The Improvement Association PAC’s power in the county is threatened when an unlikely candidate enters the race for county commissioner. Plenty of people outside the PAC now have their own ideas about how to build Black political power here. Zoe examines what this election could mean for the PAC’s future.  

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Serial Podcast Reviews

Season 2 & 3 is nowhere near we as good as season 1Season one was simply the best and season two and three were not as riveting..Score: 5/5

Great podcastLove this show. Such variety between the series but all three fascinating in their own way. I find the host quite inspirational..Score: 5/5

S 3 ep 4Bacon 🥓🥓🥓.Score: 5/5

Just amazingThe first and final seasons where my favourite. I particularly feel addicted to Sarah’s voice as she has such a way of portraying her own character and personality without being the centre stage role. I love that she says her thoughts and thus our thoughts as the listener. The Cleaveland court house season was compelling and fascinating. As someone that was on jury at 21 it highlighted issues that I saw in action. Sarah if you’re reading, please please return ASAP.Score: 5/5

Not greatI’ve been listening to loads of true crime podcasts. People say Serial is great. I found it the worst I’d listened to, and I only listened to the first series. Confusing how the story is explained. No real hard evidence is gone through. I didn’t like the style in general. Just went on and on and don’t go anywhere. So many better podcasts that kept me hooked:.Score: 2/5

Gone so far from the 1st seriesSuch a shame that serial had to go a different way from the first series. Me personally I don’t want to waste my time listening to woke agendas..Score: 1/5

What happened?I have loved series 1-3 and listened to series 1 at least three times. I don’t know what series 4 is, but it’s not Serial. So disappointing..Score: 1/5

Very interesting analysisI enjoyed this insight into the NYC public school system as a parent in the UK. Same problems, different country..Score: 5/5

When you are late to work, let’s all blame the bus driver.Have a long hard think about that title....Score: 1/5

Interesting story but narration becomes tiring when they run out of facts(Series 1) Interesting story but when they seem to run out of facts to look into, narration becomes tiring and comes across as unprofessional due to a lot of speculation. Shame it finishes a bit more as diary-type speculation rather than investigative journalism..Score: 2/5

RacistHow dare these clueless, ignorant white parents try to improve our black school. Really?? Racism works both ways. If you reverse the statement of this podcast it’d be hounded off the air. I thought better of Serial..Score: 1/5

Season 1 was brilliant, then it’s downhill from there.As above.Score: 3/5

Listen to series 1 to 3I loved series 1 to 3, didn’t bother listen to nice white parents, switched off after about 5 minutes. i genuinely have no idea what series 5 was about, it wasn’t about election fraud so wasted my time listening to that hoping there was an ending. what happened to this podcast, it used to be sooooo good?.Score: 1/5

One of my fave podcasts!Season one and two are my favourites. I particularly enjoyed S02, human survival and a great approach to the story. Really want a S04 (no nice white parents isn’t ‘serial’!) Great pod! ❤️.Score: 5/5

ExceptionalFantastic podcast, very well researched and delivered. Yes, the stories/seasons don’t wrap up in a perfect story arc or reach a definitive conclusion but that’s because they’re real events!.Score: 5/5

Thoughtful and compelling stuffI love this podcast. It my mind it raises the journalistic bar to new heights that I didn’t think possible. Ticks all the right boxes for me. Sarah is brilliant. We need someone like her here in the UK 🇬🇧.Score: 5/5

Not to be missed!It’s fantastic! Sarah Koenig is excellent! I so love her attitude, her style and her voice! I could listen to her for hours and am a bit upset there are only three series to listen to!! (Plus I should really downgrade my other podcast ratings based on this one being the true five-star!!) Thank you to the Serial team for some addictive listening so far with one season to go :) I hope there will be more!!!.Score: 5/5

GrippingSuch an interesting podcast, absolutely loved it..Score: 5/5

AddictiveSo addictive Sarah is so easy to listen to. I’m still undecided if Adnan is guilty or not guilty!.Score: 5/5

Great podcast.I still have no idea who the killer is..Score: 5/5

This PodcastThis is the best and the first podcast I ever listened to! Absolutely just the best!.Score: 5/5

Gottago is the ignorant oneAntiwhite rhetoric is bs. Gottago review is so ignorant. Get off your invisible ivory tower and open your eyes. Really has no idea what is going on in the world like a good goy !!! Come and debate me clever clogs.....Score: 1/5

The most woke thing you will listen to all yearI feel really sad and giving a poor review to Nice White Parents. Serial at its best is interesting and thoughtful, engaging and thought-provoking. This series has the potential to be all those things but instead it is simply a woke version of what a great podcast used to be. Desperately sad..Score: 1/5

Interesting and engaging!We really enjoyed listening to Sarah’s coverage of the courts and cases, especially Adnan Syed’s in series 1! Sarah is funny, real and thorough. Really enjoyed her take on things..Score: 5/5

SUPERB. ENGAGING & HUGELY INTRIGUING.Beautifully produced which means you can listen to it without struggling to follow the complexity at the same time. Some podcasts are poorly produced with dreadful audio making them unbearable. Sarah’s voice is also a delight on the ear..Score: 5/5

All white people are racist. No thanks!Load of crap.Score: 1/5

Season 1-3 great. Not season 4Season 1- fantastic and gripping Season 2 - seemed a bit slow compared to season 1, but actually great in its own right Season 3- as good as season 1, would love to have a follow up of some of the characters. Season 4 (nice where parents)- didn’t enjoy at all, doesn’t really seem like serial, I didn’t manage to even finish the season..Score: 4/5

What do I sayLoved listening to series 1 but so disappointed at the end not to have any conclusion as such... still looking forward to the next two as Sarah is a great social detective!.Score: 4/5

A stapleHas been and will always be the very first podcast I ever recommend to anyone. Unbelievable..Score: 5/5

ExcellentTruly, genuinely, excellent.Score: 5/5

Wonderful and Eye openingSerial is by far the best investigative journalism podcast out there. Nothing compares to the research, writing, and sound mixing on this show. The topics covered and stories investigated are always original, innovative, and just what everyone needs to be listening to. Five Stars!.Score: 5/5

