A sister stands by the brother accused of murdering their parents. She insists he’s innocent and there’s more to the story. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

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48 Hours Podcast Reviews

Excellent. but for the volume of the adsIt's good but, as everyone else comments, turn down the ads..Score: 4/5

Annoying musicThe use of dramatic music is the problem and reason Ive given up on this podcast.Score: 2/5


Pretty goodSome stories are better than others, but generally pretty good. Only thing that spoils it slightly is the adverts that come crashing in. I'm assuming these podcast episodes are just the audio track from the TV series of the same name. Presumably the TV ads have been replaced (baldy) with podcast specific ads..Score: 4/5

PLEASE change Playit commercialFor the love of God please remove the Playit commercial - the volume is way too night & the sudden blare is jarring and totally out of step with the podcast. Apart from that, amazing podcast..Score: 4/5

Old episodesRarely updated just lots of old episodes. It’s like someone has forgot this is out there and just never updates so disappointing!.Score: 2/5

Impossible to followReporting Jumps around, impossible to follow. There are better crime podcasts to listen to than this one.Score: 1/5

Ads ruin brilliant showThe podcast itself is enthralling, brilliantly done but ruined by the ultra-loud, intrusive ads which interrupt at the worst possible points. And they're totally irrelevant if you're not in the US. Take a lesson from Undisclosed as to how to do ads well..Score: 2/5

Get over the adsPeople need to get over the ads. It's a good podcast with real life interviews and well put together.Score: 5/5

TerribleThree minutes in and three adverts. Ludicrously intrusive advertising ruins what could be a good podcast..Score: 1/5

Good idea but poor audio and frequent loud advertsPoor audio, frequent breaks for no apparent reason and very loud adverts. Was listening as I was trying to fall asleep and was very disappointed..Score: 2/5

Wrong photo of Erin Moriarty!Good podcast, a bit overly dramatic at times, but well researched and told. Photo of Erin Moriarty is incorrect!.Score: 4/5

Ruined by RIDICULOUS, intrusive sound effectsI was looking forward to this podcast because it looked right up my street. I didn’t get beyond the first 4 minutes because the musical interludes EVERY 5 SECONDS are so ridiculous. The good true crime podcasts let the crimes and writing do the talking and do not need such disruptive sounds after every sentence for ‘dramatic effect’. Such a shame, as reading each episode description, I am intrigued but it’s impossible to listen to. I don’t know if this suits the American audience but the team must lose so many listeners! Infuriating!.Score: 1/5

AD BLASTING!!!Enjoy the podcast, but please stop blasting loud adverts!.Score: 2/5

Does what it says on the tinNot worried about the adverts. Good solid podcast maybe a bit more British crimes xx.Score: 5/5

Not worth itThe adverts are annoying but the worst thig about it is that the episodes finish half way through! You never get to the end result. Unbelievably frustrating!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Ad volume!!!Are you trying to deafen your audience?! Content is ok but totally ruined by the awful adverts which are far too loud. As many people listen on headphones I think this needs changing ASAP..Score: 3/5

Well presented...BUTI was a big fan of Serial so a friend suggested 48 Hours. The content is well presented and it is gripping but not as good a Serial so I would have given it 4*...BUT...what lets it down are adverts they play at regular intervals...they are identical and very annoying! I can only speak for episode 1 & 2 as I found them so annoying that I had to stop listening..Score: 2/5

5 star!Love.Score: 5/5

Good show VERY annoying adverts!I love this podcast, it gets my through my working day but unfortunately there are loads of adverts that come on suddenly very loud frequently half way through the show! It's disappointing as I enjoy listening to this factual and entertaining podcast..Score: 3/5

RepeatsConstant repeats of the same few episodes.Score: 1/5

Silly and irritatingThe story being told is very interesting but the way it's conveyed is irritating as hell. Constant loud ads and overly dramatic. Terrible podcast.Score: 1/5

Too many repeated episodes48 hours is great to listen to and very addictive! I just wish there weren’t so many repeated episodes. A few episodes have been reuploaded as “new” podcasts at least 3 times. It’d be great to have more new episodes please!.Score: 3/5

