Queen of the South, Season 3

In Season 3, Teresa strikes out on her own, determined to build a new empire for herself. But as enemies old and new close in, she realizes that being Queen will require more work -- and more sacrifice -- than she ever imagined.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Queen of the South Season 3 premieres in 2018 on USA Network. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1La Ermitana40:23USD 1.99Download
2El Colgado40:51USD 1.99Download
3Reina De Oros42:14USD 1.99Download
4La Fuerza42:16USD 1.99Download
5El Juicio42:11USD 1.99Download
6Los Enamorados42:13USD 1.99Download
7Reina De Espadas42:14USD 1.99Download
8El Carro42:14USD 1.99Download
9El Diablo42:14USD 1.99Download
10La Muerte41:44USD 1.99Download
11Diez De Copas42:10USD 1.99Download
12Justicia42:07USD 1.99Download
13El Mundo41:46USD 1.99Download
14Bad Things Happen in Threes00:32FreeDownload
15Camila: Bad Things Happen in Threes00:17FreeDownload
16Teresa: Bad Things Happen in Threes00:17FreeDownload

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perla palomino
Perla palomino
21 June 2018


Joanna Luna
Joanna Luna
26 May 2018

If her and James can finally get together this season thats be great. Tysm.

5 star

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.

johanna hawley
Johanna hawley
12 May 2018

name of song in promo

Linda A. Feliciano
Linda A. Feliciano
28 April 2018

This trailer teaser doesn't say when in 2018 the new season will start. We're already in late April, about ideas when?

Anithra basnayake
Anithra basnayake
18 April 2018

can james and teresa just hook up already!

16 April 2018

I was thinking about this show yesterday. I can’t wait for the new season!!!

5 star

Hooked instantly after 1st episode!! It got better and better every time I watch it!! Can’t wait to see if there is gonna be a season 4

4 star

Te la comes

Tracy's 2nd
Tracy's 2nd
5 star

I watched Season 1 and 2 in two days!! Loved it!! Can’t wait to watch season 3. I watched season 1 & 2 on Netflix.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

When Chuck Norris walks into a party, everyone immediately has an orgasm... even the men.

Wells Tyiebbe
Wells Tyiebbe
09 April 2018

Finally waiting for bad girl to come back on Tv

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