One season wonderListen to the first season, don’t bother with any others, they are VERY dull..Score: 2/5

Series 1 episode 12 6mins inThis is the most interesting part right here. Don says when he gets a call from the police because she’s missing and he’s one of the first people they call he immediately thinks he’s a suspect so he gets his alibi sorted. Suspect for what? At this point no one knows she’s dead; except the killer, so what is he a suspect for? Then what does he do He throws them of the scent by suggesting that she went to see her dad and gives them alternative to show he’s being helpful. Even with Debbie during this 7 hour conversation what he’s actually doing is flirting with a person who he assaulted and who suspects him so he flirts with Debbie because after 7 hours of chit chat she’s familiar with him, he likes her and it works she’s flattered and thinks oh it’s not him. If you truly love Hae you don’t flirt with another girl on the phone for 7 hours. This is sociopath behaviour. It was manipulative. Then years layers he says he still loves her how? How can you know someone for so little a time and say you loved them? Or they changed you after 2 dates? So his girlfriend whom he loves is missing but he doesn’t call her when he was supposed to see her the day she was killed. Innocent people rely on the truth and don’t start falsifying evidence or thinking about alibis..Score: 4/5

A worthy listenLoved the serial podcasts, and noticed “nice white parents” only yesterday. I listened to all episodes over a period of two days and I have already recommended it to multiple people. If you leave your prejudices about the “woke” movement (reference to other reviews)and just listen to what was found it’s incredibly interesting and thought provoking - even for a white woman educated in the UK. There are parallels that can be drawn across every country, particularly as someone who grapples with the state vs grammar vs private education system here and what I would do with my child..Score: 5/5

Quality, trust worthy reporting.For me, this was eye opening and a truely interesting listen and learning experience..Score: 5/5

Fascinating and so well presentedI love Serial, though I’m only on series 3. So far every series has been really interesting and I find Sarah excellent - intelligent and eloquent..Score: 5/5

Season 1 is definitely the bestSeason 1 was riveting, going through the whole case and trial was great. Following the full story and doing your investigation along side was incredible listening! More like Season 1!!.Score: 5/5

What a discovery!Amazing, thoughtful, captivating programming!.Score: 5/5

No happy endingsRevealing insight in each of these series, but be warned there are no happy endings. It’s thought provoking..Score: 5/5

Hi EthnatFully appreciate from your last comment that you’re not very bright so will try and spell this out as easily as possible for your small mind to understand. The podcast is an excellent and accurate portrayal of actual lived experiences at this school that are undoubtedly influenced by race. I understand that for lower quality people like yourself you are easily influenced by the right wing media you choose to exclusively consume and will immediately jump to a garbage conclusion of this being some anti-white podcast without listening beyond the introduction, simply because it doesn’t fit the narrative you’re desperate to pursue. I’d advise that this series is a little beyond your intelligence and you might be better off spending your time and what little money you have in a Wetherspoons beer garden will fellow people of your ilk..Score: 5/5

MehWell done but over rated.Score: 3/5

Not for everyoneI couldn’t engage with this series..Score: 1/5

Real page turnerI cannot speak highly enough of Serial. If you start from the beginning you better disconnect your phone, pc and doorbell because you will be unavailable for hours. Sarah Koenig is superb, my only gripe is that there aren’t enough shows !.Score: 5/5

Clutching at strawsGuilty, Guilty , Guilty.Score: 3/5

Worthy of the hypeBefore I listened for the first time, I was warned it would cause me to binge listen. It did. Great storytelling, very compelling..Score: 5/5

Talks too fast!I can’t even make it through ep1 of the first series! I read about this podcast in a crime mag I subscribe to and it sounded so interesting. Unfortunately I find fast speakers extremely hard to listen to as I can’t catch what they are saying. Most of my TV shows have subtitles as mumbling, fast talkers and more makes it really difficult for me to understand. It’s such a shame as I was really looking forward to listening to this!.Score: 2/5

Tawdry SensationalismI find the whole ‘find out next week…’ style of journalism to be tacky when considering that the producers would have been researching the Syed case for months prior to the show airing. I also find it telling that the host has decided to wash her hands of the case after opening Pandora’s box..Score: 2/5

Where’s the series gone?Series 2 was a bit of a bum-note after the drama of the 1st. Really enjoyed Series 3 but felt that it ended too soon. It’s over 18 months since the last episode and there’s been no further releases. What gives?.Score: 3/5

Great podcast gone wrongI have loved seasons 1-3 of serial, great stories/topics/investigation and presented really well. What happened!?? Season 4 is terrible and full of assumptions and clear sensationalising of the subject. Made it to episode 3 and have called it quits, couldn’t stomach the presenters bias any longer..Score: 1/5

High CalibreOne of the most well-crafted, gripping podcasts available. Its style has shaped the current generation of investigative/true crime podcasts. New episodes are always a cause for celebration..Score: 5/5

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Love Every Minute!I started with season 3 of this podcast and I was hooked by the first episode, maybe even just the trailer!.Score: 5/5

He or SHEPlease stop generically referring to prosecutors exclusively as “he” and “him”. There are female prosecutors. I expect better in 2020, especially from a female podcaster..Score: 2/5

AdnanI enjoyed listening, Sarah is a great story teller, but I did find it was quite biased towards Adnan. I wanted to believe that he was innocent, because in your talks with him he sounded like a “nice” guy, but I feel like he is very manipulative and deceptive. It makes no sense why Jay would make up the story, whether or not the whole day adds up, he had no reason to hurt her or for any other to want to kill her. Not allotting Adnan another trial was justified..Score: 3/5

Brilliant styleI love the way you tell the story and remind us of previous facts. You tell it without a narrative and I love that. Very talented! I’m hooked and look forward to listening to anything you do..Score: 5/5

