The Improvement Association PAC’s power in the county is threatened when an unlikely candidate enters the race for county commissioner. Plenty of people outside the PAC now have their own ideas about how to build Black political power here. Zoe examines what this election could mean for the PAC’s future.  

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Serial Podcast Reviews

Not for everyoneI couldn’t engage with this series..Score: 1/5

Season 1-3 great. Not season 4Season 1- fantastic and gripping Season 2 - seemed a bit slow compared to season 1, but actually great in its own right Season 3- as good as season 1, would love to have a follow up of some of the characters. Season 4 (nice where parents)- didn’t enjoy at all, doesn’t really seem like serial, I didn’t manage to even finish the season..Score: 4/5

Tawdry SensationalismI find the whole ‘find out next week…’ style of journalism to be tacky when considering that the producers would have been researching the Syed case for months prior to the show airing. I also find it telling that the host has decided to wash her hands of the case after opening Pandora’s box..Score: 2/5

No happy endingsRevealing insight in each of these series, but be warned there are no happy endings. It’s thought provoking..Score: 5/5

What do I sayLoved listening to series 1 but so disappointed at the end not to have any conclusion as such... still looking forward to the next two as Sarah is a great social detective!.Score: 4/5

Interesting and engaging!We really enjoyed listening to Sarah’s coverage of the courts and cases, especially Adnan Syed’s in series 1! Sarah is funny, real and thorough. Really enjoyed her take on things..Score: 5/5

What happened?I have loved series 1-3 and listened to series 1 at least three times. I don’t know what series 4 is, but it’s not Serial. So disappointing..Score: 1/5

Gottago is the ignorant oneAntiwhite rhetoric is bs. Gottago review is so ignorant. Get off your invisible ivory tower and open your eyes. Really has no idea what is going on in the world like a good goy !!! Come and debate me clever clogs.....Score: 1/5

Brilliant just brilliantCould not recommend this podcast enough. One of the very best out there (season 2 was a little less gripping then 1 & 3). I miss it. Please bring series 4! Soon!!!’n.Score: 5/5

Hi EthnatFully appreciate from your last comment that you’re not very bright so will try and spell this out as easily as possible for your small mind to understand. The podcast is an excellent and accurate portrayal of actual lived experiences at this school that are undoubtedly influenced by race. I understand that for lower quality people like yourself you are easily influenced by the right wing media you choose to exclusively consume and will immediately jump to a garbage conclusion of this being some anti-white podcast without listening beyond the introduction, simply because it doesn’t fit the narrative you’re desperate to pursue. I’d advise that this series is a little beyond your intelligence and you might be better off spending your time and what little money you have in a Wetherspoons beer garden will fellow people of your ilk..Score: 5/5

MehWell done but over rated.Score: 3/5

A stapleHas been and will always be the very first podcast I ever recommend to anyone. Unbelievable..Score: 5/5

Very interesting analysisI enjoyed this insight into the NYC public school system as a parent in the UK. Same problems, different country..Score: 5/5

ExceptionalFantastic podcast, very well researched and delivered. Yes, the stories/seasons don’t wrap up in a perfect story arc or reach a definitive conclusion but that’s because they’re real events!.Score: 5/5

Not to be missed!It’s fantastic! Sarah Koenig is excellent! I so love her attitude, her style and her voice! I could listen to her for hours and am a bit upset there are only three series to listen to!! (Plus I should really downgrade my other podcast ratings based on this one being the true five-star!!) Thank you to the Serial team for some addictive listening so far with one season to go :) I hope there will be more!!!.Score: 5/5

SUPERB. ENGAGING & HUGELY INTRIGUING.Beautifully produced which means you can listen to it without struggling to follow the complexity at the same time. Some podcasts are poorly produced with dreadful audio making them unbearable. Sarah’s voice is also a delight on the ear..Score: 5/5

Highly recommendedThis is the best podcast series I’ve ever listened to. Bring on series 4..Score: 5/5

AddictiveSo addictive Sarah is so easy to listen to. I’m still undecided if Adnan is guilty or not guilty!.Score: 5/5

