconventionally attractive woman a “Bridge troll.” I get it he’s describing “bad” people but ehh. Also, he loves to talk about how much “hate” he gets from sensitive people. I’m not sensitive and will probably continue to listen to episodes of cases I like but I can definitely see why others stop..Score: 2/5

Hands down favorite(With a couple of close seconds). This is the gold standard for me. Like him or not, he’s great at his job..Score: 5/5

5 starsMike, you’re the best.Score: 5/5

Favorite PodcastYou are my favorite crime podcast. I enjoy the commentary (which is very little by the way to all the people complaining 🙄🙄) I enjoy how the show is narrated it feels like I’m listening to a friend. No need to listen to other podcasts.. this is the best!.Score: 5/5

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My favorite pod castBy far this is still my most favorite podcast. I honestly don't understand why there are so many negative reviews. If you don't like Mike, then leave. Listen to another podcast. No one is forcing you to listen. Keep up the great work Mike 👍.Score: 5/5

ONE OF THE BEST PODCASTS OUT THERE!You need a higher rating, and we all missed you so much when you were gone. The podcast completely went downhill. You are so good at telling the story, and not one moment is boring. I look forward to seeing an episode is over an hour haha. Thanks for getting me through our world record lockdown in Melbourne Aus! Xox.Score: 5/5

Totally addictiveThis show is so well done!! Love love it. Thanks.Score: 5/5

Problematic hostSome episodes are brilliant. But this man Mike clearly has massive resentment towards women, is a racist and a homophobe… I hope he finds some enlightenment.Score: 1/5

Horrible hostHost is sexist, homophobic and transphobic. he has made so many wrong comments on the podcast about many different things including mental health, woman and the lgbtqia+.Score: 1/5

Top 3 True Crime podcast!Sword and Scale is sooo Good but be warned it is also Heavy! I may have PTSD after listening to all of these! Stay Frosty!.Score: 5/5

Full.Body.ChillsFrom the intro - end I’m 110% captivated. Lol at the 1 star reviews because of the dubstep intros 🤣 LOSERS. Mikes personality/humour is A+ & says what everyone else is thinking #adnandefinitelydidit.Score: 5/5

Great showHi from Australia. I found your podcast when looking for one about Ezra McCandless. Needless to say it’s now my favourite true crime podcast. I’ve listened to about half of the episodes in the past few weeks and I’m excited to listen to all of them..Score: 5/5

Never gets oldNow i’m not here to talk about the whole wonders fisasco rather that this show is and was the only show i waited around the the clock for an update on and i have many fond memories for.Score: 5/5

MisogynisticOffensive views on women.Score: 1/5

Best EverI am absolutely obsessed with this show 10/10.Score: 5/5

Title musicI’m sorry… but that’s with the music at the start? 😂😂😂😂😂😂.Score: 3/5

Difficult to impartially review when the host is an awful personI started listening to this a short time ago - at least two years into the cancel culture and #metoo vortex I really enjoyed it at first but was at times taken aback by the host’s rhetoric and general presentation of the facts. The podcast itself is wonderfully macabre and makes no attempt to shy away from being justifiably gritty and confronting considering the content covered. But, I slowly picked up on the peculiar biases that infused the descriptions of the abhorrent behaviour of the criminals in each story. So much attention is always directed at justifying the crimes on behalf of the perpetrators and accused. We are typically always treated to a thorough backstory of the criminals when compared to the victims. The host wants to humanise the murderers. The victims are just the stock of the homicide soup. The more you listen to the podcast and familiarise yourself with the host, the more you realise that this is a man who scoffs at anything other than his heteronormative white North American lifestyle as he rages against the left on his campaign to protect free speech. Inserting quips and snorts about transgender peoples where the opportunity aris.Score: 3/5