Repeats?Love this podcast but in the last few weeks all the episodes are repeats? Any new ones please..Score: 3/5

BrilliantI’ve never had the time to sit and watch an episode but listening to the podcast is just as good! So glad it’s available in this format. Thanks very much..Score: 5/5

CheeseAwful. It sounded so contrived, and manipulative. It was like a cheesy commercial or a programme like 'cheaters' - not great!.Score: 1/5

Great content spoiled by Ads at a very high volumeThis is good story telling and interesting stories. The massive downside is the ads play at a very high volume making the podcast unlistenable. Ads would be fine, just they need to be at the same volume as the rest of the program..Score: 2/5

My favouriteI dont know why it doesnt have 5 stars from everyone, is really intriguing and well made, I've never been bored listening to any episode and I'm so happy I found it. I think it's much more gripping to listen to than Serial..Score: 5/5

DisappointingDon't waist your time. Unless you like annoying adverts..Score: 1/5

Enjoy ItI enjoy these, adverts aside. I've noticed the really blaringly loud one.....Play.It-isn't on the more recent ones and they've got a little less noisy. THAT was the one that always made me jump !! My only real complaint is they seem to come around again too fast. Ones I've already heard suddenly download again but given an alternative title. There are plenty I've not listened to, they've been around years, so I'm not sure why they put repeats in like this. They're good, concise stories, though..Score: 4/5

Gave up after 2 episodesLiterally couldn't listen due to the adverts. I know shows need to advertise but they made me jump out of my skin! It's a shame but no thanks!.Score: 1/5

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Is it just greed?Or r u just oblivious that 6+ ads in these short episodes is way way way too much Give it a rest.Score: 1/5

Those ads!!!Why are the ads so loud!?!.Score: 3/5

Thank you reviewers for warning about adsSudden volume increase damages hearing. No way I will jeopardize my ears and suffer hearing loss..Score: 1/5

Buddy JareCan't agree more with most people's comments. The content is so good that I'll rate the podcast 5 stars however, the Ads are just ridiculous. And I get it, I'm a marketing graduate, but still, you can improve them! Make them more relevant and less ANNOYINGLY LOUD..Score: 5/5

Commercials are so unexpectedly loudThe podcast is great and I really enjoy the stories however the ads are so loud! It's like a blast of noise and I find myself rushing for the volume controls. Please equalize the volume!.Score: 3/5

RepeatsNow I remember why I unsubscribed... Please stop reposting old content repeatedly. It’s annoying. If you have nothing new, maybe just skip that week?.Score: 4/5

Where's the ending?Just listened for 42 minutes, and then it abruptly cut off with no ending. What the heck??.Score: 1/5

Figure out your audioWhy do your advertisements blast out at a 10? Wouldn’t it make sense to have the ad volume match the podcast?.Score: 1/5

Those ads???Great content but those ads are an assault on the ear drums. Do you despise your listeners?.Score: 3/5

Those god damn ads 😬SO disruptive and loud. Unsubscribing..Score: 1/5

Great stories.Great story and narratives. Only thing I have to say is that when commercials run, it is very loud. Extremely loud to be honest..Score: 4/5

Fix the audio!Good podcast but seriously I have to put it on absolute MAX in my car , this is a really easy fix guys ......Score: 1/5

Notification of new episodesI keep getting notification that a new episode is up. And it’s never there. There has been no new episode in a while.Score: 5/5

Please fix volume on ads!Please fix the volume on the ads, the volume of the ads is DEAFENING compared to the rest of the podcast! The podcast itself is very quiet compared to any others on Apple podcasts, this makes the problem even worse because you have to have to volume so high..Score: 5/5

Great podcast.I listen all the time at work. Love this podcast.Score: 5/5

Repeat episodesIt seems every couple of dozen episodes, they all repeat again???.Score: 3/5

GreatGreat podcast.Score: 5/5

Do itDuring the summer, I don’t have the time to watch any tv. I absolutely love This show and this podcasts allows me to stay current. I can listen to it while I work!!.Score: 5/5