Season 1: Bias vs Clear GuiltThe infamous Season 1 became a game to me to see how far the host would go to turn herself into an intellectual pretzel so as to minimize the clear facts confronting his obvious guilt. By the midway point of this podcast, I was saying to myself “he’s so guilty, why can’t she see it, what a waste of time building a house of cards”. Sure there are discrepancies, but then the next fact brings you right back to HIM. Feels like a waste of time, can’t believe so many people have wasted so much effort defending a murderer. He doesn’t deserve it, you’ve been had. One star for terrible journalistic bias..Score: 1/5

Not as interesting as I hopedMaybe it’s because I’m Canadian .. but I wanted to love this more, I really did. It’s exceptionally well produced and well reported. But the subject matter and the events themselves are just not that interesting. You keep waiting for something to happen or the story to go somewhere worthy of the host’s excitement... but it never does. This one was well done but hard to get into and hard to care about much..Score: 3/5

One of FavsThis podcast season after season kept me listening. Just amazing to follow along episode by episode. The story lines that they create just keeps you involved..Score: 5/5

Please do more!I loved everything about this podcast. All seasons AND Nice White Parents. Please can you do more???.Score: 5/5


CaptivatingIf you’re into true crime then this is a must-listen. This podcast absolutely captivated me and I don’t typically watch or listen to true crime. Sarah is a fantastic journalist and a wonderful storyteller..Score: 5/5

Interesting and thought provokingAlways a great listen and always makes you think..Score: 5/5

AdnanThe episodes on Adnan’s case were sooo good! I couldn't stop listening!.Score: 5/5

Racist white lady point of viewListened to a bunch of episodes and Season 1 Ep10 explains it all. Sarah is biased. She doesn’t believe Adnan’s mom that the truth is this was racist profiling. And it was. There wasn’t enough evidence to pin this murder to a 17 year old. Sarah your view point is from a white privilege. Compare this to the plethora of white males & cops included who get a slap on the wrist for murder. Look at serial killer Robert Picton - he for 30 years and third degree murder for admitting to murdering 49 women!!! Why - because cops & hell’s angels were involved. White supremacy is real. And this podcast is 100% biased. This was definitely racial profiling and the cops played Jay like a fiddle..Score: 1/5

Would give it more stars if I couldSerial is a profoundly thorough, eye opening, and incredibly well done podcast. I cannot recommend Season 3 enough - as a white Canadian, it lent me perspective I had never experience and desperately needed. The other seasons are also incredible, so well researched and Sarah asks all the right questions that you want to hear. I can’t say enough good things about Serial - definitely worth the hype.Score: 5/5

YayI actually began listening to this my senior year of highschool but obviously it was just and English class thing so I never finished. I’m so glad I found it and can now continue it!!!.Score: 5/5

All downhill after season 1Season 1 was entertaining but over time you realize that the producer is hopelessly biased and has inflicted indescribable cruelty on the victim’s family as she continues to milk the tragedy which accounts for 99% of her career. Rabia is obsessed with Adnan like one of those women who fall in love with murderers on death row. She’s also a racist bully who manipulates well-meaning, social justice minded people into mobbing anyone who questions or criticizes her. I can’t support anything associated with such a race baiting, hateful person..Score: 1/5

WhenWhen are you Making another season !!!!.Score: 5/5

Come back SerialMy first podcast love, please come back with more!!! We all miss you very much..Score: 5/5

SerialI really love how your podcasts are put together. Riveting, well written/spoken and I appreciate the effort put in to create a podcast that is impartial. I really enjoy hearing Sarah’s opinions and feelings towards the story she’s reporting on. They’re simply her feelings, but they don’t seem to alter how the story is reported. Love her, love her voice, love Serial. Can’t wait for more! ❤️.Score: 5/5

Never too late to the partyI had a 42 hour drive from BC to Ontario Canada and was looking for something to listen to along the way. I stumbled upon this podcast, skeptical of the quality given its age, but boy oh boy was I wrong. VERY well produced podcast, excellent investigative skills, I can not recommend this podcast enough. I have now been listening for nearly 10 hours straight and am not even close to being bored. On the contrary I find myself glued to my earbuds and sitting on the edge of my seat listening to ever word..Score: 5/5

Season 3 snoreThe first two season are outstanding, I couldn’t even get through season 3 it was so boring. I’ve literally heard random people make jokes about how intensely boring season 3 is and I knew they were talking about this podcast without them even having to mention any names. Why would you tank this beautiful podcast..Score: 5/5

Just wow! Great listenTotally binge listening and thanking my lucky stars I’m a white Canadian. I’m sure there is broken bits in our justice system, but I don’t think it’s as bad as our southern friends have. I feel utter disbelief at the control and power judges have. I am really really enjoying this podcast, thank you! This is something you should be proud of!.Score: 5/5

Absolutely brilliant!I’ve tried podcasts and they never grabbed me until Serial. This is like transporting the best documentaries, the best true stories, the best investigative journalism and narration with you wherever you go. Season 1 sucked me in and because it was executed so well, it was very difficult to take breaks. Sarah Koenig is a beast in the mist flattering sense as she (and her phenomenal team) do such a thorough and objective job conveying each tale that it’s difficult to equate Serial to any other program I’ve seen. This has the potential to become a juggernaut and a truly hope it does as this has been such a wonderfully informative and entertaining experience. I can’t recommend this enough so stop what you’re doing and dive in!.Score: 5/5

Investigative journalism at its bestI am a podcast fiend and serial is by far the best investigative journalism + podcast curation I have listened to. Highly recommend! I’m re listening to season 1 again this year and am still riveted a second time round..Score: 5/5

AmazingOne of the best true crime podcast I have listened too! CANT STOP!.Score: 5/5

Zoe :(Serial: amazing. Nice white parents: eye opening. The improvement association: what a let down. Who keeps letting Zoe Chace speak? To put it as nicely as I can, her voice is extremely not nice to listen to. I appreciate her opinions and perspective, but she should get someone else to read it for her..Score: 4/5

CaptivatingI started listening to this podcast on my daily walk to school during my senior year of high school, and years later it still holds up.Score: 5/5