Not a fanI love true crime and listen to a number of podcasts on the topic, but I can’t listen to this one. Instead of discussing the facts of the cases, the host continually editorialises, imposing his own views on the behaviors of the perpetrators, victims and their families. I have also sometimes found the host to be rather sexist and disrespectful towards women, and as such I will be unsubscribing..Score: 1/5

Can’t stand the hostHonestly can not stand the host, totally sexist and I can not stand the way he talks..Score: 1/5

Great podcast buuuttttI have listened to nearly every episode of this podcast and regard it as being high caliber and well-deserving of its high rating. However, this most recent episode, 171, left me feeling slighted. As a Canadian, I found the episode to be quite dismissive of the Canadian police service. The little quip about our Mounties and their “silly hats,” was unnecessary. The mispronunciation of Regina as well as referring to Canada as Canadia when scoffing at the mental health policies within our judicial system came off as very ignorant. Regarding the Vince Li case, the mental health system had failed him. He had sought help over 5 years and although symptoms of schizophrenia were observed by many, little was done to help him. He was discharged after ten years of treatment. The podcast made it sound like he walked free shortly after. I’ve loved this podcast, but this one seemed as though it was researched with bias and hastily produced..Score: 4/5

One StarAll the one star reviews made me a fan. Well done!.Score: 5/5

‘Did you hear a lisp’What an antiquated homophobic way to suggest someone is gay. It’s 2021 mate!.Score: 1/5

BoringThe host has the most monotone boring voice. The theme music is annoying. Scripting and storytelling needs to improve in order for it to be worth listening to..Score: 1/5

Long time listenerI’ve been listening for years, introduced this podcast to countless people and listened to every single episode. Many twice. Starting to get annoyed at some of the things he says in this podcast. In episode 187 he is super condescending implies his listeners/everyone are politically correct sjw’s - don’t tell me how I think. In episode 188 he introduces Brandon as being gay because he has a lisp - it’s like Mike is becoming hateful and unhinged. Stick to the story and good perspective, keep your beliefs out of it because they are annoying. I’m actually starting to wish that lady would take over again. Not sure I can listen any longer with Mike at the helm. He’s starting to sound unhinged..Score: 1/5

Host is a narcissist.Massive tool who doesn’t respect most people fighting crime..Score: 1/5

The musicMike, I absolutely love the show blah blah blah. Can I buy the music?.Score: 5/5

BestJust found this after years of listening to true crime pods. The best ever. I laugh out loud every episode. Don’t change mate. Women do have dicks these days! Haters gonna hate and the permanently offended will be offended..Score: 5/5

Should be de-platformedHost is a bigot. Don’t waist your time on listening to his disgusting rhetoric..Score: 1/5

This guy is the worst.If it walks like a duck If it quacks like a duck It’s probably a POS misogynistic racist..Score: 1/5

Subscription only podcast.Churn out more episodes then maybe it’d be worth the price..Score: 2/5

Legend on the Mic - MikeIncredible detail throughout the podcast draws you deeper into the scene at large. By far my favourite podcast and all because Mike knows how to set the scene 💪🏻.Score: 5/5

UnsubscribeUnsubscribe.Score: 1/5

SuziebeeI enjoy this podcast. Mike presents very well and entertaining. Yes he’s opinionated, but can’t help but think he actually says what a lot of people think. I love that he’s not afraid to call a spade of spade. An ar#e#ole is an ar#e$ole.......Score: 5/5

Refers to Trans women as “chicks with dicks”I feel sick thinking about how many people I recommended sword and scale to and how many hours I listened only to now realise the host is completely transphobic and refers to Trans women as “chicks with dicks” and then scoffs to himself. Seriously?.Score: 1/5

Plus 104This episode was heartbreaking, I wish you delved more into the long term mental health effects of having your power continually taken away from you. I feel the dramatics of Ronnie’s self-representation was a complex psychological response to living a life where power and choices are systematically denied.Score: 3/5