Just amazingThe first and final seasons where my favourite. I particularly feel addicted to Sarah’s voice as she has such a way of portraying her own character and personality without being the centre stage role. I love that she says her thoughts and thus our thoughts as the listener. The Cleaveland court house season was compelling and fascinating. As someone that was on jury at 21 it highlighted issues that I saw in action. Sarah if you’re reading, please please return ASAP.Score: 5/5

Great podcast.I still have no idea who the killer is..Score: 5/5

S 3 ep 4Bacon 🥓🥓🥓.Score: 5/5

What a discovery!Amazing, thoughtful, captivating programming!.Score: 5/5

Great podcast gone wrongI have loved seasons 1-3 of serial, great stories/topics/investigation and presented really well. What happened!?? Season 4 is terrible and full of assumptions and clear sensationalising of the subject. Made it to episode 3 and have called it quits, couldn’t stomach the presenters bias any longer..Score: 1/5

Where’s the series gone?Series 2 was a bit of a bum-note after the drama of the 1st. Really enjoyed Series 3 but felt that it ended too soon. It’s over 18 months since the last episode and there’s been no further releases. What gives?.Score: 3/5

Season 1 is definitely the bestSeason 1 was riveting, going through the whole case and trial was great. Following the full story and doing your investigation along side was incredible listening! More like Season 1!!.Score: 5/5

Series 1 episode 12 6mins inThis is the most interesting part right here. Don says when he gets a call from the police because she’s missing and he’s one of the first people they call he immediately thinks he’s a suspect so he gets his alibi sorted. Suspect for what? At this point no one knows she’s dead; except the killer, so what is he a suspect for? Then what does he do He throws them of the scent by suggesting that she went to see her dad and gives them alternative to show he’s being helpful. Even with Debbie during this 7 hour conversation what he’s actually doing is flirting with a person who he assaulted and who suspects him so he flirts with Debbie because after 7 hours of chit chat she’s familiar with him, he likes her and it works she’s flattered and thinks oh it’s not him. If you truly love Hae you don’t flirt with another girl on the phone for 7 hours. This is sociopath behaviour. It was manipulative. Then years layers he says he still loves her how? How can you know someone for so little a time and say you loved them? Or they changed you after 2 dates? So his girlfriend whom he loves is missing but he doesn’t call her when he was supposed to see her the day she was killed. Innocent people rely on the truth and don’t start falsifying evidence or thinking about alibis..Score: 4/5

One season wonderListen to the first season, don’t bother with any others, they are VERY dull..Score: 2/5

When you are late to work, let’s all blame the bus driver.Have a long hard think about that title....Score: 1/5

Fascinating and so well presentedI love Serial, though I’m only on series 3. So far every series has been really interesting and I find Sarah excellent - intelligent and eloquent..Score: 5/5

Quality, trust worthy reporting.For me, this was eye opening and a truely interesting listen and learning experience..Score: 5/5

GreatFirst season remains the greatest podcast of all time.Score: 3/5

Interesting story but narration becomes tiring when they run out of facts(Series 1) Interesting story but when they seem to run out of facts to look into, narration becomes tiring and comes across as unprofessional due to a lot of speculation. Shame it finishes a bit more as diary-type speculation rather than investigative journalism..Score: 2/5

Gone so far from the 1st seriesSuch a shame that serial had to go a different way from the first series. Me personally I don’t want to waste my time listening to woke agendas..Score: 1/5

Serial series 1 to 3A friend recommended the Serial podcast and it didn’t disappoint As a middle aged white man who lives in London although I knew the American justice system is skewed against people of colour and the poor in the US I was shocked just how bad it is 😮 Throwing the book at young offenders and then offering them a plea to keep conviction rates high just doesn’t work, it just ends up overloading an already creaking system. The UK is unfortunately going down the same route as the US, imprisoning more people who shouldn’t be in prison. We now have more people in prison than any other country in Western Europe, twice that of Germany and three times that of Italy & Spain..Score: 5/5

Talks too fast!I can’t even make it through ep1 of the first series! I read about this podcast in a crime mag I subscribe to and it sounded so interesting. Unfortunately I find fast speakers extremely hard to listen to as I can’t catch what they are saying. Most of my TV shows have subtitles as mumbling, fast talkers and more makes it really difficult for me to understand. It’s such a shame as I was really looking forward to listening to this!.Score: 2/5