How the mighty have fallen…We used to love Serial, we used to love their deep dive into real life horror, we used to love listening to the intense drama, now all it has become is a political sheep following the common narrative. Blah blah blah. No one wants to listen to this anymore..Score: 1/5

The Gold Standard for PodcastsA must! Love Sarah!.Score: 5/5

Patiently waitingI would love for you to release a new season!! We are patiently waiting 🙌🏽.Score: 5/5

1st SeasonSo addictive! Just wish they had subs like some podcasts I can get. Love it, her voice is so calming.Score: 5/5

LoveLove it.Score: 3/5

It’s great !The amount of people who one star reviewed without listening is hilarious. NWP is great! It’s so well done. This podcast sheds light on areas I never considered as a white woman and I should’ve ! I definitely learned a thing or 2 !.Score: 5/5

Great podcastMy first podcast! I really enjoyed listening to season 1 of Serial, such an interesting story - Sarah does an awesome job at presenting the evidence and exploring the case! Her voice is so soothing! She really turned me on podcast!.Score: 5/5

Season 3 = GarbageNough said.Score: 1/5

Couldn’t stop listeningLove the reporters and the style!.Score: 5/5

ObsessedExcellent and well done Sarah K. Please keep more coming and I will definitely listen to anything else put out there!!!.Score: 5/5

Loved it!I love to listen to Sarah’s voice! This podcast was so interesting ( a bit frustrating) but super interesting!.Score: 4/5

Another white woman expert on raceDon’t bother.Score: 1/5

Season OneMy daughter kept telling me to listen to the story of Adnan Sayed. I kept saying meh I don’t think it’s my cup of tea. Finally, I started. Wow, it was fascinating and I’m hooked and I’m halfway through Season Two. Love Sarah’s presentation. I am Canadian but have had some experience with the American system. Some years ago, my son and a couple of friends, nice kids - still at school, but with long hair, decided to ride their motorbikes across the border into the States. Those were the days when only a driver’s license was necessary. They were pulled over at the border and put in a room to be questioned. They did not do drugs and had no drugs on them. As they were about to leave, my son lifts his arms to expose his belt with a belt buckle that looked like a knuckle duster. At this point the customs officer said now I’ve got you. The police were called. He was handcuffed. Mug shot. Charged with a felony- carrying a concealed weapon. WTF. Let me explain here that the belt buckle was bought at a country music fair. If you buckled your pants too tight, it would have snapped. My son paid the fine and came home. He was fine about pleading guilty and letting it go. He didn’t realize the ramifications. He would never be allowed to travel into the States again. Or through the States to get somewhere else. I explained how this could have a huge impact on future employment. So I called the ADA to try to get the case dismissed. I explained how unfair I believed the custom’s officer was. How a felony could affect a young man - he was still in school. Never been in trouble etc etc. wouldn’t dismiss it. But he did bring it down to a misdemeanor. I had no idea what that was. He said it was like a parking ticket. I said okay. So we went to court and went before the judge and that was that. But that was a very frightening experience..Score: 5/5

Nice Racist podcasterWhite parents is a terrible and racist podcast No one interviewed (at least in the first episode) brings up race as a problem or issue or motivation. The host is the only voice on the show pushing race as an issue. She is looking for, and thus creating, a racial issue.Score: 1/5

NWP - fascinatingNice White Parents was fantastic. Thought provoking and complex, a good prompt for more conversations that are needed..Score: 5/5

AmazingI’m super late to the party but just finished season 1 and I am 99% sure I know who did it and how it went down. Mind blown..Score: 5/5

RacistJust racist wow....Score: 1/5

Joined the NYT - TerribleYour decision to partner w the NYT and Jones completely disqualifies you as serious journalists. Will not be listening to Marxists who only want to tear down our institutions. Disgusting!.Score: 1/5

Love love love!Awesome in every way. Just great. Sad stories but important to try understand. I’m learning so much. Thank you for all the hard work..Score: 5/5

Nice white parentsWell done! So much research and dedicated to an unbiased approach - asking questions of all parties. I didn’t know anything about this school system. Surprising ending :).Score: 5/5

Season 3 was the best podcast of all time!!Captivating!!!! Could not stop listening. Need a season 4 ASAP please!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Pretty goodGreat besides the biased viewpoints about democrats. Just keep it neutral..Score: 3/5

Adnan SyedI love these podcast!! Binge listened to every episode and in my heart of hearts I wholeheartedly believe that Adnan is innocent!!.Score: 5/5

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I feel youGirl I feel you so much on that endless cycle with the adnan story..Score: 5/5

Loved season 1, season 2 interesting, skip the restIn 2014 I was hooked! I could see how Sarah was biased towards Adnan, but they did put together great investigation, fascinating podcast. Second season was interesting but harder to get through. Not as much of a “page-turner” as the first one. And then came ultra-liberal proganda. I am a liberal and I can’t listen to Serial any more. I know it’s the choice of podcast produces what to talk about. But you have turned away your core audience. I removed my Serial subscription a while ago. Five stars for the first season, 3 1/2 stars for the second. Zero stars for the rest..Score: 2/5

Disappointed (though not surprised) in Nice White ParentsSigh. No good deed goes unpunished, especially if you’re trying to help. Lame story that reinforces my disdain for “educators.”.Score: 2/5

Best Series of True Crime!This has quickly become my favorite podcast, tied with Australian True Crime. The stories are gripping, the narrator is impeccable, dialogue is edited perfectly, and it just flows better than the majority you hear..Score: 5/5

Serial podcast stories are added value informationI have loved Serial Podcast for a long time. I just listened to the five episodes of Nice White Parents (NWP). NWP held Serial podcast standards of added value information. I was ignorant on the subject of diversity in the US public school system. I had no information on the dynamics of white parents and minorities, and a system that favors one over the other. The podcast was easy to listen to and follow. The story of the Brooklyn public school system was very interesting. I gave four stars instead of five stars simply because some of the information was just difficult to stomach as black American who unknowingly grew up in a similar situation. Minus the NWP that tried and wanted to make a difference. Thanks Serial podcast for telling the important and worthy stories..Score: 4/5