Why are the ads so loud?Love the podcast, but the frequency and volume of the ads is jarring and totally pulls you out of the story. Would rate higher if the ads were changed..Score: 1/5

Good content but some issuesGreat reporting and interesting mysteries. Keep in mind this is just the audio from the tv show, not a podcast, so there may be times when they are showing a photo on the show but don’t do a voiceover to describe it. There are a ton of repeats, which could’ve easily been avoided when setting this up as a podcast. It’s quite an annoyance. And as mentioned by many other users, the ads are not set at the same volume as the show, so they surprisingly blare out at random times. I don’t think these reviews are read by the developer or taken seriously as I’ve seen the same complaints for years without any action being taken to rectify and make the listeners happy..Score: 3/5

Turn down the commercials please!Love this podcast but the commercials really need to be turned down. Comeon guys- the commercials in this podcast make it almost unlistenable..Score: 3/5

Love the show but....It’s so quiet! I have my headphones on max and I still struggle to hear sometimes. Otherwise the show is awesome!.Score: 4/5

It would be my favouriteThis would be my favourite podcast of all times but the ads are horrendous. Please fix this!!!!!!.Score: 2/5

Fantastic constantly ongoing podcast!!(UPDATE BELOW) The content is great. The ads being double the volume makes for a fun surprise when driving. Easy 5 stars if my hearing wasn't damaged every time. UPDATE: THE AUDIO HAS CONSISTENT VOLUME!! The ads don’t blast my ears out now! It has been for a while and it seems it’s here to stay. Thanks so much, 48 Hours is back to an easy 5 stars. Please keep converting your episodes straight to podcast - I have listened to every episode and it is so great to hear the episode the same day or after it airs on TV - it’s what I listen to every time I’m driving and keeps me up to date on 48 Hours without paying for cable TV. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Please take down repeatsGreat pod cast. Listen to 6 episodes a night. Please take down all the repeat episodes though..Score: 4/5

RepeatRepeat out of the gate :(.Score: 1/5

No new episodesI keep getting a notification that there was a new episode posted (usually sundays) but there is never ever a new episode, been like it for a few weeks now :(.Score: 1/5

48 hoursI never liked it as a tv show but remove the film and it’s an amazing podcast.Score: 5/5

Just OKObviously these are TV episodes that have been adapted so they’re just OK since the video is key to the story. The loud commercials are really jarring when you’re passively listening. Not sure why advertisers think this is a good strategy, it just annoys people and drives them away....Score: 1/5

Please fix the volume issue!!!I love the stories but it’s really hard to hear them, it’s almost frustrating at times because it’s so quite then your ads are loud. Clearly you can fix this problem if your able to have the ads loud. I hope you fix this problem other wise I’ll have to find another podcast to listen to.Score: 1/5

Too many repeats, very loud commercialsWhy are there so many repeats? I always add new episodes to play and often find that its a repeat episode yet again and have to skip! Also i have volume on max to listen to the stories and often find i need it louder as its very noise where i listen and commercials are way too loud! Stories are good tho.Score: 3/5

Better job of editing the podcastAs this is supposed to be a radio broadcast you need to put some descriptive video in the music areas which were video on TV and describe what’s going on for the pod. I am blind and this would make the podcast a lot more enjoyable plus you need to do a better job of editing the break.Score: 1/5

Repeat contentReally wish they would stop recycling old content... If you have nothing new perhaps don’t release as often??.Score: 3/5

Good podcast, BUT THE VOLUME IS CRAZYGood content and stories here but the ads are at least twice as loud as the podcast. You’ve been warned! I do not recommend listening with headphones.Score: 2/5

Great Show. Ads are WAY too loud!!I may actually try Blue Apron sometime if they didn’t scream at me every 10 minutes. Do your advertisers a favour and balance the audio people!!!.Score: 4/5

I will never buy anything from the sponsorsThe ads are so loud that I have vowed to never purchase a thing from the companies involved. Otherwise, it’s a good translation of the tv series..Score: 4/5

Irritating musical??? pausesVery loud and unnecessary to have in mid story. Please find something more musical and less loud..Score: 2/5

