The Turpin 13: Family Secrets Exposed

This investigative special delves into the shocking story of the Turpin family, who kept their 13 children imprisoned in their California home. Ranging in age from 2 to 29, the children were shackled, starved and tortured, until one brave child managed to escape and alert authorities to the hidden nightmare within their home.

Oxygen's two-hour special delves into the story of the Turpin family in California. ▻▻ Subscribe to Oxygen on YouTube: Official Site: ...

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John Dryden
John Dryden
5 star

A thing well said will be wit in all languages.

3 star

Done well as it could be, given that no one understands the motivations for David and Louise Turpin's actions. Personally, I think Louise Turpin was horribly damaged but what sounds like prolonged molestation by "a wealthy relative" which is a reference not hard to work out as her grandfather. What David Turpin's excuse is I have no idea. Will be fascinating to find out what drove these two. On another note, how is it that people still have problems with plural vs. singular verb conjugations and when to use an adjective or adverb? I'm talking about one of the Interviewees in particular.

ywh n
Ywh n
5 star

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Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star


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