Season 2 & 3 is nowhere near we as good as season 1Season one was simply the best and season two and three were not as riveting..Score: 5/5

The most woke thing you will listen to all yearI feel really sad and giving a poor review to Nice White Parents. Serial at its best is interesting and thoughtful, engaging and thought-provoking. This series has the potential to be all those things but instead it is simply a woke version of what a great podcast used to be. Desperately sad..Score: 1/5

Great podcastLove this show. Such variety between the series but all three fascinating in their own way. I find the host quite inspirational..Score: 5/5

RacistHow dare these clueless, ignorant white parents try to improve our black school. Really?? Racism works both ways. If you reverse the statement of this podcast it’d be hounded off the air. I thought better of Serial..Score: 1/5

All white people are racist. No thanks!Load of crap.Score: 1/5

Worthy of the hypeBefore I listened for the first time, I was warned it would cause me to binge listen. It did. Great storytelling, very compelling..Score: 5/5

Clutching at strawsGuilty, Guilty , Guilty.Score: 3/5

Wonderful and Eye openingSerial is by far the best investigative journalism podcast out there. Nothing compares to the research, writing, and sound mixing on this show. The topics covered and stories investigated are always original, innovative, and just what everyone needs to be listening to. Five Stars!.Score: 5/5

ExcellentTruly, genuinely, excellent.Score: 5/5

Listen to series 1 to 3I loved series 1 to 3, didn’t bother listen to nice white parents, switched off after about 5 minutes. i genuinely have no idea what series 5 was about, it wasn’t about election fraud so wasted my time listening to that hoping there was an ending. what happened to this podcast, it used to be sooooo good?.Score: 1/5

Real page turnerI cannot speak highly enough of Serial. If you start from the beginning you better disconnect your phone, pc and doorbell because you will be unavailable for hours. Sarah Koenig is superb, my only gripe is that there aren’t enough shows !.Score: 5/5

This PodcastThis is the best and the first podcast I ever listened to! Absolutely just the best!.Score: 5/5

One of my fave podcasts!Season one and two are my favourites. I particularly enjoyed S02, human survival and a great approach to the story. Really want a S04 (no nice white parents isn’t ‘serial’!) Great pod! ❤️.Score: 5/5

A worthy listenLoved the serial podcasts, and noticed “nice white parents” only yesterday. I listened to all episodes over a period of two days and I have already recommended it to multiple people. If you leave your prejudices about the “woke” movement (reference to other reviews)and just listen to what was found it’s incredibly interesting and thought provoking - even for a white woman educated in the UK. There are parallels that can be drawn across every country, particularly as someone who grapples with the state vs grammar vs private education system here and what I would do with my child..Score: 5/5

Thoughtful and compelling stuffI love this podcast. It my mind it raises the journalistic bar to new heights that I didn’t think possible. Ticks all the right boxes for me. Sarah is brilliant. We need someone like her here in the UK 🇬🇧.Score: 5/5

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Fight bias with more bias?As always these podcasts are well done. Interesting historical perspectives that are largely anecdotal. Ep.1 there is a subtle mention of ‘subsidized mortgages’ in the suburbs. Don’t know about you all but my mortgage, in the burbs is in no way subsidized! By anyone! Good listen but consider the source and progressive intentions..Score: 3/5

AdnanAlthough I think he’s guilty, because of his age, I don’t think he should have gotten life in prison. I also think that there was racial issues that led to the police having tunnel vision . In the end they got the right guy, but brain development and reasoning are not fully formed at 17. I think he was a teen trying to cope with a breakup, possibly sociopathic tendencies and made an impulsive decision . I think a rehabilitation sentence was more suitable for this crime because of his age (after a 15 year sentence).Score: 5/5

The best of all timeThe greatest podcast ever . Got me started listening to podcasts. Blue collar hour also a good podcast . But this one started it all.Score: 5/5

Love this podcast - AdnanHonestly after listening to 12 episodes between yesterday and today honestly honestly I believe Jay killed that girl I mean it just sounds like he made up a story to cover up him doing something to that girl…. I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️ he’s just too suspicious to me !! But I love all your podcast! You do great investigations by far !!!! Seen other reviews but I like it !!.Score: 5/5