Great program; a shame about the ads.Yeah, the ads are totally brutal, but I don’t listen with headphones, so they don’t deafen me. Great reporting and riveting stories. But yeah... you need to lower the volume of your advertisements..Score: 4/5

New episodesStill waiting for new episodes to download??? There’s been none since June 7.Score: 2/5

Great tat toLove your 2 part of the murder of a whole family... Kept me feet I’m the edge of seat, l was working on entering data for work. .Keep you thinking...even born.Score: 5/5

The ads are too loudLove the stories but the ads are way to loud. I listen at night making it seem even more extreme.Score: 3/5

Love the Stories. Sound needs adjusting.I love the stories as I drive but and the is a massive BUT, should you be listening with ear bud or headphones be very careful. The episode is recorded low enough you need to put the volume up on high, when the commercial sponsors come on it blasts into your head and actually hurts. The person that uploads the episode need to address this other podcast are capable of constant volume between episodes and commercial sponsors..Score: 4/5

Those ads tho...I’ve been a fan of 48 Hours for years, and love the pods, but dang... the ads are so loud..Score: 4/5

Addictive!!It’s just like watching the show!! This is the only crime related podcast worth listening to. Wish they would release more new episodes though. Would love to hear the Elizabeth Smart case..Score: 5/5

AdsI understand the ads have to be played what did they have to be played at that volume level I’m seriously thinking about getting rid of this podcast.Score: 2/5

Harsh ReviewsI was skeptics of this podcast after reading the negative reviews. However, I think this podcast is okay. Sounds seems fine, and yes there are ads, but ads pay for costs associated with this content. Nothing in life is free folks! Be grateful and appreciated you can listen to this podcast for free. Thanks 48 Hours!.Score: 4/5

Too many repeated episodes.This podcast would be so much better if they stopped repeating episodes. It gets frustrating to begin to listen only to realize that you’ve heard that episode already several times. Love the reporting though. Well done besides the repetition.Score: 3/5

Ads are insane loud!Its really unfortunate that you blow our eardrums when the ads come on because I really would have kept listening to this well done podcast but I tried and I just can’t do it anymore. I don’t care about ads but I do care when they are 10x louder.Score: 2/5

Too many repeats.Love the show but the shows are recycled so quickly!.Score: 3/5

Great podcastLook forward to each episode. Great work.Score: 5/5

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Too may CommercialsSome reasons it seems there are more commercial/Ads than stories. I LOVE this podcast, but the ads are getting crazy!!.Score: 4/5

Thank goodness for DatelineWas hoping to have another podcast to binge since I’ve listened to every Dateline podcast twice now. Wow. The volume for the commercials. Cannot even stand it. But based on all the comments for months now, seems you guys don’t even care or want to attempt to fix it. Sorry. Can’t listen..Score: 1/5

Erin’s. voice.I truly cannot. I try to push through and listen every now and then, as the cases they choose are great and I want to learn more, but after 3 min I remember why I just can’t do it. Her voice hurts my ears..Score: 1/5

What’s with the audio on ads?Host and story volume a bit on the low side, but ad audio is booming! This cacophony along with the short segments interrupted by ads takes away from the story. Could be better..Score: 3/5

They give away entire story...within this long four minute “preview” before the story even officially begins (every single time)..Score: 3/5

Awful commercialsPodcast is great but almost unbearable due to obnoxiously loud commercials..Score: 1/5

Used to be a fan of 48 Hours...But Erin has ruined that, her voice is horrible, just can’t do it.....Score: 1/5

QuietGreat contact phone show. Volume levels very low except for commercials which are way too loud..Score: 4/5

Horrible audioHad to cancel due to the horrible audio. The audio engineer should be fired. Used to be just annoying but now is possibly dangerous.Score: 1/5

Ads too loud & CONSTANT repeat episodesLove this podcast, but Geez! The Ads are much louder than the actual podcast & CONSTANT repeat episodes..Score: 4/5

I’m so sorryI feel very bad for this review but honestly as much as I try I can’t listen to Erin Moriarty’s scratchy, gravelly voice. It is not a voice for podcasts. I like her on the show but not coming through my ear buds into my ears. It’s like nails on a chalk board. Sorry..Score: 1/5

