Gold Rush, Season 9

It’s a new beginning for GOLD RUSH – new miners, new rivalries and brand-new claims. This season, the miners will stop at nothing as they risk it all in pursuit of the American Dream. But who will come out on top?

GOLD RUSH - Season 9 Preview!!!!

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Declaration of Independence 1:23:37USD 1.99Download
2Smoked Out41:34USD 1.99Download
3Gods and Monsters41:35USD 1.99Download
4Durt Reynolds41:34USD 1.99Download
5The Return of Freddy Dodge41:34USD 1.99Download
6Hoffman's Ghosts41:34USD 1.99Download
7Hazard Play41:35USD 1.99Download
8Stormageddon41:34USD 1.99Download
9Megamorphosis41:34USD 1.99Download
10Father's Day41:35USD 1.99Download
11The Resurrection41:35USD 1.99Download
12The Devil's Deadline41:34USD 1.99Download
13Sucker Punch41:35USD 1.99Download
14Old School Heroes41:34USD 1.99Download
15Wedding Bells & Emergency Operations41:35USD 1.99Download
16Broken Bones41:35USD 1.99Download
17Make It Rain41:34USD 1.99Download
18Big Red Is Dead41:34USD 1.99Download
19Cold War41:35USD 1.99Download
20Brace for Impact41:34USD 1.99Download
21Fire and Ice 1:02:22USD 1.99Download
22Three Sides to Every Story41:35USD 1.99Download
23Parker's Trail: Legendary Prospects41:35USD 1.99Download
24Parker's Trail: Dangerous Depths41:35USD 1.99Download
25Parker's Trail: Lethal Landslide41:35USD 1.99Download
26Parker's Trail: Mecury Rising41:35USD 1.99Download
27Parker's Trail: The Monster Mine41:35USD 1.99Download
28Parker's Trail: Hunt for Hidden Gold41:34USD 1.99Download
29Parker's Trail: Parker vs. Backhoe41:34USD 1.99Download
30Parker's Trail: Path to Gold41:34USD 1.99Download
31Parker's Trail: Unchartered Territory41:34USD 1.99Download
32End of an Era41:34USD 1.99Download
33The Story So Far41:35USD 1.99Download
34The Dirt: Straight Outta Dawson41:34USD 1.99Download
35The Dirt: Clash in the Klondike41:35USD 1.99Download
36The Rise of Rick Ness41:34USD 1.99Download
37The Dirt: Christo Returns40:05USD 1.99Download
38The Dirt: Bad Blood41:35USD 1.99Download
39The Dirt: Big Rick & the Bleeps41:34USD 1.99Download
40The Dirt: Cowboy Dumpling41:34USD 1.99Download
41The Dirt: Castle On the Hill41:34USD 1.99Download
42The Dirt: The Boys Are Back41:35USD 1.99Download
43The Dirt: The Lieutenants41:40USD 1.99Download
44The Dirt: Gold School41:34USD 1.99Download
45Gold Gurus41:34USD 1.99Download
46The Dirt: Brush with Death41:35USD 1.99Download
47The Dirt: Grandpa John's Legacy41:35USD 1.99Download
48The Dirt: Finale Night41:34USD 1.99Download
49The Dirt: Finale Aftershow20:48USD 1.99Download
50Parker's Trail: Expedition Gold41:35USD 1.99Download

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The Red Tea Detox
mark jeffers
Mark jeffers
08 September 2018

Have to wish Rick good luck a real hard working decent honest guy deserves to find a shit load of gold not fussy on Tony beets one ignorant human being

Naomi Beery
Naomi Beery
01 August 2018

It seems strange to offer someone inexperienced to run a mine.

Byron Pulsifer
Byron Pulsifer
5 star

You can be what you want to be. You have the power within and we will help you always.

Travis Rabble
Travis Rabble
27 July 2018

I am glad Rick is getting away from Parker who always acted like a spoiled brat and treated him like garbage. Rick is a solid guy i hope he does well.

John Taylor-Johnston
John Taylor-Johnston
18 June 2018

We do Know Todd Hoffman has a stake in the show : he owns The show's title and was is an executive producer

Jon Lyke
Jon Lyke
04 June 2018

All the hit shows are scripted paid for popularity contests

Paul George
Paul George
31 May 2018

I would come closer to working for Rick than any of the rest of the mine bosses.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

When Chuck Norris was 8, he had to have his dad pick him up from school. Chucks car had broken down and was in the shop for repairs.

james blue
James blue
28 May 2018

Love it always like him

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