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Tarini is living in a small town with one of her daughters, Tara and working as a physical trainer to young girls/kids. On the other hand, Rupam now owns a ...

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5 star

Sarah, I have been so addicted to this podcast! I binge listen and re-listened. My brother is currently incarcerated with possibility of parole soon. He worked with the innocent project and they pushed hard, but sadly nothing came from the help they gave. Season 3 made me furious at what happens on the daily in our criminal justice system. My family and I (hard working Texans) watched as our family member was railroad all for the sake of justice. To hear how these judges spoke to people (humans.. yes they committed crimes) but to talk to people with such hate saddens me. We have forgotten about innocent until proven guilty. Thank you for opening your heart and spending so much time telling the truth and showing your listeners how it is... Color, money and who your family is plays a big role in sentencing. You spoke to these “hardened criminals” like they were people who mattered. The respect and love you showed them made me tear up while listening! I am blown away!! You my friend (can I call you that) are special!!! Thanks from a forever listener, Tulana

1 star

I listened to the 1st and 2nd podcasts and LOVED them. In a way I felt like you guys took the fame you got and used it to make a political message on your 3rd cast. People listen to podcasts to get away from all the monotony and constant talk about politics. Their are plenty of other podcasts out there that did what you did in the first and second seasons so it’s not too hard to find someone new. Just thought you guys should know that you’re losing fan base. Go back to your foundation

2 star

I learned about this podcast series from a Crime Junkies (go check them out) episode on Adnan. The first season is AMAZING. i was completely hooked so after i finished season 1, i was interested enough to listen to the other seasons. insanely biased and weird. did not like 2 & 3 at all.

5 star

So well researched and superbly presented. Once I begin on a season I cannot stop until its end.

3 star

What happened to the update? You guys dropped the ball

5 star


Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
24 August 2019

acid rain happens when CHUCK NORRIS piss

5 star

This is a fascinating pod that anyone with an interest in crime drama should listen to. Sarah does a great job presenting these real life stories and, at the same time, explaining everything we need to know in a way that’s not dull. I’ve learned a lot from this podcast and it’s a shame that I’m all caught up now and can’t listen to any more! GB

Tony from England
Tony from England
5 star

It amazes me that you can win an appeal to a new trial, once again defeat the state at a higher court, and then lose 4-3 at the highest court in the state. The odds are stacked against you the minute you are arrested. Then to win an appeal only to give the states two more cracks at it is disgusting.This defendant followed the same rollercoaster as Brendan Dassey. I don’t know the guilt of AS or BD but winning an appeal for a new trial should be honoured instead of giving the state two “do-overs”. Winning an appeal is damn near impossible and could take a decade. The WM3 were done for had HBO not rescued them and got celebrity money to fund their appeal process showing all the mistakes untrained and biased police made. We really need to look at how the appeals process is done. Recent studies have at least 10 percent of prison population wrongly convicted. GB

5 star

I thought this was an excellent analysis and exploration of a specific case and it’s implications on the gulf between what the justice system aspires to be and what it actually is. It’s very disappointing that after supposedly listening to this podcast reviewers comment with the same venom toward the defendant that you’d expect from the uninformed and ignorant. The take home message isn’t a conclusive proof of guilt or innocence, it’s that there is so much reasonable doubt this shouldn’t have gotten near prosecution, but is an excellent example of how people get convicted despite this. The sad fact is juries rarely grant the defendant a presumption of innocence or the right to innocence in the presence of reasonable doubt, and this fascinating case is a perfect example. Even on the occasion I thought the defendant was guilty I played devils advocate in the jury room to make sure people have to think through and argue their opinions. 2 hours of deliberation for a 1st def. murder verdict is insulting to the process and the defendant. For those who want an update, he won his appeal, and then defeated the states appeal against that win at the higher court. As a last ditch attempt to keep him in jail the State appealed to an en blank hearing at the very highest state level and managed to keep him in jail by a 4:3 majority verdict. When you consider since the Law was changed after the Oklahoma bombing to make appeals even more difficult than they already were in that Judges can’t just disagree with the conviction they must find a gross mistake has been made (I can’t remember the exact wording) which 3 out of 4 apparently did - I find it disturbing that a Majority of one under these circumstances have condemned him to life in jail (short the near impossibility of the Supreme Court first taking his case and then siding with him). The system which should be looking dispassionately for the person responsible is clearly far too rigid once they think they have the right person - perhaps this is inevitable in an adversarial system but I can’t help but think that’s not helpful for justice - and especially after a conviction if that conviction appears to be weak. Clearly a not insignificant percentage of convictions are going to be incorrect but once convicted it becomes almost impossible to reverse and irrespective of evidence (I’m actually thinking of much more clear cut examples here) the state will still oppose conviction relief with upmost vigour even when it’s obvious they have the wrong person and how does that serve justice. GB

Byron Pulsifer
Byron Pulsifer
24 August 2019

It can't be spring if your heart is filled with past failures.

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