Sarah KoenigYou’re awesome.Score: 5/5

Amazing JournalismThis podcast is very well done. The negative reviews are 9/10 white listeners...I can tell because they think discussing race and the issues within the country make things worse as if them avoiding them makes things better. Great job pissing these ppl off. Keep investigating and delivering the information in a clear and concise way. The world needs more people like you..Score: 5/5

Love this podcastI do feel uncomfortable realizing how recent segregation is alive in the US. As a parent of charter school graduates, WOW. Eye opening! I loved Nice White Parents..Score: 5/5

UnprofessionalFirst season was good because it was pure story telling and not her own political narrative. But one thing I can’t stand is this lady’s voice and overall persona.Score: 1/5

Such a DisappointmentThis was one of the first great podcasts, but the last season was not worth the 4 hours it took to finish. The story has already been told, and this version was not well written or produced. Save yourself time, and unsubscribe..Score: 1/5

Serial isn’t aging gracefullyIn Season 1, Serial had us obsessing over the details of a story that maybe wasn’t that interesting (“man more likely than not guilty of murder, but not beyond a reasonable doubt”) but where details mattered and where compelling storytelling made all the difference. By Season 4, Serial was telling an important and interesting story (“black people wrongly accused of election cheating, face unfair fallout tainted by racial bias anyway”), but with a level of detail out of all proportion to what made the story worth telling. Zoe Chase says it all up front: “I like to talk about [this] because of how personal the whole thing was.” That premise fails to sustain the several hours this podcast takes to unwind; the story would have made a great hourlong episode of This American Life. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line Serial has jumped the shark, and is close to devolving into full-on self parody..Score: 2/5

Typical liberals..I don’t think color is a big part of their behavior. It really just seems like typical liberals. Look around, so many, do as I say, not as I do. Liberal Politicians are always going against their rules they put on everyone else. So many are hypocrites, so I think being liberal is the biggest driver for their decisions, much more than color. Also, this just shows the FAILURE of liberal policies in liberal cities. Perhaps, focusing on that would have actually educated people. Instead, blaming people for being white is an easier scapegoat... that record is just getting a tad old. Dems have dont NOTHING for Blacks, look at inner cities, they have total control, yet, high crime, low education, no jobs.... easier to blame Republicans, but Republicans have NO local power. Under Trump, jobs were available... so who actually helped blacks?!? The media lies for the Dems, but slavery is what the inner cities have become under the Dems..Score: 3/5

More Liberal Propaganda Mixed with Some FactsBasically, this lady takes some facts, blows them out of proportion and comes to the conclusion that all the problems discussed in the story are due to racism without thinking what else could cause the problem. Moreover, it’s an extremely racist podcast that constantly talks about race and how bad white people are. Not impressed..Score: 1/5

Serial finds intriguing stories and really digs inLove the kind of stories they find, and how minute the level of detail they cover. Thanks for the fantastic production value, too! Season 1 is the pinnacle of podcasting thus far. Nice White Parents will hopefully open a lot of eyes to how pervasive racism is, even if you’re some far left liberal. Keep up the good work..Score: 5/5

Good contentThis podcast is very engaging. It is easy to listen to while running. I learn about things I would otherwise have no idea about. I like that. I also trust the reporting.Score: 4/5

Too PoliticalLoved season 1 and 2, but everything since has been geared towards liberals. Leave politics out of it and you will be fine. Sadly that won’t happen though.Score: 2/5

Ok listenI have been addicted to every Serial podcast up until now. Maybe it is the mundane content but this examination of voter fraud in North Carolina lacked the depth, character exploration, and storytelling flair that has been engagingly present in previous Serial episodes. Hopefully the podcast can recover from this bomb and put out something worthy in the future.Score: 2/5

Great start... Lousy ever sinceSeries 1 is as good as any podcast I’ve ever followed. It was spectacular. Don’t waste your time on the rest. It’s nothing but lazy and propagandized woke tax that white liberals feel they have to pay in order to appease the woke-masters who are single-handedly destroying our culture. As a 41 year old black man, I am begging you to stop these lies that are distorting the minds of our young people..Score: 1/5