Uncle Joe BidenHow bout investigating Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Nah just concentrate on Fulton County, Georgia..Score: 1/5

Truth down heahExcellent work shining the light in a dark place — it’s like political level Murdaugh corruption. Read “Wilmington’s Lie” by David Zucchino for context for all this backwoods southern life as it still works — because friends, these backwoods ways are running democracy out of town in elections from Virginia to Arizona right this minute..Score: 4/5

Don’t trust the racist reviewsSeason 1 is why the true crime genre is as popular as it is now. Don’t listen to racist reviews from people who can’t even spell, the story of Adnan Syed is one that needs to be heard. Jay basically got away with hurting a innocent girl and so here we are today . As for the other seasons they just have no real structure so I wouldn’t recommend them.Score: 5/5

Not actual reportingThe narrator decides in season one than a murderer is not guilty “because he is cute.” Obviously, the narrator cares nothing about the victim, the victim’s family, or actual justice. Don’t waste your time on this woke nonsense..Score: 1/5

Only Season 1Loved it!! I’m terms of “true crime” season one is the only season that really fits that description. Season 2 is more so about foreign relations, but it’s still pretty good. Season 1 is definitely better though!.Score: 4/5

Good story telling but MAJOR facts consistently left outAs title says. After 15 minutes of googling upon completion of each season, it’s evident SERIAL leaves out huge facts. Adnan is 100% guilty..Score: 1/5

ImportantSarah Koenig opened up a new portal on truth..Score: 5/5

Can’t stand to listen anymoreI really like the first season, although I did complain to the friend that recommended it to me that it was VERY obviously bias. It still liked how it was done though. After that it continued to get worse. I can’t even stand to listen anymore..Score: 1/5

S1 yes, S2 maybe, skip the restSeason one had to be the best true crime pod that I have ever listened to. Season two was just okay. I couldn’t even make it though 2 episodes of the rest. Give 1 and 2 a listen but skip the rest..Score: 1/5

Listen led to season 1, took everyone else's advice and stopped there.Because I read the reviews of season 2 and beyond. I think Adnan is an interesting case. I wish that the interview with Jay had been recorded (He declined). But Sarah and her producer spoke about how adamantly Jay spoke of Adnan needing to step up and take responsibility. That he was very demonstrative I his responses to them...which made me think, doth thou protest too much?? In Episode 12, the friend of Jay talks about how freaked out Jay was and how he was known for making up some tall leads me to believe he may be hiding something. I'm not accusing him of anything, but his behavior sure makes you wonder.... Additionally, I believe Adnan should get another trial for the I effective counsel. I don't think Ms. Gutierrez followed up on many things she should have..Score: 4/5

Season 1Season 1 is incredible. Sarah is a genius- must listen..Score: 5/5

Don’t waste your time past season 2Seasons 1 & 2 were amazing and it was so refreshing to hear unbiased investigative journalism. But seasons 3-5 are all about pushing racial and political agendas. So sad as Sarah had something truly amazing and rare going and then had to ruin it with such partisan and racist reporting. Disappointed..Score: 2/5

I was hooked…One of the best podcasts of all times… I was hooked!!.Score: 5/5

TerriblePodcast fell off the track right at the end of season one. I gave it two stars for the effort..Score: 2/5

Hooked FanI am late to the podcast world but completely addicted! Thank you for the content I was redirected from Crime Junkie for the Adnan Syed..Score: 5/5

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Amazing.Score: 5/5

AmazingThis is amazing shut up if u don’t think so leave no one needs ur opinion bye!.Score: 5/5

Highly RecommendI’ve tried many of these true crime podcasts and this is only the third one that I have really enjoyed listening to. Many of the other hosts present in more of an immature fashion that I can’t bear to listen very long. This podcast is presented in such a logical way, so easy to follow along and her voice is very calming as well..Score: 5/5

Great start... Lousy ever sinceSeries 1 is as good as any podcast I’ve ever followed. It was spectacular. Don’t waste your time on the rest. It’s nothing but lazy and propagandized woke tax that white liberals feel they have to pay in order to appease the woke-masters who are single-handedly destroying our culture. As a 41 year old black man, I am begging you to stop these lies that are distorting the minds of our young people. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS!!.Score: 1/5

Good contentThis podcast is very engaging. It is easy to listen to while running. I learn about things I would otherwise have no idea about. I like that. I also trust the reporting.Score: 4/5

What happened ?Season one hooked me. Content has become uninteresting. Please more stimulating content!.Score: 2/5

Started strong, but needs to get back to its rootsSerial started as a true crime podcast. Arguably, it paved the way for many more. But it strayed. Too far. It needs to get back it’s roots with its original host. These side projects with other hosts are not why many subscribed. Sarah’s storytelling is what makes this work. Seasons 1 and 3 were riveting. Please get back to what makes this show great..Score: 3/5

THE OGFirst podcast I ever listened to, still great..Score: 4/5

The best of all timeThe greatest podcast ever . Got me started listening to podcasts. Blue collar hour also a good podcast . But this one started it all.Score: 5/5

Season 2 is Excellent reporting and storytelling.What happens when we continue to ignore that mental healthcare and education regarding mental health should be a bigger priority in this country? Bergdhal’s experience and outcome are the result. This story is laid out beautifully with facts and first hand accounts told in cohesive, fair and compelling way that ties in such vivid descriptions you feel like you were there. Bravo..Score: 5/5

Political propagandaI really enjoyed the first few seasons! It got bought out by the man and now it seems to just be pushing political propaganda.Score: 2/5

UnprofessionalFirst season was good because it was pure story telling and not her own political narrative. But one thing I can’t stand is this lady’s voice and overall persona.Score: 1/5

Biased.An uncompelling narrative of a biased investigation..Score: 1/5

Race BaitingIf you are a leftist liberal who enjoys inciting race baiting, this is your podcast (I should have known given NYT affiliation). The sad thing is the stories could have been done objectively and they would have some value. #garbage_liberal_propoganda.Score: 1/5

