The Expanse, Season 3

In this noir thriller set two hundred years in the future, the case of a missing young woman leads a washed-up detective across the solar system to uncover the greatest conspiracy in human history. This discovery could drive mankind to either its evolution or destruction.

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Episode TitleTimePrice
1Fight or Flight43:37USD 1.99Download
2Iff42:38USD 1.99Download
3Assured Destruction44:25USD 1.99Download
4Reload44:28USD 1.99Download
5Triple Point43:09USD 1.99Download
6Immolation43:52USD 1.99Download
7Delta-V44:35USD 1.99Download
8It Reaches Out43:11USD 1.99Download
9Intransigence43:20USD 1.99Download
10Dandelion Sky42:16USD 1.99Download
11Fallen World44:31USD 1.99Download
12Congregation42:13USD 1.99Download
13Abaddon's Gate41:39USD 1.99Download
14What’s New in Season 301:32FreeDownload
15United By War02:17FreeDownload

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The Red Tea Detox
Time Keeper
Time Keeper
14 October 2018

Is this a woman's show ? Just asking before I buy it .

Fearless 512
Fearless 512
11 October 2018

I just wish everything wasn't so dark

Ralph Emerson
Ralph Emerson
5 star

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.

ben lawton
Ben lawton
30 September 2018

Meanwhile in the UK (crippling depression)

live fxr nxthing
Live fxr nxthing
11 August 2018

does it come to netflix?

adam diamond
Adam diamond
05 July 2018

but when will it be available on netflix UK or even a disc...please..

07 June 2018

The Expanse, probably the best SyFy show ever.

I do, so you don't
I do, so you don't
5 star

Easily the greatest space based show since Star Trek, truly awesome!

Pinus contorta
Pinus contorta
5 star

I`m so glad Amazon Prime buyed the rights so there will be more episodes in the future. I really love the show! #imastarcitizen

5 star

As someone who does not subscribe to the SYFY channel, I drew interest in this series after hearing the news story of the show's fanbase trying to rally other tv platforms to pick this show up. It was immediatlely obvious to me why this show is worth saving. I have found the series to be absolutely riveting. A really smart move by Amazon to pick this show up. If you were a fan of Firefly and/or BSG, watch this show. It is a true science fiction thriller.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris does not have hemorrhoids. That's because when he feels one growing on his asshole, he pinches it off with his steely fingernails and feeds it to Cedric, his pet tarantula.

02 June 2018

Good news. Season 4 has been picked up by Amazon prime. Whether this means it won't be on Netflix anymore I don't know.

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