All time favGreat podcast! Well written, well researched and the delivery has you hooked. Mike has a fantastic voice for this genre. I recommend the plus subscription. Even with all the podcasters drama, you can either choose to get involved/upset about it, or just enjoy the show. Love the soundtracks on the newer versions intros too!.Score: 5/5

Docdaspoc from ozHey Mike Have listened to every episode you have made and you are best by far All these negative reviews can go take a jump We dont need you on this forum SERIOUSLY 👍🏼👍🏼.Score: 5/5

Hate the player, not the game!I can not stand Mike & his narrow minded opinions, but damn! he knows how to work a podcast. I am subscribed to download automatically & my heart drops when the episode is not ready to go for my drive to work at the beginning of each week. I am so disappointed in myself that I like something attached to Mike’s name :((.Score: 5/5

Stopped listeningThe host is a narcissist. He can’t stop being an a-hole..Score: 1/5

MY FAVOURITEMike is by far the best in the bizz! Absolutely love Sword and Scale. Love being a PLUS member as well, everyone should sign up! Never stop Mike, you’re the real MVP 🙌🏼.Score: 5/5

Clearly this sets the standardI cannot believe so many people complain about so called mysoginist , homophobic views. If he criticised males, or straight people …..would you complain? You complainers are bullies! You want everyone to say the exact same thing. You put some groups up on pedestals to be worshiped and leave others in the gutter to be freely kicked and cursed without question..Score: 5/5

Long time fanDue to you paid subscription based listening and little to no sharing to those loyal subscribers, there’s no point in waiting months to hear your podcast! Seriously disappointing.Score: 1/5

Not worth subscribingDecent podcast however in a sea area of free true crime podcasts it needs to be spectacular in order to become paid. Are the sponsors and advertising not enough? Greed..Score: 2/5

Don’t listen to PC policeWhat a blessing finding Mike was. He doesn’t go on and on with his own opinions like so many other podcasters do. He does occasionally chime in with something that I agree with and it often makes me laugh. This podcaster is the only person who nearly leaves me in tears from both laughter and sadness. Do not listen to the redditers, the tumblrites or the other losers. Please continue to be BASED! We need more podcasters like yourself..Score: 5/5

Great Research and Fascinating AccountsEverything about this podcast hits the mark. Thorough research underpins these fascinating accounts. The host tells it like it is, and pulls no punches. Probably not for people who live their lives wrapped in cotton wool, or people who can’t face a slice of reality..Score: 5/5

Salacious and dramaticMB is unashamed in his approach to story telling - he knows what the people want and serves it up raw. Factual yet peppered with opinion and commentary, it’s entertaining and spine tingling. Definitely the most salacious true crime story telling out there. Fabulous..Score: 5/5

Horrible hostThe host needs therapy.Score: 1/5

Host is a chauvinistI’ve been listening for over a year. I love true crime, so will listen to just about anything on the theme. HOWEVER, unsubscribed today after host said “women always get off easy, talk about privilege”. This is one uneducated slur too many from just another straight white male..Score: 1/5

Hands down the best true crime podcast!The best content & host! Love that he doesn’t try to please everyone by being politically correct, he truly is a breath of fresh air..Score: 5/5

Australia approves!We love this podcast! The pace, the inflection and the snide comments make for such a gripping and thrilling ride! Joined PLUS because I just can’t miss even one episode. Keep up the great work guys!.Score: 5/5

Wonderful podcastLov your research and style. Thank you!! X.Score: 5/5

AmyI’ve listened to every episode and it used to be my favourite podcast. I wish the host would tell the story and leave out his misogynistic views. It kills the vibe.Score: 1/5

Intro music gives me anxietyAs per my title. Not even joking, I didn't get past the horrific intro music (dubstep-esque)..Score: 1/5

True crime pinnacleAbsolute must for any avid true crime enthusiast..Score: 5/5

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HobbylinkTanjiro Kamado's sword from #DemonSlayer in Bandai's PROPLICA lineup is finally back in stock! At approximately 1/1… .Score: 5/5