The BeatBest pod of all time..Score: 5/5

What happened?Serial season 1 & 2. Were so good. They literally set the standard for podcasts. Season 3 &4 on became pandering SJW blabber. Get back to true crime. You have WAY too much competition these days. Sad to see Serial just become broke..Score: 2/5

The system worked.He’s guilty..Score: 2/5

TediousI am the perfect audience for this series. I believe the reporting, and I think the issue is a real one and an important one to shed light on. But the presentation is tedious, gets too much air time. I got frustrated toward the end. Not every series needs to be so many episodes..Score: 3/5

First ever reviewI was redirected here from my normal podcast Crime Junkies. While trying to catch up on all the episodes, the prequel to the Adnan Syed was said to be on this podcast. I’ve been HOOKED ever since. Thank you for all the time and detail you put into each episode, I’m definitely a new forever fan..Score: 5/5

Listen to Season One, then stop.Season one was I guess too good to reproduce. The rest are blah..Score: 2/5

Five Stars for Seasons 1 & 2First two seasons are excellent and deserve 5 stars. Next three seasons catch a little affluenza, get a bit tedious and fall way down to 2. Average it together and you get a 3 star show..Score: 3/5

Sarah ❤️‍🔥🥰Sarah explains things so well and i love her voice is so relaxing. i put this in whenever i’m having a hard time sleeping.Score: 5/5

This storyThis podcast was excellent, detailed and written very well. Each episode made me want to dive deeper into the story. I wonder what Adna Syed is doing now a days..Score: 4/5

Much Applause 👏👏Hello, I’m quite new to the Podcast life. True crime has always been an interest (not in a sick way). I’ve tried to listen to a few others but it seems to always turn into some sort of stoner fest and a story being read off of a Google search. I have a pretty big commute to and from work (hours) and after learning about your podcast, I now look forward to my drive. You do an amazing job and your attention to detail is beyond captivating. Thank you. Keep up the magnificent work Amy.Score: 5/5

Very detailed and couldn’t put down!This podcast is very well done! I hate to admit it, but I’ve binged listened! Great job!.Score: 5/5

Enjoyed the seriesGripping, informative, well spoken.Score: 5/5

TestAst.Score: 5/5

The story telling style is great, but the content is very slantedAn underperforming school sees a group of white parents come together and all join the school at the same time. This happened because one of the parents was able to identify the program that was lacking, spoke to the principal about how to bring that program to the school, convinced the other parents that the missing program would be there, then provided all of the funding for that program. It really is that simple. What makes this an issue? The parents were white, nothing more. The existing PTA was stuck in their rut and wanted to maintain control. It was all about the control of money. The existing PTA couldn’t see that they could work with the new parents and bring positive change. They literally had new resources available that they had never had before, but they wanted total control. Instead of trying to help the existing PTA recognize the new tools they have and bring unity, this author decided to create a podcast about how horrible white people are in general. It’s the normal tripe that all white people are oppressors and all minorities are the victims. We are seeing it in the comment too. If you don’t praise this podcast you are a racist, or some other word meaning the same thing. In the end it is about control and money..Score: 2/5

The first pod I listened to - and one of the worstIt's just bad. The first series especially. I expect a certain amount of bias and I generally can overlook it in either direction as long as I feel llike all of the information is presented at least somewhatmentioned and allow me to make up my own mind. When you leave things out or slant your reporting as egregiously as Serial does - it doess a disservice to your listeners. I expected to love it - I'm the target audience for this pod - white, liberal consistent contributer to NPR - but this is beyond the pale. It's sad that it gets a pass often because of being assocaited with This American Life..Score: 1/5

Adnan and OJAdman is as innocent as OJ Simpson. Only thing missing is the bloody glove.😒😒.Score: 3/5

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Need more of Sarah!Absolutely unstoppable listening! Real human interactions and questions that make the listener think. So many of these stories I really would like even more information on now that it’s 2021! Great work to everyone involved!.Score: 5/5

Great podcast. ESP Season 2Well researched, I found this very interesting being ex army myself. I could listen to your voice all day..Score: 5/5

Great podcastI started listening to serial after a friend recommended it to me. Since I have started listening, I can’t stop. My heart aches some times for some of the young offenders. This podcast is well researched and well presented. I can’t wait until the next podcast series..Score: 5/5

CaptivatingWow! This podcast is sensational and I mean that in every way. It is intense and shocking but also extremely entertaining. Sarah Koenig’s way with words and easy to listen to voice makes for a truly tasty audible snack. Two lines that just killed me were right at the end of Season 2. When likening what Bowe did to an ‘astronaut taking his helmet off in space’ and saying that Bowe had to patiently wait for an outcome about his case but that waiting is obviously ‘something he knows how to do.’.Score: 5/5

BrilliantThis is the podcast that got me into podcasts. Seasons 1 and 3 are especially good.Score: 5/5

Glad I gave this a goA fantastic podcast with compelling storytelling..Score: 5/5

First season great...thenFirst season was really good, as well as the second. But rapidly devolves from there on to become a “woke... all the elderly white males are so terrible” narrative, which frankly is boring..Score: 3/5

Sarah is THE original!She could read recipes verbatim and make them sound like the most fascinating & thought-provoking piece of information..Score: 5/5

No Integrity in these courtrooms.This podcast demonstrates that the justice system is beyond broken. Full of egotistical judges who flout the constitution. Facts are often irrelevant here. Judge's opinions and prejudices override evidence. The judge that coerced a defendant into accepting a 14 year sentence because he hated the fact the defendant wanted to go to trial, is a dangerous ego maniac. The defendant accepted, spent three years in jail, then won his appeal. The judge got a slap on the wrists and still doesn’t ‘get it.’ That judge should spend three years in jail. Shocking how this system doesn’t work..Score: 4/5