Poorly editedContent is good but the podcast itself was put together by an amateur. Audio volume for show itself is 10-20 decibels too low while commercials are painfully loud. I had to take buds off as soon as commercials kicked in and fast forward to avoid the deafening volume contrast. For a show from a major TV network there is no excuse for a poorly recorded podcast..Score: 2/5

Ads with some reportingToo many ads, too few details in stories. Just as the story becomes interesting, another ad. This is amateur hour compared to Dateline..Score: 1/5

Not as good as Dateline but okOk I don’t know if watching is easier than listening - it shouldn’t because Dateline has pulled that off without a hitch. First thing you hear is the voice of one of the reporters and it’s grating; the pitch is just a poor match for small speakers. In her interviews it’s not near as bad as the opening commercial. The commercials are plentiful too, by the way. And many episodes are repeated. I’ve started at the beginning and am working my way to the current episodes and I’ve had to skip several of the very same episodes at least three times each. As big and popular a show this is, I’m surprised that the production and release of the podcast is so lackadaisical. I know it’s shows already aired but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least present it for the media it’s being released on or just randomly replay episodes over and over. Reruns might be a TV thing but not a podcast thing - especially with this frequency. ****** I’m back to add swear to god Erin Moriartys voice is the worst. Those commercials with her are fine on the tv but not in ear buds in the podcast. Grating..Score: 3/5

No mo Erin ads!!The ads are way too loud and Erin Moriarty’s voice is not good for podcasts. I always try to quickly skip when I hear her voice..Score: 2/5

Volume IssueVolume for the show is way too low, then suddenly spikes and you jump out of your skin every time a commercial comes on. It’s incredibly jarring to listen to. Is anyone at 48 hours paying attention to the comments about this issue???.Score: 2/5

Just the audio of the showI find it kind of lazy that they simply post the audio from the TV as a podcast. While the Dateline podcast is mostly that, they also have occasional episode designed to be podcasts. A podcast is its own media format and listeners deserve more that an identical reproduction of someone else’s work. Secondly, this show doesn’t seem throughly researched and I find the use of present tense language for things that happened years ago off putting, especially because it doesn’t seem consistently used..Score: 2/5

Good podcastAn easy to listen to podcast, seems like they recycle episodes a lot..Score: 4/5

WTR ad killing meAbsolutely love 48 hours! But, for the love of God, can we please adjust the volume on the Walker Texas Ranger ad? Eardrums blown out every time I’m wearing AirPods. I beg of you, fix this..Score: 4/5

The stories are great, the commercials terribleI really enjoy listening to this podcast with the exception of hearing Erin Moriarty’s commercials.You should at least only make us suffer through it one time instead of repeating it..Score: 3/5

Loud commercialsThe content seems to get in the way of the repetitive, loud ads. I’m out..Score: 1/5

Fix the ad volumeHow many reviews do we need to leave for you to fix just one simple thing?.Score: 1/5

Ads, ads, ads...TOO MANY ADS. Short on details..Score: 3/5

Audio Level!Why cant you guys fix the audio levels between the show and the spots! Just annoying and lazy..Score: 3/5

Noise reductionI am listening, I am engaged in the storyline. And then an advertisement comes on and I have to rip my earbuds out of my ears because it is so obnoxiously loud. Easy fix. Please do something..Score: 1/5

I Want to Love This...But, as other reviewers have pointed out, the amount/volume of ads is enough to discourage me from listening. Too bad, bc the content is good. 😞.Score: 1/5

ConfusedWhy does it take so long to get an episode out? Can you hire someone to be consistent and do a couple times a week? Love listening when it’s available....Score: 2/5

Commercials way too loudWhoever does their audio should be replaced ASAP. The loud commercials totally make me want to unsubscribe from the podcast. Why can’t someone fix this?.Score: 1/5

Delivery manThis podcast was uploaded twice .. February 21st and March 21st..Score: 1/5

Good content - terrible audioThe content is great. But the audio for the show is super low while the audio for the ads is incredibly loud. Also please cut the 6 minutes of previews for the show I’m already listening to..Score: 3/5