The BeatBest pod of all time..Score: 5/5

Luv itI love this podcast. It covers stories I would have never thought to give a second thought to listen too. S-town are you kidding me. Nothing but laughter & other emotions..Score: 5/5

Season 1Season 1 is incredible. Sarah is a genius- must listen..Score: 5/5

Serial great, Nice White Parents feels racist against whites.Love Serial and ty for making such a great podcast. Couldn’t get into Nice White Parents. It felt racist to me..Score: 3/5

First Season was a Red Herring, Other Seasons were terribleThank you Sarah for bringing me into the world of podcasts back with your first season. Unfortunately, the next installments of Serial were lackluster and lazy..Score: 1/5

Binged the Series!This was an excellent and informative series. Serial - thank you for once again shedding light on the most important issues of our day. Excellent work!.Score: 5/5

I don’t get itIt kind of comes across like she invested all this time but there wasn’t much of a story, so she gave us what she had. There’s all this focus on these two guys who run the association, but I don’t see why? They aren’t cheaters but they aren’t really sympathetic either. Just a couple guys who built a power base and are now watching it erode, mostly because of their insistence that they (and only they) speak for black people in that area. Zoe is a fine reporter and I appreciated her work on Planet Money, but she needed more of a story or at least more sources outside of that area for context here..Score: 3/5

Politically motivatedAs millions across the nation did, I couldn’t put down the first season of Serial. Sarah Koenig’s voice and storytelling was amazing. After that season on it was pandering to today’s politic environment. Very disappointing!.Score: 2/5

Boring and supportive of racismLame Boring Race driven and I don’t understand why we are perpetuating this way of thinking.Score: 1/5

Nothing short of fabulousI have been a religious Serial listener since the beginning and this team gets so much better with time. They have been a staple in my podcast library and am always excited when something new comes out. So glad that new material is coming out! Give them a listen, you won’t be disappointed!.Score: 5/5

Adnan and OJAdman is as innocent as OJ Simpson. Only thing missing is the bloody glove.😒😒.Score: 3/5

Season 2 is Excellent reporting and storytelling.What happens when we continue to ignore that mental healthcare and education regarding mental health should be a bigger priority in this country? Bergdhal’s experience and outcome are the result. This story is laid out beautifully with facts and first hand accounts told in cohesive, fair and compelling way that ties in such vivid descriptions you feel like you were there. Bravo..Score: 5/5

Let downSeason 1&2 were great... and then you decided to race bait... sad. no longer a follower..Score: 1/5

S1: Possibly Best Podcast in History of PodcastsI’ve listened to it a few times over, and recommend to everyone. Would love to hear a follow up season on it. Couldn’t really get into the next seasons though.Score: 4/5

Highly, highly recommendAs a North Carolina native, who has thankfully moved far away, this is such an important podcast. Please give it a listen, you’ll learn a lot about the real issues in NC..Score: 5/5

Nice white parentsI was disappointed in this opinion influenced serial. This wasn’t the independent reporting what journalism at this broadcast has been noted for. A reporter had a specific point to make, and although she pointed out numerous deficiencies in the current system, she had one goal to make this an editorial of her belief system..Score: 1/5

Didn’t ListenI was so much of a Serial fan that it is unbelievable. I started the first episode a couple of times and had the impression that this was going to be WOKE nonsense so I stopped and said I would go back later. When I opened the podcast this morning The reviews caught my eyes. I normally don’t read the reviews because all of us enjoy something different. But once I read the reviews I was certain that I wasn’t going to listen because I knew listening to this would only make me feel angry inside. I am tired of Young people who don’t know what they’re talking about dividing this country with their WOKE ideology. Honestly, if I were a black person in America I would be insulted that this generation think I too stupid to wipe my own butt. I come from mixed race. My great grandfather was an African Slave. TRUST me when I say, none of us were or are stupid and anyone thinking that you can’t rise above the color of your skin in modern America is not well educated. So no thank you Sarah, I’m taking a pass on this on and hitting the ole unfollow button..Score: 1/5

