Sharp Objects

For Camille Preaker, it’s a dark path down memory lane. Based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn ("Gone Girl") and directed by Emmy(R) winner Jean-Marc Vallee (HBO's "Big Little Lies"), this thrilling limited series stars five-time Oscar(R) nominee Amy Adams as a city journalist with a history of psychiatric issues who returns to her rural hometown to cover the apparent murders of two preteen girls. Trying to put together a psychological puzzle from her past, Camille finds herself clashing with her overbearing mother, Adora (Patricia Clarkson), falling back into a dangerous series of self-destructive habits, and identifying with the young murder victims a bit too closely. The supporting cast includes Chris Messina, Eliza Scanlen, Elizabeth Perkins, Matt Craven and Miguel Sandoval.

Camille receives a less than friendly welcome from her mother Adora. Starring Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson. #SharpObjects Subscribe to the HBO ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Vanish 1:01:34USD 2.99Download
2Dirt55:21USD 2.99Download
3Fix52:27USD 2.99Download
4Ripe48:56USD 2.99Download
5Closer51:42USD 2.99Download
6Cherry53:04USD 2.99Download
7Falling52:47USD 2.99Download
8Milk49:27USD 2.99Download
9Sharp Objects: Trailer00:32FreeDownload
10Creating Wind Gap05:10Download
11Introducing Camille Preaker01:02Download
12Introducing Amma Crellin01:03Download
13Introducing Adora Crellin01:09Download
14Inside the Mind of Gillian Flynn01:56Download
15Wind Gap - A Fictional History01:17Download

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The Red Tea Detox
le joseph
Le joseph
26 August 2018

1:33 wow

Kimberli F
Kimberli F
14 August 2018

Did anyone see Patricia Clarkson in a horrific film called The girl next door? Omg!

Living with RA
Living with RA
2 star

But some of the scenes are a little disturbing and intense. Touches on topics I personally don’t care to watch. As a matter of fact I have not been able to finish watching, enjoy the story line but it is her tormented past and present that I just can’t watch.

5 star

The book left me gobsmacked, and the TV series was no different. Amy Adams was incredible, as was the whole cast. Beautiful, dark, and disturbing. (and make sure you watch 'til the end of the credits on the final episode- there is a hidden scene in there- unreal)

5 star

Amy Adams is definitely award worthy for the role of Camille. Every episode leaves you needing to see the next, and the next with baited breath. DEFINITELY A MUST SEE!! Can’t wait for season 2, hopefully it will be out soon. I could watch this show every night. Wishing it was more than 8 episodes.

Helen Keller
Helen Keller
5 star

Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them; but do not let them master you. Let them teach you patience, sweetness, insight.

suzuki sinclair
Suzuki sinclair
08 August 2018

the book has a great way of making you feel really uncomfortable. the tv shows seems the same too! love it!

Giant sack of hot garbage
Giant sack of hot garbage
02 August 2018

Amy Adams is too mature looking for the part. Camille Preaker is supposed to be in her late 20s if I recall and Adams looks every bit of 43. This is a crucial aspect to the novel since Camille is supposed to be still youthful looking enough to hang around her 13 year old sister's friends without it getting overly awkward. Amy Adams looks OLD. Not to mention Adams is known for playing tough women and Camille is supposed to be a "soft touch" according to her boss. DISASTROUS CASTING CHOICE, IMO.

Timothy Wilkes
Timothy Wilkes
29 July 2018

Its like Draculas house lol impending as hell. The piano music was used in This is England.

A B Man
A B Man
23 July 2018

I really wanna spoil who the killer is

Brilliant Madness
Brilliant Madness
5 star

Adams is amazing - everyone agrees. Willing to bet the younger sister becomes a star. The flashbacks were often annoying and irrelevant. The volume (ubiquitous) of the hematomas was believable, but the shape and the coloration were inaccurate and unrealistic, even if she was cutting those exact spots twice a month for 20+ years.

2 star

No thanks.

2 star

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Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris' blood type is diesel

Kennedy Moore
Kennedy Moore
18 July 2018

Why is the housekeeper walking about like that? Is this like some shit from Get Out?

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Sharp or SHARP may refer to: Sharp (science) Sharp (surname) Sharp (flour), a flour made from hard wheat Sharp (magazine), Canadian magazine Sharp Daily, a free newspaper published in Taiwan and Hong Kong SHARP (helmet ratings), a British motorcycle helmet safety rating scheme Sharp (set theory) Sharp (crater), a lunar impact crater Sharp (automobile) Sharp, a type of sewing needle Sharp Scale, measure of paper opacity Sharp, a swindler at games of chance and skill, e.g. card sharp. hbo, originals, mini series, Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina, Eliza Scanlen, Elizabeth Perkins and Matt Craven, Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl, Dark Places, psychological, puzzle, victims, reporter, Jean-Marc Vallée, Camille Preaker, Marti Noxon, murders, Blumhouse, crime, drama, thriller, mystery, coming home, episode 1, official clip, unwelcomed, sharp objects,

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