Nothing newThe only thing new about this show are the fake news ads trying to scare everyone into submission. Old content, new and way too many stupid commercials that make me want to gag. 48 Hours is 86'd for me..Score: 1/5

Few problems, but overall great showI skip Erin Moriarty narrated episodes, she sounds too much like Bart Simpson for me to not laugh during the episode. The sound volume of the content is much lower than the ads, and you have to run to your device to turn down the volume every ad. It’s been like this forever and I’m surprised they haven’t fixed it. Other than that, it’s a great podcast..Score: 5/5

EntertainingI enjoy this it states what happened and easy to follow especially when multitasking. Helps the time go by and still able to do other things while listening..Score: 5/5

Love but please fire your audio personThe commercials are obnoxiously loud..Score: 4/5

48 hrsThe topics are great, the storytelling is fluid. Audio is ridiculous, we don’t need to hear the ads at 20 times the volume of the story. It’s dangerous when driving. Stories are also repeated a lot and they seem to just change the name/title and hope you don’t notice..Score: 3/5

Ads tooooo loudI love the podcast but I can’t listen anymore. I listen with earbuds as I’m sure a lot of other people do and when the ads come on through three times louder than the podcast and they blow my eardrums.Score: 4/5

Love itMore update please!!!!I love it and I’ve listen to all of them.Score: 5/5

VolumeCame here to mention that the ads are jarring, far too loud. I notice all the other comments are about the same issue. Does no one affiliated with the show pay attention to comments?.Score: 2/5

Yikes on the adsThe sound isn't consistent. The ads are way too loud compared to the stories..Score: 2/5

Loud commercials!Love this podcast, but when the commercials come on, they are WAY TOO LOUD, especially when I listen in my car. Please make the commercials quieter!!.Score: 4/5

Theme “Song”Who told you the violins were a good idea? They are not. Sincerely, Everyone.Score: 1/5

Commercials Too LoudIt’s 2021, seriously do you not have the ability to lower the obnoxiously loud commercials? I enjoy this podcast, but the commercials are way too loud. What’s up with that? Please lower the volume of the commercials. I am unsubscribing this is ridiculous..Score: 1/5

Great ShowLoved the show growing up, but now that I’m an adult I don’t have time to sit down and watch it. But I do have tons of time to binge the shows at work..Score: 5/5

FabulousI love listening to y’all everyday! Just fabulous! Keep doing what you’re doing! 💯.Score: 5/5

Dateline Does It FirstDateline always does the story first. Lateline..Score: 3/5

The ad volume is obsceneThe engineer needs a new job because this is just poor audio..Score: 1/5

You are kiddingYou might as well say OJ is innocent. Scott Peterson killed his wife and OJ killed his wife that’s the truth. Scott Peterson spent more time line than he did trying to defend himself..Score: 1/5

Israel Keyes episodeWhat a slap in the face to the mother of Julie Harris — who will likely never have any answers for her daughter’s death — to allow Samantha Koenig’s loved one to speak about how the world is better with Israel Keyes dead. Samantha Koenig’s loved ones have all the answers around her horrible and senseless murder. The family of Julie Harris will never have that because Israel Keyes took his own life. Tone deaf and brutal to allow that statement to be aired alongside Julie’s story. I hope you will consider an apology to the hundreds of people whose missing loved ones are potential Keyes victims that will likely never have answers for allowing one of the only people who did get closure to speak on the air so insensitively. There are far, far more people who would argue that Israel Keyes was worth far more alive than he is dead. Not because he deserved to live — but because of all of the people who truly deserve answers..Score: 1/5

Love contentLove the content but I agree the commercials are very loud..Score: 5/5

Sound issues in every program.In every single program the ads are much louder than the program sound. So when the ad comes on, it's jarring and it requires constant adjusting of the volume between the ads and the program. That's the sound engineer's job. It's just too much work to "listen" to..Score: 2/5

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AdvertisingLove your podcast, however whenever an advertisement comes on it is much louder than the podcast. Usually I listen to podcast at bedtime and find because the adverts are so much louder it makes me jump. Just have the adverts the same volume please!.Score: 4/5