First ever reviewI was redirected here from my normal podcast Crime Junkies. While trying to catch up on all the episodes, the prequel to the Adnan Syed was said to be on this podcast. I’ve been HOOKED ever since. Thank you for all the time and detail you put into each episode, I’m definitely a new forever fan..Score: 5/5

S1 yes, S2 maybe, skip the restSeason one had to be the best true crime pod that I have ever listened to. Season two was just okay. I couldn’t even make it though 2 episodes of the rest. Give 1 and 2 a listen but skip the rest..Score: 1/5

Amazing important listenLike another reviewer wrote, all of the negative reviews are by white people who can’t look within to see how we might affect other people. Serial is always well researched and everyone will be better and more informed for listening to it..Score: 5/5

AmazingThis is amazing shut up if u don’t think so leave no one needs ur opinion bye!.Score: 5/5

Wanted to love this!But Sarah’s fast pace of speech (which frequently descends into babbling) put me off..Score: 1/5

Gets worse with every seasonSeason 1 was really cool. The rest.... terrible!! Every season is a big step down from the previous one. I couldn’t even make it through 2 episodes of the 3rd season. So boring . Time to hang it up serial.Score: 1/5

The Improvement AssociationI went into TIA cold. Didn’t listen to the preview. Didn’t read any reviews. I had no context going in, other than my knowledge of the variety of topics covered in previous seasons. I didn’t even have a vague idea of what this new season would be about. So, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. And so, I don’t think it is an overstatement for me to describe my decision to hit play on Ep. 1 as anything other than serendipitous. I really enjoyed listening to TIA ... like way way more than I was expecting to. I mean, it’s focus is a small PAC, in a moderately small county in North Carolina. And while the drama does touch on national political events, most of the meat of the story is found in its present of local political fights and drama. Given that intensely local focus, and how distant that local scene is from my own experience (I live in a small rural MN county), I was surprised at how drawn I was to continue listening to this season. Well done Serial. Excellent script. Excellent narration. Excellent journalism..Score: 5/5

Podcast letdownWhat happened to this podcast? It’s only gone downhill since season 1. Why ruin a perfectly good podcast you had going on? I really wish they stuck with the theme of true crime. I had no interest in season 2 & 3 I had to stop listening in the middle of both. What a shame..Score: 2/5

TerriblePodcast fell off the track right at the end of season one. I gave it two stars for the effort..Score: 2/5

More GarbageSerial had it all. But then started issuing season upon season of white guilt garbage. Here is another run of it for you. No thanks..Score: 1/5

The granddaddy of podcasts (to me)Season 1 is in the all-time best tier among podcasts — it MADE that tier.Score: 5/5

What am I listening to?I’m starting to think season 1 was a lightning in a bottle moment. Season 2 was... different but decent. Season 3... totally forgettable. And these last few ‘spin offs’ or whatever you want to call them are super meh. I actually feel a little hoodwinked. Everything after season 3 I would 100% not have listened to, if not for the serial brand, they are just... meh. Serial really had something special and I feel like it was squandered. The production value on everything is top notch but the content as a whole leaves me scratching my head a bit. I find myself zoning out constantly and genuinely disappointed when an episode is over, saying to myself “that’s it?” Theirs no ‘ah-ha’ moments or feelings of discovery. I don’t feel like I’m part of the team, learning dark secrets or uncovering hidden clues. That’s when you know your listening to something great. When you as a listener feel like you are their working the puzzle together with the podcast team. Season 1 set the standard in podcasts for that, unfortunately it’s been less and less with each season since..Score: 3/5

Bleh.I could not get into this podcast, I tried for a few seasons but ultimately couldn’t continue to listen. Wasn’t impressed..Score: 1/5

The Improvement AssociationZoe has got to be the most biased journalist I’ve heard in quite a while. I am super disappointed! Tremendous letdown for Serial!.Score: 1/5

Started strong, but needs to get back to its rootsSerial started as a true crime podcast. Arguably, it paved the way for many more. But it strayed. Too far. It needs to get back it’s roots with its original host. These side projects with other hosts are not why many subscribed. Sarah’s storytelling is what makes this work. Seasons 1 and 3 were riveting. Please get back to what makes this show great..Score: 3/5

