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Welcome back to Westworld, the Emmy®-winning drama series where the puppet show is over and the newly liberated “hosts” are coming for humankind. In Season Two, chaos takes control as Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) takes charge, Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton) is on a mission and the mysterious Man in Black (Ed Harris) is back. A dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness, the birth of a new form of life on Earth, and the evolution of sin, the series was created for television by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, who executive produce alongside J.J. Abrams, Richard J. Lewis, Roberto Patino, Athena Wickham and Ben Stephenson. The acclaimed cast also includes James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright, Rodrigo Santoro, Luke Hemsworth and more.

Journey back to Westworld in 2018. Watch the Westworld Season 2 trailer that played during the Hall H Westworld panel at San DIego Comic-Con 2017.

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Journey Into Night 1:09:30USD 2.99Download
2Reunion57:47USD 2.99Download
3Virtù e Fortuna58:00USD 2.99Download
4The Riddle of the Sphinx 1:10:39USD 2.99Download
5Akane No Mai58:23USD 2.99Download
6Phase Space57:50USD 2.99Download
7Les Escorchés58:25USD 2.99Download
8Kiksuya58:04USD 2.99Download
9Vanishing Point58:26USD 2.99Download
10The Passenger 1:29:57USD 2.99Download
11The Buzz: On the Red Carpet00:57FreeDownload
12Return to Westworld03:49FreeDownload
13Creating Westworld's Reality: The Drone 03:23Download
14Creating Westworld's Reality: An Evocati03:25Download
15Creating Westworld's Reality: Fort Forlo05:32Download
16Creating Westworld's Reality: The Delos 06:01Download
17Creating Westworld's Reality: Shogun Wor12:57Download
18Creating Westworld's Reality: Inside the04:47Download
19Creating Westworld's Reality: Chaos in t05:30Download
20Creating Westworld's Reality: Ghost Nati03:21Download
21Creating Westworld's Reality: Deconstruc03:33Download
22Bring Yourself Back Online: Reflections 14:51Download
23Bring Yourself Back Online: Of Love and 15:19Download
24Bring Yourself Back Online: Journeys and15:19Download
25Creating Westworld's Reality: The Valley11:44Download

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The Red Tea Detox
Evster GK
Evster GK
31 May 2018

Am I the only one thinking that Westworld season 2 is a cop out? Its like they hired all the worst soap writers and pureed them all in a blender and bottled it and named it "this it s a smart movie, please believe us"

5 star

There’s no doubt in my mind that Westworld (both seasons currently out) is the most intelligent and fascinating tv show I have ever come across; from the minor details, to the outrageous twits; from the philosophical questions it raises, to the genius character arcs it plays out. It’s a tv show that appeases audiences who seek true worth, for something stimulating, something immersive, rather than cheap guilty pleasures. So rich are character storylines (individuals and relationships alike) that you will feel unequivocally true to them, and how everything ties up so perfectly is simply beautiful. I dare say it’ll be very hard, if not impossible, to beat Westworld’s knack for season finales; I can still feel the catharsis I experienced on both occasions as I sit writing. Needless to say, the cinematography is fabulous, with the settings within the show so visually pleasing. I challenge anyone to match what Westworld offers on an intellectual and mind-boggling level. Bravo.

3 star

Once you look beyond the twists and turns and tricks, what they are actually saying, and any message therein, is pretty much just twaddle. Catnip for fools. Its not an unintersting concept, and you could substitute Westworld for The Internet and come up with the same arc. It's not as deep as it wants to be. But I suppose even shallow is some kind of deep. So.

1 star

Amazon here we come! Why do that iTunes put a very high price for the fist 14 days then reduce to a still up lifted price as if u doing us a favour? It encourages illegal downloads!!!!

Roy Staggers
Roy Staggers
23 April 2018

That Horse Ride Looks Like Everything To Me

5 star

The industrial landscape is already littered with remains of once successful companies that could not adapt their strategic vision to altered conditions of competition.

Rene Bauer
Rene Bauer
20 April 2018

1:12 just me? Absolutly crazy in love on this ride?

Bobby Cullari
Bobby Cullari
17 April 2018

No Anthony Hopkins.....no thanks....

Los Angeles Chargers93
Los Angeles Chargers93
20 March 2018

Anybody else rooting for the MIB?

21 February 2018

That is so sexy I can’t even fully describe it

3 star

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3 star

They seem to be trying to explain what happened rather than have the story continue.

4 star

With Season 2, we get to see more of the creativity of Jonah Nolan, brother to the genius Chris Nolan. Though he doesn't reach the heights of his brother he can be force of nature for writing and a catalyst of ideas like we saw from him in Season 1, and the movies of the Dark Knight Trilogy and Interstellar. As in his work with Interstellar, you see more of his working in of abstract ideas/concepts which can make for challenging viewing if you don't binge watch the season, seeing each episode one after another.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris walked past Uasin Bolt who was running the 100m... on the day that he broke the world record

12 February 2018

1.12 and 1.15 y am sweet

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