AMAZING!!!!PLEASE LISTEN!!! I was hooked instantly, it’s amazing..Score: 5/5

The Improvement Association.This is the first review I have ever left on a podcast, purely to say that the latest instalment of Serial - The Improvement Association, is quite frankly extremely boring. It’s a very uninteresting story coated in political bias that leaves me zoning out each episode. Also I’m not a big fan of the way journalists will play the recording of their question to a person and then immediately voice over the persons response with their own retelling of their answer. Good story telling and good journalism comes from asking the correct questions and having the answers lie for themselves. Listeners should not need a babysitter having each word of the subject explained to them. It also seems way less credible because you cannot actually hear their answers.Score: 1/5

Injustice in a bowThis is why BLM exists today. Be prepared to be shocked, dismayed and have your eyes opened to the “justice” system. Time for an overhaul!.Score: 5/5

Adnan’s HearingWhat happened to the update? You guys dropped the ball.Score: 3/5

My fave listen right nowObsessed!! This is so good, get on it..Score: 5/5

Improvement AssociationI love this . I’m not American but Zoe takes a complicated political story makes it interesting . What great research and story telling !.Score: 5/5

👏🏻👏🏻 The BestI’ve been listening for years, it’s one of my favourite podcast..Score: 5/5

Sarah’s voice is heavenThe best.Score: 5/5

Binged and done.I binge-listened to it all. Fantastic. Please write more!.Score: 5/5

LOVED!!!Love Sarah’s voice! Loved the really different topics explored in each season! Loved that Sarah and the team explored ALL the issues rather than pushing their opinions into listeners! Loved that they let listeners make up their minds on the topics! Very thoroughly researched, well structured and a joy to listen to! 😊.Score: 5/5

More woke whiteysWhite bad, ethnic good. That’s basically the gist..Score: 1/5

Quality podcastJesse is a lying punk as loser, deserves nothing.Score: 5/5

Where do I find Season 1?Podcast app only comes up with Season 3?.Score: 3/5

Steep decline in qualityI subscribed for a brilliant crime podcast and am now getting lectured about parents from years ago who had white skin and didn’t do exactly what today’s woke investigators would have them do. Listen to season one and leave it there..Score: 1/5

Awesome!I originally started listening for the Adnan Syed but ended up totally hooked. I particularly enjoyed the third season with all the different cases. I would actually like to hear updates on some of the cases that were only briefly touched on. Well done to all involved..Score: 5/5

Loved it.Season 1 was amazing! Love Sarah’s voice!!.Score: 5/5

Political RantAfter listening to Season 1 and parts of 3.....Sarah is an exceptionally brilliant story teller and clearly thinks deep. It’s great listening, however her ability to brush over the lawlessness is just too hard to swallow. Sarah attempts to provide a balanced view, but there is a hint of smugness when constantly brushing over the obvious defending those who are in trouble for choices in life they are making. 👮🏽 have a very tough gig dealing with the worst of the worst, day after month after year. They get zero credit for the stability they provide society....i just find this war on police offensive. Season 3 starts out as a piece on the day to day of the courts in Cleveland which was interesting, yet quickly turned into a BLM rant. What a wasted opportunity to provide some balanced perspective on a complex problem..Score: 2/5

Still the podcast by which I judge all others.This podcast combines the presentation of information with just the right amount of story telling to make for gripping and bingeable listening. Sarah Koenig is clear and expressive in her narration. She doesn’t invent words or stumble in pronunciation..Score: 5/5

Too many episodes unfinished.Very interesting podcast but so many unfinished stories that leave you wondering why report on the story if there is no conclusion..Score: 3/5

Judge GaulJudge Gaul has bigger problems than all of them. He is a sociopath control freak and has zero professionalism. The way he speaks to the already downtrodden is despicable..Score: 5/5

FascinatingLoved season 1 & 2 following one case each season. Would be good if you could provide updates as neither reached a full conclusion. Season 3 is dull comparatively as it doesn’t follow cases, rather a sociopathic judge and all the ins and outs of his day to day. I was enthralled by season 1 & 2 but deleted season 3 after a few episodes. Now season 4 about the Improvement Association is also incredibly boring. Only made it through one episode before deleting the episodes as well. Pick better cases. These last few sucked..Score: 4/5

Is it just me?Two eps in, and I just found the Improvement Association really boring. No learnings, twists, turns or surprises. Maybe they are coming… but I’m not hanging around..Score: 1/5

My ears are hookedI’ve been listening to Serial since the day it aired, the information is capturing in how it’s presented and easy to follow (important for me, I have MS) Thank you for telling the stories of those that have not been heard..Score: 5/5

Finally a Season 3I’ve waited so long! Binged it - Loved it - More please!!!.Score: 5/5

#1 Crime Podcast EVER!I started my true crime podcast journey with Serial and haven’t been able to find anything that even comes close since! Not only is Sarah’s voice so easy to listen to but you literally hang on every word! Everything she talks about has purpose which really helps you follow along. She will raise and discuss things that were your exact thoughts!.Score: 5/5

Wanting moreI have just finished season 3 and am going there will be more!!.Score: 5/5

Nice White ParentsThis is informative, thought provoking and brilliant to listent to. Thanking you for always making my mind tingle, it has been too long between shows look forward to the next one. Kathryn Sydney Australia.Score: 5/5

Thought it was going to be good until the endSeason 1 is listening for hours on end to learn nothing of the case!.Score: 1/5

Amazing♥️.Score: 5/5

Improvement Association - Another amazing series from SerialAnother insightful, important, intelligent series from Serial. Thank you..Score: 5/5

AmazingAnd amazing insight into the justice System of America i’m totally hooked. How can I get season one & two.Score: 5/5

You must listen to all 5 episodesA very interesting journey through this issue that has insights that are transferable to problem solving in many other contexts. Impressive journalism..Score: 5/5

How on earth doesn’t this have 5/5Listen and you’ll know...Score: 5/5

CaptivatingSeries three of this podcast tells so many important stories. It is captivating listening. But also very uncomfortable to be faced with the reality of the US criminal justice system..Score: 5/5