😍Awesome podcast very gripping! Can’t stop listening. Recommend photo gallery of people talked about in episodes to give it more reality and feel. Match names with voices and stuff for context. Just good for thought! Keep up the great work. Thanks for the entertainment..Score: 4/5

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FairestCindyCoreyBrickley shep_elma somegreybloke That's the beauty of it. They pick a new label every year or two because t… .Score: 5/5

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KaleJPhoto fembased: Serial killer brutally murdering and mutilating women in Atlanta Georgia. Be careful if you live anywhere near there. https:/….Score: 5/5

JAEdinburgh HughDonaghy: Why is Dennis Nilsen a “Scots” serial killer as opposed to “serial killer”. Never heard of Fred West or Ian Brady being….Score: 5/5

Kunibvbv smartpass_au: 特集の公開を記念して、 プレゼントキャンペーン実施🤩💓 10分乗るだけ! 驚くほど脂肪が揺れる、振動マシン #AOD を抽選で【1名様】にプレゼント🎁 ●応募方法 1️⃣smartpass_auをフォロー 2️⃣この投稿を ●….Score: 5/5

M0SS_M0THI feel like we gotta stop making horror movies. You could make a movie on a serial killer whos killed hundreds of p… .Score: 5/5

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The Improvement Association - Chap 5

The Improvement Association PAC’s power in the county is threatened when an unlikely candidate enters the race for county commissioner. Plenty of people outside the PAC now have their own ideas about how to build Black political power here. Zoe examines what this election could mean for the PAC’s future.  

The Improvement Association - Chap 4

With the PAC’s reputation suffering because of years of cheating accusations and resentment stirring within its ranks, a prominent member turns against the leadership. Nevertheless, Horace and his closest allies make a bold move by supporting a political upset at the center of the county.

The Improvement Association - Chap 3

Zoe delves into one of the most serious allegations against the Bladen Improvement PAC: an accusation about stealing votes from vulnerable people that goes back 10 years. In trying to track down the veracity of this particularly persistent rumor, she comes to understand how and why election cheating allegations are so sticky.

The Improvement Association - Chap 2

Zoe talks to people in the county who believe the Bladen Improvement PAC has been cheating for years. She tries to get beyond the rumors and into specifics, and comes face to face with the intense suspicion and scrutiny leveled against the organization. In the middle of another election, Zoe goes out with members of the PAC to watch how they operate and try to make sense of all these allegations against them.

The Improvement Association - Chap 1

Following a notorious case of election fraud in Bladen County, North Carolina, in 2018, the reporter Zoe Chace gets an invitation from Horace Munn, the leader of the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC, a Black political advocacy group whose name was dragged into the scandal. Horace asks Zoe to come down and investigate for herself and find out who is really cheating.

The Improvement Association - Trailer

Listen to the trailer for our newest show, "The Improvement Association."  From Serial Productions and The New York Times, hosted by Zoe Chace.

Nice White Parents - Ep. 5

Chana has traced the history of the school from its founding and come to the present. But now: One unexpected last chapter. Last year, the school district for BHS mandated a change in the zoning process to ensure all middle schools would be racially integrated. No longer can white families hoard resources in a few select schools. Black and Latino parents have been demanding this change since the late 1950s. The courts have mandated it. Chana asks: How did this happen? And is this a blueprint for real, systemic change?

Nice White Parents - Ep. 4

Public schools are inequitable because the school systems are maniacally loyal to white families. We can’t have equitable public education unless schools limit the disproportionate power of white parents. But is that even possible? Chana finds two schools that are trying to do just that, and both are actually inside the 293 building. One is downstairs in the basement, where a charter school called Success Academy opened about 7 years ago. The other is upstairs at BHS, the newly renamed SIS.

Nice White Parents - Ep. 3

Chana Joffe-Walt explores how white parents can shape a school — even when they aren’t there. She traces the history of I.S. 293, now the Boerum Hill School for International Studies, from the 1980s through the modern education reforms of the 2000s. In the process, Chana talks to alumni who loved their school and never questioned why it was on the edge of a white neighborhood. To them, it was just where everyone went. But she also speaks to some who watched the school change over the years and questioned whether a local community school board was secretly plotting against 293.

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