Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Season 1

The world is at war. Lelouch Lamperouge, an exiled prince, encounters a strange girl known as C.C., who gifts him with a great power. With this ability, Lelouch can get anyone to do as he wills. But the power of Geass: is it a blessing…or a curse?

I do not own the right to any of this material Code Geass Season 3 never before seen trailer! + commentary Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (コードギアス ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Stage 01: The Day a New Demon Was Born24:18USD 1.99Download
2Stage 02: The White Knight Awakens24:18USD 1.99Download
3Stage 03: The False Classmate24:18USD 1.99Download
4Stage 04: His Name Is Zero24:18USD 1.99Download
5Stage 05: The Princess and the Witch24:18USD 1.99Download
6Stage 06: The Stolen Mask24:18USD 1.99Download
7Stage 07: Attack Cornelia24:18USD 1.99Download
8Stage 08: The Black Knights24:18USD 1.99Download
9Stage 09: Refrain24:18USD 1.99Download
10Stage 10: Guren Dances24:18USD 1.99Download
11Stage 11: Battle for Narita24:18USD 1.99Download
12Stage 12: The Messenger from Kyoto24:18USD 1.99Download
13Stage 13: Shirley At Gunpoint24:18USD 1.99Download
14Stage 14: Geass vs. Geass24:18USD 1.99Download
15Stage 15: Cheering Mao24:18USD 1.99Download
16Stage 16: Nunnally Held Hostage24:18USD 1.99Download
17Stage 17: Knight24:18USD 1.99Download
18Stage 18: I Order You, Suzaku Kururugi24:18USD 1.99Download
19Stage 19: Island of the Gods24:18USD 1.99Download
20Stage 20: The Battle for Kyushu24:18USD 1.99Download
21Stage 21: The School Festival Declaratio24:18USD 1.99Download
22Stage 22: Bloodstained Euphy24:18USD 1.99Download
23Stage 23: At Least with Sorrow24:18USD 1.99Download
24Stage 24: The Collapsing Stage24:18USD 1.99Download
25Stage 25: Zero24:18USD 1.99Download

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The Red Tea Detox
17 January 2017

The first time I tried to load it, it was copyright blocked within a minute of uploading. Reload and it's no longer blocked XD

5 star

Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.

EG da BOMB🕶💣😜
EG da BOMB🕶💣😜
5 star

Pleassseee got the movies on here tooo I will buy hem in a heart beat!!!

Zeon lamperouge
Zeon lamperouge
5 star

This is the great of all time anime out there, in my opinion, and to have this gem here on iTunes is incredible. Now, if only we could get the complete soundtrack 🤔

5 star

I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command this in HD!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris once was on a one man NFL team, he won the super bowl 4 times in a row on the same day

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