Brilliant and relevantBrilliant podcast, the host is thorough and intelligent and the topics explored are interesting and relevant. It is a thought provoking and interesting listen, that makes you eager for more after each episode. Highly recommend to any fans of true crime, politics, social sciences or just podcasts in general. Listening to season three following the murder of George Floyd is an incredible and relevant experience. It breaks my heart to explore America’s broken justice system and it’s systemic racism as documented here. From an non-American perspective, this podcast has helped me understand the outrage following the incident in ways I would have otherwise never been able to. Bravo! Bravo to the brilliant team behind this gem..Score: 5/5

SerialWas the first podcast I listened to a couple years and have not found another that even comes close ! Sarah’s voice is great to listen to, very easy on the ear. I could listen to her all day !.Score: 5/5

Highly addictive!So well researched and superbly presented. Once I begin on a season I cannot stop until its end..Score: 5/5

Season 1Really! What was the point in that whole season! It started exactly the same way it finished. I had my fears around epp 4 that this was just going to be a strung out load of babble and that’s exactly what I got in the end. They brought nothing new to the case except for a hell of a lot of opinions which I’m guessing were the exact same opinions in 1999. I feel cheated out of 10 hours!.Score: 2/5

Season 1 & 2Loved each episode of these 2 seasons. So interesting and capturing.... Honestly one of the best Podcasts I have listens to..Score: 5/5

Transparent as the silence on PalestineAmazing how these progressive types never mention the injustice and racism perpetrated against the peoples 70 years ago evicted by force from their homeland ...better to keep the attention on those evil bigoted white Christians ..Score: 1/5

BrilliantLove it..Score: 5/5

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Transing2 DaveAtherton20: More details later but serial liars CNN are bein sued for $400 million by Kyle Rittenhouse for defamation. Make my d….Score: 5/5

Iwanmbarus Dandhy_Laksono: Bagaimana Omnibus Law berdampak pada hutan dan kehidupan di Papua? "Sa Pu Hutan" adalah episode ketiga dari tujuh seri….Score: 5/5

Fernand37651538CFKArgentina alferdez alferdez el mal nacido cagando al ciudadano como hace generalmente los k !INFELIZ CONTANOS… .Score: 5/5

JohnNeebs 3Canny: Is it me or does the serial failure JohnSwinney remind of Norbet Colon from the Viz? .Score: 5/5

TheBookN3rd ABC: "This was an ideal killing field for anyone who wanted to get away with these crimes." "City of Angels | City of Death" looks ba….Score: 5/5

ScouseJayneFrog_mom_evelyn unknownanswers2 Binkyanddeath Confuzed17 normal_negress If it were real? If it were real? JFC!… .Score: 5/5

TinaSmi43212544 ABC: "This was an ideal killing field for anyone who wanted to get away with these crimes." "City of Angels | City of Death" looks ba….Score: 5/5

SorareBotÁlvaro Medrán bought for 0.3 ETH (1270.25$) by bilibom on the primary market Season: 2021-2022 Level: 0 Serial: 8… .Score: 5/5

RosemaryQuinlin ABC: "This was an ideal killing field for anyone who wanted to get away with these crimes." "City of Angels | City of Death" looks ba….Score: 5/5

HarryMolloy8 GerryHassan: How is it that a serial wife beater and known sexual predator gets invites to countless TV sofas, treated as an authority….Score: 5/5

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Serial Podcast Episodes

The Improvement Association - Chap 5

The Improvement Association PAC’s power in the county is threatened when an unlikely candidate enters the race for county commissioner. Plenty of people outside the PAC now have their own ideas about how to build Black political power here. Zoe examines what this election could mean for the PAC’s future.  

The Improvement Association - Chap 4

With the PAC’s reputation suffering because of years of cheating accusations and resentment stirring within its ranks, a prominent member turns against the leadership. Nevertheless, Horace and his closest allies make a bold move by supporting a political upset at the center of the county.

The Improvement Association - Chap 3

Zoe delves into one of the most serious allegations against the Bladen Improvement PAC: an accusation about stealing votes from vulnerable people that goes back 10 years. In trying to track down the veracity of this particularly persistent rumor, she comes to understand how and why election cheating allegations are so sticky.

The Improvement Association - Chap 2

Zoe talks to people in the county who believe the Bladen Improvement PAC has been cheating for years. She tries to get beyond the rumors and into specifics, and comes face to face with the intense suspicion and scrutiny leveled against the organization. In the middle of another election, Zoe goes out with members of the PAC to watch how they operate and try to make sense of all these allegations against them.

The Improvement Association - Chap 1

Following a notorious case of election fraud in Bladen County, North Carolina, in 2018, the reporter Zoe Chace gets an invitation from Horace Munn, the leader of the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC, a Black political advocacy group whose name was dragged into the scandal. Horace asks Zoe to come down and investigate for herself and find out who is really cheating.

The Improvement Association - Trailer

Listen to the trailer for our newest show, "The Improvement Association."  From Serial Productions and The New York Times, hosted by Zoe Chace.

Nice White Parents - Ep. 5

Chana has traced the history of the school from its founding and come to the present. But now: One unexpected last chapter. Last year, the school district for BHS mandated a change in the zoning process to ensure all middle schools would be racially integrated. No longer can white families hoard resources in a few select schools. Black and Latino parents have been demanding this change since the late 1950s. The courts have mandated it. Chana asks: How did this happen? And is this a blueprint for real, systemic change?

Nice White Parents - Ep. 4

Public schools are inequitable because the school systems are maniacally loyal to white families. We can’t have equitable public education unless schools limit the disproportionate power of white parents. But is that even possible? Chana finds two schools that are trying to do just that, and both are actually inside the 293 building. One is downstairs in the basement, where a charter school called Success Academy opened about 7 years ago. The other is upstairs at BHS, the newly renamed SIS.

Nice White Parents - Ep. 3

Chana Joffe-Walt explores how white parents can shape a school — even when they aren’t there. She traces the history of I.S. 293, now the Boerum Hill School for International Studies, from the 1980s through the modern education reforms of the 2000s. In the process, Chana talks to alumni who loved their school and never questioned why it was on the edge of a white neighborhood. To them, it was just where everyone went. But she also speaks to some who watched the school change over the years and questioned whether a local community school board was secretly plotting against 293.

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