Loud ads and several repeatsStarted off as a great podcast but there are so many loud ads and repeated episodes lately..Score: 3/5

Great but...Some of the episodes have white noise that's so loud it hurts your ears. I haven't been able to listen to a few episodes because of it which is really disappointing.Score: 2/5

Ads ads and more adsDon't waste your data! Its just like one big advert show..Score: 1/5

Average at bestEntirely too many advertisements. Also the content is overly dramatised..Score: 1/5

Sound and adsAds way to loud and often Please have a go at fixing or I’ll be gone like the rest of the reviews if you read on below.Score: 2/5

Great For Crime LoversHave found myself hooked on 48 hours. Some interesting stories and great insights.Score: 4/5

Lizzy.Usually really enjoy this podcast. Thinking you’ve milked Lizzy Borden dry though!!! NEXT....Score: 5/5

Haley Anderson episodePlease don’t use this narrator again she’s terrible.Score: 5/5

Great, but why are the ads so loud?!I love this podcast but the volume of the ads is infuriating. They are so much louder than the rest of the podcast so I have to constantly adjust the volume, or risk losing my hearing! It's become so annoying that as much as I enjoy the podcast I only listen to it when I've run out of other podcast episodes..Score: 3/5

LOUD ads!Great content but the volume on the ads is twice as loud as the story shocking your ear drums!.Score: 3/5

Half a starHalf a star for content but I have read every review and all complain of the loudness of ads. Why is this. Don’t you care. Way too loud You need to do something otherwise your inaction looks arrogant.Score: 1/5

Ads are an issueAds are too frequent and break immersion. Grateful that I can get it on my phone but can be hard to follow at times because it makes very frequent reference to photos/visual evidence.Score: 3/5

Stop repeating storiesStop repeating stories.Score: 1/5

My favourite app by far!This app is so interesting to listen to. The content is clear and easy to hear and understand, very well done!.Score: 5/5

RepeatsEnjoy your show but getting sick of the same episodes. Can you please just put a note in the title or description when you upload an old episode so those who have been listening for ages don’t waste time..Score: 4/5

TOO MANY ADSA great podcast, but the ads come every 8 or so mins. It really ruins the immersion..Score: 3/5

Ad volume is awful!!Love the podcast and the content but the ads are SO LOUD it’s actually horrendous! I don’t mind ads at all, happy to even fast forward past, but when they come on it’d ear-splitting. Fix the volume issue and I’d gladly give it five stars!.Score: 2/5

Ads far too loud, repeated episodesA few improvements and you’ll gain some listeners back, - Ads far too loud, and too often, you don’t need an ad every 8 mins, it’s just too much - Episodes are repeated, gets annoying realising your 5 mins in to an episode you’ve already heard 6 months ago.Score: 1/5

Great content but please fix the volume48 hours has some great episodes with very interesting content but the stings they use in place of ad breaks SCREAM out at top volume without warning. Everything at the same volume would be great, thanks!.Score: 3/5

Loud advertsGood content but the ads are way too loud and there's too many of them..Score: 2/5

Good podcastCovering all different types of cases so it makes for pretty interesting listening. This does have more ads than any of the other podcast I listen to but I just skip past them..Score: 4/5

Ad volume way too loudI would guess most people are listening to podcasts with earphones, why would you want to blast their ears every 8 minutes?.Score: 1/5

Ads way too loud!!!!I really like this podcast but as I listen on earphones and usually in bed the ads jolt me out of my skin!! The "white Apron" ad is excruciatingly ear shattering and spoils the listening experience. Please address this and just have quiet ads at the very beginning and end. Otherwise it is a well presented and well researched program. I avoid it currently due to the above issues..Score: 4/5

Ads too loud.Ridiculously loud compared to story..Score: 1/5

AdsThe ads are too loud. People listen through ear buds, the volume is dangerous..Score: 1/5

Loudest ads out thereWhy are the ads so loud for louder then the damn episode unsubscribes..Score: 1/5

