Futurama, Complete Series

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As vast and hilarious as the universe itself, behold the utterly complete collection of FUTURAMA, the gravity-defying, Emmy Award-winning animated series from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Season 1, Episode 1, Space Pilot 300022:31Download
2Season 1, Episode 2, The Series Has Land22:32Download
3Season 1, Episode 3, I, Roommate22:31Download
4Season 1, Episode 4, Love's Labours Lost22:31Download
5Season 1, Episode 5, Fear of a Bot Plane22:31Download
6Season 1, Episode 6, A Fishful of Dollar22:30Download
7Season 1, Episode 7, My Three Suns22:31Download
8Season 1, Episode 8, A Big Piece of Garb22:31Download
9Season 1, Episode 9, Hell is Other Robot22:31Download
10Season 2, Episode 1, A Flight to Remembe22:33Download
11Season 2, Episode 2, Mars University22:32Download
12Season 2, Episode 3, When Aliens Attack22:34Download
13Season 2, Episode 4, Fry and the Slurm F22:32Download
14Season 2, Episode 5, I Second That Emoti22:34Download
15Season 2, Episode 6, Brannigan, Begin Ag22:35Download
16Season 2, Episode 7, A Head in the Polls22:35Download
17Season 2, Episode 8, Xmas Story22:33Download
18Season 2, Episode 9, Why Must I be a Cru22:33Download
19Season 2, Episode 10, Put Your Head on M22:32Download
20Season 2, Episode 11, The Lesser of Two 22:35Download
21Season 2, Episode 12, Raging Bender22:36Download
22Season 2, Episode 13, A Bicyclops Built 22:32Download
23Season 2, Episode 14, How Hermes Requisi22:34Download
24Season 2, Episode 15, A Clone of My Own22:32Download
25Season 2, Episode 16, The Deep South22:33Download
26Season 2, Episode 17, Bender Gets Made22:35Download
27Season 2, Episode 18, The Problem with P22:32Download
28Season 2, Episode 19, Mother's Day22:35Download
29Season 2, Episode 20, Anthology of Inter22:36Download
30Season 3, Episode 1, The Honking22:34Download
31Season 3, Episode 2, War is the H-Word22:34Download
32Season 3, Episode 3, The Cryonic Woman22:24Download
33Season 3, Episode 4, Parasites Lost22:34Download
34Season 3, Episode 5, Amazon Women in the22:34Download
35Season 3, Episode 6, Bendless Love22:34Download
36Season 3, Episode 7, The Day the Earth S22:34Download
37Season 3, Episode 8, That's Lobstertainm22:34Download
38Season 3, Episode 9, The Birdbot of Ice-22:28Download
39Season 3, Episode 10, The Luck of the Fr22:34Download
40Season 3, Episode 11, The Cyber House Ru22:34Download
41Season 3, Episode 12, Insane in the Main22:34Download
42Season 3, Episode 13, Bendin' in the Win22:34Download
43Season 3, Episode 14, Time Keeps on Slip22:34Download
44Season 3, Episode 15, I Dated a Robot22:34Download
45Season 4, Episode 1, Roswell That Ends W22:34Download
46Season 4, Episode 2, A Tale of Two Santa22:34Download
47Season 4, Episode 3, Anthology of Intere22:34Download
48Season 4, Episode 4, Love and Rocket22:34Download
49Season 4, Episode 5, Leela's Homeworld22:34Download
50Season 4, Episode 6, Where the Buggalo R22:34Download

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5 star

This show started off in SD and that is what you are getting; it’s still watchable. The rest are in HD so you should be ok with that. Got the most part it’s funny and 30 quid is a bargain

1 star

Despite being referred to as HD, this is not in HD. The early series of this collection are very pixelated and not easy to watch. Apple will also likely refuse a refund, despite mis-selling as HD. Great show by the way, just poor quality file.

old man and the sea
Old man and the sea
1 star

What planet are you iTunes guys on? Not in HD - forget it!

1 star

This store item is the only way to purchase season 6 of Futurama. Via iTunes, I have bought every season of Futurama except season 6. Now, I am required to pay full price for every season again just to get season 6 included with this item. I contacted Apple support about this and there was nothing they could do

1 star

This series is only 2 decades old. Why is it being released in SD? Save your money and wait for the HD release. Stop supporting Hollywood’s greedfest by purchasing lazy digital releases of old series that have already made money for their owners.

ABS Reviwer
ABS Reviwer
5 star

All of Futurama in one purchase! Quality is standard, not high def., but for the price is definitely worth it!

09 July 2020

Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness.

5 star

I bought this for $50 and although the first 5 Seasons were Standard Definition and very blurry and choppy. (Can’t do much about that) the first episode of season 5 is very clear and very smooth! It was a steal! Very happy with this purchase!

bad robot2168
Bad robot2168
5 star


Alexandra. J
Alexandra. J
1 star

I have to agree with the other reviews – awesome to have this in a bundle, but no HD for the later seasons (when there available for purchase on iTunes).

Larry C88
Larry C88
5 star

This is a great deal 49.99 is not bad on amazon this box set is 149.99. I see a lot reviews complaining that not HD well this cartoon out before HD was possible.

1 star

Feel ripped off. No SD warning during a purchase process. No obvious way of knowing that this purchase was SD only. Feels like a class action waiting to happen.

Cat for the Tillerman
Cat for the Tillerman
5 star

Five star series, I was surprised it was the best price on iTunes compared to VUDU or Google Play Movies, could be on sale? I have some on DVD aleady, but not everything. As I recall, this show originally came out in SD quality and has yet to be on BluRay, I am fine with the SD for the price, I'm used to the DVD quality for this show anyway, same for The Simpsons. It's only sold as SD on other Movie stores, too. I'm just very glad they did not crop the older episodes to fit wider screens and kept the original screen ratio. Also, there are NO missing episodes, Season 6 was originally done as four 1.5 hour movies, then chopped up for a full season, iTunes is selling the movie versions not the chopped up versions, everything is here!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
09 July 2020

Chuck Norris can block a punch with his face

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