Top Chef, Season 16

For season 16, “Top Chef” heads to the state of Kentucky as 15 new talented chefs from cities big and small across the U.S. will compete for the sought-after title amid the unique culinary scenes in Louisville, Lexington and Lake Cumberland, before heading abroad for an epic finale showdown in Macau, China.

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Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking55:05USD 1.99Download
2Last Chance Kitchen, Ep. 1: Three Vets a13:25Download
3Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo55:04USD 1.99Download
4Last Chance Kitchen, Ep. 2: When Life Gi11:43Download
5Naughty and Nice44:04USD 1.99Download
6Last Chance Kitchen, Ep. 3: Have Yoursel11:41Download
7Surprise... It's Restaurant Wars44:04USD 1.99Download
8Last Chance Kitchen, Ep. 4: Seafood Mis-10:23USD 1.99Download
9Restaurant Wars, Pt. 244:04USD 1.99Download
10Last Chance Kitchen, Ep. 5: Restaurant W12:00USD 1.99Download
11Last Chance Kitchen, Ep. 6: One More Win13:45USD 1.99Download
12Roaring Munchies44:04USD 1.99Download
13Last Chance Kitchen, Ep. 7: The Twist12:44USD 1.99Download
14Carne!44:04USD 1.99Download
15Last Chance Kitchen, Ep. 8: Slime Time10:59USD 1.99Download

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The Red Tea Detox
StarGazer kawaii
StarGazer kawaii
09 December 2018

That pink jumpsuit of Nini's made my heart skip a beat for a moment. I just screams love me.

Ricardo Escobar
Ricardo Escobar
30 November 2018


Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal
5 star

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.

Barbara Richards
Barbara Richards
28 November 2018

I miss the old Top Chefs before they made a big deal out of, well, anything.

Matthew Ehlert
Matthew Ehlert
27 October 2018

Is St. Paul really a small town?

25 October 2018

I'm so excited!!! Top Chef is one of my favorite shows!!!

Lily Poon
Lily Poon
24 October 2018

Below deck crossover!!!

5 star

Warning: The iTunes thumbnails for Last Chance Kitchen, which you can't avoid when iTunes makes the Top Chef episode available, spoil the episode. So far, 2 out 3 of the thumbnails feature the chef who lost in this episode.

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris
5 star

Chuck Norris' mother wears bowling ball earrings.

Mikki M
Mikki M
20 October 2018

Being from Ky this is exciting

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