Way too loud!The stories are very well put together and are very interesting but the difference in volume between the story and the ads is NUTS!! It’s soooo jarring, especially if the story is at a delicate stage. It makes me want to throw my device out the window!!.Score: 1/5

AdsToo many and too loud. Not listening anymore..Score: 1/5

Ads too loudPlease turn them down. They make me jump every time..Score: 4/5

Blown eardrumsDon’t listen with earphones if A. You don’t want blown eardrums B. You don’t love ads that blow ear drums! Otherwise, carry on.......Score: 3/5

TerribleI used to enjoy this podcast & I have listened to dozens of episodes. But. In late 2018, the ads were increased ten fold before, during & after each story. You listen to ads before each ep then, once you're engaged, they interrupt you again & again & AGAIN with more pointless advertising. It ruined the podcast for me. It is infuriating. Plus. They just rotate stories instead of creating new ones. I have seen old stories appear over & over again - re-released as new. Forget it. There's much better researched podcasts out there with minimal advertising. I hereby give 48 Hours the flick..Score: 1/5

Great stories, super irritating adsGreat podcast if you're looking for true crime stories that are a little bit Hollywood-ised (let's face it, sometimes that's just what you need!). The ads get very, very repetitive and irritating, but that's hardly unique. Overall, a great podcast! 👍.Score: 4/5

Why do I have to listen to the same ad 1000 times!!Listening back through old episodes and have probably listened to the play.it ad a thousand times. It comes on every 10 minutes every episode. It is infuriating!!! Who ever thought it was a good idea to repeat this ad so many times should be FIRED!!!.Score: 1/5

Too many adsI downloaded the first episode this morning. Got to 13-14 minutes and we'd had ads at the beginning, 6-7 minute mark and 13-14 minute mark. If I wanted that many ads I'd stick to TV or radio..Score: 1/5

Ads too loudThe stories are delivered well and the content is good but please fix the volume of the ads! One minute I am concentrating on the story and then BOOM BOOM BOOM comes the ad and I’m jumping..Score: 3/5

Too many adverts!Every two minutes?! Too much....Score: 2/5

GoodI enjoy this post cast and listen to lots of true crime- in my top 5.Score: 5/5

Where are the new eps?I really enjoy listening to this podcast (even the ones that have been played a hundred times already because I usually fall asleep) but the new eps are no where to be seen! Don’t want to have to go looking for these things. Other poddies are fine, it’s just this one!.Score: 3/5

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48 Hours Podcast Episodes

A Sister’s Fight for her Brother

A sister stands by the brother accused of murdering their parents. She insists he’s innocent and there’s more to the story. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

The Disappearance of Kristin Smart

A college student goes missing and a podcaster turns up the heat to solve the case. "48 Hours" tracks down the prime suspect. CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti has the latest in the case for "48 Hours."

The COVID Cover-Up: Searching for Gretchen Anthony

A mother disappears. Texts reveal she has coronavirus – was someone using COVID to cover up a killing? "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

Scott Peterson: Case in Question

He was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife. The “other woman” recorded his calls for the prosecution. With his death sentence now overturned there’s a renewed push to clear him. CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reports for "48 Hours."

The Killing of Cowboy Ray Green

Dani Green claimed the family dog killed her ex-husband, Ray, but when police arrived at the home there was no sign of man or dog. Dani told police they could search anywhere on the grounds — except for a large toolbox. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.

Crosley Green Comes Home

The emotional homecoming of a man imprisoned for nearly 32 years. A judge ruled he was wrongfully convicted of murder, but is he home for good? Questions linger about the witness who blamed him. "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty has the latest on the case she's covered for more than two decades.

The Mysterious Death of Kat West

A woman is found dead and the scene appeared to be staged with a bottle of absinthe. West, a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, posted on OnlyFans, a website some use to share adult content – was a fan involved? "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher reports.

Tracking the Murders of Israel Keyes

The FBI believes skulls drawn in blood are the number of victims murdered by a prolific serial killer. Inside the FBI search to identify them. "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.*This program originally aired on May 9, 2020.*

The Kidnapping of Jonelle Matthews

A 12-year-old is kidnapped from her home 36 years ago. An unusual suspect is charged. "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports.

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