IllyOfTheValleyJennieTetreault Compounded by the fact that the hosts can be kind of gross also. .Score: 5/5

WhaalliiOkay if you like true crime, Sword and Scale is one of the best podcasts to listen to. But HOLY FUCKING SHIT episod… .Score: 5/5

DMG_Tha_Whale Anontloudeac: Al Andaluz PALADIN. Rodomonte, king of Algiers an Sarza, he was terrifyingly strong, equipped with armor made of dragon s….Score: 5/5

LSav00HeroOfTime125 Hell, even if it's a spinoff it would still allow them to experiment on a smaller scale without the… .Score: 5/5

DanielBrimMarc_Normandin Sword and shield was not this easy though. Ultra Sun/Moon had a hard boss fight at least. IDK, it j… .Score: 5/5

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Sword and Scale Podcast Episodes

Episode 202

In late October of 2017, two deer hunters discovered a naked and rotting human corpse in the Bruneau Desert near Grand View, Idaho. An autopsy later confirmed that the human remains were that of an 18 to 20-year-old male and that he had been shot to death. The Idaho State Police struggled to identify the body as there were no missing person cases in the Grand View area that matched the victim. What the police didn't know is that the story of this murder victim actually began three months prior to his discovery and over 500 miles away in an entirely different state.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Episode 201

What do you get when you cross a sheltered and immature young adult with the trials and tribulations of navigating adult relationships? You get Andrew Jondle and the precarious situation he found himself in after being seduced and manipulated by his first ever girlfriend, Cindy Lou Beck.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Episode 200

Raised in Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers, Andrea Curry Demus should have had a great life in a city rated “most livable;” but Andrea didn’t have a lot of money and she wasn’t very smart. All she wanted was a family and children, but she was now in her late thirties and time was almost up for her. Would her extreme desire for a baby turn into reality, or would she pay the ultimate price for her obsessions? And who else would pay just so Andrea could have what she wanted?See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Episode 199

Deep in the hills of Ohio, where people keep to themselves - hunting, fishing, and partying around the fire pit, sometimes the predator becomes the prey. When Jim Whitaker of Hocking Hills, Ohio, turns up missing, his family naturally becomes concerned. They are even more shocked to find a suicide note he left, implying a twisted love affair that may have brought about his demise. But where is Jim? Only the hills know.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Episode 198

In October of 2014, 53-year-old Chris Regan was reported missing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The investigation that followed spanned many years across numerous states, resulting in an extraordinary game of cat and mouse between a veteran detective and a potential serial killer. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Episode 197

We all want what’s best for our kids, but sometimes we need to let our children make their own mistakes. After a lifetime of being told what to do, one family will learn that even the quietest people have their breaking points.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Episode 196

29-year-old Daryne Gailey lost his freedom when his 65-year old mother, Sylvia Majewska, was granted guardianship and conservatorship over him. With the #FREEBRITNEY movement exploding globally, what a better time to expose the abusive aspects of guardianship and conservatorship than now.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Episode 195

19-year-old Lizzi Marriott was especially kind-hearted, always beaming with positivity, and dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. She was working hard toward that dream by attending classes at the University of New Hampshire, but Lizzi didn’t know that someone had different plans for her. Someone wanted to make Lizzi a sex slave. In early October 2012, Lizzi left the UNH campus with plans to visit her new friends, Kat McDonough and Seth Mazzaglia, and she was never seen again.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Episode 194

Loving parents Jason and Julie live on the California coast with their three young children and have the dream life, or so it seems. Jason is a respected and loved teacher and coach while Julie earned a Harvard degree. But Julie is a hoarder who has given up on her stay-at-home role as a mom, and Jason has had enough. One of them is highly trained in firearms and one has no experience at all. One of them ends up dead, and the other claims no responsibility. Will the children be left with one parent, or no parents?See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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