Madam Secretary, Season 5

Season five of Madam Secretary finds Elizabeth (Téa Leoni) and President Dalton (Keith Carradine) confronting an unexpected new enemy: homegrown violent nationalists. Also, Henry (Tim Daly) begins a new job as a White House ethics advisor, occasionally butting heads with Elizabeth over foreign policy, and Elizabeth begins the early stages of her presidential run, learning quickly that winning a national election will be a lot harder on her and her family than being Secretary of State. Meanwhile, Stevie (Wallis Currie-Wood) considers whether to keep working for Russell (Željko Ivanek), Alison (Kathrine Herzer) becomes more politically active, and Jason (Evan Roe) frets about college applications.

In the aftermath of a deadly attack on the White House, Elizabeth tries to keep a major nuclear disarmament deal from falling apart while a manhunt for the ...

Episode TitleTimePrice
1E. Pluribus Unum43:18USD 1.99Download
2The Chaos Game43:21USD 1.99Download
3The Magic Rake43:23USD 1.99Download
4Requiem43:23USD 1.99Download
5Ghosts43:20USD 1.99Download
6Eyjafjallajökull43:22USD 1.99Download
7Baby Steps43:06USD 1.99Download
8The Courage to Continue43:21USD 1.99Download
9Winter Garden43:06USD 1.99Download
10Family Separation: Part 143:27USD 1.99Download
11Family Separation: Part 243:20USD 1.99Download
12Strategic Ambiguity43:23USD 1.99Download
13Proxy War43:23USD 1.99Download
14Something Better43:06USD 1.99Download
15Between the Seats43:24USD 1.99Download
16The New Normal43:07USD 1.99Download
17The Common Defense43:23USD 1.99Download
18Ready43:22USD 1.99Download
19The Great Experiment43:19USD 1.99Download
20Better Angels42:58USD 1.99Download
21Tim Daly Discusses the Role Family Plays01:19FreeDownload

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The Red Tea Detox
5 star

The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.

1 star

This season is by far the worst ever. Madam secretary is obnoxious, irritating. President Dalton is a week personality, who always agrees with Madam Secretary and on the top of all hires her husband as an ethics advisor. Oh, and she is never wrong and always gets her way, even when the situation is absolutely impossible. Sounds like a children Disney production. Just horrible. We better watch Aladdin, it makes more sense. To summarize...Madam Secretary is the bright example of the way Hollywood wants us to see politics.

5 star

I look forward to watching this every week. Not many shows of comparable quality these days.

1 star

My husband and I have loved watching this show over the past few years, it’s been one of our absolute favorites and we look forward to watching. Yet we won’t be viewing one more episode. This show has turned from a very creative and well written series to complete political propaganda. This show is now entirely about pushing the agenda and views of one political party and presenting it all as fact. Our breakup with Madam Secretary is unwanted and heartbreaking, but unfortunately Madam Secretary, it’s over. If you make your way back to the middle, or to a fictional drama, let us know.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris can spell the word "one" with the number 1.

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