The Fall: The Complete Collection

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Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) delivers a masterful performance as steely DS Stella Gibson in this heart-pounding psychological thriller. Called to Belfast to investigate a high-profile murder, Gibson quickly realizes that a serial killer prowls the city. The culprit is Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey), a grief counselor and family man driven by vicious compulsions. As Gibson closes in on Spector, both the hunter and the hunted outmaneuver each other in a sinister game of cat and mouse. Will Gibson make Spector pay for his crimes before the death toll rises? An “intelligent show with tremendous acting” (The Atlantic), critics rave that “Anderson is sublime, almost otherworldly, while Dornan…matches her for icy charisma” (Daily Mail, UK). This complete collection of the award-winning drama also stars Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife), John Lynch (In the Name of the Father), and Colin Morgan (Merlin, Humans).

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Series 1, Episode 1: Dark Descent59:17Download
2Series 1, Episode 2: Darkness Visible57:59Download
3Series 1, Episode 3: Insolence and Wine59:17Download
4Series 1, Episode 4: My Adventurous Song57:54Download
5Series 1, Episode 5: The Vast Abyss59:20Download
6Series 2, Episode 1: These Troublesome D59:26Download
7Series 2, Episode 2: Night Darkens the S59:09Download
8Series 2, Episode 3: Beauty Hath Strange58:56Download
9Series 2, Episode 4: The Mind Is Its Own59:10Download
10Series 2, Episode 5: The Perilous Edge o58:12Download
11Series 2, Episode 6: What Is in Me Dark 1:29:37Download
12Series 3, Episode 1: Silence and Sufferi59:11Download
13Series 3, Episode 2: His Troubled Though59:07Download
14Series 3, Episode 3: The Gates of Light59:08Download
15Series 3, Episode 4: The Hell Within Him59:38Download
16Series 3, Episode 5: Wounds of Deadly Ha59:00Download
17Series 3, Episode 6: Their Solitary Way59:19Download
18Series 2: Behind the Scenes11:32Download
19Series 2: Deleted Scenes09:50Download
20Series 3: Behind the Scenes08:10Download
21Series 3: Deleted Scenes08:20Download

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Marcel Proust
Marcel Proust
28 March 2020

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

iPad 3G & Samsung S5
IPad 3G & Samsung S5
5 star

I just purchased it for my iPad Pro. It is the quintessential battle of wits and sexism. She is bigger than a heroine and he is the perfect serial killer. I loved to love her and loved to hate him.

1 star

Why isn't the final episode of Season 3 (re: episode 6) included in the "complete collection"? it is not provided except for "Season Only", BUT I BOUGHT THIS SEASON. EXPLAIN this oversight and restore the missing episode.

5 star

I heard about The Fall on Ellen while she was interviewing Jamie Dornan and decided to watch. I ended up binge watching, as it kept me in suspense could not stop watching. Jamie and Jillian were superb. I can see why Jaime was casted for the 50 Shades trilogy. He has a mysterious, possessive deep look in his eyes. A must watch!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
28 March 2020

Chuck Norris and the Dale Lamma got to gether to see the perfect human the Dale Lamma asked Chuck Norris where the person was Chuck Norris told Him to look at ME the perfect HUMAN!{Which is Chuck Norris}

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